The Three Brothers

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The three brothers lived in a big house. They had a big yard, big garage, and well, let’s just say, a huge appetite for all things beautiful.

The eldest brother, at 34, was tall, blonde, blue eyed, and athletic. Quite disciplined in his physical presence, when one looked at Vladimir, they saw strength, endurance, a handsome disposition, gorgeous to most women.

The middle brother, at 25, was the tallest, with brown hair and brown eyes. The timid one. Viktor was extremely shy but still handsome and a woman couldn’t help but want to throw her arms around him and shelter him from harm.

The youngest at 18, was blonde, hazel eyed, and the wildest of the three. Valeri’s age had a lot to do with his wanting to run rampant. The women flocked to his “bad boy” image. He was gorgeous and getting laid at his age, was easy.

Vladynia lived next door, at 36, she was divorced, living alone. She would watch each brother and each brother had a way of attracting her attention. She smiled when she thought of Valeri helping her take out her garbage, Viktor, being shy, just giving her that coy smile, and Vladimir, the eldest, had her blood on fire, by his look, his voice, to feel his touch, well, Vladynia thought, forget about that.

Out of the shower, freshly shaved, Vladimir got dressed and was heading out. He was in the driveway when he looked over and saw Vladynia, that redheaded vixen that tempted him throughout his dreams, never being able to catch her, always waking up before his victory.

Vladynia looked Vladimir’s way and gave him a smile. He made her hot. All three brothers in their own way got Vladynia’s blood pumping but Vlad, well she wanted more from him than a one nighter.

Vladimir yelled hi to Vladynia and got in his BMW and drove off. Thinking to himself that he should have went over to her. “Oh well, next time.” He reassured himself and kept on driving.

Valeri didn’t want to hang out with his friends. He saw Vladynia in her yard and walked over. “Need any help, Vladynia?” Valeri asked her.

“I’m just watering my flowers, I’m almost done. What’s up, Valeri, not going out?” She asked.

“Don’t feel like it. Rather stay with a beautiful woman than hang out at a club.” He smiled at her.

Vladynia flashed him a smile. She took his comment even further by asking, “And what would you and this beautiful woman do?”

Looking directly at Vladynia, her light brown eyes, were warm, the kind of eyes that would invite you in and keep you, “We’d do…well…um..” Valeri was red in the face and didn’t finish his thought.

“Bedroom activities?” Vladynia half asked half replied.

“Yeah.” Valeri was quick to jump in.

“Mmmmm could be fun but oh the scandal. A 36 year old with a man half her age.” Vladynia giggled. Valeri did too.

“Nothing wrong with that, as long as it’s purely pleasurable.”

“You’re right, Valeri.” She winked.

He loved the way she said his name. Would his brothers be OK with him hitting on Vladynia. He didn’t care, he wanted her even if only for a one night stand. He wanted to feel her against him. To know that the boy she saw growing up was now a man. He grew confident and added, “You and I could have fun, if you wanted.”

The invitation had been made. Vladynia, stunned, stood there quiet for a minute, a moment that seemed forever to Valeri. Looking at him, she knew he was serious. “What if I said yes, Valeri?”

“You want me like I want you, what’s wrong with that? Let’s have some fun.” He replied.

“OK, but your brothers, what would they say?” She thought to herself about Viktor and oh Vladimir. Would he want her if she slept with his youngest brother? Looking at Valeri, yet again, she thought that to turn him down would be something she’d regret.

“Does it matter what my brothers think or what anyone else does for that matter? It’s not like I’m going to marry you. I just want to have fun and I like you and you like me, so it’s OK.” Valeri thought he sounded like a dork.

“Yeah it’s OK. How about you come around later and we’ll have some fun, you and I.” Vladynia gave him a time to be there and he left.

She went inside and made herself something to eat. She showered and picked out what she would wear.

Meanwhile, in the house of the three brothers, Viktor wasn’t really mad at Valeri for making a move on Vladynia, he wished he could be so bold with such a beautiful woman, or any woman for that matter.

“It’s not like I’m pursuing her for marriage, it’s just sex and besides, she’s lonely, it’ll do her good.” Valeri was arguing his point to Viktor, who needed no convincing.

“If Vlad finds out, he’ll be furious. I think he likes her a lot, you know, for marrying.” Viktor stated.

“We won’t tell him.” Valeri replied.

It was settled.

