The Army Wife

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Disclaimer: this story does not only contain F/F sex but M/F/F as well.

It was raining, as for any good story starting, and the iron disk weighing on my back made me feel pins and needles in my arms as I pushed just another push-up, just another, just another … the noise of the rain pouring on the old glass roof made it sound like a battle.

I moved my foot slightly to balance better, and to avoid letting the disk fall off my shoulders, lost a second, regained it with a quicker push-up. Done, I felt the disk being lifted off my shoulder and I rolled on my back, starting with sit-ups. A new girl on the other side of the gym was grunting while lifting her barbell and a woman was standing at the door. I watched the timer, one minute left, and increased speed pushing as many sit-ups as possible in the little time left. Sitting up I noticed someone standing at the door, but there were always people there, watching. Pushed another, another, another, time is up! A yell almost covered the buzz of the timer.

I laid with my back against the floor, panting, feeling the pain and tingling fading in my muscles. “Well done,” said the woman who yelled, my co-worker, and another trainer, while turning to put the iron plate back on the rack. “Are you going home before the afternoon class?”

“No, staying,” I said as I rolled on my side and started to get up. There was no way I wanted to go home during the lunch break, had it been left to me I’d have spent the rest of my days at the gym. Shortly after marrying a soldier I was seen doing military based training in the gym and was offered the opportunity to organize classes for military wives and other civilians who lived within the base. I did not waste that chance and took over the job; in just a few months we were running several different classes and a few other trainers had joined the team. Then the need to gain an upper level certification arose and that was all in my mind, together with what I’d have gladly avoided thinking of.

As I stood up I identified the woman at the door as she smiled at me. I knew my shorts were not covering my legs enough and her eyes were enjoying a view of my thighs; I had also lost weight in the last times and there was no hiding of my quadriceps. I walked past her heading to the changing rooms and she followed me.

“Are you up for a steak at my place?” she asked behind my shoulder.

No, I did not mean to, I turned on my heels and stared at her, she was appealing indeed, but …

“It’s high protein, you have no excuses.”

That made me smile, all excuses were good.

“Come on, you haven’t had any fun in the last months,” she said with a smirk. “You can’t train all the time.”

I nodded, not too sure of what I was doing but knowing that was not just a steak, but I nodded. The woman smiled like she had just won the lottery, then she turned on her heels and walked away. I noticed her perfect round butt wiggling under her jeans; I had always had an eye for bits flickering under clothes. I was a good wife but our sex life was spicy and we were more open than the typical couple.

A minute later, under the shower, I thought of hope washing away. No, Lewis wouldn’t be back, but for me it was like being stuck in a limbo. He went missing in Afghanistan several months before, after his squad had been attacked by the Taliban. Some of the bodies had been recovered, a few just disappeared. The Army still had not given me any certain information and he could still have been alive, somewhere. My hand massaged my sore muscles, stopping at the hips, enjoying the feeling of my hip bone against the skin, then slipping down to the well-trimmed raven colored bush. I took the showerhead and directed the water on my nipples, moving it closer and away from my skin it almost resembled some human hand, or tongue maybe.

Then I moved it down, with my legs spread, standing in the shower I directed the spray of water to my crotch, targeting my clit. I opened the water at the max available silivri escort and moved the showerhead around, a hundred thin water jets excited my senses. A finger slipped into the wet opening. I finger fucked myself furiously, as if I hadn’t been touched in a year. I moaned, gladly there wasn’t anyone else in the changing room. I laid against the cold tiles on the wall when my legs started shaking into an orgasm, feeling like fainting, the heat in my cunt exploded and I finally came spreading my juices on my fingers.

The water splashed in the shower washing away the proof of my lone pleasure.

The office was a quiet shelter, off the gym and away from barbells crashing on the floor. It was the perfect place to design workouts and classes. That office had witnessed so many lone working nights preparing events … especially in the small hours following closure, when I would have a cup of tea and tune out, switching my attention away from the gym for a few minutes, to enjoy a sexy letter found in the mail. Promises of things that would take place when Lewis would be back, invented scenarios that became real so many times, so much fantasy flowing. And at his words, tickling my mind as well as my excitement, my fingers would run along my hip bone and down to the moist softness of my inner lips. I would finger fuck my cunt spreading juices all over my underwear and after a body shacking orgasm I’d lick my fingers while wondering what words to use to tell my deployed half what results his letters obtained.

