The Lady in the Coat

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Big Tits

It was a warm late summer’s day in the park. A few puffy white clouds floated in the clear blue sky. Mike should have felt great, happy to be alive and excited by the nearly unlimited prospects ahead of him. After all he had graduated high school with good grades, excellent grades in fact. He was going to college in just a few months with his family and a modest scholarship paying the way. Nothing to worry about and everything to look forward to.

So why was he so miserable that he had to come here to try to cheer himself up? Susan’s face immediately filled his mind. His best and closest friend, whom he loved dearly, desperately. He’d finally worked up the nerve to tell her how he really felt about her. Moments before he professed his love, Susan had breathlessly told him that she had a huge crush on his friend Kevin and that they were going on a date this weekend. She had been so happy and appreciative of her friendship with Mike. Friendship that had helped her gain the confidence to ask Kevin out.

Mike felt overwhelmed by the memory of it. He wanted to cry, to scream, the anguish was too much. The house had felt so oppressive that that he had fled to the park. But he still felt the same and to make things worse he was in public.

From the corner of his eye Mike saw someone approaching. He glanced over just long enough to make out an older woman in a long tan raincoat before shifting his gaze away. He was so wrapped up in trying to compose himself that he had barely begun to consider that it wasn’t exactly raincoat weather when he heard the woman speak.

“Pardon me, young man?”

Mike pulled himself together and turned towards her. She looked to be about his mother’s age, with slightly curly blonde hair partway to her shoulders and a round friendly face. She was standing with her hands tightly clutching her coat. “Yes, ma’am?”

“Surprise!” The woman pulled her coat open with a dramatic flourish and stood holding the garment open. She was completely nude underneath her coat. She wiggled a little causing her saggy breasts to sway. Then after what seemed like forever, but was certainly only a handful of seconds, she closed her coat, fastened the belt and hurried away. She glanced back at Mike over her shoulder and gave a flirty little wave as she called “Bye, bye!”

Stunned, Mike raised his hand and gave a small wave at her retreating back. He had seen plenty of pictures of nude women, but never before in the flesh, right in front of him. He recalled the image, trying to commit it to memory before it faded. She had been much older than the girls he had seen online. Her breasts had sagged, looking as though they had been deflated, with large erect nipples, literally resembling pencil erasers. Rather than a smooth flat expanse of muscle, her stomach had been loose and soft looking. Nevertheless she had been real, alive and in front of him, nearly within reach.

Mike considered chasing after her. She couldn’t have gone far. If he did find her, what then? She would think he had some predatory intent. It would just scare her. It wasn’t as if he could strike up a conversation with her. He realized he was still waving and lowered his arm. He should just go home, quit while he was ahead. He turned to walk back to the parking lot and nearly collided with a woman.

She had little glasses perched on the end of her nose and a pinched, sour looking face, the veritable image of a prissy schoolmarm. “Young man! Young man, have you seen a woman coming this way? Wearing a raincoat?”

Put on the spot, Mike was too stunned to reply immediately. The schoolmarm was looking him up and down with increasing disapproval.

“Well have you? Speak up, boy!” she leaned a little closer and lowered her voice a little “She’s been exposing herself to people.” Her tone indicated that this was the worst thing anyone could possibly do.

Mike nearly blurted out that he had seen her, wanting to proclaim his good fortune at seeing a nude woman for the first time. Realizing somehow that this would not be a good idea, he was still unable to frame a simple reply to deny seeing the woman.

The schoolmarm sniffed disdainfully. “Well I can’t stand her all day, boy. The police have been notified, they will have to deal with this.” Her expression suggested that perhaps the police should deal with him as well. She moved off in the same direction as the lady in the coat. She glanced back a time or two to make it clear that she felt Mike was one those no good kids one saw so many of these days.

Mike started to stammer out that he hadn’t seen anyone, but it was far too late. He started to feel sympathy for the lady in the coat. She hadn’t done anything so bad. It had broken his mood at least. He started back to the parking lot.

As he neared his car, Mike saw a police cruiser enter the lot then turn and head towards the other end. Presumably they were after the coat lady. Silently he wished her good luck and hoped she got away. He opened his car door and as he started to get in looked back. Across the row, crouched down between two cars was ataşehir escort the coat lady, looking around anxiously. She saw Mike and darted across towards him.

“Please, mister, let me hide in your car.” She looked pleadingly at Mike. Normally Mike never acted quickly. He had to think things through, figure out what to do. Most of the time it was too late by the time he figured out what to do. Somehow, before he even thought about it Mike had the rear door open. Coat lady practically dove into the back seat. “Oh, thank you. Thank you so much!” Mike shut the door and turned to get into the drivers seat. He was just about to slide into the car when the police cruiser glided to a stop behind him.

