Three Can Keep a Secret if Two are…Busy

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The car sparked to life and we drove out front, just like a normal, not-hiding-anything-kind-of person would have done. I saw Tasha wave and smile and then we bounced onto the road. A full, excruciating minute passed before Tasha announced.

“Ok, it’s safe to get up”

I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding and then Rachel announced herself

“Me, too?” she said a bit loudly.

Tasha yelled and the car lurched as she jerked the wheel.

“I..I brought Rachel” I said, and then added “Just in case”

“Just in case I needed a heart attack!” Tasha spat at me and then exhaled as she swallowed her heart back into place.

“I didn’t want to go!” Rachel said in her snooty voice that pissed off everyone who heard it. “Ron said I had to come because he didn’t know what to expect”

That explanation was fine. It was good. There was no need to say another word. But, my darling ex-wife, as traffic-stopping beautiful as she is, never knows when to shut up.

“Some fucking plan that was.”

I breathed out in anger, took in a deep breath in preparation for the torrent of angry words, obscenities, and insults my temper was about to release, when Tasha touched my arm, looked at me and shook her head.

“I have a better idea.” She said and winked and smirked in a most evil way.

I relaxed a bit as the glint in Tasha’s eye sapped some of my anger and got me wondering what she had dancing around that pretty carrot-topped head of hers.

“Where’s Kim?” Tasha asked with a slight hint of worry.

“Kim had to go to bathroom and Superman here couldn’t wait for her.” answered Rachel, completely oblivious to how she was pissing me off. I saw Tasha’s face redden just a bit, making her freckles stand out.

‘Rachel, Rachel, Rachel’ I thought ‘You just never know when to stop.”

“Geeze, Rachel” This I said out loud “You’re setting new standards for the Menstrual Bitch”

I think Rachel was about to answer, but Tasha beat her to it.

“You got your period?” came Tasha’s contribution. I was wondering why she cared.

Tasha continued.

“What’s your position on sex during your period?”

As her sex-starved ex-husband, the answer to that one burst out of me before any conscious thought could even censor, much less stop it.

“Rachel is perfectly willing to have sex when she is on the rag, if you put a gun to her head.”

I was married to Rachel for five years. To see us you would never imagine that. I’m decent looking, above average if I’m honest. But, Rachel, my semi-frigid ex-wife is smoking hot. When were married it was often worth the constant fight for any sexual favor from her, just to see the look on other guys faces, as she would saunter past them and peck me on the cheek.

Rachel is 5’ 5’ with a perfect hour glass figure. Her C-cup breasts are rounded and pouty. She had the legs of a dancer, which formed themselves into the sweetest ass you have ever seen. It’s pooches out just so, and the globes form that perfect little peach men dream about. I have literally seen a guy walk into a pole staring at her walk.

I tired to get her to let me tap that ass for all five years we were married. I never came close. But, over the last week, with her needing me to help her disappear and thus escape retribution from the Russian mob (more on that in a minute), she was in my debt. And I was collecting some of that debt via her shapely ass. If I wasn’t so keyed up from the last half hour, I would likely be getting hard anticipating another round of that.

Tasha chuckled at me and then went on.

“So, what did you do to keep Ron ‘happy’ during that week?”

“I told him to take matters into his own hands.” Rachel said obviously pleased with her pun.

“Oh, that’s just mean.” Said Tasha with a bit of a righteous edge to her. “And now that Ron has become a felon to keep you out of jail, don’t you feel bad about that?”

Tasha was talking to the original Ice Princess. She definitely did not feel bad about it. But, on the other hand, Rachel couldn’t come out and say that either. How ungrateful would she look?

“Maybe a little, but I’ve been making up for it, haven’t I Ron?” Rachel asked trying to enlist my aid, and turning the table. So she thought.

“That’s great, Rachel.” Tasha quickly jumped in before I could answer “I’m really glad to hear that you have been so giving lately. I was looking for a way to ask you something”

“What?” Rachel asked with equal measures of suspicion and curiosity.

“I think I should ask Kim about it first?” Tasha answered

“Why?” Rachel asked sharply, very much not pleased with that answer.

We were just a couple of minutes from arriving back at my place and I was dying to know what Tasha wanted to ask my darling ex-wife. With that thought I reflected on the past week (See the previous Two Can Keep a Secret chapters). It had been the most adventurous time of my life.

I mentioned Rachel hated sex back when we were married. It drove me nuts and caused more than a few fights. Last week I hooked up with her sister, Kim, after Kim’s 21st birthday party. Great night. The next morning, when I left the girls alone, a Russian mobster paid them a visit. I found both ladies naked and tied to a chair. I apparently scared him off. Rachel explained that she had been dating a Russian and the he had absconded with mobster money and left them with the impression that Rachel had the cash. She didn’t, but they would kill her and likely Kim to find that out.

They came up with the idea of pretending to kill Rachel in a car accident and substitute another body for Rachel’s. I work in the morgue, so they enlisted me in the plan. To thank me for the crimes I have and would commit, both women have been fucking me until my cock is raw and red. There are worse ways to go. Rachel has been reluctant, but has denied me nothing. Kim has been very willing, even going as far as to give me permission to fuck her best friend, the beautiful red-head driving our car.

Tasha is very pretty, with shoulder length red hair. She’s a little on the short side, at about 5’2” and just a touch heavy. She is definitely not approaching fat and most of that extra ended up in her ass and boobs. I had always pegged Tasha at having C-cups or maybe Ds. She always seemed to wear tops that hid them. I hated that. Recent events have caused me to revise my assessment upward. Rachel and Kim have been friends for as long as I have known Rachel. I watched both girls mature from gangly teens to stunning women.

Anyway at first I was reluctant to take Kim up on her offer because I think I’m in love with her, and it seemed wrong. But, Tasha convinced me otherwise this morning, after she helped me perpetrate fraud at the crematorium. I was very grateful for her help. She didn’t have to work very hard to change my mind.

