The R-Virus: A Woman and her Dog

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“Max! Come!. Max!” Lisa was at her limit of calling for her dog, she had thought it would be a good idea to let him off his leash, in a forest, for the first time. “Where the hell did you get off too… stupid animal.”
It was frustrating to feel gut wrenchingly worried and to also be teeth grindingly annoyed. Still, when she saw him burst out from the foliage, her shoulders sagged with relief and smiled warmly at him knowing he wasn’t far at all.
He was German Shepard with a coat of fur like black charcoal, tall triangular ears, the low trademark hips of his breed. She had to remind herself he was still young, just a young adult, easily distracted by simple things. He trotted up to her like nothing was wrong, the tail was high in the air like he was the one in charge.
“There’s my good boy!” She was bent over deeply, hands braced on her knees when she cooed to him.
The blondes heavy bust was straining at the metal snaps of her shirt, prying open little gaps in the spaces between them. Her short black skirt was no match for the amount of booty she expected it to hide, it was lifted high over hips showing off the pale round cheeks of her ass.
Her pouty sex was peeking out between her thick thighs, the black triangle of her g-string was supposed to be covering her modesty had been devoured by the plump lips of her pussy during the walk. The string of black silk was lost in the deep in the crack of her ass, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination.
“Bad! Wandering off like that… you had me worried!” once the elation faded, she realized she should be trying her best to scold him to discourage him from wandering off.
He seemed absolutely pleased with himself, tail wagging high over his back end and completely unphased by her words. Those stunning blue eyes softened her up from the way he would look up at her, she let another transgression slide.
With a sigh of surrender she kneeled down in front of him, the tender moment was suddenly dashed when she gagged from the foul reek of breath. Of course, he just had to get into something in just those few moments of freedom, she was forced to lean in closer with leash in hand.
She hastily attached the lead, her face wrinkled in disgust and before she could even rise to her feet, he was pulling at it and she stumbled forward to keep up with his demanding tugs.

They had resumed their morning walk, the sun just started to peek over the hill giving them ample light to walk the quiet trail. The clothes she wore, not quite fitting for the forest, it was her waitressing get up for the morning shift after letting Max burn off some of his seemingly limitless stamina.
Her choice of clothes, just skimpy tools that brought her in so many tips, the only downside were the adventurous hands of patrons, they did not have very far to travel to pet or grab her in more intimate places. She hardly minded the attention, those that did get grabby usually made up for it by tipping the best, it was a win for both of them.
Moments passed by, they were on their way back to the car and for once, Max had stopped yanking at his leash, instead, his pace was slowing. It was a welcome change and she smiled when he was close to her side, she put her hand on his head while they walked, fingers playing over his ears.
When started to lag behind, she didn’t think much was wrong, just maybe there was an actual limit of his font of energy. It wasn’t until she was yanked back did she consider something was wrong with the pooch, she turned to look at him with her brows furrowed in confusion.
The look quickly changed to one of worry, his head was low, the panting sounds he was making were more akin to gasps.
Oh… shit… Max what did you get into.” her voice was a whine of both worry and annoyance from the sudden inconvenience. Then she noticed the predatory look in his eyes, she had never seen such a look from him. Her throat tightened, it was directed towards her, his gaze raked over her curves in a disturbingly familiar way, too much like the men she served.
She was no longer worried about him, but for herself his stance was wide and he licked his jowls at her like she was a piece of meat. When he began to advance on her, every instinct was screaming out for her to run, but she was slowly retreating from him, too terrified to turn her back on Max.
While she was backing away her rump was pressed up to one of the heavy log rails marking the path. She whimpered while he was getting closer, panting heavily with long streamers of drool hanging off his lower jaw, his intention completely eluding Lisa, yet every instinct was telling her it was nothing good.
“Max… please, it’s me… Lisa… remember?” Her voice was soft to try and coax him down, but there was a tremble of fear to her voice from her companion turning on her.
She was nearly sitting on the log when he got even closer, unsure of what to do, she held still, not wanting to provoke him. His wedge shaped head was moving between her parted knees, his eyes locked on what lay under her skirt.
He shoved at her inner thigh with a snarl and she spread her legs without hesitation, only a whimper of fear. Her heart was pounding, breaths coming quickly, her legs quaking while his slavering maw slipped under her dress.
He was huffing up her scent of her pussy with heavy panting, blasting scorching hot breaths over her petals, the musty heat clinging to her skin. Her sex was already well aware of what her canine was planning, pulsing eagerly for his mouth, her mind, on the other hand, was in complete denial of her arousal.
