Upper Channel Harbor

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Do not ever let someone tell you that dogs and animals do not smile. The black Labrador mix smiled, as he walked behind his owner. The strawberry redheaded woman looked over her shoulder, slyly, smiling too. It felt like her and the dog shared a secret. She had asked Gill to check into something on her little sailboat once. He felt a sexy air to her stride and smile.

Crystal lived on a small sailboat with her dog and her younger brother. Her brother was 20. Jasper shared the same facial profile. Crystal was a few years older, closer to 30. They lived at the harbor on a small sailboat, comparable to a camper or van conversion. Gill approached their vessel later that after noon, to see about a technical question. He called her name from the dock. Crystal answered after a few moments and twisted around to poke her head out from behind a curtain, that hung in the companionway hatch. Her eyes glowed and she smiled provocatively, while holding the curtain in front of her. They exchanged greetings and Crystal said, the wiring could wait until she needed to run the engine. She described the starting problem and Gill concurred.

She seemed preoccupied with something down below decks. A gust of sea breeze, blew across the marina and the curtain slipped from Crystals hand. Her face lit up like a red signal beacon. Her skirt was off and the big dog had his cock knotted deep inside Crystal’s pussy. In her other hand, she stroked her younger brother’s fully erect cock. Just as he thought, Crystal was hot, and much kinkier than Gill imagined. He took her hand away from the curtain and placed it on the crotch of his pants. He stood in the boat’s cockpit and her face and his dick gravitated towards each other subconsciously. Jasper resumed fondling is sister’s nipples. Her head fell forward in response, right to Gill’s just opened zipper. Their eyes met and Crystal suckled up to the new dick on deck. Her expert mouth assured Gill; he made the right decision by stopping by today. Gill stepped down through the hatch, concealing Crystal’s activity. Now she picked up the pace. The dog knot subsided and the dog pulled out. Jason quickly filled the opening making sure his sister could fuck as she sucked. Crystal purred as she received the familiar dick in her dog messed pussy.

Jason and Crystal grew up in logging country out of state. They adapted to the lonely rural life with their, incestuous, lovemaking. Other kids attended school after a long bus ride but, none lived nearby. They started making out “for practice”. The “practice” became their major kocaeli escort activity when the folks worked but, Crystal helped her brother, to graduate the one room high school. The mill closed and new jobs didn’t exist. Crystal started taking the pill when the left town. Sleeping in the back of the old station wagon, the family sex life graduated from 69 to brother sister fucking. The dog licked Crystal since she had been a little girl. The pooch humped her until she let him fuck her, farm girl style. Now the dog was old but, still played his part on call. They had a sweet little family fuck threesome going and nobody really knew, until now.

Gill repaired boats, or anything mechanical. Boats got corroded easily giving him plenty of wiring systems to inspect. He earned a good wage,on a sporadic basis. This coastal harbor once served commercial and recreational fishing fleets. Now days pollution and over harvesting killed the fisheries. This marina turned into something like a trailer park. Derelict wood classics decayed alongside early fiberglass creations. The owner needed tenants and took anyone with a story. Federal agents found fugitives there and artists played music. Reformed drunks lived and worked the tugboats; mindless speed freaks worked under lights at any hour. Something as crazy as fucking your brother and your dog did not attract any attention at all. Too much loud crazyness masked anything like that. Gill didn’t make enough to live a big nightlife and meet girls at clubs. This harbor hottie brightened up his outlook immediately.

Crystal sucked down on Gill’s glans strongly. She leaned back and inspected the engorgement. “You seem to enjoy our hospitality,” Crystal said. “Why don’t you come down below and get comfortable?” Gill complied; Now he stood in front of her in the salon. She had to lean forward and bend at the waist to continue sucking him. Meanwhile, Crystal’s brother Jasper gave her the hard pole from behind. Hi’s position and smile matched the dog’s previous round. She continued to suck down on Gill’s dick head, between shaft licks.

Unexpectedly her brother pulled his dripping dick out of her dog messed pussy. Then, he pulled her back off Gill’s dick. In another deft move, Jasper twirled his sister around and planted her mouth on his own dick. The dog jizz covered poker slid in like it belonged there all the time. He turned her just in time to take his spunk load into her hungry gullet. Jason sperm pumped his sister’s face excitedly. Gill wasted no time in stuffing his red hot dick into Crystal’s just vacated kocaeli escort bayan hot box. The higher heat of the dog penis had her slit practically smoking hot. Gill angled around and found a spot the made Crystal moan more emotionally. “Yes baby!”, he encouraged her. “Tell me how you like it!”