Sometimes I would record a video of my fingers moving frantically on my clit, a cheap present just for him, which would have loved it more than any expensive treat.

I could remember one time when one of his letters promised some different fun, I just did not know how much different. I remember welcoming him at the airport, then just an hour later I was bent over the counter top in our kitchen, grabbing the edges with my fingers, taking his deep blows as he notified me there would be a surprise for the evening.

I did not expect that surprise when I found a brunette at the door. What a perfect body, boobs round like grapefruits, with pointy nipples in the middle, sweet and soft as whipped cream; soon I was fondling her breasts, my fingers dipping in her soft skin. Loud moans lifting from her lips, the girl laying under me and Lewis eating my pussy from behind.

When we switched position she sat on Lewis’s face, which got busy licking her pussy for good and I rode his cock; on top I kissed the young lady hard and passionately. I loved to hear Lewis’s moans, barely getting glimpses of his face covered by her sexy juices.

In a matter of a few minutes she was tied, her wrists fastened to the top of the bed and her legs open spread to reveal a pink moist pussy. My tongue was tracing a line between her pussy lips, exploring every fold of skin to reach the round tip of her clit already begging for relief.

I could feel her body shivering under mine. I moved up to give her a deep kiss, but first stopped to bite her nipples, to get her ready for more pain. She screamed and I saw lust in her eyes. What a great choice that naughty girl was, just perfect for the fantasy we had built during so many months away from each others.

We had never used that strap on, one end was made to fit into my pussy, and it did rather easily on my wetness. The other end poked roughly to her pussy and I pushed it up with my weight. Did she say she wanted to be used? Then that was what we were there for …

The plastic cock spread her open and I moved my hips quickly, hers lifting at every blow. I loved to hear her moans as well feeling the plastic cock thrusting in my pussy. I went faster, seeking my own relief, our juices mixing and spreading on our thighs.

I felt Lewis behind me, his cock poking at my ass, forcefully spreading it to welcome his hot cock. Wet and impaled, I moved back and took the strap on away from the girl. şirinevler escort She looked at me surprised; I smiled lightly and moved the plastic tip on her ass.

She gave me a naughty look as she felt it touching her puckered hole.

It penetrated deep with a suction noise; the girl arched her back and pulled at her restraints, pain or pleasure? I moved together with Lewis, pumping her ass together with his blows in mine.

I closed my eyes. It was continuous pleasure; I was coming over and over, pumping her ass so hard and being spread open in both my holes.

Lewis grabbed my hips and started to fuck my ass furiously, I was moaning wildly and I could feel the girl pulling at her restraints, begging for relief, her eyes closed in blissful pleasure. He came in my ass, spreading semen all over my butt cheeks, the girl and I came together and I fell on her.

What nice memories.

Almost 8 PM, I switched off the laptop and stood up to leave the office and the gym, greeted everyone and went out. It had stopped raining and the air was fresh and humid, feeling cold on my face. I wrapped up in my jacket and headed down the road at the dim light of street lamps glowing in the light fog.

My mind was empty, actually so full I was unable to grasp any particular issue then it felt almost empty. I was going to a date, but I was a married woman. Or I was a widow; That word made me shiver unpleasantly. I was in a limbo between wife and widow, with no prospects to see my husband again in the near future, should I held back or let go …?

I found myself in front of my date’s door before I could find an answer, one I wouldn’t have found even if she had lived miles away.

The door opened at my first knock and I stepped in to a warmer place than the outside fog. Whatever was going to happen that night would be limited to that night only; I had been alone so long I craved relief, and I may have had it that night. I had already had enough heavy stones weighing up in my mind and they did not take me anywhere.

The simple two rooms apartment was tidy and well lighted; there was a big bowl of mixed salad on the table prepared for two. I smiled at how she seemed to have done all that was possible to fit into my strict diet and noticed she caught my smile.

“Wine?” she asked, I nodded and took the glass, grazing on the almonds resting in a bowl on the table.

She turned and started grilling the steak. My eyes rested on her back, now wrapped in a stretchy T-shirt and fresh jeans. I couldn’t have told she was not a civilian if not for the short haircut. Her ass was a magnificent view, round and toned; I felt like slipping my hand under those tight jeans and taking a hold of those perfect globes.