The cruiser’s window slid open. “Excuse me, son.” The cop had a shaved head, reminding Mike of a bullet. He wore black wrap around sunglasses. “Have you seen a woman, late forties wearing a tan raincoat?”

Mike heard someone say “No, sir I haven’t.”

“Right.” The cruiser’s window rolled up as the car glided off, picking up speed as it went.

Mike realized that it was he who had answered. “You’re welcome.” he said to the retreating cruiser. He got into the car and closed the door. Then it hit him. He had just lied to a cop. He had just lied to a cop, and apparently gotten away with it.

A voice hissed from the back seat. “Are they gone?” Another quick realization, there was a nude woman in the back seat.

“Yes.” Mike answered.

“Oh, good. I was so scared they would catch me. Can we go? Please just go somewhere. Just drive.”

“Okay.” Mike started the car and exited the parking lot. The police cruiser was out of sight. “Can I take you to your car?”

“I don’t have a car. I live near here, you can take me there if you would, please.”

“Alright, where is it it?”

“If I can get in the front seat I’ll show you.”

Mike found a spot to pull over. Coat lady quickly got out of the back and slid into the passenger seat. “Go ahead and go right on this road.” She indicated as she buckled her seat belt. “I’m Dana, by the way.” She held her hand out to Mike.

“Mike.” He quickly shook her hand.

“I want to thank you again for helping me out back there. It would have been really bad for me if I had gotten caught.”

“Oh. I’m glad I could help.” was all Mike could think of to say.

Dana’s voice dropped a little, as if she was speaking to herself. “That was so stupid of me to do.”

Mike glanced quizzically at her.

“Oh, it just makes me feel better sometimes.” she explained. “Stupid, really, at my age. Especially considering.” she trailed off.

Mike took a few seconds to work up his nerve. Finally he blurted it out. “I liked it. It made me happy that you.” he wasn’t sure how to continue.

Dana giggled a little. “You mean flashed you? Is that what you mean?”

“Yeah, it was fun to see you.”

“See me naked? You liked that?” she smiling mischievously at him. Mike felt himself start to blush a little.

“Yes I liked that.” he managed, feeling more embarrassed now.

“Well thank you Mike. The truth is I liked having you see me.” she paused a second, then “Oh this street coming up, turn left.”

“Okay.” Mike thought a moment then managed to ask “Why me? Why did you pick me?”

“You mean to flash you?”

Mike nodded.

“Well you seemed like you were having a bad day, I thought it might cheer you up, or at least distract you. Two more streets and then right on the alley way.”

Dana was quiet for a moment and then continued more softly “Plus I thought you were cute.”

“Really?” Mike could not remember ever have a woman tell him that he was cute.

Dana grinned “Really.”

Mike reached the alley Dana had indicated and turned into it.

“Okay you can park here. That’s my house right there.”

“That was quick.”

Dana seemed to think for a second then quietly “Mike may I ask you something personal?”

Mike nodded.

“How old are you?”

“Oh, eighteen, my birthday was six months ago.”

“All grown up. I’m forty seven.” Mike’s mother was two years older. “Probably your mother’s age.” Dana bit her lip and went quiet. She looked out the passenger window. Still looking away from Mike, she continued, her voice very quiet now “A couple of years ago, I had a boyfriend. He was” Dana swallowed “He was a little young. I got in trouble.”

Mike just sat silent. Not sure what to say. Was this why Dana had asked his age? If so what did that mean? He immediately recalled the vision of Dana nude in front of him. He wanted to stop himself from thinking of that, it wasn’t nice to think of her that way.

Dana turned to face him “He wasn’t a child. It wasn’t like that.” she said defiantly as if challenging him.

Mike started to mutter and then cleared his throat and repeated louder “Lucky guy.” He imagined himself in the unnamed guy’s place. Had she had sex with him? Was that what this was about? Why was she talking about sex with him?

Dana snorted. “The judge didn’t think so.”

Mike kadıköy escort bayan didn’t know what to say. He settled for “I’m sorry, Dana. You seem like a good person.”

“Do you have a girlfriend, Mike?”

Susan immediately came to mind. But she wasn’t his girlfriend. She was a girl and definitely his friend, but she wasn’t and never would be his girlfriend. “No, no I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Well, you should. You’re a great guy Mike. I want you to know that.”

Dana started to open the car door. “Would you like to come in for a minute? I can make you some tea or something.”

