Two Men in the Boat

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My husband was out of town. Again. Sometimes I felt like a single Mom, raising my two kids without a husband present. He made great money, but sometimes I felt like he travelled so much that I didn’t have a partner. In addition, when he was home he seemed distracted, too busy catching up on his own life to pay much attention to me. Rather than his absence making our sex life or our hearts grow fonder, it seemed to be doing the opposite. I was lonely, and I was often very horny. My loneliness led me to fantasies and my fantasies led me to taking things into my own hands on a regular basis.

My next door neighbors were two recently divorced men who had moved in together to save money while their finances recovered from their respective divorces. Tom, the blonde CPA, was often the object of my fantasies. He was about five years younger than me; probably 35 or so. He had a sailboat and had the ruddy complexion of a man who spent a lot of time in the wind and sun. His roommate, Benson, was probably 40, in business for himself with a strong, quiet demeanor that kept people at a distance. That might have been why he was living in a divorce house with Tom. I suspected that his introverted and self-protective nature may have always left his wife feeling like an outsider. But I must say that he was an intriguing man, and nice looking with a good build, and I sometimes found my mind drifting to him as well while my fingers worked their magic.

As time went by, I became better and better friends with Tom and Ben. There were lots of weekend afternoons that we spent together, especially the weekends when their kids were visiting. I must admit that I found the attention from two good looking, virile men to be quite addicting when my husband was away and I was feeling lonely and abandoned. Tom would BBQ, and I’d make a salad. Ben’s specialty was garlic bread, and we often made fun of him for his meager talents; but the kids would play, and we would drink wine, and these two good men would make me feel like I belonged somewhere in the world.

Sometimes when the evening had worn on, and the kids were in the back room playing video games, and the wine had been flowing freely since 3 or 4 in the afternoon, I would share and tell them how much I felt abandoned by my travelling husband. They were two good souls, and they listened to me and encouraged me to be strong and be the best person I could be with the circumstance I was in. They were truly good friends, and I came to love them dearly.

On one such evening, I was complaining that my husband was coming home for about 4 days, and then would be leaving again for almost two weeks. I told them how I felt I had no control in my relationship, and that my life revolved around the whim of his work schedule. In short, I told them, I was nearing the limit of my understanding and compliance. Money was money, but I needed something more. I needed a man in my life. A real man who was there in flesh and blood.

As we sat and drank our wine we could hear the kids in the back room, screeching each time a zombie was killed or a car wrecked. Suddenly, Tom stood up and said, “Hey, I’ve got an idea!”

I was definitely a little tipsy, and I immediately responded, “OK, I’m in!” Ben stated that he needed to hear the idea first.

“Well,” said Tom. “Next weekend is supposed to be fantastic weather for so early in the year. Neither Ben nor I have our kids; I say we take my boat up to Lake Shandon and spend the weekend. We can sail, swim, lay in the sun, and then BBQ and drink more of this very fine wine in the evenings. We could even beach the boat and have a bonfire on the sand!”

“Will your boat sleep you two, plus me and the kids?” I asked, thinking it sounded like a pretty good idea.

“No!” said Tom. “No kids. Adults only. You spend all your time and effort taking care of your kids while your husband gallivants around the country selling medical imaging or whatever he sells. This is your time. Get someone to take care of your kids, and we’ll just be three free souls out for a weekend of fun!”

I honestly did not see anything inappropriate in his suggestion; we were, after all, three great neighborhood friends, and the idea of a weekend at the lake without the kids really did appeal to me.

“Well,” I said. “My sister and brother in law live only a couple of hours away and they could probably take Jason and Char for the weekend.”

“Settled!” said Tom. “It’s the Barton Street Boating Weekend……next weekend!” With that he raised his wine glass and looked expectantly at the both of us. Ben raised his glass and I raised mine, and we both said, almost in unison, “I’m in!”

That night in bed I masturbated furiously, having wild fantasies about having sex with Tom on his boat. I got so excited I actually left a wet spot on the bed and had to move over to my husband’s side. I left it at that, just a fantasy, and fell into a deep sleep for the rest of the night.

