Two Bi Studs for Brenda

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Bottle Insertion

I was working as a trainer and a masseuse at one of the big Vegas hotels, helping guests forget about their losses and their hangovers by at least trying to get them into some sort of shape and soothing their tense muscles. I had one guy who’d regularly come down to work out at the health club whom I liked, and soon he and I got to talking.

Tom was a dealer at the hotel casino. He was a married dude who obviously needed a friend. We started talking about this and that, how his marriage sucked, and pretty soon I was inviting him over to my place for drinks. He knew I was a dyke and that made him feel comfortable, knowing neither one of us would be coming on to the other. When we’d had a few too many drinks one afternoon, he started pouring it all out, telling me how he and his wife didn’t get along, rarely had sex, that he was no longer turned on by her. Las Vegas marriages are as rocky as they come — drinking, gambling, all kinds of suppressed sexual needs there to rock the marital boat.

I guess he had come to confide in me, or maybe it was the booze, but one night out of nowhere Tom confessed that perhaps he never should have gotten married in the first place, that maybe what he’d always needed was a man and not a woman. He’d long suppressed a hankering for boy-boy pleasures, he confessed. The thing is, even though he had these sexual desires, he couldn’t see himself getting together with a man one-on-one. It was just sex he yearned for, not any kind of intimacy beyond the physical.

“What exactly is it you want to experience with a man, Tom?’ I probed”If you want to know, Brenda, I want to suck me some nice stiff dick. I want to take a big one up the ass. I’ve been fantasizing about that forever. My wife, when we were still into it, would sometimes strap on a rubber one and make me suck it, then fuck me with it. I used to love that. When she had it buried inside me, I’d imagine a real one up there, one twice as big as the one my wife was using.”

He laughed, taking another sip of his drink, amazed, no doubt, at how frank and open he was being with me. The fact that I was a dyke I’m sure made it easier. He probably wouldn’t be confessing all this to some straight chick.

“It’s not just men and cocks I dream about, I suppose, but big cocks.”This immediately gave me an idea.

“I have this other client, he’s married too,” I told Tom. “Kevin’s his name. A great looking

guy, by the way. And he’s also been opening up to me about his marriage. He’s not happy either. His problem is that he’s exceptionally well hung, he says, and his wife is always saying he’s too big for her, that it hurts when he fucks her. Kevin’s had this one desire he’s always wanted to fulfill. He wants to do Greek. You know, fuck somebody up the ass. His wife sure won’t let him do that. And he says every other woman he’s tried to approach that way also said she couldn’t take him up there.”

Brenda could see the aroused, curious gaze in Tom’s eye.

‘”He’s straight like you are, Tom. I asked him if he wants to fuck ass so much why doesn’t he
find himself a willing a guy. There’s sure no shortage of guys like that in Vegas, bottoms who’d happily turn over for a hung, straight stud.”

“What’d he say to that?”

“He said he doesn’t feel like going out and cruising for a gay stud. He’s like you, Tom. He wants the action, but that’s all he wants. He did tell me that if a situation ever came up where the right guy was there and available for him, then he’d probably go for it. But he wasn’t going to go out looking.”

Brenda could tell by the look on Tom’s face just how much this piqued his interest.

“Would you be interested, Tom?” I asked, amazed we were treading on this turf. “I think I could arrange it. I have a feeling he’ll turn you on. And I’m sure you’ll do the trick for him. I can have you both come over for drinks sometime and you can check each other out. You know, no commitment, nothing to lose. But hell, you guys may hit it off. You both seem to have what the other one needs and is looking for.”

“Sure, I’d like to meet him. Let’s see what happens,” Tom said. And I could detect under his usual cool manner, the enthusiasm in his voice. “How big is he anyway?”

“Actually, one time when he and his wife were on the outs and he needed a place to crash, I let him stay over here, with me. I have that spare bedroom. I got up late at night to get something to drink and walked past the bedroom. He’d left the door open and there he was inside, beating off. He never even noticed me as I stopped to stare. All I can say is he was huge. And it was so thick too, his cock”

Tom smiled, he liked what he was hearing. In fact, he couldn’t stop thinking about it until that day had arrived – the day when he and Kevin would finally get to meet each other.

That happened soon enough as Kevin was as keen as Tom about my idea for a get-together to see if these two men would find what each longed for.

