The Weekend Away Turns into a Night Pt. 10

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Part 10 – Back at home, and things for the couple take an unexpected turn for the good, and Hayley takes part in a few modelling shoots, with unexpected results.


Parts 1 – 9 available through my profile.

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Since arriving back from their holiday, things between Dan and Hayley had been better than ever. They regularly attempted to tell each other about the day where Hayley had been on the boat and Dan had met and got a lot closer with Lucie, but every time they started, they ended up becoming so turned on that they didn’t get close to finishing their story before practically ripping each others clothes off and having an impromptu heavy sex session. Both had kept in touch with the various friends they made whilst on holiday, with Hayley frequently messaging Miruna and Lily, and Dan texting the various lads, all of whom seemed eager to repeat what had happened in Romania with Hayley. The one conversation that keep popping up was Hayley possibly doing the photoshoot with Miruna’s boss, who it turned out not only ran the website, but was also well connected with multiple modelling agencies, so could potentially offer a new career to Hayley if she was lucky and wished to persue it.

The only reason Hayley was apprehensive, was because whilst she now loved her small boobs, she knew that almost all of models in lads mags were better endowed than she, and thought it may be wasting everyone’s time to do the shoot. After a lengthy discussion, Dan was finally able to persuade her to try it, reminding her how much she enjoyed the shoots on holiday, and said he would be happy to get in touch with the photographer and arrange it, and Hayley agreed to try it. After digging out the contact details Miruna had given them, Dan sent the email.

‘Hello Derek. My name is Dan. I was given your contact details by Miruna in Romania and told to contact you to possibly arrange a photoshoot for my girlfriend (Hayley) now that we are back in England. Miruna said she had spoken to you about this, and wondered if this is something you would be interested in. Please let me know, and I look forward to hearing from you.’

It only took about 10 minutes for Dan to get a response, and he opened it up to read the reply.

‘Hello Dan. Yes I remember talking with Miruna and saying I was interested. Just to make sure we are not wasting each others time though, I would like to know a few details. The main thing is what level she is happy to work to, as lots of girls want to try glamour modelling, but then refuse to go topless, which is the minimum level expected for publications. So long as she is happy to work to this level, I would be happy to set something up. Derek’

‘Hello Derek. That isn’t an issue. Hayley is happy to pose topless. In fact, most of her shoots with Miruna were full nude, so that wouldn’t be an issue either. Please advise costs and availability (preferably weekend as we both work weekdays) and we can get it booked. One final question, and I completely understand if you say no, but in Romania I assisted Miruna on a lot of shoots, from finding models to recording the shoots, and have gained an interest in photography. If possible I wondered if you would mind if I came down to watch how you work, as it of interest. I wouldn’t be there as a chaperone, as Miruna has told us you are professional and nothing inappropriate would happen, I would just like to watch how you manage the shoot and direct the models. Again, I wouldn’t be offended if you say no, but thought I’d ask. Many thanks, Dan.’

‘Hi Dan. That’s great news. I am free this Sunday from 11 if that works for you? Regarding costs, I don’t charge for nude shoots as I always look to use these in my portfolio, and if the model signs with one of the agencies I represent, I get commission from them, plus also a bonus if she shoots a full nude set for them. Please confirm if Sunday works for you and I’ll book it in. The shoot normally lasts for roughly 4-5 hours, and all I ask if for her to turn up with several sets of sexy lingerie we can do different sets. Regarding you coming to watch, I have no issue at all with that. I like to think of myself as extremely professional, so I’m not concerned about being watched during the shoot. Thanks, Derek.’

Dan replied back, confirming Sunday and getting the details for where the shoot would be, roughly an hour’s drive from where they lived, and told Hayley about it who was in the shower while Dan was emailing. The day soon rolled around, and Hayley had again regrown her landing strip, only realising it had been shaved off while they were on holiday several days after being home. She packed a bag with several different underwear sets, and they drove the hour to Derek’s studio, arriving early and noticing he was inside already through the curtains. Dan knocked the door and was quickly met with a shout of ‘come in, it’s open’, entering to be met by a mid 40’s man arranging a large light, before he quickly introduced himself and gave them a quick tour, showing them ümraniye escort the kitchen, and changing room where Hayley could swap outfits. They then sat down and discussed what he was looking for from the shoot, explaining that the minimum requirement was topless, however if this was as far as she wanted to go, there would be a charge for this as agencies do not usually take on topless only models. Hayley looked at him, then to Dan, then back to Derek, before saying she had no problem with nudity, so Derek pulled out the release forms and she signed them, before heading to the dressing room and emerging a few minutes later wearing a sexy thong and corset.

