The Girls Next Door – 9 Spring Break Pt.1

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They looked at each other, smiled and began licking my cum off their faces. They looked at me and ask “How do we look now daddy?” “You look delicious baby girls. Now, it’s time for bed.” “Daddy were we good? Can we sleep with you tonight?” “Ok but you have to sleep real close so I can keep you safe.” They squealed and climbed in to bed with me. CJ spooned against my back and Anna was in front. Anna lifted one leg grabbed my shaft and laid it in her crotch. She lowered her leg clamping me there and said “I’ll keep that safe for you, daddy.” I laid there listening to them breath for a few minute before I fell asleep. My last thought was ‘I have to make sure this family stays together,

The Girls Next Door – 9
Spring Break Pt.1

When my alarm went off I rose up and looked around. On one side of me was CJ, an 18 year old brunette lying on her side, facing me with the covers kicked off. Her hair was in pigtails and she was clutching a doll between her 36C breasts. On the other side was Anna, another pigtailed brunette, 15years old, laying on her back, her 34D breasts pointing towards the ceiling? I leaned over and took one of Anna’s nipples in my mouth. As I sucked on it she moaned and started to stir. I put a hand over her mouth and she opened her eyes. I put a finger to my lips to tell her to be quiet. I pulled her to a sitting position and turned to CJ. I drew back and put a ringing swat on her ass and jumped back.

She was instantly awake yelling “What the fuck?”

“Is that any way to talk to daddy?”

“Daddy my ass, that hurt. You left a hand print.”

“You want daddy to kiss it and make it better?”

She smiled and said “Daddy’s going to have to do a lot more than kiss it.”

I slid off the other side of the bed, grabbed a laughing Anna by the hand and said “Meet us in the showers if you want me to make it better.” Anna and I were soaping each other under the rain head when CJ finally joined us.

She hit me on the shoulder and said with a pout “Daddy you left a hand print on my tender butt. Please put your thingy in it and make it better.”

“Are you sure, baby girl?”

“Oh yes, no more daddy talk. Do me now.” I moved her to the back of the shower and had her bend over and put her hands on the tile bench. I grabbed the closest lube I could find, a bottle of conditioner, and squirted a big dollop in my hand. I rubbed a good portion on my shaft and then rubbed the rest in CJ’s crack over her puckered asshole.

I put my thumb to her crinkled pucker and pushed it in. she jerked and said “OH”. I moved it in and out a few times and asked if she was ready. She moaned loudly and said “Put your daddy dick in my ass and fuck me.” I pulled out my thumb and lined up the tip of my shaft with her asshole. I pushed and the head popped in. I kept pushing until I felt my balls hit her pussy. I held it deep inside her while she was taking deep breaths and groaning. I reached under her and grabbed her breasts. I started stroking her ass as hard and fast as I could while I squeezed her breasts trying to make her scream. After several minutes passed I felt her starting to tremble and my cum was boiling up from my balls.

She screamed “OH MY GOD I’M CUMMING.” I pushed my dick deep in her bowels and unloaded what seemed to be a gallon of cum. She was yelling “That’s it fill my ass with you seed. Fuck your baby girl’s ass hard.” Before I started to go soft I rammed into her ass again and again as it milked the cum from my dick. I pulled her upright and stood there hugging her to me as ass was trying to push me out. When my dick came out with a pop I turned her around and kissed her. I asked if the hand print on her ass check still hurt and she replied in a voice barely above a whimper “What hand print daddy?”

We finished showering and dried off. I had to get ready for work. I kissed Anna and CJ and told them I’d see them this evening.

Anna said “You know you can’t sneak out that easy.”

“You can’t blame a guy for trying.”

She frowned and said “We do it because we love you. Let’s go.” That said I walked out of the house to get on my motorcycle with a naked teen on each arm. Once I was on the bike, and before I put my helmet, on each of them hugged me, kissed me and pulled me down to kiss their breasts.

Then they said “Be careful and ride safe. You have a lot to come home to.” This was something they had been doing since the first day they had stayed with me.

Like every morning the last thing I saw as I left was naked teens waving bye to me. The day at work sped by, especially since I seemed to spend most of it thinking about a week on a house boat with four young women. I made sure everyone knew I would be gone and probably would not have phone service. The guys that worked for me just smiled. One of them said “Even if you do you probably will be too occupied to answer.”

I left a little early and when I pulled into the carport Anna came out naked to meet me. The big advantage to living at the end of a rural road and your nearest neighbor being over 300 yards away was clothes became unnecessary. She grabbed my hand and said “Come on, we have to get showered and ready for our family dinner.”

I had told her the night before that I wanted everyone but her to be ready to go to dinner when I got home. I wanted her naked so she could join me in the shower by fore we got ready. As we went thru the house I asked where the rest of the girls we and she said “Your early, they’re still getting dressed. They want to look their best for our man.”

We got to the bedroom and as I pulled my shirt off she pushed me so I was sitting on the bed. She was on her knees taking off my boots and socks off. When she was done she told me to stand up. She unfastened my pants and pulled them down. I don’t wear underwear so she was now looking at my rapidly rising 8” dick. She took it in her hand and gave it a few strokes to make it fully hard. She ran her tongue around the dead and planted kisses up and down the length of my shaft. She put her lips around the head and swirled her tongue around it. Suddenly she moved her tongue under it and pushed down until my dick was fully lodged down her throat. I could feel her throat muscles squeezing the head as it tried to pull me deeper. She pulled my shaft from her mouth, smacked her lips and smiled up at me.

I said “we’re supposed to be getting ready to go out for dinner.”

“I need a snack to hold me until then.”

She pushed my dick down her throat again and held it as she massaged my balls. She pulled her head back until there was only about 3” still in her mouth and used her other hand to rapidly stroke the rest of my shaft. She was sucking on me lick a soda straw and probing my piss hole with her tongue. Every dozen or so strokes with her hand she would again plunge the entire shaft down her throat and hold it for a moment. She knew what it took to bring me to orgasm rapidly. When I told her I was ready to cum she plunged my dick down her throat and held it therewith her hands on my but as I unloaded my seed down her throat. She held it deep until my dick stopped twitching.

She pulled my shaft from her mouth and said “Can you tell I’ve been practicing holding my breath?”

“Yes I can lover. That’s absolutely the best blow job I have ever had.” She smiled and the stood up and w shared a long kiss.

Then she started pulling me towards the shower saying “We need to get ready for tonight.” For the first time we actually showered together with only a little touching a grabbing. We got out and I dried her off. As I went to grab her for a hug, she slipped away saying I have to get dressed, see you in a little while.

I put on slacks, a sports shirt and jacket and went to the living room. I could hear giggling from the other bedrooms as I sat down on the couch. I turned the TV on to catch some news and realized that this was the first time in weeks I was sitting in the house alone. About twenty minutes later my four young women walked into the living room. They were wearing flower print dresses that stopped just above the knee. With their hair and makeup done they looked like they had just stepped out of one of those Glamour Shots places you see in the malls.

Amanda said “Would mother approve?”

“Or daddy quipped CJ.”

“Daddy likes. There’s no doubt about it. Are we ready for dinner? Do you have any requests?”

“Italian.” “By the time we got in the truck they had all decided that since we were doing a ‘family dinner”, they wanted to go to the Olive Garden.

When we got to the restaurant as is usually the case I had to park my truck almost in the boondocks but walking to the entrance with Amanda on my right arm with Alissa, Anna and CJ walking together just looked and felt right. I thought we looked like a family. We had to wait about 20 minutes for a table and standing there with these four women we drew some appreciative looks. Not the jealous looks like when I had taken Amanda to dinner, but smiles that said ‘A nice looking family’. They called our name and seated us at a large round table in the main room. I was sitting with Amanda on my right and Anna on my left.

We ate and talked about next week’s boat trip, what we needed to get and all the things they wanted to do while we were gone. When we had finished our food and were just relaxing I said to them “You know I love you all and I want us to be together forever. I hope you know that anything and everything I want for one of you, I want for all of you. Unfortunately some things can only be done to one of you.” They were all nodding their heads in agreement when I reached into my pocket, pulled out a small and turned to Amanda. As I slid out of my chair to one knee the table was dead silent.

