Three Days in Arcadia Ch. 04

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Hal found Brad’s room empty, with a pair of cute French maids doing a turn-down service. One was bent over, plumping up a pillow and revealing long fishnet-covered legs to Hal, while her busty partner appeared to be busily re-stocking a selection of special oils and lubricants in a bedside drawer.

Under the bathrobe he’d thrown on Hal’s cock twitched fitfully as he took in their tanned skin and lacy outfits, but the truth was that he still needed some more time to recuperate after being serviced by Mira and Kayla… it actually felt like he’d been wrung out and turned inside out by the girls’ expert attentions.

Giggling, the girls explained that ‘Mr. Brad’ had not returned and was still in ‘Ms. Rebecca’s’ room. When Hal asked if they thought he would be interrupting anything if he swung by, the maids looked at each other and then merely shrugged.

“Screw it,” He thought to himself. “They say three’s a crowd, but if it’s really that hot and heavy over there then I can head back to the bar by myself.”

As he padded down the hall towards Rebecca’s villa / suite combo, Hal became aware of quite a lot of noise ahead, mainly moans and grunts. The big double doors were slightly ajar, and he drew up short to take a quick peek through the gap.

The almost animalistic sounds he’d heard made sense to him now, as he took in the scene before him.

Brad was like a naked Hercules, his form rippling with muscle as he drove his hips hard against the woman bent over in front of him. Both of them were covered in a faint sheen of sweat, and clearly they’d been at it for some time. Nevertheless, Brad showed no signs of tiring, and he pounded away at her relentlessly, one hand with grip on his partner’s golden hair, the other caressing her skin as he rode her.

She was Hal’s idea of Scandinavian perfection, with a pneumatic, almost cartoonist figure. Her sizeable breasts were mashed against the chair over which she had been bent, and she seemed to be pushing back against Brad’s thrusting. Her heart-shaped ass was quivering under repeated impacts, and from time to time she would throw her head back and moan in abandon. Both of them were panting heavily, lost in passion.

A few feet away stood Rebecca, also naked and running her hands over her breasts as she watched Brad in action. From time to time, when he gave the blonde’s hair a particularly vicious tug, or when he would deliver a ringing slap to her arse with his free hand, Rebecca would nod in approval and egg him on.

“That’s it,” She breathed “Give it to her. I know her type, Brad, and she’s loving this. Practically creaming herself every five minutes from the buggering you’re giving her.”

Rebecca stepped a little closer, cupping one of the blonde’s heavy breasts and twisting her nipple a little cruelly.

“You like that, don’t you Inga?”

The blonde turned her head to meet Rebecca’s gaze, her eyes glazed with lust.

“Uh…Uh…” She was still grunting rhythmically as Brad kept giving it to her. “Yes… I like it… In my ass… I like it when the guys take me hard…”

Rebecca smiled, still rubbing her breasts and now playing with her own nipples.

“I bet you do. You’d probably do this for free, wouldn’t you, you dirty tramp? Even if you weren’t basically a hooker for this place…”

Inga moaned. “…I try to be good, to… Uh… Uh… Make guys respect me… But…” There seemed to be mingled shame and lust in her voice as she went on, “I just like it when they make izmir escort bayan me do what they want. Ever since I was in college, on the swim team, the guys would always get me alone and then fuck me in the showers. I tried to stop them at first, but then,” She broke off to curse in Swedish as Brad gave her a series of particularly rapid thrusts, “…I just decided that I liked it too much.”

At that, Brad suddenly changed position and leaned even further forward into her, sandwiching her body between his torso and the armchair. Inga squealed as Brad’s thick penis wormed its way even deeper up her ass. Her pink ring-piece, slick with sweat, spread automatically as Brad pressed, but it still fluttered tightly around his penis.

This bitch was statuesque and probably turned more heads with her rack and her goddess-like features than her ass, but he’d been pleasantly surprised by exactly how much she seemed to like getting buggered. And whilst she wasn’t the tightest he’d had, she was clenching down pretty nice on his cock. Actually Brad was unsure if he was going to have much left in him after this if Rebecca wanted to play around a little…

Meanwhile, Rebecca had caught a glimpse of Hal through the double doors. His bathrobe was tented out in front now, his cock standing firmly at attention once more.

