Three in a Bed

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Alina Li

Thanks go to Dean for the inspirational anecdote!

* * *

Sam watched the two girls leave the bar and sighed wistfully. The blonde was stacked and he was in deeply in lust.

“They’re way out of your league,” commented Darren with a snort. “Besides, I don’t think you’re the right gender.”

“No way,” stated Sam with a glare in Darren’s direction. “I know for a fact Jenny’s into men.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Darren shrugged and drained the last dregs of his pint of beer. “Come on, I’m ready for home. We’ve got that dodgy DVD to watch.”

Sam brightened up immediately. He grabbed his jacket and followed Darren out of the student union bar.

Outside, the landscaped grounds of the university were almost deserted. Most students were either still drinking in the bar, taking advantage of cheap beer and flexible opening hours, or holed up in their flats, studying for end of term exams.

The boys wandered along the meandering path towards the halls of residence in companionable silence, each lost in thoughts of women, albeit very different ones. They had just turned a corner near their building when Sam grabbed Darren’s arm and yanked him to an abrupt standstill.

“Shhh!” he whispered. “Check out those two!”

The two girls from the bar were standing beside the low wall that ran along the edge of the path. They were locked in each others arms, kissing passionately. Jenny, the taller of the two, broke away when she realised they were being observed. She smiled at the boys and then stuck her tongue out flirtatiously.

“Please, carry on!” Darren implored with a laugh and Jenny’s friend blushed sweetly. She whispered something in Jenny’s ear and both girls drew apart, although still holding hands.

“Hey, girls, do you fancy coming back to our flat for a drink?” Sam blurted as the girls turned to walk away. They immediately froze and spun back around.

“Have you got any wine?” Jenny asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Sure have—a couple of bottles of red, plus some beer and vodka.” Sam smiled hopefully.

“Whaddaya think, Kate?”

The petite brunette looked from the boys to Jenny. Then she spoke. “Okay, that sounds like it might be fun.” She grinned mischievously and Sam felt a shiver of excitement shoot through him. His evening had suddenly taken a far more interesting direction.

* * *

Sam flicked the kitchen light on and glanced around critically. Fortunately, it wasn’t too bad for a change. Most of the dirty dishes had been washed up before they left for the bar earlier and apart from a small pile of clothes on the floor, there was nothing embarrassing lying around. He breathed a sigh of relief.

“Red wine, okay?”

The girls nodded. Darren had disappeared into his bedroom so Sam was left to open the wine and pour them all a glass. He hunted through the cupboards, searching for four clean glasses, but in the end he had to make do with two mismatched glasses and a couple of plastic cups. Hardly classy, but needs must, thought Sam. He nearly dropped the glasses when he turned back around to pass the girls their wine.

“What the fuck!” Darren gasped audibly as he came back into the kitchen.

Jenny and Kate were kissing again, their hands exploring hungrily. They seemed uncaring of the two boys watching. If anything they appeared to be putting on a show for the boys benefit.

“Have a drink,” Sam hissed izmir escort bayan to Darren. He passed a plastic cup in his mate’s direction, managing not to take his eyes off the girls. As he watched, Jenny lifted Kate’s top and pulled it over her head. She reached down to stroke the twin mounds of Kate’s small breasts and Sam heard the small sounds gasping sounds Kate made in response.

He pulled a chair out and sat down heavily. It seemed pointless standing. Besides, there was a very real possibility that he might fall over if there was any more gratuitous nudity in his kitchen.

When Jenny bent her head and licked a pink tongue across Kate’s rosy nipples, Sam knew he had to be dreaming. Things like this didn’t happen to him. This was like a live porn show, only it wasn’t faked. Darren was still standing in the doorway, open mouthed in shock, so Sam quickly beckoned towards the other chair.

“Is this for real?” Darren marvelled as he sat down.

“I dunno,” replied Sam, “but if it’s a dream, I’ll fucking kill you if you wake me up.”

Kate was moaning softly as Jenny licked and sucked her breasts. Sam could see the light sheen of sweat that gilded her golden skin and he wondered what she would taste like. He licked his lips subconsciously and tried to ignore his aching cock.