I took Amanda’s shaking hand and said “Amanda Moore I know it has only been a month but I believe in love at first sight. Would you make me and our family complete by becoming my wife?” she had the most surprised look on her face and was having trouble getting words out.

Anna, Alissa and CJ were telling her “Say yes, say yes.”

I notice several flashes go of before Amanda finally regained speak and said “Yes, yes oh god yes” sounding like she was having an orgasm. I stood up and hugged her as the other girls came around the table to join us. People around us were clapping so we turned toward them and gave a little wave before we all sat back down. Amanda was trying to stop her hand from shaking as she showed her ring to the girls and they were laughing and trying to calm her down.

We decided it was time to go and as we walked out everyone was wishing us well or saying congratulations. When we got outside I turned to the other girls and said “I wish I could have proposed to all of you but society doesn’t allow it.”

They all hugged us again and Alissa said “This is best for the family.” We got to the truck and Amanda had to have some more hugs and kisses before she let go of me and got in.

Anna said “Really? Your guys need to get a room.” We all laughed and then I got in and pulled out of the lot.

I asked “How about some late evening family fun?” All of the girls said it sounded good.

As I drove, CJ said “Isn’t this the way we went after our last night out.” I didn’t say anything and a few miles later she said “Damn, do we get another night on the golf course?” I just kept silent and drove. By the time I pulled off the road where we had parked our last night out, the girls were giddy and anxious to get out. There was a full moon and the sky was clear. Leaving our shoes behind, We gathered the blankets, pillows radio and ice chest from the back of the truck it took off to our spot on the fairway. As soon as we spread the blankets and dropped the pillows someone turned on the radio and slow music was playing. I sat down in the middle of the blanket and watched as four beautiful young women swayed and danced to the music. Soon they were unzipping their dresses and letting them fall to the ground. None of them were wearing panties and their bras quickly joined their dresses on the ground.

When all four were nude they came to me and sat next to me with Amanda on my lap. Alissa opened the ice chest and withdrew a bottle of champagne and glasses. When the glasses were filled Alissa said “Congratulations to the future couple.”

I raised a glass and said “To our future family.”

Anna said “Hey, how come he has clothes on and we don’t.” Next thing I knew I was covered in naked women pulling my clothes off. I was now on my back naked with my four women holding me down.

When I asked what was going on Amanda said “Well you said everything you want for one of us you want for all of us. What we want to know, is there really enough of you to go around.” “And just how are you going to do that?” “We thought we would hold you down and take turns with you until you beg for mercy.”

“Yeah, right.”

“We’ll see, big boy.”

Amanda leaned down and kissed me. At the same time I felt another set of lips on the head of my dick. Amanda rose up and I caught a glimpse of Alissa kissing the head of my dick just before another set of lips were placed on my mouth. CJ was on her knees and lowered her pussy to my mouth. So many sensations at one time. I felt my dick engulfed in Alissa throat while CJ was rubbing her slit on my mouth and tongue. As I was adjusting to that I felt my balls pulled into a warm, wet mouth. This lasted for several minutes until Alissa mouth was replaced by a wet, tight pussy. CJ lifted off my mouth and Anna brought her mouth to mine and kisses me with a heated passion, pushing her tongue into my mouth, moving it around and tasting CJ’s juices. My balls were spit out of their warm mouth glove and taken in hand, literally. The pussy on my dick was raising up until only the tip was in them driving all the way down. I could feel the tip touching the deepest part of her vagina. Anna broke our kiss and another set of pussy lips took her place. While they were swapping I saw that it was Alissa sitting on my dick and Amanda was now sitting on my face.

They were using me as their very own fuck toy. They kept changing positions or stopping their stroking just as I was about to cum. Once whoever was sucking on my dick felt me tense and grabbed the base to tight I yelled into the pussy that was riding my face and all thought of cumming went away. When Amanda rose from my face Anna took her place facing my feet. My arms we now free. As Anna lowered her slit to my mouth I used my fingers to spread her lips so I could push my tongue into her hole. I held her, stopping her from sliding up and down across my mouth and fucked her with my tongue. I felt Alissa rise off my dick and she was replaced with another mouth. This time it took several tries before it was able to take me all the way down. The throat was contracting around my shaft and without warning I shot five blasts of cum down it. The mouth came off my dick and I heard CJ say “Uumm that was good. Let’s see how many more we can get.” Then she swallowed me again and resumed stroking my shaft in her throat.

They continued swapping positions and trying to wear me out. After I came three more times in 45 minutes I finally had to say enough. My jaws hurt, my face was covered in their girl cum and more importantly my dick was sore from an hour straight of being sucked and fucked. I needed a break. They let me sit up and gave me a glass of champagne. It seems they had been taking little rests and sipping the champagne to keep their libido up. As I drank they moved in close to me and were pressing their naked bodies against mine. Amanda hugged me and said to the others “It took the four of us over an hour to wear him down. I think we should marry him.” Then she looked in my eyes and said “Are you ready to satisfy four wives till death do us part?”

“Yes. Are the four of you prepared to love, honor and OBEY till death do us part?”

After a moment’s hesitation they looked at each other, nodded, and said yes.”

I raised my glass and said “To my wives.”

They whispered to each other for a minute then one at time raised a glass and said “I promise to love, honor and obey.” When all four had raised a glass and made the promise they all raised their glass and said “To our husband.” They emptied their glasses and once again I was pressed down by four naked women. This time it was for kissing me and each other and just being happy. Soon I was lying on my back looking at the stars with two women on each side. They were also on their backs resting their heads on my chest and stomach. Not much was being said as we just laid there enjoying being together. I realized it was getting real late.

“Dearly beloved, we need to head home. Three of you have school in the morning and I have to go to work. They were grumbling but soon everything was packed, all the clothes were picked up and we were walking naked back to the truck.

Alissa, do you know the way home?”


“You drive,” and I handed her the keys. I wanted to ride in the back seat with Amanda. She sat in the middle until I got in. I had her sit on my lap facing me and we moved away from the door to have room. I could feel her wet slit against my hard shaft. I put my hands on her hips and helped her rise up enough that she could reach between us and put the head at her hole. I eased her down until she was all the way in my lap.

“UUUmmmm, I thought I would have to wait until tomorrow. I got my mouth filled but my pussy was left out.”

“Then I guess this is your first official fiancée fuck, congratulations. This should also help getting Anna and Alissa permission to go.” She rode me all the way home. Just before we got to our driveway Amanda and I climaxed together. Alissa parked the truck but Amanda sat here for a while as the other three went in. Neither of us had the strength to get out for a while. When we did go in the house was dark except for a light one of the women had turned on for us. It only took a few minutes for us to get in bed cover-up with me spooned to Amanda’s back and fall asleep. What a day.

The next day was Tuesday. CJ an Anna’s parent would be home early and I probably would not see them until we left Friday. I got home about an hour early and Amanda’s car was gone. I found the front door unlocked and walked in. Alissa was sitting on the couch with her back to me. As I walked towards her, I asked where Amanda was. She turned to me and I could now see she was crying. I sat down next to her she put her arms around me with her head on my shoulder.

“She went to mom’s house.”

“Why, what happened?”

“When I got home from school today mom was yelling at me saying she knew you and I were having sex. I tried to say no, I was late because you proposed to Amanda, but she kept yelling. She said I could not come over here anymore. I told her I was 18 and she couldn’t tell me where I could go. She said as long as I lived in her house I would follow her rules and if I came over here again she would cut me off from my trust fund until I was 25. She also said I couldn’t take the car she gave me when I turned 18. She says tuzla escort it’s in her name so she can do what she wants with it. I called one of my friends to bring me here. When I went out the door she was yelling at me not to come back. When I told sis she told me to sit here and wait for you. She was so mad when she left here I’m afraid something is going to happen.”

