The Proposition

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This is a story that occurred to me when on holiday in the DR earlier this year. It was a fantasy I played with my partner, but we stopped short of actually propositioning the girl in question.

If anyone wants to correct my Spanish, please feel free, but just remember that this is Dominican, not Castillian.

As usual, all feedback gratefully received. There will probably be a sequel in the next few months.


It was the end of the meal. We had enjoyed it, and the service had been very good. We felt relaxed.

Beth had agreed – perhaps a little reluctantly, perhaps not — to go ‘commando’. She was also wearing her push-up bra, which meant I had a good view of her enhanced cleavage across the table. That, plus the knowledge that she was naked beneath her skirt was enough to make me hard and erect.

The waitress, Luisa, was clearing our dessert dishes and offering us coffee. I turned to her and in my best Spanish asked her, “Luisa, quisiéramos hacer una pregunta.” I — we — would certainly like an answer to a question that was burning a hole in my pants.

“¿Si, señor?” she responded.

“Usted e una chica muy bonita.” I gauged her reaction to the compliment — she was indeed a very pretty girl.

She smiled. “Gracias, señor.” Beth gave me a slightly quizzical look.

“Mi mujer y yo,” I indicated Beth opposite, who smiled at the pretty Latina, “quisiéramos muchas que usted vuelve hasta nuestra habitación, por jugar como nos.” The girl’s eyes widened. A gringo was inviting her back to his room to play with both him and his wife.

“¿E usted interesando?” She looked rather shocked, so I pressed on with the rest of my offer. “Te ofertamos diez mil pesos. ¿Quiere usted jugar como nosotros esta noche?”

Beth was looking at me strangely. The girl’s expression was one of confusion. “Momentito,” she said in a slightly confused voice, and headed rapidly towards the kitchens.

“What’s happening? What did you say to her?” Beth looked at me quizzically.

“Well, either we’re about to get thrown out of the restaurant, or we’re going to get laid,” I said with a smile.

“What? What are you talking about, James? Tell me what you said to the girl.”

“I just asked her if she wanted to come back to our room and play with us. I offered her about three hundred dollars.”

“You did what?” Beth glanced around in alarm. “Shit, Jimmy, what do you think you’re doing?”

“Look, Beth, you’ve always said that you have this fantasy about going to bed with a young girl. You’ve said several times tonight that you think Luisa is very pretty.”

“No, you said that. I just agreed with you.”

“OK. Only I thought that we’re nicely relaxed, you’re probably a little juiced up because of — because of how you’re dressed, and Luisa looks absolutely delectable, don’t you think?”

“But James! You’ve probably shocked the poor girl, and she’ll be calling the manager, maybe even the police! What were you thinking? Were you even thinking at all? At least, with anything above your waist?”

In truth, Beth was at least partly right. I was taking a hell of a risk. We’d been in the Dominican Republic for over a week, and we’d relaxed pretty effectively. We’d had sex every day — usually twice. Beth had gone out without panties and in a short skirt on at least three occasions. On one of these, we had found a dark corner and I had fucked her up against a wall, as if we were a furtive young couple.

But although my sexy wife was keeping me well-served, I still couldn’t prevent myself from looking at the pretty Latina girls around the hotel. Some seemed little older than fourteen and very shy. Others seemed a little older, quite demure but with sexy little smiles. Still others, like the dancers and the animation team, appeared more knowing. Few spoke much English, beyond what was necessary to serve food and drink.

Luisa was probably the prettiest we’d seen. Her skin was very dark, her hair thick and curly, her nose was sweet and turned up, and her pleasant oval face was frequently lit up with a radiant and sexy smile. She was slim and slight of build, and looked very attractive in her formal waitress outfit with its cute waistcoat (which bore her name badge) and tight, cheeky skirt across her pert little bum. And what was more, she’d been flirting with me throughout the meal, giving me looks and smiles that seemed to be indicating attraction — even if their intention had been simply getting a large tip.

I’d drawn Beth’s attention to Luisa on several occasions. My wife has always preferred the more feminine end of the sexual spectrum. Big, hairy, muscular guys turn her off, big time. She adores Johnny Depp, Ben Barnes and Robert Pattinson, and drools over some of the boy band types. Me, I’m slim, wiry and with little body hair, and I’ve always looked young for my age, so I’m within her range of interest, even if I’m not in the same league as her idols. But she has erenköy escort said on several occasions, when looking at (say) the husbands of her college friends — mostly football types — that she considers that she may have lesbian leanings. We’ve talked about swinging, but she could never find a couple, or even a single guy, on any of the websites who meets her exacting standards.

