Sisters in Slavery Chapter Four

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Author’s note to readers. Nothing about this story is meant to portray any of the characters are under eighteen years of age despite the obvious sexual immaturity of the main characters. Also this story features themes of rape, sexual slavery, bestiality, and incest. It is intended as fantasy and nothing else. If you don’t like such stories STOP reading now. Also don’t fill up the comments section with comments about how sick individuals in the story are or about people that read or write such stories. Those looking to take some enjoyment out of this tale enjoy.

Also due to the story line the names of characters have been changed. To help the reader keep from being confused by these changes here is a listing of the changes.

Molly is now Brothel Whore 3567-A

Megan is now Brothel Whore 3567-B

Unnamed twin sister is now Brothel Whore 3569-A

Unnamed twin sister is now Brothel Whore 3569-B

The stepmother Shannon is now Mistress 3567

Chapter Four

3567-B didn’t know or care how long her and 3567-A made love before they fell asleep but as they drifted off in each other’s arms any fears of what their future held were forgotten. However when they were Jared from their peaceful slumber these fears were quickly remembered.

Looking at her sister with her head against her breast 3567-B was tempted to go back to sleep until she was reminded of their situation by the sobbing coming from the other cells. Waking her sister, 3569-A, and 3569-B as 3567-B before they quickly got into the presentation position. As the others quickly joined her 3567-B quickly looked at the slaves in the other cells and saw why they were sobbing.

While the older slaves knelt in the presentation position the same as them while the newer slaves were kneeling in the bound presentation position due to their shackles but this however wasn’t why they were sobbing. They were watching as the slaves in the first few cells were being fed their breakfast.

The slaves in these cells were bent over dog bowels eating some unknown substance like they were a dog themselves. Even the older slaves were on all fours gulping down their food this way before leaning over to a second bowl to lap up some water. Even as bowls of food and water were placed in the other cells the humiliation of the slaves was expressed through their whimpering. Though the older slaves pretty much just cried as they eat.

3567-B felt the same humiliation as the others however it was blunted by the sudden rumbling of her stomach as she remembered neither her or her sister had anything to eat since before they were captured. Even as humiliating as this was she didn’t hesitate to drop to her hands and knees when the dog bowls were put in front of her.

Though tear filled eyes 3567-B look at the substance filling the dog bowl and felt disgusted as she realised it was actually dog food covered with a strange translucent white liquid. Taking a deep breath 3567-B reached her head down and took a small bite from the bowl. As she struggled to swallow the dog food food in her mouth 3567-B heard her sister whimpering as she to took a bite out of her bowl. Even as she was finally able to swallow 3567-B heard whimpering from both 3569-A and 3569-B as they to began to eat. As she bent down to eat some more 3567-B whimpered though after not having any thing to eat in at least two days 3567-B knew she had no choice as she swallowed mouth full after mouth full.

3567-B was thoroughly revolted by the time she began to lick the last of the dog food out of the bowl. But even as she finished and began lapping up water to get the taste out of her mouth 3567-B was horrified to realize the small portion did little to elevate her hunger. Though as she had fought the urge to vomit while eating she was also thankful there wasn’t anymore even though she was still hungry.

To her horror 3567-B soon realized this humiliation wasn’t over yet. Looking in the other cells 3567-B saw that the other slaves were also licking the excess dog food off of the faces of their cellmates. Looking at her sister 3567-B quickly directed her sister’s attention to the other slaves. 3567-B briefly wondered if she cringed the same way her sister did when she realised what they were expected to do next. However they didn’t hesitate as they took turns licking each other’s faces cleans. Though before they knew it they were finished and back to desperately lapping up water in a vain hope of getting the taste out of their mouths.

As soon as the water bowls were empty 3567-B looked to the other slaves for guidance as what they should do next. 3567-B saw they had pushed their empty bowls out of a slot in their cell and had assumed the presentation position. Once she saw this 3567-B and her sister’s bowls were pushed out of the cell and the two of them got into position as they waited with fear and trepidation for what was planned next for them.

This is how all of their days would start. They would take fed their bowl of dog food in the morning then be taken to the shower room to use the restroom before being allowed to wash each other. After pleasuring their sisters they would prepare each other’s hair and makeup. However one change had been made to them since that first day. While both 3567-A and 3567-B hair remained in the pony tails most of the time both 3569-A and 3569-B had theirs placed into pigtails or as some of the other mistresses and slaves would refer to them twin pony tails.

Once their hair and makeup was done they were taken to their training session for the day. These consisted of various types of humiliations for the slaves. But seamed to be different each day. For example one day the twins would be strung up by their wrists then whipped or another they would be kept kneeling and have to pleasure every mistress and slave before them. They would experience various types of bondage and be tortured by numerous pain inflicting instruments.