“I don’t want any tea. Thanks.” Mike could feel his heart pounding. Why was Dana asking him in? She couldn’t possibly be interested in him in that way could she? What if he did something wrong and offended her?

Dana paused for second. “You can still come in.” She looked a little shy for a moment. “If you want to.”

This seemed an impossible situation to Mike. This woman was asking him into her house. He had seen her nude and she was asking him into her house. How could that happen? He should go inside, find out. He mouth was dry, he almost croaked as she spoke. “Okay, that would be nice.”

“Good.” Dana smiled widely and it seemed as though something mischievous danced in her eyes.

Dana opened the door for them and ushered Mike into her small house. “You have to excuse the mess, I never was very tidy.”

“Oh it’s fine really.”

“That’s the kitchen over there, and a bathroom there. I have a basement, but it’s full of junk. And just down the hall is my bedroom.” Dana turned and studied Mike’s face. “Mike are you sure you don’t have a girlfriend?”

Mike nodded “Yes, I’m sure.”

“You’d better not.” Dana’s voice was very quiet. She turned away from him and leaned close. “Mike, it’s polite to help a lady take off her coat.” She undid the coat’s belt and let it hang loose.

Mike was sure Dana could hear his heart pounding. Did Dana really want him to take her coat off? She wouldn’t have anything on then. This couldn’t be happening.

Mike grasped the collar of Dana’s coat with shaking hands. Dana stepped forward leaving the coat hanging in his hands. She turned around to face Mike. Of course she was completely nude. She took the coat from Mike’s hands and tossed it onto the couch.

“Do you like this?”

Mike gulped a little and nodded. His heart was pounding and he almost felt a little dizzy. It seemed incredible that this was happening.

“Say it.”

“I like you.” He only stammered a little.

“Do you like to see me like this? Say it.”

“I like to see you.”

“How do you like to see me? Naked like this?”

“I like, I like to see you naked.”

Dana shivered a tiny bit and closed her eyes for a second. “Touch me if you want. Anywhere you want.”

Very tentatively, Mike reached towards Dana and touched her very lightly on the arm. She sighed softly. “Anywhere Mike, its okay, anywhere you like, touch me.”

Mike’s heart was pounding now. He slowly reached his hand towards Dana’s breast, pausing just short of contact. Dana half closed her eyes and softly breathed “Do it, touch me there.”

Mike’s fingertips gently rested on Dana’s breast. She closed her eyes and sighed a little, then murmured. “Do you like my tits Mike? Touch them, touch them both.”

Feeling bolder Mike reached his left hand up and rested it on Dana’s other breast. She gave a soft little sigh. “Oh. That’s good.” She breathed deeply for a few moments, then very quietly “Kiss them, Mike. Kiss my titties.”

Mike hesitated just a moment then leaned down and gently pressed his lips against Dana’s breast, just above her nipple. “Oh I like that.” Mike moved down, popped her nipple in his mouth and sucked gently. Dana shuddered “Oh yes! Oh Mike yes.”

Mike could feel his cock pressing hard against his underpants. It seemed harder and larger than he could remember.

Dana was breathing deeply now. She opened her eyes and grasped Mike’s head with both hands. Her blue eyes stared directly into Mike’s “Mike, I really want to fuck you. Would you like that? Say it, say it please. Say you want to fuck me.”

Mike gulped a little and his mouth went dry. He couldn’t believe this was happening. He opened his mouth and tried to say something, but he couldn’t.

“Say it. If you say it, you can do it, Mike” Dana’s voice was barely a whisper.

“I, I” Mike wanted to say it but somehow couldn’t.

“Do it, say it.” Dana’s look was encouraging.

Mike just blurted it out. “I want to fuck you, Dana. I want to fuck you. Right now.” Mike had imagined this more times than he could count. Now, incredibly it was happening. He was going to have sex, right now.

“Oh yes. Yes, me too.” Dana nodded vigorously then took Mike’s hand and lead him into her bedroom.

“Can I take your clothes off?”

“Yes, do that.” Dana’s hands were already underneath Mike’s tee shirt, her fingers running over his chest and belly. Her touch seemed nearly escort maltepe electric to him. He shivered a little. “Strip me.” he added breathlessly. Dana wasted no time pulling his shirt over his head and quickly moved on to his belt. Her hands trembled a little as she unbuckled it.

Dana unsnapped his fly as she looked him in the eyes, seemingly asking for permission. Mike nodded and added “Yes, do it.” She nodded and unzipped his pants. Once free she pushed them down his legs. Mike helpfully sat down on the bed so Dana could remove his shoes and and pants.

