Stacy wants to Play Ch. 03

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Well here is then next Chapter I have eight written so far. I will Post the first three now and wait and see the How they are received. Then I will post one or two a week after that. I have still not found an editor for these latest Chapters sorry if the mistakes are plentiful, which I am sure they are……..

Chapter 3 Amanda Changes the Game

I must have fallen asleep again when I woke up Amanda was lying next to me. I must have been dreaming because my legs were clenched tight around the pillow and I could feel the moisture between my legs. The dreams were coming back to me and I felt the shame that came with them. I knew right then that I wanted this horrible thing to continue. In my dreams Stacy was making me do things bad things I can’t remember what exactly just the humiliation I was feeling and the excitement. Amanda was sitting next to me kissing me and telling me it was ok.

I started to stand up and I could feel the burning in my crotch instantly. Amanda was by my side lowering me back to the bed. Her voice was very motherly as she started to speak. “Wait right here until I come to get you I am going to run you bath.” With that she left the room.

I relaxed into the Pillows but I left the cover off me. I lifted the waist band of my panties to survey the damage. I could see the scratches which I expected to find some were not to bad other were deep and starting to scab a little. What really surprised me were the bruises. Black and ugly all around my crotch where I guess I had pounded my fists, pulled and pinched myself. No wonder they were so worried about me.

I dropped the waist band of my panties just as Amanda walked thru the door. She shot me a knowing glance and offered me her hands to help me stand. “You know you really could have hurt yourself I don’t know what I would of done if you had. Now let’s go get you in the tub.”

As we walked thru the living room I could see Stacy sitting on my couch watching TV. She glanced my way and a big smile came to her lips. Not the evil Stacy smile but the loving Stacy smile. “Glad to see you are finally up sleepyhead. I thought you were going to nap forever in there.” She started to get up to come help Amanda carry me to the bath tub but Amanda stopped her. “That’s ok Stacey I got her I will be right out as soon as I get her comfy in the tub.

When we were in the Bathroom Amanda knelt in front of me and pulled my panties off, then she quickly kissed a couple of the deeper scratches and placed me in the tub. The water was hot, very hot but it felt great and I instantly slid down to my neck. My crotch burned in the hot water but I knew I needed it too. I got excited when Amanda had kissed my scratches and I just wanted to suffer some more.

“Stacy is not going to mess with you anymore, baby.” Amanda was looking at me very motherly “So you just relax and enjoy you bath.” I could feel my disappointment and couldn’t help but wonder why I guess Amanda could see it on my face too. “You are disappointed aren’t you, that you won’t get to participate in our little games?”

I could not believe she asked me that but in all honesty I really was. Maybe I needed it too just like Amanda did. I felt myself nodding my head as the tears came to my eyes again. I was so humiliated but again the tingles had returned down below. Even stronger this time I guess because I had admitted it. Amanda leaned over again and kissed me on the lips. “You know, I can talk to Stacy and see if we can keep playing. I must have smiled a little because she was looking at me like I had two heads. “I won’t do it if you are going to freak out every time I can’t stand to see you like this” I could feel myself shaking my head to indicate that I would not freak out again. “I need to hear you say it, baby” she was leaning right down in front of my face and I felt like a small child asking for something I could not live without.

“I won’t freak out I promise.” It was my small voice the one you use to get something from a lover or your parents that whiney baby voice. I was humiliating myself now and getting hotter by the second. I don’t know if it was the fact that she was calling me baby or just a product of my total breakdown but I wanted to be a little girl, to be treated like a little girl.

Amanda leaned over and kissed me again. “OK, but you have to follow all the rules no matter what. You break one rule and I call the whole thing off.” I could feel myself smiling now I had illegal bahis to wonder why I felt like a little girl that had just gotten my way with my parents I heard myself say “I will, I promise every rule” I said this in my best little girl voice I knew what I was doing now.

“OK well you finish your bath and then you and I will discuss all the rules.” Now she did sound like my mother but I did not care. She leaned in and kissed me on the lips a real hard and sexy kiss then she stood up and looked down at me “Do not touch your little pussy or have any cummies because you will be punished, do you understand?”

“Yes Ma’am” I heard myself say it but I could not believe it was me. Amanda and I had been friends for years and here I was submitting to her like she submitted to Stacy even more because I was trying to be a little girl again. Subconsciously I knew what I was doing, if I was a little girl and Amanda was my “Mommy” then I had to do what she said not matter what. I would have no guilt because I had no control.

I laid there thinking for a long time. I washed myself being care not to spend too long in any one spot. When I stood to get out of the bathtub Amanda showed up instantly in her hands she held an old night shirt of mine with cartoon figures on it. It was way oversized when I was little but now it would just barely cover my important parts and a pair of my old panties with the princesses on them. I knew they would be really tight if they fit at all.

