Weekend Getaway Ch. 04

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We decided to walk out to the four-car garage that Vera had partially used as an exercise room. As we stepped outside, it became apparent that we had been out a lot longer than Sarah thought. The sun was already up.

I led Sarah by the hand as we walked naked from the cabin to the garage. Two pick-up trucks were parked next to Ken’s, making Sarah and I even more self-conscious of our nakedness.

It was either late morning or early afternoon, but thanks to the previous night’s storm, the air was still cool and made our nipples erect. Sarah’s freckles were more noticeable for some reason, and she looked years younger than her actual age. If she hadn’t been married, she could have been my perfect match – with just a bit of an age difference.

We heard muffled moans getting louder as we approached the garage door. We tried to step in quietly, not knowing who or what was inside.

A wall divided the mudroom area from the rest of the converted garage. In the mudroom, a young Hispanic girl dressed in a housekeeper uniform was taking our clothes out of a dryer and folding them neatly. That would explain why we couldn’t find any of our clothes in the cabin. The housekeeper was startled as she turned around to see Sarah and I standing there, but she quickly smiled and curtsied, then went about her business.

Sarah and I looked at each other, and decided to walk in a little further. As we turned the corner, Vera appeared wearing a spandex exercise outfit that left nothing to the imagination.

“Good morning, you two!” Vera smiled. “Sleep OK?”

“Uh… yeah. What’s going on?” I asked. “Where is everyone?”

“Well, we all called it a night about an hour after the two of you snuck off.

Walter always wakes up early, and when he watched the weather forecast this morning, he decided to get a few holes of golf in with his doctor friends.” Vera said. “He wanted me to tell you he really enjoyed your company and had a wonderful time. Thanks to your girlfriend, I had a really wonderful birthday, too.” Vera smiled.

“Looks like you have a new girlfriend, huh?” Vera looked at Sarah.

“Where’s Andi?” I asked.

“Where’s Ken?” Sarah followed.

Vera guided us into the next room where an elaborate breakfast spread had been laid out. She offered us orange juice and a fruit plate as she spoke.

“Andi’s gone through a bit of a transformation, I think.

She’s really come out of her shell.” Vera added.

“Well, where is she?” I asked again.

“Patience, sweetheart.” Vera chided. “After her entertaining anal session with my husband, she managed a repeat performance with yours, ” she smiled at Sarah.

“He can get a little rough, sometimes, can’t he?”

Sarah looked uncomfortable.

“Oh don’t worry, he didn’t hurt her. That little pussy and asshole of hers are very resilient.” Vera smiled.

I was sure Sarah wasn’t worried about Andi.

“The two of them showered and disappeared into the room next to yours and must have fallen asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillows.

Andi must be a light sleeper, though, and woke up at the same time as Walter and me. As crazy as it sounds, she was ready for more.

“Walter sometimes gets his priorities confused and decided he’d rather play golf today. He called in our housekeeping staff to take care of everyone’s laundry… and the gardening staff to take care of Andi.” Vera looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

I couldn’t believe it.

“They’re good workers and do a thorough job.” Vera added.

“Speaking from experience?” Sarah asked.

“Why yes, sweetheart. Walter lets me hire the most attractive and capable ‘help’ to plow my fields any time I want.” Vera said proudly.

I drank my orange juice and put down the glass before following Vera to the next partition in the garage. Sarah held my hand tightly as her nipples brushed across my arm and back.

As we walked through the doorway, the smell of sex filled the air. I counted five young Hispanic men, (not much older than Andi, and not much taller than 5 feet), and one slightly ankara escort older black man, about 6 feet tall, having their way with Andi.

Vera would later argue that Andi was having her way with them.

Andi was on her back, lying on a workbench. There was a line of Hispanic men taking turns licking or fucking between her legs, a Hispanic cock in each hand, and the black man’s long cock in her mouth.

Sarah looked at the black man’s long cock and must have had a flashback to her college days. Vera noticed Sarah’s gaze.

“That’s Dee. We hired him a few years ago, and he’s been a very good handyman. He saved up enough of his wages to start his own piercing and tattoo parlor. He’s quite the artist, Sarah. Ever thought of having some ink done?” Vera asked, making her best effort to sound “hip.”

“Not really, but I’ve thought about having my clit pierced.” Sarah answered.

“Well, you ought to ask Andi how it feels. Dee pierced her nipples and clit this morning.” Vera smiled. “Nothing too outrageous, of course. Simple posts, but they look great on her, don’t you think?” Vera looked over at Dee. “This one doesn’t need to wait in line. He’s our guest. Make sure he gets anything he wants.”

I’m sure Vera expected me to be grateful to not have to wait in line to fuck my girlfriend.

