The Young Cherry Cheerleader Pt. 2: Return of the Young Cherry Cheerleader

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Close Up



Jennifer Wilson was just starting her sophomore year of high
school. Her freshman year had been an unforgettable one. She
had been introduced to the wonderful world of sex, highlighted by
an orgy with her sister and a room full of men.
Little Jenny’s sister had graduated and headed off to college
just a week before, and she missed Susie terribly. She often
looked at a framed photo of the two girls in their cheerleading
uniforms, reminiscing about the hotel cheerleader orgy that had
brought them closer together than they had ever been.
Jenny was the kind of girl every guy at school would like to
date. She had grown to 5’8″ with a 32-22-28 “B”-cup figure,
blonde hair to about the middle of her back, and lovely blue eyes
beneath sweet blonde bangs. When she smiled, her cute dimples
enhanced an incredibly cute face with a clear complexion. Jenny
also had slender, attractive legs, with slightly knobby knees
that only accented her schoolgirl cuteness.
Unfortunately, Jenny’s looks were such that the guys at
school all falsely thought that she was unattainable, each
thinking that there must be some other guy who was the lucky
recipient of her affections.
Jenny didn’t mind. She had fucked several of the boys at
school and was not impressed. She preferred sex with adult men
by far, because they knew how to satisfy a young lady.
Once again, Jenny had made the JV cheerleading squad. The
team would be playing their first football game at home that
evening, and the squad was eager to show off the cheers and dance
routines they had been working on during the summer.
She finished putting on her cheerleading uniform for the
evening’s game. As the young junior varsity cheerleader sat on
the edge of her bed and tied her cheering shoes, she thought she
heard her mom come into the house downstairs. It surprised her,
because her mom wasn’t supposed to be home from work until later
that night.
Jenny had wanted to ask her mom about her schedule for the
weekend, so she figured this would be a good chance to do so.
Jenny didn’t have her own car yet, so she either had to borrow
her mom’s whenever she wanted to get somewhere, or rely on her
friend, Angie Walker, to take her. Since she was almost sixteen,
she really wanted a car of her own in a few months, but she
needed more money to make it happen, and she didn’t want a
regular job. After all, she couldn’t do cheerleading if she did.
Jenny had made a nice bundle of cash from several sexual
favors during the previous year, and she wondered if she could
count on that as a good source of income.
She opened her bedroom door and walked downstairs.
“Hey, mom?” she called out.
There wasn’t any answer.
Jenny turned the corner to the living room, where she saw her
mom’s brother, Bill, on the couch. He was fumbling with the TV
remote control, and it was pretty obvious to Jenny that he had
been drinking.
“Uncle Bill?”
He turned and looked at Jenny.
“Oh, hi!” he answered.
Uncle Bill and Aunt Karen lived about a mile away, but Bill
visited his sister quite often.
“I heard somebody come in, and I thought you were mom,” Jenny
told him.
“No, just me,” he smiled. “Where’s your mom, anyway?”
“She was supposed to be working late tonight, so she won’t be
home until nine or ten,” Jenny said.
Uncle Bill nodded.
“So, what are you up to?” he inquired.
“Just getting ready for the game tonight,” she answered.
He gazed intently at his niece, standing before him in her
cheerleading uniform.
“I guess so…” he mused, as his fuck-hungry eyes devoured
her luscious teen figure.
The skinny sophomore was wearing one of her new uniforms for
the year. While the uniforms for the previous year had been red
and white, the girls had added two new uniforms with black added
to the color combination.
Jenny wore a shell top that zipped down the back. It was
black across the back, with a red/white/black trim that crossed
her shoulders and ran down both sides. The front of the shell
was white on the top, black on the bottom, with the same
red/white/black striped trim separating the color scheme in a
Across the white top of her shell were the letters “SLHS” in
a script fashion, for St. Luke’s High School. Under the shell
top, Jenny wore a tight, thin white long-sleeved turtleneck
bodysuit top that ended with an elastic band just below her
Jenny’s cheerleading skirt was quite short, hemming out very
high on her delicious, shapely thighs. It was black, with twelve
alternating red and white box pleats. In addition, the same
red/white/black trim pattern ringed the hem of the tiny skirt.
Below about eight inches of luscious, teenage thighs, her
slightly knobby knees only enhanced her youthful innocence. Her
calves were encased in a pair of white kneesocks, pulled up
smartly to just below her kneecaps.
Her white kneesocks had a four-inch-wide black band near the
top, embroidered with the white initials “SLHS”. Two thin red
bands circled her socks, one about an inch above and one below
the black band.
White athletic shoes with black trim completed her uniform
for the evening.
Jenny hadn’t seen her uncle look at her before in the way he
was staring at her now.
“You know,” he reflected, “I hadn’t realized what a grown-up
woman you’ve become.”
Jenny smiled, wondering what her uncle was up to.
Uncle Bill stood up and approached her slowly, then placed
his hands on her sides, tracing his fingertips slowly down the
trim on her shell top and onto her pleated skirt.
“Uncle Bill, you’ve been drinking again, haven’t you?” Jenny
“Uh huh.”
His hands caressed her pleats until they reached her warm
skin. Then, he reached under the hem of her skirt and slid his
hands up underneath.
Jenny tried to back away, but he had her pressed up against
the wall.
“Uncle Bill, you shouldn’t be doing this,” she chided him.
He pressed up against the sweet, young cheerleader. Jenny
could feel his swollen manhood through the pleats of her skirt.
“Why not?” he asked.
Young Jenny now felt his hands caressing her ass through her
cheerleading panties. She felt so turned on by this unexpected
situation, but a bit embarrassed at the same time.
“Because it’s just not right. What would Aunt Karen say?”
Uncle Bill softly pressed his lips to hers and kissed her.
She didn’t respond. He kissed her again. This time, she
tentatively kissed him back.
Jenny was confused. She knew this was wrong, yet she was so
excited. As Uncle Bill kissed her a third time, she opened her
mouth slightly. Her tongue met his.
The teen cheerleader was overcome with passion. She eagerly
thrust her tongue into her uncle’s waiting mouth as his
fingertips probed under the elastic legband of her cheer panties.
He slowly started to tug on them, when Jenny disengaged their
“No,” she admonished. “You can’t take my clothes off. We
can’t do that.”
“But I want to make love to you,” he said.
“You can’t put your cock inside me,” she said. “We can’t
have sex like that. You’re my uncle.”
“But you’re making me so horny with that hot outfit,” he
said. “How about if I just fuck your panties, then?”
“What?”” she asked.
“I’ll just rub my dick against your panties. You won’t have
to take your clothes off, and I promise not to put it inside
Jenny thought about it. She felt sorry for Uncle Bill, and
she had returned his kiss, so she was also responsible for
getting him so worked up. But perhaps she could get some money
out of this toward her car?
“Forty dollars,” Jenny said.
“Forty dollars. You can do that to me if you give me forty.”
“Fine,” he uncle grumbled. He fished out a pair of twenties
from his wallet and stuck them into Jenny’s hand.
“Okay,” Jenny answered. “But just this once.”
Her uncle lifted her onto a nearby table. Jenny sat there
watching, while he quickly unfastened his trousers and tugged off
his boxer shorts. They fell to a pile around his ankles.
She gazed in astonishment when she saw his hardened, nine-
inch cock. She would have never thought he was packing a prick
that large.
“So what are you gonna do?” she asked.
“Lift your legs, but keep your knees together,” he ordered.
Grasping the edge of the table for balance, Jenny pulled her
knees up to her chin.
“Just keep your knees together like that,” Uncle Bill
He pulled her feet to the sides of the desktop, her lower
legs forming an inverted “V”.
Uncle Bill smiled at the view before him, as the darling
cheerleader niece had the crotch of her tight black cheer panties
bulging over her sweet cunny.
While Jenny watched with interest, he pushed his cock onto
the black fabric of her cheerleading briefs, and up between her
tightly closed thighs, which would keep his manhood in place
against the panty fabric.
Jenny reclined back on her elbows for leverage, as her uncle
began to pump his prick against her. Her sweet “B”-cup breasts
pressed hard against her shell top.
Uncle Bill flipped her little pleated skirt up onto her flat
tummy, then grasped both of her warm thighs, holding her knees
together. He was soon fucking her cheerleading panties as hard
as he could. His skin slapped against the backs of her thighs.
Jenny closed her eyes and moaned softly. The friction of
her uncle’s cock against her panties rubbed the fabric back and
forth against her tender clit.
“Oooh…” she moaned, involuntarily.
“You like this, huh?” he asked.
Jenny smiled and simply nodded. At that moment, she couldn’t
care if this man was related to her or not.
Uncle Bill squeezed her thighs and bit his lip as the
intensity of his excitement built to a crescendo. By now,
Jenny’s feet were off the desk. Her kneesocks waved about wildly
as he fucked her little cheer panties.
Little Jenny watched as he grimaced, then he pulled her knees
apart. Uncle Bill mashed the head of his cock into the crotch of
her panties as he came.
The young cheerleader watched in delight as thick streams of
gooey jizz repeatedly spurted from the tip of his throbbing penis
and splattered all over the front of her black cheerleading
After ten seconds or so, the last of the creamy white goo had
been squeezed out onto her briefs. Contented, Uncle Bill wiped
the tip of his drained prick onto her cheerleading panties, then
reached down and pulled up his boxers and trousers.
“Uncle Bill, you made a mess out of my cheerleading briefs!”
Jenny gasped, staring at the white smears of semen all over the
black fabric.
He just smiled at her, proud of his accomplishment.
“You’ve got another pair, right?” he asked.
“Yeah, I guess I’ll wear my red ones tonight,” she muttered.
“I’d better go change.”
Jenny sat back up and hopped down from the table, careful to
hold the front of her skirt up, so that it wouldn’t get his semen
all over it.
“Oh, thanks, by the way,” Uncle Bill added.
Jenny hadn’t had the chance to experience an orgasm from him,
but she had still enjoyed it, even though she knew it wasn’t a
proper thing to do.
She smiled at her uncle.
“You’re welcome.”
With that, she turned and bounced up the stairs, still
holding the pleats up in the front of her cheerleading skirt with
one hand, clutching his forty dollars with the other, while the
pleats in the back of her skirt swished delightfully from side to


Little Jenny Wilson stepped from the taxi in front of the
school, about a half-hour before game time. She typically liked
to get there a few minutes earlier, but the encounter at her home
with her uncle had thrown her a bit off schedule.
She picked up her pompons from the back seat of the cab and
walked to the football field, where her friend Angie was waiting.
“Running late, huh, Jenny?” asked Angie.
“Yeah, I had something to take care of at home,” Jenny
answered. “I’ve just got to get my own car!”
The two young J.V. cheerleaders began their stretching
exercises on the track surrounding the field, next to the home
bleacher section.
As Jenny sat on the track, she spread her legs and stretched
forward to loosen her hamstring muscles. Angie faced her, doing
the same.
“You’re wearing your red briefs?” Angie asked, peering up her
friend’s skirt. “I thought we were supposed to wear the black
ones tonight.”
“Yeah, well, they needed to be washed,” Jenny said.
“You didn’t bleed all over ’em, did you?” Angie teased.
Angie was quite outspoken, and Jenny knew, quite sexually
active. She was one friend Jenny could trust, though, to keep a
“No,” Jenny murmured quietly. “My uncle masturbated all over
Angie tried to keep from laughing.
“Get out!” Angie gasped. “How do you know he did?”
“Because they were on me when he did it,” Jenny admitted.
“Kinky!” Angie gushed. She was shocked that her sweet,
little friend had actually experimented with her uncle.
“Are you serious? He actually jerked off all over you?”
Angie inquired quietly.
“Yeah, he pumped it back and forth between my legs until he
shot his stuff all over me. He was drunk, and he paid me forty
bucks to do it.”
“You were wearing your uniform?” Angie asked, her curiosity
heightened. “And your briefs?”
Jenny nodded.
“Did he put it in you?” her friend inquired, with a naughty
“No, I told him that it wasn’t right. Besides, getting
screwed by your uncle is pretty gross, right?”
“I don’t know,” Angie told her with a shrug. “If he’s kinda
cute, it might be fun.”
Angie smiled at Jenny with a sly grin. Of course, Angie
didn’t know that her own dad was fucking little Jenny on the
side. Jenny had secretly wondered, in light of Mr. Walker’s
cheerleader fetish, if Angie’s dad was fucking his own daughter,
as well.
“All right, Jenny! You’re such a slut!” Angie whispered.
The two cheerleaders laughed. Out of the corner of her eye,
Jenny spotted a guy with a camera in the stands. It was pointed
right at her.
“Hey, Angie, who’s the perv with the camera?” Jenny asked.
Angie turned and looked.
“Oh, that’s Mr. Turner, one of the bus drivers.”
“He’s trying to shoot up my skirt, isn’t he?”
“Yep. You should give him a show. That would really wig him
Jenny thought about it for a second, then agreed. She pulled
her skirt up higher and raised her knees, spreading her
kneesocked legs wide apart and giving him a great view of the
crotch of her red cheerleading briefs.
The two cheerleaders giggled.
“You’re such a show-off,” teased Angie.
“I wonder what he’s gonna do with those pictures,” Jenny
muttered aloud to her girlfriend.
“He’s probably gonna jerk off while he looks at ’em,” Angie
responded matter-of-factly.
Jenny and Angie laughed. Silently, Jenny couldn’t help but
feel excited that a guy would masturbate to pictures of her.
As the guy continued snapping pictures of her, Jenny looked
around and noticed a couple of video cameras trained on her.
“Gawd, Angie, there must be three of four guys videotaping me
right now,” she muttered.
“You bet,” Angie answered, with a smile and a wink. “After
all, cheerleaders make guys horny.”
Finally, the game started, and Jenny joined the other varsity
cheerleaders in action. During an early time-out, the girls did
a dance routine to a song by the high school band.
Jenny looked around the bleachers while she danced, and
noticed a number of still and video cameras focused on the girls.
Mr. Walker operated one of the video cameras. He wasn’t
videotaping his daughter’s dance moves. Instead, he was
videotaping young Jenny.
Aroused by the extra attention from Angie’s dad, she
exaggerated her dance movements, grinding her hips provocatively
from side to side. Her little black cheerleading skirt flipped
about wildly, flashing its red and white pleats, as well as her
tight red cheer panties.
Jenny made sure to look at him and smile while she danced.
The little red light on the camera was her proof that he was
capturing it all for his later enjoyment. Jenny briefly
fantasized about him, sitting on the edge of his couch, whacking
away on his schlong while he watched her on his TV. She could
feel her panties moistening with her own juices.
When the dance had ended, the two cheerleaders caught their
“Hey, I’m meeting Mr. Lewis at halftime,” Jenny whispered.
“Really?” Angie asked. “You guys are really getting serious,
“Not really,” Jenny said. “It’s just good sex, that’s all.”
“Then you wouldn’t mind me getting some from him?” Angie
“No, why?”
“Because I think you should bring me along,” Angie offered.
“Let me get him off once.”
Jenny smiled.
“Okay, since you’re my friend. That is, if it’s okay with
him,” Jenny added.


At halftime, the two cheerleaders hurriedly scurried to the
school building. They made sure they weren’t being followed as
they made their way to Mr. Lewis’ classroom. Mr. Lewis had taped
a piece of paper over the small window in the classroom door.
Jenny knocked on the door, and he answered quickly.
“Come on in, Jenny,” he whispered.
Jenny slipped through the doorway into the classroom,
followed closely by Angie. Mr. Lewis looked at Angie, not
knowing quite what to think of the situation.
“What did you have in mind, Jenny?” he asked, with a hint of
“I thought you might like it if Angie Walker joined us once,”
Jenny explained. “She wanted to, ’cause she thinks you’re a
Mr. Lewis smiled.
“That would be fun,” he said. “But no others, okay? If word
of this got out, it would be bad for everybody.”
The two cheerleaders nodded in agreement, and the three
walked over to his desk.
“You girls are looking great tonight,” he commented. “Those
are new uniforms, aren’t they?”
“Uh-huh,” Angie said. “How do you like them?”
Mr. Lewis cast his lust-filled eyes on little Jenny first,
and she modeled her delightful cheerleading outfit for her horny
Jenny’s shell top zipped down the back. It was black across
the back, with a red/white/black trim that crossed her shoulders
and ran down both sides. The front of the shell was white on the
top, black on the bottom, with the same red/white/black striped
trim separating the color scheme in a “V”-shape.
Across the white top of her shell were the letters “SJHS” in
a script fashion, for St. John’s High School. Under the shell
top, Jenny wore a tight, thin white long-sleeved turtleneck
bodysuit top that ended with an elastic band just below her
Jenny’s cheerleading skirt was quite short, hemming out very
high on her delicious, shapely thighs. It was black, with twelve
alternating red and white box pleats. In addition, the same
red/white/black trim pattern ringed the hem of the tiny skirt.
Below about eight inches of luscious, teenage thighs, her
slightly knobby knees only enhanced her youthful innocence. Her
calves were encased in a pair of white kneesocks, pulled up
smartly to just below her kneecaps.
Her white kneesocks had a four-inch-wide black band near the
top, embroidered with the white initials “SJHS”. Two thin red
bands circled her socks, one about an inch above and one below
the black band.
White athletic shoes with black trim completed her uniform
for the evening.
Jenny spun around. Her skirt flashed its pleats and revealed
her red cheerleading bloomers.
“Mmmm, very nice…” Mr. Lewis mused.
He looked over at Angie in her matching uniform. Since Angie
was a year older than Jenny, her body was even more developed.
She was a couple of inches shorter than her young friend, but her
breasts were a “C”-cup size.
With her head cocked to the side, eyeing him through a lock
of long brunette hair, Angie smiled at him naughtily as she
pulled her skirt up, showing him her puffy mound smothered by her
black cheer panties.
“Yes, my dear,” Mr. Lewis commented. “Nice and snug.”
He reached his hand to her crotch and rubbed her softly
through the material. She shot back a fuck-hungry grin and
moaned softly.
“Oh, Mr. Lewis…” she purred. “I want you inside me.”
“We have to hurry,” Jenny reminded them. “We only have about
ten or fifteen minutes.”
“Okay,” he said. “Angie, lie down on my desk. “Jenny, I
want you to bend over and lick her pussy to get her ready while I
fuck you doggy-style from behind. Then I’ll fuck your friend.”
Angie promptly obeyed. She sat on the edge of the desk and
reclined back, her long dark brown hair spreading out on the
“Oops!” she said. “I forgot to take these bloomers off!”
“I’ll get them,” said Jenny.
Angie raised her hips, while her friend reached up under her
skirt and peeled the tight black cheer panties down over her
With her black bloomers hooked around one shoe, Angie put her
feet on the edge of the desk, her white kneesocks up high in a
“V” shape. The red and white pleats of her black skirt fell in a
ruffled pile on her tummy. Her spread knees revealed a shaved
In the meantime, Jenny had wiggled her own red cheer panties
down to her thighs. She spread her feet wide, stretching the
panties across her legs.
Little Jenny bent forward and put her mouth on Angie’s clit.
It had been a while since she had tasted her friend’s love nest.
“You shaved it,” Jenny commented.
“Yeah,” Angie responded. “I like it this way. I heard a lot
of guys like it like that.”
Jenny made a mental note to try shaving hers, also. It sure
made eating pussy much cleaner. She rubbed her tongue across
Angie’s pinkness, listening to her friend moan in delight.
At the same time, she felt Mr. Lewis’ fingers reach under her
little skirt and probe her hot pussy. He thrust two fingers in
and out of her vagina, and she knew he was moistening her up to
receive his cock.
“It’s okay, Mr. Lewis,” she reassured him. “You can put it
in me now. I’m wet enough.”
Jenny resumed eating Angie’s smooth cunt while she felt him
slide her cheerleading skirt up high on her ass. She could feel
him fist his dick against her, then slowly pop it between her
sweet pussy lips into her tight teenaged twat.
“Aw, yeah,” she groaned. “It feels so good in there.”
Jenny gripped Angie’s thighs for balance as the teacher
fucked firmly into her. She felt so naughty, dressed up in her
little cheerleading uniform with her mouth full of pussy and her
tight little cunt full of her teacher’s prick.
The threesome continued their daisy-chain for several
minutes, with moans of pleasure emanating from each of them.
Jenny was working Angie into a frenzy with her tongue, while Mr.
Lewis pumped Jenny with measured fuck-strokes. He had to slow
periodically to keep from blowing his load into little Jenny.
Suddenly, Mr. Lewis pulled out.
“Okay, Angie,” he announced with a grin. “I’m gonna fuck
that sweet, bald little pussy of yours.”
Jenny moved off to the side as Mr. Lewis took her place
between Angie’s raised legs at the edge of the desk. Angie
watched with great interest as he slid his cock, wet with Jenny’s
pussy juice, into Angie’s buttery soft cunt.
“I’m not gonna get you pregnant, am I?” he asked.
“Nope, I’m on the pill,” said Angie. “And I just finished my
period a few days ago, besides.”
He leaned into the brunette cheerleader, and she put her
knees over his shoulders as he pumped her hard. He put his hands
on her shoulders for leverage so he wouldn’t push her across the
desk. Angie’s chest heaved against her shell top, her kneesocks
and tennies bouncing up and down as he drilled the young girl
with his jackhammer thrusts.
“Yeah, fuck me…” Angie moaned.
“You bet your ass,” he said. “I’m gonna fuck you like you’ve
never been fucked before, you sweet little cheerleader.”
Jenny diddled her pussy with her finger while she watched the
show. She was sharing her teacher with her friend, but she felt
that maybe it was fair since she was also fucking Angie’s dad.
Mr. Lewis’ thighs slapped hard on Angie’s little ass as he
drove deep into her. It was always great to fuck a different
schoolgirl. He figured that Angie was the sixth or seventh
cheerleader in the past ten years, not to mention the other girls
who he usually fucked in their school uniforms. He looked down
on the young brunette and smiled, knowing that he wouldn’t last
long at this pace.
“All right, Angie,” he said. “I’m gonna cum in your little
pussy, then I’m gonna pull it out and let Jenny suck it dry.”
He looked over at Jenny, who smiled sweetly as she played the
part of the spectator.
“Aw, God!” screamed Angie. “I’m getting it!”
Angie bit her lip as the intensity of her orgasm hit with
full force. Her entire body shuddered, her legs quivered. Mr.
Lewis held on just long enough to let Angie enjoy the sensation,
then the teacher within her reached his own orgasm.
“Fuck, yeah!” he groaned.
Angie could feel his cock spasming within her as it pumped
its load of creamy jizz into her teenaged loins. He continued a
fuck-stroke into her for a few more seconds as he dumped his load
of male seed deep within her, then pulled his spent cock out of
the cheerleader.
Jenny dropped to her knees as he turned toward her. She
opened her mouth wide and clamped her lips around him, tasting
the combination of Angie’s pussy juice and Mr. Lewis’ cum. A
little bit dribbled out from his piss-slit, and she pressed her
thumb against the bottom of the base, working the remaining semen
out of his urethra and into her hungry mouth with repeated hand
Jenny finally swallowed and felt his gooey jizz as it slid
down the back of her tongue and down her throat. She took his
deflating cock out of her mouth and looked up, smiling at her
“How was that?” Jenny asked, teasingly.
“I think you’re gonna get an ‘A’ in my class again,” he
Jenny laughed.
Angie smiled at the two lovers as she lied there on the desk.
A thin stream of semen flowed out of her pussy and pooled on the
desk. Mr. Lewis pulled out a couple of tissues and mopped her
“We’ve gotta get back to the game!” gasped Angie.
The two cheerleaders stood up and quickly tugged their cheer
panties back on, then grabbed their pompons and scurried toward
the door.
“Bye, Mr. Lewis,” Angie called out. “That was fun!”
With their darling pleated skirts swishing from side to side,
high on their lovely asses, the two cheerleaders giggled as they
ran out of the classroom.


