The Norther

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The sky was dark as the clouds rolled in from the north. A true “Norther” was on the way with high winds and plunging temperatures. On the road hitch hiking was not a good place, and not a single structure was visible from the highway.

The beeping of a horn caused me to look back over my shoulder into the wind. As the SUV pulled to a halt a window rolled down and a woman spoke; “Do you want a place to stay until the weather improves?”

My stuff and I ended up in the cargo area because that was the only empty space. The SUV was crowded with six other people; three couples. The oldest couple was in their late forties or early fifties, while the others were in their early to mid twenties.

“I’m Nell and this is John.” said the lady in the front seat. “The girls are my daughters Kendra and Kassy, and the men are Dave and Wylie.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Rick. Thanks for the lift.

All I could see of John was the back of his head, but Nell was a good-looking woman. Her hair was light blond, and she had a permanent tan because of years in the sun. Kendra and Kassy were a very attractive pair of identical twins, and clearly a product of their mother. Dave and Wylie were their opposites, with dark eyes and tresses as a compliment to the twins’ fair skin, blond hair, and blue eyes.

We rode in silence as the SUV continued down the highway until we reached their turnoff, and came to a stop. “Rick, we live way out here because of our “no clothes” life-style. We make no exceptions. At our home no one is allowed to wear any clothes except for safety. Do you have a problem with nudity?” Nell asked.

“I don’t think so, I’ve . . .”

A voice interrupted; “I’m Kendra, are you worried about your cock getting hard and us seeing it?”

Laughing, Nell said; “If you are like the boys when they first joined us you will walk around with a permanent hard-on. Don’t worry about it; we understand. Matter of fact we will put it to good use. But, if you have a problem now is the time to get out.”

I was in somewhat of a bind. On the practical side the terrible weather was getting worse, we were a long way out in the middle of no where, and I had no where else to stay. From another point of view Nell had in so many words said a hard-on would get me laid.

“Nudity is okay. I’ll deal with it.”

Then turned and headed into the foothills. The trip was mostly up hill, but at last we descended into a deep, steep valley, and I could see nice fences, a barn, and a large house.

We pulled to a stop and everyone hustled into the house. “Kassy, show Rick to the guest room, and Rick, just a reminder, clothes are not an option. From now until you leave you will remain naked.” Nell flatly stated.

Kassy showed me the room, and I started to sort out my bag and get undressed. The house rules that required nudity in front of strangers, including women, posed a serious problem. I would get by, but it bothered me.

The door opened and a naked twin walked through. She was beautiful; blond, blue eyes, medium height, c-cup tits, and a carefully trimmed pubic bush with no hair on the lips. My dick reacted fast, and was at full staff in a matter of seconds.

“I’m Kendra; you can tell by this little scar here next to my right eye. Also I shave my pussy lips. Kassy doesn’t shave hers.” she said rapidly then rattled on; “I don’t know why we have that door. It is the only one in the house. We don’t even have doors on the bathrooms.” She paused, then in her non-stop prattle continued:

“This is very disappointing; you are still wearing your clothes. You are supposed to be naked.” Then in a commanding voice: “Take them off right now!”

At the shock of this little snippet giving me an order I hesitated, and started to protest. Kendra, in a calm, but imposing voice added: “You will do well to heed this advice; do what I ask when I ask.”

Without further warning she spun around and planted a roundhouse kick into my abdomen. Immediately, I crumpled to the floor gasping for air.

She let me lay on the floor for a moment to catch my breath. Then she said; “Lets try it again. I’m disappointed; you are still wearing your clothes. Please remove them.” she snarled. “Get up, get up. I want to see you naked, NOW!”

Climbing unsteadily, but as rapidly as I could, I rose to my feet. It passed through my mind to protest, but better sense prevailed, and the clothes fell from my body. I stood in front of her naked, still gasping, and with a rampant erection.

