Unforgettable Ch. 03

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Tony and Carla had been dating for four months, ever since he had saved her from serious harm when her car caught on fire. Their lovemaking was wild and passionate, and the best either of them had ever experienced in their lives. Yesterday Tony had persuaded Carla to have phone sex with him while she was in her car on the top deck of the parking garage at the local mall, and today they had made each other climax as they stood pressed together at the local community pool.

After Tony dropped her off on Saturday afternoon Carla took a little nap, and got up around five. She took a long hot shower letting the jets from the shower head pulse against her whole body. She felt a desire to touch herself and relieve some of the need that was causing her pussy to tingle, but she restrained herself because she wanted to save it all for Tony tonight.

Tony had been planning this special night for weeks, and he had carefully selected three very close friends from the fire department to make it all happen. Tony had worked closely with each of the friends at one time or another, but they each worked in different parts of the city and had never met each other before. Tony knew that he could trust each of them to be discreet about what was about to happen tonight. After arriving home from work and getting everything ready he called his three friends. He told them to wear their fire department uniforms and be at his place at six. When Shannon, Bryce, and Ricardo arrived Tony introduced them and went over the final details of the plan for tonight. When he was finished he asked whether any of them had changed their mind about doing this special favor for him tonight.

They all smiled broadly and nodded their agreement with the plan, and assured Tony that they would follow his instructions to the letter, and make sure that everything turned out just the way he wanted. After Tony felt comfortable that everything was ready he broke out some food and the Corona, and everyone started to relax and get to know each other.

Following Tony’s instructions to dress as sexy as possible Carla decided to wear a red silk dress that was cut very low in the front, and ended four inches above her knees. Underneath she wore a matching set consisting of a lacy front-closure red bra with sheer cups that was cut low and displayed more than the average amount of cleavage, and shimmering brown suspender stockings underneath a pair of red crotch-less panties that were sheer in the back. Carla topped off her outfit with red four inch spike heels, dangling black onyx earrings, and a necklace made with small round black onyx beads. Carla looked at herself in the full length mirror and was very pleased with the image reflected back at her. The red silk dress hugged her curves just right, and she was sure that Tony would love the sexy new lingerie from Fredericks that she had recently purchased for this type of special occasion. Carla applied a liberal amount of her favorite perfume called Dare, applied her red lip gloss, and curled her shoulder length light brown hair. Once she was ready Carla picked up her overnight bag, and headed off to Tony’s. He had refused to give her any hints about what they would be doing tonight, but Carla knew that whatever Tony had planned it would be special.

When Carla arrived at Tony’s house she didn’t expect to see three other cars in the driveway, but she hurried up to the door and rang the bell.

Tony answered the door and Carla was surprised because he was dressed in a pair of faded jeans and sport shirt. She thought they were going to go out somewhere special for dinner, and then dancing, before they came back to Tony’s house to enjoy some wild lovemaking. As she walked through the foyer Carla heard both male and female voices coming from the living room. When Carla walked into the living room she was greeted by three strangers, all wearing fire department uniforms, who were sitting around talking and obviously having a good time. Tony quickly introduced the two guys and woman to Carla and then asked, “What can I get you to drink babe?”

Carla noticed that everyone else was drinking beer so she casually replied, “I’ll have a Corona too.” As she listened to them talking she had the chance to observe the three of them in more detail. Shannon was a very cute woman about 5′ 5″ and 120 pounds with styled short blond hair that nicely framed her attractive face and expressive brown eyes. Carla estimated that she was probably in her middle thirties. Carla could also tell that the body hidden behind the white uniform blouse and dark blue slacks was in good shape, and very nicely proportioned. Bryce appeared to be a few years younger than Shannon, and he was quite a hunk with his broad muscular shoulders, thin waist, and very muscular legs. His deep blue eyes went well with his blond hair. At six foot and 190 pounds he was the tallest of the bunch. His big hands looked very strong, and when Bryce got up to head to the bathroom Carla noticed that he also ataköy escort had very nice buns. The other man Ricardo was a Latino around 5′ 10″ and 200 pounds. He had thick wavy black hair with just a little touch of grey, his dark brown eyes were piercing, and his Latino accent was very sexy. Ricardo had thick arms and a broad chest from years of working out at the gym. He appeared to be the oldest of the group, but he was still an attractive man who was obviously in good shape, and he had a warm and friendly personality.

