Two Thighs Ch. 12

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Chapter 12 The Ladies’ Room

Mrs. T. lifted Aiko’s face off her pussy. Aiko looked up and locked eyes with her newest lover. Mrs. T smiled and remarked to the women who had been watching them, “The night is still young, ladies. I promised to share her with you and I’m going to keep my promise.”

Mrs. T helped Aiko get onto her feet and then led her to a nearby mattress.

Gerald took a seat to listen watched them. He knew his presence would make Aiko feel safer even though logic would have indicated that there was no danger to her at all.

Although Aiko had given control over her body to these women to use in whatever they wished. She still had free will and had the right to change her mind. But she also decided that she wanted the thrill of submitting herself to whatever perverse pleasures they had in mind for her.

While Aiko was resigning herself to whatever sexual depravity these women could muster, Gerald was looking around to see who else was in this room. He estimated that there were probably around 15 people in the room, including four other men. The men who were present knew that they could only be spectators unless they were specifically invited by a woman to join in. Only he and Mr. T were the exceptions. He had heard Mr. T’s remark about getting a piece of Aiko.

So, Gerald had been surprised when heard the exchange between the two.

“Not a chance, honey,” Mrs. T declared, “we made an agreement with the Roan’s buyers and we are going to keep that agreement. If you want a piece, get it from blondie or ask Manko after midnight, although I don’t think she’ll have any energy for you once we’re through with her. Mrs. F is already here. So, go over to the Men’s Room and have your fun there.”

Gerald took the reference to the black woman to mean that she was the wife of the couple who had paid to rent Nora’s luscious body. That explained why Mr. F was not present. He also wondered how Ryan would react once he realized that his wife was about to become a black man’s plaything.

As for the other men, Gerald guessed that these guys were turned on by watching their wives make love to each other and were curious to see what their mates would do with the sexy, exotic Japanese woman. He overheard one of men tell another one that, once in a blue moon, his wife liked to have a change of pace by having sex with a woman. Another complained about not being able to participate unless invited by one of the women.

“Stop whining,” the woman beside him said. “Masturbate or go find a partner in the main room. You promised to let me have a ladies’ night and I’m going to hold you to it.”

Gerald guessed that she was the complainer’s wife. He chuckled to himself that he was the only man in the Ladies’ Room who needed no invitation to participate. He also saw that everyone in the room had stripped down, or nearly so. It was good a time as any to follow suit. He took off his clothes.

Then he thought about Aiko and their life together. Aiko seemed to have the uncanny ability to arouse him despite their years of marriage. Swinging had been good for them too because other men’s attraction to his exotic wife reminded him how lucky he really was to have such a wonderful sexy woman in his life every day.

Gerald returned his attention to Mrs. T and Mrs. F. He could tell from their interaction that they were close friends.

He took in Mrs. F’s figure. She had average-sized breasts, a thin waist, round ass and long athletic legs. Given her ebony skin, black kinky hair, flat nose and thick lips, he thought of her features as classically African. She was almost as tall as he was and therefore clearly taller than Aiko. As a connoisseur of woman, he considered her to be very beautiful. Slinky, sinewy, and flowing were the words, he thought, that would describe the way she moved. His cock stiffened at the thought of having this sensual-looking woman grasping and sliding up and down his manhood. She was definitely at the top his list of potential lovers.

For the moment, however, there was a more immediate issue. ‘What are these two women going to do with his wife? And what would they make her do?’

* * *

Gerald watched as Mrs. F stepped away while Mrs. T put her hands on either side of Aiko’s face. She then moved in to give her a light, even affectionate, kiss on her lips. She was obviously not bothered by the taste of her own vaginal juices on Aiko’s mouth. She kissed her again, this time more deeply and aggressively. Aiko returned the kisses in equal measure. Lip kissing soon evolved into open-mouthed French kisses.

As the minutes passed, their tongues sometimes darted in and out of each other’s mouths and sometimes they intertwined as if trying to taste each other. Gradually, their kissing and tongue-dueling evolved into a sloppy, passionate exploration deep into each other’s mouths.

Mrs. T put her arm around Aiko once again, drew her closer and then held her tightly against her voluptuous body. ataköy anal yapan escort Her hands resumed their exploration of the sex doll’s body. The more she kissed Aiko the more ardent she became.

