The Woodworking Shop

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Double Penetration

This is, of course, a work of fiction. All participants in the story are over 18 years of age. the story contains some incest and references to incest, so if this bothers you, please do not read this story.


My name is Shawn McCormick, I’m married, mostly happily, to my wife Darla; with 2 children. One child is 22 and lives in a dorm at the state university. She is doing quite well and doesn’t give me any real problems or headaches. The other daughter, Angie, is another story! Oh, she is a good enough child. She is a senior in High School now with only a couple of months to go till graduation. But my problem with her is that she has 10,000 girlfriends! And they all want to “sleep-over” at our house! And of course that means that the pool is full of girls most of the time. Which keeps my dick hard most of the time. Now I am not a pervert or pedo by any stretch of the imagination, but I do enjoy a fine female body!! My wife has one of those! My next door neighbor has one too! But those young teens are just too … too …. Well, there just isn’t anything discreet about them. Some of those bikinis don’t have enough cloth in both pieces to blow your nose on!! And those ‘thongs’ that are only a little triangle with some string attached to them … well … they were designed by a man … I promise you!!! (And he must have been very horny when he did it too!)

Anyway, back to the family. We live in a very nice middle class neighborhood with big lots and lots of trees and space between homes. When we bought this place, there was only one house on our street. Then of course we built one and then a few more built on the street. This took place over the past 10 years. Our newest neighbor is behind us and their home faces onto the next street over, of course. Our lots are 2 acres each and they have a good number of trees on the lots. Good shade trees. The builder put a 4 foot high chain link fence around the back yard of each house, with a walk-thru gate on each side and a drive-thru gate beside the house. I added a wide walk-thru gate in the back when we first moved in so I could take my riding mower out and cut along the fence. I went to the back of my lot and built a nice sized woodworking shop, with the promise to the neighborhood association that I would always be mindful of the neighbors and not be sawing and planing in the middle of the night.

The neighbors to the left of my house are a couple of about the same age as us and they have only one daughter. She and Angie are the same age and are more like sisters than neighbors. I think maybe Alexis (Lexi, as we call her) probably eats dinner with us more than at her house. Especially on weekends. Her parents are good hardworking people, but come Friday evening, Andy starts with his beer and he drinks till he is in a stupor. He is also one of those people I call a ‘mean drunk’. By that I mean, when he gets drunk, he gets mean and nasty with everyone around him. Me, when I get a little high on beer, I get to giggling and can’t stop. So needless to say, I don’t drink much. But Andy gets mean with his family, cursing and threatening and all that. So Lexi spends most weekends with us just to stay away from him. She is one of the group that constantly have me in a state of horniness. She has a body to die for, and does not wear much of a bikini to cover it up. Her nipples and her pussy are about all that is covered by that thing!

The couple to the right of us are a couple of very nice, very considerate people. There is never any noise from them and they always keep their place nice and neat and clean. The couple have one son and one daughter, boy aged 31, and girl aged 29. They were the first ones on the street. Both children are living away from home. Although I wouldn’t mind seeing that daughter again, in one of today’s bikinis! She was pretty darned hot before she left home! And the times I’ve seen her since, she still looks great!! She has hinted that she wanted to come over and see what I was working on in my shop. Hmmm maybe one day….!

The family behind us are a young couple with 2 young children. The couple are in their mid 20’s and the kids are just in the lower elementary grades. They are both good looking young people, but the little momma is a little hottie!

I am now 45 years old and my wife is 42. She still looks damned good too. We were very fortunate in that I grew up an only child and inherited a good sum of money and a thriving business when my Grandfather died about 12 years ago. My Father had died before him, so the inheritance came straight to me. I also am fortunate that I have a fantastically good and loyal manager of the business and I only work at it part-time. However, our children were not raised as rich kids. They were raised to know the value of work, of money, of saving, of being thrifty. We live very modestly.

