The Slutty Elf

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As always, I appreciate any and all constructive feed back.

Let me know what you liked and what didn’t work. My goal is to get better at writing these things (though I’d also appreciate any votes you want to give as I’ve entered this in the 2016 Halloween story contest)


Tara was sure this was going to be the year she won. Mind you she had thought that the previous two years as well. This year however, she was extra sure she’d win the Epsilon Omega Halloween costume contest

Two years ago, her first at college as a fashion design major, she had gotten an invite to the fraternity Halloween party. She went in a self-made Sailor Moon costume, which was basically a schoolgirl uniform with an exceptionally short skirt. She made it herself and had nailed the costume perfectly so she was sure she had the contest in the bag. It certainly helped that it showed off a generous amount of her beautiful legs. She didn’t win though. The five foot blonde lost to a tall, leggy brunette whose Elvira costume showed a generous amount of cleavage.

Last year she thought she corrected that error with a Star Wars slave Leia costume. It highlighted her clothing design skills as well as both her legs and ample bust. Again though, she lost to a leggy brunette who was in a store bought Morticia Addams costume that had an unbelievably plunging neckline.

This year she had gotten a deal on a professional grade elf costume, which she modified heavily. It now showed off as much skin as she dared. The bustier style top was really low, but unmoving. It encased her ample chest well enough to protect her modesty, but she had to be careful about twisting and turning, as it wouldn’t necessarily move with her. The skirt was much more flexible. She had shorten it considerably, and cut it up, so it wasn’t one piece of material wrapped around her as much as it was strips of cloth hanging from her waist. When she was standing still, the strips overlapped so it looked like a regular albeit funky skirt. When she walked however, the material spread out. So much so that she had to match the colour of her panties to the blue of costume, so there wasn’t a contrast between the materials. As it was, her pale skin highlighted how much leg one could see when she move. To top it off, literally, she dyed her hair jet black.

When she got to the fraternity, she wandered the crowded first floor looking for some friends. Brian was the first one she saw.

“What do you think?” She asked, turning her head to show him her pointed ears.

“Very cute.” He told her.

“Cute be damned, I look hot and I’m going to win the contest this year.” She told him.

“Not likely.” He challenged her.

“What?! Show me one costume better than mine.” She challenged back.

“It’s not the costume so much as what you do with it.” He told her. “See that sexy Wonder Woman over there, she’s been flirting with Larry, for 20 minutes already.”

Larry was a cute third year engineering student who just happened to also one of the three judges.

“But that’s not fair!” She balked.

“Fair or not, you’re always be the cute girl in 2nd place.” He wasn’t wrong, it didn’t matter what she did, being 5 foot nothing always put you in the cute category, no matter how sexy you dressed. She wasn’t going to be able to compete with a 5’10” goddess that the judge thought he had a shot at. Unless she fought fire with fire.

“Who’s the first year judge this year?” she asked, looking around the room.

“Sherman.” He told her, pointing to a 19 yr old standing awkwardly by the snack table, alone. “The dean figured it be good for him, he’s nice enough but a bit of an introvert.”

With that Tara marched right up to Sherman. As she approached, she smiled and he actually looked behind himself to make sure he was the one she was smiling at.

“Hi Sherman.” She said as if they were old friends.

“Hi?” He half asked.

“How are things?” She asked, trying to flirt.

“Good, good. I’m sorry, do we know each other?” He asked bluntly.

“Umm, no but a friend said you’re a nice guy, and I don’t meet a lot of those.” She took a step closer, and reached past him for a couple of m&ms, purposely giving him a great view of her cleavage as she did so.

“So where you from?” She asked as she popped the whole handful of candies in her mouth.

“I’m, um, Ohio originally. The buck state!” he raised a fist in the air to punctuate his sentence before awkwardly having to lower it.

“That’s cool. Excuse me.” She repeat the motion going for the m&ms, this time turning towards him slightly as she did, giving him an even better view. He tried to be discreet with his glance, and she pretended to be oblivious as he enjoyed the view. She suspected he was actually starting to get an erection so she took that as a good sign and deliberately dropped a couple so she had to bend over to pick them up. She flashed her panties to the party behind her, but didn’t care as she was focused on Sherman. He watched, delighted she popped back to a standing yakacık escort position quickly. Her breasts jiggled behind the hard plastic top, and came to a rest so even more boob was exposed. In fact Sherman thought he could see some the areole on her left breast.