They were nervous at first as I poured drinks. After all, illegal bahis both were married and basically straight. Though thoughts of sex with men fevered up their minds, neither had yet acted on those impulses. As for me, I got really fired up by the idea of these two making it. Though I’d had a few experiences with men back in college a decade ago, since then my sex life has strictly been with women. Maybe it was because I was gay myself that the idea of men getting it on with men aroused me as much as it did. Of course there’s something else. When I play with women I love to use dildos; use them on my lovers and have them use them on me. So though I may not care for men sexually, somehow the idea of a cock sure does something for me. Even that night, after I caught Kevin slowly fisting his huge shaft I immediately went in my bedroom and masturbated to images of my houseguest playing with his oversized penis.

Now here they were, in my living room, that big cock of Kevin’s hidden away in the crotch of his jeans.

Though I had told Tom about it, Kevin never knew I’d caught sight of him that night. Now I thought I’d let him know as a way to break the ice and maybe get things moving.

“I never told you this, Kevin,” I began and then proceeded to tell him how I’d witnessed him playing with his cock. “I couldn’t believe how huge you were. And when I told Tom he sure seemed intrigued, right Tom?”

Tom blushed a little, but nodded.

“You know, Kevin, I’d get a kick out seeing it again. And I’m sure Tom would love to lay his eyes on it,” I said provocatively. “How about you whip it out and let us have a look.”

It didn’t take much convincing. Kevin was here for a reason, and the reason was that he hoped that, finally, he’d be able to slide that thick, overgrown cock of his up a nice, tight, willing and welcoming ass. Tom’s ass, maybe. So he unbuckled his belt, unzipped his jeans, and reached in. And when he pulled it out his dick was already at half-mast, big and thick, and quickly stiffening up. I looked over at Tom who had his gaze fixed on Kevin’s impressive tool.

“What’d I tell you?” I said to Tom teasingly.

“You weren’t kidding.”

Kevin loved it, loved showing off.

Tom and I watched Kevin play with his dick, fingers wrapped around its girth, twisting the shaft until it reached its maximum dimensions and was as rigid as a length of steel tubing.

“Damn, how many inches you carrying anyway, Kevin?” I asked, looking over at Tom.

“Why don’t you measure it for me, Brenda,” Kevin teased.

“Oh you know I don’t play with men’s cocks,” I said, laughing, then looked over at Tom. “But maybe Tom would care to measure it.”

Without waiting for an answer I went into a desk and took out a ruler.

“Here, Tom,” I said, handing it to him. This was the moment of truth for Tom. He said he’d been hankering for some big, juicy cock. He wanted to taste it, have it driven deep into his ass. Well Kevin sure had the equipment for the job, and he sure looked like he was keen and eager to put it to use. “Why don’t you measure it for us.”

Tom hesitated a moment, still in a little bit of shock, then leaned over toward Kevin with ruler in hand. Glancing up at Kevin, then at me he placed the ruler along the length of Kevin’s shaft.

“Uh—looks like it’s ten—ten inches long,” Tom stuttered, nervous excitement in his voice.

“Wow, that’s a big one, huh?” I said, proclaiming the obvious.

Tom was frozen, staring at the huge cock.

“Take it your hand, hold it, Tom,” I urged.

He put aside the ruler and wrapped his fingers around the thick shaft, coming close, his eyes glued to the beautifully sculpted cock. Whether they’re straight, bi or gay, all men instinctively know how to handle a cock, having handled their own endlessly. So now Tom started massaging Kevin’s thick, rigid ten inches like he’d been handling other men’s cocks all his life. Kevin closed his eyes and sighed, loving the massage.

“Now go ahead and bring your mouth down to it,” I urged, thrilled by what I was witnessing. There’s something about two men making it that brings a tingle to my clit. And though I may be a dyke, I guess I just have a thing for cock.

Tom took a deep breath as he gazed over at me. Then, still gazing, he brought his lips down to the shaft and began to run his tongue along the taut skin of the achingly erect penis, sliding that tongue slowly up and down its length.

I watched, spellbound, as Tom dragged his tongue all over the ample surface of Kevin’s cock until, finally, he opened his mouth and engulfed the big knob between his lips.

“Look at you, Tom, you’re sucking cock. Aren’t you the lucky boy.”

Once he got into it, Tom was ravenous, as though he’d been hungry for the taste of cock all his life. And looking at how he was wolfing down Kevin’s stiff shaft, I had to say Tom sure seemed like he knew what was doing. I could feel a warm dampness between my own legs. All this was definitely arousing me. The moment Tom illegal bahis siteleri confessed he yearned for cock and the thought of hooking him up with Kevin came to me, I could hardly think about anything else.

“What a hungry cocksucker you are, huh Tom?” I couldn’t help teasing. “Go on, suck that cock! Suck it!”

