Three’s Company

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I’m walking up the stairs behind her, her hips are swaying gently back and forth in the tight fitting knee-length skirt. All I can do is imagine her ass in my hands clenched as I bend her over and drive her into submission. She turns and her hair sways in slow motion.

I’m daydreaming about my director and she turns to give me a smile…is it a knowing smile? She must know I get all wobbly when she’s around. Kate Summerhill…man oh man she has one lucky motherfucker of a husband. She’s the office eye candy. Sexy and smart…a very wicked combination.

Five o’clock and some imaginary horn goes off in my head, the day is over so I scan my card to exit the building amongst my anxious colleagues.

I hop in my Dodge minivan primed to pick up some “Timbits” for dessert tonight after I pick up my kids from school. I’m heading onto highway 400 when my cell rings. The blue tooth automatically answers for me and I hear my wife’s voice amongst the usual hiss of speaker phone universe.

“Hey Charlie…I had my mother pick up the kids, just come home sans the timmies…I have something special planned.”

“All right then Suzie…I should be there in twenty. Anything you want to tell me about?”

“Not on your life.”

“All righty then! See you soon. Bye.”

My curiosity becomes a black cat…I turn on 640 and try to zone out to the latest hockey news. It’s more like trash talking and rumour mongering but it’s all for the love of the game.

What can she have planned? She never plans anything. My 40th birthday isn’t for another month. My wife is as spontaneous as a garden snail without exaggeration.

I pull in and notice a bright red corvette in the driveway. I don’t recognize the car and the plates say…”HOTNSXY” so I know it’s not for me. We couldn’t afford that anyway. Fuck me Canada! The question is, whose is it?

I lock the car and the usual effeminate security bleep goes off. I turn to compare the cars. Damn, I drive a pussy wagon powered by tampons….just look at that rocket! What happened Charlie? Where did it all go wrong…

The door opens before I can turn around and Suzie’s in a cute little school-girl outfit. I can see a small crease of her shaved pubis at the top of the skirt which is erotically low like she’s starring in a Britney video.

I’ve never seen her in one of these. She pulls me in the house by my tie and takes it off slowly. She then places it over my eyes as I feign to fight her off. She insists.

She closes the door and then undoes my shirt button by button. I am tingling now…she’s never done any of this ankara escort before so I’m trying to act casual and go with the flow. My father always said, play it cool!

I’m fully erect when she finally peels off my pants and gently pulls down my boxers. I’m left in a pair of socks and a blindfold. If the kids ever walked in on this…oh God they would be ruined!

I can see tiny slivers of light on the edges of the tie as she pulls me by the whole girth of my cock toward the living room. The curtains were drawn when I pulled in so I know the neighbours aren’t going to faint.

Suzy sits me on our favourite couch. There is a moment of silence and I suddenly feel a mouth devour me to the base of my cock and jets of pleasure shoot up from the root of my cock to the tip of my head. My cock pulsates in her mouth as she fondles my balls.

The shocking realization that this is not Suzie’s mouth is like a cannon ball shot through my brain…I begin to reach for the tie covering my eyes and feel Suzie’s hands pin me back against the couch. I feel her climb up and unceremoniously sit on my face. I can’t help but begin to lash her with my tongue in a fever of confusion and pleasure.

It’s as if I’m in some Twilight Zone…everything is moving so fast…I can’t slow down and have to just react. I’ve become a hungry animal as she shoves herself down on my stretched out tongue which is desperately trying to penetrate the deepest recesses of her pussy.

She’s moaning softly now and the deep-throat relaxes as a hand begins to tease me and a flickering tongue sends shivers up and down my spine. My wife arches and tenses and her legs tremble and I can taste the musky scent of her release just as she gasps, “Oh God I’m cumming!”

Normally Suzy wouldn’t be that fast…I’m amazed. Did she start without me before I got home…I’m turned on even more thinking about it.

I’m basking in her juices as I feel the unknown soldier between my legs jackhammer my cock and balls in a fury of intense motion.

Suddenly I’m imagining my director Kate between my legs…I now have a face and a perfect body to add to the intensity of the situation. My imagination is running wild with this new thought in my all too real fantasy.

I’m forced to fight the pleasure wracking my body and my legs go stiff as if in protest and pain.

Then it stops as suddenly as it started…I can feel my cock slap against my belly as it yearns for more attention…several hands secure a condom on my penis…something I haven’t felt since my wife went on birth control about ten years ago.