“I’m from Chicago, but I haven’t gone back since first year.” She told him. “Where abouts in Ohio?”

As he began to answer, Tara reached past Sherman once more, this time to grab a can of soda. She did it without breaking eye contact so her reach was awkward and she had to make several attempts for a can before she snagged one. The upshot of all this movement was her chest shifted when the top did not causing her nipple to pop out.

“I’…I think.” Sherman tried to let her know she was exposing herself.

“Sorry?” she took a sip of her soda.

“You’ve…come out. Of your top I mean.” he bumbled, pointing to her chest.

“Oh no!” she scrambled to get her breast back into her top. “How embarrassing.”

She actually hadn’t intended on showing him that much. She was okay with showing off her cleavage, if she wasn’t she wouldn’t have put on the costume, but she had no intention of actually flashing him. She wasn’t going to go that far just to win.

“I made this costume, but I guess I didn’t take into account how much I’d be moving in it.” she told him. She looked around the party. “Do you think anyone else saw?”

“Um, no I think I got lucky and was the only one. I mean, you got lucky. I mean, I saw it but…” Sherman started to panic

“Well, I hope you will be a gentleman and not tell anyone about my little wardrobe mishap.” She flirted.

“Of course. Not, I mean. Of course not.” Sherman kicked himself mentally. The first pretty girl to talk to him that night and he was screwing it up. “So, you made this costume?”

“Well not entirely. I bought an elf costume but I’ve modified it so much I feel like I made it.” She explained. “This skirt? It used to be much longer. And it was all one piece, not cut into strips like it is now.”

Tara lifted the material in the front, ostensibly to show him the cuts she had made, but in actuality she was giving him a peek at her blue panties. He was too shy to stare, but he was clearly shifting his gaze between the material of skirt she was showing him and the view of her panties underneath. Her goal was to excite him enough that he wanted to vote for her.

“See how it’s all jagged? So it has more texture to it?” She asked, pulling it even further up. He nodded as his eyes looked past the material and at her pale bare thighs and tight panties. They were very tight on her, and he thought he could make out her cunnie lips.

“Just wanted to make sure I had a chance at the costume contest.” she teased. “I worked really hard on this costume but I’m worried one of the pretty girls is going to win.”

“I think you’re one of the pretty girls.” Sherman blurted out.

“That’s so sweet. Maybe after whoever the judges are announce the winner, you and I can hang out.” she pretended she didn’t know he was a judge.

“Yeah, of course. That sounds great.” he told her.

“Great, okay I want to go let other people see my costume, but keep an eye out for me later, kay!” with that, she headed off looking for the next judge.

Tara’s confidence was high, Sherman had seemed quite taken with her, and her accidental nip slip couldn’t have hurt her standing with him. In fact, it got her thinking that maybe a little flashing would be enough to ensure her a win, and it was pretty harmless. A little flirting and a little skin, that’s what Halloween was about these days, right?

Tara spotted her next target with a small group of guys and made her way through the party to talk to him. She knew Larry wasn’t going to be as easy to manipulate as Sherman, he was already very popular with the ladies but maybe a quick flash of her panties and then a not so accidental nip slip would convince him.

“Larry, have you got a sec?” Tara asked. He excused himself from the people he was talking to and the two headed to an empty corner of the room.

“What’s up Tara?” He asked

“Look, I hope this isn’t out of line but I know you’re one of the judges and I’m worried you’re not going to be able to see my costume properly later from the judging table.” She told him.

“Oh?” He said giving her a good look up and down. “I think I get it from here.”

“Yes, see that’s the thing. You can’t. Not here I mean.” She explained, “This isn’t the authentic costume I designed.”

“Well you have about an hour till judging if you need to grab your props.”

“No it’s quite the reverse actually.” She looked around to see if anyone was watching. The party was quite busy, but everyone seemed in their own worlds, not noticing them. “It’s my panties.”

Larry practically choked on his beer. “Your panties?”

“Yes. These panties right here.” She pulled up the front of her skirt enough to show him her bright blue underwear. She did have a yakası escort very predominant camel toe showing and unlike Sherman, he wasn’t afraid to openly look at it.