I tried to call Amanda but her phone went right to voicemail. I sat there trying to calm Alissa while my nerves were on edge. About half an hour later, Amanda came home looking like she wanted to throttle someone. She came over and sat on the other side of Alissa. When I asked what happened, it took a minute before she answered.

First she handed Alissa her car keys. “I was so mad I had to sit in my car and calm down when I got there. When I knocked she opened the door she yelled at me saying it was all my fault. I finally told here to shut the hell up. That stunned her into silence long enough for me to show her my ring and tell her you had proposed just like Alissa had tried to tell her. Then I told her she had two choices give Alissa her car, let her live with me and leave her trust fund alone or I would use my money to file a long nasty lawsuit against her and embarrass her with her country club friends. I gave her five minutes to make up her mind. She thru the keys at me and said we could get Alissa’s stuff tomorrow.”

“Do you want me to take the day off and help?”

“No that would probably be like throwing gas on a fire. Can we use the truck?

“Of course.” We sat on the couch with Alissa until she had calmed down and then we went out emptied the back of the truck and took off the tonneau cover so they would have more room. None of us Felt like cooking so we piled into Amanda’s red bug and went to find something to eat in Bastrop. We stopped at a little Mexican café and talked about what had happened while we ate. When I told Alissa that at least she would now have a happy home and a loving family she smiled.

“Maybe it will be for the best.”

Amanda did say she talked with Anna and CJ’s parents earlier. They were really happy for us and wanted us to come over for dinner on Wednesday at 7pm and talk about it.

“What did you tell them?”

“I told them it was no problem we’d be delighted.”

When we finished eating and got home it was after 9pm and I said I was just going to call it a night. Alissa turned and hugged me.

“Can I sleep with you tonight? I just need to be held.”

“Of course you can.”

Amanda said “I’ll sleep in her room.”

“No I want both of you to hold me. I want my real family around me.”

We took off our clothes and crawled into bed with Alissa in the middle. I was on her right with my head on her shoulder, my leg over hers and an arm across her chest, Amanda was on the other side laying the same way facing me. We kissed her cheeks and then fell asleep.

I woke up in the morning on my back with Alissa lying across me and Amanda snuggled up to her back. I tried to slip out from under Alissa but she grabbed me and held on.

“Hold me a little longer.” We just laid there for a while. I could feel her heartbeat where her breasts were pressed against me.

“Are you ready to join me in the shower so we can get out of here on time?”


“Would you like for me to drop you off at school today?”

“Could you? That would be great.

We managed to get out of bed without waking Amanda and got in the shower. We stood there cleaning each other and just hugging as we enjoyed the feel of each other. We got out and dried off. She gave me a quick kiss and went to get dressed. I put on a clean uniform and my boots and went out to the living room to wait for her. While I was waiting Amanda came out of the bedroom and sat in my lap. Still half asleep she asked how we got out of bed without her.

“We shook you and you didn’t wake up. Some of us have places to be this morning. I’m going to drop Alissa at school. You can pick her up this afternoon and start moving her stuff. The truck keys are on the board behind the door. Call me if you have any problems.”

“You know I will.”

Alissa came out wearing hip hugger jeans, a white tank top with a blue lace bra and 3” heels.

“Wow, who are you trying to impress?”

“My husband, did it work?”

“Oh hell yes, but what about school?” We have about two months left, and I intend to make sure they know what they missed. No one gets to touch this but you and our family.”

She pulled her blonde hair into a pony tail and put on the helmet. She slipped into the leather jacket. Amanda got up and walked us out. We got on the bike and Amanda kissed me. She had me kiss both breasts instead of just one. I asked why and she told me I had extra special cargo today. Be twice as careful.

I pulled up in front of Alissa’s school to drop her off. I took the helmet and put it in one of the saddle bags but she wanted to keep the jacket.

When I asked why she said “With it unzipped it makes me look cool. Beside it smells like you.” She kept the jacket. When I pulled out I saw her with two girls that looked like Lorraine and Kathy from the pool party and all three were waving.

I didn’t get home until 6 and had to be next door at 7 for dinner. I hurried in the house and headed for the shower to get ready. I had just got wet when I heard “What do you think your doing?”

I turned around and there were Amanda and Alissa. “You know we don’t let you in the shower alone.

“But your dressed.” With that they stood there and stripped.

“Is this what you want to see?”

“Come on in the waters warm. You know we need to hurry.”

“Then put your arms up, be quiet and let us bathe you.”

I stood there until they had scrubbed me from top to bottom and then rinsed me off. We got out and they insisted on toweling me dry.

“You remember I used to do this myself.”

“That was before us. Now it is our pleasure. If you didn’t have dinner at 7 this shower would have lasted a lot longer. As it is you will probably need another one later.” There were those wicked grins again.

We finally got dressed and were ready to go next door. Next door here is over 300 yards so we were going to drive rather than sweat. I asked Amanda if she was driving and Alissa tossed me some keys and said I could drive hers. It was a Ford key and the fob said Mustang. How had I missed another car in the carport? We went outside and I found out that the car her mother had bought her a Mustang GT convertible. These women continued to surprise me. We drove next door. Ricardo and Mara were waiting at the front door for us. After some oohing and aahing, over Amanda’s ring from Mara and a couple of knowing looks from Ricardo we all sat down for dinner. There was a lot of chit chat. Anna, CJ and Alissa had to tell us all about what was happening at school. When everyone had finished Ricardo suggested the three girls go watch movies or something and let the adults talk. As they passed behind Ricardo and Mara, they all winked at Amanda and me and blew kisses.

Once they were out of hearing range, Ricardo started talking. “We had told Amanda that this was about spring break but we talked about it and decided they can go. We haven’t told them yet and they have been pestering us constantly. We really want to talk about something a lot more important. The business I have been trying to get going in McAllen is really taking off. Mara and I can’t take care of it just going down on weekends. We’re thinking of moving down there but we have a problem. CJ wants to stay up here and go to UT. She’s got the grades but opening this business has used a lot of our savings so we don’t know how we are going to take care of her housing. The other problem is Anna. She basically threw a fit when we told them yesterday about the move. She says she’ in school with all the kids she grew up with and she doesn’t know anyone down there. She keeps saying it’s not fair to make her start over with just 2 years left until she graduates.

I said “What can we do to help?”

“We talked with a realtor today about selling the place. We paid off the mortgage three years ago. But he says in this soft market we could sell but we would only get about half of what we want. He said with it paid for we should just wait a while until the market goes back up. We don’t want the hassle of renting and we don’t want to leave it empty, so Mara had an idea we wanted to run by you and Amanda.”

Mara explained, “We can have CJ and Anna live in the house while they go to school and not have to pay rent anywhere. We know this is a lot to ask, but with Anna only turning 16 next month, even though she has always been responsible and stayed out of trouble, we wanted to see if we could make some arraignment with you to keep an eye on them. Let me say one thing first. When I first talked with Ricardo about this we were a little concerned about Amanda and Alissa spending so much time with you until Amanda told us yesterday about you on bended knee at dinner.”

Was I stunned? I was being asked by their parents to watch two young women I adored.

“When are you thinking of moving?”

“If we can work this out, we want to have a truck here next week while the girls are with you on Lake Meade. The house will be a little empty but all of their things will stay and we were going to by some inexpensive replacement stuff for them.”

“Would it be alright if Amanda and I stepped out on the porch and discussed this for a minute?”

“Yes please do.”

We stepped out on their back porch and move where we were out of site from the doors and windows. I pulled Amanda to me and kissed her hard. I stepped back. “Are we up for this? I want more than anything to have us together but can we make this work and none of us get in trouble.”

Amanda said “If we keep to the rules you set we will be ok. We just have to remember to be very careful.”

We went back inside and sat down. “We think we can do this but we need a list of what you want us to do and things we need to contact you about. We don’t want to overstep your authority.”

“We will put one together and we can go over it tomorrow evening.”

Amanda said “I’ll cook dinner tomorrow night. I’ve wanted to show off my June Cleaver side.” When do you plan to tell the girls?”

“We were hoping to tell them tonight why?”

“Since Anna has been giving you a hard time why don’t we give it back? Tell her we said no and they have to help move next week.”

