The Unofficial Bachelorette Party

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“What’s up Heather?” I asked as a sat down at the bar next to her. Heather was an old high school friend’s wife. We had gone most of our lives and never talked much, but my recent move back to town and my best friend Mike’s upcoming wedding had put me and Heather crossing paths more often. Heather was going to be the maid of honor in Mike’s wedding to Sara, and I was going to be the best man.

Mike and I had been friends since grade school. We weren’t very much alike and I am not sure how we became so close, but it was inevitable that where you saw one of us you saw the other. Our differences were so apparent, that I am sure most people wondered how the pastor’s kid (Mike) became so close with the kid from the other side of the tracks. Nevertheless, we were close and always had been.

Sara, Mike’s fiancé, was younger than the rest of us. We were all 26, while she was only 22. Sara had been a missionary’s kid and had moved to the states after finishing college to find a job. She and Mike met when she started going to Mike’s dad’s church. That is also where she had befriended Heather. Heather was like her only friend and the only person outside of Sara’s much younger sisters to be in the wedding.

“I have a big favor to ask you, Chris.” Heather said, turning to me and sipping on her cocktail.

“Sure Heather.” I said, “Is this about the wedding?”

“Well sort of, but…” she paused, “what I am about to tell you needs to stay between us, okay?”

“Okay!” This is where things were sticky for me. Here I was helping coordinate things for a wedding that I didn’t want to happen. See, my best friend Mike is great. One of the greatest guys really. He would do anything for anyone. He is genuinely the nicest guy and I know he loves me like a brother. And it isn’t like I think he is a great match for Sara. He is! They are perfect together. Perfect! Pastor’s kid gone engineer marrying the missionary kid gone teacher. A match literally made in heaven. My problem was that Sara was too perfect.

Sara was this amazing, cheerful girl, who like I said Mike met and fell in love with while I was in the Navy. I returned from the end of my service to find that my best friend, who was so awkward and shy around girls, had finally met and was planning to marry this nice girl who had lived most of her life on a different continent. And I knew after the first night that we all met that I was not going to be okay with this wedding.

Back then, I tried to convince myself that it was because Mike hadn’t lived enough. That he was still a virgin and here he was settling down with a woman, albeit a gorgeous one, who was as sheltered as he was. It was about a month into the friendship and near the time when I finally allowed myself to get a grip on what the true problem was that I had with the marriage. The realization struck me in the middle of me pleasuring myself when the only image in my head was of Sara. Fit, petite, full chested, curvaceous Sara. I didn’t want them together because I wanted Sara for myself.

“So…” Heather continued, “I know that we said that we were not going to have any strippers or anything scandalous at the bachelor and bachelorette parties, but I think we may need to rethink that.”


“See, I talked to Sara some and well… How do I say this? I think Sara is a little bummed we aren’t going all out and making this more of a time for her to remember.”

“But… But didn’t you say you couldn’t do anything like that because of her sisters being minors and such?”

“Yes, but well, since I have found all this out I have sort of changed my plans. See, I am having two parties now. One, where we go to the beach for the official bachelorette party and then a second unofficial party where I have just Sara, and a few of my less tame friends with the stripper.”

“I see, so why are you telling me this? I mean it isn’t as if that is going to have any bearing on what Mike is going to want. I mean I can add a stripper to the party it isn’t like they have discussed it or even are thinking anything about it. Mike is only focused on Sara and I think he would still tell me not to add one.”

“Well, yeah, and I don’t want anyone to know all of this and honestly, I wouldn’t come to you if I didn’t need this big favor. See, I don’t think Sara realized when she moved to the states that she was going to find love so quickly. See, I think she was expecting to sort of sow some oats before she got engaged, but she met Mike and the romance was so fast and now as the wedding is approaching, she is getting more nervous about not having ever done anything with anyone. I mean, honestly Chris, she has never even see a man naked before. She wants to live a little, even if it is for just one night.”

“Okay, but I don’t see how I can help you. I mean it isn’t like I could be your stripper.” Mentally, I found my mind picturing nothing but me shoving my hard cock into Sara’s face as she sat in front of me. Mesmerized after seeing her first nude male. I smiled as Heather continued.

