The Golfbang Event

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When I lived in San Diego I became friends with a General Contractor who invited me to take part in an Event called Golf Bowl in Baja, Mexico. It was a conducted by a supplier of his who invited all his customers to form doubles team and take part in a two day golf tournament. The tournament was held the week between the playoffs and the Super Bowl. There were generally 80-100 construction type guys who would attend the event. We would get 16 guys together and leave Friday morning and play a course south of Tijuana and they arrive in time for the evening pairings draw at the host course. Drinking and letting loose were the main events.

My partner was a serious golfer and did not drink much or really partake in the party atmosphere that much. A lot of the guys, away from the wives for the weekend, would really let loose. Guys would party all night and hardly be able to stand come tee time. Some of the guys would go to the whore houses in Ensenada for their party. The course was spectacular, the Mexican Pebble Beach, the golf fun and the party a really great time.

Eventually getting over the border and the poor service at the resort led to the host moving the event to Borrego Springs. Well, if you have never been there, there is absolutely nothing to do and no night-life what so ever. No decent bars, no women, no nothing. Some of the more adventuress guys would endure a couple hours drive through the mountains to party in Palm Springs. I always thought driving back early morning drunk was not worth the trip. While the golf and the companionship were still great, the guys could not let loose as they could in Mexico. Most the guys just hung out at the hotel bar.

I was transferred from San Diego to the East (I must have been crazy to accept this transfer!) but still returned every February to play this tournament and renew past friendships. Not all was lost however as I met the love of my life. Kathi is a fun loving lady who definitely married below her league. We have a great life together with no children and are enjoying life to its fullest.

When I was scheduling my trip she thought that she might enjoy visiting the California desert in February. I told her that I would not be able to stay with her or spend much time with her as this was a guy’s weekend. She said that she would not expect me to spend time with her and she would just relax by the pool and enjoy the warm weather. I told her that should our paths cross that I did not want any of the guys to know that I brought my wife with me as it was a guy’s weekend. She said not to worry. I made our plane reservations, reserved her a car and a room at the resort.

When we arrived in San Diego my partner greeted me at baggage claim and Kathi, after getting her luggage, went to the rental car counter. When I arrived at the resort I called Kathi, on her cell phone, to ensure that she made it safely. I meet her at her room about 11 PM and we had a quick love making session and I left her to go to my room reminding her that should we meet no one could know that she was my wife.

For Saturday we had drawn the last tee time of the day 11:16 and would not finish until 4 PM or so. Sunday would be a shot-gun start. Once we completed our round we headed to the bar which was packed with all the guys collecting and paying off bets and setting new ones for tomorrow. A number of the guys would even go out and play another 9 holes. My partner and I did okay finishing 3rd despite having drawn two guys that hardly play but it was a scramble and we played pretty well.

Sitting down I noticed that Kathi was across the bar sitting with 4 of the guys. She looked great – she had on a yellow strapless sundress that came to about mid-thigh. Her dark hair was hanging loosely down over her shoulders. She was sitting with her legs crossed showing bahçelievler escort quite of bit of leg which I am sure that had more than my attention.

I noticed that one of the guys was Rick, who I needed to collect on a bet from and the other were Tom, Phil and a guy I did not know. I walked over and started talking with Rick when Kathi introduced herself to me saying “so you were a winner, my name is Kathi, how about buying me a drink”. Well I quickly realized two things, one my wife was tipsy as hell and from looking at her tits she was not wearing a bra. Though the dress fit loosely I could make out the darkness of her nipples. I am sure the other guys noticed as well.

The guys were open flirting with her and she was responding in kind laughing, smiling and light touches to their arms and thighs. I said to her that she had better slow down her drinking or we might be in position to take advantage of her. She laughingly said that she noticed that we all had wedding rings on and must know how to treat a lady. She said that she was feeling fine and the only way that she could be better was if she had some smoke. Phil spoke up that he had some pot in his room and wanted to know if she wanted to go and have a bowl. She said that she would love it.

I was not going to miss this so I followed along as did all the guys at the table as we traversed the short distance to the hotel. Once in the room, Phil went to the closet to get his stuff and Kathi sat on the bed. Rick sat on one side of her and Tom on the other side while Hank, the guy I didn’t know, Phil and I leaned against the dresser opposite of the bed.