Little Jenny Wilson walked with her friend, Angie
Walker, to math class. The two girls talked about the encounter
with Mr. Lewis on the previous Friday.
“Hey, thanks,” said Angie. “Not many girls would let their
friend fuck their boyfriend.”
“Who said anything about him being my boyfriend?” asked
“Okay, your lover, then,” Angie responded, smiling. “Or one
of them, anyway.”
“No problem. I would expect you to do the same, though,”
said Jenny.
The two girls both laughed.
“What are you doing tonight?” asked Jenny.
“Well,” answered Angie, “my mom is gone on a business trip
all week, so I’m gonna go clothes-shopping straight from school
and just hang at the mall all night. I haven’t had much time to
myself lately and I need to get out for a while.”
Jenny just nodded, but deep inside, she realized that Mr.
Walker would probably be alone at home that night. She wondered
if he would like some company for the evening, since she hadn’t
seen him for a number of weeks because his schedule wouldn’t
allow it.
Jenny had his cell phone number in her wallet, and she knew
she had to call him quickly before he had plans made, so she
excused herself from math class under the pretense of using the
She sneaked to the payphones nearby and dialed his number.
“Mr. Walker?” she asked.
“Hi, this is Jenny Wilson.”
“Oh, hi, Jenny! How are you? I haven’t heard from you in a
“Oh, pretty good. Hey, I just talked to Angie, and it sounds
like you’re gonna be home alone for the evening.”
“Well, yes. Why? Did you have something in mind?”
Little Jenny could hear the hope in his voice.
“Sure, I thought I could come over after school and keep you
company for a little while,” Jenny offered.
“But only if you want me to,” she teased.
“Sure!” he said. “What time?”
“What works for you?” she asked. “I’ll just take a cab to
your house.”
“No, I’ll leave work early and pick you up in front of the
junior high building right after school, okay?”
“It’s a deal,” she said. “It’ll be fun, I promise.”
“Jenny, I wouldn’t expect anything less from you,” Mr. Walker


Little Jenny Wilson waited patiently for Angie’s dad to pick
her up after school. She paced back and forth in front of St.
Luke’s Junior High, wearing her sweet schoolgirl uniform.
She noticed that cars driven by men frequently slowed down as
they passed her by, and she enjoyed that. Their heads would turn
on a swivel, and she would smile at them, encouraging them in
whatever fantasy they were having. Jenny knew very well the
power she had over men, and it always thrilled her.
Jenny’s thin 5’8″ frame was the essence of schoolgirl beauty.
Her 32-20-28 “B”-cup figure was the envy of virtually every man
she saw, as evidenced by the fuck-hot stares she would receive,
especially when she was wearing a school or cheerleading uniform.
Jenny’s angelic face had a smooth complexion. She wore her
favorite red lipstick that day, the same kind she wore when
cheerleading. Her long blonde hair was pulled into two pigtails,
and her darling bangs draped across her forehead, ending just
above her eyebrows.
The school had changed the colors of their school uniforms
from the previous year, so that they would match the athletic
colors. Jenny had thought the blue-and-white combination was
fine, but she thought she looked better in red, and the looks
from the males seemed to confirm that.
The young sophomore wore a white long-sleeved blouse with a
red-and-white flimsy plaid pleated skirt. The standard skirt
length for the school’s uniform provider was about four inches
above the knee, but since Jenny’s waist size was so small and she
was so tall, the tiny plaid skirt hemmed out about six or seven
inches above her knobby little schoolgirl knees.
Of course, when school would dismiss, Jenny would typically
hike her skirt up another inch or so to attract even more
attention from male onlookers.
Below her long, thin thighs and knobby knees, a pair of
cable-knit white kneesocks were pulled up smartly and cuffed over
by about an inch. Several men had told her that they thought she
looked great in kneesocks, so she wore them quite often. The
cheerleading squad had discussed switching to crew-length socks
for that year, but she and Angie had talked them back into their
former sock style.
Her red-and-white saddle shoes completed the terrific
Finally, Mr. Walker’s car pulled up, and she opened the door
and slid into the passenger seat.
“Sorry I’m a few minutes late,” he apologized.
“That’s okay,” she answered. “I wasn’t waiting long.”
He reached over and placed his right hand on the inside of
little Jenny’s left thigh, above her knee, slowly sliding up her
plaid pleated skirt.
Jenny smiled at him while she demurely twirled one of her
pigtails with her fingertips.
“Just a little impatient, huh, Mr. Walker?” she asked.
“Well,” he said, “it’s been quite a while, hasn’t it? I
didn’t think I’d ever get my wife out of the house again!”
Jenny laughed. Mr. Walker’s wife was quite attractive, so it
flattered Jenny to think that he preferred sex with her. The
young girl spread her knees wide, giving him easier access to her
He placed his fingertips on the crotch of her cotton panties
and rubbed her softly. Jenny breathed deeply in delight.
“You know what?” she asked.
“I think it would be fun to have sex in a car in a shopping
mall parking lot,” she admitted.
“Yeah. I think it would be exciting,” Jenny said.
“We could get caught, too,” he added.
“And that makes it even more exciting.”
“You want to try it now?” he asked. “I’m game.”
She smiled and nodded.
He drove to a nearby shopping mall and parked in the middle
of a crowded section of cars. While other people walked past the
rear of the car, the two unbuckled their seatbelts. Mr. Walker
unzipped his pants and fished out his cock. Jenny kneeled on the
passenger seat, leaned over and put it in her eager young mouth.
Her tight teen ass was high in the window, giving would-be
shoppers a fine view of her panty-covered mound.
Within seconds, Jenny had sucked him up to a full seven-inch
length. Her pigtails bobbed up and down in the driver’s window
while he reached up underneath her skirt and diddled her tender
clit through her panties.
“Mmmmm…” she moaned, with her mouth stuffed full of salty
The forbidden lovers prepared each other with vigor. Jenny
sucked him furiously until he gently pulled her head off of him.
“Whoa, sweetheart, you’re gonna make me cum if you keep it
up,” he told her.
Jenny smiled, wiping a string of his pre-cum from her lips.
“You wanna fuck now?” he asked.
“Yes, sir.”
“Go ahead and get on top of me while you’re facing me,” he
told her.
Jenny grinned as she climbed into position, straddling him
with her saddle shoes on the sides of the driver seat. Mr.
Walker reclined the seatback a few inches to provide more room.
She pulled her little schoolgirl skirt up and pulled the
legband of her cotton panties to one side while she lowered
herself, skewering her tight little pussy on the head of his
swollen prick.
“Aw, fuck, yeah…” he moaned, as he slid into the young
girl. Her pussy was incredibly warm and tight around his
throbbing dick.
Jenny wiggled herself down the entire length of it, slowly
lifted, then lowered herself again. His thick cock fit snugly
within her teenaged twat.
Jenny’s knees were raised high and to the sides, giving her
leverage to pump on his prick while he grabbed her ass cheeks to
help out. She kissed him softly while she bounced on him, her
tight ass slapping against his loins as she drove the full length
of his manhood deep into her.
“Aw, fuck me…” he groaned. “You’re such a naughty little
“You like fucking naughty little schoolgirls like me, don’t
you?” Jenny asked, playfully.
“Oh, yes.”
“And I’ll bet you even fuck Angie, don’t you?”
“Yes, I do,” he admitted. “She practically insists on it
Jenny chuckled and put her arms around the car set for
balance. They kissed again with open lips, their tongues
exploring each other’s mouth.
Still holding the crotch of her panties aside, Jenny twiddled
her clit with a fingertip.
“Do you fuck Angie in this same uniform?” she asked.
“Yes,” he murmured.
“And I’ll bet you fuck her in her cheerleading uniforms, too,
don’t you?”
“Uh-huh. Sometimes she’ll come home from a pep rally all
dressed up and she’ll suck me off in her room before mom comes
home from work.”
Jenny purred softly.
“Then perhaps we should make it a three-way sometime,” she
“Mmmm… That would be so hot!”
“Tonight,” she said. “Call her cell phone and have her come
home early from shopping.”
“Yeah,” he panted. “That’s a great idea!”
Jenny heard a car door and looked out the driver window in
surprise to see a pair of elderly ladies getting into the car
next to them. The women looked over and had a look of shock upon
seeing the pigtailed schoolgirl fucking the middle-aged man in
her school outfit, her kneesocks spread wide.
Young Jenny just smiled at them, showing off her schoolgirl
ass to them as she rode Mr. Walker. The two ladies quickly
pulled out of the parking space.
Jenny laughed with Mr. Walker at having been seen, but Jenny
knew that somebody else would pull into the same spot soon. Sure
enough, another car filled the spot within a minute.
This time, there were two college-age guys in the car. They
quickly climbed out and gathered next to the driver window to
watch the free show.
Jenny smiled at them and teasingly blew them a kiss with one
hand, while she massaged her clit with the other. She was
enjoying this, but she knew they’d have to end soon before a
crowd would gather.
“Hey, Mr. Walker,” she said. “We’d better end quickly before
the cops show up or something. These guys aren’t gonna leave
until we’re done.”
“I’m almost there,” he said.
“Go ahead,” she told him. “Just shoot your stuff into me any
time you want.”
Jenny continued her fuck-bounce on his lap, still smiling at
the two young men, who were obviously enjoying the opportunity to
watch the naughty schoolgirl in uniform. Her blonde pigtails and
skirt pleats bounced wildly as she rode Mr. Walker to orgasm.
“Oh, shit!” he screamed as he tossed a squirt of cum into
Jenny’s pussy. She dropped on him as he fired another larger
load of semen into the schoolgirl. Jenny slowed her rhythm as he
drained his balls into her cunt with successive spasms. She
finally stopped her movement on him as she felt his cock spasms
slow to a halt.
Jenny laughed and kissed Mr. Walker again, then lifted
herself from him, trying to hold most of his semen within her and
holding her little skirt out of the way so it wouldn’t get
slopped up.
As she sat down on the leather car seat, a river of jizz
flowed out onto the fabric. Mr. Walker tossed Angie a handful of
napkins from a fast-food restaurant. She carefully mopped up the
mess, then put the elastic legband of her panties back into place
as she sat there.
Mr. Walker put his rapidly deflating penis back into his
pants and zipped up as little Jenny cleaned up a bit.
“Look at those poor guys,” she commented, noting the two
young men standing there with raging hard-ons that she had given
them with her sex show.
“I got them hard from watching us and now they’re
unfulfilled,” she told Mr. Walker.
“So do something about it,” he told her.
Jenny looked at him and then at the two college-aged men.
She smiled and motioned them over to her side. As the two guys
walked around to the passenger side, Jenny rolled down the
“Okay, guys, I’ll suck you off real quick if you want,” she
told them. “Just pull it out for me.”
One of them quickly unzipped and whipped his schlong out for
her, leaning against the car door so she could suck him from the
Jenny smiled at the size of it. It was about eight inches
long, and very wide. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to take
as much of it in her mouth as she’d like, so she’d have to make
up for it with tongue and hand action.
Jenny clamped her lips around him and used her tongue
friction against the sensitive underside, wiggling it quickly and
lightly just behind the tip, as she started a quick hand jerk.
The guy started moaning uncontrollably as the young
schoolgirl sucked him like a vacuum cleaner. Jenny could feel
his warm meat bloat between her fingers. She tasted a few drops
of starchy pre-cum and knew the poor bastard wasn’t going to last
much longer.
Right on cue, the guy shuddered and fired a little squirt of
jizz down the length of her tongue. She knew from experience
that the next couple of spasms would contain most of the load, so
she opened her throat wide as the man poured his starchy white
cream down Jenny’s gullet.
It slid down nice and easy, and Jenny worked as much out of
his cock as she could, then popped it out of her mouth. She
licked her lips as she motioned him aside.
“Okay, cutie, you’re next!” she said.
The second guy followed the same procedure. His cock wasn’t
nearly as long or as large as the first guy’s, so she knew she
could take him all the way into her mouth.
She opened wide as he leaned into her face. When she put her
lips around his meat, he grasped her by the back of her head and
started fucking her face, thrusting his member almost to the back
of her throat.
Somewhat surprised by his aggressiveness, she adjusted and
let him face-fuck her, as long as he wasn’t going to be very
rough. She simply applied lip pressure on him as he pumped her
schoolgirl mouth with his cock.
“That’s it, baby. Take it down your throat, you dirty little
schoolgirl!” he muttered.
Jenny patiently waited for him to explode at any minute, as
he mashed his pubic hair against her nose with each thrust.
“Aw, fuck!” he gasped. “I’m gonna cum!”
He pulled it out of her mouth, and she thought he might just
waste it on the parking lot, but he held it over her face
instead. She looked upward at his swollen penis as he frigged it
over her.
“Okay, open your mouth, you little teenage whore! I’m gonna
squirt my stuff all over your pretty face!”
Jenny giggled as she obediently opened her mouth, but closed
her eyes in preparation for the facial shower.
“No, no!” he said. “Look at me! Keep your eyes open!
He aimed his penis at her face and splashed a thick salvo of
jizz across the bridge of her nose. Jenny squinted by reflex as
the gooey fluid erupted from the man’s cock, splattering across
her lips and teeth.
He pumped hard, squirting semen all over Jenny’s darling
face. Wads trickled down her cheeks to her ears as he squeezed a
few more drops out the tip and shook it into Jenny’s open mouth.
“Suck me clean, little girl,” he ordered.
Jenny obeyed again, clamping her messy lips around him and
sucking out the last of his load. Satisfied that he was empty,
she pulled his glistening cock out of her teenaged mouth.
“I hope that was okay, guys,” she said, as she rolled up the
window with a smile.
They just smiled as the second guy zipped his pants back up.
They turned and walked toward the nearby mall.
Jenny chuckled as Mr. Walker started the car.
“That was fun, wasn’t it?” Jenny asked, smiling.
Mr. Walker smiled at her, beads of sweat on his forehead. He
put his hand again on her left thigh.
“Yes it was, sweetheart. Yes, indeed.”


When Mr. Walker and Jenny arrived at Mr. Walker’s house, he
called his daughter, Angie, on her cell phone and asked if she
could make it home by seven o’clock, promising a “fun evening”.
Angie readily agreed, assuming that her dad wanted to have a
night of sex with her, since her mom was out of town. They
usually had to make their sexual encounters “quickies” when she
was around.
In the meantime, Mr. Walker had a quick dinner with Jenny
Wilson, and the two lovers waited on the couch in the living room
for his daughter to join them.
“You know, sir, I could suck your cock a little before Angie
gets home,” offered Jenny.
Mr. Walker smiled.
“That’s a great idea,” he said. “Hey, Jenny, why don’t you
open that drawer and pop the tape labeled “Bears/Packers” in the
“Football?” Jenny asked, crinkling her nose. “You wanna
watch football?”
“Trust me,” he simply answered.
Jenny did as she was asked to do while Mr. Walker turned on
the TV with the remote. The tape started, and suddenly Jenny saw
a cheerleader in uniform from a rival school on the screen that
she recognized.
“Hey,” Jenny said. “That’s the captain from St. Andrew.”
The cheerleader on the screen knelt down and smiled at the
camera, then reached out and pulled the cock of the guy taping
the film into her hand, and put it in her mouth.
“That’s it, baby, suck on it,” came the voice behind the
camera, which Jenny immediately recognized.
“Shame on you, Mr. Walker,” said Jenny. “Getting sucked by
the enemy like that. I guess I need to show you how much better
I can do.”
As the two sat side-by-side, Jenny slowly unzipped his
trousers and pulled out his cock, then massaged gently between
her fingers. It hardened quickly in her grip, and she leaned
over and took him into her mouth.
“Not too much, Jenny, ’cause I don’t wanna cum yet,” he
Shortly before seven, they both heard the garage door open.
“I guess she’s back,” said Jenny, who smiled, then returned
to sucking his cock.
Mr. Walker smiled and waited for his daughter to join them.
They both heard the house door open and close.
“I’m back!” Angie called out, assuming that her dad was there
“Dad, you must be pretty horny, huh?” she called out from the
doorway, as she saw him watching the tape, not knowing that Jenny
was with him.
“You bet!” he said, with a smile, as he winked at Jenny.
“You wanna fuck me in my school uniform tonight?” Angie
asked, teasingly.
“Sure!” he answered, chuckling.
“What’s so funny?” Angie called out, as she walked into the
room. She saw Jenny’s blonde head bouncing up and down on her
dad’s crotch. Angie blushed immediately.
“Oh my God…” Angie muttered. “I didn’t know you were here,
Jenny grinned from ear to ear.
“It’s okay, Angie. Your secret’s safe with me,” Jenny
assured her.
“I guess our little secret’s out now, isn’t it, dad?” Angie
asked, a bit embarrassed.
“Yeah,” he said. “But I’ve got another one to tell you,
“You’ve been screwing my friend for quite a while, haven’t
you, dad?” Angie inquired. She had wondered about it for some
time because of the way the two would look at each other at
ballgames when he attended.
“Yes, my dear. For about a year, now.”
“It’s okay,” said Angie, shrugging her shoulders. “I’m cool
with it.”
“Are you sure?” asked Jenny. “Cause I don’t want to lose my
friend over it.”
“Yeah, after all, you shared Mr. Lewis with me, didn’t you?”
The two girls smiled at each other.
“So who did you plan on fucking tonight, dad?” Angie asked.
“Both of you,” he answered.
Both Angie and Jenny smiled.
“But first, I’d like to see you two girls do each other,” M.
Walker admitted. “But something tells me you might have done
this before.”
“Well, maybe once or twice…” Angie confessed.
Angie’s dad led the two girls up the stairs to the master
bedroom, where the king-sized bed waited to receive the
“Ooh, we get the big bed tonight!” noted Angie.
Jenny smiled at her.
“Well,” Angie explained to Jenny, “we usually have to fuck in
my bedroom when mom’s around. Except for that one time when we
did it in here while mom was in the shower. Remember that, dad?”
“Yep,” he said. “That probably won’t happen again.”
“We came so close to getting caught,” said Angie. “When mom
turned off the shower water, I was still on top of him and he was
so close to cumming that he didn’t want to pull out. So mom’s
drying off in there while I’m bouncing hard on dad, trying to get
him off in time, and the bed’s squeaking away. Finally, he blows
his wad in me and I jump off of him and run from the room, while
he’s still squirting his stuff in the air and it’s splattering
all over him.”
“Mom comes out of the bathroom a few seconds later and sees
him laying there with a hard-on and semen all over the place,
thinking he’s jerked himself off, and she’s really pissed at him
for messing the sheets.”
The three lovers laughed at the story, while Mr. Walker sat
down in a nearby chair and flipped on a small stereo for some
background music.
“You girls look absolutely delightful,” he told them. “And
this is something I’ve fantasized about a number of times. Let
me look at both of you.”
Jenny and Angie stood before the lustful eyes of Angie’s dad.
Both girls were dressed in their charming school uniforms.
Jenny stood a few inches taller than Angie, and her thin 32-
20-28 “B”-cup figure was a pure delight. Her long blonde hair was
pulled into two pigtails, and sweet bangs draped across her
forehead, ending just above her eyebrows.
kocaeli escort Angie’s figure measured 34-24-32 with full “C”-cup breasts.
She had long wavy brunette hair, which hung loose, down to the
middle of her back.
The two schoolgirls wore white long-sleeved blouses with a
red-and-white flimsy plaid pleated skirt, which hemmed out at
least six or seven inches above the knees of the two girls.
Angie’s thighs were slightly fuller and more woman-like, while
Jenny’s were quite thin, accentuated by knobby little schoolgirl
knees that only added to her innocence.
Below those luscious thighs, a pair of cable-knit white
kneesocks were pulled up smartly to just below the kneecaps and
cuffed over by about an inch. Both girls wore red-and-white
saddle shoes.
“Very nice…” he commented. “Why don’t you girls just do
what you’ve done before, and I’ll just watch for a while.”
Angie smiled at him and turned to face Jenny. The two girls
kissed gently as Jenny reached up under Angie’s little skirt and
thumbed her panties down over her thighs. Angie kicked them
aside, the peeled Jenny’s panties down as well.
“Did you want us to take all our clothes off?” asked Jenny.
“No,” Mr. Walker answered.
Jenny smiled and nodded. She knew he had a fetish for the
outfit and liked to screw her while she was wearing at least part
of it.
The two schoolgirls caressed each other’s bodies and kissed
again. Angie coaxed Jenny’s lips open and tenderly extended her
tongue into her friend’s mouth.
“Aw, yeah…” commented Mr. Walker.
Jenny squeezed Angie’s ass through her skirt fabric and put
her tongue into Angie’s mouth, as well.
“I think you girls ought to do a ’69’ on each other,” he
“Good idea,” said Angie.
Jenny sat on the edge of the bed and crawled onto it, lying
on her back. Angie positioned herself over Jenny, on all fours
and facing the opposite way, and lowered her cunt onto Jenny’s
Jenny flipped Angie’s school skirt high on her ass and mashed
her tongue against her friend’s clit. Angie gasped at the
sensation, and smiled as she spread Jenny’s thin legs wide apart,
her knees raised high. She tugged Jenny’s skirt up and out of
the way.
As Jenny spread her knees apart, both Angie and Mr. Walker
could see that Jenny had a bald pussy.
“Wow, Jenny!” he exclaimed. “When did you shave it? I
didn’t even notice that when we fucked in the car.”
“You guys fucked in the car?” asked Angie, a bit surprised.
“Yeah,” he said, “but she kept her panties on the whole time,
so I didn’t really get to see her pussy then.”
Angie buried her face into Jenny’s sweet bald muff and
brought a groan of pleasure from the young blonde on her back.
“Hey, girls, pull your hair out of the way so I can watch,”
Mr. Walker admonished.
Jenny and Angie flipped their ponytails to the other side as
instructed and continued their munchfest.
The room was filled with the sounds of lapping and sucking as
the two darling schoolgirls ate each other’s pussy, dressed in
their sexy little uniforms with their flimsy plaid pleated skirts
pulled up over their waist.
As Mr. Walker watched intently, the two girls worked each
other into a frenzy with their tongues and fingers. Angie had
her thumb in Jenny’s twat, sliding it in and out, and had her
index finger gently probing Jenny’s asshole.
“Ohhh…” gasped Jenny, as she massaged Angie’s cunny with
her eager tongue.
Angie gasped in ecstasy.
“That’s it, Jenny! You’re givin’ it to me! I’m getting it!
You’re makin’ me cum!” Angie screamed.
Finally, Mr. Walker could take no more. He quickly took off
his trousers and approached the bed. He tugged the girls to the
edge of the mattress and positioned himself behind Angie, with
Jenny’s face looking up at his balls.
“Keep licking her, Jenny,” he instructed. “I’m gonna fuck my
daughter’s pussy from behind while you do that.”
Angie laughed. She felt her dad’s stiff cock against her
pussy lips as he lubricated the tip of his cock with her pussy
juice. Then she felt him press the head against her cunt. He
pushed firmly but gently and popped the tip into her.
“Aw, daddy…” Angie moaned, as he pushed his way into his
teenage daughter. He started a nice fuckstroke on the girl,
grasping her waist to try to keep her motionless so that Jenny
could continue to lick Angie’s clit.
In the meantime, Jenny felt more and more excited, watching
Mr. Walker’s cock ream his little girl. His balls flopped
against Jenny’s nose with almost every thrust, and Jenny could
taste his pre-cum mixed with Angie’s own pussy juice as it
dripped from her tasty snatch.
Mr. Walker was so incredibly turned on, that he
underestimated how far he could take himself before orgasm. He
only lasted a couple of minutes. He was ramming the tip into
Angie’s cervix when he suddenly felt himself release.
“Aw, shit!” he gasped. “I’m cumming already!”
He pulled out just as the first squirt of jizz geysered. It
splashed against Angie’s pink cunt lips and ran down onto Jenny’s
face, still obediently lapping at her friend.
Figuring she might as well take advantage of the situation,
Jenny quickly grabbed his cock and pulled it down into her own
mouth. It spasmed again, squirting its load down Jenny’s throat.
Jenny kept her lips sealed around Angie’s dad, gulping down his
semen as quickly as he could pump it out. When the flow of
creamy jizz finally stopped, he pulled his cock out of her mouth.
“I’m really sorry, girls,” he apologized, still bent over his
daughter. “I guess I didn’t realize how much this whole scene
was exciting me.”
“That’s okay, dad,” Angie consoled. “We’ll try it again in
an hour or two, okay?”
Mr. Walker sheepishly nodded.
“In the meantime, I could use a drink,” said Angie.
“I’m okay,” said Jenny. “I just had one.”
Jenny smiled, her face streaked with the cum which had
dripped onto her with his first load.
The two girls laughed. Still in their uniforms minus the
panties, the two schoolgirls got up from the bed, snugged up
their white kneesocks to their kneecaps and went down to the
kitchen, their little skirt pleats swaying from side to side as
they bounced down the stairs.