Vladimir came home with some groceries and the other two helped Vlad carry them in.
Both were quiet. It ataköy escort was always that way with Viktor but never with Valeri.

“Why you so quiet, Val?” Vlad asked his youngest brother.

“No reason.” Valeri replied. “I’m going to Vladynia’s later.”

It slipped out. Vladimir looked at Valeri. He knew Val was young and wild but him at Vladynia’s. “What do you plan on doing at Vladynia’s? Did she invite you?” Vladimir found he had 20 more questions to go with those two.

“Yeah she invited me and what we do is our business.” Valeri ran upstairs to his room. He quickly threw on his white shirt that was see through and his black pants that made his lower body look inviting.

When he came down, Vlad was in the living room staring at his youngest brother, knowing full well what his intentions were. “She’s a good woman, Val. Do you hear me? Not some of the girls you’ve dated or even, well whatever it is you do…just keep that in mind.”

“Vladynia is an awesome chick and I like her a lot and it’s not like I’m using her. We both agreed to have fun. Don’t be mad OK? And don’t stop liking her. I know she likes you too and if things don’t happen tonight, well, maybe you can have fun with her.” He gave his brother a smile and remembered the time the three of them did this one blonde on the dining room table. All three taking turns with her. That was so much fun. The woman enjoyed it and so did they.

Vladimir wasn’t really upset. He often thought of having Vladynia over and indulging in sexual perversions. He dreamt of it, what guy hasn’t dreamt of sharing a beautiful woman with the masses. He smirked. “Valeri and his sexual drive.” He thought to himself. “Get her while you can, Val, because someday she’ll be all mine.”

Valeri was out the door and arriving at Vladynia’s. She came to the door wearing a tight pink sweater, a plaid mini skirt that when bending over you could see pink ruffled panties, bobby socks, and Mary Jane’s.

Valeri could only think of the nice rack that sweater was showing off. He smiled. He was going to have fun tonight. He never had an older woman. She would be his one and only.

Valeri sat on Vladynia couch. Vladynia, sitting next to Valeri, leaned over and whispered in his ear. Her voice sent his cock to straight up erection. She saw Valeri was aroused and she took full advantage of the situation.

Valeri edged closer to Vladynia, putting his hand down her sweater, cupping a breast, feeling her nipple, hard against his finger. He lightly pinches it and rubs and squeezes her, hearing her moan. He continues. Vladynia, noticing Valeri’s bulge, moves her hand up Valeri’s pant leg and stops at his bulge. She feels his erection through them and rubs him there. Valeri lets out a moan and moves slightly. He’s highly aroused, she thinks to herself. She reaches for his zipper only to hear him say, “Not yet Vladynia.”

Valeri removes Vladynia’s sweater. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her breasts were bigger than most of the women he’s been with. Her nipples were hard and tantalizing. He bent down a bit and took a nipple in his mouth and sucked on it, making Vladynia uncross her legs, arch her head back and a moan escaping her lips. How long has it been for her, he wondered.

Valeri’s hand moved up Vladynia’s leg. Caressing her inner thigh, feeling how warm she was already. He moved higher to her panties and found them to be moist. He rubbed her through them and sucking her breast, she was all his for tonight.

He slipped a finger inside Vladynia’s panties. Her moistness, warm to the touch, a continual flow. He inserted two fingers inside her dark cave and finger fucked her. Her moans were loud, her juices flowing, her body giving way to his every move.

He laid her down and removed the panties. He kissed her knee, her thighs, licking her there, then seeing her clit, swollen, he licked it, sucked it, licked it again, then sliding fingers inside her, he continued licking her clit more and more.

“Valeri…” is all that Vladynia could say. She came in a great big gush.

Valeri lapped it up. She tasted really good.

Valeri undid his pants. “Vladynia, will you suck me off?”

She didn’t answer with words. She had his cock in her mouth. Feeling his hardness against her tongue, his precum dripping down her throat. She sucked him hard and fast, he came with such a force that Vladynia almost gagged on all the cum she swallowed.

Valeri laid there with Vladynia for a bit before heading home.

Once home he went upstairs, passing by his brothers, who looked at him wanting to know what happened but didn’t ask.

The following day, Vladynia was out in her yard again. Valeri was there, he waved and headed on his way. Viktor was washing his car. He looked over at Vladynia. Valeri had told the guys in the morning what took place and how hot she was.

Viktor was done ataşehir escort washing his car and towel drying it. He walked over to Vladynia’s.

