Three to Tango

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His masculine scent filled my senses as I walked past him through the door he was holding open for me. The room was spacious and tidy. No personal items or photos were on display. No clothes were strewn across the floor. The bed filled most of the space with a bedside table on either side suggesting two people slept here.

I felt his arms wrap around me from behind as I took in the chamber. His sturdy hands spread across my stomach and his long fingers traced patterns on my skin through the fabric of my dress. I turned my head into his inviting him to kiss me. His lips caressing mine and sending tremors to my core as his capable hands travelled lower to the tops of my thighs. I opened my mouth to him and he didn’t hesitate, his tongue plunging into me and dancing with my own. His hands brushed my skin where my dress ended and paused to grip the hem before he lifted it over my head, breaking our heated kiss for barely a moment as the material passed between us and he dropped it to the floor. I turned to face him and he was on me, his hands exploring every inch of my body – down my arms, up the tops of my legs, across my stomach, pleasuring my breasts through my strapless bra, down my stomach, a fleeting touch against my aching centre covered by the thin material of my thong – as his mouth devoured mine.

My hands travelled the contours of his body too; moving down his strong neck to the defined muscles on his front, from his pecs down his strong arms and back up them to his pecs before trekking downwards to his drool-worthy abs. I ripped his shirt upwards and he threw it to the ground adding it to our growing pile of clothes as I unbuckled his belt and dropped to my knees looking up at the view as I removed his jeans. I licked my lips as I took in the delicious site of him standing before me in nothing but a tight pair of tented bonds, leaving little to the imagination and making me wet at the thought of stretching to fit his long hard member inside me. His muscles glistened with sweat as I stared up at him, heightening my arousal further.

I stood and our hungry kiss continued as he pushed me back until the backs of my legs hit that big spacious bed of his. We fell onto it together and his hands on my lower back lifted me until my head fell onto the pillows at the top of the bed. He kneeled between my legs and looked down at me as his fingers ankara escort fumbled before removing my bra and exposing me to him. His brown hungry eyes glazed over with his need for me and he bent over me touching his lips to mine in a sinful kiss. Our chests mashed together skin on skin for the first time and his hard muscles against my soft breasts made me need more and I moaned my frustration. His hands held mine above my head and he rubbed his shaft against my centre causing my hips to lift off the bed and my legs to wrap around him. I felt metal on my wrists at the same time his hands wrapped around my ankles breaking my hold on him. He lifted away from me and I tried to pull my hands down only to realise they were handcuffed to the headboard of the bed. I smiled up at him and he leaned in for another quick kiss before sliding off the bed and standing at the end looking down on me. It was as if he was testing himself, to see if he could stand from afar and look at me without touching me. He walked to the side of the bed and his hands ran up the insides of my legs from my ankles to my centre before he gripped the scrap of material I had left on and slid it slowly back down my legs, tossing it to the floor.

I was now lying fully naked before him, handcuffed to the bed. I should’ve felt vulnerable or exposed in this moment but the hot look of desire etched across his features only made me more aroused. He swallowed before walking to the door and leaving me questioning what was to happen next.

He was only gone for a moment before he returned. However he was not alone. She looked like a Victoria Secret model; with endlessly long legs and flowing blonde hair, her large boobs almost popping out of her tight lingerie. She wore little but then I suppose in that moment I wore less. There was no formal introduction, no indication of her name. He closed the door and locked it returning to his place at the side of the bed to watch what was to come. She stood at the end of the bed and striped down, giving us a private show. Her eyes danced with heat as she removed what little clothing she had on to begin with. He groaned with approval as her bra fell to the floor and her large breasts were finally free. I turned to see him yanking off his underwear and springing free himself and licked my lips in appreciation.

I felt the bed dip as she climbed escort ankara on top of me, crawling over my body seductively. Our naked bodies rubbed together. She straddled me as her hands explored further following the natural curves of my body; travelling from my hip bones, across my tender tummy up between my breasts before slowly coming back down to cover them with her small palms causing me to moan. Her hips pushed down on mine as she leaned over me – our breasts mingling together – and interlocked our lips. My wrists ached from pulling against my restraints and I gave in; opening my mouth to hers in a searing kiss I wouldn’t soon forget. He groaned again when she pulled away only to lick backwards down the path her hands had just traced; between my breasts and downwards to my belly button and across each hip bone, she continued her southward trek to my core.

She paused and looked up at each of us before licking my clit, sucking it into her mouth and delving her fingers inside me. I threw my head back and moaned my pleasure at her clearly experienced attack as my body coiled with the recognition of an orgasm on its way. Her mouth was relentless and unforgiving as she licked, sucked and maneuvered, igniting fires within me that hadn’t been lit before. She knew my body better than I did and she pulled me over the edge faster than anyone had before her. My body rocked with the waves of pleasure she brought out of me and I panted when it was over. But we were far from done.

I was released from my restraints in the form of handcuffs and found myself missing them. I was surprised to notice the lingering lines they had etched into my flesh. I only remembered feeling the pleasure without the pain. He joined us on the bed; separating her from me with his body. He draped an arm over each of us and pulled us together on top of him, our faces pushed together. She kissed me with passion as his hand roamed over my body. I was sure his other hand was touching her the same way when he squeezed one of my breasts and she moaned in approval. Heat flooded to my legs at the thought of us exploding together. She pulled my face harder to hers; each of her hands over my cheeks and pulled us downwards to his lap together. His hands moved over our backs as we slid down to his hardened member.

Our kiss broke around his length and I watched as she licked up his ankara escort bayan shaft from bottom to top before following her lead; our tongues crossing each other’s as we licked and teased him in sync. Her hands reached for his sack to tug and pull on his balls and urge him to come apart at our now enthusiastic endeavour. I pulled her mouth to the top of his length with mine and we made out with one another and his slick tip. It was by far the most erotic moment of my life. I don’t know how I got here but I sure as hell hoped it didn’t end soon as his hand smacked across my backside and he groaned in ecstasy. My hand found its way to the base of his penis and I wrapped my fingers around him; squeezing gently as I moved my fist up and down his smooth length.

His hand journeyed over my body and stopped at my chin pulling me and her up to his height and successfully ending our attack upon him as his mouth met my neck and he nibbled beneath my ear causing me to shiver and her to moan at the sight of my desire rapidly rebuilding. She shifted on the bed to press her body against his back while she massaged his shoulders and he pulled me onto his lap; my heat hovering over his slick and ready member. His mouth found my breast and he pulled an already hardened nipple into his wet hot mouth. I threw my head back and watched her biting his neck as he teased me. I straddled his lap and positioned him at my entrance, my hips rocking of their own accord. She purred something into his ear as he lifted his hips and pushed into me. He thrust into me once, twice and the pressure built inside me causing me to moan.

But he stopped and lifted me off him just at that moment and I let out a disappointed sound at the loss – before I could protest the matter though – he turned me around and laid back on the bed thrusting into me in one movement as she came around to my front and pressed her hands to my chest. I was riding him backwards as she was kissing me and pushing against my boobs and he was making sounds of approval like I’d never heard before. It excited me to think that just watching her and I together had brought him to the brink and now we were driving him to a point of madness. I didn’t think I could take much more when she decided to test my breaking point by moving one of her hands downwards, trailing between my eager breasts and downwards around my belly button before reaching the desired place between my legs. She rubbed my clit as he thrust inside me and I damn near screamed at that moment. I was coming close to exploding when I felt his release inside me and followed him into the abyss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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