After a half-hour or so, Jenny and Angie returned up to the
bedroom, only to find Mr. Walker sprawled across the bed,
watching a video.
“Watcha watchin’, Mr. Walker?” asked Jenny.
She looked at the screen and saw the image of Susie, her
older sister who had left for college a month earlier.
Mr. Walker had obviously shot the videotape himself. It was
from his perspective, and it showed Susie kneeling in front of
him, dressed in one of her cheerleading uniforms. It was one of
the uniforms she had worn while in her junior year, when Jenny
was in eighth grade.
His swollen dick was in her mouth, and she was fucking him
hard with her mouth while she looked up at the camera.
“Aw, fuck, Susie,” his voice said. “I’m gonna cum! Let me
do it on your face!”
Susie opened her mouth and smiled for the video camera while
he frigged himself off for the last few seconds and deposited an
enormous popshot all over her face. Susie squeezed her eyes
shut, laughing as he drenched the young cheerleader with his
gooey load.
Jenny smiled as she reflected on the hotel room orgy she had
attended with Susie the previous year. She had not known until
that orgy that her older sister had been screwing Mr. Walker.
“I miss her,” Jenny admitted.
“I think we both do,” he agreed. “But I have to admit that
you’re more talented than she is when it comes to pleasing a
Jenny smiled and noted that his penis was erect again.
“Looks like you’re ready for more action, sir,” she said.
“Yep, and why don’t you two girls just lie down next to each
other,” he suggested.
Jenny and Angie followed his direction.
“Okay, Jenny, I’m gonna fuck you first and then finish off
with Angie,” he told them, as he crawled across the bed to them.
Jenny reached down and pulled up her little red-and-white
plaid skirt, then spread her legs wide for him as he straddled
her. With her legs raised and darling white kneesocks cocked
wide apart, he pressed the tip of cock against her and drove it
into her warm, buttery-soft pussy.
“Mmmm… yeah…” she moaned as he started pumping her moist
teenaged twat with his meaty piston.
Mr. Walker kissed Jenny softly as he slapped his loins into
the schoolgirl. The bed creaked as he hammered on her.
“Aw, fuck me!” she begged. As Angie’s dad fucked her, she
reached a hand down and stroked her clit at the same time.
Angie watched with great interest as her dad drilled her
friend. She was getting turned on at the sight and knew it would
be her turn, soon.
Within a few minutes, the combination of Mr. Walker’s dick
and her hand had brought sweet Jenny to the brink of delight.
Her chest heaved against her white schoolgirl blouse as she
“Aughh!” she groaned, thrusting her chest upward toward him,
as her young body convulsed with her orgasm.
“Aw, God, Mr. Walker! You made me cum so hard!” she gasped,
with a smile.
Satisfied that he had pleased little Jenny, he smiled as he
slowed his thrusts to a stop and pulled out of her. He slid over
to his daughter, Angie, and positioned himself between her legs.
She pulled her sexy little plaid pleated skirt up for him and
spread her kneesocked legs wide for him, with a smile. He
nestled his cock between her pink cunt lips.
“Hey, you’re really wet, Angie,” he observed. “Did it turn
you on to watch me fuck your friend?”
Angie nodded as her dad wiggled himself into her and resumed
his fuckstroke. She hugged him tightly and wrapped her kneesocks
around him as he rode her.
“Fuck me, daddy,” she purred.
Mr. Walker fucked his daughter firmly but tenderly while
Jenny watched. The two forbidden lovers were consumed with
passion for each other.
“Are you gonna cum inside her?” Jenny asked.
“No, not this time,” he said. “I’m gonna cum in her ass.”
Angie giggled.
“You wanna fuck my ass again, huh?” she asked.
He pulled out and Angie assumed a position on her knees and
elbows. He slid her skirt up high on her ass and pressed the
head of his cock against her puckering asshole.
Slowly, he jammed the tip into her. Angie bit her lip as her
anus slowly expanded to make room for him. His cock, already wet
with her pussy juice, slowly pushed forward until it was four or
five inches into her ass.
It was clear to Jenny that her friend was an ass-fuck
veteran. As her dad pulled out, Angie rocked back into him
again, eager to get more of it. Within seconds, he was drilling
her tight teen ass with the same intensity as he had done with
her pussy.
“That’s it, dad,” she said, as she looked back over her
shoulder with a smile.
She fucked back into him like a seasoned whore, her school
skirt swinging wildly beneath her as it hung down in front.
“Let’s see if I can get you off,” she teased.
He grasped the sides of her skirt for balance as he slapped
his thighs against her ass cheeks. Finally, he let out a loud
Angie’s tight schoolgirl ass filled with her dad’s cum as he
emptied his load into her. He finally stopped and pulled out.
Angie squeezed her asshole tight, squeezing some of his jizz
out of her anus. It dribbled down over her bright pink pussy.
“Hey, Jenny, why don’t you clean Angie off?” he teased, as he
crawled aside.
Jenny thought about it briefly and decided to surprise him.
To Mr. Walker’s fascination, she took his position behind her
friend and bent down, then licked his ass-cum from Angie’s pussy
“Oh my God…” was all he could mutter.
Jenny turned her head to the side and smiled naughtily at
him, then turned back to her work and licked her friend clean as
Angie squeezed more out for her to eat.


Jenny Wilson saw her friend Angie at school the next day. As
the two angels bounced down the hallway in their darling school
uniforms, they giggled about the events the night before.
“That was fun, huh?” asked Jenny.
“Yeah, but my ass hurts like hell,” Angie replied. “After he
dropped you off at home, he ass-fucked me again before bed. His
balls were practically empty by then, but he was determined to
cum once more, so he nailed my ass for a long time before he
finally got himself off. I think you got him super-horny.”
Jenny smiled sheepishly.
“Sorry,” she offered.
“It’s not your fault,” Angie consoled her. “I didn’t have to
agree to it.”
Jenny spied a bulleting board notice that caught her eye.
She caught Angie by the arm and stopped to read it:

“Have you always wanted to see if you have what it takes to
be a photo model? Did you know that photo models make hundreds
of dollars or more per hour? Photo modeling can be a great way
of supplementing your college income. If you want to see if you
have what it takes, call Greg at Photo Dreams at 555-5432. All
models must be at least 18 years of age.”

Angie grinned at Jenny.
“We’re 18, right?” she asked, knowing full well that she was
17 and her friend was only 16.
“You bet,” Jenny answered.
“Give the guy a call and get us set up for a screening,”
Angie told her. “We’ll be fucking this guy in minutes,
guaranteed, and it’ll be fun. It’s probably what he’s looking
for, anyway.”
Jenny dialed the number on her cell phone.
“Hi, is this Greg from Photo Dreams?” she asked.
Angie listened in on the conversation eagerly.
“Yeah, well my friend and I were wanting to see if we could
make an appointment.”
A short pause followed.
“Well, we’re cheerleaders for St. Luke’s High,” she told him.
A grin toward Angie told her friend all she needed to know.
“Well, then, after the game on Friday night?” Jenny asked.
“Yeah, we’ve got your address here on the flyer. What should
we wear for the sample photos?”
Jenny winked at Angie.
“Yeah, we could wear our cheerleader uniforms, I guess.
We’ll even bring the pompons, too.”
Another short pause followed.
“Okay, like what sort of pictures would you be taking?” Jenny
“Regular and a few racy ones, too, huh, if we don’t mind?”
Jenny teased.
“No, we don’t mind racy ones – like with our panties showing
and stuff?”
“That’s fine. We’ll be there about 9PM or so, right after
our game. Okay? Bye.”
Angie smiled at Jenny.
“That was easy,” Angie quipped. “Like I said, he’ll be
trying to fuck us in about fifteen minutes. Trust me.”


That Friday, after the team’s football game, Angie drove
Jenny to the photographer’s studio. It was about nine-thirty when
they arrived, still dressed in their cheerleading uniforms like
he had requested.
Angie rapped on the glass door. The photographer was at the
door in a few seconds, and opened it to let them in, then locked
it behind them.
“Hi, girls! Welcome!”
He shut the door and locked it behind them.
“Let’s go into the studio,” he suggested.
The man led them down a hallway into a large photo studio
with an assortment of backdrops and props. Off to the side was a
king-sized bed on rollers with stuffed animals, much like a young
girl would have.
Angie elbowed Jenny.
“I’ll bet you’re gonna be on that bed before the night is
over,” she murmured.
Jenny elbowed her friend back as she blushed slightly.
“I think you’re right,” Jenny whispered with a smirk.
As the two cheerleaders put down their bags containing their
pompons, the photographer approached each of them with a
clipboard and handed one to each of them.
“What’s this?” asked Angie.
“It’s a photo release. It gives me permission to take your
pictures and put them on my website.”
“My dad isn’t gonna see them, is he? He’d freak,” said
“If he has a membership to my website, he will,” answered
Greg. “But he’d never admit it to you, either.”
“That’s true,” said Angie.
The two girls quickly filled out their names and signed the
papers, noting the payoff amounts for the different types of
“Why don’t we start with some traditional poses?” he
“Should we use our pompons?” asked Angie.
The two girls pulled them out of the bags and stepped onto
the backdrop as he prepared his camera.
“We’ll get some of Jenny, first,” he suggested, “then some of
Jenny, and then both of you together.”
As Angie stepped aside, Jenny positioned herself for the
camera, feet together, holding her pompons just above her hips.
“How’s this?” she asked.
“Just fine,” he told her. Greg’s eyes glazed over the girl’s
hot teen body.
Jenny’s long blonde hair was curled under, and delightful
soft bangs were combed down over her forehead. Her baby blue
eyes sparkled for the camera, and her cute dimples only added to
her sweet innocence. She wore bright red lipstick that matched
the vivid red in her uniform.
Her tight-fitting shell top zipped down the back. Solid
black across the back, it had red/white/black trim that crossed
her shoulders and ran down both sides. The front of the shell
was white on the top, black on the bottom, with the same
red/white/black striped trim separating the color scheme in a
Across the white top of her shell was the word “LYNX” in a
script fashion. Under the shell top, Jenny wore a tight, thin
white long-sleeved turtleneck bodysuit top that ended with an
elastic band just below her breasts.
Jenny’s cheerleading skirt was quite short, hemming out very
high on her delicious, shapely thighs. It was black, with twelve
alternating red and white box pleats. In addition, the same
red/white/black trim pattern ringed the hem of the tiny skirt.
Below about eight inches of luscious, teenage thighs, her
slightly knobby knees enhanced her playful cuteness. Her calves
were encased in a pair of mostly-white kneesocks, pulled up
snugly to just below her kneecaps.
The white kneesocks had a four-inch-wide black band near the
top, embroidered with the white initials “SLHS”. Two thin red
bands circled her socks, one about an inch above and one below
the black band.
Jenny’s white cheerleading shoes completed he wonderful
Greg clicked off a couple of photos.
“Feel free to change your poses if you’d like. I’ll keep up
with you. You can do some of your cheers, if you’d like – just
do them slowly so I can get plenty of shots.”
Jenny raised her pompons in a “V” shape with her arms
outstretched. Her shell top rose to expose just a bit of her
flat tummy.
“Yeah, that’s good. See? You’re a natural model,” he
assured her.
Jenny smiled at him. She always enjoyed being the object of
sensual worship.
The sweet cheerleader did a variety of poses for the
photographer: standing, kneeling, sitting, even jumping around
and doing kicks. The studio lights flashed repeatedly as he
clicked away on the shutter.
“How about being a little naughty for the camera?” he
“You mean, showing off my panties and stuff?” she asked.
“Yeah,” Greg said. “Tease me. Be sexy and naughty.”
Jenny gave him a number of teasing poses, providing glimpses
of her panties for him in various positions by pulling up her
skirt, bending over or sitting provocatively.
Angie watched with a smirk as her friend worked the camera.
She could notice by the growing bulge in Greg’s slacks that Jenny
was working him, as well.
“Aw, yeah,” he told her. “Work the camera, just like that.”
He shot off another roll of film.
“How about being a little nasty, now?” he asked.
“Like what?” Jenny inquired. “What type of poses?”
“Come here, girls.”
Greg walked them over to a desk and pulled out album of
“This is a gal I shot about two months ago,” he told them.
Jenny opened the album. It featured a blonde girl with her
hair done up in pigtails and wearing a Catholic school uniform.”
“Keep turning the pages,” he told Jenny.
“You’ll see how she started with innocent poses and facial
expressions,” he explained.
Jenny continued flipping pages, studying the poses and the
girl’s looks.
“Now she’s getting naughty,” he narrated.
With Angie also watching, Jenny kept turning the pages
slowly, noticing with interest how the girl was showing more of
her body for the camera, pulling her panties aside, even sticking
a finger into her pussy.
“Oh my God!” said Jenny. “These are really nasty!”
“Yes, they are,” he agreed. “And absolutely terrific. I had
her back to do another shoot. Wanna see those pictures?”
“Yeah,” said the two cheerleaders.
Greg pulled out another album for them to look through. It
featured the same girl in the same school uniform, except this
time, there was a man in the photos, as well.
Jenny flipped through the pages, noticing as the man took the
girl onto the bed, pulled off her panties and licked her pussy.
Then she saw the pictures of the girl sucking his cock.
“Oh my God!” she muttered. “How much did you pay her for
“A thousand dollars, I think,” he told Jenny.
The cheerleaders gazed with fascination at the photos. The
man and the schoolgirl were fucking in every position imaginable.
As the album ended, he had pulled his penis out and sprayed his
jizz all over the girl’s cute face. In the last few photos, the
girl smiled for the camera, still in her uniform with the blouse
opened, skirt up and minus her panties, with thick strings of
gooey cum all over her face.
“Wow…” said Angie.
“She was really good, too,” Greg mused. “All of my website
subscribers are desperately wanting more of her.”
He looked at the two cheerleaders.
“Would you girls be willing to try anything like this?” he
Jenny and Angie just looked at each other, unsure of what to
say. Angie wondered what her dad would say if his friends found
her on the Internet
“I’ll tell you what,” he offered. “We’ll just try some nude
stuff tonight and you can see how that goes. I’ll let you two
know what kind of feedback I get from your photos, and we’ll take
it from there. Fair enough?”
The girls both nodded.
“Good,” he said. “Now, let’s wheel that bed onto the set.”