Max didn’t mistake the stink of her desire and shoved his head almost completely under her skirt, giving her sensitive slit a proper hello with a rumbling growl. She gasped from the shock of his slimy nose bumping roughly into her sex, the tip was cold, his breath hot, those harsh vibrations from his growl rippling through her that had her toes curling in her shoes.
As it would turn out to her complete shock and awe, her dog wanted to devour her in a much more intimate way. The first thing she could think to do was look around, making damned sure no one was watching, caring more about getting caught than how deeply her dog grinding his nose over her seam.
She went completely stiff when he planted a sloppy canine kiss, right against the barely covered lips of her pussy. The hot tongue was rough, grabbing at her lips and pulling at them, rasping over her silken petals until they slipped free.
She groaned from the attention given to her pussy by her animal companion, cheeks flushed pink from the naughty mix of pleasure and utter shame of enjoying it. She bit her bottom lip to stave off the urge to want more, surely it was all just a mistake.
Max was just confused, he couldn’t possibly want her in such a canal way, it was the right thing to try and stop him.
“Max… what the fuck are yo-” She harshly whispered her complaint at him and was reaching for his collar, but the growl that came from under her dress made her reconsider.
Then hot tongue struck her again, harder, more demanding than before, then she yelped when his sharp incisors pinched at one of her meaty lips.The g-string was a terrible idea, her clever companion was using his teeth to tug it aside, exposing her entirely to his predatory mouth.
When he assaulted her slit in full, she gripped the log tightly, his broad muscle slapping over her pussy with rapid strokes, her head tilting back as a low groan spilled from her lips. He was ravishing her slit, those licks loud and sloppy, the sound was similar the way he would drink up water, instead her pussy was the bowl he was lapping at.
He rumbled deeply while licking her, clearly he enjoyed her taste, she adored how those tremors would wash over her slit, shuddering deep in her core. His tongue was powerful and quick, she was struck with one electric jolt of pleasure after another from a ceaseless ravishing of her pussy.
She had heard stories about women using tricks to fool dogs into licking them, Max needed no deception, it was no mistake, he was deliberately eating her out. Part of her knew she should to stop him, what they were doing was wrong, but those deep kisses were threatening to unravel what little inhibitions she had left.
“Max… please… we can’t” Her voice was low and haughty, she had to pause to pant between her the last desperate words to save some dignity.
Max didn’t listen, his tongue kept smacking against her sopping cunt, thick ropes of his sticky drool hanging off her ass, the log soaked with her arousal and his spit. Her green eyes were heavily lidded with lust, mind fogged over with bliss, her legs spread to him in complete surrender.
When her thighs parted even wider and she exposed the entirety of her pussy, he shoved his muzzle between them with a desirous snarl. She moaned loudly, the tongue pushes past her petals to rake at the pink center.
Once his coarse muscle was scouring the sensitive center of her sex the intensity of her pleasure surged too far greater heights, the moments to catch her breath were far and few. Nothing was sacred to her animal lover, was licking deeply into the crack of her ass, teasing her pucker, then dragged his fat tongue into her spread open pussy, grinding it all the way to her most sensitive protrusion.
The experience was amazing, all her reservations were being licked from her, she reached down to stroke the soft velvet of his ears, completely in a daze of euphoria. She could never go back to normal oral, not after what Max was showing her on the trail, complete mesmerized from the pleasure he was giving her.
He paused in his relentless assault, leaving her panting for more, then she noticed just how hotly her pussy was pulsing from his affection. Yet it wasn’t just her sex, her body was hot all over, feverish from the experience, her mind addled with lust, yearning to experience more.
“Oh fuck… Max… don’t stop.” She whined from her addiction for his mouth, but Max had stopped and he was sitting far back from her, panting from a job well done.
While he sat on his haunches, her eyes fixated on the spire of meat jutting from between his legs, his fat crimson rod was standing tall in attention. It was a huge glistening spire of twitching flesh, the tip was blunt and bulged so much wider behind it, giving it a look more akin to a heavily veined baseball bat.
It was the biggest cock she had ever seen, resting between the legs of her dog, she wanted it more badly than she had ever craved for a man’s cock. She fell to her knees in worship, crawling towards him with the intent to return the oral her animal lover had given her.
There was no hesitation when she spread her plump lips around the hot flesh to suck on Max’s cock like a depraved whore. The size of him was incredible, she could barely handle him in her mouth, moaning into his flesh with an appreciation for his size.