My woodworking shop, like I said earlier, sits at the back of my lot. Well, about 25 feet inside the lot line. I built it with a lot of thought going into the design. There would be times when I did not want anyone to be able to see into my ataköy escort shop. (Like Christmas time, or Mother’s day, etc., or when I was horny and wanted to watch a porn movie and jerk off!) I do have a small TV/VCR out there along with a small refrigerator. Needless to say, if I am home, most of the time I am in my shop. The ceiling joists are at the 12 foot level and the windows are up high. That is for a number of reasons. The 12 joist level allows me to carry lumber up to 12 ft. long upright and it puts the windows high enough that I get the use of the wall space down low for hanging tools and stuff. It also keeps people from seeing inside. On one end, I have a 25 X 25 foot concrete pad that I can work on, park my truck on, lounge on, bar-b-que on, whatever! I keep cold beer and soft drinks in the fridge out there, and a couple of those plastic chairs out on the pad in front, just in case someone wants to come visit me.

My Silverado 2500 pick-up truck is usually parked back there too. I didn’t know why then, but I put barn doors on the end of the shop at the pad, rather than a roll up garage door. But I was to find out later why that was such a good idea. When I first built the shop, I built me a little bench to sit on out there. You know how woodworkers are, everything has to be made out of wood! So rather then buy a chair, I built a bench. Anyway, it is about 18 inches wide, 24 inches high, and 4 feet long. It will seat two or three people. After I bought the plastic chairs, I was going to get rid of the bench, but something happened to drastically change my mind. By the way, I could also take a nap on that little bench too, which was another reason not to get rid of it.

About 5 years ago, the house behind us was built. It was a custom-built home for a couple in their early 30’s at that time. The couple had 2 young children of about 5 and 7 years of age. A couple of years after they moved in, he moved out. He had found himself a ‘younger’ woman. (He told me she was about to fuck him to death, which he loved!) Anyway, the lady continued to live there for a couple more years. During that time, she contracted me to build her 2 Adirondack chairs and a double chair of the same style. I wasn’t in there to make money, you know, like do it for a living. I enjoyed working with wood. But I was not going to do that for free for everybody. So we agreed on a price and I started building. There was no time limit set on it so I was taking my time. My wife is a Certified Public Accountant, and only works part-time to keep her certification in order. It was tax season, so she was working with a large firm in town. I was slowly putting together Ms. Woodard’s chairs. I built her a small child’s chair for free out of scraps, just as a favor, for the kids. Anyway, I was in the shop, listening to the radio, snoozing on the bench, well, maybe asleep; when I felt a hand on my dick. I thought my wife had come home for lunch, which would mean that I had been asleep for like 2 hours! Anyway, I never moved and the hand kept rubbing my dick. Then it opened my zipper on my shorts and went inside and got hold of my dick. I instantly grabbed the arm attached to that hand and thought I’d have some fun with my wife. When I opened my eyes, I was shocked! It was attached to Ms. Woodard! Now she was no beauty queen. But she was well put together, and pleasant to look at. She did have a really good personality. Anyway, when I saw it was her, I came unglued! But neither of us turned loose of the hold we had on the other.

“Oh God, Shawn, I’m sorry. I am so sorry! I came over to see how the chairs were coming, you were asleep, and your … IT, was rising up a little. I just couldn’t help but feel of it. It has been so long for me now. Shawn, I am so sorry.” Finally she turned me loose. She had tears in her eyes, she looked up at me again and said, “Please don’t be mad, and please for God’s sake, don’t tell Darla. She’ll kill me!”

“Well, I won’t tell if you won’t honey, but you have to finish what you start!! I have always taught my kids that if they start anything, they have to finish it!”

“Oh shit, Shawn, are you serious? I haven’t been with a man since the asshole left me! Can I just suck it? That’s not supposed to be real sex now, you know.”

“Honey, you do whatever you want to with it! My only requirement is that if you start it, you have to make it cum ….. at least once … before you quit.”

She smiled and took hold of my dick again and started slowly stroking it, then she licked it and put her mouth over the head and held it till it was good and wet, then she started sucking like a professional on that thing! In no time, she was taking it in her throat and I was ready to blast a load of cum all the way through her head! I pushed her off it and she looked at me disappointed and I said “I don’t want to cum too fast honey, it would be over too quickly! How about riding that thing for a few minutes, then you can suck it again.”