Jenny and Angie spent the next hour in various poses as they
took off portions of their uniforms for the camera, taking turns.
The girls enjoyed themselves as they watched Greg’s trousers tent
out with a raging hard-on.
“I’ll bet you he cums in his pants before we’re done,”
whispered Angie.
As Jenny finished up her photos, she offered one more pose
for the stimulated photographer.
“How about one of these?” she asked.
Kneeling and bent over away from him on the bed without her
cheer panties, she tugged her red and white pleats up on her ass
and spread her kneesocked legs, then pulled her pussy lips apart
with her fingers.
“Fuck, yeah,” he muttered.
As he cranked off a couple more photos, she pushed a finger
into her cunt, pulled it out, then back in. It glistened with
her pussy juices as she pulled it out once more, then rubbed her
clit for him. Jenny could hear the camera shutter firing
repeatedly, and she smiled naughtily over her shoulder for the
As Jenny looked back, she saw a spot of wetness appear
through the crotch of his tan Dockers.
Jenny laughed.
“There!” she said. “I knew I could make you have an orgasm!”
“Not so fast,” he corrected her. “It’s only a few drops of
Jenny was a bit disappointed.
“Perhaps you could suck me off, though?” he suggested.
“I don’t know, sir,” she said, playing hard-to-get. “I don’t
know if I want to swallow that stuff.”
“That’s understandable,” he told her. “How about if I pull
it out and spray it all over that pretty face of yours, just like
in those pictures you saw?”
“I don’t know…” she hesitated, wondering if she could milk
a bunch of cash from him for the opportunity
“I’ll give you three hundred bucks if you’ll suck me off
while I take pictures of you doing it.”
“Okay, it’s a deal,” answered Jenny.
She looked over at Angie and smiled.
“All right, Jenny!” her friend teased. “You’re such a slut!”
The young cheerleader sat on the edge of the bed and waited
for Greg to grab a couple more rolls of film. He loaded his
camera and stepped in front of young Jenny, who stared at the
bulging trousers before her.
Angie, the cheerleading spectator, picked up a video camera
“Does this have a tape in it?” Angie asked.
“Yeah,” answered Greg.
“How ’bout if I tape you guys?” she asked.
“Sure,” he said. “The tape’s ready to go.”
Angie walked over and stood nearby while she started filming
the photographer with her cheerleader friend.
“Why don’t you do the honors?” he asked Jenny. “Oh, and by
the way, look up at my camera while you do all of this. That
way, when guys play the tape, they’ll imagine it’s you sucking
them off.”
“Okay,” Jenny replied.
She unzipped and unfastened his pants, then pulled his pants
and briefs down, while Greg snapped a few pictures. Jenny gawked
at the sight of his eight-inch penis, rock-hard and ready for
“That’s it, sweetheart,” he coached. “Hold it with one hand
and lick around it. Swirl your tongue around it, like a big ice-
cream cone.”
Jenny responded eagerly and tenderly. She smiled for the
camera as she softly licked around his cock.
“Mmmm… that’s it. The most sensitive part is just under
the tip, where it joins the shaft. Your tongue feels really
great right there.”
Jenny wasn’t hearing anything she didn’t already know. She
flicked her tongue across the spot. Her warm breath and teasing
tongue were absolutely incredible to him.
“Aw, shit…” he muttered, as he clicked off more images.
“That’s really good technique. Now, put it in your mouth and
suck on it while you slowly push it in and out.”
Smiling, Jenny popped the tip of his cock into her young
mouth and sealed her lips around his flesh. The hot little
cheerleader looked so nasty giving her video blowjob as she
obediently gazed into the camera lens with sweet, innocent eyes.
Jenny could taste his salty pre-cum as it oozed from his
piss-slit. It was an unusual taste, but not at all offensive to
her. She worked her head forward and back on him as she slid his
prick in and out repeatedly.
The eager, young cheerleader looked so delightful sitting on
the edge of the bed in her full uniform minus the cheer panties,
the red-and-white pleats of her little skirt scrunched up. Her
kneesocked legs were spread wide apart, exposing her sweet,
almost hairless pussy.
Jenny paused her head-fuck briefly. With slightly more than
the tip firmly clamped between her lips, she wiggled the tip of
her tongue across the same sensitive spot again.
“Aw, fuck!!!” he screamed. “You’re gonna make me blow my
load like that!”
Jenny opened her mouth and laughed.
“I am, huh?” she teased, proud of her work.
“Fuck, yeah…” he groaned, as he kept taking pictures.
Jenny licked him some more, then resumed sucking, as he
reloaded the camera.
The photographer continued clicking away as the little
cheerleader slut polished his knob, stroking him with her hand as
she mouth-fucked him. Her hair swayed forward and back in rhythm
with her oral thrusts.
“Faster with your hand,” he told her. “I’m almost there.”
Jenny sped up the hand jerk as she gazed upward at him. She
wondered if he’d forget and spew his load down her throat.
“Okay, baby!” he groaned. “Take it out! I’ll finish off
from here.”
Jenny opened her mouth and he pulled out. He grabbed his
cock and held it up over her face with his free hand.
“Keep your face tilted up just like that. And keep smiling
for me.”
Jenny obeyed, watching him as he furiously whacked away just
inches above her face. She waited for his shower of cum.
“Aw, fuck! Here it comes!” he screamed.
Jenny saw the first squirt as it flopped onto her face,
running up the side of her nose and across her forehead, into her
hair. She closed her eyes by reflex as another spasm sent
another burst of jizz splattering off her cheek.
Greg redirected the third salvo to her lips as he clicked off
more pictures. Warm semen splashed off little Jenny’s nose and
dribbled down the sides of her face as she giggled. The
photographer squeezed out a few more thick wads of cum onto the
cheerleader’s darling face, then used his prick-tip as a
paintbrush to smear the creamy goo all over sweet Jenny’s lips as
she opened her eyes.
He clicked off a few more pictures.
“Smile for the camera, sweetheart,” he told her. “A sweet,
innocent expression.”
Jenny smiled shyly as he popped off more photos.
“Now a hot, nasty look,” he told her. “You’re such a naughty
Jenny gave him a sultry expression. The teenage cheerleader
looked so incredibly sexy as she sat on the edge of the bed in
her cute little uniform with Greg’s cum coating her schoolgirl
“That’s gonna look so hot on my website,” he told her. “I’m
sure I’m gonna have more requests for you. If you want, I’m sure
you can make a lot of money at this.”
Jenny just smiled. She already knew she wanted to come back
for more sex and money.


When Jenny got home from her photo session on that Friday
night, her mom stopped her and told her that her eighth-grade
cousin Darcy would be coming by on Monday evening after school.
Jenny asked what the purpose of the visit would be, and found
out that Darcy wanted Jenny to go with her to sell candy to raise
money for her junior high school, Holy Cathedral.
As Jenny went to her bedroom, she smiled to herself as she
calculated a way to defile her little cousin, who was so
incredibly innocent.
Jenny knew that Mr. Walker’s wife wasn’t home until the next
day, so she called him on her cell phone.
“Hi, Mr. Walker? This is Jenny,” she said.
“Why, hello, Jenny! What can I do for you? It’s awfully
late,” he told her.
“Well, my little cousin is coming over Monday night to have
me help her sell candy,” Jenny explained.
“And I just thought I could bring her over,” Jenny explained.
“And what did you have in mind, my dear?” he asked.
“Well, if you could buy a whole box of candy from her, she
would be so excited.”
“Really? How excited?” he asked, curiously.
“She’s never been with a man before, but she’s curious, and I
thought you might like to show her the ropes.”
“Hmmm…” he thought, playfully.
“How old is she?” he asked.
“Eighth grade,” she said, wondering what kind of response she
would get.
“Wow! Isn’t that a little young?” he asked.
“I’ll make sure she’s wearing her little Catholic school
uniform when she gets there,” Jenny teased.
“Uniform, huh?”
“Yep, white blouse, blue and white plaid skirt, white
kneesocks, skinny legs, knobby young girl knees, blonde hair and
braces,” Jenny offered, knowing that he couldn’t resist.
“Well, my wife will be home by then, so we’ll have to make it
at a hotel, if that’s okay,” he suggested.
“That should work”, Jenny answered.
“Do you think she’d go along for this? I mean, an older guy
and all? She doesn’t even know me.”
“Listen,” said Jenny, “I’ve got her so horny over the thought
of a guy fucking her that it’ll be easy.”
“Sounds good,” he told Jenny. “I’ll call you back with the
hotel name and room number.”


On Monday evening, little Jenny, accompanied by her cousin
Darcy, arrived at the Budget Hotel. They were both dressed in
their school uniforms as she knocked on the door of the room he
had given Jenny earlier.
Mr. Walker answered the door and looked down with a smile at
the two girls.
“Hi, girls!” he greeted them cheerfully.
“Mr. Walker, this is my cousin, Darcy,” Jenny politely
introduced. “Darcy, this is the wonderful man I was telling you
Cute little Darcy’s long blonde hair was done up in two
pigtails. She smiled shyly at him as she held her box of school
“Jenny told me you would buy a whole box of cookies from me,”
she beamed.
“She did, huh?”
“Yep. And she said you’d even fuck me, too.”
Mr. Walker was briefly shocked to hear such language from
such an innocent-looking young girl.
“Uh-huh, that’s what she said.”
“Well, is that what you’d like, Darcy?” he asked.
“Yes, sir,” she told him. “As long as it doesn’t hurt. You
see, I’ve never been fucked before.”
“Well,” he assured her, “I can take care of that little
problem for you, if you’d like.”
He smiled at her and looked at Jenny, who smiled back
“Come on inside, girls,” he told them.
The two schoolgirls stepped inside, while he sat on the edge
of the king-sized bed. Jenny bolted the door behind them, to
make sure they wouldn’t get any unwanted visitors.
He handed little Darcy a stack of money for the candy.
“Here you go, sweetheart,” he told her. “This will take care
of that candy you have, as well as give you some extra spending
“Why, thank you, sir,” she answered. She stuffed the bills
into her purse.
“And this is going to be our little secret, isn’t it?” he
Little Darcy nodded.
“Yes, sir,” she said. “Because I’d get in a lot of trouble
if my parents ever found out.”
“I’ll bet you would,” he underscored.
Darcy bit her lip and reemphasized the point with another
nod. The long blonde ponytails and cute white hair ribbons only
enhanced her angelic looks. Her bangs were cut scarcely above
her eyebrows.
“You’re such a cutie, too,” he told her.
Darcy smiled with darling dimples. Her braces and smooth
complexion were another turn-on. He had already decided that he
would decorate that sweet face with a full load of jizz in a
matter of minutes.
“Why don’t you model your wonderful little uniform for me,”
he suggested.
Darcy’s figure was lithe and budding. Her skinny frame and
tiny tits were hidden under her white blouse, but his mind had
painted the image clearly. As she turned around for him, her
pleated blue-and-white plaid school skirt hung well on her tight
little ass. It was fairly long on her, much longer than Jenny’s,
and hemmed out only a few inches above her knobby schoolgirl
White cableknit kneesocks were pulled up properly, and blue-
and-white saddle shoes completed the delectable outfit.
“Why don’t you pull that cute little skirt up for me so I can
see those sexy legs,” he coaxed.
Darcy looked over at Jenny and smiled shyly. Jenny nodded
her agreement as the junior-high girl slowly lifted her skirt for
the man.
Her legs were skinny, also, which he liked very much.
“Show me your panties,” he said. “I want to see what kind of
panties such a cute girl wears.”
She hiked her skirt high to show him her full-cut white
cotton briefs with pink hearts.
“Mmmm…” he leered.
“Is this okay?” asked Darcy.
“Yes, indeed, my dear,” he assured her.
She dropped her skirt back into place as he stood from the
“I think that first, we should get that blouse open,” he told
her as he started unbuttoning her shirt.
Darcy simply watched as he quickly undid her blouse and
slipped it off of her, tossing it to a nearby chair. Then he
reached around and unfastened her tiny bra, tenderly pulling it
off both arms and throwing it on top of her white school blouse.
He gazed down at Darcy’s innocent, tiny nipples, then leaned
over and put his lips over one of them, sucking it softly and
rubbing it with his tongue.
“Oooh, mister, that feels so good…” Darcy moaned, smiling
in enjoyment.
The young schoolgirl felt his hand reach up under the hem of
her tiny skirt and caress her tight little ass through her
“Mmmmm…” she purred.
He licked and sucked just enough to raise her little nipple
to a hard point, then stopped.
“That was fun, sir,” she smiled.
“I’m glad,” he answered. “Have you ever seen a man’s penis?”
“Just a little baby, when I was changing diapers,” she
“Well, then, let me show it to you, if that’s okay,” he
Darcy nodded, and he unfastened his pants and slipped them
off. His cock bulged in his briefs, and Darcy couldn’t help but
notice the large lump.
The little schoolgirl watched in amazement as he peeled his
briefs off and kicked them aside. His half-swollen cock wobbled
in front of her.
“Wow! It’s so big!” she blurted. “Are you gonna actually
put that thing inside me?”
He smiled.
“Not yet,” he said. “First, I’m going to have your cousin
show you how to suck a guy’s cock.”
Jenny gently moved her cousin aside and knelt before Mr.
“You see, Darcy, you suck on it while you slide it back and
forth in your mouth,” she explained.
Jenny clamped her lips around him and proceeded to slowly
mouth-fuck him, while her little cousin watched with fascination.
Jenny continued for a minute or so, then took it out of her
“And for extra stimulation,” Jenny added, “you jerk your hand
back and forth on the shaft of it, too.”
She put Mr. Walker into her mouth again, this time wrapping
her fingers around his prick and working it with her hand to
accompany the mouthstroke.
“Is that it?” Darcy asked. “How long do I do that?”
Jenny smiled.
“Until he wants you to stop or until he shoots his load,”
Jenny told her.
“Shoots his load?” Darcy asked.
“Yeah, when a guy can’t take any more, he shoots white creamy
stuff out of that little slit. It comes out in squirts,” Jenny
“In your mouth?” Darcy asked, scrunching her nose a bit at
the idea.
“Yeah, if you want. Or sometimes it’s fun to pull it out of
your mouth and let him squirt it all over your face,” Jenny
“It’s not like he’s peeing or anything, is it?” Darcy asked.
“No, Darcy, it’s called ‘cum’, and it actually tastes pretty
good. At least his does, anyway.”
Darcy smiled.
“You want a little bonus hint, too?” Jenny asked.
“The most sensitive part of a man’s cock is the underside of
the head, right behind the tip,” Jenny pointed out. “If you
wiggle the tip of your tongue against that spot, you’ll get him
to cum in a hurry sometimes.”
Darcy giggled.
“You want to try it?” Jenny offered.
“Sure,” Darcy answered. “It’s even bigger now, and it’s so
“That’s because it’s really excited,” he told her.
Little Darcy knelt next to her cousin and tentatively took
his cock in her hand, then put the tip of it between her virgin
lips. She slowly slid her mouth back and forth on him, only an
inch or two.
“That’s such a good girl,” he encouraged. “You do that so
well, Darcy.”
She looked up at him and smiled with a mouthful of penis.
“Don’t forget to use a hand or two on him,” Jenny suggested.
Darcy started a handstroke to match her oral movements on
“Try the tongue trick, too,” Jenny coached.
Darcy wiggled the tip of her tongue on the spot that Jenny
told her to.
“Oh, God, that’s so good!” Mr. Walker moaned. “Now suck me a
little faster.”
Darcy obeyed, while her cousin watched.
She popped her lips off, but kept up the handjerk.
“Are you gonna squirt it in my mouth?” she asked him.
“No, not right now, sweetheart, because after it squirts,
it’ll get soft again, and I need it to stay hard so I can fuck
that little pussy of yours,” he said.
Darcy continued her blowjob. Mr. Walker looked down at the
delightful tart. Her blonde ponytails swinging back and forth,
her tiny tits, her sweet plaid schoolgirl skirt…
It was almost more than he could take. Her technique was
surprisingly good, but the excitement level was enough to send
him to the edge.
“You’d better stop, Darcy,” he told her. “Otherwise, I’m
gonna cum.”
“Did I do a good job?” she asked.
“You did a wonderful job,” he said. “I can squirt a little
of it into your mouth later, if you’d like. Your cousin likes it
when I do that.”
“Okay, I guess that would be okay,” Darcy told him.
“Good, because now, I’m gonna fuck that sweet little pussy of
yours,” he stated.
Darcy giggled as she stood back up. He lowered her onto the
bed and pulled her knees upward, then spread them to the side.
Her cute little plaid skirt pleats fanned out, exposing her sweet
little virgin cunny.
Darcy looked up at him, smiling with darling dimples, with
her blonde ponytails spread across the bed. She watched as he
climbed onto the bed with her, his head disappearing beneath her
little schoolgirl skirt.
“What are you doing, sir?” Darcy asked.
“I’m gonna eat your pussy,” he told her.
“What?!” she asked.
“I’m going to lick and suck on your pussy, so it gets all wet
and ready to be fucked,” he explained.
“Oh, okay,” she answered.
The young girl looked over at her cousin, who simply smiled
from a chair beside the bed. Then she felt his tongue as it
gently caressed her soft clitoris. He licked and sucked it
tenderly, slowly exciting little Darcy to the point where she
moaned in delight.
“Oh, that feels so good…” she muttered.
Mr. Walker couldn’t wait any longer. When he thought he had
her moistened well enough, he pulled his head out and straddled
the young teenager.
“Pull those cute legs up to the side,” he instructed.
Darcy pulled her knees high and wide, her kneesocks and
saddle shoes pointing straight up. Mr. Walker nestled the tip of
his cock against those tiny, pink virgin pussy lips and rubbed it
across a few times, then slowly popped the tip into Darcy.
Darcy bit her lip as she felt him enter her, and winced
slightly as he pumped a couple of inches into her. He was being
as gentle as he could, and within a minute or so, the pain had
all but vanished.
The darling blonde schoolgirl smiled at the man over her, as
he slid his swollen prick in and out of her tiny slit.
“How does that feel?” he asked.
“Just fine,” Darcy answered. “I guess I’m not a virgin any
more, huh?”
“No, sweetheart, and it’s an honor to help you out in that
regard,” he told her. “I’m gonna put a little more into you,
very gradually, okay?”
Darcy nodded in agreement. Mr. Walker plunged another half-
inch into her. She was wet enough, but very tight, and he knew
he wouldn’t last very long with the incredible excitement of this
young girl. He tried to think about other things as he fed more
of his cock into her sweet young pussy.
Within minutes, Darcy was getting four or five inches from
him. He sawed in and out, and finally knew he couldn’t hold out
any longer.
He suddenly pulled out of Darcy and crawled up to her face.
“Okay, I’m gonna squirt my stuff now,” he told her. “I’m
gonna put it all over that pretty face of yours.”
Darcy giggled, looking up at his cock as his hand pumped it
over her chin.
“Hey, Darcy,” called out Jenny. “Put the tip of your tongue
under the head, just like I taught you.”
Darcy pressed her tongue against the underside of his cock-
tip. He aimed the piss-slit at her upper lip as she licked him
“Aw, fuck!” he yelled.
With a groan, he shot a stream of thick jizz onto Darcy’s
upper teeth and lip. She jerked slightly by reflex, and he
squirted another stream of thick goo onto her tongue. It rolled
down into her open mouth. Not wanting to drown the poor young
girl, he aimed the next salvo up the side of her nose, where it
drenched her all the way to her forehead, matting down her pretty
blonde bangs.
Darcy obediently kept her mouth open as he drenched most of
her sweet face with his jizz, finally depositing the last of his
cascading load into her mouth again.
He squeezed the last drops out and wiped the tip dry across
Darcy’s tongue. Looking down, he could see quite a puddle of
creamy semen in the back of her mouth.
Little Darcy closed her mouth and swallowed, making a bit of
a face as she did so.
“Does it taste bad?” asked Jenny.
“No,” Darcy answered. “Just different and really gooey.”
Jenny laughed, while Mr. Walker climbed off of her and
brought her a towel to clean up with.
“You’re gonna fuck me, too, before we leave, aren’t you?”
asked Jenny.
“Sure,” he told her, with a smile and a wink. “Just give me
a little while to recharge my batteries. And then your cousin
can see just how naughty you can be.”


