Size Matters Ch. 03

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All characters in this story are of legal age.


Angie Delgado was sleeping better than she had in the last few days since she’d gone on a tear through her cousin’s life when she was awakened from a deep slumber by loud pounding on her bedroom door.

“WAKE UP BITCH!!” She rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she realized that her cousin Brenda was beating on her door loud enough to wake everyone in the neighborhood. She sat up in the small bed afforded to her and watched her door vibrate under the repeated pounding realizing that her thin cousin had finally come across the gift left in her bedroom.

“Wh-Who’s there?” Angie feigned a sleepy sounding voice as she sat up in the bed and rolled her neck. Habit and some hazards in her life had left its imprint on the chubby teen resulting in her habitually locking her door when she went to bed.

“OPEN THE DOOR ANGIE!!” Her voice seemed to rile up her cousin even more and she noticed that Brenda was jerking on the door knob making it shake and loosen.

“But you sound mad.” She continued feigning a submissive sounding voice as she looked over at her cheap clock finding that it was three in the morning.


“W-What?” The large chubby girl cupped her hand over her mouth and stifled a giggle while her enraged cousin shrieked in frustration.


“Well I did your laundry and I uhm; vacuumed the carpet Brenda.” Angie leaned over and snatched a black wife beater off of the floor to cover her bare breasts.


“B-Brenda you’re scaring me.” She was actually leaning back against the wall as she pulled a knee length jean skirt up over her ample hips. Brenda was unaware that her larger cousin had been taught to fight by some of her mother’s biker friends. The rail thin teen was ignorant of the many street fights Angie had won while she lived with their grandmother. When it came to fighting Angie Delgado had the taught mentality of a caged animal and the prowess of a seasoned boxer that always threw her opponents off balance due to her smiling, cuddly appearance.

“OPEN THIS FUCKING DOOR BIATCH; WE GOTTA HANDLE OUR BUSINESS PERRA!!” Angie calmly stepped into her flip flops while keeping an eye on the door which seemed like it could splinter at any moment.

“Why do you want to hurt me Brenda?” She knew that her cousin was upset about the condom full of her boyfriend’s semen that she’d left in her room figuring it would be days before she found it. Angie had planned a physical altercation but Brenda’s actions meant she would have to finish up days before she was ready to complete her revenge on her insensitive cousin.

“Estas jodiendo mi hombre perra?!!” Brenda had become so angry that she’d gone into Spanish feigning a calming demeanor with the intention of getting her scared cousin to open the door so that she could assault her. She’d spent hours cleaning her trashed room and talking to friends about the two guys she believed were fighting over her when she’d found the used condom in her bedside table. It had been purposely placed in with the rest of her condom stash and this had sent the lithe Latin teen into a rage.

“Which one?” Angie answered stretching her arms over her head and cracking her knuckles while her cousin shrieked and began kicking the door with all of her might.

“FUCKING SLUT; OPEN THIS GOT-DAMN DOOR PUTA!! I’M GONNA WHIP YOUR FUCKING ASS!!” Angie stood on the other side of the door yawning before folding her arms across her chest.

By this time Brenda had lost all reason as she went to the kitchen and retrieved a knife which began using to pick the lock on her cousin’s small room. She was further emboldened by the frightened pleading of her much larger cousin from her side of the door as she was rewarded by the sound of the lock’s release. However as she grabbed the doorknob, the thin teen suddenly found herself being propelled forward as the door was snatched open. Nothing could have prepared the five foot four, one hundred and fifteen pound girl for what lay ahead on the opposite side of the door as the ham like fist of Angela Delgado smashed into her pretty face. Brenda was sent to the tiled floor of the kitchen adjacent and actually slid into the cabinets below the kitchen sink. She lay motionless on the floor as her larger, formerly timid cousin nursed her sore fist.

“Yeah, I fucked them.” Angie glibly answered her barely conscious relative who was staring up at the kitchen ceiling in a fist induced haze. It took Angie a few seconds to realize the extent of the damage her punch had caused and the chubby teen casually walked over to the sink and filled a plastic tumbler full of water. She took a light sip of water before pouring the rest of the contents on her cousin’s prone figure. The cold water jolted Brenda back into consciousness and she wallowed around on the floor trying to get her bearings erotik film izle before scurrying off to her bedroom and locking the door. Angie opened the fridge and helped herself to a can of beer she found in the doorway.