However one question began to bother both sets of twins as that first two weeks progressed. Why haven’t they been raped by any of the masters? If any of the four of them were virgins then they would have understood. After all they were well aware they were being sold once their training was completed and they had heard enough talk amongst the mistresses to know virgins sold for more. Still none of the four sisters were a virgin. Granted none of them had had sex more than once.

Still as many of the other slaves in their catch began to be subjected to being raped and they weren’t they had become to worry about why. These worries were made worse by the knowledge that their training sessions were always planned in advance so they had maximum effect on them. So for some important reason them and several other slaves were being spared.

Looking at the girls being spared didn’t help. They all had different classification tattoos. Although two of them were fellow brothel whores the others were a mix of a straight pleasure slave and two pleasure maids whatever that was. The other two they had no idea about what their classification was since their arrival they had been kept in chastity belts. Though they were certain these two slaves were virgins

Still the fact that six them being spared were being sold to brothels was a source of great worry. After all they’d figured if they were being sold into prostitution then they should be getting raped every five minutes. Still the six of them being left alone began to make them wonder if the reason had nothing to do with their classification. Especially since they noticed several of the older slaves were also brothel whores and they were frequently raped.

Yet outside of being put through their lesbian paces by the mistresses and their sisters no one else would touch them. Hell even some of the other slaves even had their way with them already. Though they suspected the other slaves having their way with them in the shower that day wasn’t part of their training. So it was beginning to drive them crazy trying to figure out why they weren’t being touched by a man.

In some ways though they were thankful for this distraction. It gave them something to think about during training sessions other then what was happening to them and kept them from being broken like many of the other slaves had. Still as they days went by they become to notice that more and more of their old selves was disappearing. For example long gone were thoughts of their old names, father, friends, even wearing clothes as bit by bit more of who they were was lost.

Granted they found they weren’t kept naked all the time. On several occasions they were dressed up on scantily outfits and made to preform tasks. These included dressing up as maids and having to clean the dungeon they’d been living in. To dressing as schoolgirls and getting a lesson in performing various sexual techniques and acts from the mistresses dressed as teachers. But as time passed they found when dressed they actually longed to be kept naked.

3567-B was rubbing her ass as she remembered the last time they’d worn the schoolgirl outfits. That day had started like all the others they were woken and fed. After they had eaten all of their dog food and licked the bowls clean they were taken to the showers. Once they’d washed and prepared their hair and makeup they were given the outfits.

While they had grown to prefer being naked the outfits they were dressed in left little to the imagination. They definitely wouldn’t be something they would be allowed to wear at any school. The plaid skirt was so short the bottom of their pussies were visible in the front and in the back it only covered half of their ass cheeks. The blouse on the other hand was transparent with no buttons so they had to tie it shut. Though they learned early on they were to be tied so as much cleavage as possible was visible.

Both tops and bottoms of the outfit left their pussies and breasts exposed since they weren’t allowed to wear bras and panties. About the only thing on the outfits they figured would be allowed was the white knee socks and possibly the the black high heels. They also knew that their slave shackles and collars weren’t going to be excepted in any school on the planet for sure; let alone the leashes hanging from their collars.

Now the outfits the mistresses wore weren’t much better. While their skirts did cover everything they were still extremely short and then their blouses were so tight that the buttons had to have been reinforced to keep their breasts from bursting free. Now their stockings high heels and garter belts weren’t that shocking though they still looked sexy as hell on them. The only thing that certainly wouldn’t be allowed were their various accessories. These ranged from pain implements like the riding crop and paddles to items of that were definitely sexual in nature. These included several types of vibrators and numerous styles and sizes of dildos.

While any form of penetration aside from tongues and fingers seamed to be forbidden to the few of them they still had been the recipient of the use of many of these accessories. Though the pain implements were not the only ones they had come to dread. By far what scared them the most were the strap-on dildos the mistresses seamed to love to use on many of the other slaves. While the slaves that they were used on all seamed to enjoy the vaginal aspects of there use. However the pleas and screams of the slaves as the strap-ons were use on them anally sent shivers of terror throughout them all.

Now that day after they dressed they all began the walk to the classroom to began their lessons for the day. Not knowing why 3567-B kept sneaking peeks at the ass of the slave in front of her and 3567 3567-A. Again she wasn’t sure why she found this slave so interesting that day but something about the way her ass cheeks looked moving under the little skirt was turning her on big time.

Granted she was a cute strawberry blonde with hair stretching down to the small of her back. Midsized breasts with pink nipples a flat belly and a most delicious looking pussy between a perfect set of legs topped by the finely formed ass cheeks that seamed to be of such interest to her all of the sudden.