The threesome watched TV for a while, until Mr. Walker was
ready to go back at it.
“Are you ready for some action yet?” asked Jenny.
“Yeah,” he answered, with a teasing wink. “I think I can get
it up for you.”
“Why don’t I help you out, then?” Jenny offered.
“By all means, my dear,” he replied.
Still fully dressed in her delightful school uniform, Jenny
moved onto the bed next to Mr. Walker and her little cousin
“Okay, Darcy,” she said. “Let me show you how a naughty girl
does it!”
Darcy giggled as she watched Jenny go to work on the man who
had made virgin love to her a while before. Jenny picked up Mr.
Walker’s limp cock in her hand and put her lips around it, while
she cocked her legs wide apart and pulled up the red and white
plaid pleats of her flimsy schoolgirl skirt so that he could see
the crotch of her white cotton panties.
It only took Jenny a couple of minutes to suck Mr. Walker
hard again. She gently massaged his balls in her hand as she
deep-throated him all the way to his scrotum, then pulled back to
wiggle the tip of her tongue on the sensitive underside of his
“God, Jenny,” gasped Darcy. “You can fit the whole thing in
your mouth!”
Jenny looked so proper in her school uniform as she leaned
into his crotch, her long blonde hair swinging forward and back
as she mouth-fucked her lover with thrusts of her lips. She was
in a kneeling position, with her white cableknit kneesocks and
black and white saddle shoes spread wide across the bed for
leverage. Her long, thin legs spread open the pleats of her tiny
red-and-white plaid schoolgirl skirt, and she could feel her
crotch getting wet with anticipation.
Darcy watched her older cousin as Jenny fucked him with her
mouth, her bright red lips sliding up and down the long shaft,
her cheeks puckered as she sucked him hard.
“Oh, Mr. Walker,” Jenny moaned, as she popped her lips off
and hand-jerked him temporarily. “I want you to fuck my pussy
He crawled into a position behind her and tugged her darling
little plaid skirt up high on her tight teen ass. Then he simply
pulled the crotch of her white cotton panties aside and fisted
his cock into her wet and willing snatch.
“Oh my God,” said Darcy. “He’s fucking you in your panties!”
“Yes,” said Jenny, as she smiled. “Isn’t it nasty?”
“Uh-huh,” agreed Darcy, fascinated with watching her
experienced cousin fuck back into the man like a seasoned whore.
“Just wait,” Jenny said to Darcy. “I’m gonna let him fuck my
ass, too.”
“Oh my God…” muttered Darcy.
Jenny let Mr. Walker pound her pussy relentlessly. She
looked so naughty in full uniform as she rode his prick the full
length. Her ass slapped against his thighs with each thrust from
behind, as he held her by the sides of her waist for leverage.
Jenny moaned in delight as his meaty piston hammered deep
within her. She loved it, but she didn’t want him to cum quite
“Are you ready to fuck my ass?” Jenny asked him, looking
teasingly over her shoulder with a smile.
“Yes, my dear,” he answered politely.
Darcy watched in disbelief as he pulled his cock from Jenny’s
pussy. He pulled her panties aside a bit more, then popped the
tip of his swollen member into Jenny’s sweet asshole.
“Aw, yeah,” moaned Jenny. “That’s it, sir. Fuck my ass
through my panties.”
Darcy watched as Mr. Walker slowly plunged his cock,
glistening with Jenny’s pussy juice for lubricant, into her
cousin’s kocaeli escort bayan bung, then slid it back out again.
“Mmmm…” Jenny groaned.
She looked over at Darcy and winked with a smile.
“Now, Darcy, this is how a naughty girl does it,” she told
“You ARE naughty!” Darcy exclaimed. “Doesn’t that hurt?”
“No, not if the guy takes it slow or if you’re experienced,”
Jenny answered.
Mr. Walker grasped the sides of her waist through the skirt
fabric as he settled into a good rhythm with his teen lover.
“Did you like the taste of his cum, Darcy?” asked Jenny.
“It wasn’t bad,” Darcy responded.
“Well, how would you like him to squirt his whole load into
your mouth this time?” Jenny inquired.
“I guess it would be okay,” Darcy said. “I’ll try not to
choke on it.”
“Just keep on swallowing,” Jenny told her. “Remember, it
comes out in spurts, so just swallow it between the spasms.”
“Okay,” said Darcy.
“Then get ready, ’cause I’m gonna have him cum in your mouth
in a few minutes, and I want to see you swallow it all.”
“He’s gonna wash it off, first, isn’t he?” asked Darcy.
“No, you’re gonna take it straight from my ass,” said Jenny.
“That’s kinda gross!” said Darcy, wrinkling her nose at the
“Well, Darcy,” said Jenny, “That’s now a naughty girl does
it. And the guys like it when an innocent girl can get naughty.”
Darcy simply nodded and watched as the front of Jenny’s
little plaid pleated skirt swayed forward and back with Mr.
Walker’s measured thrusts.
“Mmmm…” moaned Jenny, as she reached a finger underneath
her skirt and diddled her clit, using the other forearm for
leverage as he drilled her toward the head of the bed, pumping
her teen ass with authority.
“God, you’re gonna make me cum!” she groaned, biting her lip
hard as his assfuck, coupled with her wiggling fingertips, drove
little Jenny over the brink.
Jenny grunted hard and lifted her saddle shoes from the bed
as she came hard. Mr. Walker kept his fuckstroke up for a sew
more seconds, then slowed his pumping to a stop and pulled out of
Jenny’s tight teen ass.
“Good timing,” he commented. “Because I was almost ready to
blow my load, and I want to save it for Darcy’s darling mouth.”
Jenny smiled as she crawled out of the way. She pulled her
little cousin, still in her school uniform minus the blouse, over
into her spot, positioning Darcy’s smiling face directly
underneath Mr. Walker’s throbbing manhood.
“Just open wide, sweetheart,” he told her with a smile.
“I’ll squirt all my cream into that hungry mouth of yours.”
Darcy giggled and obeyed. He plunged half the length of his
dick into her warm mouth. Darcy clamped her lips around it and
sucked hard, stroking it with her tongue as Jenny had taught her.
“Fuck, sweetie, you’re gonna make me cum like that!” he
muttered. “You suck dick just like a pro!”
He fucked downward into little Darcy’s sweet mouth for a
little while, until he could take no more. The warmth of her
mouth and the friction of her darling tongue on the underside of
his cock took him over the edge of orgasm.
Mr. Walker threw his head back as he geysered down the back
of little Darcy’s throat. He kept pumping out more and more jizz
into the little girl’s mouth, but she kept swallowing between
bursts of white cream.
Finally, the flow slowed to a stop. Darcy opened her mouth
as Mr. Walker pulled his cock out most of the way. He squeezed
one more gooey strand onto her tongue and wiped it clean as she
swallowed once more.
“God, you’re good!” he told her.
Darcy smiled, proud of her accomplishment. Jenny smiled,
knowing she had a key role in turning her cousin into a wanton
teenage slut.
“I want you to fuck me again,” said Darcy, eager for more.
The young girl reached down between her thin legs, slid her blue-
and-white plaid pleated skirt up over her waist and spread the
lips of her nearly bald pussy.
When Mr. Walker gazed on little Darcy’s slick, wet gash, he
couldn’t resist himself.
“How can I turn you down, my horny young schoolgirl?” he
Darcy giggled as he spread her white cable-knit kneesocks
wide apart and crawled on top of her. His cock was soft again,
but he pressed the tip into Darcy, hoping to harden himself for
one more round of sex with the young girl.
Jenny reached between his legs and massaged his balls softly
with one hand, hoping to encourage him into another hard-on. The
warmth of Darcy’s sweet, tight pussy and Jenny’s fingers worked
its magic, slowly enticing the man into another erection.
“Aw, fuck!” he moaned, as he slowly pumped into Jenny’s
little cousin.
Darcy had her kneesock-encased legs up high, allowing him to
push deeper within her. She moaned as his swollen penis drilled
her repeatedly but slowly, feeling as if it was all the way to
her stomach.
Mr. Walker smiled down at little Darcy.
“Is this good?” he asked.
“Uh huh,” she answered. “It feels really good, and I think
you’ve got it in deeper this time, too.”
“Yes, my dear, I’m giving you all of it this time.”
Darcy smiled, showing those cute dimples and braces.
“Would this naughty schoolgirl like me to squirt my cum all
over those braces this time?” he asked.
Darcy nodded, feeling so dirty. She looked over at Jenny,
who returned her smile.
“That’s it, sweetheart, squeeze that pussy of yours around my
cock,” he groaned, even though the young schoolgirl was already
incredibly tight.
With her kneesocks raised high above the bed and the laces
from her saddle shoes dangling, Darcy received her second fuck
from Jenny’s lover. It didn’t even hurt at all this time.
Mr. Walker pumped hard for several minutes, until his balls
had worked up another load of semen.
“Are you ready for a facial?” he asked.
Darcy giggled.
“A facial, huh?” she asked.
“Yep,” answered Jenny. “That’s what they call it.”
“Yeah,” said Darcy. “Give me a facial.”
Little Darcy smiled as he pulled out and shimmied up to her
face. He pointed the tip of his cock at her mouth.
“That’s it,” he told her. “Show me those cute braces, ’cause
I’m gonna cum all over them.”
Darcy waited patiently as he worked himself to another
ejaculation. After a minute or so, she sensed he was getting
close, just by the sound of his breathing.
“Aw, fuck!” he groaned. “Here it comes!”
Darcy watched as a stream of sticky jizz shot out and
splattered across her teeth. Then another, and yet another. She
giggled as he emptied his load onto her braces, squirt after
squirt. Finally, he shook the last of it out. A last strand of
gooey cum slowly dropped onto her frothy braces.
“Oh, yeah!” he said. “You should see yourself!”
He admired the young schoolgirl beneath him, so innocent and
naughty at the same time.
“Okay,” said Jenny. “Now swallow it for him.”
Darcy obeyed, opening her mouth and letting the flood of
creamy goo dribble down her tongue. She swallowed a couple of
times, and then licked the last of his load from her braces.
“What a sweetheart,” he muttered.
“Darcy,” said Jenny, “I’d better get you home now, or else
your parents will wonder what you’ve been up to.”
“Remember,” reminded Mr. Walker, “this is our little secret,
Darcy nodded and smiled.
Mr. Walker had a hunch that the little schoolgirl would soon
be following in her older cousin’s steps. He was already looking
forward to fucking Darcy’s tight little twat again soon, and
dumping his sticky seed across those sweet braces.


The next day at school, Jenny Wilson and Angie Walker met at
“Hey, remember that photographer we did the photos for?”
asked Jenny.
“Oh, Greg?”
“Yeah! I wonder if we were a hit on the website like he said
we would be?” Jenny mused.
“Probably,” answered Angie. “Why?”
“Because he said we could probably make more money doing more
photos,” said Jenny.
“So call him and ask,” said Angie, with a smile. “I’m game.”
The two girls went to a pay phone while Jenny pulled his
number from her purse and dialed it.
“Hello, Greg? My name is Jenny, and my friend Angie and I
did some photos for you in our cheer uniforms a month ago or so.”
“Oh, yeah, Jenny, I’m glad you called,” he responded.
“Really?” she asked.
“Yeah, ’cause I’ve been getting requests for more picture
sets. You know – hardcore stuff, too.”
“So what did you have in mind?” Jenny asked, winking over at
“Well, you girls have other cheerleading uniforms, too, don’t
“Well,” he said, “I’d like to do a pictorial with each of you
in different cheer uniforms, then do one with each of you and two
or three guys, with that same cheerleader theme.”
“For how much?” asked Jenny.
“How does five hundred each sound?” Greg suggested.
Jenny let a few seconds pass, as if she was undecided, but
she had already made up her mind. She covered up the mouthpiece
and whispered the details to Angie, who emphatically nodded her
“Okay, Greg, it’s a deal,” said Jenny. “When?”
“How about Saturday morning at 9AM? It should probably take
about four hours for both of you,” Greg informed them.
“We’ll be there,” said Jenny. “See you on Saturday at 9AM.
Jenny hung up the phone and smiled at Angie. The two
schoolgirls headed for the cafeteria.


Jenny and Angie arrived at the photo studio on schedule,
carrying their uniforms and makeup in a duffle bag, since they
would have had a hard time explaining to their moms why they’d be
wearing their school uniforms on a Saturday.
Greg smiled and let them in, and they walked back to the same
studio set, where he had already positioned a school desk and
chair. The bed was off to the side, complete with stuffed
animals to add to the theme.
“Well,” said Jenny, “if you want us fucking with stuffed
animals around us, I guess you’d like our hair in pigtails with
hair ribbons, huh? You know, make us look like little girls?”
He grinned. “Exactly,” he said. “You catch on quickly.”
“When do the guys show up?” asked Angie.
“I told them to come by in two groups. The first two guys
get here at eleven, and the other three are coming at noon,” he
told her.
“Well, I guess we can change now,” Jenny offered.
“Yep, just use the dressing room”, he pointed out.
About twenty minutes later, the girls emerged, dressed in
their darling cheerleading uniforms, each one different, with
their hair in pigtails and white hair ribbons, and sweet bangs
hanging on their foreheads.
“Oh, you girls look perfect,” he told them with a smile.
He eyed them over with a lustful grin. Both of their
cheerleading skirts were incredibly short, barely covering their
teen treasure.
“White cheer panties?” he asked, teasingly.
“Of course,” said Jenny. “And we even shaved our pussies for
“Wow…” he said.
“Who’s first?” asked Angie.
“You are,” Greg told her. “We’ll do your solo pictures
first, then Jenny’s. Then you’ll fuck the first two guys after
that, and Jenny will conclude by doing the last three.”
“So I get two and Jenny gets three?” asked Angie.
“Yeah, but I’ll make it up to you,” he said. “”How about if
I fuck you when we’re all done?”
Angie laughed. “I guess that would work,” she giggled.
She felt herself getting moist as the photographer raped her
with his hungry eyes.
Angie’s uniform was darling. She was wearing a red crew-neck
sweater with a wide white band around the body and sleeves. The
red letters “SJHS” were large and filled the white band area.
Two more thin white bands ran across the sweater, one above and
one below the large band.
Angie’s cheerleading skirt was red, with eight inverted white
pleats. It hugged her shapely ass very nicely, the pleats
spreading out slightly on the back of her hips.
She was wearing red knee socks, which had three white
stripes, just like her sweater – one wide stripe with a thin
white stripe on either side. Her white tennies completed her
outfit, with the red-and-white pompons.
While Jenny sat nearby and watched, Angie sat in the school
chair and began her photo shoot for Greg. Posing with her
pompons, she started off innocently, then worked herself
progressively naughtier.
Greg gasped as Angie sat in the school chair and spread her
legs for him, her little red cheer skirt with the white pleats
pulled up against her tummy. She pulled the legband of her white
cheer panties aside, revealing her shaved slit for him.
“God, I’m gonna love munching on that later,” he said.
Angie laughed as she posed for him, gradually showing more of
her body to the camera as he clicked away. She slowly pulled the
sweater upward until it was over her tits, then unhooked the
front-fastening bra, but left the sweater on, as he had
instructed. She fondled her breasts for him, still with her legs
spread wide open. After a few more pictures, she turned her
attention to her panties and slowly thumbed them down to her
Angie looked incredibly hot with her pulled-up cheerleading
sweater and her scrunched-up skirt, with those white cheer
panties stretched out between her red kneesocks. She was also
getting incredibly horny, and she could feel her juices oozing
out of her teen pussy.
By the time her pictures were finished, Angie could see his
raging hard-on.
“Somebody looks like he could use a little relief, or he
might not make it through the morning,” Angie observed.
“I might not!” he exclaimed.
“Then maybe I should suck you off now and let you fuck me
later,” suggested Angie, as she walked over to him, her sweater
still pulled up over her tits. She grasped his manhood through
his jeans and rubbed it as she looked into his eyes and smiled.
“You will want to have sex again later, won’t you?” Angie
He just nodded.
“Good,” said Angie. “You can fuck me later and then blow
your load on Jenny’s face, because she’s gonna be eating my pussy
while you fuck me.”
Angie looked over at Jenny and winked at her.
“So, does the photographer want a quick blowjob?” Angie
Greg responded simply by unfastening his belt and dropping
his jeans.
Angie dropped to her knees and pulled his briefs down. His
stiff, swollen cock wobbled in front of her face, begging for her
soft lips to envelop it.
“We’ll just do a quickie right now, okay?” she asked,
“That would be just fine with me,” he told her. “Just don’t
get any cum on your outfit right now.”
“Don’t worry,” she said, with a wink. “I’ll swallow all of
Angie held the base of his prick with her right hand and slid
it into her hungry mouth. She sealed her lips around his warm
meat and pressed her tongue against the underside, then sucked as
she slid his cock in and out of her mouth, supplemented by
strokes of her hand on his shaft.
“Oh, God, yes…” he groaned, as he stood before the nasty
kneeling cheerleader.
Angie looked upward into his eyes as she fucked her face into
him, her pigtails swinging back and forth in rhythm.
“Hey, I’ll bet you can get him off in sixty seconds,” said
Jenny, who was being entertained by watching her friend working
the photographer.
Angie fucked him harder with her tongue, thrusting him deeply
into her mouth. She could hear his breaths getting shorter and
shorter, and she knew she would have his cream before long. She
shortened her mouthstroke on him, and instead concentrated on
working her tongue against the underside of his cockhead while
she handstroked him furiously.
Jenny was right in her prediction. Angie could feel his
cocktip bloat in her mouth, and she opened her throat for him,
expecting the load to follow.
With a loud groan, he thrust his hips forward, mashing his
pubic hair into sweet Angie’s face, as he came. Angie could feel
his hot spunk as it shot into the back of her mouth and ran down
her throat. Since his cockhead was shoved all the way in, she
really couldn’t taste him, but just let his balls squirt their
load as his semen poured down the teenaged cheerleader’s throat.
Finally, the flood of cum slowed to a trickle. Angie
squeezed the last of it out with a stroke of her hand and
swallowed it without spilling a drop, just as she said she would.
Than she popped him out of her mouth and smiled as she stood back
“All better?” she teased.
“Fuck…” was all Greg could mutter.


Jenny’s photos went quickly and smoothly, ending just after
11AM. The two men designated for Angie had just arrived, and
joined to watch the last of Jenny’s solo photos.
“Okay, folks, now we’re gonna do Angie’s double-bang. Just
take it slowly so that I can get a bunch of photos,” Greg
Angie stood up and walked over toward the bed in her cheer
uniform as the two men helped Greg put the bed in position
between the studio lights. The men introduced themselves to
Angie, one blond and one with short brunette hair.
The threesome posed for a couple of innocent photos, then
getting slowly more and more suggestive as they seemingly moved
in slow motion so the camerawork could follow.
“That’s it, nice and slow, so I can get everything,” Greg
coached. “We’re gonna her clothes mostly on, too, so we keep the
cheerleader theme intact for the length of the shoot. And don’t
forget, I want facial cumshots at the end.”
Angie loved the feeling of four hands caressing her tight
young body. The blonde man kissed her passionately as he fondled
her firm breasts through her cheer sweater, and the other man was
reaching up under her little red pleated skirt, pulling the white
pleats open, and rubbing her clit through her tight white
cheerleading panties.
The two men slowly seduced Angie into pulling up her red-and-
white sweater for them and unhooking her bra. While one of the
men sucked on her tits, the other began removing his clothes.
Standing next to the bed, the man who had just disrobed
forced little Angie onto her knees before him. She slowly
stroked his eight-inch dick with one hand as she smiled at him.
“Look at the camera now,” Greg told her, as he clicked off
more photos. “Now put it in your mouth. Don’t forget to look at
the camera periodically.”
Angie mugged for the camera with a hot and nasty look while
she sucked on his dick, kneeling in her cheerleading uniform with
her short red skirt rumpled up high on her thighs and her sweater
pulled up with her tits fully exposed underneath. The other man
was now taking off his clothes. He joined the two of them and
also put his cock near her mouth.
Angie smiled and opened her mouth wide. The two men each put
the tip of their cock in there and alternated fuckstrokes into
her mouth, each pulling back to the tip while the other pushed
deep into her warm oral cavity.
Angie giggled, since she had never heard of this or seen it
before. She’d seen a lot of her dad’s videos with young girls,
and this was a new technique for her.
After a few minutes of two dicks see-sawing into her mouth,
her jaws were getting pretty sore. She asked for a breather.
The two men laughed and agreed, helping her onto the bed and
positioning her on all fours.
One of the men crawled up behind her and pushed her little
cheer skirt up high on her ass. He pulled the legband of her
cheerleading briefs off to the side and shoved his cock slowly
into her little twat.
Meanwhile, the other man knelt in front of her. She hand-
frigged him slowly for about a minute, then put his cock into her
mouth. The fuckstroke from the man behind her pushed her mouth
deep onto the other man’s cock and back out again, so she just
went with the motion. Her brunette pigtails swung with each
After several minutes, the men switched positions and
resumed, this time with Angie’s white cheer panties pulled down
halfway on her thighs. After they banged on her for several more
minutes, the guy behind her pulled out.
“Okay, sandwich time,” he told the other guy.
“Sandwich time?” she asked.
“Yeah,” he said. “Have you ever had it up the ass before?”
“Yeah, maybe ten or twelve times,” answered Angie.
“Do you need any lubricant?” he asked.
“Not if you start off slowly,” Angie said.
One of the men lied down and instructed her to lie down face-
up on top of him. As she obeyed, pulling her skirt up and out of
the way, he fisted his prick to her asshole. Now she understood
what the “sandwich” was.
She bit her lip as the guy slowly slipped his swollen dick
into her tight ass. He took a couple of minutes getting a good
stroke going, pushing just a bit more in with each thrust. When
he had two or three inches into her asshole, the other guy
crawled on top of her.
Angie spread her red kneesocks with the white trim wide apart
for him, as he lowered himself and slid his cock into her wet
pussy. She had never been double-fucked before, and she looked
over at Jenny, who was smiling from her nearby chair.
The three lovers took turns working several other positions
and combinations over the next thirty minutes or so, each being
photographed from various angles.
“Okay, guys, time to dump your loads all over Angie’s face,”
Greg announced. “Who’s going first?”
“I will,” said the blonde, who had last been fucking Angie in
the missionary position. She had her kneesocked legs hooked over
his shoulders, and she pulled them aside. He shimmied up to face
and straddled her as Greg stood over them.
Angie looked upward as he jerked himself, waiting for the
shower of cum. She didn’t have to wait long. Soon it was
raining down all over her face. Angie had to close her eyes as
he bathed her face from hair to chin with his stickiness, but she
opened her mouth and laughed, and he drained the last of it onto
her upper teeth.
Then he jumped off, and the other guy took his place. Angie
could barely open one eye because of the cum strands from the
blonde, and soon that eye was closed, too, as the man’s ejaculate
flopped out in squirt after squirt. He had a tremendous load of
semen stored up, and it took him about fifteen seconds to deposit
the gummy load all over Angie’s sweet face. She could feel the
warm splatters of his cream as it coated her from her bangs to
her chin. Angie could hear Greg’s camera firing away repeatedly
as the man drenched her.
When he was finished, he squeezed the last onto Angie’s upper
lip and dismounted her.
“Open your eyes for the camera, Angie,” said Greg.
Angie carefully did so and smiled for him as he clicked off
more pictures of her cum-soaked face, half-clad in her sexy
cheerleading uniform, in various poses.
“Nice facial, Angie,” commented Jenny, with a smile.
Angie looked over at Jenny and laughed, with sticky strings
of cum hanging from her chin.
“Very nice job, everybody,” he commended, as he handed Angie
a towel to clean herself off with.
Angie dabbed most of the gooey jizz from her face and climbed
off the bed, as Greg put the sheets back in position for Jenny’s
upcoming fuck-fest.