Mara said “That is so evil. You will make a fine mother some day.” When we quit laughing Ricardo went and got the girls. When they sat down he started explaining.

“We have been talking about our move down south. We were talking with Bill and Amanda about keeping an eye on you two if we let you stay in the house and go to school.”

Anna and CJ had the biggest smiles I had ever seen. Then came the bomb.

“They talked about it and think it’s too much responsibility for them right now.”

You could hear their chins drop. Anna was upset to say the least.

“You mean you’re going to make us move down there where we don’t know anyone.” Then she realized we were smiling.

Amanda said “Gotcha.”

Anna said you guys are so mean. Alissa did you know about this?”

“Not a clue. I was with you guys remember.”

CJ and Anna got over the shock and were hugging their parents and saying ‘thank you thank you thank you’. Then they came around the table, hugged me and Amanda saying we will stay out of trouble so you will all be proud of us.” Mara spoke up again.

“One more thing, if you are going to leave with Bill, Amanda and Alissa Friday after school you better get packing.”

Pandemonium, three girls squealing and jumping up and down, Amanda asked if Anna and CJ could come over for a little bit tonight so she could tell them what they needed to pack. Mara nodded yes and the three girls took off towards our house to wait for Amanda and me. We talked for another 15-20 minutes with Ricardo and Mara then headed home.

When we got home and walked in the door Anna and CJ each grabbed one of my arms and dragged me to the couch. They pushed me back and sat on each side. They were covering me with kisses and saying they loved me and were going to make their husband happy every day. They worked together to undo my shirt, pants, shoes and pull them off. They went at the same speed, kissing my neck then moving down to my nipples. I felt two hands take hold of my shaft. As they kissed down across my stomach they stroked my shaft slowly. They got on their knees on the floor for better access. When they reached my shaft, first they licked from the base to the head and both used their tongues to battle over the pre-cum that was leaking from the tip. As they did that they took turns rubbing my balls and sack. I watched as Anna’s lips slipped over the head of my dick while CJ stroked the base.

The next thing I knew Amanda and Alissa were kneeling on the couch on either side of me. They had removed their clothes and now were offering their breast to my mouth and hands. The problem I had was 4 breast and only 1 mouth and 2 hands. With Anna sucking my dick and Alissa now licking my balls I didn’t have time to think about it. Every 20 or so strokes of my dick down a warm tight throat I would feel my dick come out and be swallowed by the other throat. They were both tight and could take my dick all the way down but the contractions when they swallowed. With hands full of breasts, a nipple in my mouth and two girls sucking my dick and balls I was in heaven and damn closed to blasting someone’s throat. I stopped sucking on a nipple long enough to say “I’m gonna cum any second.” My dick came out of the mouth that had swallowed it ant two hands started stroking it tight and fast. My cum spewed out and I felt the hot liquid land on my stomach and chest.

Amanda and Alissa pulled away and I watched as my four, now, wives licked my cum off of me. Anna and CJ were licking their hands and the cum that had dribbled down my shaft as Amanda and Alissa licked up the gobs on my stomach and chest. When they were done they stood and pulled me to my wobbly legs.

We had a group hug and then Anna and CJ hugged me and said “Thank you for this evening. We will be thanking you for a while for keeping us here with you.”

“Right now you need to get your list from Amanda brush your teeth and go home before someone comes looking for you. We only have two more days to wait.” When Anna and CJ were gone Amanda, Alissa I I decided to call it a night. Tomorrow would be another long day.

Amanda asked “Can we just cuddle and sleep tonight?”

“Whatever you desire.” five minutes later I was sound asleep with Amanda and Alissa snuggled up on each side.

Thursday I got home about 5pm and found all four women bustling around in the kitchen.

“Something sure smells good in here. You ladies must be going all out.”

Amanda said “I fixed a pot roast and mashed potatoes. Alissa is working on asparagus with a hollandaise sauce. CJ made a green bean casserole and Anna is working on dessert, an apple pie. The table is set. Everything is ready but you. You need to get showered and dressed.” Sometimes I wondered who was in charge around here. It sure didn’t seem to be me some days. I shrugged and headed to the bedroom. I stripped and headed for the shower. Just as I stepped in I heard Amanda behind me. “Haven’t you learned yet that we want to take care of your needs including this?” She moved to me and I took her in my arms.

“I know I have neglected you lately, what can I do to make it up to you?”

“Well we have at least a half hour, let’s find out.” She stepped back turned off the water and grabbed a towel. Meet me on the bed.” I towel dry in record time and found Amanda lying across the bed. I got on the bed facing the opposite way and began kissing her lips then moving down to lick and suck on her nipples. She did not want to waste time as she pulled me further down her body. She grabbed my shaft in one hand as I put my mouth on her slit. As I spread her lips and licked deep in her slit she put my dick in her mouth and sucked on it greedily.

I was sucking on her clit as she drew my shaft completely into her throat. I pushed two fingers into her tunnel and she tried to moan around my dick but it came out more as a growl. A minute later she pulled me out of her mouth.

“I need you in me now. Fuck me please.” I got up and turned around. First kissing her so she could taste her sweet juices on my lips. I rolled her on to her right side with her right leg out straight. I picked up her left leg and holding it straight up plunged my dick into her hot velvety tunnel. She was wet and slick but sooo tight. I was in deeper in this position than any time before.

“Oh dearest this is what I have been missing. I wish we could do this every day 3 or 4 times a day. But I will share as long as I get what’s mine.” I made long, full thrusts and she was grunting each time I hit bottom. My balls were rubbing on her leg as I stroked in and out I was feeling the first bits of pressure that let me know I was about to cum.

“Are you ready to cum with me?”

“Yes, yes. Fuck me harder so I can cum now.” I pushed each stroke as hard as I could, pounding her hole with my dick. Then I let go.

Cum now, Cum with me. Her pussy milked my dick as I shot loads of my seed deep into her. She shook all over.

“MMMMM, that’s it fill me lover.” When I stopped pumping into her and her tunnel was no longer pulsing on my shaft I pulled out. I lay down with my arms around her and held her close. We must have dozed off. I opened my eyes to CJ shaking us.

“Mom called. They will be here in 15 minutes. You guys need to get a shower. You smell like sex, good, but like sex.” Amanda and I got up and made a laughing dash thru the shower. We got dressed and came out of the bedroom as the door bell rang. Dinner went well. No surprises like last night. Ricardo and Mara gave us documents that would let us take care of school issues and let us get medical care for the girls and a paper with a short list of things we needed to call them for decision about. We talked about leaving tomorrow as soon as the girls got out of school for our spring break trip. Ricardo and Mara said they would be back up here the weekend after we got back from the trip to check on everything. We said good night and they took the girls home about 9:30.

We went over all our lists and made sure we had everything so we would be ready to load the truck as soon I got home tomorrow. At 11 we decided to call it a night. The next day was Friday, the start of our great spring break adventure.

I got home at noon. Amanda and I had the truck packed by 2pm. Now we just had to wait for the girls to get home. Alissa drove in about 3:45 and out jumped three hyper girls yelling ‘We’re free’. After some quick hugs Anna and CJ ran home to change for the trip and get their suit cases. When they came back we threw their bags in the truck and set off on our 21 hour drive to Lake Mead.

Some where tuzla escort bayan the other side of San Antonio I heard ‘I dare you. I dared you first’. The next thing I knew tops, bottoms, bras and panties were flying into the front seat.

“Hey what’s going on back there?”

Anna said “Alissa dared us to strip and stay naked for the trip. So we did.”

“How are you going to eat? What if you need to go to the bathroom?”

“I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.” We got to the first test about 100 miles later.

“There is a rest stop 2 miles ahead. Anyone need to stop? The next one is 200 miles unless you want to use a bathroom in a gas station.”

CJ said “I need to go.” I pulled in and parked as close as I could to the ladies restrooms. There was only one other car there.

“Who need their clothes.” No answered so I said I needed to stretch and got out. Amanda joined me and we headed towards the restrooms. Suddenly there were 3 naked women laughing and running past us. When I came back out Amanda was waiting for me and laughing hysterically.

