The adults will play

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Ray and his wife Sandra had lived in the neighborhood for almost 12 years. They had the best neighbors they could ask for; on one side they had their best friends since high school, Darren & Abby. And on the other side they had a deaf old woman, which meant they could be quite loud and no one would complain, perfect for parties.

Both families had a child; well they were adults now but children none the less. Ray and Sandra had a daughter, Jade and Darren and Abby had a son, Brett.
Having grown up together Brett and Jade were now getting married.

It was 1 week before the wedding and an old friend of Rays from Australia had arrived with his wife and daughter.
“Hey John you old dog, how have you been” ray asked as he greeted his friend.
“Oh same old same old” John replied
“I’m so happy you came Judy” jade said as she greeted Judy “I love your outfit” she added.
Judy was wearing a purple mini skirt and matching top which stopped just below her breasts.
“Thank you, you look great too Jade” Judy replied.

“Keira you look as beautiful as always” Ray said to johns wife as John greeted Sandra “Sandra your looking better than ever” he said. “Oh John your making me blush” Sandra replied as her face turn a shade red.

“Lets go to my room, we have a lot to talk about” Jade said to Judy as she took her by the hand and led her upstairs.
“Look at them, they’re always the same, every time we visit or you visit us. They’re just dying to fuck each other but they keep holding back” Judy said as she was lead upstairs.
“Yeah probably” jade replied “forget about them” she said as she closed the door behind her.

As she turned to face into her room Judy put her arms either side of her to keep her pinned against the door.
“All right……here we are alone in your room again like last time. What was it you wanted to talk about”? Judy asked with a smile on her face.
“Well……..” Jade said as she twisted her hair around her finger and put on an innocent face. “I thought you might like to kiss the bride good luck.”

Judy moved her head really close to Jades. “Hmmmmmm….. You naughty girl, you know pretty well I want more than that” she said and pressed her lips firmly against Jades.

Jade stepped forward so she was no longer pinned against the door, keeping her lips locked firmly on Judy’s.

Jades hands slid down Judy’s back from where her top stopped to the top of her mini skirt. Jade slipped her fingers down the back of it and pulled Judy closer to her before sliding the miniskirt down over Judy’s ass.

Jade pulled her head back to look into Judy’s eyes. “No panties, you dirty girl” she said. “Your ass is still so hot.”
Judy just smiled and kissed her on the lips.
“Does Brett know you also have sex with girls”? Judy asked.

Jade knelt down on the floor in front of Judy and turned her around. She then slapped both ass cheeks before licking and kissing the left one.
“No! She finally answered “I’ve never fucked another girl besides you anyway so he doesn’t need to know.”

Jade slid Judy’s miniskirt all the way down her smooth, long, tanned sexy legs and Judy stepped out of it as she took off her own top.
“No bra either” Jade said as she stood back up off the floor.
Judy turned around to face her. Her C cup breasts were perfectly round and her erect nipples stuck out like old fashioned radio dials.

“I have a little confession to make” jade said as she caressed her tits through her t-shirt. “Because I knew you were coming here today I too didn’t put on any underwear.”

Jade grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it over her head, throwing it on the floor with Judy’s.
“Allow me” Judy said as jade went to pull down her shorts
Judy knelt in front of jade and grabbed the sides of her shorts and slid them down her long legs to her feet. Jade stepped out of them and stood in front of Judy.
Judy kept her gaze at where hands were, which was at jades feet at the moment. She followed her hands up as she slid them up the backs of jade’s legs and stopped on her ass, her eyes fixed on jades shaven pussy.
“Where’s that lovely golden red hair gone from down here” Judy asked as she kissed just above Jade clitoris.
“I shaved it off” jade replied as Judy stood back up.

Jade kissed Judy on the lips and walked over to her bed where she kneeled down, resting her chest and head on the bed and keeping her ass and pussy in the air. She then opened her legs to give Judy a better view and to tease her.