As Angie cleaned up from her double-facial and slipped her
cheerleading panties back on, Jenny stood up and joined her three
men near the bed.
“Okay,” said Greg. “Same type of deal as with Angie. I want
you guys to really decorate her face, understand?”
The men smiled and nodded as Greg took position with his
“A few innocent poses first,” said Greg. “Jenny, remember to
look at the camera once in a while.”
Jenny looked so pristine, so innocent in her hot little
cheerleading uniform. She wore just a hint of makeup and had her
long blonde hair in two pigtails with red and white hair ribbons.
Her bangs draped over her forehead. She smiled sweetly, showing
off her schoolgirl dimples, thrilled by the idea that millions of
men would be jerking off to her pictures online.
Her cheerleading sweater was a tight, ribbed turtleneck
style, ending just at her waist, so that when she would lift her
arms, her flat tummy would peek out. It was all white except for
two thin red stripes running down the sides and down the sleeves.
The red letters “SLHS”, about four inches high, ran across her
chest, thrust outward by her blossoming, firm breasts.
The skirt was red, with twelve inverted white pleats. It was
even shorter than Angie’s, ending just below her crotch, and
showing off her long, thin, tanned legs. Her white cheerleading
panties were snug on her shapely teen ass.
White knee socks with red-and-white saddle shoes completed
the delightful outfit, accentuating her thin thighs.
“You want me to keep the uniform mostly on, right?” asked
“Yes, sweetheart.”
The three men posed with Jenny in front of the bed. They
were supposed to do a few innocent photos before they began to be
naughty, but one of the men couldn’t help but reach up under her
skirt from behind and cup her ass cheek with his hand through her
white cheer briefs.
“I think somebody’s getting a little anxious,” Jenny teased,
“Are you sure you’re eighteen?” asked one of the men.
“Yes, a couple of months ago,” she lied.
“Here,” she said to Greg, anxious to change the subject.
“Let me give you a good photo angle.”
Jenny turned away from the camera and bent over. With as
short as her cheerleading skirt was, it pulled up on her ass and
gave the men and the camera an outstanding view of her teenaged
cunny mound bulging between her slender legs, wrapped tightly in
those white polyester cheer briefs.
“Very nice,” commented Greg, as he clicked a couple of
Jenny felt one of the men place his fingertips on her mound,
through the panty fabric, and rub it softly.
“Oooh,” she purred, with a smile. “I think somebody wants my
Jenny stood back up and turned around again. Another man
pulled her against him by the waist and kissed her passionately.
She could feel his hard-on pressing against her belly, and other
hands reached for her breasts and her ass.
“Remember, guys,” Greg reminded. “Go slowly, so I can get
all of this.”
Jenny had removed her bra earlier, and the hands caressing
her stiff nipples through her tight sweater could obviously sense
After a couple of minutes of tongue swapping, Jenny pulled
her lips away, anxious to begin some serious cock-sucking. She
looked down to see one of the men with his head under her little
skirt, kissing her softly on the inside of her thighs at the edge
of her panty legband.
“Well mister,” she said boldly, to the man she had been
kissing. “Are you gonna take out that cock and have me suck it,
or what?”
The man just smiled and began to remove his pants, as did the
other two guys. When they were finally naked from the waist
down, Jenny took a look at their equipment. All three men
already had a hard-on, which pleased the young cheerleader.
She noted that two of the three men were at least six inches
in length, but the man directly in front of her had a prick that
was a solid ten inches long, and quite thick, also.
Jenny gasped in amazement. She had never seen a cock that
long and thick before.
“Wow,” she said. “You’re not planning on sticking that thing
up my ass, are you?”
“We’ll see,” he said. “Maybe if I take it slow after you’ve
had a chance to open up for it.”
“No promises,” she said. “I’d love to take you up my ass,
but that looks like it might hurt quite a bit.”
She quickly looked at the other two men.
“You guys, though, can fuck my ass as much as you want. Both
of you should stand on each side of me right now, though. I’ll
handstroke you guys while he fucks my mouth, and then you can
just switch positions.”
Jenny dropped to her knees, her little red cheerleading skirt
with the twelve inverted white pleats fanning out across the tops
of her thighs.
The two men quickly flanked young Jenny, and she grasped
their cocks with each hand while she opened her mouth for the
wobbling ten-incher just in front of her. She tasted the head of
his rock-hard penis as it passed between her lips, and she sealed
her mouth around it.
In the meantime, Angie watched as the photographer clicked
more photos. She smiled as Jenny yanked slowly on the two men,
while the other guy slowly fucked in and out of Jenny’s sweet
teen mouth.
Jenny could only fit four or five inches of him into her
mouth, but she sucked him like a pro as he fucked her skull. She
looked into the camera with her mouth stuffed full of his meat,
her shiny red lips sliding along the shaft of his penis as he
sawed it slowly back and forth, making sure not to gag her with
the full length and girth.
After several minutes, Jenny’s mouth was getting sore, so she
pulled her head back, releasing the man.
“Sorry,” she said, “but you’re so big, it makes my mouth
He smiled.
“It’s okay,” he said. “I’ll give these guys a turn, and then
in a few minutes, I’ll put this kielbasa in that tight little
pussy of yours.”
Jenny smiled as the men cycled clockwise. Now she had a
thinner six-incher to swallow, and she knew she could handle this
entire cock.
She looked up at him and smiled as he guided himself into her
hungry mouth. She pressed the tip of her tongue against the
bottom of his cockhead and wiggled it around to further stimulate
him, as he thrust it deeper.
Soon he was fucking her head with frenzy. Her pigtails swung
back and forth as he rode her mouth, slapping his balls against
Jenny’s chin. But then he suddenly pulled out, and Jenny could
sense that he was trying to keep from blowing his load of spunk
this early.
Jenny giggled.
“You were about to shoot off, weren’t you?” she asked him.
“Fuck, yeah,” he muttered.
“Well, we wouldn’t want you to do that yet,” she teased. “I
haven’t had your dick in my pussy yet.”
“Next!” Jenny called, and the third man stepped in front her.
Jenny opened wide as he slid his swollen member into her teenaged
mouth and began fucking the cheerleader’s face. When he had gone
for several minutes, he also pulled out prematurely.
Jenny stood up between the men, reached up under her little
skirt, and slowly thumbed her tight white cheer panties off and
slid them down her thin thighs, keeping them stretched out
between her legs, just above her knees.
“Would any of you guys want to fuck my wet pussy doggy-
style?” she asked, teasingly.
Jenny giggled as she knelt on the bed and crawled onto it,
her little white cheer briefs still across her thighs. She
motioned the second guy to take her first, and he positioned
himself behind Jenny.
She looked back at him and smiled, her cheerleader ass high
in the air as she rested on her elbows, looking so naughty in her
delightful uniform. He rumpled her little skirt up high on her
ass and pressed the head of his cock against her buttery soft
pussy lips. Then he popped the tip into her wet love tunnel and
slid it all the way in.
“Aw, yeah,” he moaned as he grabbed the sides of her waist
and fucked into her, slowly but firmly.
Jenny enjoyed her cock-ride and smiled the whole time,
remembering to look at the camera.
“Pull your sweater up over your tits so I can see them,” Greg
suggested as he continued shooting photos of them.
Jenny waited for the first guy to pull out of her, then hiked
her tight sweater up as suggested. She called the other man with
the smaller cock into position, and he took his turn, drilling
the young cheerleader into the bed with the force of his thrusts.
After he took her for a three-minute ride, he pulled out before
he could ejaculate.
Jenny looked back at the guy with the monster schlong and
patted her little ass.
“Okay, big boy,” she said. “Put that thing inside me now.”
He smiled as he fisted his enormous cock into the young girl.
Jenny grunted as his thick cock filled her tight twat, and he
slowly slid into her. Jenny bit her lip as he skewered her with
his spear, finally shoving nine inches into her before his
cockhead hit Jenny’s cervix.
“Oh my God…” Jenny groaned, as he slowly backed off, then
drilled her again.
“Not so deep, please,” she begged. “You’re hurting me.”
He backed off and only slid six or seven inches into the
teenager with each slow thrust. Jenny found this much more
pleasant. She already knew she didn’t want his prick in her ass,
but she imagined from the size of his ballsack that she was going
to get a face full of cum later.
After several minutes, he also pulled out of Jenny.
Jenny kicked her cheer panties off to the side as she rolled
over onto her back and raised her knees, spreading her legs.
Jenny motioned for the first guy to fuck her in the missionary
position, and he gladly obliged. As he lowered himself into her,
Jenny wrapped her white kneesocks and saddle shoes around his
Jenny smiled for the camera again as he fucked the little
cheerleader in her uniform, her sweater pulled up and nipples
erect. Four minutes was all he could take, before he stopped
short and withdrew.
Then the second guy was on her, pumping her cheerleader pussy
hard with his six inches of meat. He rode Jenny furiously,
slapping his balls against her ass with each thrust. He only
lasted about three minutes before he pulled out early.
Now, the huge cock was on her again, but this time, he took
it easy on poor Jenny. The man fucked her gently, and this time,
it felt much better. Now she was able to take more of him. He
pumped his massive sex piston into Jenny for a while, until he
could sense that Jenny was getting uncomfortable. He pulled his
massive rod from her wet cunt.
“Okay,” said Jenny. “Do you two guys want to fuck my ass?”
“Yeah,” one of them said. “How about both holes? You can
ride me while that guy fucks your ass, and then I’ll fuck your
tight little ass when he’s done.”
Jenny giggled.
“Where do you want me?” she asked.
One of the men crawled onto the bed and motioned her on top
of him. She pulled the front of her little cheerleading skirt up
and out of the way as she impaled herself on his swollen cock.
Then the other guy approached Jenny from behind and flipped
the back of her skirt up on her waist. As Jenny lie flat on the
guy underneath, the other man fisted his dick to her asshole and
slowly pushed it into her.
“Aw, yeah…” she moaned. “Fuck my ass, mister.”
Jenny slowly rocked forward and back, sliding both cocks in
and out of both holes. She closed her eyes briefly to enjoy the
sensation, then looked at the camera with a nasty expression for
a few photos.
“You guys like fucking teenage cheerleaders, don’t you?” she
teased, with a grin.
The man behind Jenny was drilling her ass hard, slapping his
thighs against her ass cheeks as the other man impaled her
hairless pussy, massaging her firm tits and taut nipples as he
fucked the little cheerleader.
Jenny rode the two men for about four minutes, before the guy
fucking her ass pulled out.
“What’s the matter?” she asked. “Is my ass too tight? Were
you gonna blow your load in my ass?”
Jenny smiled at him and winked. She looked down at the guy
beneath her.
“How are you doing down there?” she asked. “Would you like a
piece of my ass?”
“Absolutely,” he replied. “First, you can lie on me facing
upward, so I can fuck you from underneath. Then, I’ll fuck your
ass doggy-style.”
Jenny laughed.
“Okay, but we can’t take too long, ’cause these other guys
are waiting to cum on my face,” she reminded him.
Jenny pulled and turned around on him, lying down on top of
him as he had asked. Looking upward into a camera lens, she
pulled the front of her little skirt up on her belly and raised
her legs, spreading her sweet white kneesocks wide apart.
He guided himself to her bunghole and slowly popped the tip
into her, then started a gentle pumpstroke on her teen ass.
Jenny reached down and began diddling her clit with her
“Ooooh…” she moaned as she pleasured herself, accentuated
by the human piston drilling her tight little ass.
The two lovers ass-fucked for several minutes, with Jenny’s
pigtails swaying forward and back with each measured thrust.
“Oh, God, I’m gonna cum…” Jenny groaned.
As he gently massaged Jenny’s tits from beneath, the teenaged
cheerleader hit her climax.
“Awwwww! I’m getting’ it! Shit!” Jenny grunted, as her thin
body convulsed in ecstasy with her orgasm. She pulled her
fingertips away and basked in the afterglow, with his cock
continuing to plow away at her asshole.
After another minute or so, he decided that it was time to
finish off.
“Ready for your facial?” he asked.
“Uh huh,” Jenny answered, still enjoying the ebbing
She smiled at the two men standing nearby.
“Okay, you two,” she said. “Are you ready to give me a
facial, too?”
All three eagerly agreed. Jenny dismounted from the man
beneath her, crawled from the bed and sat on the floor with her
smiling face turned upward. With her knees raised and kneesocked
legs spread wide apart, the nasty cheerleader smiled as she
looked up at the first man, whose cock hung only a few inches
above her face. She looked so sweet and dirty at the same time,
dressed in her uniform, her tight sweater pulled over her tits
and the pleats of her tiny skirt fanned out, showing off her wet,
hairless twat.
“That’s it, mister,” she coached, as he whacked himself off.
“Cum on my face.”
It didn’t take long. In a matter of seconds, warm goop began
splattering across her upper lip and nose as he directed stream
after stream of jizz on the cheerleader’s smiling face, finally
dribbling the last of his load onto her tongue, which she eagerly
swallowed like a seasoned whore.
Jenny sucked him dry, and then the second guy took his place
between her legs.
“Okay,” said Jenny, smiling with gooey cum all over her face
and lips. “Now it’s your turn to blow your load on my face.”
He whacked away on his cock, as Jenny cupped his scrotum in
one hand and gently rubbed his balls.
“Come on, mister, squirt that spunk,” Jenny said. “I want
your cum all over my face.”
Jenny smiled at him and opened her mouth.
He didn’t last very long, and also decorated Jenny’s pretty
face with his spunk, which came out thicker and in long, sticky
strands, deposited on Jenny’s nose, lips and teeth. Four or five
squirts of semen did the job, and he squeezed the last of it into
her mouth.
With a pile of frothy white semen on Jenny’s face, the man
with the largest cock took his turn.
“Come on, big guy,” she said, as she also massaged his
ballsack. “Drown me with that big load you’ve got in here.”
Jenny watched as he frigged his massive cock over her face,
and then pointed it down in her direction.
“Oh, yeah,” Jenny said. “You like fucking young cheerleaders
and then giving them facials, don’t you?” she teased.
“Aw, here it comes!” he gasped.
Jenny opened her mouth for him. She could hear the camera
clicking away as a stream of warm cum splattered across her nose
and onto her forehead. She closed her eyes instinctively as he
began his massive creamy assault on the cheerleader’s smiling
Jenny laughed as he fired salvos onto her eyelids and cheeks,
and then redirected his aim to her lips. She felt his goo all
over her teeth, sliding down onto her tongue to the back of her
He pumped the cheerleader’s face for a full seven or eight
seconds before he shook the last of it into Jenny’s mouth and
then squeezed a final wad and wiped it on her tongue.
Jenny knew she was a mess. She laughed as she heard the
camera firing away.
“God, Jenny…” she heard Angie gasp.
“Smile for the camera, Jenny,” coaxed the photographer. “Let
me take some pictures of you.”
Jenny cautiously opened her eyes as she lowered her face
toward the camera for some nasty portraits.
Jenny sat on the floor, her cheerleading sweater pulled up
over her pointed tits. Her knees were raised and kneesock-
encased legs wide, fanning out the twelve white pleats on her
little red skirt and showing off her glistening hairless pussy.
She looked absolutely perverted as she spread for the camera
with her face coated in cum, alternating nasty facial expressions
with smiles as wads of gooey man cream hung from her chin.
Jenny was truly a cheerleader slut, and she loved every
minute of it.


The following Monday, Jenny Wilson ran into Angie in the
hallway at school before classes.
“Hey, Jenny,” whispered Angie. “How’d you like to make a lot
more money this Saturday?”
Jenny’s eyes lit up.
“Sounds good. How?” she asked.
“Well,” said Angie. “My dad suggested a sex party like he
did with you and your sister last year at the Excalibur, except
that this time it would be you and me.”
“At the Excalibur again?”
“No, this time it would be at our house. Mom’s going out of
town to visit my grandparents this weekend.”
“Really?” asked Jenny. “I could just tell my mom that I’m
going to your house.”
“Exactly,” answered Angie. “And it’ll be at least six
hundred bucks apiece for us. At least twelve guys will be there
at a hundred bucks apiece, maybe more by Saturday.”
“Same deal as before? Bring my cheer outfits?”
“Oh, I almost forgot,” added Angie. “Dad asked if you could
bring your cousin in her school outfit, too. Except don’t
mention the pay, because we don’t want to split it three ways, do
Jenny smiled.
“I’ll see what I can do,” she responded.