“Oho, that looks nice.” Kendra said as she reached out to caress my prick. “As much as I want to play we’ll have to do it later. Right now florya escort lets go downstairs.” Looking back over her shoulder: “Are you coming, or do we need to speak some more?”

Downstairs we found everyone in a large room with a fire roaring in the fireplace. As expected everyone was naked, and I quickly noted these were beautiful people. There was not a bad body in the bunch. Everyone was firm, and had an all over tan. The woman’s tits were full and round with long nipples. I’ve never cared for huge tits; the DD Super Tit is just not my thing. All three women were in the 34B to 36C range; a size that fit well with their bodies.

The men were tall, tan, and tightly muscled. The one unusual thing was their penis size. All of them were hard, very skinny, and not one was over five inches long. In normal circles my six and one half inches was average, but here it was huge.

Kendra and I picked up a drink, and we fell into casual conversation just as in any home. The men did not say much, but the women told me of their ranch, their family, and what they liked to do. In turn I told them about myself, and how I found myself hitch-hiking across Texas in January. In response they asked many questions about my worldly travels.

My mind was at ease, and most of my body was relaxed, but my dick remained hard as steel. There were just too many tits on display.

With all the tits and pusses to look at I found it strange my gaze continually returned to the little dicks. Despite all those luscious female charms I was drawn again and again to one or another of the men’s groins.

“Little, aren’t they? Would you like to suck one?” Nell casually asked.

“What are you talking about?”

“It’s very obvious you’re watching those cocks. If that’s what you like you are welcome to suck one?”

I quickly responded; “I’m not some fuckin faggot?”

“Of course not. I didn’t mean to imply anything of the sort.” Nell continued. “You seem very much a man’s man. Here we look on sex as a multi-partner event with no distinction as to who can give pleasure. I can’t speak for the men, but we ladies are excited you are here because you are a new experience waiting to happen. I asked if you wanted to suck a cock as a way to start the festivities. If you are not interested in a cock, how about a pussy?”

That idea appealed to me, but to lick a woman while her husband was present did not sit to well. “Husbands and wives make me a little uncomfortable. If you don’t mind I will pass.”

“Kendra, I thought you had instructed him.” Nell said softly. “Offers here are really not suggestions”. Then she quickly spun around with the intent to place another kick in my gut.

That’s was her intent, but I saw it coming and countered in such a way that she landed on the other side of the room. “Let’s get something straight; I’m no one’s whipping boy! Don’t try any of that shit again. If these guys allow you to kick them then so be it, that is their problem. But, no one better try it again with me because I will flat out knock the shit out of you! Do I make myself clear? I’m a nice guy, but I will be a true bad ass if there are any more stunts like that. Kassy, pick up Nell and see if she is alright.”

As Kassy helped Nell return to the group I sat down on the carpet with my back toward the fire. “You folks have pissed me off just a bit. Imagine, trying to kick me because I declined to eat a pussy in front a woman’s man.”

“If your men are as pussy-whipped as they appear I want you to have them do something for me to watch. The sequence doesn’t matter, but I want each one of them to fuck another in the ass.”

Nell jumped to my direction and ordered John to do Wylie while he fucked Dave. Later Dave would do John. It was interesting, funny, and sad to see three grown men grovel at a woman’s command to get a cock in their ass.

In all honesty there was no real challenge because the men had such small dicks. With a little lube each cock easily slipped into its assigned ass-hole, pumped a few times, then squirted out what pathetic juices it could create.

While watching the sad show I turned to Nell and said: “I can see why you need a man around here. Whose pussy do you want me to lick first?”

Before Nell could say anything, Kassy, who was still standing, rushed toward me, knocked me onto my back, and covered my face with that wet area between her legs. Her cunt was sweet, juicy, very hairy as Kendra had advertised, and very responsive to my tongue. The girl understood the purpose of pussy licking. She wiggled her twat on my tongue and moaned as I göztepe escort sucked her clit. Several times she squeezed my head as her legs as the muscles contracted when she had an orgasm. To end our tryst I suddenly grabbed her clit with my teeth, and lightly nibbled. The reaction was intense as she screamed with pleasure then fell off my face onto the floor in a dead faint.