“Hey, you might as well join the party,” She laughed, beckoning him in. Hal came to stand behind Rebecca, and she surprised him by leaning back into him. He almost bit his tongue as he felt his cock, through the bathrobe, sit like a wedge between the cheeks of her ass. Even though she wasn’t even consciously squeezing, he could feel the firmness of her ass against him, pressing his up and back against his belly. She was grinding herself against him, he realised, and the circular motion of her body against him suddenly sent a feeling of electricity through his groin. Although the amount of movement was relatively slight, the up-and-down brushing of her butt against his cock was amazing.

“Brad here was going to service me, once I saw him work this Swedish slut over a bit,” Rebecca whispered in his ear, tilting her head back. “But the truth is I think he’d more focused on her ass now than mine, can you believe that?”

Hal groaned as Rebecca reached back with her left hand, gently undoing the belt of his robe and allowing his cock to slip free. The glistening head of his helmet grazed the smooth skin of her body, and the warmth and friction made him gasp.

“Poor baby,” Rebecca mocked. “Getting all hot under the collar? Let me help you with that, at least.”

Stepping a little to the side, she began tugging gently but firmly on his penis with her hands. She used a double-handed technique, creating a sort of moving tunnel with her palms and fingers through which his cock moved. The long strokes made Hal’s breathing speed up almost immediately. It was a skilfully delivered handjob. Hardly comparable to the professional going-over he’d received from the Harem girls earlier on, but nevertheless the sheer hotness of the scene before him had jacked Hal up to boiling point.

Both of them were focusing again on Brad and Inga as their frenetic performance seemed to be reaching a conclusion.

Sweat was beading all over Inga’s body as she continued to be buggered mercilessly. She was a quivering mess now, her knees trembling underneath her and his pussy trickling clear juices continuously as she felt the big penis pistoning in and out of her ass-hole. Inga escort izmir couldn’t recall getting such a thorough buggering on the Island.

For anything remotely resembling the intensity of the hammering Brad had given her she had to go back to a semi-consensual encounter she’d had with a group of guys from her past. She’d once been pulled into men’s bathroom in a nightclub, by a group of big North African immigrants whom she’d agreed to go for a drink with. She’d known them through a voluntary language exchange programme that had seemed like a nice way to give something back to the community. The group of guys had admired her big tits and flirty manner and decided that they wanted something altogether more intimate from her than mere Swedish lessons. They’d stripped her little black party dress off her despite her protestations, and seemed entirely uninterested when she’d protested about being buggered then and there over the sinks. A few Swedish guys come in and out while she was getting boned, but appeared to have assumed that Inga was totally into the whole thing. Which, sadly, she realised she had been (at the end, at least, when she’d orgasmed as the final penis squirted a big load into her ass).

I guess it’s just my nature, she thought to herself, through a haze of mingled pleasure and pain. Dimly, she was aware that the brunette that had talked Brad into banging her, Rebecca, was jerking off a new guy who had walked in. He was smaller than Brad, but still had a pleasantly thick cock.

Detecting Inga’s interest, Rebecca guided Hal closer, still masturbating him all the while. She eventually parked him within arm’s reach of Inga, who looked up to see Hal’s cock now pointing directly at her face.

“Oh,” She thought to herself… “She’s going make him cum on me…”

Hal closed his eyes and started trembling slightly. His whole body seemed to tense up and Rebecca crowed in delight as she felt his cock go momentarily even harder than it had been previously. She darted a wicked glance at Inga and swiped a thumb roughly over the tip of Hal’s cock, where he appeared to be especially sensitive. That tipped him over the edge, and he grunted and thrust his hips forward, Rebecca angling the head of his cock at the Swede’s face like a fire-hose.

Despite a day filled with orgasms, Hal delivered yet again… Inga watched the little eye dead-centre of his penis seem to wink at her, shrinking and then gaping wide suddenly. A thick, pearly white rope of cum erupted towards her, like a line of confetti shot from a party-shop can. It splashed across her face like paint thrown by an expressionist artist, warm and salty and sending a shudder through her body.