Now, Tasha had just helped us, by stealing her mother’s keys, to break into Rachel’s dentist office, so we could take dental x-rays of a corpse that we would burn up in the car accident, that we were planning, oh Christ, tomorrow. Tasha is studying to be a Dental Hygienist, so she was indispensable in this part of the plan. We were nearly caught, but Tasha came to the rescue again, and seduced Dr. Rosencranz, who came to check on the silent alarm we tripped. Now we are on our way back to my place, where Rachel and Kim are staying until this is all over.

Tasha’s response to Rachel’s question snapped me back to the present.

“Because I just want to make sure Kim is cool with it?” Tasha said evasively.

“With what?” Rachel said insistently, with a hint of panic.

To be fair, Kim has used every excuse she could to have me fuck her older sister in a variety of ways. Kim is most understanding in that way, much to my delight and surprise. Rachel still does not like sex, but we have discovered that she seems OK having sex with another woman. She responded very well, when, my bisexual lover, gave her a first rate pussy licking. And, though reluctant at first, Rachel got into giving back to her sister as well.

Kim, my girlfriend of all of a week, is most unlike her sister. She loves sex. And, as I found out, is bi-sexual. That came as quite a shock. But, I got over it quickly. Kim has a way of making you forget things. She is a little shorter than her sister, not as pretty, but that’s like saying Miss April is not as cute as Miss June. Your dick would shrivel up and blow away if you had to screw the difference. After that, they look a lot a like. Kim’s breasts are a touch smaller, but probably more firm. It is certainly fun to compare them. Kim’s legs are more shapely and are especially fine when they are wrapped around your waist.

Tasha did not answer Rachel’s question, instead she flicked on the blinker signaling her intent to turn onto my street.

“Tasha! What the fuck?” asked Rachel, with real panic starting to creep in.

Based on the way this week had gone, Rachel would have had to be crazy to think that something sexual was not on Tasha’s mind. I am sure that Rachel’s mind was now cycling though every possible thing she hated and was praying that Tasha could not read her mind. I was hoping Tasha could read mine. I was starting to recover from our adventure and thinking of these beautiful bodies was starting to wake Bruno.

We pulled into my driveway with Rachel still trying to get an answer out of Tasha.

“Tasha! What do you need to ask Kim?!”

Tasha was silent, but I could see her smirking from my position beside her. I was all too happy to let Rachel run her imagination through the gauntlet and work her self into a tizzy. After my time with her, it was down right amusing to see her pissed at someone else.

We got out and all started into the house. We were all silent. Tasha went in first and I heard Kim before I saw her.

“Thank God! Tasha, are you all right!” Kim said in obvious relief.

I started to feel a little guilty. I had not commented on her using her succulent body to distract Sr. Rosencranz to get away. Tasha had been a virgin this morning. She had had sex with me, and then six hours later had sex with a man old enough to be her dad. That could really mess with a person’s mind and I had not even thanked her.

“I’m fine, Kim.” Tasha said and then giggled “There was something endearing about how clumsy and grateful he was. He kept thanking me”

“She really is a slut” I heard Rachel say under her breath.

“You fucking bitch!’ I said through gritted teeth and plenty loud enough for everyone to hear.

“What?” asked Kim

“Yeah.” echoed Tasha “What this time?”

Rachel was silent, but glaring at me. I was in no mood to find a diplomatic solution, but I was also not going answer for her.

“Go ahead, Rachel. Repeat what you just said.” I challenged.

Rachel continued to glare at me, like this was my fault.

“What did you say?” said Tasha in a suspicious tone.

Rachel’s glare refocused to Tasha, held for a fast second, and then softened.

“Look, I was just suggesting that I was surprised you could enjoy sex with Dr. Rosencranz.” Rachel said exasperatedly.

“Those were not the words you used.” I said with my anger apparent. Rachel glared at me again.

“What did you say?” said Tasha, getting a bit of temper up herself.

Rachel was silent and her gaze fell to the floor. Kim sensing that this could get out of hand, walked over to her big sister and whispered a few sentences in her ear. Rachel glared at her with a look that could peel paint, and then nodded.

“Rachel is really sorry for what she said and meant no harm. She is just tired and caught up in the emotion of things.”

Kim said that in a lawyerly tone, that put me on edge. What the fuck is she doing? I wondered.

“She called me a ‘slut’ didn’t she?!” Tasha shouted “She has bad mouthed me ever since we were in school, Kim. How the hell can you take her side?”

“I told you, Tasha. We are all tired and worked up.”

Kim said trying to ratchet down Tasha’s anger. But, Rachel had struck a nerve this time.

“Fuck you, Rachel! I’m risking jail to help you out. I’m jeopardizing my Mom’s job! I fucking slept with your dentist! All to help you out! And you call me a “slut”! You’re a fucking ungrateful bitch! I don’t know if I should call the cops or just kick your ass!”

I saw Kim and Rachel’s eyes both grow wide at the word ‘cops’. My stomach did a flip, and I wondered if she was serious. It was likely just emotion, but a lot of bad things have come when emotion clouds rational thought. I figured I had better try to calm things down.

“Tasha, you are exactly right. My ex-wife is bitch on steroids. She will be nominated for Cunt of the Year and will win in a landslide. She is more bitch than a pack of female greyhounds, and she polishes a broom each night, to boot. She had a big mouth and the part of the brain that governs what comes out of it, was surgically removed the day before we got married. She’s all of that and more, right Rachel?’

Rachel was no longer looking at her shoes or glaring. She looked a bit put out. I was being more colorful in my description of her, than our usual fights. Usually I just called her a ‘bitch’ and left it at that. Maybe that was it. Maybe she was wondering why I was defending her, even in this left handed kocaeli escort way, but she at least found her voice and civilized tone.