After she’d emptied the can, she walked down the hallway and calmly knocked on her cousin’s door.

“Oh you don’t want to talk any more Brenda?” There was no response from the side of the door other than muted sobbing. Angie shrugged her shoulders and padded off to her room to resume a peaceful slumber behind her locked door.

There would be no more disturbances for the rest of the night…or so she thought.


Conception was doing something that she absolutely hated and that was fucking her boyfriend doggy style. To the middle aged mother of two, it was demeaning and forced her into a subservient posture but she was on a mission. Income tax time was coming up and she had plans for her clueless boyfriend’s tax refund.

“Oh baby te sientes tan bien que voy a accabar.” Louis was onto his girlfriend’s plan and he was going to make the most of it. Moments before they hooked up he’d taken a blue pill and Conception had no idea what hit her as he seemed able to go on forever. She was pretty enough with just a hint of grey but there was nothing that he loved more than his current view. The motion ripples across that wide squarish butt fueled his lust as his fingers dug into the almost too soft flesh of her hips and her brown-eye was plainly visible, but anal was definitely off the table. He’d talked her into trying it during a moment of mutual intoxication and the disaster that followed was somewhat comedic with Conception going on an epic rant in Spanish while he pulled the soiled sheets from the bed.

“Aren’t you finished yet pervitido?!” Her words were labored and shaky as his chubby torso slammed into her backside.

“Almost there dulce, I could cum any minute now.” That was as far from the truth as you could get and he chaffed a little at her impatience figuring that she might enjoy things a little bit more if she would quit complaining.

“You’ve been saying that for an hour now Estupido; better finish in five minutes!!” She figured that her dues were paid and made mental plans to use up his entire refund. He was such a freak that she hadn’t even had time to fully undress before she found herself on her hands and knees in his bed. It had become a little humid in the cramped bedroom and she’d finally gotten her blouse off while keeping her utilitarian beige bra on. Louis had never seemed especially interested in her tits and that was just fine with her. He did his best to facilitate a quicker orgasm using his weight to push her prone on the mattress as her phone began ringing.

“Hold on my phone’s ringing Louis.” She knew he thought he was really giving it to her but laughed inwardly knowing that she’d had better lovers and only tolerated him because of the money he was bringing to the table. The frugal woman socked away most off her money in accounts and used most of his paycheck for her bills. She considered it fair trade for her sexual attention and also because she’d allowed him back into her life after he’d been caught peeping at her daughter. In reality nothing could have been farther from the truth. The only thing that ran through his mind whenever his gaze rested on Brenda was how emaciated she looked in his opinion.

“AH COME ON; I’M ALMOST THERE!” His face was reddened and the poor man appeared ready for a heart attack as he felt himself about to peak. Her wide, overly soft backside molded to his pelvis felt slightly watery in mature way that meant it was only had a few more years before her ass would be visibly sagging. He felt his balls begin to tighten up as she involuntarily jiggled against his sweaty flesh.

“CUT IT OUT LOUIS!!” She began wriggling against him trying to get to her phone and earned a messy cum shot to her wide butt for her efforts.

“MOMMY ANIGIE’S GONE CRAZY!!” Brenda’s hysterical voice greeted Conception as she swatted back at Louis who was intent on jerking the rest of his load onto her back. His weak knees gave way and he collapsed on her back easily sated as she groaned into the phone from his weight.

“What’s going on Mami?” Her fingers accidentally pressed the speaker button on her phone and Louis’ bedroom was flooded with the sounds of a crying hysterical teenager.


“WHAT?!!” Conception began throwing a few elbows until her flustered boyfriend finally rolled off of her back leaving a considerable mess behind. He leaned on his side surveying the glazed sight of his girlfriend’s tanned butt.