His salty flavor saturated her sense of taste, making her drool profusely over his crimson rod, though it did little to stymie the intense heat coming from his member. The heavy musk coming bursa escort off his crotch filled her nostrils, he smelled like a primal horny animal, a constant reminder she was servicing her dog with her mouth.
Her hand went between her legs, fingers stirring hard over the swollen button under her thick folds, her blonde head bobbing deeply in her dog’s lap. Max seemed more than happy to sit there while she debased herself on his dick, panting his drool over her back as heavily as she was salivating over his shaft.
The way his cock fattened in the middle pressed her tongue flat, she keenly felt the tangle of veins under the skin and how they twitched over her sensitive muscle. She took him in deeper, letting her pooch push into her throat so it could swallow his cock, her throat grabbing at it with ulping sounds.
He suddenly pulled away, member withdrawing from her mouth with a wet pop, leaving her gasping chin dripping from the debauchery of her oral. She watched eagerly while he moved around her towards her back end, her body was in a perfect position to receive him.
Still, she bent her upper body low to the ground to better present her ass to him, her chest pressed into the hard packed dirt, flattening her mountains to push her rump high into the air like a good slut. Max wasted little time and mounted her with a growl, pushing his paws around her hips until she felt them gripping her above the mound of her pussy.
His paws were clutching her tightly, the hard claws gouging at her skin through the waistband of the skirt, pulling himself in close until she could feel his furry body smothering her ass. Then his fat rod smacked between her parted thighs, tracing higher towards her sex getting into position to fuck his master.
A battle raged in her mind over how she was willingly allowing her pet to fuck her, she knew it was perverted to let it happen, but she was also curious about just how different he was going to be. There was a sudden jab at her nethers with his hard member, she sucked in a sharp breath, her mind focusing on how he was far off, worryingly close to either hole.
She angled her hips a little higher, wanting to make sure her dog found the right tight opening before he struck again. Only to yelp in shock from a force was putting behind those eager prods, his organ was a hot spear, getting closer and closer with each attempt.
When he hit the mark, did he ever fucking hit it, her pussy belched from the fleshy club smashing up inside, spreading her achingly wide. She cried out wildly from the shock he delivered to her system, a chaotic mix of pain and pleasure bursting between her legs as he rapidly fucked her.
His brand of sex was fast and intense, she acted on reflex, trying to pull away from the source, but he yanked her right back into his bucking hips. Her frantic screams were crudely interrupted by the force of him ramming his scorching hot organ deeper and deeper, coring out her cunt with his girth, snarling while he mercilessly plundered her sore pussy.
Her eyes were wide as she stared forward, her dog’s feral growls and how forceful he was being with her body frightened her. Yet some depraved part of her mind was thrilled by it, the power of his thrusts shoving her forward, her sensitive tits grinding into the dirt, Max was claiming her harder and deeper than any man could.
His head was tucked against the side of her neck, panting heavily into her ear to the tune of the frenzied speed of his bucking hips. Her cries became more haughty, the brutal jarring impacts of his hips striking her rump altering the pitch coming from her throat.
Her eyes wide in disbelief at how good a dog’s cock, she was filled to the brim with his scorching hot rod, so many hard veins running over his shaft, giving it a rough and bumpy texture to rake against her silken walls. Her pussy was melting its liquid lust around his piston, over lubricating it until her slot was slurping and squelching.
Max was taking advantage of her slutty ass and she loved how her her pussy made those sloppy sounds over his canine meat churning inside her. He was absolutely punishing her cunt for enjoying his massive dick, those plump lips had swollen bright pink and were being pushed and pulled along his shaft.
She was infatuated with getting rutted into by a horny animal and pushed up off the ground only so she could push back harder into his bucking hips. He rumbled his approval and haunched even harder into her, sending deep ripples down her the thick rounds of flesh with a muffled impact of his furry hips smacking at her plump ass.
It was her turn to pant from the force of his blows, her massive tits swinging between her arms, busting the front of her shirt open to dance in the open air. When her pussy adjusted to his girth and the ache truly melted away, she knew her dog had completely ruined her.
With only the wild surges of pleasure ripping through her body, she felt a tension rapidly building in her core, there was nothing left to hold back the orgasm she lusted to experience. It only took a few of those deep haunches to turn the building tension into a bomb of euphoria which he released upon her with devastating effect.
She threw her head back with a scream of pure ecstasy, so loud it made her throat ache to release it, but it served to make her peak rise to dizzying heights. Her legs were quaking from the waves of pure pleasure, her pussy contracting so tightly around his girth, he snarled from the friction of it.