“Y..yes. I’m a bitch. I’m really sorry. Really, I am. You have been a big help and I would be so fucked if you had not stepped in to help. I don’t know what to say to make it up to you.”

Tasha got that evil glint in her eye for just a second. Then she spoke

“Actions speak louder than words, Rachel. I don’t want to hear you babble about how sorry you are. I think you should show me.”

“” said Rachel, her voice filled with fear and anxiety.

“Well, Ron had told me what a good little slut you have been yourself these past few days” said Tasha with an acid tinged matter-of-fact tone.

“I didn’t use the word ‘slut’” I interrupted, not wanting to be misquoted.

“Yes, yes. Ronny is much too nice to use that word in this situation. But, I’m tired and pissed, so I did. Ron said that you have been ‘very accommodating’. continued Tasha

I was silent now. I was pretty sure of the general direction this was going, but the exact destination was a mystery to me.

“Have you been ‘very accommodating’, Rachel?” Tasha asked with mock sweetness in her voice. When Rachel began to look at the floor again, Tasha’s tone changed back to anger.

“Have you!”

“Yes! Yes, I’ve been letting Ron do pretty much what he wants. He’s risking a lot to help me.”

“I’m risking a lot, too. Don’t I deserve some reward?’ Tasha said building a logic path that was going to lead to Rachel’s perfect body.

Rachel sighed heavily and exasperatedly.

“Yes, I already agreed with you. What do you want me to do?” she said with resignation.

“You don’t sound very pleased about rewarding me.”

Tasha threw back. But before Rachel could answer, Kim stepped in to defend her sister.

“Tash, to be fair, she hasn’t exactly been thrilled to be servicing Ron. Does she really have to be happy about it?’

“Hmmmmmm. I guess not.” Tasha agreed.

“Okay, then” started Kim the little conciliator. “What do you want Rachel to do?’

“Eat me.” said Tasha almost casually.

“What?!” the rest of us said in one voice. Kim continued the thought

“Since when are you bi? We’ve been friends for how long and this is just now coming up?”

“I think I’m just experimenting” answered Tasha conversationally.

I was thinking that this was less experiment and more punishment. But a small detail seemed to be escaping the sisters.

“Time to get to work, Rachel.”

I saw Rachel stiffen and her eyes go wide. My little detail had not gone unnoticed after all.

“You were just with Dr. Rosencranz. Did you clean up?”

“Mostly.” came the answer “I’m thinking that since I am helping clean up your mess, you can help clean up mine.”

“B…but.. that’s gross” answered Rachel

“Ron”, Tasha looked at me “When Rachel was being “accommodating” did you cum in her cute little mouth?”

“Yup” I answered wondering if she was going to really make Rachel eat her scummy cunt, or if she was playing for something else.

“See, I know you been eating Kim’s pussy and Ron’s dumped a load down your throat. You’re just cutting out one partner to get to the same place.” Said Tasha in tone that implied impenetrable logic..

“No, Tasha. Please, don’t make me do that. Please, I said I was sorry and I really am. Don’t make me do that?’ Rachel begged.

“But, it’s what I want” said Tasha as she started to disrobe.

When Tasha had shown up at my house this evening she had changed out of the strapless-fuck-me dress that she had used on Jacob, into a pair of comfortable jeans and a baggy sweater. She now reached down and lifted her sweater up and over her red mane, showing all of us her ample breasts, ensnared by a sexy green bra.

“P..please, Tasha, I’m begging you.” started Rachel, who looked close to tears. “I’ll do anything else.”

“Like what?”

Tasha responded as she unbuttoned her jeans, stepped out of her flats, and then hip shrugged her jeans to the floor. Tasha was wearing a matching set of panties. My eyes focused on the small patch of cloth covering her pussy. I was searching for signs of staining, wondering again if Tasha was going to really go through with this. I was starting to become aroused as Rachel begged to be spared the humiliation of cleaning Tasha’s pussy.

“I don’t know!” Rachel said quickly and with panic starting to gain the upper hand.

Tasha reached behind her back and I saw the fabric of her bra give as the clasp was undone. Rachel’s eyes were riveted to Tasha’s breasts as she nonchalantly took her bra off and dropped it to the floor.

‘At least D-cups” I thought again. Tasha breasts were firm looking and rode higher on her chest than their size should have allowed. Her areolas are a little smaller than a quarter, and already firming up.

“Are you ready?’ Tasha said taking a step towards my ex-wife, as her fingers began to slide into the waistband of her last remaining article of clothing.

“A porn movie!” Rachel blurted out. “I’ll be the slut in the porn movie and you be the director! Please, you can have Ron and Kim do anything to me!”

“What, I can’t play, too?” Tasha tugged on side of her underwear down to mid-hip.

“Yes! Anything”

“Good!” Tasha said, in a satisfied tone, “Porn slut, you can begin by eating my pussy”

With that, Tasha took her panties down and off. She was completely naked and then closed the remaining distance to Rachel.

“On your knees, or I call the cops” Tasha ordered.

“” Rachel said shakily, but she complied.

“Hands behind you back” Tasha said authoritively as she grabbed a handful of Rachel’s hair.

I looked at Kim. She was staring intently at the two ladies. I had expected shock and anger on her face. There was none of that. Her lips were slightly apart. She looked hungry. Kim face was filled with lust.

Tasha pulled Rachel’s face into her groin and ground her little red muff into Rachel’s face for a long second and then pulled her head back. Tasha’s face looked a mixture of satisfaction and bemusement.

Tasha pushed Rachel’s head farther back causing her to lean backwards and then fall back. Rachel caught herself with her hands, and remained upright. Tasha walked forward and straddled my ex-wife. As she continued to push Rachel back, it became obvious that Rachel’s head was going to end up between Tasha’s legs and Rachel would have the access she didn’t want.

When Rachel was in position, Tasha leaned forward just a bit. Kim and I were directly in front of the two ladies. We saw Rachel’s tongue appear, with out being asked, as Tasha lowered herself onto her reluctant lover’s face.