For the next 5 or so hours, everything went brilliantly. Hayley had a blast posing for the pictures, not even needing to be asked to remove her underwear, instead doing so naturally in the flow of the set, and Derek was exceptionally complimentary to her without being over the top or sleazy, which relaxed Hayley no end. Derek was also helpful with Dan, discussing various aspects of what to look for and suggestions for poses if he were to take up photography himself, before offering training if Dan were interested in joining his team and working on a beach abroad and getting girls to pose. Whilst this was still something Dan would like to try, both him and Hayley couldn’t justify giving up their jobs to do this, as both had decent positions and were pretty well paid. After the shoot was over, Hayley redressed and they all sat talking for a little while, with Derek telling them he will send the images over to the agencies he works with and will be in touch when they respond, and they parted ways. Dan and Hayley chatted all the way home, with her saying how much she had enjoyed the day, and him telling her how stunning she looked and how sexy she was when she was posing naked, even saying he might set her up with a few other photographers to do more shoots.

“Oh, and what kind of shoots are you thinking of mister?” She asked, jokingly.

“Well, I’ll have to look into it, but I’m sure I could find you something. I don’t doubt there are a lot of studios that would pay good money for you to pose naked for them, and you never know, they may even do group shoots so you could be with another girl you have only just met again…” Dan teased, imagining how that could go.

“Hmmm, you know I don’t mind group shoots, irrespective of who the other people are, so as long as you’re ok with it, so am I!” She replied.

The following night, Dan had a pool match for his local pub, and went out as normal while Hayley was going round to see her friends like they usually did. Being a decent player, Dan won his game, and was chatting to Craig, one of the bar staff that also played on the team, who was saying how he had just split up from his latest girlfriend (she was about the 50th girlfriend he’d had in the year or so Dan had known him). They were laughing about it, before Craig asked how come Dan never seems interested in girls when he is out, which resulted in a raised eyebrow since he thought Craig knew he wasn’t single. After showing him a picture of Hayley, Craig was still not convinced, joking that she was far too hot to be with someone like Dan.

“Well, one day I might bring her here and you can meet her for yourself.” Dan said, smiling.

“Oh, don’t do that. If you do, I’ll be devastated that she’s sleeping with you and not me!” Craig replied, getting a laugh from a few of the other players as well.

“Well, if she wasn’t at her friend’s house tonight, I would’ve text her to send me a naughty picture to prove she’s real!” Dan replied.

“Yeah, but I don’t think she would’ve been happy with you showing that to other people!” Craig said.

Dan knew she wouldn’t care in the slightest, and by complete chance, a few seconds later he received a text message from Hayley, saying that a few of the girls weren’t feeling to good, so they were cancelling the girls night half way through and she asked if he would mind her coming to the pub for a bit. This made him smile as he replied of course not, based on the conversation he had just had with Craig, knowing it would wind him up. It was only a few minutes later that she walked in, dressed down in jeans and a t-shirt that was fairly tight but still accentuated her modest boobs. As soon as she saw Dan, she walked over and gave him a big kiss, before they went to the bar and got her a drink. Once they were served, they walked over to where the team was, and Dan quietly introduced her to everyone, making sure to introduce Craig first. As they all sat chatting, everyone was friendly to Hayley as they always were to anybody that came with one of the team, but when Dan went out for a cigarette, Craig decided to ask Hayley outright if she was really Dan’s girlfriend, almost disbelieving his teammate as now he had met her, as in his mind, she was gorgeous, way too hot for Dan.