Now with the exception if a few things 3567-B didn’t know much about her. Her identification number was 3621 and she was classified as a brothel whore the same as her sister, the other twins, and herself. Like all of them she hadn’t been raped yet by any of the men. She was also very timid and shy along with extremely submissive with a low pain tolerance.

From what she had seen of 3621 in action 3567-B knew she was very good at eating out the other slaves and the mistresses. In fact her skilled tongue made her about as popular with the mistresses as both sets of twins. Her cellmates was even prone to trade her out to the other slaves for the night in exchange for their cellmates’ services for the night.

3567-B almost wished she could have bargained for her services herself but that would have required trading her sister for the night and they weren’t allowed to separate. That and the fact they were still new enough of slaves to require them to be subservient to the older slaves. Since both her and her sister were subservient to the older slaves that meant they were only allowed to give pleasure to the other slaves and couldn’t receive pleasure but from their sisters. Sadly this point was driven home one night when they had tried to switch out with 3569-A and 3569-B but were stopped when they were shocked by their collars and then the four of them were then whipped the next day.

Looking over her shoulder at 3569-A and 3569-B, 3567-B briefly wondered if she could of traded them for a night. But as quickly as the idea popped into her head she dismissed it as unacceptable. After all despite not being actual lovers the four of them had become as close as possible. Though when she considered it they weren’t that far off of being lovers. After all every day they did have sex right next to them and sleep naked in the same bed.

Still as she watched that cute little ass peeking out of the skirt in front of her 3567-B could only hope she’d get an opportunity to hook up with her one day. The things she wanted to do with that timid slave were pushed to the side when they reached the classroom. 3567-B was actually thankful to have her thoughts pulled away from 3621 as she was beginning to get aroused and she knew that would set both her and her sister’s vibrators off. Looking at her sister 3567-B really didn’t want to explain the thoughts that set her off this time.

Several of the other slaves whimpering allowed 3567-B to completely forget about 3621 as she looked for what had provoked their whimpers. Though one look at the seats of the slaves in question told her the answer. Along the line of desks where they sat for their lessons she saw most of the chairs had a dildo attached. Then as she looked closer 3567-B realized the dildos were all positioned in such a location that when the slaves sat down the dildo would be inserted into her ass hole. As she shot quick a look at her sister’s and her own chair 3567-B was relieved to see that once again they would be spared.

3567-B moved to her own chair and stood waiting to take her seat until the mistress arrived to give them their lessons. As she waited 3567-B wondered which one of the mistresses would be teaching them today. Like several of the other slaves she had a favorite but more importantly she also had ones she hated or absolutely scared her to death. For example Mistress 3567 was prone to just have them debase themselves rather then to inflict pain so she ranked among their favorites but Mistress 2482-B2 was a sadist that took extreme pleasure out of inflicting pain on the slaves and was prone to torture them for no other reason then to hear them scream.

It was a shame because she was a very beautiful woman with large breasts that kept her long red hair braided into a pony tail. But due to the fact to pleasure her always involved them feeling the lash every slave dreaded her. The only saving grace 3567-B saw was the bulk of her torments were inflicted upon the few pain slaves. Still despite her physical beauty the only thing the slaves saw in her was a ugliness that terrified everyone including the other mistresses.

To the relief of all of the slaves Mistress 2482-B2 wasn’t the giving the lessons that day. Though with Mistress 3397 giving the lessen it wasn’t going to be pleasant either. She was fond of sodomizing slaves and would take the paddle to their asses for minor infractions. Though she did have a softer side that she would show when a slave’s actions pleased her.

Despite the dangers of a possible paddling 3567-B was looking forward to the chance of pleasuring Mistress 3397. She was very beautiful with the classic hourglass figure, long shapely legs, and long wavy auburn hair she let flow freely over her shoulders and down her back. Then there was her face that almost belonged on a Greek goddess. 3567-B believed that she had to be the most beautiful of the mistresses and possibly of all the slaves she’d seen.

She was also said to be very passionate every now and again taking one of the older slaves to bed with her only to return them sexually satisfied and with the most serene smiles on their faces. Naturally those slaves tended to be extremely loyal to her and would obey any command she gave them regardless of the nature. This made Mistress 3397 one of the most difficult mistresses to figure out but the thought of her and her sister spending the night with Mistress 3397 sounded very appealing to 3567-B.

3567-B put aside her thoughts about spending the night with Mistress 3397 temporary as she waited for permission to sit down. When the command to sit came it was followed up by an outbreak of whimpers from the slaves with the dildos on their chairs. As 3567-B sat down she watched the faces of those slaves wincing in pain as the rubber shafts slid into their bowls. This put the momentary discomfort of the cold seat against her bare ass into prospective. Still she knew better at this point then to take anything they did to them for granted. After all today could easily turn into a lesson on the proper way of excepting punishment and 3567-B and her sister could be the subjects of the lessen.

