The Training Centre

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Cum On

Teresa was a very goodhearted woman and sure that what she was doing for the church was for the good. There was no doubt that the Catholic Church was facing a situation where increasing number of priests were starting ordination but leaving without completing their courses. The Catholic Church knew that it could not just throw these people, who had been so divorced from regular society, on to the street and expect them to cope. Theresa had offered her little boardinghouse as a halfway house and took it upon herself to guide these young men to a full and productive life. There were only eight rooms and they were full most of the time. When each man arrived she assessed him as to how much she could help. In some cases a little, in some cases a lot. Declan was a very nice young man, very quiet and very reserved and Theresa thought she could help him. She put him in one of the rooms and watched his behavior at meal times and in the common room where they all talked.

After two weeks she decided that she would invite Declan in to the little room next to hers which was connected by an internal door. Declan had no idea why he was being asked to change rooms. One night after dinner when Declan returned to his room, there was a knock on the door and Theresa opened it. Declan was surprised. Theresa was a woman, now separated, in her early 40s, a full, slightly heavy figure but an attractive face and smile.

“Would you like a cup of tea?”


“Come in and I’ll make it for you.”


They chatted for a while. “I want to get you be comfortable with young ladies. I would like to find you a nice Catholic girl so you can settle down.”

“That’s a very nice thought”


“I think you have a lot to learn. Stand up.” Declan treated her very much as a mother confessor and stood up and Theresa slipped his sweater over his head and his shirt and singlet and then undid his belt and dropped his pants and underpants of the floor. To say that Declan was surprised would be the understatement of the year.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of you.” At this moment Theresa wrapped her fingers around Declan’s penis and began to fondle it backwards and forwards. Very few men could resist the pleasure of a woman handling their penis and it soon began to stiffen. Soon the foreskin had gone back over the tip which was now showing and her hand was moving up and down. Her experienced fingers could tell that he was about to cum and his increasingly rapid breathing confirmed it. She reached over for a tissue and put it over his dick as he came.

“Did you like that?”

He was speechless and excited and embarrassed all at once.

“Yes it was very good. “She reached over and grabbed his dick again. It had been quite a time since she last held one. She liked teaching young boys and men how to enjoy themselves sexually. It was an important part of learning how to get on well with the other sex.

It took a bit longer for the second time and he came again. She played with his balls, gave him a kiss on the cheek and said, “That’s enough for tonight.”

Declan was amazed as you might imagine and wondered where this was all going to end.

Next night Theresa knocked on the door and came into his room and asked if he would like a repeat of last night. Declan had no hesitation in saying yes. Theresa knew that he had to be introduced to the female body and she took her top off revealing some seriously large breasts. She took his fingers and brought them to her nipples and said this is what you do. As Declan did it, he could feel them stiffen under his touch and the more he did it, the bigger the smile on Theresa’s face. Theresa said, “You’re a fast learner. She lay down on the bed and pulled Declan down. As Theresa flopped down Declan’s nose detected an aroma that was totally unfamiliar to him.

Theresa said, “I can show you what to do or I can tell you what to do. Which do you prefer?”

“I don’t know.”

“Okay it’s easier if I show you” and she lifted her skirt up to her waist and pulled her panties down. She was quite hairy and Declan was clearly interested. He had never seen one before. Nothing in his training or upbringing would have brought him close to a woman’s pussy.

She drew his hand towards her slit and positioned his middle finger against her clitoris. Declan asked himself, “Is this happening to me? Is it real? According to everything I’ve learnt this shouldn’t be happening. I know antalya escort it’s a sin but I can’t stop.” Theresa instinctively sensed what was going through his mind and said, “Don’t worry. Nobody is watching. There are no statues here in this room so we can do what we like.”

This relieved Declan and he continued playing with her clitoris.

“Declan. Have you ever seen a woman before?”

“No, never.”

“Okay I’m going to show you what’s down here because you need to know.” She pointed to all the landmarks that he needed know and then opened her lips and pointed to her vagina and said,

“This is where you are going to put your penis when you make love.”

“Oh, my God. Are you serious?”

“Yes I’m serious.”

“I don’t know if I can do that.”

“Don’t worry. I’m going to show you. It won’t hurt and it’s natural.”

She lay on her back – her knees around her ears and said, “Take a good look and see where you are going to put it and I will guide you in.”

Theresa justified her actions by saying that she was doing all this to teach him but in fact her real motive was that she enjoyed having a good root but didn’t like the relationship that was normally attached to it. She thought it was her social duty to teach a man how to make love – love was the important word. You couldn’t make love if your wife hated you because of the pain you caused her on your first night. It was the reason her own marriage failed. It took her a long time to forget and to look forward to opening her thighs and allowing a man to screw her. Even though it was against church teachings she was on the pill to make sure that she didn’t get pregnant. She was confident that none of the men from the seminary had STDs.

