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It was hard to believe, but here I was, in the bar of a hotel talking with a woman I had met online, about to have a threesome with her and her husband.

It had started out simply enough. I was bored one night and was playing some gin online, when someone named fun4u38 invited me to a table. Like I said I was bored so I accepted the invitation. I was happy to see that fun was female, and in the profile was a nice picture of a good-looking blond woman having fun at a party. We played several games and talked about things from family to sex. I found out she was 40yrs old, eight years older than me, she had two daughters in their early 20s, and a son that was only six.

She and her current husband had been married for about three years and they lived about 4 hours away. Sexually she had done everything a man and a woman could do it seemed. We ended up playing cards and chatting for several hours and at the end she asked if she could add me to her friend’s list, of course I said yes and did the same with her.

Over the next couple of months we chatted and played almost every day, and we got to know each other quiet well. Our talks got dirtier as we got more and more comfortable with each other. We talked about what we had done in the past and the things we wanted to try but never had the nerve to ask our lover. Hers was a threesome and to be double penetrated. She told me that her and her husband, John, had done it with him in her ass and a vibrator in her pussy, and she had one of her strongest orgasms that way and she wanted to know what it would be like with two real cocks. Well being the smartass that I am, I told her that I would be the other guy. She laughed at that and quickly went on to other things.

Up until that point we had talked occasionally about meeting in person, but after that she got very insistent. She told me we could meet at a neutral place and that her husband, whom I had talked with several times, would be there too. I finally agreed and we decided to meet at a place near the middle of our cities and she chose the place. I was surprised when I arrived to see the bar she chose for our first meeting was connected to a hotel.

I had been sitting alone waiting for about 10 minutes when she came walking up to me in a very short skirt and a top that had a neck line that would an injustice to only call plunging. I was transfixed, just staring at the jiggle of her breasts as she walked toward me. I couldn’t help but get hard watching her. I stood up to greet her and she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me in for a kiss. Her lips were soft and when I felt her breasts pressed against me I got fully erect. As I poked her, her mouth opened and her tongue darted out and forced its way into my mouth. It had been a while since I was with a woman, so I got lost in the moment. When reality snapped back in I pulled back and apologized to her.

“What the hell for?” she asked.

“Well you are married, and I don’t want John to get pissed at me or you for doing that.”

“He won’t see us, he is in the suite we reserved for the night. Besides why do you think John and I decided we all should finally meet?” Mia exclaimed.


“Do küçükyalı escort you remember what I wanted to do but was afraid to tell John?”

“Yes, a threesome.”

“I know you were just joking about being the other man, but in the two days after that I couldn’t keep my hands off my pussy just thinking about it.”

“I was so crazy with lust that I finally told John what I wanted to do and when he asked if I knew who I wanted the other man to be.” She flushed slightly as she spoke “Right away I said you Stan.”

I was so flabbergasted that I slumped down in my seat and quickly tossed back my drink.

“Are you Ok Hun?” she asked.

“I’ll admit that I’m shocked, yet incredibly honoured.”

“So does that mean you will do it?”

“Yes.” I surprised myself answering so quickly/

“Oh God. You don’t know how wet my pussy is right now. John said we could start out by ourselves, just to make you feel more at ease.”

She took my hand and led me to the elevators. There was a bit of a crowd there though small still for everyone to get on. We stood at the back of the group still holding hands, fingers intertwined. When the elevator arrived, Mia waved them on telling them; we would get the next one.

As soon as the doors opened Mia shoved me in and closed them before anyone else could enter.

Once we stared up, she grabbed my hand and shoved it up under her short skirt. I felt panties that were once silky smooth were now soaked with her slick juices. I found her hard little nub and started to work two fingers over it. Mia’s knees buckled slightly when I hit her clit, all though she snapped back quickly enough to unzip my pants and fish out my now raging hard cock. She dropped to her knees and engulfing me into her mouth Mia swallowed until she was deep throating me. She stood up panting and bent over with her ass to me she told me she wanted to fuck here and now.

“Oh shit, I need to feel your cock in my pussy now!”

I pull up her skirt to see a beautiful thong-clad ass. With her thong pulled to one side and her bent over, I could see her pouty lips open, as if calling to my cock. I step up to her and rub the head of my cock along her moist slit.

“DAMN IT! FUCK ME AND DO IT HARD!” She screamed at me.

I slammed hard into her. I could feel her move her muscles, milking me. We were just really getting into it when we heard the ding, signaling our floor. In what seemed like one fluid motion, Mia stood up, fixed her skirt, tucked me back in, zipped me up and lovingly licked her fingers clean.

In a daze I followed Mia out of the elevator and into the suite. It was a two-room suite and I could see the bedroom at the back lit up with candles. On the couch watching TV was John. He stood up, walked over and shook my hand.

“I see Mia told you why we are here.” He said, looking down at the bulge in my pants.