“Stand up.” Dana remained keeling on the floor in front of Mike, looking up him. He felt vulnerable and exposed, with only his thin white underwear covering him. His cock was completely erect, it made a sort of tent in the front of his underwear. Dana stared at it greedily. She licked her lips a little as she reached up and put her fingers under the elastic waistband. She pulled the fabric away from him a little and paused. “Can I take these off?”

Mike nodded eagerly. “Yes, Dana. Take it off. Make me naked.”

Dana pulled his underwear open wider and slid it down his legs. She smiled and gave a little giggle as his erection flipped out as if on a spring. Mike stepped out of his underwear and stood nude in front of Dana. He suppressed the urge to cover himself with his hands.

Dana ran her eyes over his body. “You’re beautiful, Mike.” she breathed. She moved over to the bed and laid down. “Come lay down next to me Mike.”

Mike laid down beside Dana. She rolled to face him and gently stroked her fingertips over his chest. Her touch made him quiver. Dana stared into his eyes and slowly wrapped her fingers gently around his cock. He jerked a little and let out a little cry. “I’ve never done this before.”

“I know, Mike. I like that. I like that I will be your first.” She tightened her grip a little on his cock and slowly stroked her hand, jerking him off gently and slowly. “Do you like this, Mike?”

Mike shuddered and managed to breathe “Yes, it feels great Dana. I like it.”

Dana giggled a little, “It’s better when somebody else does it for you isn’t it?” She took Mike’s hand nearest her and laid in on her breast. Mike kneaded it a little. He took the hard nipple between his thumb and forefinger and rolled a little, the way he had had seen it done. Dana let out a low sigh.

“Oh, that’s good, Mike.” she closed her eyes and breathed deeply. “Mike, girl’s nipples are wired straight into our pussies. That’s making my pussy so wet.” She breathed deeply a few times and then took his hand and pulled it down her belly. “Feel it, feel how wet you are making me.”

Mike felt Dana’s pubic hair under his hand, was surprised at how soft it felt. “Touch me Mike, touch my pussy.”

Mike slowly pushed his fingers into the tangle of blonde hair until he felt Dana’s pussy lips. He tried to visualize her pussy under the hair, recalling the pictures he had seen online, the girl’s neat smooth hairless genitals. He found the crevice between her lips and gently traced his finger along it. Dana gave a shuddering little cry. “Don’t be shy, Mike. Put your finger in me. Feel how wet I am for you.” She moved her hand from his cock onto his and firmly guided his index finger into her.

Her pussy felt warm and soft. Mike’s finger slid easily into Dana. It felt a little as if he had stuck his finger into his mouth, it was so hot and wet. “See, Mike, that’s what you are doing to me. You’re making me that wet and hot.” Her breathing was deep and quick. Mike pushed his finger in as far as he could. Unsure of what exactly to do then, he paused a moment then withdrew his finger a little, before pushing it back in.

Mike’s efforts were rewarded with a low moan of pleasure from Dana, “Oh like that.” She softly breathed. Mike worked his finger in and out of Dana. He withdrew his finger a little and moved it up, until he felt the soft knob of Dana’s clitorus. Encouraged by Dana’s little noises he slid his finger out and circled the knob with his fingertip.

“Oh! Oh!” Dana began jerking her hips sharply, she squeezed her eyes shut and groaned out loud. “OhOhOh. Oh.” Mike had a small moment of fear that he had somehow hurt Dana. Then she opened her eyes and smiled at him.

“You made me come Mike. That felt so good.” She licked her lips and looked down at his cock. Are you ready for me to fuck you, Mike?” she didn’t wait for his answer. Dana rose to her knees and swung one leg over, straddling Mike. She leaned forward a little and placed her hands on his chest. Her hands felt warm and soft on his flesh. She circled his nipples with her fingers causing him to jerk and give a little yelp, the feeling was so strong and unexpected. Dana giggled a little. She straightened up and reached one hand down, took Mike’s cock in her hand and guided it towards her as she raised up.

“Oh, I’m going to fuck you, Mike. You’re gonna get fucked. Do you want that? You want me to fuck you? Cause I’m going to to. I’m gonna fuck you.”

“Oh yes, Dana, do it. Fuck me, fuck me please.” Dana didn’t seem to notice or care what he said. Mike felt the head of his cock touch Dana’s wet, hot pussy lips and then slide easily inside her. It was happening, the thing he had imagined so many times before, it was happening, his cock was inside a woman’s pussy.

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