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Emily Dalton married one of her former professors, Bill Dalton, after graduating with her master’s degree in English Literature.

Now a thirty-six-year-old professor herself she found herself married to a fifty-nine-year-old man who could not impregnate her.

The Daltons had tried unsuccessfully for the first two years of their marriage to conceive before finding out Bill had “lazy sperm” that wasn’t doing the job.

They had discussed adoption but Emily wanted to have a baby she gave birth to.

Their doctor said artificial insemination would be a viable alternative.

Bill had agreed to his wife being impregnated with a donor’s sperm.

Emily was uneasy about the prospect of having an anonymous man’s sperm deposited in her womb, as it was all so impersonal.

Then she heard about a fertility clinic that actually matched want-to-be mothers up with studs to breed them. It was done the old-fashion way where the prospective mother was fucked by the stud of her choice.

Emily contacted Select Fertility Clinic and arranged an interview.

A very professional looking woman, Barbara Moore, at Select’s clinic interviewed her. Emily completed all the necessary paper work and paid the fourteen hundred dollar fee.

Emily had no difficulty choosing her stud as she had given it a lot of thought.

Rob Sinclair was one of her first-year students, a very handsome nineteen-year-old star on the university’s football team. Rob was very popular around campus and had caught the eye of many young coeds. Rob was who Emily wanted to give her a baby.

Rob was curious when he got the call from Barbara at Select Fertility Clinic. He thought it might be some of his classmates pulling a prank on him. Four hundred dollars to impregnate some woman? For that much money he would do it even if she were as ugly as sin!

Rob completed the forms relinquishing his rights as father of any child produced by the recipient of his sperm, submitted to a HIV test and an appointment was made for the union of him and Emily Dalton.

Of course Rob knew Emily Dalton. He couldn’t believe his luck. Although Professor Dalton was mature she still had a dynamite body and a roll in the hay with her would be a treat. For four hundred dollars he would fuck her until she couldn’t walk.

The appointment had been scheduled for Emily’s next ovulation period. Rob would fuck her three consecutive days in his attempt to impregnate her.

As soon as it was established that Emily was pregnant Rob would receive his payment from Select.

Rob couldn’t wait for his appointment to fertilize Professor Dalton to arrive. For almost two weeks he had been jerking-off almost non-stop thinking about getting his cock in the big-titted professor.

Emily Dalton was as nervous as hell when she arrived at the clinic. She had rushed home right from work and showered and changed into something more appropriate to be serviced.

She had selected her sexiest and most expensive panty and bra set. The panties were French-cut scarlet silk and the matching bra revealed much of her ample décolleté. A sprits of Jon Patou’s “Joy” perfume between her breasts and she was ready.

Emily had shaven her vagina as smooth as a baby’s bum, she didn’t know what Rob’s preferences were but it made her feel more reckless.

Rob was waiting at the clinic when she arrived. It was their first time alone together since he became aware he was to be her lover.

They exchanged a few awkward remarks to each other in a laughing manner and were then taken to the “Breeding Room” the clinic provided.

The ambiance of the room was designed for fucking. Dim lighting with soft music in the background and a large bed covered in crisp white linens dominated the room.

“Have fun!” Barbara said as she closed the door leaving Emily and Rob alone in the room.

Emily was aware that for safety reasons there was a CCTV camera mounted in the room and Barbara would be watching their progress from her desk in the reception area.

Emily wondered who else would be watching the monitor and if they were making a tape of her insemination?

Regardless she quickly stripped down to her sexy lingerie. Rob could not take his eyes from her, as she revealed more ataköy türbanlı escort and more of her body to him.

Emily was completely naked when Rob pulled his shorts down allowing his rock-hard cock to spring out.

“Oh my God!” though Emily when she saw his hard, young pecker.

“Can I suck it?” she blurted out.

She didn’t know why, she just had an urge to take his cock in her mouth. She knew Barbara would be watching and maybe making a tape but she had to suck this beautiful cock!

Smiling, Rob approached her as she sat naked on the edge of the bed.

His cock was at her face level as she reached out and took it in her hand like it was a lovable young pet. Opening her mouth wide she guided him between her Ruby-red lips onto her warm, wet tongue. Her lips sealed around his shaft as she inhaled deeply. Her thumb and index finger encircled his cock just above his balls as she began to milk him.

Emily had sucked a lot of cocks in her fraternity days and it felt good having a nice young cock in her mouth again. Of course she had sucked-off her husband but his ancient withered dick was nothing like the young rock-hard one filling her mouth now.

The professor was good at sucking cock, skilled in the use of her tongue at arousing any cock fortunate enough to find their way into her mouth. Rob’s cock was fully erect and she was sucking on a rigid steel-like shaft.

Rob moaned softly as his teacher worked his cock in her hungry mouth.