“I’m going to finish watching my show, but you two can get started if you want to.” With that Mia took my hand and led me into the bedroom. Leaving me standing at the edge of the bed, she went back to the door and closing it she kurtköy escort then flicked a light switch plunging the room into darkness relieved only by the many burning candles placed about the room. Stan turned to face Mia, as she slowly walked back to him. Sensually she unbuttoned her blouse, revealing a bra that matched the thong he had seen earlier he could see her nipples straining against the silky material

Reaching back Mia unhooked her bra, and slipped the straps off her shoulders holding her free arm against her breasts. When both straps were off she cupped her breasts with her hands and teasingly she pulled down the opened bra freeing her beautiful, natural breasts. I was so transfixed by her hard little nipples, that I didn’t even notice Mia had closed the space between us. She put her arms around me and pulled me in for a deep kiss. I could feel her nipples through my shirt. Her hand between us, she rubbed urgently at my cock.

Pulling my shirt off she exposed my chest, my nipples were equal to hers in their hardness which remembering that I had told her how much I loved it, began to play with them. Mia broke off our off, bent her head down and took one of my nipples in her mouth sucking it in. A chill went up my spine and then ran back down straight to my groin.

With my cock straining against my pants, Mia turned me around so she could sit on the bed and undo my pants in a teasing manner. She just let my cock bounce freely and she kissed my thighs and she caressed my balls. I could feel her hot breath on my cock and it was oozing pre-cum. Sticking out her pink tongue she licked up the early ooze and slid the head of my cock into her mouth.

I could feel her working my cock with her tongue, bathing it in her saliva. Mia took her mouth off to admire her work and before I could protest she dove back on it and took me deep into her throat. When I felt her tongue snake out and lick my balls as the head of my cock was deep in her throat I thought I would go out of mind with pleasure.

She my cock and lay down on the big bed with her legs spread wide and asked me to eat her out. I looked down at a nearly shaven pussy that was open and dripping with lust. I reached down and rubbed two fingers between her lips. When I brushed her clit it caused my love slut to jump involuntarily. Mia’s eyes were closed as I inserted my fingers into her pussy and she went wide-eyed as I hit her G-spot. I was then that she started to rock her hips fucking my fingers. I bent over and sucked her clit into my mouth. Her taste was great and I couldn’t wait to taste her cum. I flattened my tongue and really worked her spot, wanting her to cum hard. Mia’s hands found my head and grabbing my hair she pushed my face into her pussy and started to scream as her pussy squeezed my fingers in a violent cum.

In gasping breaths she said, ” Please…… let me ……suck your fingers…….off.”

I crawl up her body and presented my fingers to her. As she started to suck my fingers tasting her own juices, I pushed my cock into the opening of her pussy. Moaning on my fingers, Mia started to rock her hips to my thrusts. maltepe escort She continued to suck my fingers, I started to lick and nibble her breasts. I wanted them nice and wet because I had plans for later.

We continued fucking for a few minutes until I felt my cock was wet enough. I pulled out of Mia and started to move up her body. She looked up at me and knew what I was doing. Placing my cock between her breast she pressed them together and I started to fuck her breasts. I was pinching and rolling her nipples in my fingers and every time my cock head popped out of her breasts she licked or sucked it.

“Oh god Stan I need to be fucked again, please.”

“Ok, but I want to fuck you from behind.”

She quickly scrambled to her hands and knees facing the bedroom door, and I got behind her. Looking down at her nice ass I ran my hand over it, just feeling it. By now Mia was pushing back looking for my cock, so I gave it to her, enjoying the different view from the new position. John entered the room grinning and unzipping his trousers.

Walking over to the bed he stripped but before taking his pants off her took something out of his pocket and kept it in his hand. By the time he was at the bed he was naked and very hard, his empty hand stroking his cock. Mia looked up and opened her mouth taking him in. The three of us had a nice fuck rhythm going when he tossed me what he had in his hand.

“You know what to do with that.” was all he said.

Looking down I found it was lube. Boy did I know what to do. I put some on my thumb and as I continued to fuck her I teased her ass working my thumb around and then into her tight passage. I could tell Mia was in heaven having her three holes filled. I could hear her muffled moans as I continued to fuck her. I pulled my cock and thumb out at the same time and heard her whimper.

Next was a scream of pain/ecstasy as I slid my cock into her ass and it wasn’t long before she was controlling the pace of the fucking. She was so into my anal assault she wasn’t paying much attention to John, and he did notice.

John told her to sit up and I wrapped my arm around her waist so I wouldn’t leave her tight ass. He went under her and lined his cock up with her pussy and I let her down and could feel her ass get tighter as John entered her pussy. I stayed still as Mia got use to feeling so full, and then she started to move. She was like an amazon slamming her ass up and down wanting to be filled. John was sucking on her nipples driving her nuts, and I grabbed some of her hair and pulled it back knowing she loved it.

She was making animal noises as the two cocks slammed in and out of her. I could feel her milking my cock with her ass and I knew she was doing the same thing with John’s cock.

“OH FUCKING GOD! Please hold out I’m going to cum.” she screamed.

With that her ass clamped down on me and I smacked her ass as she started to cum hard. I could hear her juices squirting out of her as John continued to fuck her. That was enough to send me over the edge. I grabbed Mia’s hips and slammed hard into her, cumming deep into her bowels.

I kept fucking her as I was shooting into her. I was finally spent, and pulled out and I watched as some of my cum leak from her ass and down to her pussy, which was being filled by John’s cum.

I got off the bed and saw them just holding each other. Picking up my cloths I left the room and closed the door behind me to allow them the moment and their love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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