After she confirmed they were a couple, Craig let out an audible groan like a petulant child, before she stood üsküdar escort up to join Dan outside, puzzled by what had just happened. When she spoke to Dan, he explained about their conversation just before she arrived, which helped her understand why Craig was so despondent at her answer. Seeing as how pouty Craig had become, even though it was all just for show, Dan decided they should tease him a bit more, and Hayley was happy to go along with him, so they finished their cigarette and walked back inside. Once there, they sat at a table slightly back, but within earshot of Craig, so Hayley leaned over and quietly spoke to Dan, but loud enough for Craig to hear, saying she couldn’t wait to get home so she can suck his dick again, because she wanted to try and beat last night’s time. She carried on talking about different things she intended to do when they got back, before saying she was going to the loo, and walked to the bathroom. Once she had gone, Craig turned around and jokingly called Dan a few choice names, saying he knew that the little conversation he had overheard was purely for his benefit, and he hated him for it, since he could imagine Hayley would give an amazing blowjob.

When she returned, Hayley again sat down and began to continue her conversation, but Craig decided he had heard enough and moved away to a different table, not wanting to be forced to imagine what Hayley would be doing to Dan later, since he wished it were with him. This made the couple both smile, and pretty soon, the match was over, with Dan’s team winning easily. Most of his team stayed around after the opposition left and had a few drinks, all interacting with Hayley like they were old friends, and seeing her chatting with a few of them, Dan went outside for a cigarette, finding Craig outside on the phone. When his call was finished, he turned around and noticed Dan, having been oblivious before, and tutted.

“Yeah yeah, you’re getting a blow job tonight. I know, don’t rub it in. I just wish I was as well.” He said.

“Oh, wait! The great ladies man Craig is jealous! Haha. I’m sure you have plenty of girls’ numbers you can text so you get a blowjob.” Dan retorted.

“Yeah I do, but I meant from Hayley. She’s so fit, and I can only imagine how good she sucks. I wish I was getting one from her! I bet she’s got a banging body, hasn’t she” Craig responded back, making Dan smile.

“Yep she does. And you should see it when she’s naked, it’s even better…” Dan again joked at his friend.

“Ah man, stop it bro. I’d love to see her naked. I’d even pay good money for it. Look, stop, I’m gonna be getting a semi just thinking about it. No one here needs to see me walking round with a lazy boy in my shorts!” He laughed.

“Really, because things were just about to get interesting, but I don’t trust you to keep your mouth shut, so maybe its best we stop…” Dan said, intriguing Craig.

“Why, what are you saying?” He quizzed.

“No, because you’d open your mouth and other people would find out, and I wouldn’t want that”. Dan responded.

“Alright, I swear on my nephew’s life, whatever you say is between you and me only. I won’t say anything to anyone.” Craig replied, almost desperate to hear what Dan was going to propose.

“Ok, you said you would be willing to pay good money to see her naked, I was curious how much you would be willing to pay for her to give you a lap dance.” Dan asked.

“Pffft. A lap dance means she still has her bra and g-string on. That’s not naked, so about a fiver.”

“Hahaha, you think they would stay on? I’m talking about a full dance that starts with her at most in underwear, and ends with her being fully naked dancing on you. How much would you pay for that???” Dan grinned.

“Ahh man. I’ve got about £150 left until Wednesday. I’d go and get that all out of the cashpoint right now for that!” Craig answered.

“Well, so long as you keep it to yourself, I’ll ask if she’s game for that. Now go in and I’ll see if I can find her to ask.” Dan said, lighting another cigarette as Craig went back inside.

It didn’t take long for Hayley to come outside to join Dan, saying she was wondering where he was, before asking what he was talking with Craig about, having an idea it related to her, which was the reason she let them carry on uninterrupted. He gave her the shortened version, which resulted in her smiling, saying she would gladly do it for free since she thinks Craig is quite fit himself. Dan knew she has a weakness for muscular arms, and his fit the bill perfectly. After talking about it a little bit, they decided it was a go, and even though Hayley said she would gladly do it for free, they figured he would be charged for a lap dance elsewhere, so why shouldn’t she make a bit of money for it.

“Babe, I want to watch you to give him the lap dance of his life. Anything goes, you make sure he never forgets it. This will be the best hundred and fifty quid he’s ever spent.” Dan said as he handed Hayley some money to get another drink yenibosna escort from the bar, knowing that as soon as she leaves him alone, Craig would be back.