“ANGIE CAME INTO MY ROOM AND BEAT ME UP; COME HOME MOMMY I’M SCARED!!” Louis chuckled to himself out of view of his girlfriend knowing full well that the spoiled teen probably got what she deserved. Brenda was severely spoiled and an absolute film izle choir to be around at times. She had accused him of staring at her on multiple occasions even going so far as to say he’d burst into the bathroom while she was showering. The portly man had considered dumping Conception after that incident in which he been physically assaulted. Brenda had sucked punched him and given him a classic black eye that he had to explain away at his job as a restaurant manager.

“I’M COMING BABY, MOMMY’S COMING!!” Conception jumped out of the bed searching for her panties and skirt but not before wiping her lower back and ass with her boyfriend’s silk dress shirt. She put on her clothing in a frenzy falling over a few times before finally getting dressed and realizing that Louis had been lying in bed the whole time watching her with a lazy smile on his face.



Brenda called several more times before her mother reached home and by the time Conception reached the front steps she was fit to be tied. Louis of course had tried to filter the building situation as best he could but none of his words would calm the panicked mother.

“BRENDA WHERE ARE YOU BABY?!!” She entered her home brandishing a tiny canister of pepper spray as Brenda emerged from her room looking completely disheveled. Louis switched on a lamp in the living room and was shocked to see his girlfriend’s daughter with a huge nose that looked several sizes bigger than her face. The poor girl also seemed to have large dark circles around her eyes that he realized were two newly minter black eyes.

“MOMMY!!” The women embraced as tears ran down Conception’s face when she saw what had been done to her daughter and turned to her boyfriend who shrugged his shoulders.

“I want that FAT BITCH out of here understand?!” The wretched look on her face told him that she wanted him to do more than escort her niece out of the house but there was no way he was going to tangle with her after looking at the damage done to Brenda.

He cautiously made his down the hallway to the kitchen noticing a few toppled chairs and the wet floor where Angie had poured a tumbler of water onto the prone body of her cousin. He turned his attention to the chubby teen’s closed door and knocked lightly.

“Yeah?” Angie’s tired response floated through the thin wooden door after a few moments.

“It’s Louis Angie; your friend.”

“Well I’m trying to sleep; what the fuck do you want?” Her response was so relaxed and casual that he almost didn’t realize that she’d cursed at him.

“Uh things are somewhat stressed around here little flower; I think maybe you should come with me for the night.” He heard the small bed creak from her weight and tensed up not knowing what to expect but heeding the chubby girl’s potential.

“Alright give me a minute.” He was relieved as he heard her yawn followed by some movement inside the room. Moments later she opened the door holding a small suitcase that contained the bulk of her meager belongings.

“I guess they don’t want me any more huh Louis?” The gravity of her cousin’s recent actions and her explosive response read on her round face.

“It’ll be okay little flower, you can stay at my place for a few nights.” She allowed him to take her suitcase and he cradled her with one of his arms as they made their way to the front door. Conception and her daughter were waiting in the living room and Angie chaffed inwardly at the sight of her cousin playing the victim.

“Cerdo De Mierda!!” Brenda lunched at her large cousin grabbing a handful of her hair and used her other hand in a weak attempt at a sucker punch. Louis never would have imagined the strength of the chubby teen as he found himself shoved into a wall. In seconds Angie had grabbed one of her cousin’s thin arms yanking her to the floor and purposely falling on top of her with the brunt of her full weight. The thin girl was painfully squashed crying out as Conception’s fingers dug into her niece’s hair and the back of her shirt ripping it a bit. In short order the middle aged mother learned the same lesson as her daughter when she was quickly shoved with enough force to send her sprawling over the coffee table.

“PARRA ESTA MIERDA!!” Louis managed to entrap Angie’s wrists pulling her off of her smaller cousin who was cowering in a fetal position on the carpet. Brenda hocked a thick wad of spittle on her cousin’s cheek and scurried on all fours into the hall nursing her bruised arm.

“GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE BITCH!!” Conception was having a little trouble getting back to her feet; her lower back was wracked with pain. Angie stood there flushed looking back and forth between her aunt and her cousin with a section of her hair pointing at the ceiling and three small scratches on her cheek. Her lips trembled a bit as she looked to Louis watching as he gathered seks filmi izle up her suitcase.

“You never wanted me anyway.” Angie finally commented and walked out of her aunt’s home.