Judy came and sat on the bed behind jade and dove into the prize awaiting her, licking jades pussy like a dog would drink water.
“Every once in a while I fuck the girls in my college campus, but I always remember you and your delicious little ass.” Judy said between each lick.
“Ohh Judy I love it when you say things like that”

Jades pussy was now getting moist, the mixture of Judy’s saliva and jades own pussy juice had lubed it up good.
Judy parted jades outer pussy lips and pushed her tongue into her hole before taking it back out and sucking on her swollen clit.
She slipped her index finger in every so often and when it was out she used it to play with jade’s ass hole.
“Oh yes Judy, I love it when you play with my ass, Mmm, shove that finger in my pussy.” Jade moaned.

Judy stopped licking jades pussy for a moment and rolled her over onto her back, she then spread her legs wide apart and dove back into the sweet cunt of her friend, the smell of her cut juice was driving Judy crazy.
“MMMM YEAH like that Judy…like that…..unggghhh.” jade moaned out loud as Judy licked and sucked on her juicy cunt.
“Mmnnnnnnggg…….if you keep moaning like that some one’s going to hear us” Judy quickly said and went straight back to licking jades pussy.
“But I can’t resist your tongue in my cunt. I want more” jade moaned

At that Judy slipped her index finger into Jade’s wet pussy and slid it back out again, covered in pussy juice, then slowly slid it into jades ass hole.
“Ohh fuck yes!!!!!” jade moaned as Judy licked and sucked on her twat and slid her finger in and out of her ass. “D…don’t fucking stop……..I’m….Cumming…..hmmmm” jade moaned out as her orgasm flooded her body and her pussy juice flooded into Judy’s mouth and onto the bed.
“Yes cum for me my little slut, I love your taste in my mouth” Judy said as her mouth over flowed with warm sticky girl cum. She removed her finger from jades ass and scooped sum fuck juice on it and offered it to jade. Jade sucked hard on her finger, removing every last drop.

Jade sat up after her orgasm subsided and immediately kissed Judy, their tongues passed jades cum back and forth until the finished.

“You want to taste me now, naughty girl”? Judy asked as she lay on her back and pulled her legs up into the air and parted them as wide as she could. Her pussy was already wet as her juice had been running out and down her leg whilst she was licking out jade.

Jade licked her way up the train of girl cum leading from Judy’s knee up to her pussy and devoured the pussy in front of her.
“Mmm yes girl, lick my pussy, lick my little ass, it’s been so long since I felt a tongue in my ass” Judy moaned as she turned over and kneeled on the bed and parted her ass cheeks.
Jade did as she was asked and licked Judy’s sweet little ass hole and slid two fingers into her pussy

“Ohh yes Jade….fucking yes…punish my little ass……..shove your tongue in hard…….fuck my pussy…..aaahhh……aaahhh.”
Jade continued to do so until Judy squirted her sweet warm fuck juice all over Judy.
When Judy stopped finger fucking Judy and licking her ass Judy sat up and licked some of her own juice from Jade’s tits and sucked on her erect nipples. Both girls were exhausted and lay down next to each other, holding each bursa escort other tightly.

Just then jades mobile phone rang on her dressing table. She got up and answered it. It was her girlfriends wanting to know if she was coming round for a little ‘girl only’ party. Jade asked if it was ok to bring Judy then finished the conversation and hung up.
“Want to go to a little girly get together” jade asked Judy
“Sure” she replied “we had better get cleaned up first though, were covered in cum”

They went into the shower together and 15 minutes later they were ready to leave.

There parents were sitting around the table playing poker, the neighbors Darren and Abby had came round too and they were all quite drunk.
“Hey guys, me and Judy are going to a friends house, I don’t know what time we will be back” jade said, but no one seemed to have heard her.
“Come on lets just leave, were old enough to take care of our selves” Judy said and they both left the house.

“Hey Ray, you got any more beers” Darren said as they sat around the table playing poker.
“Yeah there are loads; I’ll go get another crate.” Ray replied and left the room to get another crate of beer.

“Shit John’s wife is looking hot” Ray thought to him self “if only he wasn’t my friend…….”