Sipping my wine and entertaining into some small talk I fantasized on putting my hands on those breasts once again, maybe while my mouth worked around her nipples. Her waist seemed to be made just to be grabbed, I remembered. When the fat sizzling on the grill was loud enough I stood up and walked to her, as if I couldn’t be heard, and casually resting against her side I asked if there was anything I could do to help. I knew she loved the contact. The tank top I used to wear while at the gym hid little or nothing of my breasts, so it was for hers. I noticed her eyes following the line of my nipples pointing out and visible under the clothes.

I nibbled at my food; the steak was delicious, rare cooked, with reddish juices flowing in the dish at every cut, and the salad was so refreshing. I played with my food as the conversation went on. Now the wine was getting to my head and I smiled at my host.

On the last bite the decision was taken, my wedding band slipped off my finger and went right in my bag, for a whole night there would be no past.

She had noticed my move, which she followed with interest. “Does it mean I can consider you free to …?” she asked.

“Yes, I want you just another şişli escort time.” I stood up and her arms closed around my waist pulling me against her body and stopping the thoughts flowing in my mind. I felt her soft body against mine, smooth and soft like velvet. I loved her skin, her mouth so hot, licking my lips inside and outside, dipping in my mouth with passion.

My lips slipped down to her neck, her hands grasping to my shoulders. I started playing with her skin, pulling it lightly, licking. My hands explored her back, finally grasping her firm, round butt.

My tank top was pulled over my head quickly, exposing my small breasts. I drew her face on my nipples. Soft and warm, her tongue ran circles on my nipples, targeting the tip, sending thrills of pleasure and anticipation down my spine. A moan escaped my lips, adding to our excitement.

Her hands bustled to grab my pants, pulled down revealing inch after inch of skin. I stepped off them and our eyes clung as I knelt to open the zip of her jeans. I could feel the heat of her skin burning under her pants. With a smile, always looking right into her hungry eyes, I pulled down her pants and sexy black panties.

I knelt to breathe her scent, my nose so close to her crotch. I inhaled her female scent, hugged her hips and dipped my nose in her hairy bush. My tongue wandered in her hair seeking her sweet clit. I grabbed her thighs and lifted her to sit on the kitchen island, she laid down exposing her beautiful body.

I dipped my face in her crotch. Her breasts, her neck, I eagerly kissed every inch of her skin, inhaling her womanly scent, enjoying her soft skin against mine, just as smooth. I buried my tongue in her pussy, he gasped and grabbed my hair. She tasted salty, delicious.

I raised my head to see her thrown back, her eyes closed and droplets of sweat condensing on her skin. I followed one as it sprouted on her chest and falling down her breast and leaving a line of tiny droplets as it fell off, barely touching a nipple.

My tongue swirled around her labia, teeth pulling at her hair, sucking her clit so hard, alternating sucking and licking, blowing my cold breath on her wet skin, I climbed on the kitchen island on all fours.

Straddling her face, feeling her mouth caressing my thighs, blowing hot breath on my skin, her hands crawled behind my hips to grab them and hold my pussy steadily on her mouth.

I moaned loud when her nose probed my well-trimmed bush of dark hair and my hands grabbed her head to drive her where she was most needed. Her tongue circled around my lips, around my clit, tracing wide circles, slowly closing towards the center and opening again, broken only by short, soft licks.

Her clit was red and showing up swollen; she hadn’t come yet, her pussy lips open, wet, of that dark brown color that seemed like chocolate. I dipped my tongue in her pussy one more time, felt her body tremble and sucked her hard, getting closer to my own climax.

Both of us shuddered in pleasure, moaning our bliss loud, holding tight we came on each others, juices spreading everywhere.

We fucked again that night, or maybe we made love. We did it again on the kitchen table, the shower and on the sofa, not to forget, the floor. We swirled our tongues and climaxed technically on every suitable surface.

When I woke up we were on the floor, I felt sore and content, like I couldn’t have another orgasm for weeks. The table looked impressive from the floor and I felt out of place, like a teen that got drunk at friends’. My lover was sleeping curled in a ball; I stepped up, stared at her buttocks. They made a sexy, perfect curve, very inviting.

The blanket we had put on the floor the night before was folded to cover her and I stepped away to get a coffee and maybe find my underwear.

A red light on a chair attracted my attention, a missed call on my cell phone and a message left. Good, that was the gym for sure. I found my clothes before to listen to the message.

“Mrs. Taylor, this is Major White, I apologize for calling so late but you should be informed. We believe we have found your husband alive on the mountains not far from the border. I can assure you we are …”

My eyes rested on the girl I shared so much pleasure with that night; I wore my ring and headed out, she knew where to find me.

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