Tropical Temptations Ch. 12

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I am standing near the pool. The two men I experienced yesterday are sitting together on the side of a lounger, looking somewhere to the side of me, with what can only be described as lustful expressions. They are both wearing swimming shorts, and evidence from there indicates that they are very excited. Their faces, with their mouths slightly open, confirm to me that they are in a state of considerable arousal.

My lover and I had gone to bed again early in the afternoon, and made love, and I had come twice, riding his cock as he lay on his back and sucked my nipples hard. He was obviously sleepy, and I could feel him softening inside me, so I rolled off and lay curled at his side. As he was falling asleep, he murmured,

“You better go and find our friends.”

He was right, I was still feeling very sexy and wanting more. He has an amazing ability to fall instantly asleep, and this is what he did now. I lay beside him for a long time, stroking my nipples and playing with my clit. After my experiences of the last few days, this was not very satisfying, so, rather than stay in bed, I decided I should go out for a walk. I did not really think beyond that, but I knew that, here, something exciting can happen very quickly.

I got up and wrapped a sarong around me and left him sleeping. I walked along the beach for a little, and then remembered that I had planned to go for a swim in the quiet secluded swimming pool, so I cut back through the trees. and, near the pool I stopped. And here I am. Two visibly aroused men, who gave me multiple satisfactions yesterday, sitting nearby. Me, naked under my sarong, instantly aroused again at the sight ol their arousal: nipples hard, pussy blossoming, clit stiffening. I let out a small noise, between a moan and a gasp.

The blonde’s man turns towards me and on seeing me, smiles widely, puts his finger to his lips to indicate silence, and gesticulates to for me to join them. The other man, my leading playmate from yesterday morning, looks up and see me, also smiles and they move apart, leaving a space between them on the lounger for me to sit. I go over and sit down, extremely aroused by their arousal, and their warm welcome. I look to see what it is that had brought on their excitement.

On at the other side of the pool were their partners: the blonde I knew so well, and the brunette that my lover had had an intense experience with yesterday. The women are in the throes of very exciting sexual activity. The blonde is lying astride my lover’s friend from yesterday, much as I had been on top of my lover not long ago. The woman on the bottom is sucking at the illegal bahis big tits bouncing before her face, and both woman’s hips are grinding into each other, their clits rubbing against each other. I look more closely and realise that there seems to be a double-headed dildo inside each of the women’s pussies as well. I understand why the men are so aroused, and my pussy floods with wetness, and my already hard clit seems to stiffen even further.

While watching the women is exciting, and they look as if they are going to come soon, I am even more excited by the two very aroused men sitting next to me. I can feel the sexual tension and desire radiating off them, and want to do something to share that excitement.

I reach out with both hands and begin to stroke the inside of their thighs. They both jump slightly, and then reach over to stroke the inside of each of my thighs, pushing the sarong out of the way. It is extremely exciting to watch the two women, and to feel two men touching me, and so I reach up and grasp their hard cocks through their shorts. They both moan quietly. Their two hands reach up to the top of my legs and touch and stroke my wet and swollen pussy and stiff clit, and this makes me moan quietly too. We all three are watching the women who are clearly on the short strokes. The blond head is flung back, her tits thrusting down to the brunette’s mouth, who is sucking them hard. She is touching her own tits and pressing the blonde’s buttocks onto her. They move their hips together more rapidly, then come together with loud cries. I squeeze the cocks in my hands very hard and, closing my legs, press hard against the fingers on my clit and pussy, and I too come with a whimper.

The blonde’s man stands up and slides his swimming shorts off, and stands before me with his very hard, erect, thick cock. The other man slides his shorts off without standing up, and leans over to kiss and suck my nipples, after undoing my sarong and letting it fall, so that I too am naked. He slides two fingers into my wet and eager pussy, and begins to stroke my clit with his thumb. It is a different technique to any I am used to, and it is ecstaticly exciting. The blonde’s man stands at the side of me, his hard thick cock in front of my face. I open my mouth and he guides it in, and I kiss and suck it, as my clit is pleasured, my pussy finger-filled, and my nipples sucked by yesterday morning’s playmate. I am holding his head against my tits with one hand and reaching down to hold his long, hard, but fairly thin, cock in my other hand. The blonde’s man is stroking his cock as I lick and kiss and suck it. Very soon, illegal bahis siteleri the pleasure becomes overwhelming and I come, very big, loudly crying into the hard cock in my mouth, the feel of which I physically recall from yesterday.