Ray returned with another crate of beer and re-joined the poker game.
“Hey boys do you remember those good old days when we used to be the best poker players in college, and we used to invite all the hot girls for a game of strip poker.” John said as he opened another beer.
“Yeah we remember” Darren and Ray said.
“We should play now” John added. “Were all responsible adults, the girls have gone out, what do you say”?
“I’m up for it” Darren said immediately.
“Erm. Depends if the girls want to” Ray said
“Oh yeah…..the girls” Darren quickly said, realizing he had only thought about him self, he was dying to see Sandra’s hot body again.

“Well I’m up for it” Abby said “like John said were all responsible adults and no one but us will see.
“Count me in” Keira said.
“Well I’m not going to be the one to spoil every ones fun.” Sandra said.

They all gathered around the table and started plating poker.
The game was quite even, Ray, Darren and John were down to their boxers and t-shirts and Sandra, Abby and Keira were down to their bra and panties. And of course there was another new crate of beer as the last crate had all been drunk.

“Hey hey, nice too see you lady’s still wear thongs” Darren said as he looked under the table.

“Darren behave” his wife Abby hissed at him.

It wasn’t long before they were all sitting with just their boxers or thongs on. None of the lady’s were embarrassed by not having their bras on and made no effort to hide their tits.

John was the first to be fully nude; he climbed onto the table and gave a half assed drunken strip show for the lady’s. Abby was next, she too got onto the table and slowly slid her thong down her long sexy legs, kneeling down as she got further down. Then her thong was in a pile at her feet she opened her legs for a moment to give the men a flash of her snatch, her dark brown pubes were trimmed really short.
“Holy fucking shit, your wife is surely something Darren” John quietly said to Darren.
“Yeah I know, thanks for the compliment” Darren replied with a huge grin on his face.

Abby turned around and gave Sandra and Keira a flash of her pussy too before standing up and leaving her thong in the middle of the table.
Sandra and Keira looked at each other and smiled, clearly not offended by the pussy flash they had just received.
“Did you see that” Ray said to Darren and John, they both had.
“Probably this beer, they been drinking it too, bringing out their male side…..ha-ha” Darren said.

The poker game continued and next to strip was Keira; the stripping on the table had become compulsory now so Keira climbed onto the table. She grabbed the sides of the thong and slid it down her legs; only instead of kneeling down she kept her legs straight and continued to slide her thong down. This pushed her pussy out from in between her legs so the 3 men could see it clear as day, they stood up to get a closer view, each one of them sporting a huge boner. Of course after a quick look at the three of them johns caught the attention of Sandra and Abby as he was nude.

The 3 men sat back down with their huge boners and Keira turned around to give the girls a view of her pussy before sitting down.

Next to be naked was Ray, he climbed onto the table, still with a hard on, and slipped his boxers off, he then grabbed them like a towel and hung them over his erect penis and made a ‘towel drying’ motion before sitting back down.
“Hey that’s not fair, you didn’t show them two” Sandra, Abby and Keira said together, pointing at John and Darren.
“They saw when I turned around……..didn’t you guys” Ray said
“Oh yes we saw, don’t worry about that” Darren and John said to the girls, not wanting ray to get on the table and have to show them.

Darren was the next person to strip, he climbed on the table, whipped his boxers off and gave a strip show to the lady’s, teasing them with his stiff cock. He turned around to face Ray and John for 2 seconds then sat down so as not to be accused for not showing.

Now that there was no one left to play poker as everyone was out, Sandra was named the winner and climbed onto the table to do a winners strip. She slid her thong down to her knees, sat down, slid her thong completely off, then opened her legs and gave the men a full on view of her pussy. Then she reached down with her right hand and parted her pussy lips, then turned around and did the same for Abby and Keira, then sat back down.

“Now what” Sandra asked.
“Lets go into the living room, it’s a bit more comfortable in their” Sandra answered her self.