And suck it he did as now Kevin dropped a hand and gently pressed back on Tom’s head.

I watched for a while but realized if this were going to go any further, the two of them would have to undress.

“Take off your clothes, guys. I want to see you both naked.”

In a jiff jeans and T-shirts, socks and shorts came off and the two of them were as naked as on the day they were born. Kevin I’d seen naked before, when I caught him beating off. He had a smooth, sinewy, lean body, with a washboard stomach, and narrow hips. All that made the thick ten inches sticking out from the base of his stomach that much more impressive looking. Tom I had trained and massaged, so I was even more familiar with that also nicely sculpted and toned body. Though until now I had never seen his dick or his ass. The ass was perfect, smooth and firm and gorgeously tanned. Tom must’ve found himself a hideout for nude sunbathing, maybe his own backyard. And his cock, exposed now, was as erect as Kevin’s. He wasn’t carrying quite as many thick inches as Kevin, few men did, but he was nicely endowed and his cock was nicely formed. I don’t know what it is, this thing I have for cock. When I’m making it with chicks and we get into dildo and strap-on games I’m fussy about the equipment we use. I always like to pick out the rubber cocks, making sure they’re as lifelike as possible and shaped and sized just the way I like them.

The two guys, naked now, checked out each other’s bodies, Kevin getting his first look at Tom’s equipment. Then Tom gently pushed Kevin back down on the couch and resumed sucking his dick. I was sitting opposite the two of them, in an armchair, and needed to get closer. So I went over and knelt down next to Tom, my eyes now only inches from where Tom was gobbling up Kevin’s meaty log. We gazed into one another’s eyes as he chewed on the shaft.

“Look at you, Tom. You’ve wanted to do this for so long, to suck a cock. A big one. Do you like it? Do you like wrapping your lips around Kevin’s big, beautiful shaft?”

He nodded, his mouth full.

“You do, don’t you? Just look at you, you love it!”

The sight of Kevin’s thick penis in Tom’s mouth almost made me dizzy with excitement. Why, I wondered, did I get so turned on by men making it with each other?

Now Tom pulled away and gave me a sly look, his lips curling in a smile.

“Want a taste, Brenda?”

“No, I don’t think so,” I said, taken aback a little. “That’s not exactly part of my cuisine.”

“You sure? It tastes real, real good,” Tom kept teasing.

“Yeah, Brenda,” Kevin now added. “Why don’t you have yourself a taste?”

“C’mon guys, you damned well know I’m a dyke.”

“So? We’re both straight, me and Kevin. And here I am sucking his dick. You’re not going to stop being a dyke just because you suck a little cock? A little big cock.”

“That’s right,” Kevin added. “You’re always saying how you like to mess around with rubber ones, you and your girlfriends. Well here’s the real deal, check it out, why don’t you.”

The truth is just that thought had been beginning to buzz inside my head, amazing me. I hadn’t had sex with men for over ten years, since I was a college freshman, and had pretty much determined that I was a hardcore lesbian. I never felt a desire or an attraction to men. Maybe it’s because I’m gay, and now was watching two men have sex, one sucking the other one’s dick, that somehow made me feel more comfortable with the idea, more aroused. And so I realized that, yes, I really did feel like having myself a taste of Kevin’s big cock. Once in a rare while when I had a big rubber one between my lips, I’d imagine it was a real one. Well, here I had a chance to check out the original.

“Oh, okay,” I said, coming closer as Tom gave me room. I stared right into Tom’s eyes as I wrapped my lips around Kevin’s cock, taking the immensely thick shaft in my hand. It was one thing looking at it, seeing its huge dimensions. But now, holding it, sucking it, I appreciated just how awesome it was. The last time I sucked a cock it wasn’t even hard and unloaded in my mouth in just a few seconds, not exactly a memorable experience.

“If only some of your girlfriends could see you now, huh?” Tom chuckled. I reached down and playfully spanked him. He could be such a tease! But he was right. I could think of a couple of dyke sluts who’d faint if they saw me doing what I was doing now.

“Oh yeah, suck my dick!” Kevin hissed, running his fingers through my thick, long hair.

“”Uh huh, suck it,” Tom added as he now brought his face down and began to lick the shaft as I sucked the knob, dragging his tongue along the length.