I lie back on the lounger, my whole body aroused, and ready for almost anything. The man who had been pleasuring my clit with his thumb and sucking my nipples spreads my legs apart, and begins to kiss and suck my pussy and clit. The blonde’s man stands above my head and, leaning over me, begins to kiss and suck my nipples. I reach up with one hand to hold and rub his thick cock, and reach down with the other to press the other man’s head against my clit. The pleasure all over is intense and I come quickly and hard. They do not stop, and I come again.

The man attending my pussy stands up and the blonde’s max moves away from my tits. They are changing places. As they move, I look across the pool to where the women were playing. They are not there. I let my eyes move around and with a deep surge of excitement I see my lover standing naked and very erect at the other side of the pool, watching me. At his feet are the two women, licking and sucking his cock, and kissing each other and playing with each other’s clit. I watch my lover carefully but my attention is distracted as the blonde’s man lifts my hips and slides his thighs under them, and then slides his thick cock into my pussy, just as he did yesterday. This, together with what I am seeing, and another long cock in front of my face, was extremely exciting. I grab the cock and bring it into my mouth, as I am being fucked hard, and as I watch the blonde and the brunett come at my lover’s feet. This brings me very quickly to a massive orgasm. The two women collapse at the feet of my lover and I begin to think how much I want him now. My attention is brought back to mg body, and I realise that I am still being fucked hard and he is about to come inside me. Which he does with grimace and a loud cry. I want my lover. As soon as is polite, I move the man off me and get up saying that I need to have a swim.

My lover has moved to sit at the edge of the pool, his legs in the water, his erect cock sticking out. I am accompanied to the water by man yesterday morning’s playmate who is still desperate for fulfilment. I slide into the water, followed by him, and swim across to my lover I say to my lover

“I love you, you know.”

And he says,

“I know, enjoy yourself, I am here and there is another man behind you.”

Holding my lover’s legs I reach up and began to nuzzle and kiss his much desired cock, canlı bahis siteleri before taking it into my mouth. I lean backwards and the other man holds my hips and slides his long thin cock into my pussy. I gasp with excitement, remembering the pleasure he had given me yesterday. I suck my lover’s cock, rubbing my tits against his legs and being fucked rapidly from behind. My lover strokes my head, and tells me that he loves me. I ambeing pumped deep from behind, and my lover’s cock is swelling in my mouth. I come with a moan into my lover’s cock.

The man behind slides out, as if waiting permission fro anything further. My lover’s cock slides out of my mouth and, as I stand there, I know what I want. I say to my lover,

“I want you both, back and front.”

My lover slides into the water with a smile and I put my arms around his neck, and wrap my legs around him, and he slides his wonderful cock into my wet and still very desirous pussy. The man behind seems to know what to do and, with some little effort, is soon deep inside my back passage. It is slightly painful to begin with but the pleasure of two cocks inside me soon becomes very overwhelming. My lover kisses me on the mouth and the man behind me is squeezing my tits and nipples and pleasuring my clit with his finger. I am soon lost in the all-body sensations of pleasure and come very quickly. We three catch a rhythm… nipples squeezed and tugged, cocks pumping into me, clit rubbed, mouth and face kissed, three bodies moving together for one purpose, pleasure. I begin to come and come and come, losing track of everything except the pleasure pulsing through my entire body until eventually I gasp,


But my two lovers are already on the short strokes, and will not be stopped. My lover murmurs

“I’m going to come inside you.”

And from behind I hear a growled

“So am I.”

And the thought of giving two men so much pleasure at the same time inspires me and arouses me even further. Soon I feel a pulsing in my back passage and a hot wetness as he comes inside me and in my pussy my lover’s cock swells and pulses as he too pumps his come into me. I lose control as my body is swept by an incredible pleasure as I come enormously and almost lose consciousness.

The man behind me kisses me on the neck and slides out of me, and he swims away. I stay, wrapped in my lover’s arms, his cock still inside me but detumescing.

“Enough for today?” He asked.

“Yes, I just want you now,” I murmured.

“Lets go back and be ourselves for the evening.”

And we get out of the pool. I grab my sarong from the floor near the lounger, where the four others are still intertwined, and now beginning show signs of new activity. With my lover, I walk hand in hand to back to our room.

” I think its time to go home,” I say firmly as we climb the stairs.

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