Two Experimenting

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She was the sister of my best friend and this actually happened over a period of several weeks. Terry and I did everything together when we were not working and it was several days each week that I stayed overnight at his house. I was often there when he was not even home.

Terry was the second oldest of five kids whose age ranged right down to 5 years old. His oldest sister was quite sexually active and had her boyfriend stay the night in her bed whenever her parents were out of town with the little ones. Of course I had hit on her numerous times but she was too much older to be interested in me.

I had been waiting for Terry to come home one day, just hanging out in his basement doing who knows what, when his younger sister came down. She usually stayed with friends at the college she attended, but her official address was still with her parents, just like Terry. Although she was a college freshman, I never knew her to date, she seemed to always be working or going to class or spending time in the library.

I’m not even sure how it started, I probably said something smartassed to her and she pushed me. As I grabbed a hold of her arm we began to wrestle, falling into the large pile of dirty clothes which accumulated on the floor under the laundry chute.

I ended up on top of Leslie, pinning her to the cement floor covered by a bunch of sweatshirts and jeans. Somewhere the wrestling turned into more. My face was buried in her neck and without thinking I began to kiss the soft spot under her ear and she didn’t resist. After a few minutes I became bolder moving to her cheek and around to her lips. She didn’t kiss back and I became worried that I was taking advantage, actually forcing myself on her, something I would never do. I must have kissed her a half dozen times before she began returning my passion. It was a slow building process.

While she was learning to kiss I began to explore her body with my right hand, slowly working down from her shoulder, stopping at her sweater covered breast and squeezing a few times. Now Leslie was seriously built, a fabulous body of wonderful proportion with 36 C cup breasts and a great ass. I wandered down her body, rubbing her abdomen, still on the outside of her clothes and continued down to her thighs. Afraid to take my weight off her for fear that she would get up and leave I rubbed her left leg, first on the outside down to her knee then slowly up on the inside of her thigh until I hit the spot between her legs. I knew to stop there and I rubbed as hard as I dared against the thick material of the zipper flap and felt the extra thick material of the center seam which aligned perfectly with her vertical slit.

Her arms antalya escort no longer pinned but my weight still pressing down, she reached up and wrapped her hands behind my head, guiding and holding it while we continued to kiss. By now both my hands were very busy exploring everywhere within reach. My right hand had given up the space between her legs finding the material too stiff and inflexible to determine just what she had in there and had slid under the sweater across her very soft skin, upwards to her bra covered breast. After squeezing several times on the outside of her bra, I worked my way under the material and discovered the feel of an undisguised, bare breast, a feeling which will stay with me my entire life.

I seemed to be in a hurry because as much as I loved the feel of this mound of flesh I descended again towards her ‘V’, this time stopping at the button which held her treasure locked behind. As of yet neither of us had said a single word but I think we both knew where we were heading. The sound of the button popping was almost as loud as the sound of our breathing and the scrapping of the zipper releasing that faint hint of musky odor send alarm bells ringing in my head. I feared she would suddenly realize what I was doing and would bolt like a frightened colt. But she stayed with the process, raising her hips to allow me to wrench her tight fitting jeans down past her knees, quickly followed by her panties.

I rubbed the bristle of coarse hair atop her mons and found her wet slit upon which my finger slid up and down, over and over again. I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing I just knew it felt good and exciting and dangerous and I kept going. It wasn’t long before I made a conscious decision to continue my quest. Releasing her from under the hold of my body I raised to my knees and looked down at her nakedness. Her left breast was exposed and the nipple was large and pointing straight up. Her black pubic hair matted and I could smell her scent as I raised myself, undoing my belt and unzipping my pants.

In a fairly fluid motion I slid both my slacks and underwear down to my knees, exposing myself to her view and heard a little intake of breath when she saw my fully engorged member standing at attention, seemingly pointing right at her face, but she remained silent. I assumed it was her first view of a cock as it was my first view of a wholesome female body in 3 dimensions. I lowered myself back down on top of her and for the first time discovered the wonderful feeling of flesh to flesh, stomach to stomach contact, which will forever be the greatest turn-on for me.