Barbara was sitting at her desk catching up on some paperwork when she happened to glance at the monitor for the breeding room. She was shocked to see Professor Dalton with her student’s cock in her mouth.

Sucking cocks in the breeding room was against all the rules because if the authorities found out they could be closed for running a common bawdy house!

Barbara had never seen one of her prospective mothers giving her stud head before as they usually just fucked and maybe kissed while the stud cum in her. Barb was fascinated by how hungrily the mature woman was gobbling her young man’s cock.

Without thinking Barbara’s right hand went under her skirt. As she wore no panties her fingers found her already aroused clitoris and began to tug it like a miniature penis.

Barbara felt her own orgasm approaching as she saw Emily Dalton’s throat start swallowing, the slutty professor must be drinking his cum!

Barbara’s orgasm took her as she thought how Dalton needed the sperm in her pussy, not her mouth.

She had chosen a young bull that no doubt was capable of delivering several loads. She made a mental note to call young Rob later and with a bit of luck she would have his cock in her mouth before too long?

Emily’s mouth was flooded with a tidal wave of Rob’s salty brine. Desperately she gulped it down not wanting to spill a precious drop.

With her belly full of cum she was ready to fuck.

Barbara’s orgasm was subsiding as she watched Dalton spread herself out on the bed with her legs open offering her waiting womb to her chosen stud.

Rob had just blasted a load of his cum down his professor’s throat and he was still hard!

“Oh my God!” Barbara thought as she watched the sandy hair youth climb atop the waiting matron.

Barbara felt a bit envious as she watched Rob’s hips lower, knowing his cock was sliding into Dalton’s cunt.

“Lucky bitch!” she thought as her hand went back to her pussy while she watched them start fucking.

Emily had forgotten how good a young cock felt in her pussy. After scavenging her orgasms with old Bill’s semi-hardons Rob’s rock-hard pecker was a treat.

“Oh yes, fuck me!” she begged her young student as his cock penetrated her deeply.

Rob placed her ankles onto his shoulders so he could drive his meat as far into her as possible.

“Oomph!” she grunted as nine inches of cock was rammed into her birth canal.

It all came back to Emily, how good fucking could be, her hips started gyrating as Rob ignited a fire within her.

Rob could feel his professor’s pelvic muscles contacting as her cunt squeezed his cock like a flesh vise.

“Fuck you slut!” Rob moaned.

Rob surprised himself talking so ataköy ucuz escort disrespectfully to his superior. She was a slut but he was still going to have to face her in class.

Rob wondered how he would feel seeing his teacher in class knowing his baby was growing inside of her?

Rob once again concentrated on his task. He was here to deliver a load of his cum to Emily Dalton’s cum-starved womb.

During the following two days Rob and Emily met at the clinic so the love starved professor could receive another dose of her young lover’s sperm.

After their third day of fucking the pair went to a coffee shop before parting.

“This could be the last time you fuck me if I get pregnant.” Emily said to her lover.

“I know.” Rob said dismayed.

“But I like fucking you.” Emily confessed.

An idea flashed into Rob’s mind, “How would you like to get fucked by a bunch of young guys?” he asked.

“You mean like a gangbang?” Emily asked.

“Exactly!” Rob smiled, “I know some guys on the football team who would love to fuck you.”

Emily had been gangbanged onetime when she was living in a sorority house. She had gotten drunk and seven guys screwed her. She had one hell of a hangover but having all those cocks in her had been fun.

“Where can we do it?” the professor asked.

Rob told Professor Dalton to leave it up to him to arrange the time and place. He asked her how many guys she could handle and she automatically answered seven.

“Seven it is!” Rob grinned as they went their ways.

The Sunset Motel was on the motel strip as you entered town. Rob told her had managed to get seven guys to throw in ten buck apiece for the room for a chance to fuck her. He said they had warned him they better get their money’s worth and it had better not be a scam.

It was too soon for Emily to do a pregnancy test after her union with Rob. She figured she was past the peak of her ovulation so she planned on taking the guys bare cock. If one of the others ended up knocking her up it didn’t matter, Rob had received his stud fee.

Emily parked her Buick around back of the motel where it was not visible from the street. Sneakily she made her way to room fourteen where the guys were waiting.

When Rob opened the door she was hit by a blast of cigarette smoke and the smell of booze. Glancing inside she saw what appeared to be a helluva bunch of guys waiting her arrival.

She quickly stepped inside and did a quick count. Fifteen guys, more than double the number she had agreed to! They were not all students either as some of them were her age.

She quickly figured out that Rob had pimped her out for the gangbang charging God knows how much to fuck her?

Emily knew she had to go though with her commitment. If she raised a fuss now things may turn ugly. The last thing she needed was word to get out she had agreed to a gangbang.

Resolved to see the fiasco though she entered the room amidst the cheering of her gang of studs.