I walked over to Andi and she smiled at me as well as someone could smile with a long, shiny black dick sliding in and out of their mouth.

She let Dee’s dick flop out of her mouth for a second so she could speak.

“Hi sweetheart.” Andi giggled as she arched her neck back for Dee’s dick again.

Dee came almost as soon as he put his dick back in her mouth.

She sucked hard, and then pulled his dick out as she swallowed.

She pulled the Hispanic dick in her right hand to her mouth as the dick in her left hand moved to her pussy. Dee moved to her left shoulder. She reached up between his legs, caressing his ass and fingering his asshole while he slapped her left tit with his softening dick.

There were several loads of come on her belly, tits, and face. There was a large puddle of come gathering beneath her ass. Her pussy was completely shaved and glistened with saliva, sweat, and come. Her finger and toenails were painted a dark red. Her face looked like someone had attempted to make her look like a model (or porn star) earlier, but the make-up was now completely smeared with come.

“Andi, don’t you want to head back to the campground?” I asked as two of the Hispanic men jerked off onto her feet.

“Yeah, but can we wait a little while longer?” Andi said between mouthfuls of cock. “These guys don’t have to do their real work for another hour or so. Do you want to join in? You don’t have to wait in line. You can have any part of me you want.”

She allowed another cock to be shoved into her mouth before I could answer.

Even covered in come, Andi looked good. Sarah squeezed my hand and whispered in my ear, “Where’s Ken?”

Dee stepped between Andi’s legs and pushed her knees to her shoulders. His dick wasn’t any thicker than mine, but it must have been two to three inches longer. He effortlessly slid the full length of his dick into her pussy, forcing several previous loads of Hispanic come down the crack of her ass in the process. She gasped, bit her lower lip, then smiled as she pulled her ass cheeks apart, invitingly.

Vera pulled Sarah and me aside. “Andi will be fine. She laid down the rules as soon as one of them tried to put his little cock in her mouth after just having been in her anus. She’s been so much fun. Walter is going to enjoy watching her in action over and over again.”

I wasn’t sure what Vera meant, at first. Then I noticed a security camera in the corner of the room. I tried to remember if there were any in the cabin.

We walked out the back door of the garage and found Ken sitting on the edge of an outdoor Jacuzzi with two little Filipino girls. One was in the water, stroking and sucking his short, fat cock. The other was rubbing his shoulders and kissing his neck. As escort ankara soon as he was about to come, the other girl jumped in the water so he could cover both of their faces with his spunk. They laughed and giggled to each other, then the one that had expertly sucked Ken’s fat dick stepped out to get us refreshments.

From the back, she looked no older than 15 – most likely due to her short height. Her hair was long, reaching below the small of her back. She had a dark, all-over tan as if she never spent much time in clothes. Her legs were well toned, but her arms and waist looked too skinny. As she turned sideways, I could see her cute, perky little tits, making me question her age even more. But as she turned and walked toward us, my gaze was taken from her perfect smile to a tiny, uncut cock sticking out from where her pussy should have been.

“She” had a momentary worried look on her face as my jaw almost dropped. Aside from the tiny cock, she had a very convincing female body.

“Is that what I think it is?” I asked Vera.

“Yes, but try not to stare. You’ll make her self-conscious,” Vera said quietly.

“How can I not stare? My husband just got sucked off by another guy!” Sarah exclaimed.

“Sucked, fucked, boy, girl, what difference does it make, right?” Vera quipped.

“Apparently not much, as far as Ken’s concerned,” I added.

“Well, your husband did have his eye on our little housekeeper girl, but we’re pretty sure she’s only 17. The twins more than made up for her, I think.” Vera smiled and looked as the other girl was now sitting on Ken’s lap, facing him, and guiding his fat cock into her asshole.

“Two trannys?” I asked.

“No, silly,” Vera said disappointedly. “Brother and sister. Except the brother wishes he was a girl, too. Walter knew their parents years ago. Now that the twins have graduated high school, they work here to raise money for college. I think the brother is saving his money for something else, though. Isn’t he just gorgeous?” Vera asked.

The “girl with something extra” came back out with a tray of food and juice for us. “She” had almost no scrotum, and if “she” hadn’t been completely shaved, one might have missed the tiny cock altogether. I stared at “her” tits for a moment.

“No scars,” Vera piped in. “Hormones. The best way to feel like a woman. Been on them for years.”

There was a short pause.

“And, no, I was not once a man.”

Ken filled the Filipino girl’s ass full of his fat cock, which seemed an impossible task, as it was about half her size. She kept up her rhythm and milked him into her bowels, then slowly slid back into the water. She turned and smiled at us as Ken waved me over.

“You know one of them has a dick, right Ken?” I asked, jokingly.