Vladynia saw Viktor and heat rushed to her cheeks. Valeri must have told them, both Viktor and Vladimir. She was nervous and she tried the best she could to hide it.

“Hey Vladynia.” Viktor said with a smile.

“Hi Viktor. Great day, isn’t it?” She asked

“It would be better if you’d come for a ride with me today.” He did it. He invited Vladynia out for a ride.

“Where do you want to take me, Viktor?”

“I was thinking a movie.” He replied.

Vladynia nodded, “that’s a great idea.”

She grabbed her purse and they were on their way.

Viktor asked her where she wanted to go. He was stunned to hear her reply the adult theater.

“Is that OK, Viktor? You must really stop being so shy with me.” She smiled.

“It’s fine Vladynia. It’s just that, well, I didn’t think you liked me.”

She laughed and took his hand. She led him in the theater, picked a seat, and sat down.

The movie started but she wasn’t interested in the movie. She looked over at Viktor. She placed her hands on his crotch. She unzipped his pants and slid her hand in. Viktor, the shy one, mmmmm, she thought, I’m going to enjoy this. Her hand was in his pants under his briefs and stroking his cock. He was hard and she loved it. She knew other men were watching. She didn’t care. Viktor, however shy, didn’t mind either. She bent down and Viktor’s cock exposed, she wrapped her lips around him. His cock was thick and ready for her to proceed. She licked the tip of his head and down his shaft, licking him over and over. He gasped as she took him deep inside her mouth. She sucked and sucked. Feeling his hardness, the veins, him stiffen even more, she knew he was about to blow. She took him out of her mouth slowly and teasingly, looking up into his eyes she begged, “cum for me Viktor.”

She again wrapped her lips around him and he exploded in her mouth. A little bit of cum was on her lips and she licked them and Viktor couldn’t help but raise her up and kiss her. He kissed her gently and told her thanks.

At home, Vladynia was making herself dinner when the doorbell rang. She looked out the window to see that it was Vladimir. She sighed to herself. This one she half dreaded seeing, not because she didn’t want to. She liked Vladimir for so much more than a one nighter or a good time fuck. What does he think of her? She’s been with both his brothers.

She opened the door.

“May I come in, Vladynia?” Vladimir asked her with such a serious look on his face.

Looking at him, she replied, “Please do so.”

He entered. There was silence for a moment, then Vladimir sat down on her couch and started talking, “I really like you, Vladynia, and I’m not sure how to handle the things that have happened. I’m not here to make you feel bad or to judge you. I just want to know how you feel about my brothers. Both like you but both are young and are out to have fun. I don’t want you hurt.”

Staring at Vladimir’s blue eyes, she smiled. “I wanted to have fun too. I like your brothers but I think I could love you.”

There it was out. She didn’t look away. He looked into her brown eyes. She was for real.

He got up and grabbed her. They fell to the floor. It was all he could do to control himself. Her shirt was off, her pants were off. She was naked in front of him and he was licking her breasts, sucking them, feeling her up. He was out of his pants, his cock hard against her body. Her legs spread and inviting, he rammed his cock deep inside her wanting pussy. He was big and thick and she felt every motion deep inside her. He kissed her lips parting them with his tongue. Lavishing her kisses, feeling her tongue against his, he pushed himself as deep as he could go inside her. Hearing her moans. She was loud and he loved it. She whispered his name, she asked him to fuck her more and not to stop. He forced her on his lap not missing a beat. His hands on her hips moving around to her ass, he grabs it and rams her harder. Looking into her eyes, he reaches her hair with one hand and pulls her face towards his and deeply, passionately kisses her. She leans back and he reaches down between her legs and rubs her clit, slow circular motions until he feels she’s about to cum. He thrusts in and out of her, faster and faster, hearing her gasps, he lays her down and he’s on top of her. She feels his strength. She is so hot, so wet, so wanting this man inside her. She wraps her legs around his body, her hands on his ass, she presses him in her more. She screams, “Vladimir” as she cums all over his cock, he still continues and pulls out to her mouth.
She takes him deep inside and she sucks him and his warm nectar slides down her throat. He slides his body next to hers and takes her in his arms and avcılar escort kisses her deeply again. She rests her head on his chest, listening to his heart beating, she falls asleep.

Once awake, Vladimir asks Vladynia to come to his house. She accepts the invitation, gets dressed and heads next door.