She smiled and started taking off her shorts. Damn!! She did have a great shape avcılar escort to her! Her hips and ass were just right! She dropped her shorts beside us on the floor and straddled me on my bench. She was basically standing up straddling me as she took my dick and guided it into her hot …. Very hot … and wet pussy! As she settled down slowly on my cock, I could feel every ripple, every wrinkle, every vein inside her vagina. Fuck!! She was so tight!!! And so wet, I just slid right on in to the hilt! She sat there for a minute. “Oh fuck Shawn, you cock is perfect for my pussy. It feels fantastic inside me. Let me savor this moment a little longer baby. Then I’ll give you a good fucking!”

I took advantage of the time and used both hands on her boobs. She had some nice “C” cup tits and I just pushed her shirt up, pushed her bra up over them and tried to pinch the nipples off them tits. I caressed ever centimeter, every human cell of those beautiful tits as I played with them. She was constantly moaning and mewling and telling me how great it felt. But she had been sitting …. just sitting on my cock for about 5 minutes now, not moving except the muscles inside her pussy. I was about to cum again.

I said, “Ok baby, you have got me on the edge again, but I want you to suck me off first. Then you can take the second load anywhere you want it! But please, suck it for me again.”

“Ok honey, but I hate to get off this cock. It feels so perfect inside me. But you’d better hold some back to give me in my pussy if I suck you off!” She sat back down in the chair and leaned over and took my wet cock in her mouth and moaned and looked at me and I could see the smile in her eyes as she started sucking my tonsils out through my cock! Her right hand was working her pussy and clit, so I figured she would be cumming soon too.

I was wrong. She was wetting her fingers … so she could put them in my asshole!!! DAMN!!! That hurt!! I had never let anyone touch my ass, but she was slick and did it before I realized what she was up to. But once that initial pain was gone, it felt damned good! And she knew what to do too! She slowly worked her fingers in and out, until I was right at the edge again, ready to cum! Then she pushed her 2 fingers in and mashed my prostate gland and I blasted her mouth full of hot cum, four times I filled her mouth for her. She was steadily rubbing my prostate and sucking my cock. What a sensational feeling!!

Shortly, my cock started to wilt down like a flower in a draught! But she didn’t seem to mind. She kept licking and nibbling and rubbing my asshole and in short order my old faithful cock was on the rise again!

This time when she settled down on that hard cock, she started bouncing up and down on it and groaning and moaning and making hissing noises and wriggling her ass around. She was good!!! She was very horny!!! I was GLAD!!! I was also glad that I had her suck me off first, because now I could last for a while inside this hot pussy!! Oh damn she was good!!

All too soon, she was getting ready to cum herself. So I stopped her and told her to turn around and face my feet. Well that meant that I was breaking her rhythm and she’d loose that orgasm, … which was fine with me! But she turned around and settled in again and she was making more noise that my planer makes! But I was watching her ass as she fucked me like she would never get fucked again in her life. Then I decided that her ass was just too inviting, so I wet two fingers and pressed them into her asshole.

“Oh fuck! Damn it Shawn, I love that! But it’ll make me cum too soon!! Bury them deep in me Shawn, it feels so fucking good back there!”

“You can cum all you want to, but don’t stop riding me till I’ve filled you with my cum baby!! Just ride baby, RIDE!”

She lost her rhythm and I knew she was there. I was helping all I could from below and she came, she groaned, she grunted, she cursed, she mewled, she praised me, she praised my cock, she cursed her ex-husband, she loved me, she loved cocks, she loved getting fucked. She went on and on. Finally she slowed down and just rode me slowly. I kept pumping her ass with my fingers. Then I added another finger and she started moving again, faster. “Oh Shawn baby, I love it. Finger fuck my ass till I cream again honey! It won’t be long!”

She rode my cock and fingers hard and fast and she was right, it wasn’t long and she was cumming again. Her juices were just running out of her and down over my balls and onto the bench. She collapsed on my legs for a few minutes and I slowly pulled my fingers out of her and let her savor my cock a little bit more, till it fell out anyway.

After a few minutes, she raised up and looked around and said, “Is there a paper towel or something in here Shawn? I need to clean up a little bit before I go back home. I’ll be dripping all the way if I don’t!”