Once he was outside Louis discovered Angie already sitting in the passenger side of his car staring out into space. The look on her face tugged at his heart strings as he turned the engine on and pulled out of f of the street the chubby teen had called home. He reached over and switched on his radio hoping to calm Angie but she switched it off taking the knob in the process. How was he to know that she wasn’t a fan of Banda music preferring oldies and hip hop along with an eclectic selection of electronica. She liked the fact that no one seemed able to accurately classify her personality even though it also seemed to keep her from making friends most of the time.

“I’m not bad.” She muttered to no one in particular catching his attention.

“What was that little flower?”

She didn’t reply or repeat her minor statement as this was a learned habit the chubby Latina had picked up while living with her grandmother. During an intense exchange between them over some household issue a verbal argument had quickly deteriorated into a berating with an ironing cord and Angie had been forbidden to socialize with any of the local boys. Of course she didn’t listen and went out with some guy she met at a quickie mart which resulted in her clothing being taken away. Many things ran through her mind as she looked at the darkened streets but the troubled girl was drawn back to the secondary confrontation with her cousin Brenda and her aunt’s participation. Angie ran a few fingers along her scalp finding some blood there and her chest tightened up.

“Don’t worry, things will blow over in a few days.” The silence in the car was getting to Louis and he was more than a little disturbed at the savagery displayed by the chubby girl sitting beside him.

“I’m hungry.” It sounded like an order and he didn’t know how to react but found himself pulling into a drive through less than twenty minutes later. He attempted to make small talk after buying two bags full of junk food but his attempts at breaking the ice were futile.

“What do you see in my aunt?” She finally asked between bites of a triple decker burger.

“Uh, well she’s a little spirited and all but I think there’s a lot to your aunt. I-I mean she can be hard to get along with at times but we uh, work things out.” He felt like he was on the offensive as he answered her simple yet probing question that came out of the blue.

“She must REALLY know how to FUCK.”

“Oh Dios mio, mira la boca pequena flor!!” Louis always reverted to Spanish when he was caught off guard and only her laughter put him at ease. Most of his children were adults many years removed from the house and he was a little rusty dealing with an angry teenager. He hadn’t even thought about the sleeping arrangements as he let her into his modest one bedroom apartment.

“Well I know it’s not much but I have a nice pull out bed here in the couch and there’s a little bit of food in the kitchen…and I got that PlayStation over there on the television.” He watched the large girl look around his apartment before kneeling and looking at a few of the games he’d received when he picked up the second hand console from a yard sale with the intention of giving it to her spoiled cousin. Brenda had scoffed at the gift emptying his wallet instead without much of a thank you. The teen girl apparently wasn’t a big fan of Grand Theft Auto and Mortal Kombat.

“So you’re going to be my daddy now Louis?” Angie asked looking up from floor where she was examining the backs of the video games boxes.

“WHAT?!!-UH, NOOOO!! Look little flower; I’m gonna hit the head. Make yourself comfortable Angie and we’ll figure something out tomorrow.” He stumbled into his bathroom leaving her alone in the living room to stare at the dirty plates on his coffee table and discarded underwear on the floor. She retched a little bit as she noticed a pair of her aunt’s panties on the carpet where she’d discarded them hours earlier when she’d come over to screw her witless boyfriend. The couch was somewhat ratty and beat up and the cushions were stained from spilt food over the years. Louis was a true bachelor in every sense of the word and it seemed that her aunt paid little attention to his needs. She walked down the hallway and took a look into his bedroom finding this room even more of a mess. She yawned and turned up her nose at the latent odor left behind by the coupling of her aunt and was yanking the sheets from the bed before she even knew it.

Louis emerged from the bathroom and removed a few blankets from a hallway closet. He walked back to the living room finding it empty and nervously swallowed as he looked back towards his bedroom.

“Flor pequena?” He pushed cautiously pushed open the door to find the chubby girl laying face down on his stripped bed fast asleep. Her loud snoring permeated the room and Louis chuckled to himself before letting her have the room. Louis reached down to pull a blanket over her prone body when he noticed that her skirt had ridden up exposing the lower portion of her huge butt.

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