For her part, Aiko was beginning to appreciate and even savour the warm, plush softness of the bigger woman’s body. She could easily feel her lover’s large distended nipples pressing against her own much smaller, but equally excited, breasts. Her body felt so different from a man’s, but still pleasant in its own way. Now she could understand, at least a little bit, why the majority of men, enjoyed having a woman in their arms.

“Hmm, so nice,” Aiko hummed very quietly. Her eyes were closed. She was letting her body react to whatever sensual pleasures were being offered to her. She was going to make her mind take a backseat in her body while her lover, or lovers, took control of her body and made it respond in ways that pleased them. She resolved to throw away whatever restraints she normally had about female lovemaking and abandon herself to the lascivious desires of these other women.

Aiko’s sigh of pleasure caused Mrs. T to smile. She smiled. Then she resumed kissing and fondling her lest the brief interruption interfered with her plan to advance the seduction and enthrallment of her living, essentially straight, sex doll.

When Mrs. T started massaging her breast, Aiko responded in kind. She was amazed by the size and pliability of her mistress’ breast. They contrasted sharply with her own much smaller and firmer breasts. They gently kneaded each other’s breasts and lightly pulled at each other’s erect nipples. Aiko discovered how unusually long her lover’s teats actually were. In fact, they were the longest she had ever seen on a woman. The combination of enormous fleshy mammaries and unusually long prominent teats reminded her of those belonging to a cow.

As her fingers manipulated the nipple, she detected a white drop of moisture on the tip of the teat. Without thinking about it, she licked it off her finger with the tip of her tongue. It was milk and very sweet milk! She was lactating!

Aiko had a sudden urge put one of the teats in her mouth and drink from it. ‘Why would I want to do that?’ she questioned herself.

Mrs. T noticed Aiko’s interest in the teat and the white fluid oozing its tip. “You like my udders?” Mrs. T said, smiling.

Aiko was unsure how to respond to her characterization of her own breasts as udders. Size-wise calling them udders seemed to be rather apt.

“Your breasts are so huge, but I confess I’ve never seen teats as long as yours,” she said diplomatically.

Mrs. T then urged Aiko to scoot further up the mattress. she lay on her left side, using her left arm to prop up her head and had Aiko lie down on her back next to her. Mrs. T enjoyed a full view of the Asian petite woman’s more modest charms. Although age and married life had caused Aiko’s body to become curvier than it was in her pre-marital youth, none of the change in her body detracted from her unique beauty. Mrs. T’s mouth watered at the thought of possessing her sex doll’s body.

The bigger woman’s hands slid down to Aiko’s hairless crotch. She stroked her labia for a while and then slipped her fingers between them, happily noting that her pussy, was wet and that her body was turning into a willing accomplice of its own seduction. When she withdrew her fingers from Aiko’s wet hole, she used her lubricated fingers to manipulate the smaller woman’s tiny clitoris. Aiko sighed and shivered with her touch. Her pussy twitched. While the Asian woman lacked in size, she definitely was definitely not lacking in sensitivity.

Aiko had satisfied Mrs. T. once already, but she had reached the point where she was becoming frustrated. Surely it was time for her to receive some satisfaction for yourself. But who was giving satisfaction, and who was receiving it, was entirely up to Mrs. T and, she guessed, perhaps also her black friend, Mrs. F.

The two women then moved into a tighter, brazenly sexual, embrace. Their kisses became more passionate. Sex was sex. Aiko’s nipples ached and her gash gushed again in anticipation. ‘God, you’re such a friggin’ sex pot,’ Aiko thought, chiding herself. ‘The bitch has got me hot, and she knows it too.’

Mrs. T. stopped playing with Aiko’s female parts. She wanted to keep Aiko close to a peak but not shove her over the edge. She was certain this would make Aiko more compliant and more willing to submit to her desires.

“Did you like the taste of my milk?” Mrs. T asked as they fondled each other.

Aiko nodded affirmatively. “Very sweet.”

“Then drink,” she urged. “Drain my udders,” she said. She grasped one of her enormous tits with her hand, pointed the teat in her direction, and offered it to her.

Aiko was not allowed to refuse any sexual gesture. Then again, she didn’t want to either. She wanted to snuggle up to the ataköy bdsm escort heat of the larger woman’s body and breastfeed from her. Refusing to drink was not at all in her mind. Aiko scooted back down until her face was in front the woman’s udders. Aiko positioned herself to that she could the left take the teat into her mouth. Lying against Mrs. T’s body, she grasped the proffered teat and eagerly began to suck on it. Warm, sweet mother’s milk flowed her mouth. It tasted so good.