That Saturday, Jenny bounded down the stairs of her house
with her duffle bag filled with several cheer uniforms.
“And where are you headed?” asked her mom.
“I’m going to Angie’s to practice cheers and hang out. I
probably won’t be home until after dinner. Just call over there
if you need me for something.”
“Well, have fun,” said her mom.
“Oh, I’m sure I will,” said Jenny with a smile, as she
stepped out through the front door.
Angie was waiting in the car as Jenny stepped in.
“Okay, now to my cousin’s house to pick her up,” announced
Within ten minutes, they had picked up little Darcy, who had
packed her school uniform in her own duffle bag, and they drove
to Angie’s house.
“How many guys are supposed to be there?” asked a curious
little Darcy.
“About twelve or so,” answered Angie.
“But you guys are so experienced at the whole sex thing,”
Darcy commented. “Do you really think they would want me when
they can have you?”
Angie smiled.
“Trust me,” she said. “Your innocence makes you just as
appealing to these guys, if not more.”
They pulled into the driveway and walked up to the house.
The front door was unlocked, so the girls walked in.
Mr. Walker had placed the king-sized mattress in the middle
of the living room and had the stereo going when the girls
arrived. As the three youngsters walked in, they saw a room full
of men, including Mr. Lewis from school.
Jenny smiled at Mr. Lewis, happy to see their teacher as part
of the impending orgy. He winked back at her. She also saw a
video camera on a tripod and several other men holding their own
video cameras, ready to tape the action so Mr. Walker and the
others could jerk themselves off to it later.
“Hey, good to see you girls,” said Mr. Walker. “Go ahead and
change into one of your outfits for us. You can use Angie’s
bedroom upstairs, if you’d like.”
The girls went to Angie’s bedroom to change.
“Oh my God…” muttered Darcy. “Did you see all those guys
and those cameras?”
“Yeah,” chortled Jenny. “Are you ready to perform for these
“I guess,” gulped Darcy as she unzipped her bag and pulled
out her school uniform. As she dressed, Jenny and Angie picked
out matching cheerleading uniforms and prepared.
“How many guys are there?” asked Darcy.
“Sixteen, I think,” Angie answered. “Unless there were some
no-shows. But do you really think a guy would pass up a chance
to fuck a young girl or two, or even three?”
Jenny and Angie both laughed.
They all put their hair in two pigtails with hair ribbons.
Then the three girls left the room and headed down the stairs to
the horny, waiting men.
“All right, girls!” exclaimed Mr. Walker, as they bounced
down the stairs to the living room. “Great outfits!”
The three schoolgirls stood near the foot of the mattress.
Jenny could feel the men’s eyes rape her sweet young body, and
she felt her eager pussy moisten in anticipation. She looked
over at Darcy, who looked very nervously at the men. Some of
them had already pulled out their cock, and Darcy blushed
somewhat at the sight, although she was fascinated.
“It’s okay, Darcy,” said Mr. Walker, noting her shyness and
nervous demeanor. “You’re gonna have fun, I promise. Why don’t
you have a seat first and watch the other girls?”
A couple of the men slid over to make some room for Darcy to
squeeze between them on the sofa.
“Right here, little girl,” one of them cooed, as he patted
the sofa cushion. “C’mon, you hot little schoolgirl.”
Darcy looked absolutely angelic. Her long blonde hair hung
in two ponytails, with bangs combed down over her forehead. She
smiled sweetly, exposing the braces on her teeth. The fourteen-
year-old schoolgirl’s white long-sleeved blouse fit snugly over
her budding A-cup breasts, while her blue-and-white plaid pleated
school skirt showed a bit of her skinny thighs, as it hemmed out
about five inches above her knobby little knees.
Darcy’s white cable-knit kneesocks were pulled up just below
her kneecaps, cuffed over by an inch or so. Her blue-and white
saddle shoes capped off the wonderful ensemble.
Darcy looked over at Mr. Walker, then stepped over and sat
between the two men. They smiled, and one of them put a hand on
her right leg, caressing her knee first, then slowly sliding up
her skinny thigh, pushing the knife pleats of her pleated skirt
up higher on her leg.
“Okay, girls, why don’t you show off your uniforms for us
with a little dancing?” Mr. Walker suggested. “And guys,
anything goes today, including anal, as long as it’s okay with
the girls.”
Jenny smiled as she looked around the room at all the men.
The 5’8″ sophomore cheerleader was proud of her 32-22-28 figure.
With long blonde hair matching her younger cousin with the
ponytails and bangs, her lovely blue eyes sparkled with passion.
When she smiled, her cute dimples enhanced her cute. Jenny also
had slender, attractive legs, with slightly knobby knees that
only accented her schoolgirl beauty.
Angie was a few inches shorter, with brunette hair that
wasn’t quite as long as Jenny’s. Her 34-25-32 figure was a bit
more womanly than Jenny’s, but she was also a year older, too.
Jenny loved the attention of the scouring eyes as she began
dancing to the music, showing off her outfit and body for the
leering men.
The girls were wearing one of their new uniforms for the
year. They wore a shell top that zipped down the back. It was
black across the back, with a red/white/black trim that crossed
her shoulders and ran down both sides. The front of the shell
was white on the top, black on the bottom, with the same
red/white/black striped trim separating the color scheme in a
Across the white top of the shell were the letters “SLHS” in
a script fashion, for St. Luke’s High School. Under the shell
top, they wore a tight, thin white long-sleeved turtleneck
bodysuit top that ended with an elastic band just below the
Their cheerleading skirts were quite short, hemming out high
on her delicious young thighs. It was black, with twelve
alternating red and white box pleats. In addition, the same
red/white/black trim pattern ringed the hem of the tiny skirt.
Jenny’s was even shorter than Angie’s because of her recent
growth, only covering her crotch by a couple of inches.
Below many inches of luscious, teenage thighs, their slightly
knobby knees only enhanced their youthful appeal. Their calves
were encased in a pair of white kneesocks, pulled up smartly izmit escort to
just below the kneecaps.
The white kneesocks had a four-inch-wide black band near the
top, embroidered with the white initials “SLHS”. Two thin red
bands circled the socks, one about an inch above and one below
the black band.
White athletic shoes with black trim completed the uniform
for the sexy cheerleaders.
The girls danced sensuously for the men. Jenny enjoyed
seeing the red lights on the video cameras, knowing that the men
would be jerking themselves off for years to the sight of her.
She ground her body to the beat, caressing herself with her
hands, as the red-and-white pleats of her little skirt swished
from side to side with the movement of her tight little ass.
Jenny bent forward. The back of her skirt pulled up, showing
the crotch of her tight white cheerleading briefs. The men
hooted and hollered at the sight of her little cunny mound
bulging beneath the fabric. She slowly turned around so all the
men seated around the room got a good view. Many of them were
removing their pants in anticipation, most of them already with
raging erections.
Angie followed Jenny’s lead, bending over and wiggling her
ass for the men. She was also wearing her white cheer briefs,
and like Jenny, without her normal panties underneath.
Finally, one of the men could take no more. He stepped up to
Jenny from behind, as she was bent over, with a thick, swollen
eight-inch schlong and pulled the legband of her cheer panties
off to the side, while he fisted his cockhead to her buttery-soft
pussy lips.
“Somebody’s getting anxious, I think,” teased Jenny, as she
looked back over her shoulder at the man. “Go ahead, mister.
I’m already getting wet, so put it in easy.”
Obeying Jenny’s wish, the 45-year-old man popped his cock
into her and slowly drove the length into her tight little
“You like fucking high school cheerleaders, huh, mister?”
Jenny asked playfully.
“Fuck, yeah,” he groaned, as he grabbed both sides of her
waist and began hammering the young girl, completely dressed in
her uniform.
As Jenny was being fucked from behind, another naked man
crawled onto the mattress and called for Angie to suck his cock.
Angie dropped to her knees between his legs and obediently did as
she was asked, while another man pulled her white cheerleading
briefs down around her thighs and dipped the tip of his dick into
her pussy, as well.
In the meantime, little Darcy watched in fascination at the
unfolding orgy. The man with his hand on her leg had slid it up
farther and was now rubbing her soft cunny through her white,
flower-patterned cotton panties. The man on the other side had
disrobed and took her left hand, placing it around his cockshaft.
“Just stroke up and down on it,” he told her.
Darcy followed directions, enjoying the feeling of the man’s
warm, hard meat in her hand. At the same time, she could feel
her own pussy getting nice and wet from the other man’s rubbing.
Jenny and Darcy made eye contact and smiled at each other.
Jenny was happy that her little cousin was getting into this
somewhat comfortably and seemed to be enjoying it.
“Aw, shit!” exclaimed the man fucking Jenny from behind.
“I’m gonna cum! But I wanna do it in your mouth, sweetheart!”
Jenny spun around and sealed her lips around his penis as he
hand-frigged himself for a few seconds before squirting his salty
semen into her mouth. Jenny swallowed the gooey froth as fast as
he could pump it out, until she had sucked him dry.
As the man moved off to the side to recharge his balls,
another man crawled onto the mattress and called for Jenny to
mount him. She reached up under her skirt and thumbed her white
cheer panties down around her ankles, then kicked them aside.
Jenny squatted over him, pulling up the front of her skirt and
guided him into her wet pussy.
“Do you guys want the uniforms kept on?” Jenny asked.
“Yeah,” was the response from most of the men.
“But you can pull your top up over your tits and show them
off if you’d like,” commented Mr. Walker.
Jenny looked over at Angie, whose guys had now switched
positions. Jenny wondered if she could get this guy off before
Angie could draw her first load of cum. Jenny squeezed her pussy
muscled hard as she bounced up and down on the man, who she
guessed to be about thirty or so. Her ponytails flopped about
wildly as she rode him hard, her little skirt pleats bouncing
“You wanna cum in my little pussy, mister?” she asked.
“Yeah,” he grunted, “at the same time my buddy cums in your
ass. Hey, Joe, get over here and fuck this girl’s ass!”
Jenny laughed as another man approached her from behind.
“Double-fuck time, little girl, if you don’t mind,” said the
other man.
“No, that’s fine,” said Jenny. “You can fuck my ass if you’d
Jenny leaned forward on her knees and kissed the man
underneath her as the other guy smeared a little jelly on his
cock, then pushed the back of her skirt up and slowly pushed his
lubricated shaft into Jenny’s ass after pulling her little
panties aside.
“Okay, I’m in,” he announced.
Jenny giggled as she got DP’ed from the two guys. She set
the pace as she rode forward and back, pumping both of them at
the same time.
“Aw, yeah, guys!” Jenny gasped. “Double-fuck me!”
She looked over at her cousin. Little Darcy was working the
man to her left with her hand and kissing him at the same time.
But, apparently, the man had misjudged himself, with the
excitement of the eighth-grader. He came right there on the
couch, as his cock shot its load straight up in the air. It
splattered on little Darcy’s hand, surprising her momentarily,
but she kept up her hand jerk. She could feel the spasms as it
squirted out more jizz, which ran down his cockstalk and over her
fingers, until his creamy load had stopped its flow.
Darcy smiled, proud of herself, as she pulled her gooey hand
“Damn it, I wanted to fuck you first,” he said. “But you
should taste some of it,” the man suggested.
Darcy was a little tentative, but she lifted her hand to her
mouth and licked some of it. It was a different kind of taste
from Mr. Walker, but it wasn’t bad at all. Darcy noticed a
number of men watching her, so she licked more of it and made a
show of it this time, letting it stretch out and hang from her
tongue before she slurped it up.
“Oh, yeah!” the men exclaimed. “Very nice!”
The man patted Darcy’s skinny leg.
“I’ll fuck you a little later, okay, darling?”
Darcy nodded and smiled.
Jenny smiled at Darcy’s success, and then looked over at
Angie, who was getting hammered from behind.
“I’ll bet I can get my guys to cum first,” said Jenny.
“You’re on,” Angie replied.
The two cheerleaders in their matching uniforms intensified
their fucking for the little contest. But Jenny’s technique was
just too good for Angie to match.
The man underneath Jenny grunted as he shot his load into her
pussy. Just a few seconds later, the man up her ass shot his
load into her tight bunghole.
Angie didn’t lose by much, though. The guy she’d been
sucking off gave her a bit of a facial as she swallowed most of
his warm semen. She took her time milking the last drops out of
him, as the guy in her pussy finished up, finally shooting off
into Angie’s sweet snatch.
In the meantime, little Darcy was getting bolder. The guy
who had been sitting to her right was now standing in front of
her, while she leaned forward and put his cock in her mouth.
“That’s it, sweetie,” the man coached her. “Just like a
lollipop. You can use your hand, too.”
While Jenny watched her younger cousin give the man a
blowjob, she toweled off her pussy and ass as the cum flowed out
of her holes. As she finished cleaning up, she was rolled onto
her back by another man who she immediately recognized.
“Hi, Mr. Lewis!” said Jenny, with a big smile.
“Hey, Jenny, I haven’t fucked you in at least a month, have
I?” he asked.
“No, you haven’t, Mr. Lewis. I was beginning to think you
found another cheerleader to play around with at school,” Jenny
teased with a wink.
“Well, you’re gonna get it now, baby,” he said.
Mr. Lewis man wasted no time with her. He reached up under
Jenny’s little cheerleading skirt and grasped the waistband of
her white cheer panties, then peeled them down her thighs and
over her kneesocks and saddle shoes. Tossing them aside, he
spread Jenny’s legs and flipped the front of her little skirt up
onto her tummy.
Jenny smiled at him as he inserted himself and started a good
fuckstroke on the sophomore cheerleader.
“Wanna see my titties, Mr. Lewis?” she asked.
He nodded, and Jenny tugged her shell top up until it exposed
her B-cup breasts for him. Her nipples were rock-hard with
passion. She wrapped her darling kneesocks around her teacher as
he fucked her sweetly on the mattress.
Meanwhile, Angie was getting the same treatment from another
guy, who was college-aged. Her dad taped her from above while
the younger guy drilled her wet twat.
Jenny looked over at Darcy, who was standing on the couch,
straddling the man she’d been blowing. Darcy lowered herself
until the tip of his cock touched her pussy.
“That’s it, sweetheart,” he said, as he pulled her plaid
pleated school skirt up out of the way with one hand. He wiggled
the head of his cock into her cunt slit with the other hand.
“Okay, honey, now it’s in you,” he told her.
Little Darcy slowly skewered herself on the man’s stiff
penis. It slid in fairly easily, and after raising and lowering
her ass several times, she was finally able to work the full
length into her until she was actually sitting on him with his
dick completely inside.
Another man was filming the smiling Darcy, and her lover held
her school skirt out of the way so the video camera could film
her as she pumped her ass on him. Her pussy was tight on him,
and the friction was extreme for the poor guy.
“Ya know, baby, I’m not gonna last very long fucking you like
this,” he told Darcy.
“Why not?” she asked.
“Because your pussy is so fuckin’ tight,” he answered.
“You’re gonna make me cum in you pretty damn quick.”
“Just don’t squirt your stuff inside my pussy, mister,
because I don’t want to get pregnant,” Darcy pleaded, as she
fucked the man from above, her sweet blonde ponytails bouncing
about wildly.
“Okay,” he said. “Can I fuck your ass, then?”
“I’d rather not,” she said. “I’ve never done that, and I
think it would hurt too much. You can squirt it in my mouth,
“You’ll suck me off, then?” he asked.
“Uh huh,” she nodded.
“And swallow it, too?”
Darcy nodded again.
“Such a good girl…” he groaned.
Darcy rode him for another minute or so as Jenny and Angie
watched. Darcy smiled sweetly at the other two girls, her
dimples and braces clearly visible.
“Are you having fun, Darcy?” asked Jenny, flat on her back,
getting fucked hard.
“Uh huh,” was her response, with a big smile.
“Oh, shit!” Darcy’s lover exclaimed. “I’m gonna cum!”
Darcy pulled off of him and quickly knelt before him. He
shoved his cock in her open mouth, and she closed her lips around
it, looking up at the man. He hand-jerked himself for five or
six seconds before he groaned and shot a creamy, thick salvo of
goo into the young schoolgirl’s mouth.
Darcy could feel his cock spasm repeatedly as it squirted.
She was able to swallow the cream as it flooded her mouth,
however, tasting it as it slid down the back of her tongue on the
way down her throat. He squeezed out the last drops as Darcy
sucked him dry, and then Darcy pulled her mouth away.
“Good girl!” he shouted with satisfaction.
“How’d it taste?” asked Jenny.
“Not bad,” said Darcy. “It was thick and creamy, though, and
it felt like there was a lot of it, too.”
Jenny laughed.
“I think all of us Wilson girls were born to suck cock like
pros!” Jenny replied.
Darcy smiled as she returned to her spot on the couch.
“Hey, little schoolgirl, how about me?” asked another man
across the room. “Would you please suck my cock, too?”
“I think you’re getting popular,” observed Jenny, with a
Darcy stood and walked over to the man requesting her oral
Meanwhile, Mr. Lewis was enjoying a nice, leisurely fuck on
his cheerleader student. Jenny clamped her pussy lips hard
around his shaft, squeezing down to provide even more stimulation
for him. In a matter of a minute or so, her teacher was nearing
his climax. The cheerleader still had her kneesocks and saddle
shoes wrapped around his ass as he fucked her relentlessly in her
sweet little uniform.
“I wanna cum all over your smiling face,” he told Jenny.
“If that’s what you’d like, go for it,” she said, unwrapping
her legs and putting them flat on the mattress.
He shimmied up to her face, straddling the cheerleader.
Jenny smiled at him, just as he requested.
“Go ahead, Mr. Lewis,” she said. “You like cumming all over
my face, don’t you?”
He grunted in agreement and frigged himself furiously,
holding the tip down toward Jenny’s smiling face. Then he
groaned and shot off. A thick glob of white jizz flopped out on
Jenny’s nose, followed by another on her upper lip, yet another
on her left cheek. Mr. Lewis was painting her teenaged face with
his cum as he emptied his ballsack on her. Finally, he smeared
the last strand across Jenny’s teeth.
Jenny could see and hear cameras clicking away as she got her
facebath. Even Mr. Wilson made sure he captured the moment with
his video camera.
As Mr. Lewis patted Jenny’s thigh and moved aside, another
man took his place between Jenny’s thin legs. With Mr. Lewis’
cum still on her face, Jenny raised her kneesocked legs as the
man put himself into her sopping wet pussy.
Jenny looked over at Angie, who was on her hands and knees,
taking one guy up the ass while sucking another. Mr. Wilson was
now filming his daughter taking on the two men.
At the same time, her cousin Darcy was finishing off her
second blowjob, seated on the floor in front of the man and
pumping him feverishly with her hand while she sucked him.
Another man pulled Darcy’s legs apart and dropped his head
between her kneesocks and under her pleated school skirt. Darcy
groaned as he tenderly licked her schoolgirl pussy.
Jenny looked up at the man drilling her wet cunt. He was
smiling as he rode the cheerleader, and he licked her nipples as
they protruded from under the edge of her shell top.
“That feels good, mister,” Jenny purred. “I like that.”
Jenny lifted her knees high to the sides, allowing him
maximum penetration into her. She smiled at him, with her face
still caked with cum from the previous man.
“Okay, you little cheerleader whore,” said the man. “I’m
gonna squirt my jizz all the way up your fuckin’ pussy.”
Jenny giggled.
“Okay, big boy, you’re in charge here,” she told him.
Jenny heard her cousin groan loudly across the room and
guessed that the guy licking her pussy with his head under her
plaid pleated skirt had driven her to an orgasm. She looked over
and saw Darcy pop her head off the other guy, gargling with a
mouthful of semen that oozed out the sides of her young mouth.
Darcy was simply so overcome with the sensation that she had
stopped swallowing, and white gooey cum strands hung from the
sides of her jaw.
“Fuck!” gasped the man with the drained dick as he sank into
the couch.
Jenny looked back at Angie, who was busy swallowing her own
load of cum from the guy she’d been blowing. Not long afterward,
the other guy fired his seed into Angie’s tight ass.
“That’s it,” she coached her own guy. “Cum in my hot little
cheerleader pussy.”
His breathing grew deeper, and Jenny knew he wouldn’t take
much more.
“Squirt it, mister!” she implored. “Squirt it into my
He moaned and thrust forward as his balls released their
creamy cargo deep into Jenny’s twat. Over and over, he pumped
his fleshy piston deep into her, filling her with his goo.
The rest of the guys took their turns at the three lovely
girls, until only Mr. Walker remained. He’d been filming most of
the action, but he also had a huge raging hard-on by now.
“Hey, Mr. Walker,” said Jenny. “Who do you wanna fuck
“Fuck your daughter!” one of the men suggested.
“Yeah, fuck your girl while we watch,” said another. “I’ll
even tape it for you.”
A chant of “Angie, Angie” began from most of the men.
“Okay, okay,” Mr. Walker relented. “I’ll fuck Angie first.”
Angie smiled a bit sheepishly, but she knew how to ham it up,
“You can fuck me, daddy,” she said innocently, pretending to
be shy, as she put the tip of her finger in her mouth.
Mr. Walker smiled at her acting job. He’d help her play
along on the innocent number, and he handed the camcorder to the
man who’d offered to tape the action.
“Come here, sweetheart, and let daddy put his cock in your
mouth,” he told Angie.
Jenny smiled as she watched the two of them play-act with
each other. Mr. Walker had stripped off his clothes much
earlier, and Angie crawled across the mattress on her hands and
knees to where he stood, her eyes transfixed on the stiff,
wobbling cock in front of her.
Angie wrapped one hand around it.
“You want me to put it in my mouth, daddy?” she asked.
“Yes, darling,” he told her.
Angie opened her mouth, and he pushed the head of his dick
into her warm oral cavity. As she looked upward at him, he began
a slow fuckstroke on his daughter’s mouth.
“Aw, yeah,” he grunted. “Use your tongue on it, too.”
Angie followed her daddy’s wish, knowingly. They’d had sex
at least seventy times together, so she knew every trick that her
dad liked.
“Like this, daddy?” she asked, playfully.
“Yeah, just like that, sweetheart.”
Angie resumed her blowjob, her brunette ponytails swinging
back and forth as her dad fucked her willing mouth.
“Suck it, baby,” he moaned. “Yeah, just like that.”
Jenny looked around at the men, who were just staring at the
scene. A few of them already had erections again, waiting for
the next round of sex with the girls.
“Okay, sweetie,” said Mr. Walker. “Now, daddy’s gonna put
his cock in your pussy.”
“Put it in my pussy?” asked Angie, coyly.
“Oh, yes. Now, lie down and pull your little skirt up so
daddy can see your cute little love muffin.”
Angie leaned back on the mattress and teasingly hoisted her
little cheerleading skirt up her thighs, fanning out the pleats,
until her wet cunt was fully exposed.
Mr. Walker crawled over Angie and fisted himself to her love
hole. He pressed it into her and slowly drove the length of it
into her warm tunnel.
“Ooh, daddy, that feels so good,” Angie moaned playfully.
He sawed his daughter slowly at first, and then built up
speed. Angie lifted her legs and draped her kneesocked calves
over his shoulders, letting him penetrate as far as possible.
She could feel his ballsack as it slapped her ass repeatedly.
“Do me, daddy,” she implored. “Do it to me.”
He fucked Angie the missionary position for several more
minutes, then placed her on her side and fucked her from behind
as he lifted her cheerleading top and massaged her tits.
“Oh, yes, daddy,” she purred. “I like that.”
Angie smiled around the room at the other men, most of whom
already had hard-ons again. She especially looked at those men
who had not fucked her the first time around.
“Wouldn’t you like to do this to me, mister?” she asked one
of them.
“Would you like to put your thing in my pussy?” she teasingly
asked another.
Mr. Walker was just about ready to shoot his load.
“Okay, sweetie,” he said. “Daddy’s gonna squirt white cream
out of his cock all over your face.”
“Really?” she asked. “Does it taste like real cream?”
“Well, why don’t you open your mouth and find out,” he
“Okay,” she answered. Angie opened her mouth wide as her dad
pulled out of her cunt. She lowered her kneesock-encased legs as
he straddled her and shimmied up to her face, lowering the head
of his engorged cock toward his daughter’s smiling countenance.
“Daddy’s gonna decorate your sweet face now,” he muttered as
he frigged himself over her.
“And in my mouth, too, huh?” she corrected.
“Yeah, in your mouth, too, baby,” he replied.
Mr. Walker groaned as his balls contracted and shot a
steaming wad of spunk onto her nose and upper lip, then another
salvo across her white teeth and one down the length of her
tongue. More and more of it came, as he decorated the entire
area around Angie’s mouth, finally squeezing the last of it out
and wiping it on Angie’s tongue.
Angie swallowed his semen eagerly.
“Mmmm…” she moaned. “It’s so sweet, daddy.”
“I’m glad you like it, my dear,” he said, with a wink.
Mr. Walker climbed off of Angie, while she turned and faced
the video cameras with a face full of her dad’s cum. She reached
her tongue out and licked much of it, bringing the sticky strands
into her mouth and swallowing them for the cameras.
“Would you like us to change into other uniforms before you
guys fuck us again?” asked Jenny, looking at the other men.
The men all nodded.
“Okay, then, Angie and I will be back in about ten or fifteen
minutes,” Jenny told them.
Jenny and Angie, in their cheerleading uniforms minus their
panties, picked their cheer briefs and ran up the stairs to clean
off and change while little Darcy waited on the couch, still in
her sexy little school uniform, with a hard cock in each hand
from the guys seated next to her.


