The Yacht

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Hi! My name is Dario. I live in Italia, in a small town with cobblestone roads and ivy growing on arched doorways. My village is surrounded with lush, green vineyards. I keep myself in good shape by running through my village and along the lush vineyards. Along my runs I often see the admiring glances of the women that live along the way. Their barely disguised lust usually lingers on my six pack abs and strong pecs, yet often when I turn around I notice their glances are firmly fixated on my tight ass. I have to change my path often now, ever since I noticed some of them at the side of road wearing very provocative clothing. I knew that the married ones in the tight little dresses were the most dangerous. I also knew I could have any women in town I wanted and I had. Training in sport does have it’s advantages.

The women in my village bore me now. I’ve had most of them; all that I want that is. They always give themselves over to me, so eagerly and willing. They want to please me. I have to admit I did inherit my Dad’s bedroom eyes and big long cock and my Mom’s bright smile and ability to eat without consequence. I decided to invite one of my many girlfriends for a trip on my yacht. I thought I’d invite my favorite Narcessa. She is so beautiful yet so timid in the arena of sex. I want to open her eyes to new possibilities; besides she gives great head. I also decided to invite my buddy Dario and suggested he bring along a playful girlfriend. Dario was an experiment in discovering the other sex. He became a very erotically successful experiment. I learned that putting a vibrator deep inside of me gives me intense orgasms. At first glance I had an erotic urgency to feel Dario inside of me instead of the dildo I normally use. He has strong Italian features, wavy dark hair, sexy eyes and an even sexier ass.

The Saturday we had been waiting for finally arrived. Looking over at the long dock I see my beautiful girlfriend Narcessa walking towards me, dressed in a sexy pale yellow bikini that shows off her spectacular mouth watering cleavage. That’s one thing I adore about Narcessa; her perfect tits. All natural and so big and round with big round brown nipples. As she walks toward me on the dock her hips are moving back and forth sexily, accenting the colorful sarong around her waist. The wind is blowing gently around her as she moves towards me and the beautiful green blue sea. She looks sensational. I’m so turned on.

“Hello,” she says smiling.

We kiss on the dock, long and hard; our tongues circling and tantalizing each other. I cup her sensational cheeks with both hands pushing her against the boat. I kiss her hard. Without hesitation, we stumble our way to the bottom cabin ready to fulfill our lustful desires.

I strip her down, suck her luscious tits and lay side by side with her. We move into a 69 position. She sucks my cock so good. Sometimes hard, sometimes tenderly, sometimes like a vacuum. My balls feel her fingers while my crown goes right to the back of her throat. Our moans fill the cabin. I lick her sweet pussy enjoying her dew drops. My tongue flicks her clit like wild. My fingers dig in deep and I start finger fucking her sweet tight pussy. One then two fingers. The beauty in front of me is squirming and powerless to my fingers that are commanding a powerful orgasmic release. Her juices now flow into my mouth and over my face. My cock explodes into her mouth. The sounds of our excitement as we orgasm, fill the room.

We breath deep catching our breath, not talking. Kissing her sweetly I maneuver her under my arm and ask her about her job and her life. Narcessa happily tells me everything about her job, her home, her achievements. I casually mentioned I had invited another couple for dinner and drinks. She looked delighted. Finally having another woman to talk to might be what pleased her.

It was 3 pm when they arrive. Dario looks sexier than hell and had brought an equally stunning Italian beauty with him. I look over at him and feel my mouth open, my breath quicken and a tug in my pants. I have the same reaction when looking at his female friend. They’re so hot, and together they’re dynamite.

“Hello, I’m Alexia,” says the beauty before me as she leans forward and kisses each cheek.

I noticed Narcessa start to quiver as Alexia introduces herself and kisses her cheeks.

I look over at Narcessa and notice her jaw drop at the beauty of the couple before her. Her eyes are fixated on her Alexia’s lips and then I watch her take in her other attractive features. Alexia’s hair is gorgeously long, brown, and very curly. It hangs down her shoulders showing off sensuous curves in a gorgeous muti colored bikini. The brilliant colors of her sarong compliment her tanned, toned figure. The three of us are sitting on the deck enjoying each other’s company, as Dario steers and guides us out of the harbor to the open sea.