Sure enough, Craig appeared right on cue, eager to hear how the conversation had gone between the couple, and was anxious to ask Dan about it. Dan told him it was on. £150 for a full lap dance with her starting in her underwear and ending naked, so he had better go the cashpoint. It took several minutes of convincing before Craig finally went to the ATM and withdrew the cash, running back to where Dan was, before being reminded to keep it to himself, and they both went inside for a few more games of pool, acting as though nothing had happened as they played and the other guys sat chatting with Hayley. When it finally came time to leave, most of the group stood chatting outside, before Dan and Hayley made a move to walk the short distance home, leaving Craig to come round shortly when everyone else had gone so it wasn’t suspicious. It was literally a 5 minute walk to their flat, and as they opened the door and went inside, Dan gave Hayley a deep, passionate kiss, before nodding his head towards the bedroom and suggesting Hayley go and get changed for their visitor. As she did so, Dan’s phone started to ring, with Craig video calling him.

“Alright, I’m on my way to your place now, I’ll be a couple of minutes, but as much as I want to, I still don’t fully believe you’re going to go through with it. I just think you’re going to ignore the door and this will be some horrible joke!” he said.

Dan just smiled, before holding up his finger to indicate ‘hold on’, and looked around the bedroom door, seeing Hayley pulling off her jeans, before turning the phone camera to let Craig see this. He kept the camera on her as she slipped off her thong, unaware she was giving him a view of her peachy little ass, before Dan turned the phone back away from her just as she started to turn round, stopping him getting the view for free.

“Do you believe me now?” he asked, noticing the picture on Craig’s phone was shaking quite a lot.

“Yeah ok. Anyway, I’m outside.” Craig replied, revealing he had been running.

Dan told him the door was unlocked, so to come straight in, which he almost immediately did, standing in the hallway with a big grin on his face. Again, Dan looked around the bedroom door to see how close to being ready Hayley was, seeing her crouching down in her drawer, going through her underwear t find the right pair, before finally pulling out a sexy lace thong and matching bra. He walked through with Craig into the living room, and pulled one of the chairs from the dining table over, placing it in the middle of the room facing away from the door, and indicating to Craig to sit down. As he sat, Hayley walked in behind him looking sensational in the underwear set she had chosen, carrying her laptop. She passed it to Dan to connect to the TV, indicating she had created a playlist to dance to, and walked back out again, making sure Craig hadn’t seen her, before Dan pressed play and the music started. Immediately, Hayley came strutting in and began dancing at the back of Craig, quickly moving to in front of him, giving him a good look as she wiggled around in her lingerie before him in time to the music.

Craig couldn’t believe his eyes, watching the gorgeous girlfriend of his friend lap dancing on him in just her skimpy underwear, which towards the end of the first song, got reduced as Hayley seductively took off her bra, revealing her small boobs to Craig as he watched her work it irrespective. Once the song finished, Hayley stepped back and told him to pay Dan as promised, as things were about to get a lot better, which had him fumbling around in his back pocket for a few seconds before he pulled his wallet out and threw it over to Dan, telling him to get the money out himself, as he was fixated on watching Hayley. Once the wallet was in Dan’s hands, Hayley clicked something on the laptop starting the music again, and she resumed gyrating across Craig’s lap as he smiled like a proverbial Cheshire cat, loving his life right now. Half way through the second song, she was almost sat on his lap as she reached down and took the hold of the bottom of his t-shirt, quickly pulling up and over his head as he sat forward to enable her to do it.

The t-shirt was quickly tossed aside as she grinded against his lap, before standing up and turning around, quickly lowering herself again, before taking hold of his hands and placing them on her breasts as she leaned back, allowing him to have a play as she could feel his cock swelling but being restrained by his shorts against her covered pussy. Taking hold of his hands again, she took them away from her boobs and pushed them to his sides, before again turning around and leaning forward. As her boobs were now only centimetres from his face, she pushed them together and pressed them against him, effectively getting him to ‘motorboat’ her, before whispering into his ear, asking if he wants to suck on her nipple. Instantly he responded in the affirmative, and she moved to present her left breast to him, which he immediately took into his mouth and began sucking and teasing at the hard nub. He alternated between each tit as she continued rubbing her now excited pussy against him, becoming more and more turned on by how much she was clearly turning Craig on.

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