The Nanny Gets a Surprise!

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I pace back and forth in front of the window, watching the rain pound the grass outside the house. It is late, almost 11:30 at night. I pause briefly in front of the window, pulling my long brunette hair up off the back of my neck. I have been a live-in nanny at the Barkley’s home for more than a year, so this late night is customary.

I walk back over to the couch and plop on it. My baby blue satin nightgown rises up my thighs. I stretch back over the arm of the couch, arching my back. A cool breeze floats through the air sending shivers up my skin and making my nipples stand erect. My hand strokes my neck and then wanders over my left breast first and then the right. Slowly it makes its way down my stomach and over the outside of my white satin thong. My crotch is damp.

I sit up on the couch and listen carefully to the sounds in the house. I make my way down the hall to the youngest Barkley’s room. Jesse is sound asleep in his crib. I close the door behind me and head down the hall to the twins room. I peek in on Amanda and Miranda and see that they are both asleep. I make one last stop at the oldest Barkley’s room, Joseph. He is also asleep so I head back towards the couch, stopping to pick up a blanket. I curl up on the couch, the blanket over my legs.

Just before I nod off I make sure to turn the baby monitor on so I can hear the baby. My eyes close and I fade to sleep. Somewhere around 1:00 in the morning, the front door opens and the Barkley’s come in. Stacey is dresses in a tight black evening gown and her husband, Mark is donning a tuxedo. I flutter my eyes a bit to adjust to the light.

“How was the benefit?” I ask.

“Oh, you know…boring as usual,” Stacey replied. “If you’ve been to one benefit dinner, you’ve been to them all. Did the children give you and problems tonight?”

“Not at all,” I reply softly as I wrap myself in the blanket and make my way to my bedroom.

As I passed Stacey, her hand caressed my back, stopping just above my ass. I turn to look at her, a little surprised. I can smell the smell of alcohol drifting off of her breath. I take a step forward towards her looking at her quizzically. Miss Stacey is a gorgeous woman. She is nearly six feet tall and thin with ample breasts. Her hair is golden blonde with streaks of strawberry running through it. Her eyes are the most beautiful green I have even seen. They resemble emeralds dancing in the light. Her dress is so tight that I can see her erect nipples poking through the dress. They are large, like her breasts…a 36DD, much more than a handful there.

“Did you need something?” I whisper.

“Yes,” she answers me.

I stand there for a moment not sure what to do. Mark makes his way towards me, unbuttoning his tuxedo jacket. As he passes me to lay it over a chair, I see him smile. He pulls out the kitchen chair and sits down, leaning forward to watch as I speak with his wife.

“What do you need?” I inquire.

“I need a hand over here,” she points as she makes her way over toward the couch where I had been sitting. She motions towards me and I make my way over to her. She rubs her hands on the couch cushion. “Come sit!”

I sit on the couch, trying to keep myself wrapped in the blanket as best I can. Stacey then rotates her body, turning her back towards me. She lifts her hair up into a ponytail, wrapping it through itself.

“Can you please un-zip my dress?” asks me.

Trying to keep my blanket in place, I reach up and tug down on the zipper. It is stuck. I let my blanket fall to the couch and reach up with both hands to fix the stuck zipper. I finally release the zipper and move it to the bottom of the dress. I see Stacey’s back. It’s bare, her bakırköy escort skin slightly ruffled with goose bumps. I cannot help myself. I run my hands over her bare back. She straightens up surprised by my touch. I quickly move my hands back so as not to offend her. Perhaps I am wrong and she doesn’t want me to touch her.

Stacey looks over her shoulder. She slides her ass back towards me on the couch. Her ass touches the outside of my thigh and I feel my pussy get a little wet.

“Please don’t stop,” she says, easing towards me. “Your hands feel great on my skin. You’re very warm.”

I return my hands to her back, rubbing them up and down on her skin. Her skin is very soft. I find myself sliding the top of Stacey’s dress off of her shoulders so that I can touch more of her. She leans her head forward letting her dress fall to her waist. She is completely naked on top. I reach around her back to her breasts, rubbing her nipples. I feel them become more erect in between my fingers. I lean forward and kiss her neck, starting at the base and making my way up to her ear. I gently suck on the bottom of her lobe as I continue to caress her breasts.

“Mmmmmm,” she moans. “Your lips are so soft.”