They all got up and stumbled into the living room nude.
Darren and Abby sat on one sofa, John and Keira sat on another and Ray and Sandra sat on another.
“Hey have you guys ever….erm…..fucked each others wife’s” John mumbled out in his drunken state.
“Excuse me” Sandra blurted out.
Before John could apologize Darren had started talking
“yeah…hey ray do you remember when we came home that night drunk and we decided to go in each others house and see how long it would take to get thrown out. Only we didn’t get thrown out. We ended up fucking each others wives.”
“Yeah I do, your Abby was a great lay” Ray replied, not realizing he had done so.

“I don’t believe I’m hearing this” Sandra said “well for your information Darren wasn’t too bad either” she added.
“And” she continued “stupid ideas like that sound good when you’re drunk”
“You weren’t drunk” ray exclaimed.
“Well when I heard you were fucking Abby a figured why can’t I have some fun with someone else.” Sandra stated.

“Hey hey” John shouted out in a slurred voice “lets not get into any arguments. The bottom line is you fucked each others wives or husband. All 4 of you were obviously up for it so don’t be blaming each other.”
“So” he continued “shall we swap girls Ray, Look at this great ass” he said as he bent Keira over slightly to show her round ass off. “You fuck mine and I fuck yours!!”
“Well….I don’t know” Ray hesitated, he was dying to say yes but wanted to make sure Sandra was up for it.
“I don’t believe this, I’m not merchandise to be traded, no ones going to fuck me if I don’t want too.” Sandra growled.

“Your right Sandra, it’s up to you” Darren said. “So are you having an orgy or not”?
“Well…I don’t know….its all kind of sudden…and…well” Sandra stuttered.
“Well just to let you know Sandra, Darren and I are.” Abby told her “Darren is smart and it will be fun, an orgy is fine bursa escort bayan with me.”

“Now there are two couple’s Ray” John said to ray “and I think Sandra is willing to try it…..what do you say.”?
“I’d say you have had too much to drink John old buddy.” Ray said, trying to keep in his wife’s ‘good books’. Deep down he really wanted to fuck Keira and Abby but ‘bit his tongue’.

“it’s a shame you wont be joining us Ray… would be so much better” Keira said as she knelt down facing away from him so he could see her sweet pussy and little ass hole.

Then came the best words in the world. “Let’s go sweetheart!” Sandra said “John is right, were all friends, no one else will know and it would be great to do something so different.”

Ray couldn’t believe it; he never thought in a million years that his wife would agree to have an orgy. He was surprised when she didn’t kick Darren out that night they swapped.

“Holy shit….I cant resist it….ok…lets do it!!!” ray said.
“That’s the spirit” John said to him “a little orgy now and then never hurt anyone.”
Ray went over next to Keira. “I’m so glad you decided to join in Ray, it wouldn’t be the same without you” she said softly to him and he caressed her size D breasts.
“Ooohhh….you are something Keira” he said back to her.

“Let’s go Abby” John said to her “I need some good fucking and you look like you want to give it to me.” They kissed hard before John told Abby to get on her knees and suck his balls.
“Oh John I love a nasty man……I’m going to do you really good……..and this hot cock!” Abby replied as she sucked on johns balls and licked the shaft of his cock.
Abby licked the head of John’s big hard cock and slid it deep into her mouth, it hit the back of her throat but he kept going, taking him all the way to the balls and back to the tip again.
“You are a dirty slut” John said to her.
“Mmmmmmm……I love it……keep talking” Abby said as she deep throated johns huge cock again.

Abby stood up after sucking Johns cock some more and lifted one leg up onto the sofa so she could spread them wide enough.
“I sucked you John!” she said as she pulled her ass cheek open further “now do your part and fuck me hard!”
John immediately got behind Abby and guided his cock into her pussy, “oh yes baby, your pussy is so tight and warm and wet” he moaned out.
He pushed his cock all the way into her pussy as she moaned the entire time, and pulled it back out until there was just the head left in. then he slipped it back in, each time getting a little faster and harder.
“Oh fuck yes” Abby moaned as john’s stiff cock slid in and out of her pussy and his balls slapped her cunt lips. “Wait, I’ll kneel on the floor, my legs are aching” she said. With John’s cock still up her cunt she took her leg of the sofa, squeezing her pussy around johns cock. She knelt on all fours, parted her legs and allowed John to continue his fucking.

