Trilogy ? 3) The Virgin Boy Becomes the Neighborhood Stud

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My name is Andy, I am 17 now and you can read my story, the beginning of my sex life and how I lost my virginity to Millie, the gorgeous wife of my friend Josh, and how our adventure moved on in the parts 1 and 2 of this Trilogy.

I was 15 when I had my first time with them, and one week after I had my first date with Monica, that went very well: she was a nice girl, communicative, easy going, so we went to the movies, followed by a milk shake and a serious making out, when she first felt how big my cock is. She held my full 11 inches, blew me good, and I shot my full load in her hot mouth. Monica is not even close to voluptuous Millie – a bit skinny, small and firm boobs, small round butt – but we had a good time when I explored and kissed all her parts. She was an experienced girl, already 16, and could not rest until she found a place for us to have sex the week after, when she finally took all my cock inside her pussy. She had already had anal, but she told me she would never take that inside her asshole.

A couple weeks later, in a Saturday afternoon, my cell rings: it was Mrs. Dobbins, Monica’s mom, asking me if I could do her a big favor with her computer: Monica was spending the weekend with a friend, but gave her my number because I was the expert. I really had nothing to do, so I rode my bike to her house, not far away.

Mrs. Dobbins opened the door with a big smile, she was also very communicative and friendly. However, unlike her daughter, she was a curvy, chubby lady, big boobs showing up in the big cleavage of her yellow dress that was also short enough to show a lot of round, good shaped legs. Her big ass shook sensually over her high heels when I followed her to her office, where her notebook was.

Before she turned it on, she looked at me seriously and said: “Andy, this is a very serious and personal matter, and I have to trust you will keep that secret between us. Even Monica doesn’t know exactly why I need your help, but based on what she tells me you are a computer genius and also a mature and reliable guy, can I trust you?” “Sure, Mrs. Dobbins” I said. “Call me Clarice, please” she said with a big smile, and sat down, and turned her computer on. She motioned me to grab a chair and sit beside her, and started kocaeli escort opening some files. She took a deep breath, and said “OK, here it goes…” and opened some pictures. I opened my mouth: there she was, having sex with different men or couples, different positions. She blushed, and also opened a video with her being fucked from behind while sucking another guy.

“Sorry, Andy, I don’t mean to shock you, but I know Monica and you have been intimate and I guess you wouldn’t mind. I belong to a couple’s club, and today is my turn to post my pictures and videos, but we have to hide or blur the faces. My husband does that, but he had to work today, I have a deadline and I certainly don’t have a clue about how to do it. Can you help me?”

I was confused, but she had a hot body and the scenes were torrid, so I could not avoid my erection. I had my usual loose-fitting cargo shorts, and it was impossible to hide the big volume. She saw it, and opened her mouth, mumbling “Oh dear… that’s big!” She somehow recovered and said: “Andy, I knew you and Monica had sex, she always tells me what happens, but she came back from your date differently, with a funny smile, and walking in a different way. I sensed something different had happened, and now I know what. Can I feel it?” She did not wait for my answer and grabbed my cock through my shorts, feeling its hardness, length and width, and she whispered.

I was, on my turn, crazy about her boobs, that looked big but quite well behaved inside her dress, but were huge when free, in the video. I started touching them and in a quick move she unfolded the dress down and the two giants jumped out, as she was wearing no bra. I kissed and licked them, they were warm, very soft, moist, with very big nipples, it was very exciting. She worked on my zipper and freed my cock, holding it now with both hands and bending down to kiss the cockhead. “I’ve seen a lot of them, boy, but this is the champ” she said. Let’s go to the bedroom.