“See the thing is, the type of elf I am dressed as, she wouldn’t be wearing any. So you see my problem.”

“Um, yeah, I guess.” He agreed despite his confusion.

“Exactly, I can’t very well get up on the viewing platform without my panties on, not with all these people. Could you imagine?” He could actually, quite easily given she was still showing him a great view of her pussy with them still on.

“Is there anyway that maybe, I could give you a private viewing of my full costume? So you can judge based on that?” She asked, innocently.

“Um. Yes, I mean yeah I’d like that but I don’t think I can leave till after the contest.” He admitted.

“Oh no.” She said, moving her hands and letting her dress drop back into place.

“I’d still be interested after the contest, y’know, out of respect for all the work you put into the outfit.” He offered, really, really wanting to see the authentic version.

“Maybe… Last year I was pretty bummed when I didn’t win, so it’ll depend on how I’m feeling.” She told him.

Larry was desperate to find a compromise, but the dean walked over at that point, interrupting them.

“Tara, can I speak with you for a moment.”

Mr. Thompson was an attractive man in his early forties and had been the dean for the last five years. He led her into the hall, to a back room. She was suddenly very concerned that she was in trouble. Maybe she had gone too far with Larry, but she hadn’t actually meant any harm. She was just having a little fun. A lot of fun actually. She was a little turned on flashing her panties at two guys. Maybe she could calm dean Thompson by giving him a glimpse too.

“Tara, I know I tend to turn a blind eye to all the flirting the girls do with the other judges, but I’m a little concerned about what I just witnessed.”

“Oh no, it’s not what you think. I was just explaining to Larry that I’ve had to modify my costume for it to be appropriate for the party.” She explained.

“I don’t see how exposing your underwear could be considered appropriate.” He told her.

“Sir, are you familiar with Tolkien, the writer?” She asked.

“I assume you’re elf from lord of the rings.” He said, trying it get to the point.

“No sir, but kinda. Tolkien wrote many, many books and my costume is a kind of elf from one of those related stories.” She made up the story as she spoke, wondering how far she could push things. “I’m a cock goblin.”

That caught him off guard. “Did you say cock goblin? I thought you said you were an elf.”

“Yes sir I am. On middle earth goblins were horrible creatures, so much so that in the elfin world, being called one was a great insult. There was a band of elves that were shunned for their behaviour, and labelled as cock goblins.

Tara continued her elaborate lie. “After putting in all the work to get the costume just right I wanted to make sure the judges knew that I knew which details I had to change.”

“And I suppose you couldn’t get the correct underwear” he was dubious of her entire story.

“That’s exactly what I was afraid of.” She said, seemingly upset. “I’ve spent too much time, yet again on a costume. Last year I lost the contest and I assumed my costume was too common. This year I chose one that is too obscure.”

The dean recalled her costume from last year quite well actually. He had come of age when Return of the Jedi had come out and slave Leia was a common fantasy among boys his age. Though he would never admit it to anyone, he had masturbated several times to the memory of Tara at last year’s party. In fact he had been specifically looking for Tara, hoping she’d be wearing it again when he had spotted her showing her panties to Larry.

Tara begin to cry crocodile tears

“Calm down, it’s okay.”

“But the judges won’t see, they won’t understand my actual costume.” She said “Do you have any idea how humiliating it is as a fashion design major to lose a fraternity costume contest?”

“Tara. I’m one of the judges, you can just tell me.”

“Really?!” She said, jumping up and down with happiness. Her top shifted and like with Sherman earlier, the dean got a hint of her nipples as her breasts almost but not quite popped out of her low cut top.

“Sure.” He assured her, trying to will her breasts to pop out, but knowing he shouldn’t even be alone with her.

“Why don’t I just show you then.” Tara walked to the door and locked it.

“Tara?” He asked as she reached under her hem and pulled down her panties.

“It’s okay, Cock goblins didn’t wear underwear.” She tossed them to the side as she approached him. “That’s what I was trying to tell Larry.”

“Um, Tara, why exactly are these elves called cock goblins?” He asked nervously excited.

“Cause they were very promiscuous and liked to gobble cocks of course.” She told him as she ataköy escort dropped to her knees. “Like this.”

“Tara. I don’t think..” He tried to object.

“But I have to, to be authentic.” She said with a wink as she unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. The dean looked down at Tara, her black hair tucked behind her pointed ears, she was the cutest elf he’d ever seen.