“Ummmmmmm” Tasha moaned. “That feels good, Rachel. You are a good little porn slut.”

As if in answer to a compliment, Rachel began to move her head faster, working Tasha’s cunt in an urgent manner. Tasha began to rock and slowly thrust her pussy into Rachel’s face. Rachel was not pulling back or fighting. She was struggling, but that was to stay balanced and to keep her face glued to Tasha’s love tunnel.

“Oh, Fuck ya!” Keep doing that! Fuck, Rachel!

Rachel’s eyes were closed, and her mouth was slightly open. I noticed that Tasha’s nipples had constricted into tight knots as her arousal spread to all areas.

“Ohhhhhhhhh” Tasha moaned. “Deeper. Get in deeper”. She added as she pulled Rachel’s face deeper into her crotch.

I looked at Kim just as she licked her lips. One of her hands had dropped to her front and Kim rubbed her own pussy, as if no one could see her. Tasha’s eyes opened and she looked surprised for a split-second, as if she had forgotten we were around.

“Ohhhhh! That feels good. Kim, I never knew what I was missing”

Rachel’s head was moving in a jerky rhythmic way. She reached up with one hand and began to knead one of Tasha’s ample breasts.

“Ah.Ah.Ah” Tasha moaned sharply. “I like that. Harder”

I don’t know if Tasha meant with Rachel’s hand or mouth, but Rachel must have known because Tasha began to moan louder.

“Ohhhhhhhh, Godd! That feels good!”

Struggling to maintain her balance, Rachel let go with her hand and put it back on the floor behind her. Rachel opened her eyes and looked at her best friend.

“Kimmy! My boobs! Please!

I’m guessing that Kim knows of Tasha’s sensitive breasts and was not surprised. In fact, Kim acted as if she had been waiting for this, and she moved quickly and got on her knees, so her mouth was the same height as Tasha’s milky white globes. Kim took Tasha’s right breast into her hand and squeezed it like a 15 year old boy would. Her mouth found Tasha’s other breast and she began to suck and tease the erect and swollen gumdrop. This brought an immediate response from her friend.

“Yes! Oh, God! Yes! Like that!”

Tasha was bucking, and grinding, and thrusting. And all the while she was holding Rachel firmly against her pussy. I was beginning to wonder if Rachel could get any air.

‘Fuck! Oh, Yessssssss! Tasha screamed as her orgasm arrived. Tasha had both hands on the back of Rachel’s head and was pushing so hard I thought Rachel would pop inside. Tasha went rigid as the pleasure took her.

“Fuck! Yes! I’m cumming!” yelled Tasha in orgasmic triumph

Kim was still sucking and squeezing Tasha’s tits; trying to give pleasure or get pleasure I could not tell.

Rachel began to struggle to disengage her face from Tasha’s twat. This seemed to break the spell and Tasha let loose and stood erect. She was breathing hard and sweat had beaded on forehead. Then she broke into an embarrassed smile.

Rachel looked completely disheveled and lost. She was taking in big gulps of air, and then looked at her sister.

“Kim, do me, please! I’m so hot” she begged.

Kim had stood up and was eyeing Tasha like she was a steak. Tasha looked into Kim’s eyes and began to bend into her for a kiss. They were in a vigorous embrace in then next second. Rachel looked at me with a lustful gaze I had only dreamed of afore.

“Ron, please. Please take me. Please, I need to cum.”

My hard on answered for me, and it compelled me to walk over. I bent down and put my hand behind her head and grabbed a handful of hair, tight to her scalp. With my other hand I took her by the shoulder and in a single motion I pulled her to a standing position and into a deep, wet, kiss.


Rachel moaned into my mouth as she began to undo my pants. I stopped her. I was going to enjoy having the power for once.

“Hands to yourself”

I said as I released her and pushed her back half a step. I put my hand between her still clothed legs and rubbed her pussy.

“You want me to fuck your bloody little snatch?”

“Please, Ron.” She begged as she ground herself into my hand.

“You’d never let me touch you when you were ragging” I teased and I rubbed the area her clit should have been.

“Ohhhhhh, God. Oh, that’s feels good! Please, I want you now”

“All those many months of having to whack off. I would be so horny and you were no help. You didn’t care about my needs, then. Why should I care about yours, now?”

I had not stopped working her pussy and I now I had begin worrying her erect breast nub as it fought to make it’s presence known through her blouse and bra.

“Ah. Ah. I’m sorry. Oh please, Ron. Please.”

“Ok, but it’s going to cost you” I said a near sing song. “Strip down to your panties and get on your knees.”

If I had ever ordered Rachel to do this while we were married she would have huffed and walked away. Not today; she had her blouse, bra and pants off, before my pants had cleared my hips. She dropped down in front of me and yanked my jeans the rest of the way down. She needed to instruction from this point, as my cock pointing at her nose made it clear what needed to be done.

Rachel engulfed my organ and I felt her warm, wet mouth encircle me. Her tongue immediately wrapped the underside of my cock and she began to slide me in and out of her mouth.

“Oh, fuck, Rachel. That’s what I’m talking about.”

She was moving medium-slow, not wanting to get me off. She really did want me to fuck her. I could count the times, on one hand, when Rachel had wanted sex because she was horny. But, reason was quickly being pushed out by lust, as my libido demanded the full attention of my conscious mind.

I grabbed two hands full of Rachel’s perfectly styled hair and used them as handles to begin picking up the pace. I was in charge and if I blew my load down her throat, she could just go find a vibrator.

“Oh, yeah! Suck on it! Take me deeper!’

I didn’t wait for Rachel to swallow my cock. As I next banged against the back of her throat, I stopped and pushed. As I felt her throat part and accommodate the intrusion I looked into her eyes and saw a combination of lust and fear. Only one of those surprised me.

