The Day The World Came Pt. 07

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I received an account from what I assume were an American couple called Alice and Isaac. They were raised on a commune, and contact with the outside world had been severely limited. On O-Day, everything they knew was about to change.


Isaac was the older of the two, he had turned 18 seven months prior to Alice. They had always been friends, but in recent months, since Alice had also turned 18, he had wanted to spend more time with her. Their families were aware of this, and tried to keep them apart. Isaac knew he wanted her to be his wife, he just didn’t know why. He now describes Alice as very beautiful, although he had no understanding of beauty or attraction at the time. Alice found herself bewildered by his attention, but it made her feel happy, so despite the best efforts of the elders, Alice and Isaac found time to be together.

Their stolen moments together were fuelled with frustration, and neither knew why. On one occasion Isaac had reached out to touch Alice’s face. The touch of her skin felt heavenly, yet “The Beast” between his legs stirred, and he fled in terror, horrified that Alice might think ill of him. They each described how any notion of sexuality was suppressed. The traditional idea of “the talk” with parents was discarded, in favour of total ignorance. Alice and Isaac felt the urges, but had absolutely no understanding of their meaning, and had come to associate any sexual arousal with horror. Isaac became obsessed with his penis, and would spend the brief time he spent alone trying to understand the “evil” that would grow between his legs. He loved spending time with Alice, but was aware that The Beast loved her too. Isaac explained that he rarely felt they were alone, as The Beast would always join them.

Alice had no understanding of her sexuality. Her stolen glances at Isaac would make her heart race, and she felt a warmth between her legs the day he touched her face. But any opportunity to discover herself was abruptly halted by the teachings of the commune. Whereas most women would have their eyes opened on a rainy afternoon, humping the corner of an armchair, or through the lure of a shower head, Alice was taught to stop, and concentrate on manual tasks.

On O-Day they had both arisen early to attend to the daily tasks of the commune. By 8am they had been working for three hours, and as planned, an opportunity to spend time together presented itself. Alice, giggling as she scurried into the upper levels of a nearby barn, ataşehir escort had managed to smuggle an apple for the two of them to share, a sub-conscious act of intimacy to which neither was aware. Isaac tried to keep talking as the apple passed between them, but The Beast loved feeling her saliva mix with his own. The giggling had a dual effect on Isaac; he was drawn to her beautiful and charismatic smile, whereas The Beast focused on her lips and the gentle movement beneath her dress.

Alice had noticed his discomfort and was quickly disheartened. She was convinced that their time together was making him ill. He would go quiet, and his eyes would glaze over. Once he had started fidgeting she knew their time together was coming to a close. It hadn’t taken Isaac long to get to the restless stage. On this occasion Alice was cross, whilst his restlessness was not uncommon, they had been apart for several days, and as Isaac began to move, Alice grabbed his arm and demanded he stay.

Her urgency took Isaac by surprise, and The Beast was temporarily subdued. Neither spoke, but Isaac sat back down, and Alice’s grasp slid down his arm before gently rubbing her thumb into the back of his hand. They sat like that for a while, neither knew how long, occasionally they would stare at each other, eyes dilated, hearts racing.

At 08:24 Alice removed her hand. The warmth she had felt the day Isaac touched her face had returned, yet this time it felt stronger. As she moved back a throbbing started and she felt a wetness form between her legs. Isaac noticed her sudden change in breathing and asked if something was wrong. Alice said she felt unwell, and began to leave, yet as she did, her legs gave way and she fell into Isaac’s arms. His touch only heightened the feeling so she scuttled back, her breath catching in her throat. Again Isaac questioned what was wrong, but this time she didn’t reply. Alice’s hands had instinctively moved between her legs, and as Isaac looked on, he felt a surge from The Beast.

Isaac was overpowered by an urge to touch himself. Half terrified of what Alice would make of his penis, he pulled it out and looked up to find her staring at it. Isaac had expected her to scream, but she didn’t, and he had no idea why. He didn’t have long to think about it however, as another pulse shattered through The Beast and he came instantly. He described in his account a euphoric feeling from deep within his chest, as years of suppressed lust poured from his loins, kadıköy escort spraying forth into the morning air.