Keira was sitting on the sofa with her ass at the edge and her legs lifted up into the air in a v shape, her feet were almost near her shoulders.
“Don’t be shy Ray” she said as she placed a hand on each ass cheek and pulled them apart to reveal her fuck holes. Just pick a hole and go for it!”
Ray leaned over the top of her, placing his hands either side of her shoulders, but on the outside of her legs so she was pinned in that position. His stiff cock was pressing against the bottom of her spine.
“I’ll show you who’s shy” he said to her and kissed her on the lips, the kiss soon evolved into a full on French kiss. Ray lifted his head back up and grabbed his stiff cock with one hand and rubbed the head up and down Keira’s pussy slit before pushing the head into her fuck hole.
“Oh fuck yes… are tight” he said as he slid the entire length of his shaft into Keira’s waiting wet twat.
“OHH YES…. Give it to me Ray….fuck me hard…..I’ve been a naughty girl” Keira moaned out as her pussy was filled up and emptied over and over again.

Sandra watched for a moment as her husbands cock slipped in and out of her friend’s pussy. Her hand found its way to her pussy as she watched; the site of her husband fucking another woman was more of a turn on than she had thought.

“Lets go Darren” Sandra said “I know what you want and I’m going to give it to you!”
“I’ve always wanted to hear you say that” Darren replied as he stroked his cock “get down on all fours you dirty little slut”
“Oh yes I like it when you talk dirty” Sandra replied and she knelt down for Darren.
Sandra opened her legs relay wide and rested the top half of her body on the free sofa.
Darren slowly slid the head of his penis into her wet fuck hole
“Wow, al you girls must be tight” he said
“Oh fuck, shove it in Darren” she moaned as her pussy continued to widen to let the invader inside.
“It’s going all the way to the balls Sandra, all the way to the balls!”
Darren slid his cock in Sandra’s pussy all the way until his balls prevented it from going any further, then he pulled it out to the head and started fucking her, his balls slapping off her clit as he slammed his cock in to the hilt.

“Ahh yes John” Abby moaned out. “That’s the way….stretch my tight pussy with that huge cock of yours.”
“Don’t worry babe I’m going to” John replied as she slid his dick in and out of her.

“Oh wow your hot Keira” Ray said as he continued to slip his penis into Keira’s wet pussy.
“Ahh fuck Ray. Keep fucking me…….don’t stop….don’t stop!” Keira moaned out.

Darren was now lying on the floor with Sandra sitting on top of him, she was facing away from him with her feet on his thighs, her hands on his chest and was sliding up and down on his cock like there was no tomorrow.
“ARGH fuck……fuck yes…..your cock feels so fucking good in my pussy Darren” Sandra moaned as she flung her head back.
“This reminds me of that night when you and Ray swapped……..ohh fuck we have to do this more often.”

“Wow, your wife really does like your friend” Keira said
Ray had now gotten up off of Keira and they both picked a spot on the floor.
“Lie down on your side” ray told Keira.
Keira got on the floor and lay down on her right side. Ray lay down behind her and lifted her left leg straight into the air. He held it there as he slipped his cock into her pussy and back out again, it was now covered in girl cum. He then slipped 2 fingers into her pussy and took them back out then slowly inserted his index finger into her ass hole and wiggled it about a bit.
“Have you not got any lube” Keira asked.
“yes actually, I’ll be right back” ray said and dashed off out the room, no one had noticed he had left he was that fast, he came back into the room with some k.y jelly, scooped some up on his finger and pushed it into Keira’s ass, lubing the inside and outside.
“We’ll try again” he said. He grabbed his still stiff cock and pressed the head against Keira’s ass. She was already relaxed and the head of his penis slowly slid into her extra tight, extra hot asshole.
“Unggg” Keira moaned as Rays cock slowly slid deeper into her ass.
After about 3 minutes of slow pushing, rays cock was now buried deep into Keira’s ass, opening it wider than ever before. He slowly started to slide his cock back out, which was easier than going in.
Eventually after 2-3 slow ins and outs, rays cock was starting to slide in and out of Keira’s ass as easily as it was in her pussy, which her own fingers now occupied.