So 3567-B sat quietly waiting for Mistress 3397 to start the lessen hoping for the best. After all this could be a lesson on masturbating for the entertainment of their masters. While sometimes a little humiliating it is still vary pleasurable for them. Even when it’s the two of them sitting in front of the class rubbing their pussies and fondling their breasts 3567-B always got enjoyment out of the experience.

However this turned out to be false hope when the lessen turned out to be about dealing with the pain from anal sex. As soon as that was explained all the slaves with the dildos already up their asses began to cry. While those of them without had looks of terror spring up on theirs. Soon all of the slaves’ fears were pushed aside when Mistress 3397 said that lessen however will follow two others. But when 3621 was called to the front of the class they started to get concerned.

Granted their concerns were minor in comparison to those of 3621 as she got out of her seat and made her way to the front of the class. Even as Mistress 3397 secured 3621’s arms behind her back 3567-B could tell she was scared to death. 3621 began to cry as Mistress 3397 told how 3621 would be giving her first blow job as a sex slave.

3621 began to plead with Mistress 3397 was she was forced onto her knees. These pleas only increased in desperation when 3621 saw one of the training masters enter the room. Her pleas were ignored as the master pressed his cock against her lips. 3621 tried to keep her mouth shut but when Mistress 3397 slapped her on the ass 3621 screamed allowing the master the opportunity to ram his cock into her mouth.

3621 was horrified when the master partially withdrew from her mouth only to drive it fully into her. 3567-B watched as this was repeated multiple times until 3621 finally stopped resisting. Once the master saw that 3621 had began to submit he halted his assault on her and watched as Mistress 3397 began to instruct her on giving a proper blow job.

Soon 3621 was looking up at the master with tear filled eyes as she began to move her head back and forth taking more of his cock into her mouth with every pass. Soon Mistress 3397 began to instruct 3621 on how to rub her tongue on the cock in her mouth and the effect began to be seen on the face of the master. 3621 seamed to be a fast learner as she was now working the master’s cock without any instruction whatsoever and the master seamed to be thoroughly enjoying it.

Mistress 3397 had become primarily an observer at this point but would still give 3621 an instruction or two from time to time. Or she would grip the back of 3621’s head and push to get her to take the master’s cock deeper into her mouth. When the master was ready to cum 3621 was talking him fully into her mouth and had partially become accustomed to the intrusion into her throat. Still when the master did cum Mistress 3397 had to hold 3621’s head in place so she had the master’s cock down her throat when he shot his load. Only once the master had deposited the last bit of his cum was 3621 allowed to remove her lips from around his cock. Then after a quick instruction from Mistress 3397, 3621 bent down and kissed the tip of the master’s cock and they heard as she thanked him in her southern accent.

“Thank you master for allowing this lowly slave whore the privilege of sucking his glorious cock.”

3567-B could tell that 3621 was an emotional wreck at that point but when Mistress 3397 untied her top then pulled her onto her lap 3621 moved to the edge of an emotional breakdown. Once Mistress 3397 had 3621 positioned with her legs spread wide facing the class Mistress 3397 reached down and began to play with 3621’s pussy with one hand and her breasts with the other. Despite the humiliation she felt 3621 began to get aroused by Mistress 3397’s efforts and began to openly moan. Her moaning only intensified when Mistress 3397 removed the vibrator and began to work two fingers into 3621’s pussy. However 3621 was in for a nasty surprise when Mistress 3397 soon made her plans for the next lessen known. For when Mistress 3397 thought 3621’s pussy was wet enough she made another announcement karabağlar escort to the class.

“We will now get to see Brothel Whore 3621 here get her little pussy fucked for the first time as a slave.”

3621 began to struggle in Mistress 3397’s arms when she heard that. Though Mistress 3397 held her in her exposed position facing everyone. While at the same time the training master began to advance on the two of them while stroking his hardening dick. Sheer terror was written on 3621’s face as he climbed on top of her. 3621 had been sobbing and pleading since the announcement but when he began to line his dick up with her pussy her sobbing and pleading reached a new level.

Even though everyone had an excellent view 3567-B knew by 3621’s scream when the master’s dick entered her pussy. They also didn’t need to see his hips moving to tell that he had started fucking 3621 her whimpering told them everything they needed to know. Though she couldn’t see it very well 2567-B saw that 3621’s face was contorted in a mix of horror and shame as she was being raped.

Something else was noticed by the slaves as they watched 3621’s rape she was beginning to enjoy it. Gradually as the master’s assault progressed 3621’s body began in betray her and take pleasure from the reciprocating shaft that was violating her. Her moans began to mix with her whimpers with each thrust of the master’s dick. This seamed a signal to the master as he adjusted his rhythm slightly and 3621 began to moan harder.

