Wants and Desires

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I imagine a fantasy. A fantasy that we have spoken briefly to eachother about. One I have not yet experienced. It involves you, me, and a female friend. A female friend who is so far is faceless and nameless…

We have just finished dinner and have begun talking. A movie is in the background, but no one is watching, or cares. I am sitting in front of you as you know I like; my back to your chest, your breath at my neck. I relish the safety, the closeness. We are talking about our sexual likes, our dislikes. You know how much I want this. You also sense my growing fear. You whisper into my ear the question, “do you want this?” I respond with a quiet moan and a not so subtle movement to stroke your cock. You counter by keeping my arm in place so I will not run.

She carefully, casually moves closer to me. Her eyes shine with anticipation. You, with your free hand, begin to undress me, exposing my breasts to both of your wanting eyes. With her gentle, slight fingers, she brushes lightly one nipple. She moves softly, her hand only touching the one nipple. You gently rub my side, my stomach. I feel your breathing at my neck, driving me wild with desire.

She undresses, slowly, teasing the both of us, and returns her delicate hands to my breasts. She begins to massage my breast, you the other, she takes one hand and fills it with my breast, the other she pleasures herself with. I can only move slightly, my hand straining to touch you. You begin to kiss my ear, my neck, my cheek. I breathe harder. She gently, takes a nipple into her mouth, as you kiss me deeply. I moan into your mouth as she sucks my breast into hers.

With my free hand, I cautiously feel the warm softness of her breast. I lightly brush her hard nipples. I pinch one, just for a reaction. I get that reaction. She responds by increasing her manipulations on my hard nipples and moves her now free hand to my waist. You begin helping me explore her naked body, our hands intertwining as we find her most sensitive places.

She stops sucking my breast, only for a moment, kissing up to my mouth, kissing you, giving your mouth back to me as she smiles seductively at both of us. She returns to the neglected avcılar elit escort breast, biting just as you do, making me jump in need. Your hand leaves mine on her body, still moving to find sensation, and you reach to my pussy. You gently part my lips; I move my leg higher, spreading them for your touch. But you only tease me. You let the cool air play with my imagination.

Her hand moves from my waist to your hand. With the lightest of touches, traces my captive lips at your fingers, and then with even lighter feather touches, she traces every fold of my pussy, mischievously avoiding my clit.

She finally dips a finger into me, but only once. She takes her finger up licks one side, bringing it up for you to taste. You suck her fingers as I grab her breast.

I don’t want either of you to stop.

She returns her hand to my slit. You kiss me as her mouth begins to trail slight kisses down my body. She kisses your hand at my lips.

You know what comes next and kiss me deeply as I experience a first with you. She retraces the path fingers took moments ago with her tongue.

You take my hand to her waiting pussy and lead me into her cunt.

She responds by taking my clit into her mouth and rolling her tongue over and over.

You allow my arm to go free; I can now take your dick into my hand as I have been trying to do this whole time.

I realize that as I stroke her pussy, her mouth moves in reply. It begins to feel like I am pleasuring myself. So, I touch her as I want her to touch me and she responds the same.

I need your cock, I want to suck it. I need to feel your hardness as you watch me, us.

I have to stop sucking you.

Her wetness is curious and somehow wonderful.

I can’t concentrate…

You hold me as I begin to shudder in excitement, shake in orgasm. You kiss me deeply holding my breast as her tongue also kisses deeply, drinking in as much of my orgasm as she can.

You gently release your grip on my breasts as she moves up to kiss me, allowing me to taste myself on her lips. You too, kiss me, kiss her; tasting me on her lips.

She gently avcılar escort grabs your hard cock, and leads you to my pussy. She kisses my clit, rekindling my need, this time with the added need to be filled. She kisses the head of your cock, and places it at my entrance.

Your hands explore her as you enter my tight, hot pussy, for the first time this evening. My hand tentatively follows yours. As you move inside of me, we move around her body, caressing her breasts, her arms, her ass, her legs. You take one of my hands into yours as we begin to explore her hot, wet, soft cleft. You open her lips as she again takes one of my nipples into her mouth. We touch her pussy together; she bites gently as a wave moves through me clenching my pussy tighter around your cock.

Her familiar view of femininity is displayed in front of me, within the reach of a kiss. You unexpectedly place a finger into her and remove it. Her body writhes in need.

You give me your coated finger to taste. I tentatively kiss, then lick, then take your finger into my mouth as I, too, enter her with my fingers, you grind deeper into me and she moans onto my excited nipple. As I touch her clit, she begins to rub mine as you are slowly fucking me.

I am curious, but still scared.

You bring me up to kiss you, as she begins shaking in anticipation.

You whisper to me that it’s OK if that’s what I want, and you drive into me, grinding her hand into my clit.

I open her legs, pulling her closer to me for a first kiss…

You begin exploding in me; I begin to explode in turn. I moan into her pussy, drenched in her juices as she responds to our attentions. You slowly move out of me, I feel empty as you move over to her still orgasiming body and meet my face and help me drink her in.

She holds both of our heads as she relaxes.

Not wanting her to feel unfilled; you turn her to her stomach to take her on her knees.

You are amazingly hard again; it’s going to be a great night.

I have a look of seductive longing as I nearly feel abandoned.

She notices this and leads one of my legs to the side of her and the other avcılar eve gelen escort bent, splayed in a prone position. As you enter her from behind, you pull my leg closer to you, causing my pussy to become perilously close to her mouth.

You obviously do not want me to be left out.

She begins to lick me from my ass to my clit. She is careful to keep up her motions on me as you move in and out of her cunt. You reach down to my breasts around her body; I reach down to her breasts. You pinch mine as I in turn pinch hers. She licks my slit in long strokes in time with your movements. We fuck each other in long, slow strokes.

As she begins to come, she lavishes my pussy in a series of tongue lashings, moaning, feeling, clutching my ass in her hands. I come in turn again bathing her mouth in lust.

You get bucked off.

You still hard and I so wide, you plunge into my pussy.

She recovers next to me with a hand on my breast and a hand reaching to cup your balls.

But I stop you. I want you in my ass.

You remove yourself from my pussy and she replaces it with her mouth, helping me to lubricate my tight anus for your entrance.

I am positioned just right so that you can be in me, and she has room to lick me.

You slowly penetrate me as she encouragingly strokes you, gently spreading my ass cheeks apart for your better access.

You ever so gently slide into me as she tugs at my clit, sending shivers all over my body, you respond by deeply thrusting and then stopping for my adjustment. I love the fullness I experience when you are in my ass.

I then feel more, as she places her fingers inside me, stroking you, stroking me. You seem to enjoy the sensations as you begin to play with her pussy. She also kisses my breasts, increasing all the sensations I feel.

We again all explode in ecstasy. I feel every beat of your softening cock as you excruciatingly, slowly remove yourself from my depths and curl yourself behind me, wrapping your arms around me, as she lays her head in exhaustion on my chest, her arms lazily around us in a tired embrace.

We pant in fatigue together for a moment or two when she lifts her head up and kisses each one of us in turn and thanks us for a wonderful, exciting evening. She motions us to stay as she dresses and leaves quietly with a smile.

We hold each other for a moment longer, and then enjoy a slow, leisurely expression of our love and lust, and fall asleep in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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