I ground me hips into her face and enjoyed the subtle milking feeling her throat was giving the head of my cock. Then, without warning, I pulled completely out. Rachel took a deep breath, but continued to look up at me.

“More head, or do you want it up your ass?”

Rachel had never wanted it up her ass in her life, but she had given kocaeli escort bayan up that cherry to me days ago, and knew I couldn’t get enough.

“ ass” she said weakly between breaths.

“You don’t sound too convincing” I challenged

I saw anger flair for just a second then she begged in a most convincing tone.

“Please, Ron, do me in the ass. I’m really sorry for all the times I denied you before.”

With that she quickly danced out of her lacy underwear and spun around. She quickly got on her hands and knees and stuck that incredibly shaped ass in the air.

“Please, Ron. Hurry.” She begged

She was offering me her most private areas. She was offering them without condition, instruction, or warning. She was letting me take her anyway I wanted, and I wanted to fuck that ass. Rachel had denied me this for five years, never letting me near this pleasure. Now she offering it to me, unrestricted. I only hoped I wouldn’t rip her in two.

Rachel’s little brown starfish beckoned, just above her cunt. I did not fail to notice the small white string snaking out from that orifice, confirming that blood was flowing.

“Don’t move!” I ordered as I made a move towards the kitchen. “And rub your pussy!”

I did not want any of her lust to wane. I was almost in panic, trying to think of what to use for lubricant. I had loved her, after all, and didn’t want to cause her any more pain than I had to. But, as I turned to make my dash, all thoughts of Rachel were shoved out of mind. That was because my eyes fell on the sight of Tasha and Kim.

Tasha was lying on the floor, with a still fully clothed Kim lying on top of her, as she greedily sucked on Tasha’s erect nipples, and then lustily kissed Tasha’s full and eager lips. The sounds the two ladies were making; the slurps and smacking as lips consumed lips and Kim’s mouth lustily tasted Tasha’ breasts were arousing.

My cock was already hard enough to carve granite and this was driving me mad with lust. I took two steps towards the ladies, my eyes riveted on the action.

“Mmmmmmmm.” I heard Tasha moan out as Kim once again took a nipple into her mouth and sucked on it.

Tasha took one hand and pushed Kim’s face on to her breast.

“More, Kim!” Tasha ordered “I like it hard!”

Kim responded by biting Tasha’s erect nub, while twisting the other areola, not so gently.

“Ohhhhhhhh!’ Yes!” yelled Tasha

Kim rose off Tasha into a semi-sitting position and grabbed both of Tasha’s massive tits and squeezed them like nerf balls. Kim’s hand moved up and found both nipples, then pinched, twisted, and pulled them, at the same time. Tasha arched her back and squealed in pleasure.

“Ahhhhhhhh! Fuck! That is so fucking intense!”

“My turn.” Kim said as she stood and began to undress.

As Kim’s shapely ass appeared from the tops of her jeans, I was reminded of some unfinished business.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” I heard Rachel exclaim.

I knew that sound, she was getting close to coming. That wasn’t going to happen. At least not yet. I turned and was back to her side in an instant. Rachel was still on her knees, but she was now resting her front on one shoulder, as she was furiously masturbating, trying to reach her climax. I reached between her legs and jerked her hand away from her clit.

“That’s enough.” I said mockingly

“Please, Ron.” she begged “I need to cum”

“I guess spit will have to do” I said as I worked up some saliva.

Rachel went deathly still, knowing what was about to happen, but knowing it was the only path to the release the orgasm that was holding her hostage.

I wet my cock and thumb. With that finger I lubed her up as best and I could, and then took my spit slick organ in my right hand. The head of my cock touched her little starfish and Rachel jumped in anticipation of being impaled on my stone hard member.

“Relax, Rachel, or it will really hurt.”

I said in a calm voice that masked my desire to bury myself to my balls in her most tight orifice. I pushed my cock onto her forbidden opening, not super hard, but I wasn’t taking my time either. But I had to savage her ass. I had to pump her tight hole until I exploded.

All at once her ass gave and my cock lurched forward an inch.

“Ow!” Rachel grasped “P.please go slow! Please, Ron, don’t hurt me.”

I was so torn. I didn’t really want to hurt her, but my own sexual desire was not going to be restrained either. I paused long enough to glance over at Kim and Tasha. Kim had shed her clothes and the two girls were in a sixty-nine position, with the back of Kim’s head blocking my view of what I knew to be Tasha’s neatly trimmed red bush. Kim’s head moved rhythmically as she pleasured her best friend. The licking and moaning coming from the two ladies send a sonic wave of desire through me and I pushed into Rachel without even thinking.

“Ow. Ow. Slow! Slow!” begged Rachel

I was going as slow as was going to happen and I felt a shiver go but my spine as Rachel’s impossibly tight ass squeezed around my cock. The feeling was pleasure to the point of pain and I wanted more. I thought I could feel Rachel’s tampon pushing against me through the membrane separating her two holes. I wasn’t sure, but I was sure that she felt even tighter than when I took her ass cherry a few days ago.

Ignoring her pleas of sloth, I gave into my base emotions and jammed the last inch of cock into Rachel’s bunge hole. Another wave of pleasure shook my spine as my hips met Rachel’s ass, stopping me firm. I latched on to Rachel’s hips and ground my cock just a bit deeper, enjoying the sensation of finding another fraction of inch of her ass.

I expected a shriek and cry of pain from Rachel but a grunt was all I received. When I looked down, I saw that she was watching her sister eat Tasha’s pussy. It was obvious this was turning her on.

Feeling just a smidgeon ignored, I slapped the side of Rachel’s ass with a firm swat, earning the cry of pain I had just missed.

“Ow!” Rachel cried, more startled than hurt.

“Rub you cunt!” I commanded.

Rachel was only too happy to comply. She tucked her shoulder under and reached back. The motion in her arm and shoulder told me she was doing as I ordered.