Declan’s brain was exploding as he was about to enter completely new territory. Theresa grabbed his hard dick and drew him in to her moist vagina. Primitive instincts kicked in and he started to move in and out with a regular rhythm until he came. It was warm and moist – like putting your finger into a Xmas pudding.

“It’s going to be different for you when you go with a woman who’s never had sex before, Declan. When you find a nice girl, and if she’s a virgin, just make sure she is nice and moist and take it very slowly, really slowly and if she starts to show signs of pain, stop and start again slowly, really slowly, until you are right in. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I think I know what I do.”

“Of course there is a lot more but you’ll probably have to read about it. I can’t tell you everything.”

Declan exploded in her very quickly as you might expect and she sent him off to the bathroom to wash himself. When he came back she said. We are going to do it again and this time it will be much better. She massaged his dick until it was hard and he put it in her again and started vigorously moving in and out until he came again. Theresa said, “That’s enough for one night.”

“Thank you Theresa. It was wonderful.”

She felt a bit like Mother Theresa – she was doing it for charity. The more she gave, the better she felt. She had lost count of the number – around two per year.

The next day Theresa rang her friend Geraldine who was running a boarding house for young novices who had also left after stopping their studies. She was doing exactly the same job – trying to bring these young women back in to society so that they would thrive and prosper.


“Yes, Theresa”

“Geraldine. I have got a very nice young man here. Have you got a nice young girl over there if I give you some details?”

Geraldine replied, “I’ll ring you back morrow and let you know. “

For Geraldine the problem was a little more difficult. She had helped a lot of novices transform their lives into success stories. She basically asked all the girls three questions:

1.Do you want to have a family?

2.Do you want to study?

3.Do you want to work?

She asked Veronica who said that she wanted to have a family.

“Veronica, I have a friend who a run a boarding house for priests who have left and no longer want to remain priests. She rang me to tell me that she has a nice young man and I think it would be good for you to meet him.”

Veronica agreed and Geraldine said, “I know you’ve had a very cloistered life. You went direct from your convent school to being a novice and so you have had very little experience with males. Is that true?”

“Yes antalya rus escort it is. Apart from my much younger brothers I really haven’t had much to do with men at all.”

“Veronica I’m going to give you some books to read which will give you an idea of what married life is all about and what you should expect. One of the things you have to get used to is that you will not only interact verbally but also physically. That means you will want to touch his body and he will want to touch yours.”

Veronica came back with a lot of questions which basically revolved around how you started.

“Well the first thing is you have to meet the young man and you have to talk to him and you have to like him before you do anything else. Would you like me to organise an introduction? “

“Yes I think so.”

Geraldine and Theresa and Declan and Veronica all went for a cup of coffee and talked and chatted for more than an hour. Geraldine and Theresa excused themselves and left the young couple to talk. They agreed to meet again for another coffee and agreed then to go out for dinner together. It was a good start. On about the sixth or seventh meeting, nobody could remember just when, they held hands and it looked like everything was going to happen.

Theresa said to Declan,” I know it’s a little difficult to get to know Veronica better when you haven’t got your own place to go to. It’s normally against the rules to have a woman in your room but I will let you do it but you must come in the back door through my kitchen so that nobody sees you. OK?”

Declan agreed and after the next dinner with Veronica they came in through Theresa’s kitchen and into his room. Veronica was a little bit uncomfortable because it was the first time she had ever been in a room with a man by herself. Declan took it very slowly and kissed Veronica for a long period of time. Veronica responded by kissing him back. It was a good start. His hand moved to her breast on the outside and then underneath her top to fondle it and then squeezed her nipple.

This was the first time anybody had ever done anything like this and Veronica was completely carried away by the delicious sensations going through her body for the first time. Declan walked her back to Geraldine’s house which was nearby. They parted promising to see each other again. Veronica was troubled by ideas of sin and approached her mother confessor, “He put his hand on my breast. Have I sinned?”

“There is no such thing as sin in the marriage bed.”

Veronica had never heard of that verse before but replied, “But we are not married.”

“Do you think you might get married?”


“Then it’s OK”.

With all moral restraints removed, Veronica’s released her animal spirits. Those who believe that too much of something dulls the senses must believe the converse that senses that have been unused are the sharpest. Thus it was that those erotic nerve endings which had been held back were suddenly released, never to return to captivity.

The sharing of physical intimacy by allowing his hand on her breast, led to the sharing of intellectual intimacy and honesty, and they both revealed at their next meeting the true reasons that they were leaving their religious callings. It all related to their reaction to the revelations of how the Church responded to the revelations of pedophile activity and this called into question all the teachings of the Church. They could reveal none of this to their mother confessors.