With another adjustment to his rhythm and the speed of his thrusts and the master had 3621’s moaning cancelling out her whimpers before they stopped completely. Now fully betrayed by her body 3621 began to thrust her hips up to meet the master’s as grunts started to escape her lips. This seamed to signal the master to speed his thrusts and soon he was pounding away on 3621 at a blinding pace.

As 3621’s rape had progressed 3567-B had become extremely aroused. Subconsciously her right hand had moved to her pussy. As she watched spellbound her fingers began rubbing driving her arousal higher and setting off her vibrator. Once that happened her right hand began to intensify it’s efforts while she began to massaging her breasts with her left hand all the while not realizing that her sister’s vibrator had been set off by her actions and in response had began to mirror her actions. This started a chain reaction with all of the slaves watching 3621’s rape for soon almost all of them were openly masturbating as they watched.

Even as 3621’s orgasm hit many of her fellow slaves were on the edge of their own. 3621’s orgasm however started a chain reaction of everyone having an orgasm. It started with the master’s when 3621’s orgasm hit her pussy clamped down on his cock and sent him over the edge. Soon he was grunting as he filled 3621’s pussy with his cum. Next to go we’re 3567-B and 3567-A they both screamed out in orgasm simultaneously and set off the other slaves’ orgasms one right after the other. As they were still dazed after their orgasms the slaves didn’t hear Mistress 3397 giving the instructions to her but they all heard 3621 say

“Thank master for using this whore slave’s pussy as your sperm receptacle.”

“Now may this slave whore have the privilege of licking your glorious cock clean?”

Hearing 3631 say that set 3567-B’s arousal off again which of course set her sister’s off as well. They were soon rubbing their pussies again as they watched 3621 take the master’s cock back into her mouth. They were furiously rubbing away as 3621 thoroughly licked all of her vaginal fluids and his cum off of the master’s dick. Neither of the twins had realized that their moans as they masturbated had prompted the other slaves to start up again.

3567-B was to engrossed in the spectacle she was witnessing to notice that both her and 3567-A were being watched by Mistress 3397. If they had noticed they would of been deeply concerned about the look on her face as she watched them. However they were to engrossed in 3621’s efforts to even care. Even as they watched 3621 finish licking the master’s dick clean and plant another kiss on it’s tip they didn’t know that they would be participating in another lesson after they had finished with 3621.

Unfortunately for 3622 her involvement in the lessons for that day wasn’t over yet. As she knelt hoping they were finished with her she struggled with the emotions she was feeling. From the feelings of being soiled to the shame of her orgasm. 3621 was distracted by this she complied almost roboticly as she was ordered to lay face down and stick her ass up in the air facing the class.

Kneeling down next her Mistress 3397 helped 3621 get her body in the proper positioning. Soon 3621 had her ass propped up by her spread legs while her head and shoulders were pressed against the floor. Even when Mistress 3397 briefly moved away 3621 remained unaware of what was about to happen to her. Strangely enough so were 3567-A and 3567-B they were still furiously rubbing away at their pussies as they looked at the cum leaking from 3621’s pussy. They surely didn’t see that Mistress 3397 had realized were their attention was focused or that she had seen them both lick their lips.

Even as she knelt down again next to 3621’s raised ass Mistress 3397 had an idea for another lesson involving those two. However she had a tight little puckered ass hole to lube and stretch out some for it’s first fucking. 3621 had come to her senses some when she felt the cool liquid being poured around her ass hole. However it wasn’t until she felt Mistress 3397 push a finger into her ass hole did 3621 finally realize what was coming next. Maybe she realised that begging and pleading wouldn’t work or maybe she was to emotionally tired to care anymore but as another finger joined the first all she could do is lay there and cry.

As she began working a third finger into 3621’s ass hole Mistress 3397 checked out both 3567-A and 3567-B out of the corner of her eye. To her satisfaction they were still rubbing away at their pussies while starring spellbound at 3621’s pussy. Anyone watching the look of satisfaction come the her face would have mistakenly assumed it was due to what she was preparing 3621 for however they would be surprised if they learned it was for what she was actually preparing 3567-A and 3567-B for. Still Mistress 3397 soon had 3622’s ass hole ready as it ever be and spoke quietly in her ear.

” when you feel the master’s cock enter stay calm and try and relax otherwise it will hurt more.”

With that said Mistress 3397 gave 3621’s ass a slap and moved aside. 3567-A and 3567-B weren’t the only ones of the slaves watching spellbound as the master pressed his cock against 3621’s ass hole. Every slave in the room was taking in every detail as 3621 first winced in pain and cried uncontrollably as her anal violation began. Even before the master was half way in 3621 was begging him to pull out. However as more and more of his dick entered her 3621 gave up begging and just lay there and cried.