He was still jackhammering her while she was cumming, over stimulating her with mind melting shockwaves of raw pleasure. She moaned like a depraved slut, eyelids fluttering over her vacant staring eyes, completely lost in the pure bliss of it all.
His glans we’re swelling up at the base of his dick, slipping in and out of her opening, growing larger with every pass. Her dog wanted to tie with her, to breed her cunt like a proper bitch, in her pleasure doped stupor, she spread her legs wider to accept her role as his cum dumpster.
She mewled from the sensation of him yanking his fat stopper in and out of her still contracting entrance, making her hole slurp and pop when it tried to grip him, but he kept ripping it away. The wild shocks of pain and pleasure of him teasing at her hole with something so unbelievably thick had her eyes rolling back to stare inside her skull.
Then he slammed it into her so hard and deep, she was shoved down into the dirt once more with a pained grunt. Even when laid low by him, she groaned in bliss from the feeling of Max getting truly stuck inside her.
His knot was still swelling up, broke into a fit of frantic breaths when it got thicker than a grown man’s fist. The sensation of his entrenched cock throbbing against her walls had her pussy clenching right back, those fat lips sucking around his tie, pulling at his organ with hunger.
She was rewarded with cock turning steely hard inside, her world was being rocked when his hard meat pushed the limits of her silken passage. Then she felt it, a fat rope of thick slime was fired deep inside her, the heat so intense she gasped while is seared at her delicate walls.
She had never a fan of creampies, getting a pussy full of stinky sticky cum was gross. but it was different with Max. The intense heat of his potent animal seed gave her such a dirty thrill when she looked back to him, her eyelids were heavy with desire and wanting more.
He was standing on top of her like a conqueror, she could have sworn he was grinning amidst his quickened panting. He didn’t cum much, but that one single shot felt like a lot, the heat of it was still radiating deeply in her core, spreading wonderfully through her midsection.
After a short while of them laying fused together, his cock gave another mighty throb and she gasped from the sensation of him pumping more of his potent essence inside her. She wasn’t sure if he had peaked again, or if male dogs just took their sweet time pumping away into their stuck bitches.
It was such a slow release, but with each flex, she would get filled up a little more by him, the longer he remained tied to her, the more he would surely give her. She had plenty of time to fantasize what it would be like to be pregnant with his puppies and found herself sorely wanting to experience it.
Her perverted thoughts were scattered from another hard flex, the building pressure following was a signal, filled up to the brim, it felt amazing. Her pussy was stuffed with such a massive load of animal spunk, his knot corking it inside, the heat of it radiating through her body, panting from the exotic experience.
Then she felt the pressure of his knot fading, their time bound together was coming to an end, already she was missing that full feeling. He gave a light tug, but she didn’t want him to leave, greedy gripping him with her sex.
She yelped her regret when he yanked so much harder with a growl followed by a loud fleshy pop. Her legs snapped tight, the harsh sting had her teeth cleaning together when his partially deflated knot was so crudely ripped from her slot.
Once the cork was removed, her throbbing pussy let out a long burbling cum fart before the messy noise was cut off completely by the rising tide of pearl white slime. It burbled forth, spilling out from between the yawning lips of her pussy, his massive load splattering between her feet.
“Max put it back in.” She pathetically whined her demand, wriggling her hips at him, trying her best to tease her dog to fuck her more.
Instead, she heard the jingle of his dog tags, shot down by her own companion as he started to walk away. She sat up to watch him trotting down the path, if there was a shred of pride left, it might have stung more.
Her brows furrowed in annoyance, watching him trotting off with the fat crimson cock she craved swaying tauntingly with every step. She got up on her unsteady legs, forced to tail Max, who thankfully was going the right way towards the car.
Trying to catch up to him was proving difficult with her pussy pulsing with such aching need, every step she took only seemed to stoke the fire between her legs. She felt his tacky mess clinging heavily to her stockings, never in her life had she ever been so horny, even the reek of her dog’s spunk was just a turn on for her sex addicted mind.
When she finally caught up to the leash dragging far behind him, she bent down to snatch it up. Once she had a good hold of the lead she tried to stop Max with it, finally, she slowed him down and got him close enough so she could give his head a pet.
“That’s my good boy… I need a nice shower after what you did all up in me.” her voice was haughty and he seemed to be just beside himself with amusement the way he was grinning and panting.

Then she heard the sounds of rapid foot steps a tall brunette rounded the corner, her long legs taking long strides as she ran towards the pair. Her body was athletically toned, which only made her cosmetic enhancements all the more obvious.