“How was that? Did I do it okay? Was I up to your expectations.” I said unnecessarily sarcastically.

The other twin spoke: “Looking at Kassy, I would say you performed in a satisfactory manner. What would you like now: another pussy or would you like one of these shitty LITTLE cocks?”

Nell chipped in: “Have you ever sucked a cock or had one up your ass? I’ve have, and found both very pleasurable and a great deal of fun.”

Neither the thought of sucking a cock nor having one up my ass was high on my list of preferred things to do. However, I was aware of the possible pleasures from a cock rubbing your prostate; maybe with all these little ones available I might give the fuck option a try later. In the mean time: “I want another pussy!”

Nell bumped Kendra out of the way, and walked directly to me, pushed me onto my back, and like her daughter sat on my face. Her position was different and allowed me to suck her cunt and grab her tits: something I did with great enthusiasm. I squeezed her total breast at first, but gradually focused on her long pink nipples. Every time I pinched hard at the ends she would moan and flood my face with her juices.

After several minutes Nell paused her gyrations: “Kassy, what did he do when you screamed at the end?

“Rick, Kassy says you bit her clit. Will you do that to me? Will you make me scream the same way?”

“Since you asked instead of demanded I will give it my best shot.” I responded. I’m not a world famous lover, but I do a good job at eating pussy. There were no complaints since I was a teenager, and what teenager knows how to seriously eat pussy.

As she began to squirm on my face I set about to bring her to a screaming climax. Well into the “Muff Munching”, with Nell continually drenching my face with her juices I felt something new. It took a moment to decipher that someone was licking my cock and balls. It was a gentle stroking much like a cat would use to groom its body. The tongue was warm, but the sensation was immediately cool with the rush of air. The sensation was stimulating, but it would never make me cum. What it did was stroke me onward to make Nell scream in orgasm.

Thus far all my action with Nell was to lick and suck from her hole to her clit and back again. Now I added teeth; a nip here and there as I moved from her fuck-hole toward her clit. I made it a slow process building a fire in her cunt that would emerge as a thunderous scream from her mouth.

I pressed onward bringing her nearer and nearer to the prize until she was absolutely sure her clit was next, but I retreated back to her womb’s entrance and began the process over again. Nip, nip, nip I attacked her sweet tasting, face drenching pussy. She could not take much more, so in a bold move I flew directly from her hole I to her clit, grabbed it in my teeth, and gently nibbled.

Nell exploded. Her orgasm was the most intense I have ever witnessed. The sound began low in her throat then moved to exit her mouth. Here it became an intense, vocal expression of sexual pleasure. Each time I nibbled on her clit she crashed through that barrier between an ever day cum and the higher level of orgasmic rhapsody.

After several minutes I stopped chewing, and with gentle strokes of my tongue throughout her vulva allowed her to regain control of her body. When at last Nell had calmed down to a controllable level she, as with Kassy, fell off my face onto the floor and laid there for several minutes. Occasionally, she would shiver as if a shock had pierced her body, but she eventually calmed, and later regained her composure.

“That was the greatest thing I have ever felt! I hope I remember what you did to me. I’m anxious to try it on one of the girls; probably Kendra as Kassy has already sat on your face. Don’t look so shocked, Rick. I told you we take pleasure wherever and from whomever we can find it.”

Through all of Nell’s excitement the licking on my genitals never stopped. I looked and saw the tongue belonged to Dave, but he was not alone. All the men were linked together sucking cock. Being aware of what previously was the male – female relationship I didn’t know if they were here of their on volition, or if a female had ordered halkalı escort it. On second thought, I really didn’t give a shit why they were there; a mouth, regardless of sex, on my cock is a good thing.