“Now beg me to fuck your ass.” I said

“Please, Ron, fuck my ass. Fuck it hard!”

She did sound like she wanted it, though way down deep my subconscious was denying that was possible.

But I told my conscience to go fuck itself. I pulled back until I was most of the way back out and then pushed in with as much restraint as I could muster. It was not very much. My hips were stopped once again by Rachel’s shapely ass and I used her hips to pull myself deeper inside her

“Ahhhhhhh! Ow! It still hurts” Rachel gasped with a sudden intake of air that momentarily broke the rhythm of her own masturbation.

The resistance had been less than I expected, but still so incredibly tight. So, I swiftly back out again, and pushed even harder. This time Rachel made no sound other than her own heavy breathing. I took this to mean she was ready to have her ass pounded.

These two thrusts had happened in less than four seconds. It was only the memories of our love that had restrained me until now, to the slightest. I back out, reversed and slammed into her, reversed and began working into a fast pace.

Slap! Slap! Slap! The sound of her ass stopping my thrusts acted as a challenge. It seemed to compel me move faster and harder.

“Oh! Ron! Easy! It’s not wet enough!”

I was at point beyond caring. There was anger pushing my lust and hearing her in some pain was satisfying.

I began to pull back on Rachel’s hips with each thrust and magnified the intensity in which our bodies were meeting. Her ass was still squeezing my cock, with something just shy of a vice and I knew that I would be filling her bowels with my cum in a few seconds.

“Ow! Ow! Ow!’ Please, Ron! No more!”

Rachel began to cry out. I could feel that my spit had worn off and it was harder to push. It was also starting to rub my cock. I bottomed out again and ground my hips as hard as could into her, wanting to make this last ass thrust go into her stomach.

“Get that tampon out!” I commanded.

I felt her shift quickly under me. The feeling of her tampon sliding out on the underside of my cock was a unique sensation that almost made me cum right then. If she had masturbated with it, I would have blown my load.

“Out!” she gasped without need. I knew her cunt was empty. But, not for long.

Figuring that having a wad of cotton in her pussy would have dried her out, I worked up some more spit and rubbed it on my cock, and then spat into my hand and rubbed her cunt.

“Ohhhhhh” Rachel moaned “Please Ron, do me now”

This hole was meant to be fucked and I buried myself deep inside her.

“Ah!” Rachel gasped out as a combination of relief and surprise took her.

“Ohhhhhhhh! Fuck!” yelled out Kim

And my eyes darted to the two ladies. Kim had lifted her face from Tasha’s pussy and had her eyes screwed shut, by an intense orgasm. Kim’s mouth was open in another silent scream and she was pushing her own pussy onto Tasha’s face.

Rachel began to rock back and forth, desperately needing to have her pussy worked. I took the hint and began to pump her cunt in at a steady, medium pace. My eyes were rivoted to the two ladies less than a dozen feet away.

Kim’s orgasm retreated and I saw her relax. Tasha pushed on Kim’s hips to gain some breathing room. I heard Tasha groan out

“Do my tits, Kim. Make me cum!”

“Oh! Oh! Oh!’ came the sound from Rachel underneath me. She was going to cum soon.

Kim quickly repositioned herself so she was lying beside her friend with her head at Tasha’s chest. Tasha’s splayed legs revealed a swollen libia and her red muff, that had me wishing I was eating that pussy.

I tightened my grip on Rachel’s hips and began to piston into her as hard and fast I as I could. This was now per lust driven by the tight pussy under my control, and the sexy ladies putting on a show in front of me. My senses were on overload. I wanted to cum as bad as Rachel did now, and my violent thrusts were making that clear to Rachel.

“Awwwl…most….there!” Rachel gasped out as an idea popped into my head.

With the idea of a new way to punish Rachel as my brake, I pulled out of Rachel earning me a rebuke.

“No! Ron! Please!”

“On your back!’ I commanded.

Rachel flipped over faster than a gymnast, spread her knees and offered me her swollen cunt, by lifting her ass off the ground. I knee crawled between her legs and scooped them onto my shoulders. Rachel hated this position. She hated not being in control when we were having sex. But, that was exactly why I was doing it.

I speared her wet, red cunt and drove myself to the hilt. Rachel did not care.

“Ohhhhh, Yes!” she cried out.

I lifted her ass off the ground and started thrusting as hard and as fast as I could. Every few times I found the bottom of her cunt, I would inch myself forward and push Rachel leg towards her ears.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Rachel sounded again.

I was much more directly stimulating her aroused pea and I knew she wouldn’t last long.
I was pounding her as fast as I could. Her tight pussy was milking me, sending me exponentially closer to my own climax. I too was not going to last.

“Yessssssssss!” Rachel screamed and I felt her pussy tighten around my member.

Knowing I had just made her cum sent me over the edge and I felt the orgasm flood my senses and take away my conscious thought and surroundings. As I began to erupt I locked my hips into Rachel’s and tried to shoot my load through her. Rachel’s knees touched the sides of her head as I felt my first shot fill her seed. I fired twice more and all at once my orgasm began to recede and my perception returned.

I looked down at Rachel’s angelic face. She was sweaty and breathing hard. Her breasts slightly distorted with gravity, rose and fell in time.

“Fucckkkkk!” I heard Tasha scream in pleasure and my head whipped up.

Tasha was still on her back with splayed legs facing me. Kim’s right hand was furiously rubbing Tasha’s glistening pussy, while her left hand was squeezing one of Tasha’s D cups, digging finger trenches with her efforts. That nipple was drawn into a tight knot about the size of a large marble. It danced as Kim squeezed and occasionally pinched or tweaked it. The other nipple was hidden from view by Kim’s sensuous lips as she was sucking it deep and hard.