The tank top was stretched around two perfectly round volley balls for tits, bursa escort bayan she didn’t even need to wear a bra to support those perky monsters. The pink caps surrounding her chubby nipples were clearly showing through the material, the way those globes bounced holding Lisa’s envious gaze.
When she met the other woman’s eyes, they were alight with clear amusement, a crooked smirk on her pouty lips. Lisa’s stomach twisted in horror when they raked down her body, suddenly aware of the sorry state she was in after getting fucked in the dirt by Max
Her breasts were pushing through the blown out gap of her dirt smeared shirt, the chocolate colored areolas just peeking from the corners of the deep V of her top. Her thighs were soaked with drool, cum and pussy juice churned into a milky froth and clinging to her stockings.
“Beautiful dog.” The girl coyly said to Lisa while running past, she couldn’t utter a word in response, her head tracking the woman as she ran by, only to hear the woman chuckle in the distance.
Lisa groaned her embarrassment, then felt a sudden tug at the leash, Max was pulling towards the woman, clearly, he wanted to take a round out of the woman, while reaching for her heart shaped ass with his front paws. She was seriously tempted to just let him go after her, just to see what kind of stupid face a bimbo like her would make with her dog on top of her.
Instead, she bit down the urge and gave a light tug, he was slow relent, but then he looked back at her, seeming to weigh his options and then turned to keep walking with Lisa.
“Yeah, don’t worry about that slut, when we get home… you can have me to your heart’s content, Max.” She purred to him while stroking his ear, she was definitely missing work today.

Lisa had to lay down a towel in the driver’s seat before she climbed into her car, Max was already the back, curled up and already sleeping his well-deserved rest. She gave him one more fond pet, her body still burning with such a hungry urge to have him inside her again.
It took no small amount of willpower to turn away from him and start the car, pulling out of the gravel parking lot and getting onto the road towards home. The drive home was nearly uneventful, except when a line of jet black vehicles drove past her.
Large boxy security vans rumbled by, leading long triple axle buses, the suspicious convoy was quite long and seemed to be heading for the park they had come from.

When Lisa opened the door to her apartment, they both moved with a separate goal in mind, she was heading to the shower connected to her bedroom. Max, on the other hand, made a beeline towards the food bowl and dove in with a ravenous hunger.
She pulled open her brown filthy shirt and let it fall off her arms to the ground before looking down at her breasts. They were in a sorry state, unevenly stuffed back into the cups of her bra, one nipple was hanging out, cleavage streaked with dirt.
She unzipped the side of her skirt, pushing it past the broad swell of her hips, thumbs also hooking into her underwear to take them both off. The stockings that had been glued to her legs by Max’s cum, forced to peel them off bit by bit before tossing them aside in disgust.
She wanted to inspect her sex, Max was a very rough lover, bigger than anything she had taken before him. With a foot on the toilet, she inspected her sex with a hand, finding it hot to the touch, her lips still pink and swollen, making them even poutier than usual.
When she pried them apart, they wetly smacked at her before exposing the glistening pink flesh under them. Other than the stink of the creampie from her pet, she looked just fine down there, her pussy just needed a little rinse for another round.
She turned the standing shower on, a gentle cone of steaming hot water awaiting her, she stepped into the spray with a sigh of bliss as the heat washing over her body. She usually took long showers, but she was too eager to be with Max again, like an addict in withdrawal, her mind was debilitated with a perverted fixation to feel those sensations all over again.
She strode from the side bathroom, entering the adjoining master bedroom, still dripping wet from her quick shower. On the dresser was the radio, her ancient media player permanently residing between the speakers.
She turned on a playlist of music, the kind of music she loved to get fucked good and hard with, then cranked the volume way up. No need in having the neighbors getting worried about the screams of her pleasure and calling the cops, it wouldn’t be the first time it had happened to her.
With an eager leap, she bounced atop her bed, bed springs squeaking with her weight, the frame shaped out of painted black metal. Thick pipes formed a broad curve of the front and back boards, evenly spaced slender bars under the bend of the railing.
She grabbed one of her pillows to put it under her midriff for support, knees tucked under her body, lifting her ass just a little higher. She looked over her shoulder to see the broad shape of her booty, glistening wet ready for another rough and deep round of doggy fucking.
The length of the double sized bed was opposite of the door, she was bent over and facing the foot of the bed and its low metal railing. Her voluptuous figure on full display for anyone when they walked in, but she was only interested having her pet seeing her in such a position.
“Max, come here, mommy has a treat for you!” She called for him excitedly, immediately hearing the sharp click of his claws against the hardwood floor of the living room.