“What did you do? They ran back out and can’t get back in the truck.” I looked toward the truck and there they were, naked trying to hide from the headlights of a truck pulling in. As the driver hit his air horn I pushed the button on my remote to unlock the doors. Amanda and I stood there laughing as three bare butts disappeared into the back seat. Amanda said she would drive for a while and when we got in the truck the girls decided to call a tie in the dare and got dressed. Four of us drove and we only stopped at for food and gas until we hit Boulder City, AZ and stopped for groceries for the boat.

We arrived at the rental dock about 7pm on Saturday evening. I had signed up for early boarding so we could spend Saturday night on the boat instead of a motel. It was free so why not. I went to the office to check in and the guy at the counter said everyone had to sign the log. I stepped out and waved at my women to come in. they stepped in wearing short shorts and bikini tops.

He asked if this was everyone and I said “Yep, this is my fiancée Amanda, her sister Alissa and my two girls Anna and CJ.” Amanda was hugging my arm and beaming while Anna and CJ stood there with big smiles on their face. After we signed in he took us down to the dock and showed us which boat was ours. He made sure everything was running on shore power and told us not to start the engines until we got our briefing in the morning. He took us back up the dock and showed us where we could get carts to bring our stuff to the boat. He told us to enjoy the evening then went back to the office.

We took a couple of carts and hauled our stuff down to the dock and loaded the boat. I took the truck to the parking lot and by the time I got back they had everything stowed away and were sipping wine at the dining table. Amanda stood up and hugged me.

“Fiancé huh? I’ll thank you when we get out on the lake.”

CJ looked up and said “us to Daddy.”

Anna looked at me and said “How long do we have to wear clothes?” “Until we leave the marina.” “Fine,” and she walked off to one of the bedrooms. When she came back out she was wearing a white mesh baby doll with a matching bikini bottom that left nothing to the imagination. “Well its clothes and its bedtime.” She pouted. She sat down in my lap and was wiggling her butt on my rapidly rising shaft as she said “Aren’t you uncomfortable with all those clothes on? Come to bed and let me make you comfortable.”

“Do you think you can do it all by your little self?”

“Well big boy there’s only one way to find out.” I reminded everyone we had to be up by seven because we had our orientation at eight. Then I let Anna lead me to bed. Just before stepped in to the bedroom Anna turned back to the others.

“No matter what you think you hear stay out!”

I was curious what she meant as I lay down in the middle of the bed I watched her slowly remove the baby doll and slide the bottom down and step out of it. She licked her lips as she ran her hands on her breasts, across her taut stomach and around her mound. She climbed onto the bed, crawling towards me like a panther staking its prey. There was raw lust in her eyes.

“I love you but you have not fucked me in over a week. Tonight that ends. You’re going to fuck me until my holes are full and sore. Tonight I want you to prove you want me as much as I want you. Don’t be gentle. Fuck me hard like a woman in lust.” She crushed her lips against mine and forced her tongue in my mouth. I pushed her tongue out and pushed her off me.

“You want to be fucked hard like a woman? Well you should be careful what you demand.” I pulled her to her knees. With one hand I pushed her head and chest down to the mattress, with the other I slid my steel hard shaft thru her slit and put it at her hole. Without warning I shoved all 8” into her. I pushed into her three more times and pulled out. “Is that what you want? Do you love it.”

“Oh got yes, give me more.”

Well you’ll really love this then.” I put the tip of my dick at her asshole.

“NO, I’m not ready” she yelled. I pushed her down to the mattress harder and forced my dick into her ass until my balls slapped her pussy.

“OH GOD THAT HURTS” she yelled as I pumped into her ass. The door opened and I saw Amanda and CJ.

“Get out” I growled at them. I continued fucking her ass and she started pushing pack against my thrusts. Is that what you want? Does it make you feel like a slut?”

“Yes, yes. Fuck me harder I want to feel your hard cock pounding me. I want to be your slut wife.” I had not had sex in two days and was not going to last long the first time. I was close but had other plans. I pulled out of her ass and pulled her to the edge of the bed on her back with her head over the edge. Before she could react I put my dick in her throat and pushed until I hit her throat and she gagged. I held it in feeling her gag reflex around my dick. I pulled out and let her take a deep breath. Cum was boiling up from my loins as I pushed back in. her throat swallowed me all the way down just as my first blast of cum shot down her throat. I held my dick down her throat until the last drop of cum was out of me. I pulled my dick out and she bagan gasping and taking deep breaths.

“Don’t move.” I went into the bathroom and got one of my blue pills. If she wanted sore I would give her sore. I walked back into the bedroom with my dick pointing the way. Amanda was standing in the open door again.

“I just wanted to make sure everyone was ok.”

“Anna, are you ok?”

“Yes dear” she croaked.

“Now close the door and don’t open it again until tomorrow morning.” I went back to Anna and shoved my dick back into her throat. I spent the next 5 minutes fucking her throat like it was a pussy before I pulled out and turned her around. I pushed her legs back by her sides and slid my dick into her hole. I pounded her pussy and felt her shake and her juices flow. I continued driving as deep as I could, giving her several more orgasms. When she closed her eyes and looked like she was out I pulled my dick out and pounded her ass again. As soon as I forced in the first time her eyes popped open and she screamed again.

“OH GOD, IT IS SO BIG. Take it easy, Please.”

You asked for hard. Stay awake and take it like the slut you want to be.” For the next two hours I pounded each of her holes over and over. I lost count of her orgasms. Her breasts were tender from being mauled as I repeatedly fucked her. Finally she looked up at me.

I a quiet little girl voice she said “Please stop. I’m sorry, I know you want me and I don’t want you to treat me like a slut any more. I just want you to love me and hold me.” I pulled her to the middle of the bed hugged her to me and held her as she slept. Shortly after, I closed my eyes for the night.

I heard a voice calling my name. I opened my eyes anda1 was standing at the bedroom door.

“Is it ok to come in now?” I looked at Anna snuggled next to me and breathing softly, sound asleep.

“Let me come out.” I pulled the covers back over Anna, pulled on some shorts and left the bedroom, closing the door behind me.

“I think she needs to sleep a while.”

Amanda smiled at me and said “From the noises from that room last night I’d say she probably needs more than sleep. There was a guy just here. He said they would be back in 15 minutes for orientation and to bring our ski boat. You went all out for us didn’t you?”

“If you spilt it between four wives it’s not much.” She hugged me and then I went to get a shirt and comb my hair before the orientation began. Less than an hour later we left the marina. I was driving the house boat and Amanda was in the ski boat with CJ. When we were in the middle of the bay I stopped the house boat and Amanda pulled the ski boat up to the rear. We rigged it for towing then Amanda, Alissa, CJ and I went to the upper deck where the second set of control were and set out on our adventure. The girls made sandwiches for us for lunch they were sunbathing nude after lunch when Anna made her first appearance of the day. Amanda spoke first.

“Well sleepy head, how you doing today?”

She pointed at her neck and in a low gravelly voice said “My throat hurts.”

Amanda laughed and said “Is that all?”

“No my ass hurts and I feel like I fucked a baseball bat,” she looked at me and I smiled, she mouthed ‘I love you’.

Amanda said “I was told you got what you demanded. I bet you give a little more thought to future demands.” They all laughed and she came over and sat next to me. She hugged me tight.

“How are you this morning, dear?”

Pretty good except me bed mate fell asleep before I was done.”

She grinned and said “What can I do to make it up to you?

“Well you could sit down a straddle my lap and fuck me for a while, if you think you could handle it?”

“I’ll try.” She stood up, turned around and sat on my lap. Her slit was pressing my shaft down as she rubbed it back and forth. She rose up, rubbed the head in her slit to make it slick and placed it at the entrance to her sleeve. As she lowered her self on it she winced.

“You don’t have to do this.”