So we did, and when she got there she quickly threw her dress from above her head – she had no panties either – while I undressed. She hugged me, pressing that hot luscious body against mine, my cock upwards against her belly. She put me in bed and started sucking me again. That lady kocaeli escort bayan was good! She took easily all the cockhead in her mouth and relaxed enough her throat to accommodate a big part of my cock inside her. Millie and Monica were not even close. I could feel the head rubbing against her throat and it was extremely good. After a while, I was close to cumming, so I told her it was my turn: she lay down and I kissed and sucked her bazoombas again, and then went down for the pussy: it was totally shaved, big dark lips, and an inebriating female smell. I kissed, licked, plunged my tongue inside, licked her clit, plunged 2 fingers inside, even with my inexperience I felt that woman needed it rough.

When I finally raised my head, I almost fainted: Mr. Dobbins was standing by the door, naked, his cock in his hand. I stopped, frightened, but she pulled my head to her pussy again, saying: “Keep going, he doesn’t mind.” I was quite uncomfortable to begin with, but soon I forgot about that and concentrated on that pussy again.

“Now you have to fuck me, dear” she said, and quickly opened her legs even more. “Come close, Mike, look at the size of that dick that will come inside my big cunt”. I positioned my cockhead at the entrance of the vagina and started to go in almost easily. Mr. Dobbins was close to us now, and I first saw that his cock was ridiculously small, maybe 4 inches, and thin. He saw I was looking at his peg and said “Yes, boy, I know it’s small, that’s why I don’t mind other men fucking my big wife from time to time, she deserves it. Do her good.” I was already in, everything inside, slapping my balls in her shaved pussy. I kept pumping, until she told me she wanted me in her ass, she told me she always came stronger anally.

She positioned herself on all fours, and Mr. Dobbins already had some lubricant to help her. He plunged a finger in, and told me to go ahead. So I did, slowly, carefully, while she made small movements to help, and soon enough I was also all deep into her asshole. I was starting to pump, when Mr. Dobbins told me to stop, all inside her, and rest on her back. I did not understand but complied, and I felt his finger and a glob of cold K-Y inside my buttocks. I squeezed them, froze, and yelled “Stop, Mr. Dobbins!” izmit escort “Andy boy, you can call me Mike, you are fucking my wife’s ass and I am going to fuck yours. Now be a good sport and relax, it will be good for you!”

Well, I though, I knew Millie came a lot anally, and Clarice here even preferred in the ass than in her pussy, and they took big cocks, so why not? Mike’s tiny tool would be the perfect to take my anal cherry. He sensed that I agreed and told me to relax, stay put, and started caressing my cheeks, opening them, coming closer and closer to my asshole, until he started touching it. First, gently, then probing a finger with lube inside, and soon the whole finger was in. It was uncomfortable in the beginning, but it was not too bad. Then, I felt him opening my cheeks wide and his greased cock aiming at my asshole. I felt a pain, but he moved slowly, put more lube, came back, and soon he was also all inside me. It was a bit painful in the beginning and very uncomfortable then, but it soon went away when he started pumping, slowly first and then accelerating.

With his movements, I started mine too, and it was unbelievable: my huge cock deep inside Clarice’s loins, and her husband’s dick inside my asshole, we all moving in the same rhythm, Mike’s pushes helping me banging his wife. We kept that way for a while, Clarice moaning, until she started orgasming loud. It was a great view, her round big ass and the side of her giant bouncing boobs, so I started coming to. Mike’s cock pressure inside me made me squirt more, it seemed my cum would never end. I was still creaming his wife’s asshole when he came inside mine. And we all collapsed in bed.

After we caught our breath, Clarice told me that they had cameras all over the bedroom, and that they would give me the files for edition. “Zoom in, don’t show your face or even too much of your body, you are a minor and we don’t want trouble, but I have to post in the web your monster cock in my mouth, pussy and asshole.” It was a piece of cake, and so I did, cutting out Mike fucking me, of course.

After those experiences, Monica spread the word about my gift to our common colleagues, and Clarice to her friends, most of them the moms of my colleagues, so I became very famous in the neighborhood. I started to date often and sometimes the moms invented silly games to set me up and bring me to bed, like Clarice had done. I never complain!

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