The Stranger in the Elevator

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Sandra’s nerves were on edge. As she checked into the hotel she didn’t notice the appreciative glances of the male business travellers that made up the majority of the hotel’s mid-week clientele. All she could think of was her interview tomorrow. After years of study she’d finally gained her PhD and now she was about to enter the real world. Her research had been well received by the business community and five prestigious multinationals had contacted her, requesting a meeting. Tomorrow she had her first interview. It was the one that mattered the most. She knew that if she made a good impression on the president of this company she could expect a six figure salary and a start whirlwind career. She was so nervous she thought she was going to throw up.

The receptionist handed her a key card and watched the tall blonde walk towards the elevators, discreetly stroking his bulge as he imagined those long, shapely legs wrapped around him. As she entered the elevator he caught a last glimpse of her generous cleavage as she leaned forward to press the correct button. He toyed with the idea of sneaking up to her floor at the end of his shift and offer his services. She’d seemed a bit uptight and he knew a trick or two that could solve the situation.

Just as the elevator doors were about to close and give Sandra shelter from the creepy receptionist a guy shoved his briefcase in the gap and opened the doors again. He smiled apologetically and glanced over at the buttons. He didn’t press any so Sandra assumed he was on her floor. They rode up in silence. She looked at her fellow passenger in the mirror. He must be 20-30 years older than her, but he still looked fit and attractive. He wore a wedding ring on his finger and that crisp white shirt had surely been ironed by a devoted wife somewhere.

Like a true gentleman he let Sandra exit the elevator first. She looked at the signs and went towards the room number that was written on her key card holder. She could hear the steps behind her. He must have a room near her. She found her room and swiped the card through the reader and just as she opened the door she heard the clearing of a throat.

‘I think you’ve got the wrong room,’ said the man from the elevator.

‘No,’ Sandra replied. ‘This is room 817.’

‘But I’m in 817.’

‘No, you can’t possibly be. I’ve been given 817.’

Sandra went inside the room, only to be faced with a lot of male paraphernalia.

‘There must be a mistake,’ she stuttered nervously and showed him her key card. ‘This is the room I’ve been given.’

‘It seems to me that they’ve screwed up,’ he said and picked up the phone to dial reception. ‘I’ll sort it out for you.’

He listened for a while and then hung up.

‘They’re not answering in reception. Can I offer you a drink while we’re waiting?’

‘Maybe I should just go back downstairs,’ Sandra suggested.

‘No, don’t you worry. They made the mistake, and besides, I hate to drink on my own. Have a drink with me and then we’ll call them again.’

He seemed harmless enough so Sandra put her bag on the floor and sat down on the double bed. There was only one armchair in the room and it had papers all over it. The man poured her a glass of whisky and sat next to her. The amber liquid felt kurtköy escort smooth as it slid down her throat. She sighed with content.

‘That must have hit the spot,’ he smiled at her.

‘You have no idea how much I needed that,’ she smiled. ‘It’s been a stressful day and tomorrow is going to be even worse.’

‘I know something that’ll help the stress,’ he smiled and moved closer to her. ‘We could fuck.’

Sandra nearly choked on her whisky.

‘Pardon me?’

‘You heard me, baby. We could fuck. Listen, we’re both adults and we’re both far from home. I think you’re sexy as hell and you could probably do with an orgasm or two to take your mind off whatever’s stressing you out. What do you say? I won’t be offended if you say no.’

Sandra opened her mouth to turn down the offer, but then she looked at him. He may be old, but that meant he was experienced and patient in bed. She’d liked older men ever since she lost her virginity to her dad’s best friend in the garage during her high school graduation party.

‘OK,’ she smiled, ‘I’ll fuck you.’

She stood up and put her glass on the desk. She pulled her jacket off and hung it over the back of the chair. She kicked off her high heel shoes. She rolled off her black stockings. She unbuttoned her white blouse and revealed a semi-transparent lace edged bra with firm C-cup tits. She let her short skirt fall to the floor and showed off a highly trimmed pussy in transparent French knickers. She smiled at her admirer.

‘Before I take the rest off I want to see what you have to offer.’

He wasn’t slow on the uptake. He quickly shed his suit and tie and before long he was only wearing boxers with an impressive bulge.

‘If I take off my boxers now, will you suck my cock?’

‘I thought you’d never ask.’

Sandra watched as his 8 hard inches jumped from his hips as his last garment was shed. She kneeled before him and let his cock rest against her cheek. Then she moved her head, let the tip of his cock get a brief contact with her tongue and then he rested against her other cheek. She let the tip of her tongue tease his balls. She tickled the sensitive area between his balls and smiled as she heard his sharp intake of breath. She sucked a ball into her mouth and teased it.

She looked up and his eyes were focused on her. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Slowly she let his cock rest on it and then she sucked him into her mouth, wrapping her red lips around his hard shaft. She wrapped her fingers around the base of his tool and started massaging him. Her head bobbed back and forth, lubricating the thick shaft as she sucked him. He grabbed hold of her head and started fucking her mouth. His moans told her that he was enjoying it as much as she was. She sucked him harder. Then she swallowed and took his cock in her throat. She was rewarded with a loud groan. She repeated the action several times and his breathing got laboured.

‘I’m gonna cum, babe,’ he panted. ‘You better let me go if you don’t want to drink my cum.’

Sandra didn’t stop. In fact, she sucked him harder in anticipation of his milky cum. A moan of utter relief and release filled the room as she started shooting his spunk down her throat. levent escort She slowly let go and his last two squirts landed on her face. She smiled as she ran her finger through it and then she stuck her finger into her mouth as if it were a tiny cock and sucked it off.