“Sshhh, I want to.” She slowly lowered herself all the way down then placed her head on my shoulder. “Let’s just sit like this for a while.” We sat that way, cruising down the middle of the lake while the other girls sunned on the deck and she fell asleep. I had Amanda watch the controls while I carried Anna down and put her back in bed. We found a cove with a nice beach about 4pm. We got the boats secured and turned on the water pump for the slide. We spent the next few hours playing like kids, splashing in the lake, throwing Frisbees on the beach and just not having a care in the world. As the sun started to set we grilled up some burgers and sat down to eat.

CJ said “where’s Anna.”

“Probably still in bed where I put her at noon. Why don’t you get her up?” CJ came back with Anna in tow. She looked like she could sleep another day. She came over to me, sat in my lap and put her head down on my shoulder without saying a word.

Alissa said “Are you alright, you look awfully pale.”

I replied “I think she’s recovering from a difficult lesson.”

“What’s that?”

“Being my slut is a lot harder than a 15 year old girl can handle.”

“Anna raised her head and said “Yes dear, you are perfectly right. I promise I won’t ever do that again. I’m still sore everywhere.” Alissa and CJ both said ‘Me next please’. Amanda just sat there laughing. This vacation was going to be a lot of fun, for me at least. We turned on the hot tub. While it warmed up Alissa put some loud rock on the stereo and turned it up as Amanda brought up wine for the girls and beer for me. We got in the bubbling water and all of our cares just melted away. Amanda was sitting at my side. Alissa and CJ were on the other side of the tub. Anna had slipped down until she was neck deep with her eyes closed just relaxing. After several glasses of wine Amanda got out of the tub and pulled me with her.

“CJ make sure Anna gets out before she turns into a prune. Bill and I will be occupied.” Instead of heading for one of the bedrooms, Amanda grabbed a couple blankets and pillows and we climbed down the ladder to the beach. There was a ¾ moon so there was plenty of light for us to see where we were going. We walked about 100 yards from the boat and spread out one of the blankets and the pillows. We lay down and Amanda rolled on top of me. She gave me several quick kisses and then rose up supporting herself on her knees and elbows.

“We’re out here where no one can hear us. Can we talk awhile?”

“I guess. What do you want to talk about?” Before she said anything she began sliding her mound up and down my shaft.

“You have four young women living with you that adore you and profess their love for you every day. They willing give themselves to you to use and abuse. Somehow you decided to pick me to marry, why?” her mound rubbing me shaft made it difficult to concentrate.

“Anna is only 15. She will probably change her mind within the next year when she finds a boy at school she likes. Alissa and CJ are gorgeous and devoted but when they come to me they want sex.” Concentrate, don’t screw up now. “You on the other hand I think I loved the first day I saw you. You don’t always come to me for sex. You come to me wanting love and sometimes just to be held.” This did not appear to be one of those times.

She smiled down at me. “What if I said I don’t want sex tonight?” The pressure of her mound rubbing my shaft increased.

“That might be a problem unless you stop right now.” She stopped. I thought ‘Oh shit, get me turned on then quit.’ She stood up, Turned around and lowered herself down offering her slit to my mouth.

“Just kidding, let’s make love in the moonlight.” then she put her lips on the tip of my dick and kissed it. I grabbed her hips and pulled her closer so I could spread her slit and suck on her lips. As her lips enclosed the head I rubbed a thumb over her clit causing her to moan around my dick in her mouth. The vibrations from the moan caused it to twitch. She pushed her lips farther down my dick and I ran my tongue thru the length of her slit stopping to suck on her clit. She shuddered and went down further on me. I could feel the head bumping her throat. She was not trying to get it all in. She was pulling up and going back down making sure I felt it stop. I stopped sucking on her clit, instead I put my tongue at the entrance to her pussy and drove my tongue as far as it would go into her velvet sleeve. This time when she pushed down I hit the back of her throat and felt it open as she swallowed my dick all the way into her throat. Her nose was buried in my ball sack. I could feel the breath coming from it.

With my dick deep in her throat and my tongue her body went rigid, the vibrations from her groans causing my dick to tingle. Her juices flowed past me tongue and into my mouth as I shot cum past her throat directly into her stomach. Her throat trying to swallow around me milked the cum out of my dick. When I was done and she relaxed, she pulled my dick from her mouth and turned around.

“I need you in me. Fill me with your dick.” She stroked my semi-hard dick back to life, aimed it at her pussy and pushed down until she was sitting on my lap with all 8” buried in her. “UUUMMMM I feel it all the way up in me. It’s throbbing in my uterus” as she slid herself up and down my dick. She was bouncing faster and faster, jamming my dick into her pussy. She had one hand rubbing her clit.

“Oh damn, oh damn I’m there” and she flooded my dick with her girl cum. She laid down on me and held me tight, her pussy still massaging my dick. “You’re still hard. I’ll take care of that in a minute.” she rested for a minute and got up. I was expecting another of her fabulous blow jobs. Instead she turned around with her back to me, grabbed my wet slick dick, put the tip at her puckered ass and sat down shoving it all the way into her ass. I almost shot my load then. “Oh baby it feels like it’s pushing against my stomach. Now it was my turn. I held on as long as I could but her ass and bowel clenching my dick was more than I could take.

“I’m gonna fill your ass with my cum.” I started shooting cum into her as like I hadn’t just a few minutes ago blown my load down her throat. She sat still with my dick deep inside her.

“I feel the heat from your seed in my ass. Did you like it? Fucking my ass and cumming in it?”

“It was fabulous. Do you want me to take it out?” She laid back on me.

“No leave it in and roll on our side. I want to sleep with you in me.” We rolled on our side with my arms around her. She put her hands on mine and held then to hers breasts.

I said “Thank you for a wonderful discussion. “We were sound asleep in just a couple of minutes. Later her ass pushed my dick out and she rolled over on her back. In snuggled to her, with my head on her breasts and one leg across her. Not long before sunrise woke us I felt the covers moving. I thought it was Mercedes moving closer. Then I realized I was holding her in front of me and now I had a warm body pressing against my back. I rolled on my back to see who it was, waking Amanda in the process. Anna raised her head.

“I woke up all by myself and went looking you and Bill. I wanted to apologize for the way I acted Saturday night and Sunday. I was not being a good wife and I hope you can give me a chance to make it up to you.” Amanda had her move between us. We laid our heads on her shoulders, hugged and pulled the blanket back over us. We slept that way until CJ and Alissa woke us about 9am.

“Wow, a party on the beach and we weren’t invited. Anyway breakfast is ready so get up and join us.” We untangled ourselves and went back on board to eat. Breakfast was scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. Keeping it simple, this was a vacation. After breakfast we loaded the ski boat with food and drinks and set off exploring. The only problem came when I told them they had to bring at least a bathing suit. When they asked why I told them we might have to stop for gas at a marina and I didn’t think the people would be as happy with four young women running around nude as I was.

We spent the day cruising to the dam and back. Stopping to beach the boat and hike to the top of a cliff outlook or investigate something that looked interesting. Anna took a picture of me and Amanda standing on the edge of one of the outcrops we visited in that pose from titanic where they are on the bow of the ship. The difference was we were naked and I was driving my dick into her from behind. If the picture had sound she would not be heard saying she was on top of the world but yelling across the water “He’s fucking me the way a woman wants to be fucked.” After she orgasmed and I filled her with cum we climbed back down. Amanda took off her shoes and walked into the water to clean off the cum that ran down her legs.

As I climbed back into the boat Alissa pushed me onto a bench escort tuzla in the bow and grabbed my dick. “Let me take care of that for you.” She got down and licked on my dick and balls until they were clean then she took me all the way into her mouth. She wiped it dry with her tongue as she pulled her mouth off of it. She stood up, smiled and licked her lips. We can’t have you walking around with dry cum on you. It makes us look bad.

We got back to the houseboat just as the sun was going down. While the women took turns in the shower I got steaks out and fired up the gas grille. When Anna, Amanda and Alissa were done CJ came and got me, “Our turn now.” We got in the small shower and soaped each other thoroughly. While we were rinsing off she said “No sex in the shower, I won today, I’m your designated lap warmer for tonight’s games and I want you ready.”

What games?”