I kiss back down her neck and then turn her towards me so that we are facing each other. I look over my shoulder at Mark, who is sitting close to the edge of his seat. I watch him closely as I kiss his wife’s lips, my hands still rubbing Stacey’s breasts. My lips leave her lips and find their way to Stacey’s nipples. I suck her left nipple and then her right as her hands slowly slide up my nightgown. As I suck on her perky nipples, she slides my thong to the side and rubs my cleanly shaved pussy. I jump and then ease back down on her fingers.

Stacey stands up and slides her dress completely off. She discards it on the floor. Not only had she been naked on top, she wasn’t wearing any panties either. I admire her pussy, so pink and tight with just a strip of hair above her box. I stand facing her, our bodies pressed together. She reaches for the bottom of my nightgown and pulls it over my head. She lays it with her dress and then takes off my panties. We are pressed together, naked and kissing passionately. I pull back from her for a moment to look at Mark. Somewhere in the midst of the kissing and stripping he had taken off his pants and had his underwear pulled down, exposing his cock, now fully erect!

Stacey grabs my face and pulls it back facing her, pressing her lips to mine and sliding her tongue into my mouth. Then she lays me back on the couch and spreads my legs wide open. She kneels in front of my, breasts lying on my legs. Her lips kiss my stomach, then my belly button, and then just above my pussy. My hands grab her breasts and squeeze in anticipation. Two of her finely manicured fingers begin to spread my pussy lips allowing a little of my juices to leak out onto her fingers. This makes it easier to slide them deep inside me.

“Ohhhhh!” I exclaim loudly. “Oh my God!”

“Problem?” she laughs.

“No. Feels…..” I sigh.


My back arches on the couch as she slides her fingers in and out of my soaking pussy. She stops only for a moment to suck her fingers dry. I turn my head and look over the couch at Mark. He is stroking his cock furiously pausing only for a moment to rub his balls a little. Stacey slams her fingers deep in me again and then places them on my lips.

“Taste yourself!” she commands.

I lick her fingers, sucking them fast and hard. They are sweet and sticky, not at all what I was expecting. She continues to slide them in and out of my mouth even though there başakşehir escort isn’t anymore pussy juice on them.

Before I know it, her tongue is flicking my clit. She has her face deep inside my dark, wet hole. She is flicking my clit as three fingers now penetrate my pussy. I circle my pussy around on her face. She grabs a hold of my hips and forces them closer to her mouth. She removes her fingers from inside me and replaces them with her tongue, now so deep inside me it feels like she is hitting my g-spot!

My chest heaves up and down; my 36 D’s rising and falling with every pant. I grab Stacey’s hair and yank it back, pulling her mouth off of my pussy. Then I grab her waste and pull her on top of me. I flip her over so she is where I was sitting and slide to my knees between her legs. I spread her legs as far as I can so that I can get all up in her pussy like she had just done for me.

I take a deep breath in. I can smell her. She is very wet. I slide my tongue over the outside of her pussy so as to tease her. Her fingers begin to slide towards her clit and I push them back. As she reaches for it again, I slam my tongue on top of her clit, circling it vigorously. Stacey tosses her hands above her head on the back of the couch. I look up at Mark and nod to him. He stands up and walks to the back of the couch, grasping his wife’s hands. He firmly holds them in place, pressing down on them so she cannot move. My mouth presses against Stacey’s clit as I suck on it. I feel it get harder and harder in my mouth with each little suck I make. I reach to the side of the couch, trying to find something to penetrate her with. I find it in a box on the floor.

“Hold her hands tight!” I exclaim. “Don’t let her loose.”

“What’s going on?” Stacey asks puzzled.

“Look like the tables have turned,” I laughed. “Don’t worry Stacey. This is going to bring you to new heights of ecstasy.”

The item in my hand is a brand new candle, never been used, at least not like this. I stick two fingers deep inside her pussy and rub her juices on the end of the candle, making it easier to slide in her wet hole. This candle is about 4 inches in width, slightly larger than her husband, Mark. Stacey’s pussy tightens around the candle as I slide it as deep as possible.

“Ahhhhh!” She cries out. “It’s too big!”

“Just relax,” Mark whispers in her ears, still pinning her down.

I slide the candle deeper and then continue to suck on her pulsating clit. Her hips thrust upwards with each thrust of this toy. Her juices begin to flow down the candle and into my mouth.

“Are you ready for the real fun?” I giggle.

“What?” she asks.

“Are you ready for the REAL fun?” I ask again.