Still looking up at him she licked his shaft, from base to tip. He groaned in pleasure.

“Cock goblins were naughty little elves.” She told him. “Naughty elves who loved cock!”

She swallowed the crown of his cock and half his shaft in one swift movement and began bobbing up and down on it.

“Oh god Tara.” He muttered. She began pumping his cock as she sucked, twisting her hand as she stroked.

“I just want you to enjoy my costume properly. I worked so hard on it. So hard” she resumed sucking him off. She tighten her lips around his cock as she moved up and down on it. He reached down and ran his fingers through her hair. She hummed appreciatively, which in turn made him groan.

“Sir?” She asked, releasing him from her mouth. “I want to get this next part right, will you help me?”

“What do you need me to do?” He offered.

“I need to gobble the whole thing, but I think it’s too much. You’re so big. Will you help me? Will you help me get it all the way down.”

Dean Thompson couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Tara was asking him to help her deepthroat his dick.

Without a word he reached down and pulled her head down onto his cock. She eagerly took it into her mouth. As she got him about three quarters down, she began to gag. She pulled off of him and regained her breath. As soon as she was ready, he repeated the action, this time however when she hit the gagging point, he held her head and pushed deeper.

It wasn’t the first time she had taken a cock down her throat, so she knew to breathe through her nose as he held her in place. She fought the urge to gag as his cock slipped further down her throat.

“Tara. Oh god Tara that’s so nice.” He encouraged her.

There was a loud knock on the door, “Dean Thompson? Are you in there?”

Tara recognized Larry’s voice and acting on impulse decided to guarantee her win. She hopped up and unlocked the door and let Larry in.

“I know its early but people… Tara?” Larry was confused. Tara pulled him inside and locked the door once more.

“I was just showing the Dean my proper costume.” She looked down to see that she had completely popped out of her top, both breasts were exposed and in fact sitting on the hard plastic of her bustier. The effect was that her tits were lifted up as if they were on display.

“It’s…it’s a nice costume.” Larry managed.

“Not these silly.” She teased and then began to lift her skirt up slightly, suddenly acting shy. “My costume requires no panties, remember?”

“Sure.” Larry didn’t understand but wasn’t about to argue.

“She’s a slutty elf.” The dean explained.

“No, I’m a cock goblin!” She corrected him. “Here Larry, let me show you.”

She undid Larry’s zipper and quickly pulled out his dick. It wasn’t as big as the dean’s but she didn’t mind. If anything that would make sucking it easier.

“Cock goblins gobble up cock.” She told him, and then leaned over and began sucking him. She bobbed her head up and down several times before turning to the dean, “Oh my gosh, I’ve left you out. I’m sorry sir, If you want, you can use my other pair of lips while I show Larry what a cock goblin does.”

The dean quickly moved behind Tara and tried to the lift the back of skirt out of the way. The ripped material wouldn’t lift as one piece as he had expected, but it’s design allowed him to simply move the pieces to the side to expose her ass and cunnie. She was clearly aroused, as he could tell how wet she was without even touching her. He took a moment to enjoy the view, then the dean guided his cock to the entrance of her pussy and rubbed the tip of his cock along her lips.

“Mmmmm” Tara moaned with Larry’s dick still in her mouth. He reached down and stroked her hair behind her pointed elf ears. She looked up at him as she slid up his shaft. When just the head of his cock was in her mouth, she swirled her tongue around it and gave him a wink.

The dean couldn’t hold back any longer, he had thought about fucking Tara many times in the last year, usually fantasizing about her in her slave Leia costume. In those scenarios, she was an actual slave that was so thankful that he had saved her from her captors that she rewarded him by fucking him senseless. It was a crazy fantasy that couldn’t possibly come true, but ten minutes earlier he would have thought the same about the situation that was unfolding before him. He was about to fuck a gorgeous student, while she sucked another guys dick. It was definitely against school policy, but at this point, he didn’t care. He grunted as he slid into her slowly.

Tara had resumed bobbing up and down on Larry’s cock when the dean finally entered her. She savored every inch as he slid his long, hard cock into her pussy gently. When he was completely in, with her ass pressed against his pelvis, she pushed her head forward and took Larry’s entire length in her mouth. She felt delightfully full at both ends.

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