A blond stepped over my head giving me a perfect view of her bare-lipped cunt: “You’ve eaten mom and Kassy, and while it appears they had a wonderful time, I want a different part of your body, that hard appendage between your legs. Here is the deal, I want to be on top, and I want that huge cock in my pussy right now.” Then in a plaintive tone Kendra added: “Do you have any objections or problems with that.”

I shook my head no; she then turned around to face me, straddled my body, squatted, grabbed my dick, and impaled herself. The combined wetness of Dave’s saliva on my rock-hard prick and Kendra’s juices made the trip into her pussy feel like riding on a cloud. The tightness of her cunt surprised me, but the folds of her pussy were soft, slick, and comforting to my aching appendage.

“Oh FUCK YES! Your cock feels absolutely wonderful.” she proclaimed. “I have never felt so full. Guys, your sorry excuses for dicks have never made my cunt feel stretched like this.”

“Rick, I hope you’re ready for a ride. I don’t know when I will ever have an opportunity to do this again, and I am going to ride you till you drop.”

I quickly lunged my hips upward lifting Kendra off the floor. In a move, just as fast, I retreated, and she crashed her cunt down onto my engorged shaft. Again and again we plunged up and down: each time bringing Kendra a little closer to climax. She was on a high and was ready to go over the crest when I stopped. It was for just a moment, but long enough to bring her off the edge and make her climb the pleasure hill again. This we did several times till at last I allowed her to explode in an orgasmic blast equal to or exceeding that of the other women.

With her climax came the contractions of her peri-anal muscles around my enlarged fuck-staff. Those contractions propelled me to my own climax, and forced the man-juices from my cock into the furthest depth of her vaginal canal.

After a few minutes Kendra looked at me soulfully: “It may be just wishful hoping, but I am willing to bet we just created a new life. I won’t know for another two weeks, but that was the greatest cum of my life, and I am right at ovulation. Roll me onto my back. I want to keep all your juices inside me.”

We lay there for a long time stroking each other with gentle hands and talking quietly. I learned that Dave, John, and Wylie were relatively new in the women’s lives. In a sad twist, they were the best the women had found in a long time. A quick look showed they knew the score, and recognized their tenure was probably very short.

Kendra whispered: “If I asked would you be our husband for awhile?”

“What do you mean for awhile? Is that until you get tired of me and I am forced to depart?” I asked. “If that is what you mean then my answer is no; I won’t stay past the storm. But, if you are interested in something more lasting then my answer is yes. I am not interested in Nell or Kassy. Don’t misunderstand me; I will enjoy fucking them, but it is with you that I see a future.”

“We’ve known each other for only a few hours,” I continued. “But I am drawn to you in a way I am not drawn to the others. Kassy and your mom are beautiful. They are great sex partners, but you are more than that. I have a bunch of little tell-tale feelings going off in my brain and stomach that say I am well on my way to falling in love with you.”

“You and I must think and feel alike, because I have similar thoughts about you.” Kendra replied. “I want you to stay, and not just because of your cock or tongue. I want you to play a different role in my life; a role greater than as my most recent significant other. Please don’t misunderstand me; I want that wonderful piece of meat between your legs fucking me on a very frequent basis. It felt great in my pussy, and I can hardly wait to suck it, or for you to put it in my ass, but I also want something beyond fucking.”

After the storm passed we asked the men if they wanted to go or remain in a different capacity: as ranch hands, and occasional entertainment for the women. After about a microsecond of consideration they each decided to remain.

During the days ahead I found much work necessary to keep the ranch in operational shape. At night, Nell, Kassy, and especially Kendra kept me sexually busy and satisfied. Two weeks after our first encounter, Kendra confirmed her pregnancy, and shortly after that we went to town to be legally married. Late in the summer, Kendra delivered a set of healthy fraternal twins we named Daniel and Darlene.

My life is happy; I have one woman who truly loves me, three women who regularly fuck me, some short-dick ranch hands that take care of the women when I am exhausted, and a small brood of kids with two different moms, but who all call me Daddy.

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