The next time they had dinner together and walked to Theresa’s, they held hands and there was a feeling of expectation in the air. They walked into Declan’s room and Veronica turned the light out. She held Declan’s hand and led him to the bed and pulled him down and they kissed. His hand was soon on her breast but she lifted it off and removed her top altogether. Declan nuzzled her breast and sucked her nipple. She held his head close to her and enjoyed the feeling immensely. Feelings that she had never experienced before were happening in her pussy. Veronica had purposely worn a skirt tonight to allow Declan access to her pussy and soon she felt her skirt being ruffled up as his hand descended onto her mound. His hand played around and then his finger tried to sneak in under the elastic of her panties.

At that Veronica lifted her bottom off the bed and removed them and her skirt. Although he could not see her, she antalya ucuz escort was now completely naked. Declan tried to remember the geography down there from what he had seen on Theresa’s pussy. His finger moved to separate her lips as Veronica hesitated in trepidation. She opened her thighs knowing that she would need to do that if he was to get full access. The anticipation of pleasure was fully rewarded when his finger finally touched her little clitoris. Shockwaves of pleasure raced to her pleasure centers and caused her vagina to lubricate, and be ready to receive the invader. Declan wished he could see her virgin pussy but this was better than nothing. What happens next? Veronica was waiting for his finger to try to find her vagina. After a bit of fumbling his finger slipped into her vestibule and moved a fraction up her passage. Oh God. It felt great.

Veronica was engrossed in her own pleasure and became aware that she was naked and he wasn’t. She tugged at this pants and Declan took the hint. He removed everything. Declan remembered how Theresa had encouraged his sexualisation by leading him to touch her and could see the benefit of doing the same for Veronica. He fished for her hand in the dark and led it to his erect penis.

“Oh. Oh me, oh my.”

She instinctively gripped it trying to establish the shape and dimensions and everything about it. She had seen illustrations in the book that Geraldine gave her and now reached for his balls. She could sense the purring from Declan and his enjoyment as her hand moved up and down and around and in every direction.

Things were moving faster than she thought possible and she calculated what her chances were if they played Vatican roulette. They couldn’t be better. Declan was not worried if the Church had not blessed this union. It had been made in heaven. He lifted her legs up and separated her knees just as he had done with Theresa and positioned his cock where he thought the opening of Veronica’s vagina was. It was a bit more difficult in the dark. He pushed forward with his dick bumping into flesh all over the place until the tip of his dick found a soft, warm, moist entrance.

He pushed in slowly until Veronica pushed him back.

“It hurts a bit.” He drew back a fraction and pushed again and repeated this process until he could feel that he was right in.

“Are you OK?”

“Yes, it hurt a little but now it doesn’t.”

Her mind cast back to the convent where men were considered the ultimate evil and here was this nice man with his dick right inside me and I am enjoying it. While the thought of being penetrated might have been a bit terrifying, her worst fears had not been realised. She had already forgotten the twinge of pain and was enjoying the feeling of his dick sliding up and down against the walls of her vagina. She eventually felt him releasing his seed into her and she hoped that at that moment that Vatican Roulette worked in her favor. She hoped that her eggs played by the rules of the game.

“I’m going to stay the night. I want to fall asleep in your arms.”

They awoke in the morning still naked and they both saw each mother’s bodies for the first time. This wasn’t the time for gawking. They got dressed and went into the kitchen for breakfast.

“I didn’t go home. I hope you don’t mind.”

“No it’s quite alright, my dear. I’m going out shortly and you can have a shower. I won’t be back until late. Just leave quietly.”

Declan went in for a shower and she followed. She found Declan’s razor and decided to use it. She came out naked and found Declan on the bed. He was amazed. She had shaved her bush into the shape of a cross.

“What’s that for?”

“The next time you kneel, I want you to remind you that are going into a holy place.”

They both laughed hysterically. She kneeled down to examine Declan’s dick more closely and played with it and watched as it got hard again.

“You know, last night, as you were entering me, I thought to myself – I was going to be a Bride of Christ and this could be Jesus entering me.”

“I don’t think so. Jesus was a Jew and would have been circumcised.”

“Well apart from that, you could have been Jesus.”

It was time for Declan to look at her pussy. It was certainly different to Theresa’s.

Nice inner lips, nice clitoris and a little pink hole at the bottom.

He lifted her legs and positioned himself to enter and this time Veronica guided him in. This time there was not the slightest hint of pain and Veronica enjoyed herself again. She had cause to hope that her eggs were playing according to the rules again.

Theresa rang Geraldine. “I think they’ve done it. I’m coming over for a drink to celebrate. We are the Angels of Love.”

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