When he was fully inside of her ass hole 3621 had just zoned out and began to accept the intrusion. This change once she felt the dick began to move again as it started to pull out. 3621 knew what was coming next and tried to prepare herself. Everyone watched as 3621 closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When the dick was suddenly forced as hard as possible fully into her ass hole 3621’s eyes shot as widely open as possible and she screamed as 3621 thought she was being torn apart.

This continued for the first three or four thrust of the master’s cock. However by about the fifth thrust 3621 had zoned out again and had began to just let out shrill grunts in response to the assault on her ass hole. Even when the thrusting shaft reached it’s fastest tempo 3621 only grunted in response. By the time the master finally filled her rectum with his cum 3621 was practically unconscious.

She hardly even reacted when he presented his cock for her to clean. 3621 just opened her mouth and quietly excepted the slimy instrument that had caused her so much suffering. Once his cock was clean the training master got up and left the room having never said a word. Mistress 3397 did have something to say however.

“You all saw how it hurt 3621 at first as her ass was fucked. In time you slaves you will learn as she did if you relax the muscles it will hurt a whole lot less. Now we have another lesson to take care of.”

As she paused Mistress 3397 looked directly at both 3567-A and 3567-B.

3567-A and 3567-B you will come the front of the class.”

A simultaneous “Yes Mistress” was their response as the twins jumped to their feet and headed to the front of the class. Once they got up there they immediately assumed the standing presentation position in front of Mistress 3397. As she looked the twins over she gave her next orders.

“You two are to help 3621 there to kneel upright. However once she is upright 3567-B you will slide under her from 3621’s front. Once 3567-B’s face is below 3621’s pussy 3567-A you will lower 3621 back down on top of your sisters then kneel behind 3621’s ass.”

The look on Mistress 3397’s face told them both there would be no arguing with her. So the twins moved as quickly as they could to 3621’s limp body. They then worked together to get the three of them in the positions Mistress 3397 had ordered. This wasn’t that easy since 3621 was so out of it she was mostly deadweight. Still to Mistress 3397’s satisfaction they were quickly in position as she gave them their next orders.

“You two slaves get to suck the cum out of 3621’s pussy and ass hole. When I say start 3567-B you start sucking the cum from her pussy, while 3567-A you will suck the cum from 3621’s ass hole. You two will not stop until I tell you and you will make this as pleasurable as you can for 3621. Now you two get started.”

This would’ve been a more humiliating task for the twins a few weeks ago. However they had already figured out what the special topping in their bowls of food was weeks ago. So after eating cum off of dog food for so long having to suck it out of a pussy and ass hole didn’t even phase them as their mouths quickly moved to the appropriate cum filled orifices. Soon the room was filled with the sounds of the twins going about their tasks.

Though as Mistress 3397 looked at the other slaves as she was deciding on which one would handle her own needs. When the sounds of 3621’s moaning joined the sounds from the twins and Mistress 3397 had an idea. Looking briefly at the trio on the floor and then at 3569-A and 3569-B her decision was made. After calling the two of them to her she gave them their orders as she pulled her skirt up and spread her legs.

Anther simultaneous “Yes Mistress” was heard as the other twins dropped to their knees in front of and behind Mistress 3397. Without being told to start the two of them quickly began to simultaneously give Mistress 3397 a rim job and eat out her pussy. Mistress 3397 was getting so much enjoyment out of the mouths of the twins between her legs she didn’t care when she saw that 3621 had recovered some and started licking 3567-B’s pussy.

Mistress 3397 would have been concerned if not for the meeting she had with the Head Master of the training facility and technically her owner. Her, Mistress 3567, Mistress 2482-B2, and her personal slave and subordinate Mistress 3273 were summoned to the what they called the shadow room. It was basically just a large walk in closet with no lights and a very large flat-screen tv.

As the four of them knelt on their hands and knees with their foreheads on the floor the shadowy figure of the Head Master appeared on the tv. With few exceptions no one knew who he was or what he actually looked like as he never actually set foot inside the facility.

Instead he ran things from a far via the cameras and the remote control of all the slaves shock collars and vibrators and through nasty implants in all of the training masters. It was also rumored that his identity was even secret within the upper echelons of the organization. However he was said to have a file on every member of the organization.

For example even if the four of them would of been allowed to look up all they would’ve seen is the outline of a person standing in a darkened room. Even as he spoke his voice was being electronically distorted to farther mask his true identity. Now the mistresses not looking at him had nothing to do with that it was actually a sign of their submission as his slaves. Still even as he spoke they didn’t dare look up at him.

