Trio: Morning Cream

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With my first conscious thought, I became aware of the sun on my face. It was streaming through the thin curtains of my bedroom as it did every morning this time of year.

I knew my alarm wouldn’t go off for a little bit yet but I didn’t mind. I turned, stretching, the slick sheet sliding across my sensitive nipples.

There was a weight and movement in the bed beside me. A slender but strong hand traced a line along my hip, across my belly and up to my breasts. I sighed and I know a huge smile took control of my face.

She had such a knack for knowing when I woke. Some nights I went to bed alone. That happens when you’re part of a trio. But I rarely wake alone.

She kissed me as she clasped my generous breast. She tasted like Buck. I sighed again, my thighs rubbing together unconsciously. His taste on her tongue made me wet. I became aware of the sound of the shower in the distance.

She let our lips part and said, “Morning, kitten.”

“Morning,” I answered, my eyes finally opening. Her hazel eyes and upturned nose were inches above me, her smile as wide as mine.

She kissed me again, deeply. Our tongues exchanged a morning greeting. I freed my hand from the sheets and pulled her body to mine.

Tracy was a solid woman, tall and broad in the shoulders and hips. My hand ended up on her hard ass and I dug my finger’s into her glutes. Hers did the same to my much softer breast.

I’m not entirely sure how “bisexual” I really am. Don’t get me wrong; Tracy’s not butch or masculine but she’s also not very girly. She’s a lot stronger than I am and usually pretty aggressive, in bed and out. I’ve never been interested in any other woman they way I’m interested in Tracy.

When illegal bahis she pulled back from our good-morning kiss, she ran her fingers up the back of my neck into my thick mocha hair. “Kitten ready for her breakfast cream?” she asked, teasingly.

I nodded, smiling. I watched my gorgeous lover as she straddled my body. Her all-over tan was unbroken, even across her firm, high titties. Our bodies contrasted so nicely, always. She was tan, slender and toned with high-riding B-cups and hard, tiny brown nipples.

I was pale and soft. Buck and Tracy made sure I stayed in decent shape but I still had a lot more curve everywhere than Tracy. I was just five-three and my big D-cups were more often compared to pillows than melons.

I didn’t have much time to appreciate her body though because she pushed my head back on the pillow and straddled me. Her matted, wiry black pelt filled my view. She lips were inflamed and glistening like she’d just been fucked.

And she wanted me to clean up the left-overs.

My mouth watered as I smelled male and female musk. As her slit drew nearer, I gracefully sank two fingers into her boiling depths and spread her lips. My tongue probed and I tasted both their flavors and moaned.

“That’s right baby, it’s fresh and I saved it all for you,” she said, tightening her grip on my hair. Her labia spread across my lips and even my nose was engulfed in her slit. She was so wet it was running down my chin almost immediately.

Buck’s cream and Tracy’s slick juices flowed across my tongue, the taste setting fire to my entire body. My pussy wept and my nipples swelled hard. I whimpered as I slurped the mess from my lover. I spread my legs wide and shoved a couple illegal bahis siteleri of fingers in my own honey pot.

Tracy could feel my reaction. She chuckled deeply and reached back to pinch one of my fat strawberry nipples. “Little kitty likes the taste, doesn’t she?”

No answer was necessary.

The previous night, we had both wanted Buck in our beds. I’d been getting pouty about it and Tracey wouldn’t have it. In a lot of ways, Tracy is a bitch. I knew she was going to get Buck because she just always gets her way. Her confidence and assertiveness are what attracted me to her but sometimes I end up on the wrong end of it. Last night, I was being a brat about it.

Her solution had been to strap on a fat dildo, drag me to my bed and fuck the shit out of me for nearly an hour. She made sure Buck was watching, too. She made no objection when he climbed onto the bed with us and jacked a big load all over both our bodies. She just kept fucking me for probably another forty minutes while he not only recovered but had begun to go mad with lust.

Tracy’s a strong, solid woman but Buck is an absolute beast. Six foot four inches of blonde, toned gym rat. Tracy wouldn’t bother to cohabitate with anything less than an ideal physical specimen and sexual partner.

Buck is Tracy’s equal in confidence and aggression. She manages to stop just short of arrogance in my opinion but Buck is as obnoxious as they come, to be honest. He’s neither subtle nor much of a gentleman. Or a gentle man.

As if she had planned it, and she probably had, Buck got so excited that he yanked her off of me and literally carried her, over his shoulder, back to his room.

I think I might have heard her first canlı bahis siteleri scream of joy before completely passing out.

So in the end, we’d really all gotten what we needed.

Buck and Tracy must have gotten another good screw in as the sun rose. Maybe two. There was a lot of cream for my breakfast. I dug deep for every drop. “Fuck, don’t stop. I wanna cum all over your sweet angel face.”

I love when she says things like that about me.

I let my bi goddess ride my face like a bicycle while my two fingers rode her g-spot and my tongue wrestled with her swollen clit.

My other hand was jabbing furiously at my own sloshing cunt.

“Oh. Oh god,” was all she said when she started to tremble. Fresh, hot girl-cum smeared across my face. I squealed into her beautiful, greedy flower as my own pussy convulsed around my fingers.

I’ve had a lot of orgasms while being ridden by Tracy. More than once, I’d choked on her juice while gasping from my own release. I was lucky this time, momentarily wedging my forehead against her mons while I gasped.

A few moments later, Tracy rolled off the bed and stood, breathing deeply. The way the diffused sunlight embossed itself on her amazing body made me want to devour her all over again.

A couple more seconds went by as a dozen dirty notions tumbled through my hormone-charged mind. Things I wanted her to do to me. Maybe she hadn’t quite worn Buck out yet that morning?

Then my alarm went off. My face must have taken on a look of horrified disappointment because she laughed out loud at me before spinning and disappearing out my bedroom door.

Bloody fucking hell! I needed to shower and get to work.

In the shower, part of me was thinking “great way to start a Wednesday” but another big part of me desperately needed more.

I knew one thing. That night, Buck would service ME with that big, fat cock. I’ll keep him up all night and Tracy will eat every load.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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