Amanda grabbed a big towel out of the linen cabinet and held it out. I stepped into and she dried me off just like my mom used to do. Every time I tried to help or do it myself she would smack my hand lightly and tell me to behave. Amanda dressed me in the clothes she had picked out. She walked me across the living room and I saw Stacy watching us as we went into my room to finish getting ready. Getting ready for what I wondered but I could tell by the way Stacy was looking at me it was going to be exciting. Amanda sat me down at my dressing table and started brushing my hair. She was rough like my mom used to be when she did my hair. “You really should use conditioner on your hair little girl.

I guess if I want to be sure you bathe properly I will have to do it myself.” Oh my god now she was going to bathe me too. I was getting really wet I could feel it. She must have been able to smell me or see my excitement because she admonished me. “Don’t mess up those panties little girl. They are all I could find so until we go shopping tomorrow they are all you have. If you mess them up you will be going without.” Now we were going shopping to buy more little girl panties. I Reached out and put my arms around her legs and snuggled my head into her belly. I could see they smile on her face in the mirror but her voice was stern.

“Sit up straight I am trying to get this rat’s nest combed out.” I could feel myself getting more and more excited the more she treated me like this. She had finished combing my hair and was putting it into pig tails. Small ones leaving most of my hair down then she tied pink ribbons in my hair. She must have spent all the time I was in the bath going thru my stuff to find the nightshirt, ribbons and panties.

“OK now here are the rules.” She was playing with my hair while she talked. She was standing behind me looking at my face in the mirror. “You are not allowed to touch yourself ever and I mean ever. We will handle all your needs for you all you have to do is be a good girl and ask nicely. Do you understand?” No touching myself ever! I pretty much knew that was coming. I nodded my agreement. “I won’t have a repeat of what happened earlier.” She sound very serious almost mad.

“Second, I will dress you and bathe you every day. No exceptions even to go to school and you will wear what I say.” I nodded again I could feel her rubbing my shoulder and down my chest. I was trying to imagine the little girl outfits she would make me wear to school. I was getting embarrassed just thinking about it.

“Third, Stacy is going to be staying with you now all the time. You scared the hell out of her and she does not want you to be left alone. So you will mind her. You will do whatever she says.” Amanda had a very stern look on her face and I could tell she could see the panic on my face. She leaned down close to my ear. “Don’t be scared little girl no one is going to hurt you.” After she said the she nibbled my earlobe.

“The fourth and final illegal bahis siteleri rule…” I could tell by the look on her face this was going to be a toughie. She pulled out a very small butt plug with a ribbon tied to it. “This is clean it is just a reminder.” She was putting the ribbon over my head hanging the little plug around my neck. “Whenever you start getting to excited and feeling like you need to break the rules I want you to put this in your mouth like a pacifier. It will remind you of how bad punishment can be. It will help you be good and let me know I need to help you out if I can. You still will not be allowed to cum but I will know you need my attention.

I was looking at her with crazy eyes. How could I wear that thing around my neck all the time? Someone would see it. My parents might even see it. I could feel my tears streaming down my cheeks. Amanda leaned in close and whispered in my ear again. “I know this is going to be difficult you will just have to be careful and keep it tucked in your shirt, Baby.” Oh my God she was driving me crazy again. I nodded my head very slowly I still could not speak. She leaned one last time.

“Does my little girl need cummies?” I closed my eyes when I heard her ask me that. How could I answer I was so excited I knew I did hell she knew I did. “Answer me, little girl.” Her voice was loud now and very stern. With my eyes still closed I nodded my head again. “Ok that will work for me but I think Stacy is going to want to hear you say it.” Stacy? What did she have to do with it?

“Now I want you to go give Stacy a kiss Goodnight she is really upset about earlier. And if you really want cummies all you have to do is ask her. You have been really good tonight so I am sure she will take care of you.” I could not believe Amanda was sending me out dressed as a little girl to kiss Stacy good night and ask her to make me cum.

I noticed myself concentrating on acting like a little girl. I got up slowly from my chair and looked back over my shoulder at Amanda. She swatted my butt kind of hard and said “Get moving little one we don’t have all night.” I knew we did in fact have all night it was only a little after seven now. But I found myself skipping out of the room with a smile on my face and going over to where Stacy was laying on the couch on the far wall.

I knelt down next to her and leaned in quickly to kiss her good night. Stacy grabbed my head and kissed me passionately. I could feel all my fear and anxiety melt away in that kiss there was nothing but love there. As we kissed and basically made out I knew I wanted this more than anything in the world. I was very humiliated but there was no way I could back out now. Stacy let go of the back of my head and started playing with my pigtails. I leaned back a little and looked her in the face she had a huge smile.

“Is there something else little girl?” This was the moment of truth. Could I really do it? I wanted to no doubt about that but now I had to figure out a way to ask. I actually decided in my mind to ask like a little girl would ask cookies and milk before bed.