“We made up a new game for the trip. We think you’ll really enjoy it. It starts after dinner.” We dried off and went back out to eat. Anna, Amanda and Alissa had grilled the steaks and put together a salad. When we sat down CJ pulled her chair next to mine and as we ate she would occasionally put her hand on my dick and stroke it back to hard.

“Amanda finally said “CJ, what are you doing?”

“If I’m going to be his lap warmer I want to make sure there is a big lap to warm.”

“Do you think you could let him eat in piece?”

“All he has to do is say something and I’ll let him eat a piece.” Everyone giggled at that.

“I said eat IN piece. Can’t you wait until we go upstairs to try and get him off?”

I said “Do I get a vote in this?”

“You did and you lost 4 to 1.” They were all laughing now.

“Well, will someone at least tell me about your new game?”

“Not until we clean up after dinner and go upstairs.” 20 minutes later dinner was done and the dishes were put away. The girls grabbed all the pillows from the beds, cushions from the chairs, a box from one of the closets and headed up to the sun, now moon, deck. The rope lights were on giving it a dim party look. They piled cushions and pillows on the deck on one side of the hot tub. They had me sit with my back against the wall of the tub and they sat in a circle in front of me.

Amanda said “Ok her are the rules. Tonight you are an observer only. Tomorrow night in round 2 we will let you participate. CJ is your lab warmer tonight. She will tend to your needs except when she is playing the game. We will put a bowl in front of you with 4 names in it. You pick one name at a time until they are all used then we put them back. The name you pick chooses to give or receive then pulls a name out of a second jar. A sex act from another then rolls a dice for how long it has to last, 1-6 minutes. The name and sex act are returned to the jar as soon as they are read. Everyone gets a chance, with everyone else, at any act. We even brought a box of toys for the occasion. All you get to do tonight is watch.

I pulled a name from the jar, Anna. “Oh good it’s not me yet” and CJ came and sat on my lap, making sure my shaft was sticking up between her legs. Anna picked ‘Receive’, reached into the next bowl, pulled out Amanda and smiled. She reached into the next jar and pulled out anal, “Oh crap.” Then she rolled 6 on the dice, “Double crap.”

Amanda reached into the box and pulled out a tube of lube. She reached in again and pulled out a 6” silver vibrator. She looked at Anna and said “Hands and knees or on your back?”

Anna looked at me as she said “Bill likes it when I do it on my back.” She laid down, pulled her legs behind her arms and said “Do it.” Amanda dribbled lube on the vibrator and Anna’s ass. She used a finger to rub the lube on and in her little pucker. She turned the vibrator on and put it to her ass hole. As soon as she touched her wit it she jumped and her legs shook. She pushed it in just enough to open her sphincter and stopped. “Don’t stop there put it all the way in.” while Amanda was using the vibrator on Anna’s ass, CJ was slowly stroking my dick and whispering in my ear.

“Don’t they look hot? I bet you wish that was your cock instead of a vibrator.” Pre- cum was flowing from my dick and CJ was rubbing it all around. “Do you want your dick in a hot, wet, tight hole? Say yes and I can take care of it for you.”

“Yes, Yes.” CJ rose up, put the head of my dick at the entrance to her pussy and sat down taking my dick completely into her.

“UUMMMM, that feels so good. Is your lap warm enough now dear?” She had been teasing my dick for so long that as soon as the tip het her womb I started shooting cum into her. “Oh baby you have been enjoying the show. Ladies look at his face. He just filled me with cum just from putting his cock in my pussy.” She started rocking on my dick as we watched Amanda take the vibrator from Anna’s ass.

Anna said “Don’t stop now.”

“Sorry baby, times up.”

As CJ continued working on my dick, I was handed the bowl to draw the next name, Amanda. She drew CJ, picked give, drew oral and rolled another 6. Amanda lay down on her back. “Come on over her girl.”

CJ stood up pulling my dick out of her. She squatted over Amanda’s face and said “You get a special treat tonight. Bill just mad you a cream filled pussy.”

Alissa sat down beside me and took my dick in her hands. I’ll take care of this while CJ is busy.” She stroked me as we watched Amanda and CJ. As CJ lowered herself I watched as a glob of my cum dropped from her pussy onto Amanda’s lips. She licked it off and grinned.

“MMMMM you taste good already. Can you do that again?” CJ worked he muscles and just as cum started to dribble out of her hole. Amanda raised her head and sucked on her pussy.

“OH, suck me. Suck Bills cum from my pussy, I can get more.” Amanda cleaned CJ’s pussy and I drew another name. This time it was Alissa and Anna doing a 69. They quit rolling the dice. They decided anything less than 6 minutes was a waste of time. As they lay down together sucking and licking each other’s pusses, CJ came to me and once again sat on my lap, this time facing away from me. She leaned back against me as she cupped my balls in one hand and stroked me with the other. She started talking about the scene in front of us.

“Don’t they look good down there? Look at Alissa tongue slipping thru Anna’s slit. See Anna’s head bobbing. She’s fucking Alissa with her tongue. Just think how good their girl come would taste, if I was licking it from your cock. Does that sound good baby? Me sucking on your cock, forcing it down my throat and swallowing your cum.” God, having my dick constantly stimulated while watching two girls at a time perform sex acts for me was having the effect CJ wanted. I was nearing the bursting point again.

“Suck my dick now. Put my dick down your throat and drink my cum.” She got on her knees between my legs and put her lips on the head of my dick and sucked. She cupped my balls with one hand and stroked the base of my dick with the other one as she teased me sucking only on the head. I wrapped my hands in her brunette locks and pulled her mouth down on my dick. Startled, she gagged when it hit the back of her throat. I pulled her up then forced her back down on me. This time she swallowed and all 8” disappeared down her gullet. I held her down until she squeezed my balls hard enough to make me yelp.

“Hey sweetie, a girls has to breath every now and then.” She took a deep breath and went down again, this time going all the way without my help. Each time she hit bottom she would hold it all the way in for a minute and I could feel her throat muscles trying to swallow down her throat farther. As I saw Alissa and Anna start to orgasm from eating each other’s pussy’s my cum boiled up I grabbed CJ’s head again and forced her down as mu cum blasted down her throat. When my dick stopped twitching and her throat stopped milking me I released her head. She rose up, licked her lips and kissed me. Do you feel better now sweetie? Your dick tastes fine but next time would you put some of your cum in my mouth? I haven’t got to taste it firsthand yet,” and then she sat back down on my lap facing the others.

The last name of course was CJ. She drew Alissa, picked get and drew nipples. “Can I keep his lap warm while she sucks my nipples?” the other three said it was ok. Alissa kneeled in front of us and took CJ’s 36C breasts in her hands. CJ had one hand on my dick and the other was rubbing her clit so I put my arms around her and squeezed Alissa’s 34C’s. l sat there rubbing Alissa breasts and pinching her nipples as she licked and sucked on of CJ’s. She was tweaking and rolling the other nipple while CJ rubbed her own clit. Alissa was moaning on CJ’s right nipple when CJ tensed and I felt her juices flow onto my dick that she had against her slit.

“Oh wow that was intense.” She pulled Alissa up and they kissed. “Thank you, thank was great.” Alissa move back and sat down.

Amanda said “The bowls empty. Let’s take a break before we have round two.” The girls headed for the two bathrooms and I went to the stern of the boat. One advantage to being a male, was not having to compete for a place to urinate on a lake. When I finished I went to my bedroom for one of my blue pills. L was not going to miss out on any of tonight sexual escapades.

When I got back upstairs the hot tub was on, the women were drinking wine and laughing about something. They saw me and stopped. Somehow I knew it was about me and I wasn’t sure I wanted to find out what it was. Alissa spoke first.

“We are changing the rules for round two. We are going in the same order but we will pick our own partner then you get to choose what we do. If your lap warmer will let you, you can join the pair and put your dick in any empty hole. What do you think?”

“Sounds damn good to me.”

Anna said “Think you can keep up?”

“Don’t worry about me little girl. I didn’t sleep all day Sunday.”

She pouted. “That’s not fair. You made my ass and pussy feel like they had baseball bats in them. My throat felt like I gargled sandpaper.”