“Ha! Of course not Chris. I mean you are handsomely confident, escort eryaman but no one wants to see all of you like that. What I need your help with is that I need someone to coordinate and handle all the transference of money. See neither me, nor any of my friends, can afford to have that all on our plate. I mean we are all married. All regular churchgoers. It would be frowned upon. I mean… I am even worried that some of the girls I have slated for the event may back out.”

“Seriously, Heather!” I said, looking at her. “I thought you said this was your “not so tame” friends.”

“Unfortunately, Chris they are too tame for that…coming, seeing…they have only moderate problems with, but it’s another thing to have that attached to your name. Your account. We all felt it would be better and we would be safer having someone a little more worldly handling this.”

“So you have come to me.”

“Yes, Chris. I mean you left this town. You were in the Navy. You were worldly even when we were in high school. I know you probably even know of a service that could do this without even having to look into it. Am I right?”

She was right. I had a friend from Navy who ran a strip club two towns over. He also managed a strip-gram service that catered to bachelor parties. If I wasn’t mistaken, he hired both men and women for that service.

“You are right, I do know of a place I could call and arrange it.”

“So will you?”

“Yes, I will set it up for you, but if for any reason Mike finds out about this then you have to promise me that my name is never mentioned as being a part of it.”

“Promise!” she squealed, ecstatic that she had one less thing on her plate.

“And?” she raised an eyebrow at me as I spoke, “I am definitely getting Mike a stripper whether he wants one or not.”

“Deal,” she shoved her hand into mine. “Now, I’ve got to run. Alan is expecting me home with supper in a few. Oh, but before I forget, there is one last thing.”

“Yes,” I said in my gruffest voice.

“Sara had only one request. She wants the man to wear a mask the entire time.”

“What?” I laughed, “Is that some odd fantasy?”

“Ha, no. She just doesn’t want to know. She doesn’t want to one day see this guy at a restaurant and know that she saw him naked. Chris, this girl is innocent. I mean INNOCENT. She is taking a big gamble even asking for this, but she is so curious.”

“Okay, Heather. I will arrange it. I will find out the cost and get the money from you and then everything will be worked out. Mask and all.” Heather smiled, leaned in, and kissed my cheek before she rushed out of the door.

I sat there, sipping on my whiskey. My mind consumed with the thoughts of Sara. Kind Sara. Innocent Sara. Fit Sara. Gorgeous Sara. God what I would do to see Sara stripped of her clothes. I mean, what if she did stuff with that stripper. I wasn’t naïve to think that those things didn’t happen even at bachelorette parties. I mean, she was curious. How curious was she? What sort of wild oats did this girl want to sow? Was she thinking this was going to be more than looking at a nude man? Was she thinking that she might lose her virginity before her wedding night? My cock was hard. Oh, why couldn’t I be that stripper?

And that was it. The seed to the idea that crept and wound its way into my mind. I called my friend Todd, who told me he did have a male stripper that was free on the night that Heather had the hotel room booked for the unofficial bachelorette party. The cost was $450 for the night. When I told Heather the cost, she asked if I could get a discount, because she was now having to pay double for what was two bachelorette parties. It was her plea for a lesser price that grew the idea in my mind.

Why couldn’t I be the stripper? I mean. I was in shape. Coming out of the navy, I was chiseled to perfection. I had my share of women over time and well, I knew I was packing. I might not be porn star level, but I didn’t think a 7 ½ inch cock was that bad and she did want the stripper to be masked. Yes! My stomach flipped into my chest. I could do this. I mean, no one on the guest list outside of Sara and Heather had even met me and I would be masked. But my voice? I mean Sara still couldn’t recognize my voice on the phone, so I was probably safe there, but Heather. I mean Heather would know, but would she be caught up in the moment enough to not put it together. Maybe she’d get drunk enough not to put it together, but then again, these were churchwomen and the chances of that might be slim. I resolved myself that I would find away, but I committed myself that I was going to go through with it. The chance of getting to rub my cock over the woman who had been my fantasy for the last year, who had fueled my dreams, who I had lusted after, was too tempting. I couldn’t say no.

My resolved set, I started planning. I cancelled the stripper with Todd and called Heather with a new price of $250. I hated to take any money, but I needed the plan to be believable. There were moments over the next few weeks that I nearly backed out. Times, when I would think elvankent escort about how this would hurt Mike, and nearly cave, but the one thing that kept me going was the fact that I knew that if it wasn’t me, then it would be some other dude. I convinced myself that I was really doing him a favor. I knew I was disease free. I knew that I would never force Sara. The problem of Heather still consumed me and it was the day before the actual unofficial bachelorette party that I finally found a solution.