By now my dick was straining to do something and I began poking around serik escort at the point of entry I knew must be there. I felt the coarseness of her hair on the tip of my cock, the wetness of her as I tried to enter. Not knowing how it should feel I began humping, back and forth, not actually inside of her but on the outside along her slit, rubbing up and down against her clit. She was responding with small, little motions but obviously enjoying the feeling. I think it must have been a total of three minutes before I came. A torrent of milky fluid streaking on her cunt lips and staining the clothes we were laying upon. I believe I jumped up, zipped and ran up the stairs and straight back to my place after that.

Over the next few weeks I began spending more and more time at Terry’s house when he wasn’t there, but Leslie was. She seemed to find reasons to be home more often than usual too. We would make out on the chair in the living room, fondle on the floor of her parents bedroom, while ostensibly watching television. One day I had the nerve to unzip my pants while we were laying there and moved up so that my cock was near her head. I watched closely as she never looked at my dick, just sensed that it was close by. I finally reached down and put it to her lips which remained tightly clamped and closed leaving a trail of pre-cum along those soft, flexible pink facial extensions. Eventually I gave up and went back to feeling her tits, which she really enjoyed.

The moment of truth came one early Saturday morning. I had stayed the night, sleeping on the sofa in the living room, the remainder of the family within their assorted beds. Terry and both his parents had gone off to work so the balance of the kids had used the time to sleep in. I was partially awake when she walked down the stairs wearing her white bath robe. The stairs were in line with the head of the sofa and she gave me a look which I cannot describe. Something like an invitation but not overt, more like making a wish she wasn’t sure would come true. She hit the bottom of the stairs and turned to the bathroom, the latch of the door quietly snapping in place. It was clear she had not locked the door which was secured by a hook and no doubt would not have stood in my way in any event.

I opened the door, slipping in quietly and quickly, latching the hook behind me. Her back was to me as she bent over the tub but I knew that she knew I was standing there. She slowly stood, turning to face me with her robe untied and hanging open. She wore nothing underneath and for the first time I saw her completely naked and beautiful body. Her breasts were heaving slightly, nipples hard and pointing side escort right at me, the triangle of her womanhood dark and furry. Her body perfectly proportioned and firm as an athlete. I remained silent and motionless as I took in the sight.

When I finally acted it was with purpose and quickly. I took her in my arms, sliding them under the cloth and against her soft skin, pulling her close to me in an embrace, kissing her fervently. We silently slid to the floor laying upon the robe she wore, wide open to expose all her gifts. I quickly unzipped and dropped my pants to the floor as she openly stared at my hardness, finally reaching up and taking hold for the very first time. She grasped it gently at first then tighter, not moving her hand, simply feeling the contrast of the hardness and the soft skin. It was not long before she released me and laid back to accept what I had to offer.

This time began much like the other time, with me rubbing my hard cock against the outside of her slit, coating it with her juices, hitting her clit on the up stroke. After a few minutes I realized that something was not quite right and I reached down, grabbing hold of myself, taking aim. I straightened my dick out, still sliding it up and down but this time pointing it forward when suddenly it found what it had been looking for and slid in. I knew about popping cherries, the stories I had read many times, so I knew something would happen the first time for her.

I really wasn’t prepared for it though. She was smiling an enjoyable little grin, her mouth opened as I entered her tunnel and bumped up against her hymen, her eyes closed slightly as if she were on a heightened sensory plane. Then I pushed and broke the membrane, her eyes slammed shut tightly, she bit her lip and tears rolled down her cheek. Her knees jerked up involuntarily, closing around my balls and for a moment I thought she might crush them. For the first time I talked to her, telling her the she should relax and it would feel better in just a few moments.

Her knees slowly slid back to the floor but her eyes remained closed, the wetness continuing to drip down her cheeks. It was over too soon, several thrusts and I came in gushes, filling her to overflowing. My cum mingled with the blood of her lost virginity.

She mostly stayed away from me after that. Oh, there were a few times when I played Tarzan when she was alone in the house and I was there. I would haunt her, torment her and several times pick her up and bodily carry her down to the basement sofa and fuck her. She would put up a struggle but not a serious one, she could have gotten up and left if she had wanted to. I tried on several occasions to get her to suck my cock, unsuccessfully. I even turned her to a side by side 69 and kissed around her cunt, but she constantly ignored my dick, simply waiting for me to turn around and plow it into her for a few moments of delight. More delight for me than for her, I believe.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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