“Here, it’s your treat,” canlı bahis siteleri I said, backing off and letting him take over. But now I did something else. I reached down and took hold of Tom’s shaft. He looked at me, his mouth stuffed with Kevin’s dick, a little surprised. Then I brought my face down there and started sucking Tom’s cock. I wasn’t going to go down on Kevin and not go down on Tom. I even licked his balls. And that brought my face close to his butt, staring right at his asshole. That was the next target for Kevin’s cock, if Tom could manage it, that is. It’s true he’d said his wife once used to fuck him up the ass with a pretty big strap-on. But that was a long time ago. It’d been awhile, and Kevin’s thick shaft was going to be quite a challenge, as much as Tom might desire to have it buried inside him.

So he’d have to be well-prepped. I knew what that was all about. When me and some dyke slut would strap one on and fuck each other up the ass first we’d do plenty of rimming and fingering and lubing. We’d work on each other with vibrators and small dildos before burying something really good-sized up inside. So I knew what needed to be done. There I was, staring at it. Would I dare start off by licking it, licking a man’s ass? I really had something of a fetish for eating out a woman’s bottom, but a man’s? Oh well, I said to myself, I just sucked some dick, so I might as well eat some ass.

“Let’s get this ready,” I said, spreading apart Tom’s cheeks, announcing to the guys where we were all headed. I took a deep breath and then just pressed my tongue against his hole. This wasn’t that strange. A cock, now that was pretty novel to me after ten years. But an asshole? That’s one thing a man and a woman have in common. And Tom’s ass and crack were completely smooth and hairless, so the terrain was even more familiar.

“Brenda licking your ass?” I heard Kevin say in his gruff voice.

“She sure is,” Tom told him, breaking off from the cockfest.

Tom started swaying his bottom against my probing tongue. He obviously loved the attention back there. This went on for many minutes, Tom leisurely sucking on Kevin’s cock while I began to ready his ass with my tongue. Then I pulled away and went to my bedroom where I kept everything else we’d need. I opened a drawer and pulled out a jar of lubricant, a vibrator and a dildo, then returned to the guys. Tom was still down there, at the foot of the couch happily sucking away. And Kevin was all stretched out, languid and happy as his tool was getting expertly serviced. I took in the sizzling, beautiful sight from a distance, two good-looking naked men with nice, toned bodies having fun with each other. Tom was sure making up for lost time, downing that big shaft of Kevin’s like he’d just been starving for the taste of dick, which he had!

“Come and help me out,” I said to Kevin, wanting him to pay attention to Tom’s bottom.

After all, that was about to become the new playground for his thick cock. So now as Kevin got up off the couch, we positioned Tom down on it, on elbows and knees, with ass raised nice and high, exposed and vulnerable, ready to be taken. Kevin couldn’t take his eyes off Tom’s smooth, tanned bottom, reaching down to slowly fist his own dick as his eyes took in the gorgeous sight. Tom was really sticking it out, so we could peer into his crack and see his hole, already glistening a little, wet with my saliva. Kevin drilled the sight with his eyes. I knew how much he’d been longing to work that dick of his up a tight, willing asshole. And now it looked like he was going to get the chance. If Tom could manage it, that is. Which was the next part of the job.

“If Tom’s going to be able to take what you got for him, Kevin, we’re going to have to get him good and ready,” I said, unscrewing the lid to the jar of lubricant, and digging in to scoop up a big dab. I slapped the dab between Tom’s cheeks and started rubbing it around, Kevin watching with fascinated, unblinking eyes.

“Yeah, get him good and ready for this big ole thing,” I purred, reaching down with my other hand to give Kevin’s cock a feel, amazed at how comfortable I was suddenly becoming with men’s cocks.

“Hold his cheeks open for me, will you?” I told Kevin. Up to now all Kevin had done was lean back and offer up his cock to Tom’s mouth, then mine. I wanted to see Kevin manhandle Tom now. He held open Tom’s buns with his big hands as I slapped a little more lube into his crack. I didn’t want Tom to balk at the moment of truth, to want Kevin’s cock inside him but to be unable to take it. So I knew he’d have to be well-lubed and well-prepped. After all, Kevin’s cock would be a challenge for any ass, let alone one that hadn’t been reamed out for a long, long time.

I couldn’t quite get over it, amazed at myself. Here I was greasing up a man’s ass, me, a dyke!

Well, I was over the shock now and really into it. So I slid a finger inside his ass, looking at Kevin.

“Ooooh, nice and tight,” I hissed, and he was tight. “You’re gonna love it, Kevin.”

Kevin smiled, fisting his cock like a maniac as he watched me finger Tom’s lubed ass. Soon I added a second finger and when Tom sighed in pleasure and pushed back on my two probing fingers, I added a third.

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