I feel escort ankara something else get pulled on tightly around my shaft after the condom is secured. Then a small switch is pressed and I feel something vibrating at the base – they bring sex toys now too? What the fuck? It feels so damn good though.

I’m still face deep in my wives perfectly shaved pussy and she’s pinning me to the couch…my hands are freed so I reach around and grasp her ass and slap it as I meld it in my fingers. She still has that great ass even after two kids.

I suddenly feel the weight of the unknown woman press down on me as she guides me into her. I’m helpless and off to heaven.

Crushed under the weight of two women I realize my dream has finally come true. I am fighting the feeling so I don’t punch out of this fantasy too soon…it’s building but I don’t want this to end. God, she’s riding me so gently!

Don’t you do it! I don’t want to finish too soon! It’s impossible, the feeling is so intense. I haven’t felt another woman in so long I had forgotten what it felt like.

So gentle…then it begins to build and I can feel myself shift gears and head up a notch into that other zone, the place where angels fly and my body floats away on a delirious pleasure cruise.

It’s the place where sex is no longer just the sensation of your bodies slapping …it’s orgasmic without hitting the orgasm. This feeling doesn’t happen all that often anymore but when it does it’s the most powerful drug on the planet.

I’m moaning and writhing in unison to the motion of her hips. I feel the hot breath of the woman on my chest as she begins to lick my nipple and tug at it between her teeth.

Years ago I had one pierced and it’s almost as if she’s reading my mind when she switches over to the more sensitive one. Oh God.

Two epicentres of pleasure merge together in a blinding ecstasy blasting through my body. My legs are splayed and I move my hands down to feel the thighs of the stranger riding me like a stallion.

She has strong sexy legs and is obviously athletic. Kate’s face and ass come to mind and it turns me on even more. Wet sounds of our merging fluids splash and slip between us. She’s turned on as well…I can hear it.

I reach down between her legs and feel a very fine pubic line…she leans back to allow my fingers to probe her as she rides me.

Suzy realizes there has been a change and moves off me…I can feel her getting down and sitting beside me…her hand is shaking and I know she’s playing with herself…turned on by me being turned on I hope. She set ankara escort bayan this up so how can I be held accountable.

The woman lifts her legs and pulls them up to sit on me and begins using her feet to push herself up and down on me. I’m so close…

“Come for me…show me that white stuff. Come on. It’s okay…she wants you to…we want you to come. Your going to cum in my pussy…cum…CUM…CUM NOW…NOW! NOW I SAID.”

She’ s not exactly yelling but her commands are triggering some basic instinct in me that is submissive. I’m getting closer and closer with each syllable. I can feel it building now and I’m tipping over the edge toward the point of no return.

Oh…so close to popping…my balls tighten and my legs and feet tense. She suddenly stops…she climbs off and pushes me down on the couch on my back. I feel her move up to plant herself on my face after I’ve just fucked her pussy.

I can taste the lubricant and the tang of the condom for a few seconds before her juices wash it away. I can feel my wife climb on and begin riding me…the condom is now off and the sensation has intensified. In a few seconds it’s all going to come to a blinding end.

“Come now…come on…it’s time. I’m going to come on your face. All over your face. You going to come now? Come on. Come now…let’s see it. I’m going to eat your cum…I’m going to lick your wife’s pussy clean and spit the cum in your mouth. You want to taste your own cum? You want me to spit in your mouth? Fucking CUM NOW! Let’s eat your cum. NOW I SAID.”

Now I know what you’re thinking. WTF? I know I know but in that precise moment…feeling all those sensations…hearing a strange woman talking dirty to me while I’m pinned to my own couch in my own living room and imagining it’s my boss Kate talking dirty to me…I let it all go in one massive body wrenching cum shot. It felt like a rocket blast.

Suzy moves off my softening cock before I’m completely finished. The other woman pulls away from my tongue, yanks off my tie and gets down between Suzy’s legs and begins to lap up my love juice.

I’ve never seen two women go at it in person and I wasn’t sure how I would handle it seeing as my wife was involved but it was amazing. I milked my cock to empty it and then all of a sudden this absolutely stunning stranger gets up, leans over me and kisses me full on the mouth.

I was still emptying myself when I tasted the sweet combination of my cum, her spit and my wife’s pussy intermingle in a sticky mess in my mouth. I cum shivered and shook while she kissed me.

“When can we go for round two big boy?”

The hot blond purred as she stroked me belly and flicked her long nails across Suzie’s nipples. This is going to be a long night.

I guess three is company and not so much a crowd.

Richard Beck 09

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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