Angie and Jenny quickly cleaned up from their first round of
sex with the men and changed into a second matching set of
cheerleading uniforms.
“Your cousin is quite popular today,” Angie observed.
“Yeah,” Jenny replied. “An innocent girl in a school uniform
can really make these guys horny.”
“Tell me about it,” said Angie. “I figured that out a few
years ago, when I saw my dad’s erection as he looked at me in my
junior high uniform. Not to mention some of my teachers at
Jenny nodded knowingly.
The girls refreshed their make-up and hair, and then left the
room to rejoin the waiting men. As they came down the stairs,
the men cheered, voicing their approval of the girls in their
cheer uniforms.
“Okay, guys,” announced Mr. Walker. “Pick out a girl who
hasn’t gotten you off yet. Everybody gets a chance to be fucked
or sucked by all three of these lovely young ladies today.”
The two cheerleaders stood in front of the men, being ogled
once again. Jenny couldn’t help but notice that her cousin Darcy
had her face in a guy’s lap, with her head bouncing up and down
as she sucked him and worked him with her hand. Darcy was
kneeling on the couch next to him with her blonde ponytails in
motion, her blue plaid pleated school skirt pushed up on her ass,
while another man fingered her through her white cotton panties.
“God, Darcy, you’re such a whore!” Jenny teased.
Darcy interrupted her blowjob long enough to look over at
Jenny and smile, with a strand of the man’s pre-cum dangling from
her bottom lip. Then she returned to business, much to the
delight of the man she was pleasuring.
Jenny looked so delightful in this hot little cheerleading
uniform. She wore just a hint of facial makeup with bright red
lipstick and had her long blonde hair in two pigtails with red
and white hair ribbons. Her bangs draped over her forehead
ending just above her eyebrows. She smiled sweetly, showing off
her schoolgirl dimples, thrilled by the idea that more of these
men would be fucking her in minutes and jerking off to her on
video and pictures for years to come.
Her cheerleading sweater was a tight, ribbed turtleneck
style, ending just at her waist, so that when she would lift her
arms, her flat tummy would peek out. It was all white except for
two thin red stripes running down the sides and down the sleeves.
The red letters “SLHS”, about four inches high, ran across her
chest, thrust outward by her firm breasts. She wasn’t wearing a
bra now, and the outlines of her nipples could be clearly seen
through her sweater under the red lettering.
Her skirt was red, with twelve inverted white pleats. It was
even shorter than Angie’s, ending just below her crotch, and
showed off her long, thin, tanned legs. Jenny had switched to a
pair of red cheerleading panties, which fit like a glove on her
shapely teen ass, stretching tight across her little cunny.
Solid white knee socks with the red-and-white saddle shoes
completed the wonderful ensemble.
“How about a dance number?” asked Mr. Walker.
“Sure,” said Angie, who smiled at Jenny.
A song started from the CD player, one with a driving beat
that the girls could gyrate to. They each began their own dance
number, wiggling their sensuous teenage bodies and shaking their
ass for the cheering men, their little red skirts flipping about
wildly, flashing all of those white pleats.
As before, Jenny made sure she bent over to show the men her
panty-covered cunt. Her bright red cheer panties were so tight
that they showed the outline of her pussy lips in detail. She
shimmied and shook her ass mercilessly, massaging her tits
through her tight, body-hugging sweater.
As Jenny danced, her little cousin was finishing the guy’s
blowjob. Jenny watched his face contort as he groaned and shot
his load, but Darcy kept working her hand like a good girl.
Jenny watched her throat swallow repeatedly, drinking the man’s
seed as fast as he could pump it out. When Darcy had drained him
dry, she pulled her lips off.
“Did I do good?” Darcy asked.
The man responded by kissing the girl on the lips and
“You can suck my dick anytime,” he said.
Jenny smiled, proud of her cousin. As the song came to an
end, Jenny saw one man take Angie down to the mattress, quickly
pulling her red panties off as he did so.
Another man motioned for Jenny to come to him and suck him.
As he sat on the couch, Jenny knelt on the carpet and bent
forward, taking his swelling cock into her mouth. She felt
another man’s hands ruffle up the back of her skirt. Then she
felt the legband of her panties being pulled aside as an unseen
dick pushed its way into her moist twat.
Jenny could hear Angie’s groans as she was being drilled on
the mattress, but she was hard at work on her blowjob, mashing
her face deep into his pubic hair with each thrust of her head.
The guy was moaning, and Jenny wondered who would cum first at
this rate.
Just when Jenny thought the guy from behind was getting ready
to shoot off, he suddenly pulled out, only to insert himself into
her tight asshole, still holding her bright red cheer panties off
to the side. Jenny grunted as he pushed himself in, but he took
his time in working the length of his cock into her ass.
The guy in Jenny’s mouth couldn’t last any longer.
“Oh, God, here it comes!” he groaned.
Jenny felt him spasm as a warm stream of jizz splashed across
her tongue to the back of her throat. She didn’t miss a beat as
she kept fucking him with her head, coaxing more and more of his
fluid as she drank his sperm. Like her cousin, Jenny also sucked
the guy dry before she removed her lips and smiled at him.
“Are you having fun back there?” she teased the man fucking
her ass.
“Fuck, yeah,” came the response. “When I tell you, turn
around so I can empty myself into your hot fucking mouth, you
sweet little cheerleader.”
Jenny giggled.
“Okay,” she said.
With her head still in the other guy’s lap, she waited for
the command as she watched the other guy’s cock slowly deflate.
A few drops of cum oozed from his piss slit, so Jenny licked them
off for him, much to his enjoyment.
“Now!” the man said. “Turn around!”
Jenny quickly spun around as the man straddled her and tilted
her head back. She opened her mouth wide and soon received her
tasty treat, as another stream of spunk squirted to the back of
her throat. Jenny gagged for a second, then quickly recovered as
he poured his wad into her hungry mouth. She had closed the back
of her throat and simply collected the salvo of cum in her mouth
as he filled it with as much as he could.
“Aw, shit,” he said, looking down into Jenny’s mouth and
seeing his pool of cum in there. He shook the last drops loose
and pulled away, allowing the teenage cheerleader to swallow her
mouthful of creamy male essence.
In the meantime, Angie had started taking on a double-fuck in
her uniform, and Darcy had joined her on the mattress. One of
the oldest men, probably in his mid-fifties, had Darcy’s white
school blouse open and her plaid pleated skirt pulled up with the
girl on her back. Jenny turned around just in time to watch the
man insert himself into her cousin and start a slow fuckstroke on
the young schoolgirl.
Darcy had her white cableknit kneesocks up over the man’s
shoulders, allowing him to drive the full length into her tight
little pussy. She looked over at Jenny. The two girls smiled at
each other as the man plowed into Darcy repeatedly.
“Remember,” Darcy moaned to him. “Please don’t squirt it
inside me.”
“Fair enough,” he answered. “I’ll just ejaculate into that
mouth of yours.”
“That’s fine,” Darcy told him.
Jenny looked back to the couch as another man called her to
“Come here and sit on something long and hard,” the man said.
Jenny laughed. He was holding a semi-swollen nine-inch prick
in his hand, and as she straddled him facing away, she pulled her
red cheerleading briefs down over her thighs and lowered herself
onto him as he guided himself into her pussy. Bouncing up and
down on him, she quickly worked him into a full erection. Jenny
held up the front of her little cheerleading skirt and diddled
her clit with her fingertips as she rode the man.
“Oh, shit!” a man exclaimed as the guy fucking Angie’s ass
blew his load up her bunghole. He waited for a minute and then
pulled out, his cum dribbling out of Angie’s ass. Then Jenny
heard another grunt as the man beneath her tossed his spunk into
Angie’s twat.
Jenny continued fingering herself as she fucked hard on the
man’s lap, squeezing her cunt around his cock. Her breasts
bounced the letters across the front of her sweater, and her long
blonde ponytails danced in rhythm as she rode him.
Darcy’s older man suddenly pulled out and scooted up under
her chin.
“Open wide,” he told the young schoolgirl, who promptly
Jenny watched as Darcy took his seed into her mouth with his
orgasm. He fired multiple streams of cum at her, each one going
straight into Darcy’s waiting mouth or splattering on her braces.
When he finally shook the last hanging strand from his cock,
little Darcy swallowed his semen, just like a seasoned whore.
Then Jenny felt herself shudder as her own body reached
orgasm. The combination of her fingers and the hammering cock
within her was just too much. Her legs trembled as she came, and
she pulled her fingers away from her clit as it quickly became
overly sensitized.
“Aw, shit, I’m getting’ it!” she gasped, but kept up her
fuckstroke, putting both hands on the man’s thighs for balance.
Jenny’s wave of ecstasy rushed through her young body, and
she smiled, thoroughly enjoying another orgasm.
“How are you doing?” she asked the man.
“Keep going like that,” he said. “I’m gonna cum in your
Jenny smiled and picked up the pace slightly, determined to
bring him to his own orgasm.
“Getting’ close, baby,” he told Jenny.
“That’s it, mister,” Jenny encouraged. “Squirt your cum deep
in my pussy.”
Jenny smiled, because she knew her dirty talk would excite
him even more. She heard him groan, and her pussy lips felt his
cock spasm as he pumped his cream deep into her love tunnel.
When it finally stopped, she slowly lifted off. His cum
oozed out of her, dripping onto his legs as she dismounted him.
Jenny grabbed a towel from nearby and cleaned herself off, then
pulled her bright red cheer panties back on and looked for
another man to satisfy.
Angie, in the meantime, was giving yet another blowjob, this
time to a much older man in his fifties, and Darcy was being
kissed by another man, who was trying his best to convince her
that she should let him fuck her ass.
“Please?” he begged. “My cock isn’t that big, and I’ll go
easy with lots of lubricant for you.”
Jenny could see that Darcy was considering it, so she winked
at the poor guy and offered her suggestion.
“Try it, Darcy,” Jenny said. “Let him try it, and if you
don’t like it, he’ll stop. Right?”
“Of course,” he said.
Darcy looked at him and shook her head in agreement.
“Okay, mister, but only if you go easy on me.”
Jenny smiled at her reassuringly. Meanwhile, another guy had
his hands all over Jenny, rubbing her tits through her
cheerleading sweater.
“Why don’t you fuck my ass next to my cousin while she gets
it?” Jenny suggested to him. “She’s never been fucked in the ass
before, and it would encourage her, I think.”
The man smiled and nodded.
Darcy was bent forward in front of the couch, with her hands
placed on the back of the couch for balance.
She looked back over her shoulder and felt the man push her
plaid pleated school skirt up high on her ass, then peel her
white cotton panties down over her thighs. She watched him as he
smeared the lubricating jelly all over his cock, then felt him
apply some of it directly to her virgin asshole.
It was a cold sensation at first, and she gasped slightly.
“Ooh! It’s cold!” Darcy said.
Darcy looked over at Jenny, who had assumed a similar
position, bent forward over the couch, with her kneesocked legs
spread apart.
Jenny smiled at Darcy, then looked back over her shoulder at
her own lover.
“Okay, mister, pull my little skirt up, pull my panties down,
and fuck my ass,” Jenny commanded him, with a smile.
You know, Darcy, he can blow his wad in your ass, and you
don’t have to worry about getting pregnant,” Jenny reminded her.
Darcy nodded somewhat nervously and bit her lip as she felt
him press his thumb to her sphincter and slowly push it in. To
her surprise, it didn’t hurt. It felt really strange at first,
but she quickly accepted this new sensation she was feeling.
In the meantime, Jenny’s lover was already fucking her
cheerleader ass, plunging about six inches into her rectum with
each push.
The other man worked Darcy’s asshole with his thumb until he
was able to work the entire length into her, then he pulled it
back out. He pushed it in again, back out, and kept doing that
until he felt that little Darcy was dilated enough for his penis.
He applied more lubricant, then nestled the head of his prick
to her virgin asshole. He spread Darcy’s tight little ass cheeks
with his hands and slowly popped the head into the young
“Is it in yet?” Darcy asked him.
“Yes, sweetheart,” he said calmly.
He slowly started a fuckstroke on her ass, each time feeding
just a bit more into the girl, until she was taking a good four
“How is it?” asked Jenny, noting how much cock he was
thrusting into her cousin.
“It’s okay,” Darcy answered. “It doesn’t hurt, anyway.”
The cheerleader and schoolgirl stood there and took their
assfucks while many of the other men watched, some stroking
themselves into more erections.
“You’re an assfuck schoolgirl, now,” teased Jenny, laughing.
“Yeah, I guess I am,” giggled little Darcy, as she looked
back over her shoulder at her man, displaying her cute smile with
the braces and dimpled cheeks.
Darcy’s lover continued for several minutes, holding little
Darcy’s ass cheeks wide apart with his hands while he gently
plugged her tight hole. The friction was extreme, and he knew he
wouldn’t last long in there.
“Oh, and remember, Darcy, a guy can cum in your ass any time
he wants, and you won’t get pregnant,” Jenny reminded her.
“That’s true,” admitted Darcy, biting her lip as she received
her assfuck.
“Also, don’t let a guy fuck your ass and then put it in your
pussy, ’cause you might get an infection. Unless he washes it
Darcy smiled at her cousin and nodded.
Finally, the poor guy in Darcy’s ass couldn’t take any more,
mostly due to the extreme tightness.
“I’m gonna cum in your ass, sweetheart,” he told Darcy.
“Go ahead and shoot it, sir,” she told him.
Five or six seconds later, he grunted as he filled her anus
with his jizz. He brought his pumping to a halt, then pulled out
of her, leaving a thin trail of white cum dribbling out of
Darcy’s asshole.
Darcy called for a towel so she could wipe herself clean, and
after she had done so, she watched her older cousin, who was
still getting her ass fucked.
“Do you want me to blow my wad in your ass?” the man asked.
“Wherever you want,” Jenny answered, as he mashed her into
the sofa with each thrust.
“Then, when I tell you, turn around and get on your knees so
I can dump it into that sweet mouth of yours,” he told Jenny.
Jenny laughed and waited for her tasty treat. He continued
slamming his meat home, thrusting the entire length into Jenny’s
tight bung. After another minute or so, he was ready.
“Turn around, baby!” he yelled.
He pulled out, and Jenny quickly spun around and dropped to
her knees. He tilted Jenny’s head back, pointing her face
upward, as she opened her mouth wide and looked up at him with
innocent eyes.
Jenny didn’t have to wait long. In seconds, she saw streams
of jizz spurt from his piss-slit and felt it run down her tongue
to the back of her throat. It was much more liquid than goo, and
Jenny did feel a bit cheated since he had blown the best of his
wad into Angie’s mouth earlier. Jenny sucked him dry, though,
and stood back up looking for another cock to satisfy, pulling
her cheerleading panties back on.
Jenny saw Angie getting it from both ends on the mattress, as
well as Darcy face-down over another older man on the mattress,
her lips clamped around him and her hand furiously pumping away
on his cock.
“Hey, Jenny, how ’bout my turn?” asked Mr. Lewis.
Jenny smiled at him.
“You still like fucking me?” she asked teasingly, having had
sex with him many times at school since she was a freshman.
“You know I do, baby,” he answered, as he kissed her on the
lips. “But first, I’m gonna eat that pussy of yours.”
“Ooooh…” Jenny purred.
Mr. Lewis reached both hands under Jenny’s skirt and thumbed
her red cheer panties down to her ankles, where she deftly kicked
them aside.
He gently lowered Jenny down to the mattress, where she
nestled in next to her cousin. She raised her knees high and
spread them wide apart, fanning out the lovely white pleats of
her tiny red cheerleading skirt.
Mr. Lewis’ head disappeared under her little skirt. Jenny
felt his warm breath gently across her pubic hair and then felt
his tongue probe her soft, warm wetness. The friction of his
taste buds against her clit, combined with his warm breath, was
absolutely delightful to the teenaged cheerleader.
“Oh, Mr. Lewis…” Jenny moaned, closing her eyes. She
grasped her tits with both hands through her tight white sweater,
rolling the nipple between the thumb and forefinger, adding to
the wonderful stimulation.
“Mmmmm, yes…” Jenny whispered.
Mr. Lewis had munched on Jenny’s tasty bald snatch many times
before, and he was enjoying this encounter every bit as much. He
lapped at her hole tenderly at first, dragging his tongue across
the length of her clitoris, then swirling it in a circular motion
across the sensitive trigger. He ate the young girl for close to
five minutes, gradually building up the intensity of his licking
and sucking as he could hear her getting closer to orgasm.
“Oh, God, you’re gonna make me cum!” Jenny grunted.
Her nipples were now rock-hard under the sweater fabric as
she now watched her cousin finishing off the older man underneath
Darcy was riding his cock from above, pumping up and down on
him in her school uniform. Jenny heard him blurt out a warning,
and Darcy quickly dismounted, but before she could get her mouth
down to his cock, leaning toward the side toward Jenny, he
erupted. Spurts of warm white jizz geysered into the air toward
Jenny, landing on the side of her face and splattering across her
“Hey, Darcy, you’d better clean me up if you’re gonna let him
make a mess like this,” Jenny teased.
“Yeah,” the man said. “Lick it off of her, baby.”
Darcy smiled shyly, then dismounted the older man and crawled
to Jenny. She leaned forward over her cousin and lapped a strand
of gooey cum from Jenny’s nose, sucking it into her mouth.
“Fuck, yeah,” the men cheered, as Darcy finished cleaning his
cum by licking it from Jenny’s face.
As Darcy was finishing up Jenny, Jenny orgasmed. Her body
trembled, convulsing in ecstasy as she came. Jenny’s raised
knees trembled as she cried out in delight. Satisfied with his
performance, Mr. Lewis stuck his head out from under Jenny’s
pleats and climbed over her as Jenny positioned his prick-head
against her cunt.
“Put it in, baby,” she begged. “Fuck me, Mr. Lewis.”
Jenny pulled the pleats of her cheerleading skirt up onto her
tummy and spread her bright pink, swollen pussy lips with her
He obliged her as he moved into position over Jenny. She
looked up at him and smiled sweetly, with a strand of cum on her
cheek from the older man who had been lying next to her.
Mr. Lewis nestled the tip of his cock into Jenny’s sopping
slot and drove it into her, skewering the young cheerleader on
his fleshy monster.
“Yeah, just like that,” Jenny smiled as her teacher started a
jackhammering fuckstroke on her, slapping his balls against her
asshole with each thrust.
Jenny hooked her white kneesocks and saddle shoes around Mr.
Lewis’ back as he rode her hard. She squeezed down on his cock
with her pussy muscles to give him even more stimulation, and she
knew from experience that he’d cum pretty quickly.
“I’ll bet you’re getting close, huh?” Jenny asked, still
smiling up at him.
“Oh, yeah, Jenny,” he muttered. “But first, I want you to
get on top of me.”
He pulled out of her and the two lovers quickly switched
positions. As he held his cock pointed upward, Jenny straddled
him and held her cheerleading skirt out of the way with one hand
as she impaled herself on his meaty piston. Jenny leaned forward
on him and kissed him before rocking forward and back on his
penis, pushing it as far into her as she could.
Jenny’s pigtails swayed back and forth as she rode Mr. Lewis,
who had his hands on her ass, under the back of her little skirt.
After a few minutes of sawing her wet cunt on his cock, she knew
he was ready to blow his wad.
“Gonna cum for me?” she teased.
“Yeah, I’m gonna fill that little pussy of yours,” Mr. Lewis
Jenny gave him a dirty, whorish look.
“Squirt your cum in my cheerleader pussy,” Jenny whispered,
knowing that Mr. Lewis loved dirty talk from her.
Jenny kept up the tempo as she fucked the poor teacher,
trying to coax the semen out of him. Mr. Lewis tried to delay
his climax, but to no avail. With her pussy muscles gripping him
tightly, she felt him spasm as he shot a first load deep into
Jenny’s twat. She kept on going, milking more squirts of creamy
jizz from his balls. Finally, satisfied that she had drained
him, Jenny stopped her motion and lied on top of him, kissing him
softly, with his cock still inside her.
“I hope you enjoyed that,” she said with a wink.
Mr. Lewis just smiled and patted her ass softly.
“I enjoy any chance I get with you,” he responded.
Meanwhile, Angie had fucked and sucked off a couple of other
guys, and little Darcy was getting fucked again, this time by Mr.
Walker. He was the last guy who hadn’t gotten off twice by now.
While the other guys were resting their tired cocks for a
third young lady later on, they watched Mr. Walker, the host,
again in action. The other two cheerleaders joined them, sitting
in the laps of some of the men.
“Fuck her good, dad,” Angie encouraged, as one of the men had
his hand up under Angie’s skirt in her cheer panties.
Darcy was on all fours, the white blouse of her school blouse
unbuttoned most of the way, and her white bra pulled up over her
small tits.
Mr. Walker had her blue-and-white plaid pleated school skirt
pushed up on her waist, with his hands on the sides of her waist
for leverage, as he knelt behind the schoolgirl and fucked her
Darcy’s blonde ponytails swung forward and back with his
jackrabbit thrusts. The young schoolgirl smiled for the video
cameras filming all of the action. After a few minutes of being
plowed from behind, the two lovers assumed a side-by-side
position on the mattress, with Mr. Walker fucking Darcy from
behind while he fondled her young A-cup breasts through her open
white blouse.
Mr. Walker gently diddled Darcy’s clit with his fingertips as
he fucked the schoolgirl from behind.
“Oh, sir, that feels so good…” Darcy moaned.
Mr. Walker kept working her clit, getting more aggressive
with it as he went. Within a few minutes, he was giving Darcy
full direct stimulation.
Jenny watched Darcy as her chest began to heave, and she
smiled at her cousin.
“Oh my God!” screamed Darcy. “Jenny, what’s happening to
“You’re about to have an orgasm, Darcy,” Jenny explained.
“Probably your first hard one.”
Mr. Walker held Darcy’s upper kneesock-wrapped leg high in
the air with his elbow while he fingered her, and he smiled for
the cameras.
“Here it comes, my dear,” he whispered to Darcy.
The young girl bit her lip hard with the intensity as her
body began to tremble.
“Oh, God! Yes! Yes!” she screamed, as her young body
convulsed with the hard orgasm.
Mr. Walker quickly slowed his stimulation to a stop, but kept
fucking her from behind.
“Okay, baby, where do you want me to cum?” he asked.
Darcy smiled weakly, her body drained in the afterglow.
“Sir, after that, you can do it wherever you want,” she
sighed, smiling. “Except in my pussy, of course,” she quickly
“I’m gonna decorate those cute braces of yours,” Mr. Walker
told her. “Just smile big, but keep your teeth closed for me,
Darcy nodded, and Mr. Walker pulled out. He crawled up to
her face, straddling the girl’s chest, as he jerked himself.
Darcy smiled with closed teeth as she watched. In the meantime,
the men with video and still cameras zoomed in for a good view.
“Aw, yeah, take that!” Mr. Walker groaned, as he flopped a
large wad of white goo onto Darcy’s braces, then another and
He stroked himself dry, until Darcy had a white pool of
frothy semen between her lips.
“That’s it, baby,” he said. “Just keep it there right now,
so the guys can get pictures.
Darcy giggled with her braces covered in jizz as the flash
bulbs went off.
“Okay, baby, now swallow it and lick it off your braces,” Mr.
Walker instructed.
Darcy obeyed as the video cameras followed. Jenny smiled,
surprised at how quickly she had helped turn her innocent cousin
into a seasoned whore.
As Darcy licked the mess from her braces, Jenny and Angie
applauded her performance. The young girl smiled at them,
enjoying her newfound popularity.
“Nice job, girls,” commented Mr. Walker. “We can take a
break and order pizza before we go at it again. Besides, I think
our cocks could use a rest.”
The three girls laughed as the men agreed in unison.
“Do you want us in another uniform for the next round?” asked
The men nodded.
“Then we’ll go change for you while you order,” Jenny said.
“Besides, we may even want to do the delivery guy when he gets
As Mr. Walker dialed the number, Jenny and Angie returned up
the stairway to freshen up and change into yet another uniform.
“You know, Angie,” mused Jenny. “There’s nothing more
popular to a guy’s cock than a cheerleader, huh?”
“Yes, there is,” noted Angie, with a sly grin. “Two
Jenny chuckled and kissed her friend softly on the lips. She
had a friendship that she knew was going to be special throughout
her teenage years.

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