Three Become One

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I had been here for a month. It was a nice little town. Not a whole lot that went on. There was an ad in a paper by this couple who wanted a roommate. I moved in with them. The first couple of days were great. Then, he went to work.

I was very attracted to her. She was 5 feet, around 140 lbs, curly short brown hair, beautiful brown eyes. She had a way of looking at me and knowing exactly what I was thinking. I tried to not show her how attracted I was to her, given the fact that she was married. Even through they had their own bedrooms, legally they were still married.

Every now and then when her husband was at work, we had our little “romps”. I was falling for her. Hook, line and sinker I was all hers and she knew it. She also made it quite apparent that she was all mine too.

After a couple of weeks, we all became close. He was attractive too. 5’6, short blond hair, muscular, glasses. A nerd by all means. And the sexual tension was pretty thick in the house. I had confessed my love for his wife and now was sleeping in the same bed that they had slept in for quite some time.

One weekend came around and we all decided to say fuck it. We went and grabbed some food and movies and watched one of them. All three of us on the bed, the wife, the husband, and the girlfriend. The wife was in the middle. When the movie was done and we all had commented, I kissed her. He watched, just rubbing his cock through his pants. I got up and undressed and they both did the same. The blankets pulled back, izmir escort bayan I moved to the edge of the bed.

Sitting at the end of the bed, slowly working on my clit, I watched them. His fingers inside of her, she’s moving her hips to the rhythm he was producing.

I grabbed my dildo and began to thrust it in me. Moaning softly, I watched him pick up the pace. She moaned louder as I licked my lips. Trying to remain calm at the edge of the bed but all I wanted to do was to eat her out.

They rotated on the bed so they could watch me masturbate while he fingered her. She grabbed a little blue bullet and began to work on her clit. His eyes roamed my body as he rubbed his cock against her leg. I could see her beautiful package. I watched his fingers in her hole and how her hole twitched as they moved about. I propped myself up on the balls of my feet, my left hand holding the edge of the bed, and used my right to thrust the dildo deeper and deeper in me.

I soon realized what control I had on the two of them. So, I began to tease myself knowing that I would tease them in the end. I pulled the dildo all the way out of my hole slowly. I rubbed the tip of it on my clit and made a trail down to my hole again. I pushed it in me again. My eyes locked with hers. She watched while my tongue licking my lips as she let out a sign. I pushed it all the way in me; all they could see was the bottom of it.

He pushed his fingers inside of her deeper. While doing this, he commented on how sexy escort izmir and how beautiful I was to him. He looked up at her and all she could do was smile and nod. He pulled his fingers all the way out and pushed them in again. Doing this again and again, I watch her move her free hand to his cock, stroking it. He let out a small moan and I let out a louder one. She began to stroke it faster and faster, keeping up with the pace set by his fingers in her and me fucking myself.

On the balls of my feet still, I threw my head back and thrusted my hips over the dildo. Moaning louder and louder, I fucked myself hard. I heard her moan and knew she was about to cum. I put myself into the sitting position and watched as he moved her so he could fuck her. She laid across the bed, her eyes fixed on my package. I watched him place his cock inside of her.

I had put the dildo aside and spread my legs as far as I could. Using my left hand, I spread the lips of my pussy so she could see all of me. I was about three feet away from her face. I took my right hand and began to massage my clit. He thrusted faster inside of her. I watched her place the bullet on his cock as he did so. Working my clit faster, I inched closer to her. In a swift move, I was on my knees. I grabbed the dildo and slide it inside of me.

I bent down to kiss her. Soft and sweet soon turned into hunger. Our tongues acting like one. Her hand was on my thigh moving up to the dildo. I let go of it and placed two fingers on her nipples. I kissed izmir escort them and began to play with them. She pushed the dildo in and out of me. Softly I bit her nipple. She arched her back as I took my mouth off of them and moved lower.

He was thrusting faster as my mouth found her clit. The bullet was put aside and she was fucking me as he was to her. I gently licked her clit. I picked up the pace. Every time my tongue was down from her clit, it went to his cock. She fucked me harder every time I did this.

He was on his side, sliding his cock in and out of her. She was on her back with her right hand on the dildo fucking me. I was on her right side, ass up in the air, as she fucked me. My face was in her pussy, licking her and him. Every thrust, I sucked on her clit. Every time he pulled out, I licked his cock. As he started to move faster I licked faster. She was fucking me just like he was to her and I was giving both of them pleasure that they hadn’t had before.

With one final thrust, he came. He pushed deeper inside of her as I flopped on the bed and watched, waiting for her to moan. The vibe had replaced my tongue, and I pulled away from her and the dildo. I just wanted to watch. I heard the vibe pick up pace as I was kissing her lips and as he was softly stroking my legs. She arched her back, grabbed my hair, and moaned on long, continuous moan. Everything stopped. The earth wasn’t turning, the clocks weren’t ticking, and these three souls weren’t breathing.

After that night, we did it again off and on. Nothing as special or meaningful as that night. That night was like he was saying, “I am okay with you being with my wife.” Or maybe I was just looking into things. Eh, whatever it was, it was amazing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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