“Sure baby, right over there is a box of shop towels. Just grab one of them.” She dashed over and grabbed two of them and gave me one to clean up with. avrupa yakası escort I couldn’t believe how much wetness was under me and on me when she finished. I said, “Girl, I didn’t know you were not getting any at all. I might have come over or made you a different deal on those chairs!”

“I like that bench too Shawn, it is just the right size for fucking on it! But damn, now I really feel good! It has been much too long since I have had a good fucking like that. I had almost forgotten how good it can be!”

I checked the garage at the house to see if my wife had come home, and she hadn’t so we were safe for the time being. We made a pact that she would watch for Darla to leave before coming over if she was looking for cock. And I had no problem ‘servicing’ her once a week or so, if she wanted it. She was fine with that. We continued that little romp affair for a little over a year before she ‘fell in love’ with some guy and got married and moved away. Then this young couple bought the place and moved in. When I first saw her, I thought to myself ‘I’ll make you the same deal baby!” But I never mentioned it of course.

I, of course, have made friends with a lot of folks that sell wood and supplies. Every now and then, one of them will give me a call and put me in touch with someone wanting something special built. But like I said, I am not doing this for a living, just as a hobby. As long as my supplies are paid for, I really don’t care about making any money off my efforts.

This one particular guy was really good at giving me business. If it was good, I would get him a gift card to his favorite restaurant, kind of like a ‘thank you for the business’.

He called me one day and told me he had a customer looking for someone that could build her an island just the way she wanted it for her kitchen, and also build in a couple of window seats in two bay windows. It was a simple enough job, but cabinet shops don’t want to get involved in custom “small” jobs as they depend of volume and ‘standardization’. What this lady wanted was nothing close to standard, and was all custom. So this was right up my alley!! I like a good challenge! So I called her, went to her house to look at what she wanted. She was living in a very nice upscale neighborhood, dressed very well in a mini skirt and blouse and high heels. She had a sketch of the island she wanted and why it had to be the way she wanted it, and then the bay window seats were also ‘her design’. She was married and had two daughters that were twins and graduating high school that year. (This happened about three years ago, now).

Anyway, I took some measurements, drew some sketches of my own, sat and studied the bay window requirement for a few minutes. I was then sitting at the kitchen breakfast table and looking at her drawings (Sketches) and thinking and one of her daughters came in from somewhere. We were introduced and we said out pleasantries. Mom then told the daughter why I was there and she smiled at me and said “Oh! That’s good! I want something built too Mom! But I’ll be back in a minute, I need to drop this stuff in my room.” She left and went upstairs.

I told the lady that I thought I had enough information to put together a price for her and that I would call her the next day to give her that price after I checked the costs of the wood and hardware. She asked me to wait and see what her daughter wanted built too, and we could just add it on. She went to an intercom box on the wall and touched a button and told her daughter to hurry up. The daughter told her mom to send me upstairs so I could see what she wanted. Mom gave me directions to the room and up I went.

I lightly knocked on the daughter’s door and she told me to come in. This girl might be only 18 years old, but with her makeup on and her clothes and her body, she would easily pass for 25!! She too was wearing a mini skirt and a button up blouse. They lived in a two and a half story house. Custom built of course. But the two daughters lived on the third floor. To some people, it would be the attic. But it was in the roof peak anyway. She had a problem with space and wanted to knock out a closet wall and extend it out under the roof. The back wall in her room was sloped with the roof line but it started high on the wall. I made a suggestion to use that space and custom build drawers into the wall. She came over and stood beside me, facing me as she talked and very ‘innocently’ pressed her chest against my arm. Since I didn’t acknowledge it, she continued. I moved around the room and pointed out a way to rearrange her furniture to make even more room. She stayed with me and was constantly touching me. We were talking and I leaned over and put my hand on her computer desk and just leaned on it. She very slowly eased over against my hand, facing me. The back of my hand was resting against her pelvic bone. I didn’t move my hand or even look down at it. She moved her pelvis against my hand. I smile at her. She asked me if I could do that ‘built-in thing’ without making too much of a mess of her room. As she asked me, she reached up and put her hand on my chest. My papers were in my left hand and I reached out with my right hand and placed it on her hip. She pushed it down just a bit and around to the back. I was holding her ass now. I looked her straight in the eyes and said, “Young lady, you’d better know what you are doing!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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