Alice seemed to be in pain, but the noises she was making made Isaac feel wonderful. With every shot, the pleasure between Isaac’s legs increased. Alice was both scared and elated. She thought she was dying, but she didn’t care. She had found her clitoris, and with every clumsy graze her head span. Isaac was still ejaculating when he caught a glimpse of Alice’s vagina. He describes how he was both deeply concerned that she was deformed, yet also drawn to the small opening. With one last pulse, he launched a final blast that landed on Alice’s thigh. Feeling the warm liquid on her skin, Alice became hysterical and passed out, her hips continuing to spasm as her orgasm died down.

Isaac crawled over and tried to wake her, he says he looked at her for a moment, asleep, cheeks flustered, and it was then he knew what the small opening was for.

When Alice awoke she found Isaac sitting across the loft, looking at her, he seemed terrified. She still felt tingly, and the warmth between her legs remained, but she had never felt so relaxed, all the frustration had gone. She didn’t understand why Isaac seemed so tense. That’s when she noticed the semen on her thigh, she’d never seen anything like it. The consistency, colour, and smell, they were all new to her, they were new to Isaac as well. She asked Isaac what it was, he told her it came from “The Beast.” Alice looked confused, then pointed at Isaac’s penis and he nodded. He explained why he would run off, because of the evil that grew between his legs. Alice told him she didn’t think it was evil, she thought it was beautiful and wanted a closer look. Crawling over, she held his semi-flaccid cock, still covered in semen, and as she examined it, The Beast was awoken.

Initially Isaac pleaded with her to stop, but quickly he was overwhelmed as the feeling of her soft hands on his manhood took over, and his mind was back on her pussy. With all his strength Isaac moved back, and his cock slipped from Alice’s grasp. Quickly he enquired about what he had seen, explaining his surprise that she did not have a penis. Alice too was shocked, she had noticed that most men had a bulge in their pants, but had not expected what lay beneath. Isaac’s breath grew shallow as he asked if he could see her body. Alice made him promise not to run away, then she stood and removed her dress.

Isaac was once again drawn to the strange bostancı escort bayan opening between her legs, but then switched his focus to her chest. He had seen breasts before, but only in their practical use to feed the young. He had never considered them a thing of beauty, yet now he longed to touch them. Alice was slightly worried by his startled response and turned away, unwittingly flashing him her beautiful behind. Once again a new sight befell Isaac, causing him to moan out loud, and for the first time, consciously start touching himself. Alice bent down to comfort him, but as she did so, she displayed her untouched pussy in graphic detail.

What happened next was instinctive. Isaac took hold of Alice and lay her on her back. He cupped her right breast and felt the warm softness in the palm of his hand. Then his other hand reached between her legs and felt the heat from her loins for the first time. When he noticed the wetness he was certain, but Alice had no idea what was happening. Moments later she felt a sharp pain as Isaac entered her. She didn’t have time to do anything as Isaac tore through her virginity and thrust himself deep inside her. Seconds later she felt a warmth flood her insides, and Isaac collapsed on top of her.

As Isaac’s strength returned, he felt the post-coital guilt flood over him. As he pulled out a small amount of blood followed along with his semen. Isaac looked on in terror, before picking her up, and carrying Alice across the commune to the medical hut, both still naked. When they arrived, the commune’s Doctor was himself deep inside a female resident. Alice and Isaac were horrified by her cries, before they realised they were coming from all over the commune. Isaac put Alice down and they wondered back out into the courtyard. All around them people were either having sex, masturbating, or cleaning up after their climaxes.

It wasn’t long after that before residents started to leave. The young left first, several of the women were pregnant. Alice and Isaac are unsure whether Alice became pregnant that day, or over the following week. But with no understanding of sex, let alone birth control, Alice’s stomach eventually began to grow, and they were forced from the commune. As the residents made their way into the nearby towns, word spread, and soon afterwards the local authorities arrived. Alice and Isaac assure me they are now very happy. They have three children, and the skills they learnt on the commune helped them find jobs. Isaac is a skilled craftsman, although he asks that I do not disclose his profession, due to his popularity in the area. Neither are sure how long they would have continued as they did before O-Day, but 10 years later they assure me, they’re still making up for lost time.

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