My husband illegal bahis came home the next evening and for some reason for the entire four days he was home I didn’t tell him about my plans for the following weekend. I quietly made arrangements with my sister, Maddie, to come pick up Jason and Char and take them out to their house in the country on Friday when they got out of school. I asked her to keep it quiet, although I didn’t tell her why. Tom and Ben and I conspired in private all week on food, wine, games, and other travel plans for our big weekend at the lake. I had no reason to think it was anything more than good friends spending time together, but somewhere, deep in the woman inside me, I knew I was hoping for more.

With our plans all set, I sent the kids off to school Friday morning, took my husband to the airport, dutifully kissed him goodbye, then drove home with great anticipation. With the kids taken care of, and my husband gone, I felt free and released of all my responsibilities. I actually got turned on driving home from the airport, and even felt the urge to touch myself. I didn’t, of course, but I enjoyed just feeling the urge. I felt free.

When I got home, Tom had the boat hooked up to his truck and pulled in front of their house. I raced in, grabbed the bag that I had surreptitiously packed while my husband was still at home, checked to make sure all the doors were locked, and almost ran next door to meet my friends.

The drive up to the lake took about 45 minutes, and I sat on the bench seat between Tom and Ben. I was wearing my swimsuit with just a cover, and was very aware that my bare legs were very exposed to both these hunky men. Every time Tom shifted gears his hand would brush against my left leg and each time it turned me on just a little bit more. The conversation was lively and fun, and we were three good friends headed out for a great weekend.

We got to the lake and launched the boat with Tom’s expert guidance. We loaded our supplies while Tom raised the mast, then motored out from the dock. As soon as we were clear of the buoys, Tom stopped the motor and stripped down to his board shorts. Following suit, Ben did the same, and with the warm sun on me, I took off my cover, leaving only my skimpy bikini covering my vital parts. Again with Tom’s guidance, we raised the sails and were off in the wind.

It was really lovely sailing around the large lake. Tom moved around the boat, adjusting sails and stowing gear. He looked great with his blonde chest hair, strong physique, penetrating blue eyes, and really cute smile. I couldn’t help but notice the outline of a rather large bulge in his trunks each time he shimmied past me with his crotch next to my face. I actually felt the urge at one point to reach out and touch it, but being the good girl I’ve always been, resisted the wonton impulse.

Benson, meanwhile, seemed to be catering to my every whim. Sunscreen? “Sure, Ben.” and there he was with the sunscreen, even being nice enough to apply it to my back. He brought out snacks, the snap peas and blue cheese dressing I had bought on an outing to Trader Joe’s. And finally, after we had sailed for a couple of hours, he went below and came back with a bottle of Chardonnay and three plastic wine glasses. “Let the fun begin,” he said. I thought it already had. I was in heaven.

When that bottle of wine was gone, and half of another, and the sails were down and we lay still in the middle of a back arm of the lake sunning ourselves, we decided it was time to find shelter for the evening and hunker down. Tom motored us to a quiet cove, and just offshore, he let out the main anchor in the front of the boat as Ben let out a smaller one at the rear. When they were both sure the boat was secure, Tom walked over to me and sat down next to me.

“I’m so glad we could all come out together this weekend,” he said, and gave me a big hug. It felt so good to be held by him and I hugged him back, maybe just for an instant too long.

Sensing that I had held the embrace longer than he intended, I quickly pushed him away and called out, “Last one in’s a rotten egg!” and dove over the side of the boat. Both Tom and Ben followed immediately and we had fun splashing and playing in the water. Tom did swim up to me at one point and grab me playfully. His arms and skin felt good in the cool water, and I knew that I had crossed a dangerous line. I was more focused on how good Tom felt than I was the guilt of being there with them without my husband.

The evening was warm and Tom BBQ’ed off the back of the boat. We swam occasionally, prepared food, drank wine sparingly, talked, and felt the day’s fading sun on our skin. It was truly an afternoon to remember. After a great dinner on the boat, Tom went below and brought me a blanket. I was still wearing nothing but my bikini, and the evening was beginning to chill.

Ben went below and came back with a bottle of red wine and three real glass wine glasses. illegal bahis siteleri “Ok,” he said. “I’ve been saving this bottle of wine for a special occasion since before I got divorced. It’s a Chateau Laffite Rothschild, 1987. Arguably one of the best wines in the world. My wife didn’t know I owned it, therefore I still have it. Tonight we drink and be merry!”