Being the only other woman in the room Shannon quickly struck up a conversation with Carla and the two of them made an instant connection.

There was something about the smoldering heat in Shannon’s eyes, her body language, and the way she just lightly brushed Carla’s bare skin with her hand when she was talking that caused an unexpected shiver of excitement to run through Carla’s body. Ricardo and Bryce quickly joined in the animated conversation between the two women, and Carla caught the two men checking her out with their wandering eyes. Both Bryce and Ricardo were excellent physical specimens of men in their prime, and Carla knew that she looked very hot tonight, so she could not blame them for trying to sneak a peek at her cleavage or up her dress. Both men were trying to be subtle and not stare openly at Carla’s beautiful body wrapped in her sexy red dress, but Carla could tell by the bulge each guy had in his pants that the sight of her breasts trying to pop out of the top of her dress, and her smooth silky legs exposed to mid thigh were driving them crazy. Carla also noticed Shannon’s roving eyes drinking in her beauty, and trying to gaze up her skirt. Carla had to admit she was curious about whether other women were ever attracted to her. One of Carla’s hottest fantasies was thinking about making love with another woman, and the lust filled look in Shannon’s eyes made Carla start to squirm a little in her seat.

Tony returned with the Corona and a large bowl of Jello shooters, and then explained that his friends had dropped in unexpectedly, but that they could still go out for an evening of fun later.

When Tony sat down in the other chair Carla smiled teasingly at him and spread her legs so that he could get a peek of the crotch-less panties she was wearing underneath her dress. Carla hoped that he would be turned on and it would give him incentive to have his friends leave as soon as possible.

They all sat around talking, drinking, and popping the Jello shooters, and it didn’t take long before everyone was feeling very relaxed and comfortable talking with each other.

Carla was more relaxed now too and when she crossed and uncrossed her legs she noticed that all eyes in the room were paying attention to her every move. She laughed to herself wondering whether any of others had caught a brief glimpse of her exposed crotch when she flashed Tony. Carla wasn’t sure whether it was the alcohol or just her natural desire to flirt, but it excited her to think that one of the others had also seen her neatly trimmed bush.

Somehow the conversation turned to sex and Bryce was telling Carla that Tony had a reputation of being a real ladies man because he always attracted the hottest women. Bryce went on to say that Carla was the hottest woman he had ever seen Tony date.

Carla gave Bryce a sexy smile as his reward for the compliment and said, “Why thank you kind sir.”

Ricardo also made a comment about Carla being a real hot number, and he was also rewarded with a sexy smile and “Thank you”. Carla looked at Tony and said, “I really like these friends of yours!”

The beer and the Jello shooters were having an effect on all of them. The whole conversation had become quite casual and seemed to stay focused on sex. Right on cue Bryce made this comment to Tony that he heard about him nailing that hot slut EMT Beth in the back of her ambulance this week. Pretending to be angry Tony glared at Bryce and told him to shut up, but when he looked over at Carla and seen that the smile had disappeared from her face he knew she was upset. He hoped that before the night was over Carla would understand why he had launched this elaborate plan to let her experience her fantasy.

Carla sat there with a look of shock on her face as she asked, “Is that story true Tony?”

Tony hesitated for a bit and watched as Carla’s expression turned from shock to anger. He replied, “I don’t want to talk about it right now!”

Suddenly Carla was livid, and snapped back at Tony with a quite a few nasty comments.

Tony acted like he was enraged by Carla’s comments. Rather than stay and fight Tony picked himself up from the chair and stormed out of the house, a big smile written across his face as he closed the door.

Carla started to cry and vent her anger. After all she had given Tony the past couple of months how could he possibly cheat on her, and do it in such a way that ataköy eve gelen escort everyone would know about it.