We smoked a couple joints and everyone was feeling relaxed and laughing like crazy at things that were not that funny. I could tell that the combination of drink and smoke had Kathi really rolling. She leaned back onto the bed spreading her hands out behind her and put her head back letting her long hair hang behind her. She looked hot as hell. Well two things happened when she did this, the hem of her dress rose higher up her thighs and the top of the sundress became stretched across her boobs clearly showing her nipples through the thin yellow fabric. I was not the only one that noticed as Phil whispered in my ear how hot this girl was and he hoped we go lucky.

Tom then leaned in and started kissing her exposed shoulders and neck. Kathi, this being her weak spot, said how good it felt and to please keep it up. Rick then moved in from the other side working on her neck and shoulders on the other side. Kathi had a huge smile on her face and was purring. Suddenly Tom and Rick fell back onto the bed trapping Kathi’s arms under their bodies. For myself, Phil and Hank we were treated to the sight of her legs popping into the air, her legs spreading and the sight of her silky yellow thong. When she settled into place her dress had risen to right below her pussy and the yellow thong that was covering her pussy was visible to all of us.

Before I go further, while Kathi and I are not swingers (it did not excite us) we have had threesomes with both men and women but nothing like what I contemplated might be taking place shortly. I was wondering how far she would let it go.

Rick was taking it to the next step starting to place little kisses on her lips while Tom was sucking on her ear lobe. Kathi was trapped with her arms pinned underneath the weight of the guys. The top of her dress had also moved down exposing the top of her boobs and I am sure that the guys looking down her top had a nice view. Rick then took his hand and pushed down the elastic top of Kathi’s dress exposing both of her nice tits for our view. Kathi started to struggle and moving her legs about attempting to get looses. Tom had starting kissing bakırköy escort her passionately while Rick was now massaging her right boob.

Hank quickly moved up between her legs placing his body between her legs and spreading her open before him. Phil looked at me and said unreal man and starting stripping off his clothes. Rick and Tom were now alternating between massaging and sucking on Kathi’s nipples and French kissing her. She was no longer resisting but seemed to be quite into it. Hank was rubbing her cunt lips over her yellow thong.

What a sight it was. I was just sitting back watching these three guys working my now willing wife to a state of ecstasy. Hank had now worked his fingers under her thong and had at least two fingers sawing into her. Kathi is a quick cummer and go on forever and today was no exception. Tom and Hank were really working on her boobs now kissing and fondling them. Phil had moved up to her head and bounced his cock on her lips; Kathi opened her eyes, looked at me, and sucked Phil’s cockhead into her mouth.

Hank seeing this now reached up to pull her thong off which Kathi raised her hips up to allow him to do so. The picture I had was my beautiful wife lying on a bed, with her dress bunched around her waist, sucking on Phil, having a guy on each boob sucking, massaging and pulling on her nipples and Hank getting his cock out getting ready to fuck her.

Hank wasted no time getting his cock into Kathi and started a slow rhythm giving her all of his meat. This continued for ten minutes before Hank increased his tempo and shot his load into Kathi. Tom immediately replaced Hank and was getting sloppy seconds within the minute. There was a noise as the door opened as Bill, Phil’s roommate, and Big Mike entered. They had a “what the fuck” expression on their face as they watched the scene in front of them. It didn’t take Tom long before he unloaded in Kathi and he was quickly replaced by Rick. Kathi now had her third cock of the night fucking her and she was cumming constantly. Phil starting cumming with Kathi keeping a lip lock on his cock sucking down all of his juices.

As she left Phil slip from her lips she laid back and met each of Rick’s thrusts with a little moan. Bill had now stripped down and was heading for Kathi’s vacant mouth. He hit her cheek with his dick and she turned and opened her mouth to suck him in. Rick was now really giving it to her when suddenly he erupted as did Bill who emptied his balls deep into her throat.