Vladimir wanted to act out his sexual fantasies with Vladynia. He wanted to see her with all her holes filled by his two brothers and himself. Yes, he liked her and wanted her for himself, but he wanted this more. He sat up with her and asked her what her fantasies were.

“Vladimir, I have so many fantasies and I really like you. I don’t want you to look upon me with disgust. I have done things with your brothers and I hope you don’t mind that.” She said to him.

“I don’t mind that Vladynia. My brothers and I have done many things and many women, together, at times. It’s fun to do. I wanted to know how you felt with that, I mean, would you have sex with all three of us at once?” Vladimir looked deep into Vladynia’s brown eyes. He wanted to know, he hoped she would.

“Is this what you want, Vladimir? To share me with all of you? Would you still feel for me the way you do now, if we were to do that?” Her eyes full of questions and wonder.

“Yes, Vladynia, I would.” He held her close to him.

She said she would do that with him and his brothers.

“I’ll get things ready.” Vladimir said as he walked out the door.

Once home Vlad clued his two brothers in and what he wanted to have happen tonight.

Vladynia was at the door. Vladimir opened it and picked her up and carried her into his bedroom. Once there, he undressed her, filled his tub, in the master bath, with warm water and rose petals, he laid her in the tub and bathed her. He was ever so gentle with her. She liked the way he made her feel. Once bathed, Vladynia was helped out of the tub, dried off, and her hair was brushed, gently, by Vladimir. He dressed her in a sheer white gown. It clung to her breasts, her erect nipples protruding out of the dress. Vladynia looked elegant, sexy, breathtaking.

Vladimir carried Vladynia to his bed. It was a huge antique bed. The sheets were red silk, the bedspread, red, as well. The brothers entered the room and their eyes fixated on the goddess being caressed and pampered by Vladimir.

Vladimir was naked before Vladynia. She looked over him. His physique was god-like. His eyes were an ocean blue, she was losing herself in them, once again. She felt his touch against her body. She quivered. She ached. She wanted.

Viktor and Valeri both undressed and got on the bed and began feeling her. Vladimir kissed her waiting lips. His tongue hot inside her mouth. She longed for him. She felt the other brothers but it was Vladimir she loved.

Viktor removed the top part of Vladynia’s dress to expose her breasts. Vladimir approved.

Viktor sucked on her nipple taking turns on each breast. Hearing Vladynia moan, Vladimir kissed her deeper, watching his brother sucking her breasts.

Valeri, trying to squeeze between his two brothers, finally did so, and brushed his hand lightly up Vladynia’s thigh. He bent over and kissed her there. He felt her heat and he pulled the dress all the way off. She was fully naked and beautiful. Vladimir watched as Valeri spread Vladynia and licked her swollen mound. She was already moist and she tasted heavenly. Valeri darted his tongue in and out of her as Viktor squeezed her nipples in unison. Vladimir holding her in his arms watching his brothers please her, he was so hard, he was going to burst.

Viktor and Valeri switched places and Viktor was now savoring Vladynia’s nectar. Vladynia was aroused, her legs moving, her moans louder.

Vladimir moved gently away from behind her and up in her face. He slid his cock in her mouth and she sucked him deeply.

Viktor asked Vladimir to stop for a moment. Vladimir did so. Viktor moved behind her, asked Vladynia to get on her knees, she did so. He spread her ass, his cock was lubed and he entered her while Valeri played with her clit, making the entry easier on Vladynia. Viktor pumped her ass. He squeezed her cheeks together then spread her legs, Valeri entered her pussy. She was dripping. Vladimir smiled as he slid his cock into her mouth once again. She was filled. They fucked her, all three, taking turns.

All three came in her. She laid there exhausted but she wasn’t done yet. Vladimir grabbed her and told her to ride his cock. He was hard. She got on top and the other brothers watched as she was fucking Vladimir, wildly. Vladimir pinched, bit, and sucked her nipples. He reached behind her and grabbed her ass forcing him deeper inside her. She was screaming and begging Vladimir to fuck her harder. He did so. The other brothers watched while jacking themselves off, covering Vladynia with their cum.

She continued riding Vladimir. They were entwined, kissing, her clit being played with by Viktor and Valeri, Vladimir, deep inside her, thrusting forcefully, she came. He pulled out and shot his cum over her breasts. Vladynia licked the cum with her tongue. She fell against Vladimir, trying to catch her breath. The four of them layed on the bed, laughing, talking about what they would do next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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