Heather had arranged for her husband Alan to take Mike out for the night. I of course was invited but told everyone that I was out of town for the weekend. To cover for this, I had planned on taking my car to the airport parking lot and was planning on getting a rental. I had also booked a room in the same hotel as the party just in case I needed someone quick to go. The afternoon, of the party, Heather came by my house to settle up on a few last minute things.

My luggage was packed and by the door, keeping up with pretenses, and sitting on my kitchen counter were two brownies, seemly the last in a batch.

“Okay, I really need to be quick. Here is the hotel key. Are you sure that you can get this to the guy before you go on your trip?” Heather asked.

“Yes the guy is meeting me at the airport. Is that all, is everything else taking care of?”

“And this, she said, handing me a masquerade mask. Make sure he wears this mask.” The mask was black and white, and had feathers on the sides and around it. It was masculine looking even with the feathers.

“Okay,” I said, “And here, before you go. Eat these brownies. I made these last night and have eaten almost the whole thing and don’t want them to go to waste, but I can’t eat anymore.”

“Fine,” Heather grabbed both of the brownies and scarfed them down. “I haven’t even had time to eat lunch today.” And out the door, she went.

I smiled to myself, pocketed the key, grabbed my luggage and headed out the door. I drove to the airport and parked my car. Got my luggage and the rental car and drove as quickly as I could to the hotel. I felt that this was the most crucial time. I had to get to the room, before Sara or Heather did and stay put until it was my time to become the stripper they wanted.

I stealthily made my way to the room. It was strategically booked on the same floor as the unofficial bachelorette party, but down a different hallway, but near the staircase, which is what I would be using for my exit after the party. I sat in the room knowing I had about five hours to spare before I was to perform. I tried to nap, I tried to watch tv, but all I could do was think about lovely, sexy Sara. I didn’t dare beat my meat. I hadn’t done that in over a week. Even though Sara was all that consumed my mind. I wanted to be as hard, as turned on as possible tonight. I knew this was my only chance.

About an hour in, I got my first text from Heather. I was supposed to be on a plane, so I didn’t respond, but I read the text. “Bad news! I have been sick for about an hour. I am afraid I am not going to be able to go through with the party.”

Thirty minutes later. “Has your plane landed yet? What am I to do? My friend Michelle and Anna have backed out. That only leaves Dani and Gina going and I feel horrible. Should I cancel?”

Fifteen minutes later. “Okay, Gina is going to handle everything, but Sara is nervous. She only knows Gina from one meeting. Everything is going as planned and if I feel better I will be coming late.”

I texted her back as soon as I checked my supposed flight to make sure it had landed. “I am sorry you are sick. I think for the guy coming it will not matter how many women are there. He is a professional remember. Feeling any better?”

She texted back immediately. “No worse. Stomach cramps, sweats and things I will not put on text.”

Sad emoji face and laughing emoji face. “Feel better!”

My plan had worked. The strong laxatives I had mixed with the brownies had worked like a charm. Now I just had to wait until 10pm and my designated arrival time.

At 9pm sharp, I saw the three women enter the hotel. My view down over the main entrance had been unplanned, but knowing that Sara was in the building only made me more excited. I kept any thoughts of Mike out of my mind. I didn’t want any guilt to come in the way of having me grinding on Sara, of me feeling her c-cup breast, of me exposing myself to her and knowing that the first nude male she would ever see would be me.

At 9:30, I changed into the stripper clothes, that came apart easy. Put in the color changing contacts that made my green eyes a dark brown and made sure my bag was packed with clothes that I could slip on after I finished stripping. It was about that time, that I got another message from Heather.

“You awake Chris?”

“Barely.” I responded.

“I feel horrible. Both physically and emotionally.”

“I am sorry. Still not better? Emotionally?”

“Yes,” she texted. “I feel like I am letting Sara down. She has been texting me all night. She etimesgut escort is a nervous little school girl and Gina has got slapstick drunk and Dani has a sick kid at home. Sara says she is glued to her phone and planning on leaving after the stripper.”