I hand Narcessa and Alexia a bottle of tequila along with a bucket full beylikdüzü escort of limes and salt and send them up to the upper deck to relax while we make dinner. The girls sway their sexy asses up the stairs while we watch. Then we gaze at one another with anticipated lust knowing exactly what will happen next. I look at his shorts and notice the increasing girth of his package. We come together; our tongues a flurry of want and desire. His abs feel hard as steel against mine. I reach and touch his well toned sex pack.

I could tell by their smiles and stolen glances that the girls seem in to be attracted to one another. I walk over and open the porthole. Dario presses into me from behind as I look out, pinning me to the porthole. I love the feel of his kisses on my neck. Soon his cock is grinding between my cheeks; our clothes an annoyance to shed. Dario looks out the port hole as well. Soon we’re both observing our beautiful lovers displaying their gorgeous bodies in their barely there bikinis.

The girls plunk their sexy bodies into side by side beach loungers. The sun is beating waves of warmth over their luscious bodies. While we watch Alexia very sexily undoes her bikini straps and let her beautiful tits free. It was hard for Narcessa not to notice. We see her start to squirm and steal glances at Alexia’s perfect tits. Her nipples are so tight and seem to reach to the sky. Both Dario and I see the unmistakable look of lust in Narcessa’s eyes but I know she has never been with a woman. The seduction before me makes my cock even harder. Dario’s hand is on my hardness idly stroking me as we watch. He feels how hard watching is making me and takes my shorts off in a quick motion. Kneading the crown of my cock he feels my precum flowing generously. We both observe Narcessa now openly admiring Alexia’s tits and commenting on their beauty. Alexia smiles a secret smile, for this is exactly what she wants.

“Why don’t you take off your bikini top Narcessa , you’ll get a better tan, and your tits are gorgeous too baby, I wanna see um,” Alexia suggests smiling.

With an unsteady hand Narcessa undoes her straps letting her ample tits free into the cool air. It’s not what she usually does, but from her small smile I can tell she’s enjoying the opportunity. She closes her eyes and lays back. Everyone observes how tight and taut her nipples are, so small, like pearls. Unknowing to the eyes that admire her, she lays still, her tits gorgeously spread out in front of her while she soaks up the rays of the sun. Dario is on his knees before me now inhaling my cock with his sexy mouth. I gasp as he pulls on my balls and takes my cock down to the back of his throat. I’m fucking Dario’s mouth and admiring two sexy women. Life doesn’t get better!

Sitting up slowly, her breasts falling gently in front of her Alexia turns to Narcessa and says playfully, “Let’s do some tequila shots, but let’s make it interesting.”

Her gaze is firmly fastened on Naressa’s pert nipples as she sexily licks her full lips in encouraging anticipation.

Narcessa innocently asks, “How,” though Alexia’s lustful gaze is not lost on her.

“Let me pour salt on your gorgeous tits and do a body shot.” she says licking her lips.

Dario is still tasting my hard cock and I don’t want to stop fucking his mouth or stop watching the scenerio unfolding in front of me. Narcessa shifts uncomfortably, but I can tell that she’s turned on. Her face is flushed and her nipples are rock hard and so erect. I could also see she was getting hot and horny but her emotions were uncertain and easily manipulated.

“Yes, I’ll do it,” she says after a long pause.

I start to spurt wetness into Dario’s mouth with a pulsing wild motion, while watching Alexia lean over and pour salt between Narcessa’s soft tits and hard nipples. Alexia leans in and kisses Narcessa full on the mouth. I watch her tongue gently separating the tentative lips before her. They kiss long and hard. With a lustful sigh Alexia swipes her tongue over Narcessa’s tight, salt covered, nipples making her gasp with intense pleasureful lust. Alexia then very slowly licks up the salt from one luscious breast to the other with a long swirling tongue. I feel my cock being cleaned up by his long tongue before he rests his hard cock between the curvature of my cheeks regaining his power position.

“Now it’s your turn beautiful,” Alexia says.

“Do exactly as I did,” says Alexia with a seductive smile.

Narcessa looks at Alexia’s amazing tits and involuntarily licks her lips.

Narcessa thinks about it. She had never kissed a woman before but this woman belonged on a magazine cover and the raw physical attraction was incredible. I could tell she so wanted to do this. While we watch, Narcessa kisses Alexia tentatively and sweetly, sucking on each nipple, then draws her teeth over them. She lingers and slowly licks up the salt and then büyükçekmece escort downs the tequila. Alexia leans over and kisses Narcessa long and passionately. Narcessa responds with passion.