Shannon held a sobbing Carla close, and tried to comfort her. Eventually Carla settled down and went off the bathroom to pull herself together. She fixed her mascara that had run from crying, and applied a new layer of lip gloss.

When she returned to the living room Ricardo had another cold Corona waiting for her. He motioned for her to sit down on the sofa between him and Bryce. Carla sank into the soft cushions of the sofa, sitting between the two strong men and quickly drank her Corona. The combination of finishing her fourth beer so quickly, and consuming a number of Jello shooters on an empty stomach caused an alcohol induced warmth to spread throughout her body. Carla noticed that Shannon had left the room, but figured the other woman just had to use the bathroom.

When Carla drank too much she always got very horny. She knew that it would be best for her to leave, but talking with Bryce and Ricardo and being the center of their attention was making her feel so much better. They both seemed like very nice guys and having their big strong bodies so close to her on the sofa gave her some naughty thoughts.

The conversation had turned back to sex again and Bryce put his hand on Carla’s stocking covered knee and looked into her deep green eyes as he said, “Your so beautiful Carla, Tony must be an idiot to cheat on a woman like you. You know Ricardo and I could help you get even with Tony for what he did!” Without waiting for a reply Bryce brushed Carla’s wavy brown hair to the side and he leaned in and started to lightly kiss her neck. Slowly he progressed to kissing and tonguing her ear before moving back down her neck. His big strong hand gently caressed her knee and then started to slowly slide up the inside of her thigh until he reached the point where her stocking met bare flesh.

Ricardo leaned in and started to kiss the other side of her neck. His thick muscular arm came around the front of Carla and he started to lightly brush his fingertips against the underside of her large covered breasts.

Carla just sat there in shock for a moment stunned by what Bryce had just said to her, and how both men were both touching her. Under normal circumstances Carla would have stopped both of them from touching her and left immediately. However the combination of the alcohol making her more vulnerable, and Bryce’s words about getting revenge on Tony worked together and caused her to hesitate for a moment. Carla’s breathing quickened, and her womanly juices started flowing as her body reacted wantonly to the strange hands touching her intimately. Finally her better judgment won temporary control and she shouted, “Okay guys that’s enough! Please stop touching me! I want to leave now!”

Bryce didn’t pay any attention to what Carla had said. He continued to softly kiss her neck and shoulders as his hand slowly brushed back and forth on the smooth bare skin of her upper thighs, before proceeding towards their ultimate objective. When his fingertips eventually reached the opening in her lacy red crotch-less panties they hesitated for a second, surprised at what Carla was wearing, and then resumed their journey up her dewy crease towards her clit causing Carla to moan softly.

Ricardo just kept working on the underside of her large round breasts that were heaving with excitement. Every once in a while he would let his fingertips lightly dance around the top of each breast, trace her deep cleavage down to the top of her bra and then retrace there way back to the underside of each breast causing Carla to whimper.

When Tony stormed out of the house, just like he had planned, he jumped in his car and drove around the block. He quickly parked his car and headed back towards his house. Once there he used his key to open the side door to the detached garage and let himself in. Earlier in the day Tony had set up a comfortable chair and placed some beer and snacks in the mini refrigerator so he could relax and enjoy what was about to happen. One of the features that Tony really liked about the house when he bought it was the closed circuit video system throughout the house. With that setup and a camcorder Tony could watch the action from any room in the house on the portable TV he had placed in the garage earlier in the day.

Carla was quickly losing the battle with her horny body that wanted to let Bryce and Ricardo do whatever they wanted with her. Bryce’s fingers dancing up and down her wet slit, and Ricardo lightly touching her breasts was driving her wild. Her resistance was fading fast, and if she was going to stop them it was now or never. “Please… stop…..!”, Carla pleaded as she tried to break free from the two men and get up off the sofa. She managed to move quickly enough to catch Bryce and Ricardo off guard and almost made it off the sofa before two strong ataköy grup yapan escort pairs of hands stopped her dead in her tracks. Bryce and Ricardo pulled Carla kicking and screaming to her feet. Bryce moved in front of her, and Ricardo moved behind, sandwiching her petite body between two massive hunks of male flesh. Bryce grabbed both of her hands which surely could inflict some damage with those long fingernails and held them both over her head with one of his large strong hands. With his other hand he reached down and slowly raised the front of Carla’s dress as his hand traveled up her leg until his fingers were buried in her crease again.