She saw him enter just out of the corner of her eye, her spine set alight with an electric thrill surging so wildly, a shuddered washed over her body from the sensation. Her pussy was pulsing with a need to be filled, her lips already sticky with her nectar, heart hammering in her chest.
The bed shifted as more weight was added from behind, Max had come to claim his treat, she wriggled it at her partner joining her. His hot breath blew over her petals, expecting to feel his amazing tongue washing over her pussy again.
Then his weight was suddenly upon her backside, making her huff from having to support his bulk, just a little disappointed there was going to be no foreplay. His paws were gripping her sides, those blunt claws digging into her delicate skin, aching hotly where they scraped.
He was panting eagerly to mate with her, his hips pushing in close to her sex to take aim for her muff. Then he slammed into her, brutally packing her tight cunt with dog meat, her mind was sent spinning, groaning low in a senseless tone from the mental shock of it.
He drove into her, over and over, boring out her tight cunt, forcing her open to take him in with savage growls. He was brute force hate fucking her, the noises coming from her throat more akin to a dying animal, but he was heedless of how badly he was rattling her head with his feral lust.
The hot ache of being stretched out was quickly joined with the deep cramp of him pushing so deeply inside returned, she could have sworn he was even bigger than before. He was pounding into her with such raw power, bracing against the railing with her hands so she could take the full force of his hips.
She felt packed to the brim with animal dick, so full, her pussy felt stuck on him and when he pulled back she was being pulled back by the suction. Wild screams were being pushed out of her every time his hips connected with her ass, a sharp clap of flesh on flesh
Her pussy was gushing when he shoved to the hilt, inner thighs soaking wet to feel the entirety of Max inside once again. Then he throbbed inside her, she gasped from the sudden shock, the lips of her muff being forced wider.
There were pins and needles pricking along them, the flesh stretched thin around his churning shaft, he was definitely bigger than before. She tried to dismiss it, recklessly brushing the pain aside, then he throbbed again and her eyes bulged wide when that pain doubled.
“Max! God Max… it’s too big!” She cried out, it was too much, she couldn’t take him anymore, fearing he would only grow larger.
She reached back to push at his hips, instead of grabbing at his thick coat of fur, she only found a few lingering wires of hair under her fingers. Her stomach knotted with dread, something was terribly wrong with him, she looked back over her shoulder, her eyes filled with utter terror.
It was a sickening sight, Max looked like he had the mange, his fur patchy all over and she could see his muscles rippling under a bruised purple hide to fuck her. The fluffy tail looked as if it had been replaced by a snake, the broad head was swaying in the air behind him.
He was so much larger than before, those lusty snarls much deeper, vibrating deep into her core, filling her with fear. His lip was curled with a snarl, his eyes were bloodshot wide with some kind of feral madness and boring into hers.
Stricken with panic she whimpered, lurching away from him, but those paws squeezed even tighter into her hips, holding her in place. He was still plowing into her while she was kicking her legs in desperation to get away from what used to be her dog.
She felt thick ropes of muscle winding around her thighs, her skin crawled from the alien touch as wrapped up her legs in loose coils. She grimaced when they crushed into her flesh like steel cables, her legs were being pulled apart by them.
The muscles of her thighs shuddered to resist his demands, but it was useless to fight, the twisted canine forced her to spread wide to him. He was only getting bigger inside, his immensity testing not just limits of not just her fuck slot, but also of what her mind could handle.
Her stomach was being pushed out with his size, insides groaning from his violent renovation, those gruesome noises coming from her midsection was an assault on her ears. Her eyes rolled back into her skull, unable to even scream between the heavy gasps, both mind and body were overloaded from being turned into a sleeve for such a massive intruder.
She was lying there, staring vacantly with half lidded eyes at nothing, body jerking from his hard spear plowing into her broken cunt. His tail curled in, the wedge shaped head slithering over the broad cheek of her ass, hunting for a hole to violate in her deep cleft.
She was barely aware of the python pushing at her back door, too weak to stop it from grinding relentlessly at the tight pucker to take the wide spade of its tip. It was only when she felt the ache of her asshole being stretched did she notice, her cheeks snapped taught with some kind of token effort to try and stop it, only to feel it cram into her bowels.
Her face went stupid, tongue falling limply from her mouth, both her holes filled beyond what she conceived to be her limit and pushed for far beyond them. His cock was a blur between her legs, the fat purple organ no longer looked the role of a baseball bat, it had grown beyond the size of one.
The tail was twisting, shoving hard muscle at her delicate insides, pumping into her tight asshole escort bursa mighty stabs, burrowing past her bowels and into her guts. She was lost in the experience of getting her holes ruined, moaning mindlessly, unsure if it was pain or pleasure she was experiencing. All she could tell that the hellhound was destroying her, no women could take such large things up both her holes and enjoy it.