“Ooh, ahh, John, lets move closer to Ray and Keira, I want to do something” Abby moaned to John as he continued to pump his cock into her.
“What are you thinking of doing you dirty girl”? John asked as they shuffled along the floor, still locked in their sex position.
“Not much John, I just want to do this” Abby said as she removed escort bursa Keira’s fingers from her pussy and sucked the juice off them before burying her head in Keira’s pussy.
It wasn’t long before Keira was ready to cum.
“Oh fuck, Abby I’m going to cum, your making me cum baby, fuck……..urgh” Keira moaned.
“Good girl, come for me baby” Abby replied.
This was the only confirmation Keira needed, she tensed up and squirted al over Abby’s face. Abby made short work of the juice, swallowing most of it.
Keira’s tensing up had gripped her hot tight ass even tighter around Rays cock and he too was ready to blow his load.
“I’m going to cum Keira, where do you want it”? Ray asked as he tried his best to hold it in, his ball felt like they were being crushed and he couldn’t hold in much longer.
“In my ass will do fine baby” Keira said.
Ray relaxed and his seed gushed from his cock deep into Keira’s ass, it was cooler than the inside of her ass and Keira could feel it inside her. Ray slipped his cock out and offered it to Abby, who was still getting fucked by John. She grabbed it and buried it in her mouth, sucking every last bit of cum and ass flavor off it.
“Yummy, your ass tastes so nice” Abby said to Keira.
Keira knelt on all fours; her ass was still gaping open from rays huge cock, his cum was slowly trickling out. Abby quickly licked it up, making sure she pushed some into Keira’s pussy with her tongue. When the stream of cum slowed and Keira’s ass hole had closed, Abby kept a mouth full of rays cum and moved over to Sandra, who was now lying on her back setting pounded by Darren, and spat it out into her mouth, Sandra swilled it around her mouth and complimented Keira on how nice her ass tasted after she swallowed it.

Darren and Sandra had now parted, as had Abby and John.
“Hey Darren, you have to fuck this sexy little slut” Ray said giving Keira a kiss on the cheek from behind.
“Ok” was all Darren said and he came straight over and lay down next to Keira, his still hard cock sticking up like a flag pole.
Keira stood up and positioned her self over Darren, then squatted down and sat on his cock, taking the whole length up her wet cunt.
“Nice and tight isn’t she” Ray said to Darren.
“Fuck yeah” he replied.
Keira was facing away from Darren with her legs open wide and her hands resting on Darren’s chest. Darren instantly began humping away.
“Mmm, I want both you guys at the same time” Keira moaned and wrapped her lips around Rays cock.
Ray grabbed the back of her head and began throat fucking her as Darren pounded his cock into her pussy.