I had not thought it possible, but I was still hard, although Bruno was drooping a bit. I figured the gentlemanly thing to do, would be to give Kim some help. She was on her knees, using her face and Tasha’s breast to support most of her weight. This angle offered my either of Kim’s openings and I got up and moved behind her. I was aroused by the vulnerability of her position. She was mine for the taking, just as her sister had been mere minutes earlier.

My lust was mostly drained from me, so I immediately zeroed in on Kim’s cunt, with her lips slightly parted and very moist with her own juices. My hands on her hips gave her a split second of warning before I pierced her cunt with my rod and began to pump izmit escort her as quickly as I had strength for.

At that moment Tasha let out a wail as the penultimate moment over took her.

“Yesssssssss! Oh, Fuck!

Kim released Tasha’s swollen nipple and positioned her self more comfortably, lying across Tasha, so they formed a “T” as battered into Kim’s love tunnel.

Tasha was coming down from her high, glanced at me, and gave me a weak, embarrassed smile. I felt myself get harder, with both the tightness from Kim’s cunt and the side to side rocking of Tasha’s breasts adding to the eroticism.

I felt Kim tighten around me and let out a muffled


as her orgasm took her. That little sound seemed to deflate both my libido and my cock and I suddenly felt drained. I pulled out, rolled onto my back and closed my eyes, waiting for my own breathing and heart rate to return to normal. I could hear the sounds of Kim and Tasha also shifting and then Kim snuggled up beside me.

“Did you cum inside me?’ she whispered impishly.

“I tried hard, but I’m all out of bullets.” I responded, not pleased, but still pretty satisfied.

“Bet, I could find one more.” she challenged.

I was spent. I was fucked dry, and dog tired. My cock was a little sore and I wanted a shower.

“You’re going to kill me, Kim.”

I heard a little giggle and she snuggled closer. I heard Tasha get up and opened my eyes to see her naked body squatting down to retrieve her cloths. She got up and stepped into her underwear.

“Leaving?” I asked

“Yeah. This was……interesting” she said searching for the last word

Tasha turned her attention to Kim.

“Kimmy, I hope everything works out for you and Rachel. I enjoyed ‘being’ with you”

Tasha had added emphasis on ‘being’ making it clear she was speaking of the last fifteen minutes and continued.

“But, what I said still goes. I’m out. You can call if you really, really, need my help, like if your life is on the line. But, this is getting to be more than I can take.”

She had not stop dressing during this short speech and had her pants and blouse on before the final period. She carried her bra and shoes over to the chair and finished put on her shoes.

“I understand, Tash. We are grateful for all the help you gave us” Kim said as she got up to give her best friend a hug.

They embraced, looked into each other’s eyes, and the Tasha turned and walked to and through the door without another word.

Kim turned to face me. She looked a little sad, but did not seem to be overcome or even approaching tears.

“Shower?” she suggested

“That would feel good” I said thinking of the hot water, not Kim’s firm, sexy body.

“Rach?” Kim said looking behind me at her sister. I turned to see Rachel, in just her panties, putting the final Kleenex wrap on her used tampon.

“Yeah, but I’ll wait until your done. The shower is too small and I need some alone time.” Rachel said in a slightly weary voice, but it brightened and hardened with her next line.

“But, don’t use all the hot water!’

I grinned weakly and turned towards Kim. We went upstairs, and showered. There was no sex, just some mutual soaping. It was nice, but felt a little mechanical. When we finished, hopefully leaving a little hot water, we went down stairs and sat at the kitchen table.

“What about tomorrow?” Kim asked

“What about it?” I answered, knowing she was talking about crashing Rachel’s car, and staging a fire to make it look like it was the Russians who did it.

“Where are we going to do it?”

“Somewhere off of I-70, in the mountains would be best, I think. I was thinking we that if it looked enough like an accident, then we would have two chances of getting away with this. The police could think it was an accident and if not, then we tell them about the Russians’

“I was thinking the same thing, but I think we should do it closer to home. How do we explain what Rachel was doing up there, when the police come around?

“We don’t explain; we just looked shocked, emotional, and tell them we have no idea. Besides, if we do it around here, the body will end up on Dr. Syygo’s table, and he will never buy that this was an accident. He’s probably the best medical examiner in the state. Even the Colorado Bureau of Investigation calls him in as a consultant.”

“But, if the body was there, you could keep an eye on things, and maybe help to steer them in the right direction.” Kim argued back at me.

“Kim, you over estimate what I can do.” I said with a little emotion rising.

“I think you underestimate what you can do” she said sincerely and then added mischievously. “and I think you underestimate what Rachel and I can do”

“Look Kim, the plan is to have the police think the Russians did it, but I always had it in the back of my mind that if the burned body ended up with a rushed or incompetent medical examiner, we might just have it ruled as an accident. That would keep the police completely out of it.”

“B.but, I…I..but” Kim said with her eyes starting to well up and her voice breaking “I would feel m…..”

And then she lost it, and her hands went up to her face, shielding her tears from me.

“What is it Kim?” I said with a slight note of panic “What?!”

“I want you to do it!” she burst out

“Huh?” wondering what the devil she was talking about. I’m an assistant for the doc. I don’t do autopsies.

“I would feel better about all of this if it were happening in your morgue. Where you could keep an eye on things and report news to us. It is going to kill me not know what is going on!” Kim said with a burst of vocal clarity that belied the last few seconds.

‘Fuck.’ I thought ‘There goes Plan B”

“All right. All right. Just don’t cry” I said as I scooted closer to her to take her in my arms

“I guess we can do it in the north part of town, maybe around Smith Rd. There are a few sort of secluded spots there and still in our jurisdiction. But, we have to get away fast after it happens.”

“Sniff. Sniff. I’m sorry. This is so stressful and I’m just so glad to have you with me.” Kim said as she set aside her tears and became more calm.

“This is going to make for a busy day tomorrow. I need to scout out a spot and then refigure out how to make this happen. In the mountains, I was going to just light the car on fire and push it down an embankment. We are fresh out of cliffs and such here on the plains.” I said with a tone of resignation.