When I suggested that we try sharing our bed with a single female, she was at first quite hostile to the idea. “It’s just so you can fuck someone else,” she said. I told her that, if necessary, I’d sit in a corner and watch her make out with another woman, just so that she could have the girl-girl experience. I could see that she was interested, but so far we’d failed to bring it about.

So here we were, sexed up and surrounded by sweet Latina girls. Perhaps, I had thought, one might like to earn herself a few dollars — possibly rather a lot of dollars in her estimation – having fun with a gringo couple? It was worth a try. If the girl complained, I could always claim it was all a misunderstanding, due to my poor Spanish.

As Beth still watched me suspiciously — and a little contemptuously — from the other side of the table, Luisa reappeared from the kitchen. She was alone; I had half-feared that she would be bringing one of the male staff to beat the shit out of me. She appeared nervous as she approached our table, glancing around to ensure that we were not observed.

“Señor, señora,” she glanced at Beth with a shy little smile. “No puedo volver como ustedes esta noche.” Shit. So that was a no, then.

“Pero…” Again, she glanced around. “Pero la mañana… ¿Dice diez mil pesos?”

“Si, verdad.” She was showing interest. Ten thousand pesos was clearly a bait she was finding it hard to resist, and she was suggesting that maybe, tomorrow…

She asked shyly what I had meant when I suggested that she ‘play’ with us. We were leaning close. I struggled a little with my halting Spanish. I suggested that we undress. Kiss. Make caresses ‘con manos y bocas’ — with hands and mouths. That she would perhaps lick my wife and me, and we would lick her. (Her eyes widened). Perhaps — perhaps she would like to become acquainted with my ‘güevo’….

“Señor. Es una problemita. No soy virgin, pero…” She looked abashed.

So she wasn’t quite a virgin. Just almost one, and probably reluctant to actually fuck someone other than her boyfriend.

“No es una problema.”

I told her that we would play and give each other pleasure, that we would be very gentle, and that we were sure that she would enjoy it. I made a mental note to ensure that I had sufficient cash to offer her extra if she proved reluctant.

She smiled shyly. “Mañana. A las diez del noche. ¿Aquí?” At ten tomorrow evening we would meet her and take her from the restaurant, and then we would — take her.

“You’re sick! Fancy propositioning a young girl like that!” Beth gave me one of her withering looks.

“Maybe. But don’t you find it exciting?”

“Pervy, more like. You never asked me. What if I don’t want to go through with it?”

“Well, you’ll miss the feeling of Luisa’s soft skin against yours, her tongue in your slit, the taste of her sweet, young pussy juices, her nice firm tits against yours. I could go on…”

“Yeah, and also the sight of your cock going in and out of her pussy and her mouth. That’s all you want, you dirty old bugger. I suppose I’m not enough for you?”

“Hey baby, it’s not like we’ve never talked about it. And you’re not telling me that the thought of cuddling a sweet young thing like Luisa doesn’t turn you on?” I looked at her face. Yes, there were the tell-tale signs of arousal.

“I mean,” I went on, “can’t you just picture yourself, licking her sweet pussy, tasting her, feeling the sexy wet folds? Having her tongue in your slit, doing the same to you — really soft, perhaps a little shy but so gentle? Maybe yes, watching my cock slide in and out of her, and the expression on her face as she’s fucked. Maybe you’d be stroking her clit, making her cum. Or maybe feeling it sliding in and out of your cunt while Luisa plays with your clit? Or sucking on her nice, hard nipples while maybe I finger fuck you and she — she sucks on my cock?”

We were in a dimly-lit area of the gardens, so I slipped my arm around her, pulled her close and kissed her. “Wouldn’t you like to feel her stroking your clit?” I whispered in her ear, as my hand slid down beneath the hem of her skirt.

“James! Jimmy! Stop — stop that.”

I ignored her. My hand slid up her thigh and made contact with the smooth skin of her bare pussy. She had had it waxed as a special treat for me just before we came here, and it turned us both on to see and feel those smooth pussy lips. As I had guessed, at this moment they were most definitely moist. I kissed her again, and my finger slid deeper. I felt her catch her breath.