Then Jenny pulled her own tee shirt off, finally revealing the wonderful tits Sam had dreamed about for months. Hers were much larger than Kate’s, but remarkably firm and shapely, and her nipples were long and erect, like twin erasers. They were begging for a hot, wet mouth to give them some attention, Sam decided wistfully. Preferable his, he added.

The two girls rubbed their breasts together as they kissed, their bodies entwined in a Sapphic sculpture of eroticism; a delicious contrast of curvaceous blonde and slender brunette. They were all Sam’s porno fantasies brought to life in an intoxicating display of hedonistic delights. The wine sat untouched on the table. Nobody was interested in the cheap cabernet any more; there were far too many other more attractive things on offer.

As the girls continued to kiss passionately, Sam noticed a couple walking slowly past the kitchen window, hand in hand. Much to his amusement, the bloke turned towards their flat and almost fell over the wall when he saw he scene playing out through the window. His girlfriend’s mouth fell open in shock when she realised what he was looking at.

“Shit, we’re going to have campus security banging on the door now,” muttered Darren when he noticed their audience.

“Girls!” Sam exclaimed, “Maybe it’s time you moved into the bedroom?” The guy outside was giving them a thumbs up gesture of approval and Sam grinned with smug pride at the fact these sexy babes were in his kitchen.

Jenny and Kate broke apart, their cheeks flushed. “Which room?” Jenny asked, her hands resting on Kate’s waist.

“I’ll show you,” Sam said cheerfully. He was delighted that the show showed no signs of stopping.

* * *

Sam glanced around his bedroom and quickly kicked some dirty footy kit under the bed. As far as he could see, there was nothing else too embarrassing, so he stepped aside and let the girls in.

“Make yourselves at home.”

Jenny ignored him completely. Instead she pulled Kate down on to the rumpled duvet and resumed kissing her.

“Fancy some music?” he asked to nobody in particular. escort izmir Since the girls were too busy to answer, Sam waltzed over to his CD collection and examined it. He had stacks of them, although none that fitted the ‘girl on girl seduction’ criteria.

Keeping one eye on the increasing levels of nudity on his bed, Sam eventually selected a chill-out compilation. It was perfect. Now all he needed was for the girls to ask him to join in…

With the music playing in the background, Sam watched the action for a few moments. He felt kind of superfluous, but he was glued to the scene before his eyes. Darren was still in the kitchen, so feeling obliged to share the fun, Sam headed back to try and persuade him to come and watch.

“It’s too much!” Darren groaned. “I’m not used to such debauchery.” He poured the rest of the wine into his glass and downed it.

Sam laughed. “You’re so fucking vanilla. Go to bed you plank and I’ll tell you all about it in the morning.” He wasn’t staying in the kitchen while two hot girls munched rug in his bedroom!

When he wandered back into his room, his dick almost had a heart attack. Kate was lying naked, her legs spread wide, with Jenny’s face buried between her thighs. The erotic sight sent extra blood rushing into Sam’s already rigid cock. Taking a deep breath, he tried to calm down. It would not be helpful to blow his load here and now. He wanted to enjoy this a little more.

“Hey girls,” he said loudly as he walked past the bed, intending to flick through the CD’s again. “Need anything?”

Jenny looked up, her face shiny with Kate’s juices. “Wanna join in?” she asked with an impish grin.

Sam thought for a moment that he was dreaming again. Things like this didn’t happen to him. He was always up for fun—but a threesome with two hot babes was not something he had ever experienced before. But he quickly decided he didn’t exactly need to think about it.

“Hell, yeah!” It was the fastest disrobing in history. In less than ten seconds, he had stripped to nude and climbed on the bed, his cock painfully erect.

Kate was quivering on the duvet, her eyes glassy and her cheeks flushed. Jenny continued to stroke her friend’s glistening pussy with skilful fingers as she moved back up the bed until she was lying alongside.

“Lick her out,” she instructed.