Suddenly Kathi was on the bed by herself, legs spread with cum dripping from her pussy. She has been fucked three times and swallowed two loads. She looks and see’s me and asks are you next but Big Mike steps forward and says I think it is my turn. Now Big Mike played offensive tackle at San Diego State and spent some time on one of the bad mid-west teams practice squad for a while. He stands at least six foot nine and is all muscle. Kathi just says well let me see what you have big boy. Mike then approaches the bed taking off his shirt; Kathi reaches for his belt buckle and lowers his shorts to the floor. She then reaches into his boxers are says “Oh my”. She lowers his boxers and emerges with this piece of meat that only someone six nine could posses. She starts rubbing it with both of her hands and says I think I am really going to enjoy this. She then leans in and starts to run her tongue from his ball sac all the way to the top and back down again. Mike is starting grow even larger. I don’t know how big it is but I have never seen anything like this and wonder if she will be able to take it.

Mike tells her to rollover and get onto her knees and moves up to do her doggy style which is her favorite position. He rubs the head up and down her pussy lips başakşehir escort and then slowly pushes the huge head into her. Despite having already taken three loads she turns to him and says go easy. Each time Mike pushes he goes in about one inch more until he has fully worked his monster cock into my wife. It is surreal; I wonder will she ever feel me again!

He begins to pick up the pace and is hitting her with long strokes, completely pulling out and then slamming all the way back into her pussy hitting areas where “no man has gone before”. Kathi is in a constant state of orgasm and is bucking her ass back to get all of his massive cock into her. This goes on for 15 minutes or so.

By now some of the guys have made their way back to the bar and told the others about the great looking girl who is taking on all comers in room 112. The room is starting to fill up as there are about 15 guys standing about watching Big Mike fuck the shit out of my wife. Big Mike then flips Kathi over onto her back and reenters her going all the way in on the first stroke. It is a good thing that he is holding his weight above her on his forearms or she would be crushed. I cannot imagine what she must be feeling with this huge muscular man hovering above her and driving his long thick cock repeatedly into her tiny body. Kathi has now wrapped her legs around Mike’s waist pulling him all the way in. I cannot believe his staying power as he has been fucking her for over 30 minutes now. The crowd is in awe of his and Kathi’s performance and are urging him to finish so that they can have a turn.

Mike now increases his pace so that he is going full speed, spreading Kathi’s thighs and just pounding her pussy. Kathi has totally lost control and is crying and telling him to give it her. Suddenly, Mike’s back arches and he lets out a loud groan and starts to empty his balls into Kathi. All the guys cheer while Mike and Kathi share a French kiss and Mike slowly withdraws his cock from her pussy. What a sight this was, Kathi’s lips was gapping open with cum pouring out of her and down to her ass. She was just laying their totally spent with her legs spread.

Of course, some of the others wanted their turn and they quickly turned Kathi over onto her stomach, propping pillows under her which pushed her cute ass into the air. Frank, one of the guys I played with today, grabbed her left wrist and quickly tied it to the bed post. Another guy took her right wrist and also secured it to the bed. Frank moved behind her and instead of going for her pussy he started to smear cum on her asshole with his cock. Without much effort he was soon able to work his cock into Kathi’s ass and started to stroke in and out. Meanwhile, another guy had moved up to her head and pushed his cock between her lips using her mouth as if it was a cunt. I stood and watched as she rapidly took five cocks up her ass and three more came in her mouth.

There seemed to be a lull in the action so I went up to her , and untied her hands and asked her if she was okay, she said that she was having the time of her life. I told her that I was going to go get something to eat and then get some sleep for tomorrow’s tournament. As I was getting up two guys came over to the bed and started to rub her legs and boobs.

Well the next morning on the practice tee you can only imagine what all the talk was about. To listen to the guys everyone had gotten a piece of Kathi last night, either fucking her ass, pussy or getting a blow job. Some guys even claimed they went more than once. I don’t know how much of this was guy’s just talking but I sure did wonder if my wife would ever be the same again.

We had a good draw for partners and won the best ball event on Sunday. It was very profitable weekend and some memories that I will never forget.

After my partner dropped me at Lindberg Field for my flight home I encountered Kathi waiting for me at the gate. She jumped up and gave me big kiss and said thank you for letting me do that. She then said that she wants to make this a yearly event.

If word get outs about this great looking lady taking on all comers there might be 150 players next year.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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