Mrs. T started cooing. An electric charge flash through her body from teat to her clit as Aiko breastfed from her. Also, she had not expected her sex doll to show such enthusiasm in nursing from her. Her sucking caused the milk to gush into Aiko’s mouth and her juices to gush from her pussy.

For her part, Aiko was also surprised by the quantity of milk she was able to draw from engorged teat. Never in her wildest dreams did Aiko every think that, as a middle-aged woman, she would ever be nursing like a baby at another woman’s lactating breast. At first, the act of suckling on the human udder was more sensual than sexual. Then to her surprise, it then became sexual as well as sensual. Once again, Aiko felt her arousal to increase but also felt frustration because there was no indication that she would be able to her achieve her own sexual satisfaction any time soon. Mrs. T was in charge. She would decide if and when that would happen.

Putting her arm around Aiko, Mrs. T flopped onto her back drawing in the Asian woman with her. Aiko moved with her, remaining attached to her long hard lactating teat and without interrupting her suckling.

There was movement on the mattress. Aiko glanced sideways to the left and saw a black woman latch herself onto Mrs. T’s other lactating right breast.

“That feels so good,” Mrs. T moaned. “Keep sucking you too,” she moaned.

Mrs. T’s teats were obviously erogenous zones because she shivered as two grown women eagerly fed from her like two hungry calves.

It then occurred to Aiko become a more active partner. She slid her hand down to Mrs. T’s vulva only to discover that her black partner was already alternating between pumping her wet slit with her fingers and then using her lubricated fingers to manipulate the woman’s clitoris.

“I’ll keep fingering her,” the black woman said. “You suck on her clitoris the same way you sucked on her tit,” the black woman told her. “She loves that.”

Aiko stopped sucking on the teat. Mrs. T moaned in apparent protest at the inattention of the just abandoned teat. But she didn’t contradict Mrs. F. instructions to Aiko.

Aiko slid down her body. ‘Here I go again,” she told herself. ‘I’ve eaten her once already,’ she told herself. ‘And now, I’ll have to eat her again.’ Aiko had the feeling that this was not going to be the last of it by a long shot. There were other hungry pussies in the room that would eventually demand satisfaction from Mrs. T’s submissive sex doll.

As Aiko slid down farther on the mattress, she saw that Mrs. T’s legs were now wide-open. As Mrs. F was withdrawing the fingers which she had lodged inside her big-breasted friend’s vagina, Mrs. T protested again at the feeling of emptiness between her legs but Aiko was already moving her own fingers into the recently emptied cavity. Aiko could now see what her fingers and tongue already knew. Mrs. T’ clitoris was much larger than her own tiny nub.

Mrs. T stopped protesting when the black woman used her freshly lubricated fingers to tug and rub the teat that Aiko had just abandoned. Milk continued to dribble from both teats. She squirmed in pleasure when Aiko’s finger resumed where Mrs. F’s fingers had left off.

Following Mrs. F’s example, Aiko stuck two fingers into Mrs. T’s vagina. Mrs. T moaned in satisfaction again when Aiko’s fingers filled the void left behind by her black friend. She shivered as Aiko probed the inside walls of her vagina in search of the woman’s G-spot. She thought she had found it when her lover groaned. So, she continued to wriggle her fingers inside her owner’s woman’s vaginal cavity, eliciting more groans from her temporary mistress, and confirming to Aiko that she had, in fact, found the woman’s G-spot.

Next, she approached the woman’s prominent sexual bud, noting that her pungent female scent was becoming stronger as her face neared its source.

She tentatively wrapped her lips around the woman’s clitoris, at first massaging it with her lips only. Then she took it into her mouth and started sucking on it, gently at first and then gradually with more vigor. She treated it like a teat and half-expected to extract milk from it.

“Yes, suck it! Please suck it hard!” the woman pleaded. “Keep ramming your fingers inside me too while you’re doing it. Make me cum!” Suddenly, she shoved her crotch tightly against Aiko’s mouth and came in her mouth.

Aiko had no intention of stopping what she was currently do. She 1 briefly looked up to see that the black woman still sucking on one tit while the fingers kept working over the other nipple that Aiko.

At the moment, Mrs. F glanced down. She smiled at Aiko as their eyes met. Then she switched to the breast that she had been massaging to drink from it. Her hand dipped back down to Mrs. F’s crotch. Knowing her intention, Aiko let her dip her fingers into the sodden cleft to obtain more lubricant from her friend’s love channel.