“Yeah, göztepe escort her fingers would slide into your pussy just like that. Only her touch would be so gentle. Can you imagine looking down at your bodies, you pale, her so dark and smooth, those sweet little fingers of hers shyly exploring your slit? And maybe she’d be making little noises because I’d be licking her pussy, maybe finger-fucking her tight little cunt. And I’d get her to finger-fuck you. Maybe stick one of those slender fingers up your bum. And she’ll be so surprised when she makes you come. I bet she’s never had a woman before — certainly not an experienced one like you. And maybe we could take turns licking her slit until she squeals and screams.”

By now, Beth’s breathing was quickening, and her pussy juices were making my fingers slick. I could hear her gasps as I probed her sweet little cunt – still tight, thanks to her never having had kids.

“Maybe — maybe we’ll have to show her how to fuck. We could start with you opening wide and taking me right in, while she watches the action up close. She can see how your tight little cunt stretches around my cock. And then – then we could get her to lick your clit while I fuck you. Maybe — maybe I’d pull out every once in a while and slip my cock into her cute little mouth so she can suck your juices off me. Then I’d shove it back up you, baby, and make you moan out loud. What do you think?”

“I think — I think I need you to fuck me. Right now,” she gasped.

I looked around for a suitable place. About twenty yards away, there was a small service building, and just behind it, a stack of sun-lounger mattresses about waist high. Perfect. Without ceremony, I led her around the back so we couldn’t easily be seen, and bent her over the mattresses. Seconds later, my trousers were around my ankles — I’d also gone commando — her skirt was around her waist and my cock was balls-deep in her hot, juicy cunt.

Beth doesn’t usually get off just from being fucked. She enjoys the sensations and the sexiness, but she needs clit-play to make her come. Sometimes we just take it in turns, or other times — like tonight — we find a position where I can shaft her and play with her clit at the same time.

We were both so aroused that it wasn’t going to take long, and I could tell that she was trying to suppress her cries. Beth is noisy when she comes. I love hearing her loud moans and cries and feeling the sensations of her undulating pussy when she reaches release. When we get the timing right, and when she’s particularly turned on, she can come and come for over a minute at a time. When she comes really strongly like that, I adore the feeling of her cunt rippling and squeezing around my cock. That almost always gets me off.

On that night, I felt her coming after little more than a minute, barely fifty strokes in her hot, wet tube. She was keeping her mouth tightly closed, so all I could hear was ‘Mmmmm! Mmmmm! MmmmMMMMMM!’ But the sensations on and around my cock told me everything I needed to know. As if that wasn’t enough, I had a mental image of doing to Luisa just what I was currently doing to Beth, looking down at the black girl’s tight little arsehole winking at me as I plundered the luscious, wet hole immediately beneath it. At that point, all control vanished and I filled my wife with a heavy load of spunk.

As she stepped out of the shower cubicle ten minutes later, having tried to wash away the dribbling fluid I had so generously deposited inside her, she said “You’re still a pervy bastard. You’ve put that girl in a difficult spot. Do you think she’ll go through with it?”

“Yes, I think so. You could tell that the money was a strong enticement. It’s probably a week’s wages to her. And you know — I just got the impression she found it a bit exciting too. Like I said, she was flirting with me. You must have noticed?”

“Dream on, you old perv. You must be at least twice her age. Why would she choose your cock when there are so many other handsome young guys to choose from?”

Beth had a point. We’d done our fair share of people-watching around the pool over the last week. Mostly, the holiday-making couples we’d seen seemed to be major disparities between the relative attractiveness of we’d seen. There were lots of middle-aged and older couples, plus a few very pretty girls with very average-looking, fat and/or balding men. There were two German couples, perhaps in their forties, where the women, who seemed to be sisters, would be classed (by me at least) as MILFs, but their husbands were undoubtedly FUOGs (‘fat ugly old gits’).

For the most part, the best eye-candy for both of us was to be found from among the staff. Many of the guys, I had to admit, were handsome, fit and very attractive — at least to a woman. Most of the female staff were young and pretty — prettier than most of the guests. Some had the knowing look of young married women, or at least women who were not exactly kadıköy escort strangers to sex. Some looked too young even to be employed. And some, like Luisa, were achingly delightful, sweet, sexy and appealing to us both. Beth didn’t want to admit it, but in selecting Luisa I was fuelling one of her most private fantasies too.