“I want to do a shot off your stomach and lick your navel,” Alexia whispers, smiling at her.

I feel Dario start to slide between my cheeks. His big, powerful, beautiful cock is pushing at my very tight hole wanting to get inside my smooth chamber. As he slides in he feels so good inside I moan and pull him in deeper.

The girls do various shots off each other, with seductive passion while we continue to secretly watch and fuck. He is inside me now all the way now, he’s stretching my tightness and hitting my g spot with every amazing thrust. His cock is so big and hard. I don’t want him to stop fucking me, he feels so good inside me.

“Now my thigh,” whispers Alexia seductively, intrigued by her power over Narcessa.

They follow the same erotic taste test over and over again. At this moment Alexia spreads her legs wide watching Narcessa sprinkle the salt right beside her hot pussy. For the next shot they both take off their bikini bottoms. Dario’s cock pounding into me, makes my cock nice and hard again. He watches over my shoulder while ripping into me. He’s nibbling at my ear lobe, kissing my neck, and fucking me hard. I take my cock in my hand and start stroking it up and down slowly then circle it, round and round. Dario pulls out, his cock bigger than ever. Spitting in his hand, Dario rubs his cock so it’s very moist and starts pushing his way into my very tight ass again going in even deeper. I had used some tightening cream from the local love shop. I knew it would make Dario even harder.

Sure enough, “You’re so tight,” are the words whispered in my ear.

I watch Alexia lick and lap the soft pink folds of Narcessa’s pussy, for a long time before another tequila shot bites the dust.

Soon they start kissing and reaching for one another as a moonlight sonata of lust arises before our eyes. I don’t know if I’d ever felt so turned on. We keep fucking and watching in fascination as the girls shed all inhibitions. Every deep thrust and erotic view turns me on more and more. Soon the beautiful women were laying side by side licking each other wildly. We watch and fuck Every wild thrust fills my ass so deep hitting my g spot. Dario is so well endowed. He feels so good inside. I keep stroking while he fucks me. We all orgasm together. First, the girls whimper their pulsing release then my cock spurts wetness in my hand while Dario pumps his juice inside me. I watch the girls ride their orgasms as he bends down and licks his hot cum out of my ass, with a smooth lustful tongue. We wash off our cocks with towels and put our swimsuits back while watching the girls do the same.

After 5 minutes we walk up the stairs asking, “Are you girls doing alright up here.”

Their smiles suggest that they were doing more than fine. They look even more beautiful then before. Their faces are completely relaxed. We could tell the tequila was taking effect as well.

We follow our luscious beauties into the cabin below the entire time admiring the fresh, sexy, glow on their faces. With all of us helping and laughing we had dinner ready in a short time. It was pure magic the way we all just meld together. As we pass the dishes of salads around the table I feel a little mischievous.

“I’d like to make a toast,” I say.

The gorgeous beauties before lift their wine glasses with a smile on their faces.

“Narcessa and Alexia, this is a toast to you both, for being so beautiful and for having to most outstanding tits ever.”

Dario chimes in, “I’m all into encouraging you gorgeous creatures to give those amazing tits freedom,”

I wink at Narcessa and nod encouragingly. As Alexia undoes Narcessa’s strings I observe her nipples getting rock hard. I adjust my cock in my pants as Alexia’s tits comes into view.

We all drink down our beverages; our movements and gestures a slow seduction. The conversation is full of touching and decadent smiles. The air is rich with the aroma of possibility. Everyone is feeling very sexy. It doesn’t take long before we’re all on the king size bed in the cabin. The girls tits inspiring our devouring mouthes.

Soon both of our gorgeous girls are riding us unashamed, side by side, our big cocks filling their tight pussies as they bounce on us up and down. Their tits are bouncing magnificently.

Alexia smiles at Narcessa saying, “Let’s just stay still and describe how this feels.”

Narcessa starts to tell her how full and satisfying my cock feels when suddenly Alexia kisses her deep and hard. The kiss is wet and sloppy; a total turn on. Narcessa reaches up and caresses Alexia’s perfectly round tits. Her fingers focus on her nipples. She glances at me for approval.