“Mistress 3397 I’m going to give you complete control of the training of the following six slaves. Brothel Whore 3567-A, Brothel Whore 3567-B, Brothel Whore 3569-A, Brothel Whore 3568-B, Brothel Whore 3621, and Brothel Whore 3613.”

After Mistress 3397’s acknowledgment of “Yes Master this slave understands” was heard he continued.

“They have been spared the cock per my orders and the two sets of twins have been denied pleasure from anyone but their sisters. Now I’m giving you sole control of all aspects of their training with one exception. I want both sets of twins to spared the cock a while longer. I’ll instruct you privately on when that will change.”

Pausing again he waited to hear Mistress 3397’s acknowledgment and understanding of his orders.

“Yes Master this slave understands it’s master’s orders.”

“You will train them to the standards that you know I expect from my own personal slaves. Other than that the only other order is they are to have no sexual interaction with any of the other slaves except for the mistresses.”

Mistress 3397’s acknowledgment quickly followed.

“Yes Master your slave fully understands it’s orders”

“Good. As for the other slaves that have been spared the cock except for the virgins their fate is now up to the rest of you but I will caution you Mistress 2482-B2 if you get out of hand while training any more of my merchandise you will spend the rest of your life in the stables as a horse’s sexual plaything.”

Without waiting for them to acknowledge him his image disappeared and they rose from the floor. As she looked at the others Mistress 3397 actually saw fear on Mistress 2482-B2’s face. But that she understood after all slaves sent to the stables or “Stable Fillies” as they were called by the organization didn’t live long. So she basically just got a death threat from someone with the power to carry it out. As for the others Mistress 3567 was obviously disappointed after all the one set of twins had been her charges since she handled their capture.

As for Mistress 3273 she suspected was probably thinking up some scheme to get Mistress 2482-B2 made into a “Stable Filly”. Since it was well known Mistress 3273 wanted free from Mistress 2482-B2 and hated her with a passion. Not that she felt much differently though Mistress 3397 would rather see Mistress 2482-B2 spend the rest of her miserable life As a “Kennel Bitch” getting fucked by dogs instead of having the short life span of a “Stable Filly”.

A request she will be sure to make when she had the private discussion with the Head Master about how he wanted the twins fuckings handled. For what no one knew was she was one the few who not only knew what the Head Master looked like but who he really was. For it was him that had personality trained her as a mistress and that afforded her certain privileges when they communicated in private.

The thought of Mistress 2482-B2 on her hands and knees with a large dog on her back fucking the shit out her was pushed aside for the time being as Mistress 3397 returned her focus to the training of the slaves. Though that image had pushed her to the edge of an orgasm as the twins were hard at work on her second orgasm.

Looking at the other three 3621 had to have had at least three orgasms already and given 3567-B two. While not having any contact with the others other than her tongue being up 3621’s ass 3567-A still had two orgasms of her own. Thanks in part to her masturbating as she worked and her vibrator. As the image of the degradation of Mistress 2482-B2 flashed through her mind again Mistress 3397’s second orgasm hit. As her body was rocked by the climax she decided to end this and get on to her next lessen.

3567-B could only sigh in frustration when Mistress 3397 ordered them to stop. It had turned out that 3621 was as good at eating pussy as she had thought and was about to give her another fabulous orgasm when the order was made for them to stop. Sadly the three of them began to untangle from each other when Mistress 3397 ordered them to the standing presentation position in front of her desk.

Even as weak as she felt herself 3567-B was feeling sorry for 3621 as she was barely able to stand on her own. Braking from their standard protocol the sisters decided to stand on both sides of 3621 in case they had to hold her up. They just hoped their act of kindness wouldn’t result in them being punished. As they got in position they noticed that Mistress 3397 had 3569-A and 3569-B assume the kneeling presentation position. As 3567-B wondered what that was about Mistress 3397 ordered 3613 to join them.

3567-B couldn’t help but to check out 3613 as she knelt with the twins. She was a little asian hottie with small but still well defined breasts a nice round ass and the cutest camel-toe pussy. Like 3521, 3613 was very shy and timid as well as extremely submissive. She was also now the only one of the brothel whores besides the four of the twins that hadn’t been raped by any of the training masters yet. 3567-B’s inspection of 3613 was halted when Mistress 3397 addressed the three of them standing.

“While you three had done well with today’s lessons you have also earned a punishment. 3621 you resisted the advances of a master. As for you 3567-A and 3567-B you two masturbated without my permission and by your pour example inspired the other slaves to copy your actions. Now the three of you have a paddling coming.”

The three of them watched in terror as Mistress 3397 picked up a long wooden paddle and walked in front of them. 3621 was to be the first to be punished since she was the first one to commit a violation of the rules. 3621 was hardly able to do it but she bent over Mistress 3397’s desk and stuck her ass up in the air. As both 3567-A and 3567-B moved aside as they waited for their turn 3621 prepared herself for what was expected from her.