With his strong meaty hands Ricardo reached around and gently cupped Carla’s large full breasts through the material of her silky red dress and lacy bra. He used his nose to brush Carla’s wavy brown hair to the side and then started to kiss her neck as he slowly rubbed his hard cock against her buttocks.

Because her job was physical Shannon spent a lot of time at the gym, and her sexy firm body was the product of many hours of working out. She used the bathroom, removed her uniform, and changed into a matching lacy black bra and thong that showcased her perky 36C breasts, that curved upward. She slipped on a pair of black 3″ stiletto heels and smiled as she looked over her shoulder at her firm heart shaped ass. On her way back to the living room Shannon picked up the camcorder and tripod that Tony had left out on his bed, and pushed the office chair without arms and low back into the living room. Shannon pushed the chair aside and then secured the camcorder to the tripod, positioning it so all the action would be recorded. Tony had shown Shannon where to connect the video feed cable to the wall, and now he was able to sit in the garage and watch all the hot action that was unfolding in the living room. Shannon was a little disappointed that Bryce and Ricardo had started playing with Carla before she returned, but she knew that according to the plan she would be getting to know Carla real well in just a few minutes.

The TV screen flickered for a second and then Tony could see what was happening in the living room. As he sat there watching Bryce and Ricardo start to torment and tease Carla he wondered how long she would last before she gave in and enjoyed herself.

Carla felt trapped between the two virile men. They were both so strong and it was futile to struggle or think that she could escape. Despite her resistance Carla’s pussy was tingling with excitement and continued to get wetter by the minute. Carla’s mind kept coming back to what Bryce had said earlier about getting revenge. After all if Tony could fuck some bimbo why couldn’t she enjoy the pleasures that she was sure Bryce and Ricardo could give her body.

Bryce leaned in and lightly brushed his lips against Carla’s waiting to see her response. When she didn’t respond he let his fingers slip between her pussy lips and started to tease and torment her clit. He tried to kiss Carla again and this time her lips parted and joined his mouth and tongue in a long series of passionate kisses.

Ricardo stopped tormenting Carla’s heaving breasts for a minute and used both hands to start slowly moving the zipper of the silky red silk dress downward. He kissed the back of Carla’s neck and then worked his way down her back as the zipper moved lower and her creamy smooth skin was exposed. When he reached the point where the zipper ended a few inches above her buttocks he kissed his way back up her spine again, causing another whimper to escape Carla’s lips. Ricardo used his fingers to slide the dress off Carla’s right shoulder, kissing and licking her shoulder as the silky material gave way to bare skin. Then he repeated the process on the other shoulder. Ricardo’s large hands slipped the silky material of the dress over Carla’s large round breasts and pulled it downward toward her waist. Then his fingers moved back to her breasts and started tormenting the nipples through the thin material of her bra.

Now that Shannon had the camcorder all set up for Tony she wanted to get into the action. In fact Shannon had the lead role as the hands conductor in this symphony of flesh. Shannon slowly sauntered over towards the trio making sure that she didn’t block Tony’s view from the camcorder.

In between Bryce kissing her hard on the mouth Carla opened her eyes and was the first to notice Shannon coming towards them, only wearing a lacy black bra and thong that left nothing to the imagination. Her legs were longer and firmer than first appeared and the 3″ black stiletto heels made them look even hotter. When Shannon stopped about ten feet away, locked eyes with Carla and suggestively licked her lips, a strange new sensation flooded through Carla’s loins. Carla had always fantasized about making love with another woman, and based on what Shannon was wearing and that look of lust in her eyes Carla was sure she was going to have an opportunity tonight. As Bryce and Ricardo continued to tease and torture her wet crease and nipples Carla’s own lust increased exponentially, and her struggling to resist lessened considerably. Her mind kept thinking about getting revenge on Tony, and all the wonderful combinations that having three partners at one time would provide.

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