Then she was proven horribly wrong, the walls of her slot clamped down around the steely spire, so hard she gripped it, stars danced in her vision. With a low groan, her body tensed up, a clear geyser of her musky fluid erupting from her yawning pussy lips, spraying all over the bed and darkening her sheets.
Her mind went haywire with the fireworks of pleasure crackling in her gray matter from the forced orgasm. It was the first time she had squirted and once those floodgates opened, her pussy wouldn’t stop splashing his nuts with high-pressure gouts of liquid lust.
Then his knot struck at her lips, sharply stinging her petals with the hard connection, over and over he battered her pussy with it, demanding her hole open up to his fat tumor. Everything below suddenly went numb, a disturbing slurp erupted between her legs.

Then her mind went blank.

Max slammed his knot up inside his master’s fuck hole, pushing so hard her body was pitched forward, shoved over the low railing of the bed. Her limp body was draped over the metal pole, her large bust hanging heavy off the side, groaning deadpan from the tumor wedged up her cunt.
He was instantly stuck inside, but that didn’t stop him from banging his growing tumor against the sweet resistance tight hole. He felt the pressure of his tie against the tail crammed up her rear end, pulling it from her ass with a fleshy pop to make room, he was going to need it.
The mound of her pussy obscenely swelled up, her legs spreading out until he could feel her bones grinding into his meat. The unconscious woman pissed herself when he had gotten so big, her pelvis creaking to contain such a massive knot.
The pressure of her passage made his cock throb anew, her bulging stomach growing a little fatter from his rigid member. He growled from his release, fat ropes of virulent seed corrupting her fertile womanhood.
He was pumping into her with such power, there was a loud gurgle as her stomach quivered from the force behind it. After a long moment, his organ flexed again to fill her with a fresh batch of piping hot slime, so much was sent roiling inside her flushed pink midriff began to well up with his huge load.
More and more flowed into passed out slut, her taut belly expanding a little more, getting rounder, sagging lower. The bulge made by his cock was nothing compared to how pregnant she began to look with his ceaseless supply of roiling spunk pouring into her.
When he was done Impregnating his fertile bitch, the knot deflated, and he had enough presence of mind to let it limply slip out of her tainted hole. He released her without care, pushing off her ass with his paws to leap to the floor, the bitch was finished, he needed to gather his strength to breed more.
Lisa was left hanging halfway off the end of the bed, arms hanging low enough for her fingers to drag over the hardwood. Her bloated stomach was keeping her from falling off the side, the crimson flesh pushing between the bars.
Then her ravaged pussy loudly belched from its gaping hole, pushing out a torrent of canine jizz, but her stomach barely deflated at all.

When Lisa woke up, she felt drunk, groaning in her stupefied confusion, everything hurt while she took in ragged breaths. She looked about with sleepy eyes, at first she didn’t even recognize her room, or why she was dangling off her bed.
Her arms were trembling when she used them to push off the railing, groaning while her mind sluggishly roused. She pushed back to sit, only to gasp when her ass was smothered by a puddle of cold slime.
She should have been disgusted by it but was focused on more distressing things, like the alien flutters of movement in her swollen stomach. Her gaze fell upon the swell of her midsection, whining in dismay when it appeared as if she was fit to burst with a baby.
Her belly was obscenely round, her once pale skin had become a bright shade of crimson from being stretched by her rapidly growing babies. She clutched the taught sphere with had no clue how it happened, her mind was a blank over what Max had done to her.
The feeling of tiny limbs pushing at her palms had her mouth sagging in stunned awe, there was too many of them to be just one baby. There was a disturbing pleasure about the way they moved around, yet there was a nauseating anxiety over just how many bodies were inside her.
They were moving more urgently, little bumps rising all over her stomach as they grew stronger, her mind sent spinning from their movement. She felt dizzy, taken with a need to lay back and spread her legs, her breaths labored while she lay there.
She was helpless, watching her midsection moving against her wishes for it to stop, even the sides of her body gave way to the round shape. Her stomach was loudly churning from their movement, it hard for her to watch her body writhing with life.
Her head twisted to one side with a whimper of dread, deep down she knew terrible things were growing inside her. They were to thrashing more vigorously, making their mother groan in pain when they bulged out her walls with hard pushes.
Their powerful movements triggered her body, her stomach contracted against them, a flood of clear fluid rushed out of her, it was time for them to come out. She bellowed out in agony, her womb clamping down around their bodies, their powerful movements felt even more keenly.