After the black women withdrew her fingers, The Aiko put her fingers back into Mrs. T’s humid cave. She resumed licking, sucking and nibbling on the woman’s prominent nub and engorged labia. She also resumed wriggling her fingers, caressing and stimulating the sensitive nerves on the inside walls of her vagina. Then it occurred to Aiko to add her thumb to her two fingers inside the vagina. Aiko pushed forcefully between her labia, causing them to widen.

A loud moan coming from her lover and the gushing of woman juice dribbling out of her pussy told Aiko that she was at least partially successful in simulating the entry of a cock with a large girth.

With her two fingers and a thumb inside her female passage, Aiko started to experiment. While her two fingers continued brushing the inside vaginal walls, she lifted her thumb so that it pressed Mrs. T’s clitoris from behind and caused it to project out, making it easier for Aiko to put more of the clitoris in her mouth. She milked it.

Mrs. T’s pussy was now sopping wet. Her labia were swollen. Her clitoris achingly erect. Aiko alternately used her mouth and fingers to tease and stimulate her mistress. She also lapped up the woman’s juices. Having resigned herself to being a sex doll for women, she decided that she might was as well enjoy their tastes and smells. ‘After all,’ she mused, ‘if you beat them, join them.’

‘Now, I see why some men, including my own husband, love to perform cunnilingus,’ she admitted mentally. ‘The taste and smell are unique and pleasant. These two semses, she thought, were underappreciated aspects of the sexual experience in conjunction with the senses of sight, sound and touch.’

Aiko glanced up again to see that Mrs. F was still consuming her friend’s milk. She saw Mrs. T body shudder but she wasn’t sure if was because of what Mrs. F was doing or because of what she was doing. ‘Probably both,’ she concluded mentally.

Once, Aiko removed her finger so that she could insert her tongue into the gap between the woman’s swollen labia but her tongue was too short to effectively penetrate into her lover’s flooding canal. She briefly wished that her tongue was longer so that she could go past the entrance of Mrs. T’s pussy to lap up her sexual juices directly from the source or use it like a penis, dipping it in and out of the woman’s hot hole.

Aiko felt a hand on the back of her head, urging her to keep going. No doubt, it was Mrs. T’s hand. Aiko obliged. She knew what she liked when she was the beneficiary of oral sex from a man. She figured that she could do the same.

Aiko continued to use her mouth and fingers for several minutes simultaneously paying attention to external genitalia and the bumpy inside walls inside her vagina. Chuckling to herself, she remembered to follow the golden rule: ‘Do onto other what you would have them do onto you.’

Aiko continued to lap up the vaginal juice. To turn her lover on even more, Aiko verbalized what she thought Mrs. T would want to hear., “Hmm, it tastes really good. Come on. Give me more,” she said as she rooted in her lover’s crotch. ‘Your breast milk and pussy juices make for a wonderful-tasting cocktail.”

Her words and her enthusiasm must have had the intended effect because the flow into her mouth seemed to be increasing. The trickle from Mrs. T’s pussy was turning into a Biblical flood. She was on the verge of cumming.

After a few more moments, Mrs. T. pressed her pussy hard and urgently into Aiko’s face while her body convulsed with an orgasm that seemed to rolled up and down her body. Then she squirted into Aiko’s mouth as she screamed out her ecstasy.

As Aiko captured as much of the liquid as she could, she swallowed it. All she wanted right now was have sex with this woman and make her happy, but she still had not been able to scratch the infernal unbearable sexual itching that was raging between her legs. Now slurping and sucking on woman’s sexual parts with wild abandon, she was in the moment, and nothing else mattered in that moment. But in the back of her mind, she also thought of her lover was a bit of a bitch for not letting her cum too.

With a sigh, Mrs. T’s body relaxed and then lay still as she enjoyed her post-orgasmic afterglow, seemingly unaware of what was going inside Aiko’s head.

“Wow,” Mrs. T said, “for a person who says she doesn’t look for lesbian experiences, you sure are really good at it.”

Then Aiko heard Mrs. T say to her, “You really are a woman’s slut. You could put a hardcore lesbian to shame.”

Despite the crudeness of the language, Aiko perversely took them as words of praise. She barely managed suppressed a giggle. First, she had thought of her cow and then she had thought of her as a bitch. Both were female animals.

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