He opened the bottle and poured us each a portion. “To the three of us,” he said, and put his glass forward to be touched by ours before we drank. I truly felt this was a special moment and clinked my glass lightly against his. I turned to Tom to clink his glass as well and our eyes met, and I felt as though he was looking into my soul in the waning light of the day.

“To the three of us,” he said, and lightly touched his glass to mine, then to Ben’s.

I looked away and took a sip. I don’t know much about wine, but this was very smooth and very, very tasty. “Mm mm,” I said and wrapped the blanket more tightly around me. “Very good, Benson. Very fine.”

I was sitting in the bow of the boat with Tom and Ben on either side of me and I took another sip, put down my glass, and leaned towards Tom. Snuggling up to him just a bit, I sighed and thought about how absolutely wonderful it felt to be with these two good men tonight. Tom put his arm around me, and Ben moved closer, leaning lightly against me. Mmmmm. It just felt wonderful.

We sat in silence as the darkness fell, sipping our wine and just feeling comfortable in each other’s presence. The boat rocked us gently as I felt myself melting into Tom. Ben cuddled me from the other side, leaning in close. I was really in bliss, wrapped warm and comfy in my blanket with men I felt close to snuggling with me on either side.

I felt Tom move slightly, and felt the blanket shift against my legs. Moments later, I felt a hand gently lay itself on my bare thigh and begin rubbing lightly. It felt wonderful, and although I knew I was a married woman, I made no move to resist or stop it.

I leaned into Tom and sighed, which he must have taken as a sign that it was okay to continue. He stroked the top of my thigh down to my knee and back up again as he hugged me close. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of a man’s hand on me. He began kissing my neck and ear lightly as he rubbed my other leg, and let his hand linger near the top. I shifted slightly, parting my legs ever so much, wishing and anticipating that he would move his hand towards my moistening flower. I knew it was so wrong, but it felt so right. I snuggled into his gentle kisses.

I felt Ben move even closer and I reached my arm out and wrapped it around his shoulder, covering him with the blanket as well, pulling him closer as Tom’s hand began straying to the inside of my parted thighs. He began to rub the inside of my thigh, up and down so slowly, so tantalizingly. Each time he would come up just short of the top, deliciously close to my now wanting womanhood, wet with anticipation. Ben must have taken me sharing my blanket with him as a go sign, and I felt his warm breath as he began nuzzling and kissing my neck and ear on my other side. What an amazing feeling having a man on each side of me kissing and nuzzling my neck and cheeks.

I became very aware of the thin sheath of material my bikini afforded between Tom’s potential touch and my now soaking pussy. As he rubbed the inside of my thigh, I snuggled into him even more and tried to will his hand to touch me there. I wanted his touch. I needed his touch. I spread my legs a little wider and thrust my hips forward just a little; just enough to coax him to touch me there. He continued to rub the insides of my thighs slowly and purposefully. He was driving me crazy and he knew it.

Ben was kissing my neck and ear, and I felt his hand under the blanket on the bare skin of my tummy. He rubbed in light circles, then touched my breast on the outside of my bathing suit. I felt my nipple stiffen and I reached up and took his hand and pressed it to my breast. As Tom caressed my open thigh within inches of my wet and aching clit, I pulled my bikini top up and guided Ben’s hand to my erect nipple. He flicked it lightly then gave it a light pinch, pulling gently as he did. It felt heavenly.

Ben moved his lips towards mine and I eagerly sought them out. With my lips locked in a passionate kiss with Ben and his hand gently caressing my nipple, I felt Tom’s hand move up the inside of my thigh and begin to lightly caress my wet slit through the now soaked material of my bikini. He rubbed his hand up and down my sex, adding gentle pressure as Ben’s tongue sought mine in our passionate kiss. I moaned into Ben’s mouth.

I felt Tom’s fingers move from the gusset of my bikini bottom and he began rubbing his finger along the seam of the leg hole. I could feel that he was trying to work his finger under the side of bikini so he could feel my bare sex. I had shaved in the shower that morning canlı bahis siteleri and I knew that my little kitty was bare and thought for a moment how slick it must be with my juices flowing so freely.

Suddenly I felt Tom’s finger slide under the material and gasped into Ben’s mouth as it probed my sex, then penetrated me. I pushed back against his hand and for a moment he just held his finger deep inside me. The feeling was amazing, locked in a passionate kiss with Ben, having my nipples stroked and Tom’s finger buried deep inside me.