She grits her teeth, pushed in desperation, only to gasp when she felt something shift lower inside her. A baby was in her birth canal, she reached back to grip the bars with trembling arms and a low cry poured out when she bore down upon it.
It was thrashing violently as if trying to claw its way out of her, the feeling of her nightmarish child burrowing its way through her passage spurred her to push harder with panicked screams of terror. Just trying to breath was a struggle for her, desperately filling her lungs in ragged gasps, but there was never enough air in them.
Then with another hard shove of her walls, she felt a snout thrust past the lips of her pussy, what followed mortified her. There was a sharp clicking of jaws and snarling hisses coming from between her legs, she didn’t need to see it was a monster pawing its way out of her.
It was too much for her mind to handle, her eyelids fluttered, head falling back to clang against the hollow metal bars, legs sagging open.

Lisa had passed out at the worst possible time, the puppy still thrashing its wedged shaped head between the bruised lips of her cunt, jaws snapping at the air in anger. The animal had a lipless maw, rows of sharp looking teeth gnashing, the pink after birth clinging to rigid features of its exposed skull, its eyes were milky white and lidless.
Her stomach had swollen past her mountainous rack with a large litter quickly losing their patience. They were pushing with heads and paws at her womb, completely deforming the round shape of her midriff with exaggerated swells, her compressed insides groaning gurgling in protest.
The first pup pushed out of her with a messy slurp, sliding across the bed in the warm pool of amniotic fluid. It was laying there, panting from the exertion of having to force its body from such a tight canal.
Then there was a series of loud squishing and wet squelches coming from her pink hole another pup was tunneling through her pussy. After a long bout of pawing at her slick walls and thrashing its hard skull against her passage, its head emerged from her seam before spreading her wide with its large body to join the other pup in freedom.
One after another took its turn at her raw cunt, forcing her to give birth, over and over, misshapen freaks of nature emptied from her womb. over twelve mutated critters were gathered at the foot of her bed, many of them possessed twisted bodies, crude amalgamations of human and canine DNA.
Only two were whole, their skeletal bodies sharing their father’s genes, capable of standing under their own power, unlike the less fortunate spawn. They both descended upon the weaker, feasting on them to make their bodies stronger, growing more whole, blackened flash sheathing their exposed muscle. Then they heard the approach of their father, fearing a similar treatment, they fled off the bed to find their own places to hide.
Max returned with only one thing on his mind, to breed with his bitch again and reached for her with one of the many tendrils jutting from his back. He grabbed the female by the leg, pulling her across the slime sodden bed towards where he waited at the side.
Lisa’s body was slathered in sweat, her belly had shrunk but was flushed pink with erratic misshapen purple bruises where a pup had pushed far too hard. Her ass was at the edge, her one free leg hanging off the edge, the other held aloft by his tendril.
Another tendril whipped around the leg dangling over the side, then pushed her thighs far back, folding his former master until her knees were touching past her shoulders. Everything below was on full display, and he pressed his snout to her banquet of sin, huffing her scent, only caring if she was still fertile, she was fit to give him many a litter.
He rumbled low while mounting the busty blonde and pressed his cock up against her twitching slit. When he entered her without mercy, her pussy protesting with a long sloppy belch, deeply enjoying the resistance of her soft meat around his shaft.

Lisa awoke to the vague sensation feeling of her former pet raping her, barely able to open her eyes, just enough to see him mounted over top her, rutting away at her wrecked cunt. He was panting deeply, hot gobs of spit dripping onto her tits as they swung with the rhythm of his deep lunges.
She was too weak to do anything, her limp body bouncing off his hard hips, her deflated stomach surging out with the massive trunk he was driving inside her. More tendrils snaked down to her chest, seizing hold of those big bouncing globes, noosing tight at the base.
Her melons bulged as they squeezed tighter, flesh being taut and round, her nipple becoming hard points. They brought their tapered points to those chubby buds to gouge at the tiny opening, spreading the rubbery pink flesh, pushing into her tit meat through her nipples.
The shape of them was in sharp relief under the creamy skin of her tits, those thick serpents weaving through her ducts, her nipples red and sore from being stretched by them. There was only pleasure surging into her warped mind, so much she would gurgle from every wave from her slack mouth.
He slammed into her, locking their bodies together, her fertile womb receiving his potent seed, surely she would be giving him another soon. When he finished, he left her again, scratching at the door, hungering to find more females to breed with.

Lisa was already feeling the faint flutters of life, more puppies were coming.

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