She closes her eyes and nods. Mark removes his hands from her wrists and lets her arms fall beside her. He slides his jockey shorts off and tosses them in the big pile of clothes now starting to build. He comes around the side of the couch and grasps for his wife’s hands, pulling her to her feet.

“Let’s move this party somewhere else,” he instructs us.

We head down the hall to their bedroom. Mark tosses Stacey on the bed and tells her to lie still. Exhausted she falls to the bed and lays there as I light a few candles. I climb on top of the bed and then on top of her. I straddle her face with my pussy, rubbing it all over her face. Mark climbs on the bed as well, spreading her legs, tilting her hips upwards and sliding his cock deep in her. She moans quite loudly which forces her tongue deep in me. Her hands grasp my breasts and tug on my nipples as Mark slams her pussy with his huge cock. Stacey begins to cry a little bayrampaşa escort and he stops. He climbs back off of her and walks towards the closet.

I continue to pussy fuck her tongue, rubbing my clit with my fingers. She continuously jams her tongue deep inside me. I reach behind me and grasp a hold of her legs as I arch my back. He tongue feels so incredible inside my pussy. I feel my pussy throb as if I am ready to cum so I slide off of her momentarily.

Mark returns from the closet, leather straps in hand. He ties one end to the head board and instructs Stacey to give him her hands. He places them in the leather ties and binds her tightly on her back. He walks back over to a drawer and pulls out the strap on and hands it to me. I put it on, securing it tightly. Mark shoves me to my knees on the bed and then tells me to get between his wife’s legs.

“Fuck her!” he demands.

I slide the cock in Stacey’s pussy, thrusting deep with each move I make. Mark stands beside the bed once again stroking his cock to keep it hard. Then he jumps on the bed and straddles Stacey’s stomach. He slides his cock between her tits, fucking them roughly. He slides up a little closer to her mouth and forces his cock between her tits and into her mouth. She sucks the tip of his cock each time it enters her mouth. Pre-cum drips from his tip and onto her lips. He doesn’t let her suck it off. He climbs down off of her and stands beside the bed. He reaches up and unties Stacey’s hands.

“Get on your knees!” he commands Stacey.

She kneels on her knees on the center of the bed as Mark lies on his back.

“Ride me,” he tells her.

She climbs on top of his cock, easing it into her pussy. I kneel behind her, guiding her up and down on his shaft. My hands rub his balls. I lick one finger and ease it into his asshole, making him jump. He thrusts deep and fast into her tight little hole, making her scream. I kneel behind her and lean her forward, still riding his cock. I ease the strap on into her ass so that she is being penetrated inside both holes. My tits press against her back with each thrust forward.

“Holy shit!” she yells. “I am gonna cum!!!”

“That’s right baby, cum for me. Cum on my cock bitch!” Mark screams.

With one final thrust Stacey releases her sweet juices all over Mark’s cock. I pull out of her ass so I can watch as she squirts more cum on his cock. Her juices gush all over his cock making it gleam in the light of the candles. She gets off of Mark and Mark slides off the bed. Before I know what is hitting me, I am being forced over the edge of the bed, my hands bound. Stacey slides her pussy in front of my mouth as Mark takes me from behind. He rams his cock deep into my ass. He grabs my hips shoving them forward and then ripping them back. My asshole throbs as he jams all 9 inches deep in my ass. He slides 3 more fingers into my pussy, his thumb patting my clit. My tongue jets in and out of Stacey’s pussy, rapidly sucking up what cum is left from her encounter with Mark just moments earlier.

“Deeper!” I scream. “Fuck me deeper and harder NOW!”

Mark grabs a handful of my hair, yanks my head up and then forces it back into his wife’s pussy. He slams his cock so deep in my ass that my pussy squirts cum all over the sheets. My body goes limp. Mark props me back up, pulls out of my ass and then jerks it into my pussy. With just a few more thrusts I feel Mark’s cock twinge inside of me. I close my eyes and scream out as I feel his warm, sticky cum splatter the inside of my pussy. He pulls out, falling to the floor in pure exhaustion. His cum begins to slide back down my thighs.

“Untie me!” I scream.

Stacey unties my hands and I reach between my legs to catch a little run off. As Mark climbs back into bed with Stacey, I place my cum covered fingers into my mouth and suck them dry. I wink at them both as I head out the door, down the hallway, and into my own bed. As I lie there, I wonder to myself if this could be the start of something both intriguing and purely naughty.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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