‘Yummy,’ she smiled and stood up.

He reached around and unclasped her bra. Her tits broke free, displaying large pink nipples that were hard as rocks. He leaned forward and sucked them as he pulled her g-strings off. He kept sucking her tits as he kneaded her ass cheeks. She felt herself getting wetter by the minute.

‘I’m hungry,’ he said when he finally tore his mouth off her tits and then he parted her lips with his tongue, kissing her hotly while pressing her tits against his hairy chest. ‘Mind if I eat some pussy?’

‘I have a special offer tonight,’ she whispered against his lips. ‘It’s all you can eat.’

‘My favourite,’ he chuckled as he pushed her against the bed.

She lay down on her back and parted her legs wide, opening her moist pussy for him like dewy rose petals. He stood and admired the view for a while, stroking his cock that was starting to get erect again. Then he climbed up and kissed her tits again, biting her nipples, tweaking her nipples, kneading her tits. He finally kissed his way to the blonde triangle that pointed at her slit. He ran his tongue along the moist opening, tasting her juices. Then he licked his way back to her clit.

He wrapped his lips around her clit and started teasing it with his tongue. Sandra arched her back with pleasure and started kneading her tits. Then he let go of her clit and penetrated her dripping cunt with his tongue. He started tongue fucking her. Slowly at first and then faster and faster. She panted as she felt his tongue in her tight, moist cunt. She wrapped her legs around his head as much as his hands would allow her. Then he stopped tongue fucking her and moved back to her clit, sucking her harder this time and torturing her with his tongue. One finger slipped inside her cunt, followed by another one and another one. Soon he was finger fucking her with four fingers. Her moans got louder and more intense.

‘I’m cumming,’ she panted. ‘I’m fucking cumming!’

With a scream her body bucked and her cunt showered his hand and face with her juices. He slowly pulled his fingers out of her cunt and trailed his way back up her body, stopping to suck her nipples until their lips met and she tasted herself on his tongue.

They kissed for a long time, bodies squashed against each other and she could feel how big and hard he was again.

‘Fuck me,’ she whispered against his lips. ‘Fuck me now.’

He needed no further encouragement. With a little help from his hand he soon penetrated her and she welcomed him with a pool of wetness and a shriek of satisfaction at having her cunt filled. He started pumping her. The bed squeaked as he fucked her fast and hard. He pulled her legs up over his shoulders and buried his cock balls deep with each hard thrust. His fast and furious fucking bounced her tits against her chin as she looked down to see the thick cock gliding in and out of her cunt.

His sweat was dripping and both their faces were intense as they mahmutbey escort fucked. The bed slammed against the wall and there were angry shouts from the room next door, but they didn’t hear them. All they concentrated on was their hot and steamy union and each deep slam into her cunt that crushed his pubic bone against her clit. She was in heaven. This was the best sex. A mature man impaling her on his big cock. She couldn’t stop herself. With a yelp of satisfaction her cunt convulsed around his cock and she came.

He didn’t miss a beat. He kept fucking her through her entire orgasm and the moment her cunt released its steely grip on his cock he slid out and helped her up on her hands and knees and then he slammed his cock back inside her hole that was still gaping from the hard fuck. He grabbed her tits and pulled her up against him. His pace was even faster now and he fucked her even harder. She reached down and massaged her clit, occasionally feeling his pussy juice covered cock as it slid in and out of her cunt.

‘Mmmmmm yeah,’ she moaned. ‘Just keep fucking me, just like that.’

He sucked her neck and bit her lightly. He pulled her nipples hard and she squealed with delight. The bed was rocking hard under their sweaty bodies. She knew it wouldn’t be long now before she had another orgasm. This man was an amazing lover.

‘I’m gonna cum again,’ she moaned.

‘Just cum, baby,’ he panted. ‘I’m not ready to shoot my load yet so I’ll just keep fucking you until I do.’

She had no problem with that and let go again, gripping his pumping shaft tight with her cunt muscles. Just like the last time, he kept fucking her throughout her orgasm. Then he pulled out and stepped off the bed, pulling Sandra with him. Her pussy juices were running down the insides of her thighs as he walked her over to the door. He then pressed her against the cool surface of the door and kissed her deeply. He reached down and grabbed her legs, lifting her onto his cock again. She squealed with delight as he began fucking her against the door.

She held on tight to him as he took her against the solid door. Each penetration slammed her against the wood and she knew that anyone who walked past outside could tell what they were doing and she loved it. Then he changed his pace. His fast and furious fucking of her battered cunt was replaced by long, hard and deliberate strokes. With every stroke he grinded himself into her, making sure his cock owned every inch of her cunt.

‘Ready or not, babe,’ he whispered, ‘I’m cumming.’

His words were music to her ears. She let herself go again and as her cunt shivered around his cock he groaned out loud and shot a massive load inside her. He walked back to the bed with her still on his cock and placed her on her back. He then lowered himself on top of her, kissed her tits and her mouth.

‘You’re sexy as hell and a wonderful fuck, babe.’

‘Your cock was wonderful, it kept me cumming.’

‘I’m glad you liked it. Now, I don’t know about you, but I need some rest before round 2.’

They woke up and fucked twice during the night and in the morning they had a long slow fuck in the shower before he had to run off. Sandra took her time and gathered her things before heading for the interview. He had been right. A night’s fucking had de-stressed her completely. She walked into the offices with a smile on her face and a secretary showed her the way to the boardroom. She was introduced to the president of the company. As she shook his hand she remembered how those very fingers had felt in her cunt only hours before.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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