“Fuck me slow now, slow and deep,” Crystal purred. “Oh, that is so nice. I guess you know, I like to fuck, don’t you?” Gill laughed and replied. “Actually, I’ve been kind of thinking you were not but, obviously, I’m very pleasantly surprised.” Gill’s balls throbbed with readiness. Electrical contacts synchronized the linear contractions down his shaft. “You’re so good Crystal!” I love it all!”, Gill cried as his semen started to flow. His balls tingled until the sent the rush feeling down his dick and throughout his body. He dog humped Crystal as he squirt pumped her.

Crystal stood to kiss her brother while Gill fucked her from behind. She was sandwiched between two hot men and had taken their essence. The dog fuck just warmed her up for the main round. Gill finished ejaculating inside Crystal and she pushed him back onto the settee sofa. A big beach towel covered the seat. She sat beside him and started kissing the visitor and said, “Welcome aboard. Would you like a drink?”

A bottle of wine sat on the table, so Gill used an empty cup and poured a sip. Crystal’s brother Jaspar had a bag of indica and proceeded to twist up a spliff. Soon they were laughing and joking about Crystal’s initial surprise. She toasted their new friend and took a deep toke from the spliff. The dog sensing an opportunity, started licking Crystal between the legs. He quickly cleaned up the mess and continued her stimulation. Her intoxicated giggles revealed the pooch bringing her off again. His huge tongue always got her stimulated so quickly. Her taste aroused his urges, as well.

The two men sipped wine and continued smoking the sweet weed, as Captain Crystal commanded old sea dog to satisfy her once again. Jason fingered his sister idly through the dogs constant licking. Jason’s precision pressure triggered sudden orgasms. Gill played with her nipples and kissed her from the other side of the bench seat. Gill noticed a piece of antique ship hardware on the shelf next to them. The bronze belaying pin had a handle and a cylindrical post to fit a hole in the ship’s rail. Pulling the handle out released any line lashed around it, like a safety valve for the wind. The handle shape had a nice dildo like profile. Gill moved his hand over to grab it. The sun izmit escort warmed it on the shelf so Gill lubed it with the dog’s tongue and lifted Crystal up to probe her ass, Hard dildo-ed from be hind while she got dog licked in front brought new levels of pleasure to the Country girl. Her ass clinched hard on the bronze handle and Gill spun it in place to tickle her inner nerves. “Oh Yes!” she moaned, “I love that.”

The spliff went out from lack of attention, while the cabin heated up in renewed frenzy. Jason got hard again and stood up. His sister took him in hand and said, “Fuck me bro. Fuck me…in the ass.” Crystal’s brother took the belaying pin from Gill and pulled it slowly from his sister’s anus. Her butt hole lay lubed with dog saliva and pussy juice. Now, her brother slid his dick in for a regulation full depth penetration. He then lay sideways on the settee and pulled her in front of him. Her bare pussy pushed all the way to the edge of the sofa. Gill took the hint and stuck his dick into her constrained opening. The volume of brother meat stuffed in her ass raised the tightness factor of Crystal’s pussy like a high pressure hose clamp. Gill stuck is dick in and the back and forth motions gave everyone crazy tight sensations. Crystal came first, as usual. Her brother and Gill were in now hurry so she got a severe fucking now.

As the dog walked by she took hold of his dangling pink one and pulled it to her mouth. The dog froze his step and she took oral dog dick for a full triple hole blasting. She loved to suck and the heat of the dog cock temperature made her face blush again as she came. The two man dick’s rubbed at each other on her inner membrane. Gill had not tried double penetration before and her flailing excitement thrilled him with new sensations on his dick. She shook like a rag doll and came again and again. Her brother blew his load in her ass sphincter’s grip, unable to hold any longer. Gill pushed the dog aside and removed his dick from Crystal’s cunt. She climbed onto the floor and faced him where he knelt. As she sucked Gill’s dick again the dog mounted her from behind and started trying to find his way inside. A few wild strokes and he planted dog dick in harbor girl once again.

The little boat rocked and swayed in the protected waters of the berth. They were far from the sea and large channels. The only waves felt right now were the ones their thrashing sex energies spreading out like ripples from a stone toss. As the dog came again he let loose a wild howl.

In another boat a woman spoke to her husband, “They must be beating that poor dog for him to howl like that.” Her husband disagreed, “She seems like a nice woman, not one who would hit a dog. That is a wild howl though.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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