“So should I have picked out a nice boy for you then?”

“Maybe. Were you thinking of pimping me?”

“Perhaps. But I thought you’d like to try fingers and a tongue before you sample a big cock. And anyway,” I added, “their cocks would probably be too big for you.”

As I mentioned earlier, Beth is very tight. If we haven’t had sex for a while, it feels like I’m fucking a virgin when I try to slip inside her — a fantasy we sometimes play up to. She’s very petite and fit, and as I say, has never had kids, so she finds my meat more than enough for her. I’m of pretty average length, although my cock is reasonably thick, and there have been times when I’ve hurt her by being too eager or too fierce. She has said on many occasions that cock size is more of a turn off than a turn on for her. Given the reputation of black guys in this department, it was probably best that we were approaching our three-in-a-bed sex on holiday the way we had.

“What’s more,” I ventured, “I guess Luisa isn’t very experienced. Maybe her boyfriend isn’t either. Or maybe he’s a bit too big and not skilled enough to make it feel good. Perhaps she’s tried sex and, while it was exciting and naughty, it didn’t fulfil her like she felt it should, or maybe it even hurt her. And she seemed to like you. I think if I’d suggested that it was just me taking her to bed, she wouldn’t have gone along with it.”

“If you’d suggested it was just you taking her to bed, you’d have woken up in the morning without anything to fuck her with. Don’t forget that I have my blunt scissors with me!” She looked at me defiantly.

“Oh shut up woman and just suck my cock, will you?”

To my lasting surprise, she did.


Great sex, like good food, can be almost as good in the anticipation as in the fulfilment. Like I said — almost. Beth’s initial apparent jealousy and outrage over me fixing up sex with another woman seemed to have worn off. Instead, I could sense a growing excitement at what we had planned for the following evening.

To be honest, we both half expected Luisa to back out of our arrangement, but neither of us would say so. Instead, throughout the next day, Beth and I teased and tantalised each other over what it would be like to be having sex with Luisa.

“I want to watch you doing the scissors position with Luisa. How do you think it will feel having a girl’s pussy lips rubbing over your clit?” I could see Beth getting quite worked up over the idea of new sensations.

“It looks like her mouth is bigger than mine. Maybe she’ll be able to deep throat you. I want to watch you fuck her face.” Beth’s mouth is rather small, and as I said, my cock is on the thick side. She has never been able to take more than about half my length, and when she struggles to accommodate me it makes her jaw ache. I doubted that a girl as apparently inexperienced as Luisa would fare any better, but the image that Beth had conjured up, of me sliding my cock in and out between those soft lips, got me hard very quickly.

As I said, for most of the holiday we had managed an average of at least one fuck a day, and sometimes two or three. That morning, Beth had woken me with a lovely wake-up suck, and after getting me hard, had straddled me. I’d grabbed the small vibrator we’d brought with us from the bedside drawer and slipped it between our bodies, sliding it into her slit and rubbing it gently on her clit. We both came within a few minutes.

After lunch we sat in one of Jacuzzi pools. There was hardly anyone around, so I started stroking behind her knees — a very sensitive spot for her – under the bubbling water. She didn’t object, so I kept on caressing, moving my hand to her thighs. Then I slipped a hand onto her flat belly and slid my fingers into her bikini bottoms. She made a weak effort to stop me, but when I dipped into her slit, it was obvious she was wet — and not just from the spa pool. Under cover of the bubbles, I teased her clit and pussy until she came, struggling hard not to thrash around and cry out in the pool.

She then started trying to tease me through my swim shorts, but I suggested that it would be rather antisocial to deposit cum in the pool. Instead, we hurried back to our room, still a little moist from the jacuzzi, and I confirmed that Beth was still more than a little moist from her recent orgasm, as I bent her over the balcony rail and fucked her energetically and without ceremony from behind. (Fortunately, we had a sea view and there were no boats around!)

That evening, Beth and I were sitting at an outdoor table near the restaurant a little after ten, finishing some drinks.

“Do you think she’ll turn up?” Beth asked with a slight note of worry in her voice.

“Would you rather she did or she didn’t?” I asked back,

“Well, I’m a bit scared of what might happen, but I’m still excited.”

“That’s good, because here she is.”

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