“My point exactly. I felt wonderful.” When everyone stopped laughing Amanda put the wine where they could reach and we all climbed in the tub. CJ sat next to me at first but when she had stroked me back to rigid she stood with her back to me and started to sit. She took my shaft in her hand but instead of putting it between her legs or aiming at her pussy, she pointed it at her puckered ass and sat down. She drove it all the way in and wiggled her ass in my lap.

“Is it warm again, dear?”

“It’s working on it.” CJ was leaned back again and sounded like she was purring. “Are you ok?”

“You know that felling of pleasure and contentment you get when you sit back after a good meal? Well that’s the way I feel right now.” She pulled my arms around her and held my hands on her breasts. “I could sit her with you in me the rest of the night.” Five minutes later Anna stood up.

“I choose Alissa. What do you want us to do?”

“Are there two vibrators in that box?” They got out of the tub and dug thru the box.

Alissa said “No but there is a dildo, a butt plug, anal beads, nipple clamps and small chains. Whose stuff is this anyway?” Amanda turned beet red.

“Don’t worry about it.”

I said “One of you take the vibrator the other on use the dildo. Use them and your tongues in a 69 until one of you has an orgasm.” Alissa told Anna to lie on her back.

“No, you lay on your back.”

I intervened. “Lay on your sides.” They lay down and brought their top legs together like they were leg wrestling. That exposed their slits and assholes. I stood up taking CJ with me and bent her over the edge of the tub for a better view. As she watched them kiss and lick each other she used one hand to push me back and then pull me to her. I took the hint and pulled back until the head almost came out then pushed back in. When they started using the dido and vibe I stroked a little faster. She was moaning but her eyes were glued on Anna and Alissa. “Do you want to watch me fuck one of their asses?

“Will you come back and let me suck you?

“Yes, which one do you want me to fuck, sweetheart?

“I like Alissa’ ass. It looks so delicious.” I pulled my dick out of her ass with a pop, climbed out of the tube and grabbed the tube of lube out of the box. I gave the lube to Anna and lay down behind Alissa. I told Anna to lube us up and line my dick up at Alissa’s asshole. I felt her hand stroking me with lube then pull me towards Alissa’s ass. When the tip touched I pushed until I was half way in. she groaned and shoved the dildo all the way in Anna’s pussy. Anna turned the vibe all the way up. I could feel the vibrations through the thin wall that separated her pussy and colon. As Anna worked the vibe in and out in time with me, Alissa’s ass would clench each time I hit bottom and rubbed against the vibe. I pushed in and held it as Alissa grunted and pushed back at me. While I held still I felt Anna’s tongue on my balls. I pulled out one more time and as I hit bottom Alissa’s orgasm started. I felt my cum start to shoot as Anna sucked my balls into her mouth. Anna was moaning around my balls and Alissa was just grunting.

When her ass unclenched enough I pulled my dick out and rolled on my back. Alissa rolled over and put her head on my chest “That was so good, unexpected but really good.”

“You did say I could use any empty hole.” We laughed a little and headed to the hot tub. Instead of getting in I sat on the edge with my feet in the water. “Oh lap warmer, I’m waiting.” CJ smiled and came to me. Without a word she took my dick in her hand and licked it like a hungry kid with a lollipop. When she had licked it clean she smacked her lips and pulled me into the water. “Ok lap warmer, where were we.” CJ went back to the side of the tub where we had been, bent over resting on her breasts on the edge and reached back to spread her ass cheeks.

“I think you were right here, lover. I kept it warm for you.” As I moved to CJ Amanda stood up.

“I choose Anna. What do you want us to do.” I looked at Amanda and she was smiling at me and liking her lips.

“Anna lay down. Amanda is going to eat your pussy while she uses the vibe on your clit until you orgasm.”

Anna said “Oooohh, thank you.” While they were getting out of the tub I turned back to CJ. She was still holding her cheeks apart waiting for me. Never keep your woman waiting. I stepped behind her and put my dick to her asshole again and pushed all the way in. I was taking long slow strokes in CJ as we watched a on her knees with her ass in the air eating Anna’s pussy, we could hear the vibrator change as Amanda rubbed it on Anna’s clit. I bent over CJ and whispered in her ear as she watched the action below.

“Isn’t that a beautiful site? Amanda has her tongue buried and Anna’s slit as she teases her clit with the vibe. Look at her jerk as it moves across her nub. Don’t you think it would look better it there was a cock in Amanda’s pussy? Would you like to taste it?” CJ just moaned back at me.

“Hurry back, please?” I went to Amanda and kneeled behind her. I slid two fingers into her. She shivered and it sounded like she growled into Anna’s pussy. I took the wet fingers out and wiped them on my shaft. I slid the head thru her slit the pushed it into her tunnel. It went all the way until my balls were slapping her mound. I was pounding into her getting ready to shoot my load when Anna clamped Amanda’s head with her thighs and started yelling.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, suck my pussy hard.” Amanda’s pack arched and she tried to scream into Anna’s pussy. Her body shudders and she flooded my dick with her nectar. I shot several ropes of cum into her as her muscled milked my shaft. It was several minutes before we moved. I looked up at CJ and saw her licking her lips as she looked at me with lust in her eyes. I went back to the tub and CJ was sitting on the step outside waiting for me. She took me into her mouth again, this time sucking me all the way down and face fucking my cock. She pulled off when it was again clean.

Alissa said “My turn. I want another turn with CJ.”

“Ok, this time Alissa you sit on my lap and CJ can do your breasts and nipples”

“Are you going to fuck me like you did CJ?”

“I wasn’t fucking her.”

“Will you fuck me anyway?”

“Yes, where do you want it?”

“You’ve already had my ass. I need my pussy filled.” She turned around and sat on my dick setting it deep in her vagina. “Oh sweetness I needed that. CJ was right I do feel contented now.”Alissa leaned back against me as CJ kneeled in front of us. She took Alissa breasts in her hands and massaged them as she bent to kiss her nipples. I reached around her using one hand to play with her clit and the other to finger her slit. She used one arm to pull my head to where she could kiss me. She stabbed her tongue into my mouth. If felt like a hot iron moving in my mouth. I moved my hands to her waist and raised her enough that I could make short hard strokes into her.

CJ was moving back and forth from nipple to nipple, sucking them, nibbling on them and pulling on them until they popped free of her lips. She used her other hand to rub her clit when I took mine away. I felt her tense just before she pulled my mouth hard to hers. Her girl cum squirted on me as she milked my shaft with her pussy. I held her tight until her orgasm eased. When she was ready she stood up and moved to sit next to me.

“Your lap warmer can have you back now, if I can sit here with your arm around me.” CJ sat on my lap side saddle and hugged both Alissa and me.”

“Didn’t the wives agree to share everything?” We agreed that since CJ would have been last we would just call it a night and get some rest. We hauled all of the pillows and cushions back down and headed for bed. When I turned around there were all for women following me.

“Where are you going?”

“To bed with you.”

“You know they are only queen size?”

“We have that worked out.”

“CJ and I have unfinished business.”

“CJ, do you care if we watch Bill finish fucking you in the ass?”

“We’ve been watching each other all evening why stop now.” She took my hand and led me to the breakfast counter. She bent over it and spread her cheeks again. Thanks to my blue pill my dick was still hard. I put it to her ass and entered her. I stroked her deep and hard. I reached down and grabbed her breasts. I used them to pull me harder into her ass. After our two failed attempts to finish in her ass I was not going to be distracted this time. I blasted cum deep in her ass. She shivered and collapsed onto the counter.

When she could stand she said “You have no idea how it feels to have hot cum sprayed inside you.” She took my hand and the five of us headed to bed. I was waiting to see how they thought we would all fit. They had me on my back in the middle. CJ and Alissa were lying on either side with their heads on my stomach snuggled up to me with one hand each on my shaft. Amanda and Anna were lying with their heads on my chest kissing each other with their arms around me and each other. I was covered in female flesh. All I could want was on me now. Tomorrow could only be better.

Stay tune for part two.

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