Sam was practically salivating at the thought already. Taking a deep breath as he tried to quell his overexcited cock, Sam knelt between Kate’s legs and inhaled deeply. She smelt divine—musky and wonderfully feminine. When he flicked a hesitant tongue across her clit, she nearly leapt off the bed.

Jenny was watching him when he looked up. “Make her cum,” she said softly. Then she bent down and took a pebbly nipple between her pink lips, and sucked.

“Oh fuck…” Sam gritted his teeth. This experience would keep him in wank material for months.

Closing his eyes again, he bent to the task in hand. Kate’s thighs locked around his head as he delved inside her dripping channel. Within a very short space of time, he felt the first spasms of Kate’s orgasm. When she began to wail and thrash about, he struggled to stay between her legs without suffocating, but the sweet flood of juice that streamed out of her made his sacrifice worthwhile.

“I think she enjoyed that,” commented Jenny when Sam finally emerged with his face wet and shiny.

Kate izmir escort was lying with her eyes closed and for a moment Sam wondered if she had passed out, then she opened her eyes and smiled shyly at him.

“Thanks,” she said, her cheeks flushed pink and rosy.

Both girls dropped their gaze towards Sam’s eager cock and he smiled at them hopefully. “Any chance of—”

Jenny interrupted him with a grin. “Come here…” She leaned forward and licked her lips lasciviously as Sam crawled up the bed. Kate rolled over and Sam lay down against the pillows as the two girls knelt on either side of his body.

Quickly deciding that two tongues were infinitely better than one, Sam reached out to fondle the girls’ breasts as they fought over his cock. It was a struggle not to come, but Sam manfully resisted as Jenny engulfed his cock while Kate licked his balls.

“No more!” he cried eventually. The girls sat up and looked first at him, then at each other. As Sam watched them, he had the distinct impression that they were having a conversation he couldn’t hear. When they both smiled, he wondered just what they intended to do next. It wasn’t long before he found out.

“Move down slightly,” asked Jenny and he instantly obliged. As soon as he was horizontal, Kate straddled his body and his cock slipped inside her heated body. The sensation was electric—it had been a couple of months since his last lay and he could hardy believe how wonderful Kate felt with her pussy wrapped around his aching cock. This was well worth the wait, he decided.

While he was losing himself in the delicious pleasure of Kate’s body, Jenny climbed astride his face and he suddenly found himself staring up into her dripping sex. Not wishing to pass on such a fortuitous opportunity, Sam pulled her down and began to lick and suck for all his worth.

With Kate riding his cock and Jenny writhing around on his face, it wasn’t long before he felt the first stirrings of a huge orgasm. Jenny came just before he did and he was dimly aware of her moaning loudly as he exploded inside Kate. His own groans of satisfaction were smothered as Jenny ground her pussy into his face in ecstasy.

* * *

Fifteen minutes later, Sam was lying between the two girls, enjoying the second bottle of red wine. Kate was stroking his rapidly recovering cock while Jenny fondled her friend’s breasts. Despite Sam’s invitation, Darren had refused to come out of his bedroom. He had claimed a migraine, but Sam knew he was lying. The real truth was Darren couldn’t handle it. But Sam didn’t care. He was more than happy to have the two girls all to himself.

Jenny took his empty glass and placed it purposefully on the floor. “We haven’t finished yet,” she laughed as she grasped his hard cock.

Kate smiled at him as she dripped the last dregs of wine from her glass all over her breasts. Not needing an invitation, Sam leaned forward and licked the droplets from her hard nipples with enormous relish. She tasted divine. Once all the wine had gone, he kissed her mouth as Jenny took his cock in her mouth.

By the time he was kneeling behind Jenny, fucking her senseless while Kate sucked her nipples and rubbed her clit, Sam didn’t think the evening could possible get any better. Later, as he was falling asleep, entwined between the two sleeping girls, he wondered again if it was all a drunken hallucination.

But the soft breasts pressed against his back and the slim arm wrapped around his waist told him it was most definitely real. He slipped into black oblivion with a huge shit-eating smile on his face. He couldn’t wait to tell his mates about this evening!

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