Rob handed her a strong drink of whiskey and ginger ale as the guys begin to grope her.

Unable to wait they were already fondling her breasts and unfastening her blouse. She felt a hand slid up under her skirt as another scooped her breast out of her bra.

A hand was pulling the crotch of her panties aside as another rolled her nipple between its thumb and index finger. Fingers had found their way into her vagina.

Emily was being finger-fucked when the mouth clamped onto her now erect nipple.

Her half-full glass was taken from her as she was dragged over to the bed. Several of the guys laid her across the bed and begin removing the rest of her clothes. In minutes she was laying naked amongst over a dozen horny guys.

The cocks came at her from every direction. Rock hard erections jostled to enter her body. Her legs were pulled apart rendering her wide-open cunt vulnerable to attack.

The first cock slid into her pussy easily. She looked up to see the university’s German groundskeeper was fucking her. Herman had always talked to her politely and now he was fucking her.

A bulbous cockhead pressed against her lips attempting to gain entrance to her mouth. Submissively she ataköy üniversiteli escort opened her mouth to allow it in.

Emily did not even know whose cock she was sucking and it didn’t matter anymore. She realized before they were finished with her each one of the fifteen cocks would use her. She just wanted to make them all cum and get it over with.

Herman was plunging deep inside of her now, as her legs were held open. Her lips sealed around the cock in her mouth as she took a deep breath in.

She felt cum begin to rain down on her naked body from above. Half a dozen guys encircled the bed jerking off on her. The thick, white sperm splattered all over her chest as they aimed for her tits.

Emily Dalton felt as if she had reached bottom being degraded. As her tormentors continued to abuse her they became more disrespectful, treating her like a common street whore instead of a respected member of faculty.

“Suck it bitch!” the owner of the cock in her mouth demanded as he drove his cock further and further down her throat. Emily had never been skull-fucked before.

Hot salty cum begin to fill her mouth, spurt after spurt of the thick gooey brine was hurtled across her tongue towards her gullet. Confused Emily begins to swallow the pungent slime down her throat to rid her taste buds of the salty attack.

Simultaneously she noticed a warm surge deep within her cunt as Herman released his sperm into her womb. For the first time in her life Emily was receiving cum from two cocks at the same time plus what rained onto her from above!

As the two spent cocks left her mucky opening two fresh ones replaced them and the cycle began all over again.

Dutifully Emily sucked on the replacement cock in her mouth as she had the previous one. She could not see who was fucking her as the loin of the guy whose cock she was sucking obstructed her view. She had two cocks in her and didn’t know whose either was.

As the cocks used her relentlessly Emily wondered how she had got into this mess?

Rob had betrayed her trust pimping her to every guy who wanted to fuck her. What could she do? She couldn’t go home and tell her husband fifteen guys had come in her.

Now she would never know who the father of her baby was. Rob had a head start but any one of these guys could be the one to make her pregnant.

Emily heard a groan and the cock in her pussy stopped moving while sperm flowed through it drenching her ovaries with the seed she needed to start a baby.

As her womb received the cum the cock in her mouth blasted another volley of gooey slime into her mouth. Once again Emily swallowed.

Emily had lost track of how many cocks had used her when she was rolled over onto her stomach. The next cock wanted to do her “doggy”.

She was on her hands and knees now with a cock in both ends of her. Emily rocked back and forth as two cocks fucked her.

In this position the cock penetrated her deeper and the abundance of cum began to run out of her cunt and down the insides of her thighs.

A soft squishing sound was made each time the cock piston into her saturated tunnel.

For some unknown reason Emily started enjoying the cocks in her. She had no idea who was fucking her from behind but his cock felt good as it penetrated her depths.

She rocked her ass back to meet his plunges so the head of his cock would kiss her cervix, the entrance to her baby-making factory.

The sensation of the cock in her cunt excited her making her suck on the cock in her mouth with renewed energy.

Emily experienced her first orgasm of the night with an unknown cock draining sperm into her hungry womb.

Realizing she was coming the cock in her cunt begin pounding her harder, shooting it’s seed deep into her ovaries. The cock in her mouth begin to spit cum all over her tongue, her teeth was awash in a sea of salty brine.

Obediently Emily gulped down his slimy goo, it slid down her throat like a glob of snot.

The fucking and sucking went on for what seemed like forever until all fifteen cocks had spent their loads in the weary professor.

By the time they were done Emily looked like a glazed doughnut, cum was everywhere. The sticky white goo glistened on the insides of her thighs as well as coating her breasts. Around her mouth was a ring of jism and beads of it sparkled in her hair.

Rob handed her a towel to wipe herself with.

“You bastard!” she snarled as she took the towel from him, “You set me up!”

“You did a fine job.” Rob smiled, “I think all the guys were satisfied, all fifteen!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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