“It’s okay. She has it probably built up more than she needs to.”

“Yeah, I know. I just feel like she wanted this wild party and it is a little more low key than planned. At least I am glad that the stripper is a professional, or I would be afraid that he would take advantage of her. You don’t know how hyped she is about this.”

“It will be fine.” I replied.

At 9:50, I put on my first mask. It was a black cloth that I tied around my eyes and covered my nose. It tied around in the back and hung down. It looked very similar to the first season of Netflix’s Daredevil mask. After this I put on the masquerade mask, which felt like it covered too much of my face. I had opted for both masks as I felt the masquerade mask had been unreliable when I was practicing my performance.

At 9:57, I left my room and walked hurriedly to the door of the suite of the unofficial bachelorette party. I knocked once and the door swung open wide. A woman, probably in her mid-thirties stood. A huge, but drunk smile painted across her face. A masquerade mask pulled up as a headband on her forehead. “Oh, Sara!” She screamed! “Look what’s at the door.” Without any introduction or word to me, the woman, who I surmised by her drunken expression was Gina, grabbed my hand and tugged me into the room. “Man, isn’t he a specimen,” She said as she nearly shoved me from the hallway into a grand room.

The room was a living area like space. Sara was already sitting in the middle of the space on a chair that looked like it had been shoved from a nearby dinette set. Once I saw her, my eyes couldn’t look away. She sat perfectly. Her green eyes shown. Her red hair glowed. On her brows stood two huge feathers that were fastened to a band that stretched across her face. I guess there had been some attempt at a theme. Her dress was of a sparkling material and green, which only accentuated the curve of her breast. The spaghetti straps allowed the top to show a lot of skin. I felt my member growing even before I started.

I glanced around the room and only saw Sara and Gina. “Only you two?” I asked in my deepest voice.

“Yelp all the others are either sick or cancelled.” Gina said as she sat down hard on the couch opposite Sara. “You want me to play your music?” She slurred.

“Sure.” I said, again in my deepest voice, as I dropped my bag on the ground and walked toward the awaiting Sara.

Sara’s eyes were wide and she was gripping the seat of the chair, but her head was up and her chest was out. She looked innocent and stunning. I moved closer, breathing deeply through the mask. I wanted to smell her. I looked over at Gina, who was having difficulty with the device, but just as I was about to approach her and help. The music started. I looked back at Sara. I stood right before her. Her eyes didn’t look at my body, but into my eyes. My eyes never left her as I started moving to the music.

I walked around her, moving and sliding my hands across her shoulders. I gyrated my hips and then spread her legs to move between them. She gasped as I planted my feet firmly between them and stepped up to her. My leather covered crotch in her face. Her eyes, which hadn’t left mine slid down my shirt-covered chest and then rested on my groin. I moved to the music and slowly began to unbutton my shirt. Her eyes drifted up as first my chest and then my abs came into focus.

I finished with the last button and then just as slowly peeled off the shirt. I grabbed her hands and placed them on my chest. I let them linger there for a moment before I stepped slowly away letting them fall, tracing over my defined abs. I then completed another lap behind her, letting my fingers dance across her collarbone and bare shoulders. My fingers pushing the thin strap closer to the edge of her shoulder. Again, I returned to her front and took my position between her open legs.

Her hands were now on her thighs. I picked them up and moved them to my chest again, but instead of leaving them there. I slowly traced them down my stomach again, and then slid them around and placed them on my ass. I again moved my hips to the rhythm of the music and felt as Sara gripped my ass. I moved my hands, pushed her hair out of her face, and again, let my fingers dance across the exposed skin of her neck and shoulders. I looked down into her eyes as her eyes followed every curve of my muscles and I saw the hunger there. I moved my hips, grinding my now hardening cock nearly on her face.

The music tempo changed and I slid back, even as I felt her grip on my ass tighten. I broke free and dropped to the floor. Gyrating my hips in an up and down motion on the floor in front of her. It was then that I looked up and saw Gina. She was on the couch, but no longer was she sitting up watching. She was now head back and fast asleep. My heart jumped at that. I was almost solely alone with Sara. I jumped up as the tempo of the music changed again and stood out of her reach, but still facing her. I unbuckled my belt and then tugged it free. I flipped the belt in my hand and snapped it. Hoping the noise didn’t wake Gina.

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