“T-h-ank you m-istr-ess for for gi-vi-ng this w-hor-e sla-ve the the p-p-ad-dlin-g it de-ser-ves!”


“Th-a-n-k yo-u mi-str-ess f-or giv-ing t-his who-re s-la-ve t-he pa-dd-lin-g it de-se-rv-es!”


“Tha-Th-an-nk y-ou mis-mis-tre-ss for gi-gi-g-iv-in-g t-hi-s w-w-wh-ho-re s-sl,la-ve the-th-e pa-dd-ling it-it-it d-de-es-de-se-er-ves!”


“Th-Tha-a-n-k yo-yo-u mist-mis-t-ress f-o-r gi-g-iv-vi-ng thi-thi-s wh-w-h-ore s-sl-av-av-e th-th,e p-p-pad-pa-ddlin-g i-t de-se-des-e-rav-es!”


“T-Th-an-Tha-n-k yo-y-o-yo-u m-ist-mis-t-ress fo-r-fo-r gi-iv-gi,vi-ng t-h-is w-wh-ho-r,e sl-ave the pad-dl-ing it-it des-des-er-ves!”


“Tha- Than- Thank y- y- you mis- mist- mistress fo- fo- for gi- gi- giving thi- thi- thi- this who- whor- whore sl- sla- slav- slave the-the the pad-pad-paddle-paddling it-it-it de-des-deser-desereserves!”


“Tha-Tha-Thank you-you-you mis-mist-mistr-mistress for-for-for giv-giv-giv-giving this-this-this who-whor-whore sl-sl-sl-ave th-th-e pa-pa-ddl-padd-pa-ddl-ing it des-es-er-v-se!”


“Th-an-k-Tha-Than-k you-you-you-you mis-mistre-mis-mis-mistre-ss fo-fo-fo-r gi-gi-giv-giv-ing th-th-th-is wh-who-who-re sla-sla-sla-ve t-th-th-th-the p-p-pa-dd-pa-paddl-pa-ddl-ing i-i-i-t d-d-des-de-serv-des–de-dese-rv-es!”


“Tha-Than-Th-an-an-k y-yo-y-yo-y-yo-u mis-tr-mist-re-ss f-fo-f-f-fo-r t-th-t-he p-pa-pad-dl-pa-p-paddl-p-p-pad-dl-ing th-th-th-thi-t-th-is wh-w-hor-who-r-w-hor-e sl-s-la-s-lav-sla-ve des-de-serv-d-es-de-se-rve-s-s-s!”


“T-T-ha-Tha-Th-an-k yo-y-yo-yo-y-yo-u mis-mi-m-ist-mi-stre-mis-re-ss fo-f-o-fo-f-for pad-dl-pa-dd-pad-le-padd-lin-g thi-th-t-hi-s w-hor-who-re s-s-la-sla-v-s-lav-e i-i-i-it des-d-eser-ve-s!”

3567-B could only thank god that 3621’s paddling was over. With her low pain tolerance she had been crying like she was being murdered by the time it was finished. Still this also was now a problem for 3567-B and her sister. Because this meant it was their turn and they didn’t have that much better of a pain tolerance.

However Mistress 3397 had a twist when it came time for their paddling. Instead of them crying out “Thank you mistress for giving this whore slave the paddling it deserves!” The other slaves would cry out “Thank you mistress for giving those whore slaves the paddling they deserve!” So twenty more times the whack of the paddle striking a slave’s ass sounded and twenty times the other slaves shouted out. “Thank you mistress for giving those whore slaves the paddling they deserve!”

Even days later 3567-B can still vividly remember that paddling as she rubbed her ass. As she looked at 3621 sleeping peacefully between her and her sister 3567-B remembered what happened after their paddlings. Mistress 3397 announced that her sister, 3621, 3613, 3569-A, 3569-B and herself were now under her detect control for the remainder of their training. Then that she was in charge of how and when they gave or received pleasure. Next their living arrangements were changed now 3567-A and 3567-B would be cellmates with 3621. While 3569-A and 3569-B would now share a cell with 3613. The final rule change and the one they all liked the most was they were free to have sexual relations with any of the six slaves in their group. However to have relations with three members that weren’t their cellmates would require prior permission from the mistress and should any of the other slaves with the exception of the mistresses want to have their way with them they must also have permission from Mistress 3397 or suffer her wrath.

As 3567-B got to that point in her memory of that day she decided to call it a night and to snuggle up to her lovers. After all Mistress 3397 was a demanding task master and she would need her rest to serve her mistress at the best of her abilities.

Chapter Five coming soon.

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