“Yeah, but he… she has an incredible body and really knows how to take it in the ass. She likes it rough, too.” Ken said excitedly. “They both give incredible blow jobs, and look exactly the same from behind. I was fucking both of them in the ass earlier, and they never missed a beat. You should get a blow job from one. Close your eyes – you’ll never know the difference.”

“Maybe later, Ken. Don’t you want to head back out to the campground? Maybe take the boat out again?” I asked.

“I guess. I’ve just been having a wild time with these two.

They’ve never seen a short, fat cock before, and wanted nothing more than to bounce on it all morning! Who am I to deny them?” Ken laughed.

“What about me?” Sarah cried. “I thought this weekend was for me!”

Ken looked at Sarah sympathetically.

Vera pulled me aside and spoke to Sarah. “Look, dear. Didn’t you get to fuck the man of your dreams all weekend? Well, go fuck him some more. Do you really want my Walter to fill your pussy and ass the way he filled Andi’s?

I think those days are over for you, sweetie. At least, for now.”

Vera looked at my shaved cock and smiled. “Sarah was really looking out for you. She really likes you, you know. I think you should take her back to her camper, make love, enjoy the sun, the ankara escort bayan boat, water skiing, and falling asleep in each other’s arms tonight. After this weekend, you may never get another chance.”

Sarah almost hated to admit that Vera was right.

Andi came out to use the outdoor shower and then hopped in the Jacuzzi. She had washed off all the come and make-up, and aside from the shiny posts that were slid through her nipples, she looked the way I remembered her.

Before Sarah or I could ask them anything else, Andi lifted the Filipino girl with something extra out of the water and sat “her” on the edge. She then carefully placed the tiny, uncut cock in her mouth and coaxed the little prick to an erection.

Ken hopped in the water behind Andi and within seconds began pounding her ass violently.

Andi and Ken looked back toward us and waved good-bye, then went on fucking the hell out of each other.

“Walter and I will drop them off at your campground tomorrow morning, OK?” Vera asked.

“Sure” was about all I could get out.

As we walked through the garage to get our clothes, the Hispanic men – apparently waiting for Andi’s return – eyed Sarah and pointed at their small hard-ons as if she might be interested.

She tried not to laugh, and managed her best Spanish version of “no thanks” she’s ever spoken. Even Dee seemed disappointed that Sarah wasn’t interested in taking his black snake into the depths of her bowels.

When we got to Ken’s truck, Sarah didn’t bother putting on her freshly cleaned clothes.

“Let’s just get to the campground and get in bed.” Sarah said.

I nodded and got in the truck naked, because I knew Vera was right.

We spent the rest of the day making love in every position Sarah had ever tried, seen, or thought about, followed by a little time on the boat, and a little time in the water.

We dressed briefly as we went to dinner at a local restaurant, but I don’t think either of us wanted to be anywhere but in bed together. When we returned to the campground, we kissed and she cried, and then decided to have wild sex to cheer each other up.

Feeling just a small sting of jealousy, and a desire to do something Andi would never do, Sarah decided she was going to suck my cock after it had been in her ass.

I asked her several times if she was sure, and she answered by lying on her back and pulling her legs back as far as I’ve ever seen them. I lifted her ass to my mouth and licked her anus as if I were French kissing it. She pulled her legs back farther, as if she was doing a backwards somersault, and her asshole opened invitingly.

I sank the full length of my cock into her asshole as I stood above her. Sarah clawed at my ankles and I thought I had hurt her, but she just smiled and told me not to hold back. I fucked her for a few more seconds when she told me to stop.

“Put it in my mouth,” Sarah said.

“But I’m not even close,” I answered.

“I know. I want you to go back and forth between my asshole and my mouth.” She said from her uncomfortable position.

“Where do you want me to come?” I asked.

“You decide.” She smiled as she opened her mouth and waited.

I sank my cock a little further in her ass, then pulled it out quickly and immediately placed it in her mouth. She seemed to gag a little at first, but quickly sucked as well as ever. A few seconds later, I pulled out of her mouth and pushed my dick back into her ass. What I thought was going to be something really gross, turned into something that felt incredible, and Sarah seemed to like it, too.

The kinkiness of it all, and the emotional high we were both on, intensified the orgasm as I came in her mouth. She looked up at me and smiled – and then we both ran to brush our teeth.

After that day, we never made love to each other again.

Andi would sometimes meet Sarah and Ken for weekend get-a-ways, and I think she ended up taking a summer job at Vera’s cabin.

Ken and I remained friends for a year or so after that weekend, but jobs took us to different parts of the country. Every once in a while, we call each other on the phone and I always remember to thank him for that last camping trip.

His response has always been, “Hey, that’s what friends are for.”

Thanks, Kenny.

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