“May I have cummies please?” my voice sounded childlike even to me. The shocked look on Stacy’s face told me she thought she would have to drag it out of me. I knew this whole thing was staged and I was playing my part now I would not worry anymore about humiliating myself. I would just do what was expected of me.

“Sure Baby of course you can.” She was talking to me but she was looking at Amanda like she had just given her the best gift in the world. Stacy sat up on the edge of the couch. I was not sure what she was going to do but I would let her do anything at this point. “Now turn around and face Mommy.” I knew what game we were playing here but to her say it like that gave me goose bumps all over my body. Was she going to expect me to call Amanda, Mommy? And what would I be calling Stacy. I decided in my own mind they would both be Mommy. This was too kinky. After I turned to face Amanda I felt Stacy pull me back in between her legs.

“Spread your knees wide sweetie so I can give you cummies.” Oh, I nearly collapsed all the way to the floor I was so weak. Her hands came slowly around my waist and down to my panties. She was holding me tight between her knees and her arms were over mine pinning them to my side. She starts rubbing me lightly all around my Crotch. I could feel my pussy start to drip. Stacy’s Head was right on my shoulder and canlı bahis siteleri could feel her breath in my ear. Then I heard Amanda’s voice.

“That is the only pair of little girl panties I could find Stacy.” She sounded mad but she had a huge smile on her face so I knew she was not.

“Then I guess she will just have to wear them full of her little girl cum then wont she.” She started whispering to now in my ear. “You don’t mind wearing wet panties to bed if Mommy Stacy gives you good cummies do you baby.” I shook my head no. Her hand was in my panties and she was tugging on my clit I had seen her do this to Amanda and I knew this was how I was going to get my cummies from now on.

I grabbed her knees with my hands and leaned back against her. The stimulation was unreal. No lube no finger in my pussy first just this constant manual rubbing of my clit. My stomach and thighs were cramping and I was moaning constantly I could not help it and it did not even sound like me. I sounded like a little girl who had fallen off her bike and skinned her knee.

Then it hit me like a hammer I heard myself squeal. My whole body convulsed and I could actually feel my cum squirting out of me into my panties. It seemed like it lasted forever and Stacy never stooped until I thought I would pass out. I was crying from the pleasure and the pain. I heard her whispering again in my ear I could hear how happy she was. “I Hope you enjoyed that sweetie because it was the last one you will get for a while.”

It took me a few minutes to register this in my mind. How long was a while? My anxiety was returning already. I pushed myself away from Stacy and fell straight to the floor. I heard Amanda walk over to me and grab my hand she actually pulled me to my feet like a little girl. “Come on now we have to clean up this mess you two made and get you into bed. You look like you pissed yourself.” I was actually more ashamed of the mess in my panties than of having her watch me cum like that. My clit actually ached Stacy had been so rough with it.

We walked into the bath room where Amanda stood me on a step stool I kept in there. She peeled my panties down and I stepped out of them. Here I was standing on a stool in my bathroom with no panties while my best friend was preparing a wash cloth to wipe my pussy clean. “Put your leg up here little one.” She indicated to countertop and I did as she told me. I had to hold on to her shoulder to keep from falling as she cleaned me between my legs.

“This surely will not be a daily thing with you making messes like this!” She said as she wiped my pussy and thighs with the rough cloth.” Then she removed my leg from the counter and put it back on the stool. She picked my panties up and looked at them and wrinkled her nose. “Well you can’t wear these now.” she said as she held the crotch open for me to see.

She turned to the sink and started running water thru them to clean my mess out. She didn’t look at me but I heard her voice. “Go jump in bed baby. I will be in as soon as I get this mess cleaned up.” The thought of her cleaning my cum out of my panties was very humiliating. I walked across the living room to my room with my naked butt showing.

I heard Stacy speak to me as a tried to sneak thru. “Good night Sweetie I love you.”

I answered her instantly without hesitation. “Good night Mommy Stacy I love you too.” With that I started skipping straight into my room and jumped into my bed. My pussy actually ached constantly from what I had done to it earlier and what Stacy had just done. But I curled up under the covers. I heard the Hair dryer in the bathroom and I knew that Mommy Mandy was using it to dry my panties. She seemed determined that I sleep in this little girl outfit she had searched for.

I now knew for sure I would do whatever they wanted no matter how humiliating. I would love every second of it. I turned on the TV and changed it immediately to the cartoon network. This was going to be great. No more worries anymore and no responsibility, Just Bliss. Amanda came into the room and uncovered me slipped my panties on me all I had to do was raise my butt so she could get them on.

Then she kissed me. At first it was just a peck like I would expect from my mom then she leaned back in and kissed me like a lover would. “I love you more than you will ever know baby girl.” She said as she turned to leave. I almost screamed my reply “I love you more Mommy Mandy!”

Amanda hesitated when I said that then she just walked out of the room. I heard Stacy voice as she entered the living room. “Ok now it is our turn, Mandy” I did not need to watch or listen I knew firsthand now what would be going on so I just went to sleep…….

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