“I’m sorry, I’m such a pain.” Kim started “But, I’ll make it up to you!” she said with a wink and knowing edge to her voice.

I rolled my eyes.

“Kim, after today, I think I will need Viagra to get it up again.”

“We’ll see” she giggled

“Bed.” I said and then firmly “and sleep.”

We went off to my room and we only spooned. Although I would occasionally knead her breast, just because it was there. Kim fell asleep quickly, but I couldn’t sleep. I had tomorrow on my mind. So many questions. How would we pull this off? What would I say to the cops where they came around? Would they be suspicious right away? Would our story hold up? But, time and time again, my mind would return to How. I finally dozed off with that question still torturing my mind.

I was up at 6 AM and out the door by 6:30 AM. I headed to north Aurora and spent about two hours driving around. I found a fairly secluded spot, where the old farm road turned 90 degrees. If a person were to miss that turn, there was a large cottonwood tree to prevent you from ruining part of the farmer’s crop. I thought that was going to be the best we could do.

My next stop was Home Depot. I needed to get some things. After I had found the spot to stage our accident, it became clear there was only one way to make this happen. I was going to need a few things to help us pull it off. Then I was off to the gas station to top off my tank and get a little extra for tonight. We were going to need it.

I got home in time for lunch. Kim greeted my with a lingering kiss and offered to make me something to eat. I was famished and took her up on her offer of grilled cheese and tomato soup. Over the sandwiches, and with Rachel joining us, I explained what I came up with.

“You’re frickin’ crazy!” said Rachel

“You’ll kill yourself!” echoed Kim

“Fine. Do you have a better idea?” I said defensively.

“We could just push it into a ditch.” said Rachel

“And how likely do you think it would naturally just burst into flames. We have to at least try to make the fire seem like part of the accident.” I counterpunched.

“But, a crash into a tree? How will it look if you’re dead, too?” exclaimed Kim

“Rachel’s car has passenger side air bags, and I’ll wear the seat belt. If things go alright the biggest concern will be getting me out of the crumbled car.”

We went back and forth like this for most of an hour. But, in the end, the ladies could come up with no other alternative if we were to do this in Aurora.

“Ok then. It’s settled. Now I need to work in the garage for awhile and get things ready for tonight.” I said, closing discussion, and adding a point of finality by pushing my chair back and getting up.

It went to the driveway and brought my Home Depot purchases to the garage. In a couple of hours I had finished what I called my Acceleration Stick. It was a 1 x 2, cut to the length that would allow me to wedge it between Rachel’s car gas pedal and the driver’s seat. I had attached a wooden foot to it, set at an angle so it would better hold the pedal. I added a Velcro strap, which would hold the stick to the pedal, but fastened so I could pull it loose with a sharp tug. Finally, I drilled a hole near the top and added a long leather strap, to give me some way to keep me from losing the stick in the commotion.

With that done, I filled up a gallon gas can, from the five gallon can I had purchased and filled earlier today, and then put a few ounces in a glass jar. It was now time to prepare Rachel’s stand in. It was absolutely critical that the dead body could not be identified through finger prints. So to make certain that happened, I filled a syringe with gasoline and spent an hour injecting gasoline in to many points in each finger and parts of her hand. When the fire began to burn the subcutaneous gasoline, her entire hands should burn to the bone.

I placed ziplock bags over each of her hands and left her in the now unplugged freezer. It had served its purpose of keeping her at 34 degrees, but now with just hours to go it didn’t matter anymore. I put on of Rachel’s necklaces around her neck and Rachel’s high school ring on one finger. I hoped that they wouldn’t melt away, but I had to try to give the police something else to help with the ID. That was it. I think I had everything ready. Now we just had to wait for it to get dark and late.

Dinner was fast food that we all picked at. No one had an appetite; we all had knots in our stomachs. For the past week things had been a virtual whirlwind, with almost no time to think about anything. I was either working on some part of the plan or being screwed senseless by one of the sisters, or Tasha. Now, there was time to do nothing but think. That was not doing me any good. I kept blurting out random question;

“Will this really work?”

“Is this going to really get the Russians off our backs?”

“What about the Russians? We haven’t heard a peep out of them in days.”

“When will the police show up at my door?”

Each question made the girls jump, and soon Rachel snapped at me.

“Damn it, Ron! Shut up! This isn’t helping”

Kim gave her sister a dirty look, and then her eyes softened as she turned her gaze to me.

“I know how to relieve some tension” she said getting up.

I had an idea what her stress relief plan was, and ordinarily I would have been all for it. But, right now my head was a mess and I didn’t think a blow job was going to fix that.

“Not right now, Kim” I said try to deflect her gently. “I need to keep my head in the game. I want to make sure we aren’t missing something.”

“Oh, Pooh.” She said a touch annoyed. “You worry too much. Everything is going to be just fine.”

And with that she got up and headed to my bedroom. I followed. She lay on the bed and I thought for sure she was going to turn on the tears again. But, she just lay on her side facing me.

“I figure I might as well try to get in a nap. I doubt we will get much sleep later.” She said matter of factly.

I lay beside her, spooning her, and tried to follow her lead. Surprisingly, we had some success. I know I nodded off several times and part of the evening melted away. But, the sleep was not deep or very restful. Around midnight I rolled off the bed. Kim followed wordlessly and we went in search of Rachel. She was lying on the couch, asleep. Kim woke her up and we began our final preparations.

We loaded the two gas cans into my car and put the dead body in Rachel’s back seat, covering it with a blanket. I really hoped we would not be pulled over, but if we did, the blanket would at least buy us time to think of something or hope the cop got a more serious call taking him away. Then Kim and I got into my car and Rachel climbed into hers. We were off. In about fifteen minutes we would be at the intersection of fate and decision. There our lives were going to change forever.

To be continued.

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