I broke my kiss with Ben and turned to Tom and he leaned in to kiss me. Our lips met and I had a very mild orgasm as our mouths melted together in a torrid kiss. Not wanting to make Ben feel left out I reached over and put my hand in his lap and felt for his penis. I quickly found a very hard cock and gave it a squeeze as Tom began moving his finger up to my clit and making small circles around it. He teased me, avoiding the hard nub, but lightly rubbing every inch of my slick lips and skin around it. Still locked in my kiss with Tom, my tongue searching and finding his tongue, I stroked Ben’s hard cock. Ben’s hand left my breast, and I felt him open the blanket wrapped around us. In a moment, his head went down and I felt his warm tongue caress first my right nipple, then move to the left one and do the same.

Just then Tom’s fingertip brushed lightly across my clit. I moaned into his mouth. The gentle rocking of the boat accentuated the heaven I was in. Here I was with my two close friends and neighbors, one with his mouth on my breasts, the other with his hand on my sex. I continued rubbing Ben’s cock through his shorts, and with my other hand felt for Tom’s. When I found it, I was surprised by its size. Ben’s felt normal in my hand; about the same size as my husband’s, which was plenty for me. Tom, however, was much bigger around and I suspected longer as well. It was so hard it felt like stone through the material of his swim trunks.

I felt a momentary pang of guilt when I thought about the fact that I was comparing the size of the cocks in my hands to my husband’s. But it passed in a brief moment, and I knew that what was happening here was meant to be. It had been my secret fantasy. So secret that I hadn’t even admitted it to myself. I wanted Tom; he had been the object of my fantasies. But I wanted Ben as well. I wanted them at the same time.

At that moment, Tom broke our kiss. He pulled his face away from mine and looked in my eyes. “Are you okay with this?” he asked, and I felt my heart melt.

“Yes,” I answered. “More than okay. It feels right.” Ben had sat up when he heard Tom speak. I looked over at him.

“Are you okay with this?” I asked Ben.

“Yeah,” he replied. “We both are. We wanted this to happen. We hoped it would happen.”

I pulled Ben to me and kissed him deeply. Then I turned and did the same to Tom. When our kiss broke, Tom moved onto his knees on the deck in front of me. He unwrapped the blanked from around me and put his hands on either side of my bikini bottoms. I lifted my fanny off the seat and with one motion he pulled them down and off. As he did so, Ben reached behind me and I leaned forward. He unclasped my top and pulled it away.

Ben leaned in and began kissing my neck as Tom leaned forward into the V formed by my legs. He gently spread them and I felt his warm breath on my pussy. I felt the first light touch of his tongue on my wet sex and pulled Ben up to kiss me. I reached for Ben’s hard cock again and when I did he untied and pulled open the Velcro fastener. I fished out his cock and felt the smooth warm skin in my cool hand. He was hard, ready to fuck me in an instant if I pulled him to me.

Tom began licking up and down my wet pussy, stopping to nibble and gently suck on my clit. I stroked Ben’s hard cock in time with Tom’s busy tongue as I continued to kiss him passionately. I felt one of Tom’s fingers slip just inside my hole. He held it there as he worked my clit with his talented tongue. Then he slid it in just a little further as he whisked the tip of his tongue over my swollen nub. I began pulling on Ben’s cock. I wanted it near me. I wanted to see it. I wanted to taste it. I was at a feverish pitch, Tom working his magic on my wet slit with his tongue, running his finger in and out of me, touching all the right places.

I pulled harder on Ben’s cock and he got the idea. He got up on his knees on the cushion next to me and offered me his cock. I grabbed it and pulled it towards my hungry mouth, and just as I wrapped my lips around it and began swirling my tongue around the head, Tom slipped another finger into me, then another. He began to fuck me with his fingers as he licked and sucked at my clit. The more excited I became the greedier I felt for Ben’s cock in my mouth. I worked him with my hand as I licked and sucked feverishly. Tom was getting me close, so close to cumming. I reached over with my free hand and squeezed Tom’s cock and when I did, holding two cocks in my hand at the same time, I came hard against Tom’s mouth. The orgasm seemed to go on and on in wave after wave and I sucked greedily on Ben’s hardness as each washed over me.

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