“Sandra I want you to lick Abby’s pussy” John said,
He, Sandra and Abby were sitting on the floor watching Keira get fucked by Ray and Darren.
Sandra looked at Abby to see if it was ok, after all, they had never done anything together, even though they easily could have when the boys were out.
Abby looked back at Sandra and shuffled backwards towards the sofa; she rested her back against the sofa and opened her legs wide to grant Sandra entry.
“Yes sir” Sandra said to John and crawled between her friends legs.
The cent of Abby’s pussy his Sandra’s nose, it smelt very sweet and Sandra wasted no time and locked her lips around Abby’s sweet pussy.
“Sandra I want you to keep sucking Abby’s pussy as I fuck your ass……can you do that for me”? John asked.
“Fuck yes” Sandra said from in between Abby’s legs.
Sandra felt a cold finger push up her ass as John lubed it up, it didn’t take long and John was soon pushing his huge cock into Sandra’s ass.
“Oh John you bad boy” Abby said “you knew how much I wanted this……….suck me real good Sandra, put your tongue all the way in.
John slammed his cock hard into Sandra’s ass. She was soon screaming that she was going to cum.
“Yes girl, cum for me” John moaned as he continued to ride Sandra’s ass.
“Arghhhhhhhh” Sandra screamed as her orgasm shot through her body, her girl cum sprayed out of her pussy and all over the floor, some hit johns balls as they slapped at her pussy. She struggled to stay on her knees as her orgasm continued. Despite her ass being even tighter, John continued to push his cock in and out until her ass loosened off again and her orgasm finished.
“I’m going to cum soon” John said “swap places girls.
John pulled his cock from Sandra’s tight ass hole with a sloppy popping sound. Abby lay on her back on the floor and Sandra kneeled over her face.
John slipped his cock into Abby’s cunt and began pounding away.
Abby licked and sucked on Sandra’s cum covered pussy, her juice was dripping onto Abby’s mouth.
“Oh yes girl you sure know how to lick a pussy” Sandra said.
“Ahh fuck” Abby moaned into Sandra’s pussy “John is making me cum.”
John fucked Abby harder and faster in the hope that she would cum before him, and sure enough, her pussy tightened it’s grip around his cock and filled up with her cunt juice, John pulled his cock out and he stream of cum sprayed out. The view John got sent him over the edge,
“I’m Cuming girls” he said as he stroked his penis.
Sandra and Abby sat up and opened their mouths, waiting for johns cum to squirt out. John stroked his cock faster and his load was ready to shoot, he aimed his cock in the middle of both girls and squirted his jizz all over their faces, getting quite a bit in their mouths.
They took turns sucking johns cock then licked the cum off each others faces.

Keira was now getting fucked off ray again whilst sucking on Darren’s cock. She was on all fours and getting fucked from both ends.
“I’m going to cum soon” Darren announced.
He came sooner than he thought, his cock was still in Keira’s mouth when he blew his load, she tightened her lips around his cock and swallowed every last drop of cum, not wasting a drop.

By now they were all needing a time out, they all lay on the cum covered floor, slightly out of breath.
“Gees, its 2:30 a.m” Darren said. “I wonder where the girls are.”
“Yeah we better end this party and get dressed” Sandra said as she picked up the phone “ill call jade see where she is.

“Jade where are you?”…………………………………………………
“Ok honey, bye”
“Shit guys they’re at the end of the street. Hurry” Sandra shouted out.
They all ran back in the other room, put some clothes on, leaving out the under wear and tried to look casual. Darren poured some beer on all the wet patches on the carpet and sat on the sofa with johns jeans on and rays t-shirt.
“What the fuck” ray said looking at Darren then to the wet patch in the carpet then back to Darren.
“To mask the smell of the cum” Darren whispered
“Do you know how much that carpet cost……….more to the point do you know how much them beers cost?” ray said with a huge grin on his face.

Jade and Judy stopped outside the front door and kissed each other passionately before they went inside. The smell of beer and sex hit them as soon as they walked in. Ray, Darren and John were slumped on a sofa each watching the discovery channel and the 3 women were in the other room sorting out clothes.
“Ohh I’m going to bed” jade said as she walked through the living room.
“Me too, can I crash in your room” Judy said
“Sure” jade replied and they walked off upstairs with out saying another word.

“Do you think they can tell” Darren asked
“No! They don’t know a thing; they’re as drunk as us” John replied.

“Hey jade” Judy whispered as they both sat on the bed “did you smell that, they finally fucked. We have to stay home tomorrow night, I might finally get to fuck your dad and that fit neighbor of yours.”
“Yeah” jade whispered back “I might get to fuck your dad and that fit neighbor.”
“I’m horny just thinking about it, but I’m too tired to masturbate…….good night” Judy said
“Good night my little slut” jade replied.
“Hey you guys might as well crash here tonight” ray told Darren and Abby.
It wasn’t long before they were all asleep and the TV was playing to it’s self.

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