Rebecca’s hands became slick with jizz as she continuing working her hands over Hal’s penis, milking him for all he was worth. He shot what seemed like a half-pint of perfectly white semen out on the Scandinavian’s face, most of it splattering off her lush lips. Inga’s mouth opened and closed, and a good dollop squirted directly into her mouth as she groaned with lust.

“Fucking slut, look at her getting off on being ridden by one guy while another dumps a load on her face,” Rebecca marveled to herself, as Inga orgasmed, her whole body trembling and seeming to crumple onto the chair supporting her.

Behind her, still balls deep in her clenching asshole, Brad was finally tiring and decided that now was as good a time as any. Huffing away, he felt her ass muscles milk him as she came, and upped his pace, izmir escort thrusting hard and fast once again.

But Inga seemed to be slipping into an almost mindless state following her heavy orgasm. Aftershocks were still trembling through her frame, her tits jiggling on her rib-cage each time. She could still feel Brad screwing her ass, but the sensations seemed to come to her almost through a haze. Hal’s warm semen was already caking on her face, and she felt like she was about to pass out from the intensity of the last half hour’s fucking.

Brad, trying to finish, suddenly found his partner giving in totally to him and no longer thrusting back against him. Whilst her ass still clenching him tightly it felt like an uphill struggle to finish in her – like he was doing all the work.

Rebecca, finally releasing Hal’s drained penis, smeared her jizz-stained hands over his breasts and realized what was happening.

“Oh, bloody hell. Do I have to do everything?” She rolled her eyes. “If she’s playing games and making you do the work then you need to show her who’s boss, Brad. She’s not made of glass, so…”

Brad’s eyes widened as Rebecca stepped in close to Inga and suddenly punched her smartly in the lower back!

The effect was instant.

Inga’s eyes filled with water and she squealed in surprise and pain, the unexpected impact causing her to immediately tense up….

…Which meant that Brad’s cock was suddenly seized by what felt like a massage machine. Inga’s ass-muscles clenched and released and re-clenched him as her body spasmed from the impact of Rebecca’s little donkey punch. He felt like he was being milked, llike her heart-shaped ass was massaging him. The pressure was intense, and the fact that Inga was trembling and pretty shaken up appealed to a the caveman in Brad.

Grunting, he felt his orgasm come on him. Balls deep in the pretty Swede’s ass, his cock twitched and throbbed and spat a constant stream of hot jizz. Inga moaned as she felt the hotness of it begin to fill her up. The punch from Rebecca had sucked, but in a weird way she kind of liked the way it had made her body squeeze hard on Brad. Now he was squirting into her like a man possessed, while his heavy torso folded over onto her.

Brad was heavy enough that he more or less pinned her to the chair, mashing her tits flat. His cock was still weeping out the last of his load, buried inside her.

Sighing from off to the side, Rebecca turned to Hal.

“Well, that’s that. He’s not going to be any good to me for a while now.”

She shrugged. “There’s always when we’re back at work, though. At least I know he’s got a dick that lives up to the rumors and has a bit of stamina.”

Hal, meanwhile, was admiring Inga, noting that despite the severe buggering she’d had, the mild mistreatment from Rebecca and the sticky load coating her face, she was still a knockout.

“I wonder what it would take to hire Inga to come back with us… I don’t know… As some kind of PA or secretary or something?” He mused.

Brad, just coming around from his exertions, grinned. “I’m sure we can work something out. I’ve got a feeling that I could get used to having her around.” He lifting himself off the blonde, gingerly pulling his penis out of her ass.

Inga rubbed her butt and frowned slightly, but then grinned at them all. “I enjoyed that! Can we do it again?”

Rebecca rolled her eyes.

“I’ll call HR an get them to draw up some kind of contract.”


(…For now. What would you like in future stories? Tales of Inga’s younger days in college? Something involving Brad’s hot wife and her liaisons with various studs? Something featuring Rebecca? Let me know)

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