Both Dario and I are feeling cevizli escort them ride our strong cocks while an innocent exploration of the opposite sex intriguingly unfolds before us. Now Alexia is reaching down and sucking on Narcessa’s nipple while squeezing the other one hard between two finges. Narcessa moans a rich, deep succulent sound. We keep fucking the girls as they play. We watch as Alexia has an intense orgasm. After it subsides Alexia lifts off of Dario’s hard throbbing cock. He holds it and everyone looks at his magnificient hardness glistening with Alexia’s orgamasic juices. Alexia winks at me and gently pushes Narcessa’s head onto her boyfriend’s big thick cock.

“Taste me on him,” Alexia purrs.

Narcessa, my sweet sexy steady, can’t contain the lust inside her. His cock tastes so sweet and it’s so thick, not too different than my long piece of meat. As I watch my beauty suck and fuck, I erupt into her wet pussy and fill her with my passionate release. She rides my orgasm and I play with Narcessa’s tits while watching her suck Dario’s fat cock. All of sudden I feel Alexia’s gorgeous mouth sucking Narcessa’s pussy juice off my cock and with great expertise I might add. I watch my cock begin to slide in out of her sexy mouth. Both girls stroke and suck us in unison, with their sexy asses in the air. We both come in their mouthes in torrents that cascade down their sexy throats.

“Now come for us girls,” we say sexily.

We position them so they could lick each other’s pussies on the bed side by side. The powerful aroma of lust and wet pussy fill the air. Dario and I watch the skillful way the girls use their tongue and fingers to probe and tease each other. After a little while they settle in with their tongues working fast on each other’s clits while their fingers pump fast and wild. At one point we hold their heads in place, and just watch.

Dario and I look at the sight before us, then at each other and start stroking our hard as rock cocks. We decide to switch and let our cocks feel a different pussy and ass. I position myself behind Alexia while Dario positions himself behind Narcessa. The girls don’t notice since they are so absorbed with licking each others sweet cunts. They’re licking each other side by side, with their asses nicely exposed for our big cocks to ravage. We wonder if they’ll notice a different cock than their usual lover will be pounding into them, coaxing them to orgasmic bliss.

Alexia feels my hands pull open her sexy tight cheeks. I heard an Oooo escape her lips. My cock is longer and not as fat as her boyfriends. I started pushing in and glide in so nicely. We started fucking. Beside me Dario is doing the same and is thrilled how tight Narcessa’s ass is. His cock fits in her sexy ass like a tight fitting glove. Really fucking tight. He pushes in gently hearing her moan. Dario knew he was stretching her very tight hole with his big cock and lets her pull him in as she can take it. Soon we’re fucking our women slowly and steady while the girls are licking and lapping each other’s juices. The orgasms ripple one after another, after another. The aroma in the cabin is of pure sex. The orgasmic cries of us all are loud and full of release. We lay intertwined, an exhausted mess of orgasmic passion.

We kept fucking all night in various positions. At one point the girls want to see Dario and I suck each other’s cocks. We oblige them. Laying his head off the edge of the bed I insert my long cock into Dario’s sexy mouth. He deep throats me so good. I lean forward and started sucking his big fat cock. The girls get turned on watching us and started playing with one another again. They look so sexy the way they arch and whimper as pleasure spots are activated. After a long session of expert licks and deep throated lust Dario erupts in my mouth signally me to release my load down his throat. We swallow down every single drop enjoying the sweet salty taste.

Still horny we grab our girlfriends, putting them on all fours. Dario starts licking Alexia’s ass and pussy from underneath like a big dog with long wet licks and I do the same. We can’t stop pinching their nipples and licking their hot little pussies and asses. They taste so good.

“Do you want us to switch now,” I ask the girls.

“Yes,” they both respond flushed and seemingly turned on by every suggestion.

We switch alright. Back and forth. I decide to fuck pussy. Dario decides to fuck ass. I go back and forth from girl to girl; from pussy to pussy. Dario fucks Narcessa’s ass, then Alexia’s. Our orgasms are intense; our cries of victory fill the room.

The night didn’t stop until the break of dawn. We all feel asleep in each other’s arms. Upon waking we kissed, hugged and carried our hungover and bruised and sore bodies back to our arrival point. On the cruise back we recapped our hot escapades while teasing and complimenting one another. After a couple of shots of Jaguar to help the hangovers we strolled off the boat and enjoyed breakfast together at a nearby outdoor café. I notice the girls look absolutely radiant. We all exchange secretive smiles and glances as the time trickles on.

“Shall we try this again next month?” I suggest. Same time? Same place?

Sure, everyone answered, very content and sexually satisfied.

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