We’re All Friends Here, Right? Ch. 04

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We woke up late the next morning, but Lily’s door was still closed when we got up to take our shower. Once Julie and I showered and got dressed, we started to make some breakfast and put on a pot of coffee in the kitchen. As the coffee started to brew, we heard Lily’s door open. A disheveled Steve stumbled into the bathroom. Julie and I smiled at each other, remembering the sounds that came from Lily’s room the night before. We heard the shower start to run, and sat down to eat breakfast. “What do you want to do today?” asked Julie as she sipped her coffee.

“I’m up for anything,” I replied. “Maybe we can go to the zoo, or lay out in the park. It’s supposed to be a nice day.”

“That’s true,” replied Julie, “but they’re forecasting thunderstorms for tonight. I guess we might as well get out and enjoy the nice weather while it lasts.”

A few minutes later, the shower turned off, and probably hearing this, Lily emerged from her room. She was groggy, but had a smiled fixed upon her face. She stumbled to the bathroom, letting herself in. We heard some giggling, but soon Steve wandered out wrapped in a towel. The shower started again as Steve made his way down to the kitchen. Julie and I tried to play it cool, not knowing whether he would have any morning-after regrets. When Steve saw us sitting in the kitchen, he met us with a conspiratorial smile. We smiled back, welcoming him to come to the table and grab a bite. Steve walked up to the table, not yet sitting down, and poured himself a cup of coffee. He lifted it, but hesitated, a concerned look coming over his face. He looked up at us and said in a heavy tone, “Last night…” He paused, and Julie and I began to worry that he was having regrets. “Last night…” he repeated, “was the greatest date of my life!” He beamed jokingly at us, and began to laugh. We laughed along with him, realizing he had been trying to play with us, and Julie gave him a playful slap on the stomach. As he flinched, his abs flexed into a tight six-pack, and I noticed Julie admire them. She had been gawking at his body last night, too, just as I had been admiring Lily’s sexy physique. We both appreciated the extra eye candy around the apartment.

I think Steve noticed Julie looking at his abs because he continued to keep them flexed as he talked. I laughed to myself as I watched him show off his body to my girlfriend. I knew he was falling head over heels for Lily at this point, and Julie was never his type—still, Steve always liked the attention. “Seriously, you two, I owe you big time for setting me up with Lily,” he continued. “She’s definitely a girl who knows how to have fun, and we stayed up half the night talking. You two definitely know how to make a good match.”

“Talking, huh?” Julie smirked.

Steve blushed a little, realizing that we had heard them just as clearly as they must have heard us last night. “Well,” he replied grinningly, “among other things.”

Steve stood around and talked with us for a couple minutes while Lily finished her shower. Julie seemed to be enjoying her view of him, his towel tucked low around his waist. Of course, she had seen everything last night, but it was darker then, and the towel seemed to tempt her into remembering what it covered. Steve was well-built, and as much as I worked out—Julie always liked my physique—he was much more of an athlete. Hardly an ounce of fat on him, you could really see the definition of his muscles. It was fun to see Julie drool over him, and she made no attempt to hide it from me—we exchanged knowing smiles when Steve turned away to refill his coffee.

Soon Lily came out of the bathroom, wrapped again in her white towel. The sight of her as she walked into the kitchen reminded me of yesterday morning. She was just as sexy, and I felt a twinge in my groin as I remembered how she and Julie knelt before me. But this morning, Lily brimmed with a new confidence. Yesterday she sat wondering whether Steve was even interested in her—today, he was hers. Lily smiled at us all as she walked into the room, glowing with satisfaction. She walked up to Steve and wrapped her arms around his waist from behind. He lifted his right arm, inviting her around to his side, and she took up his offer. As she slid under his arm, however, his towel was pulled along with her, and it loosened off of his waist. Lily felt it slip, and caught it just before it revealed his crotch. Lily giggled as she re-tucked it around his hips. Julie, whose eyes had widened as the towel began to slip, looked a little disappointed.

I laughed to myself at the way modesty waxes and wanes. Just last night, Lily stripped Steve naked, letting us watch her suck his cock as he proudly brandished it before us. Now she instinctually struggled to keep him covered as he demurred to reveal what we had all already seen. Most remarkably, this recovered modesty retained all its power: it teased Julie with what she could not see and made her yearn for a moment’s glimpse at a view that was even still fresh in her memory. Women, of course, knew this power well—it is why Julie and Lily refused to remove their lingerie last night, goading Steve and I to do their bidding for the mere chance of seeing it removed. Thinking about this, I realized why lingerie was so sexy in the first place: it lets modesty take its last stand in its slivers of silk and lace, taunting men’s eyes with the way it resolutely bahçelievler escort resists them. Julie was a master of this game, and even with my intimate knowledge of every inch of her naked body, I had waited breathlessly last night to see whether she would remove her bra. I amused myself with these thoughts as Lily readjusted Steve’s towel.

Lily clung close to Steve, and the two of them simply glowed. “Jeez, look at this chest!” Lily exclaimed as she groped Steve’s pecs and abs. Julie smiled and nodded. “Seriously, Julie, feel this,” Lily continued. Julie smiled at me and reached over to touch Steve’s torso. She ran her hands over his chest and down his stomach, stopping just near his belly button.

“Very nice,” she replied. Instead of sitting down, she walked around the table and stood behind me, placing her hands on my shoulders.

“So, we were thinking of going to the park today,” I said to Lily and Steve, changing the subject. “Do you have any plans?”

“Well, we were thinking of going shopping,” replied Steve. “My sister’s birthday is coming up, and I asked Lily to help me pick out a present.” The talk of birthdays reminded me that Julie’s was coming up next month. I imagined Lily would probably be shopping for her as well, so I decided it was best if we went our separate ways for the day.

“That’s cool,” I said. “Do you want to hang out again tonight?”

Steve and Lily looked at each other, and I wondered if—as much as they seemed to have enjoyed themselves—they wanted to be away from the antics that Julie and I seemed to encourage. Still, I wasn’t insinuating that anything else would happen—just friends hanging out together… right?

Fortunately, Lily and Steve didn’t seem the least hesitant with their answer. They agreed to meet us at the apartment for dinner that night. Lily was still groping at Steve’s chest, running her fingers along the contours of his abs, and even tweaking his nipples playfully. They made a nice couple. As Lily started pulling at the hairs of Steve’s “happy trail,” I thought I noticed some movement under his towel. Lily started to run her fingernails along his lower torso, and it began to become obvious that his towel was poking out in the front. Julie had taken a seat on my lap, and she glanced at me to see if I had noticed, too. Lily looked up at Steve as she tickled around his belly button with her fingers, and then he said, “Well, we should probably get ready to go.”

With that, they scurried down the hall into Lily’s bedroom, shutting the door brusquely. Julie and I laughed, and in moments we heard moaning from Lily’s room. Julie and I commented about how comfortable they seemed together—it was like they had been together for years. Julie and I decided it was nearly time to go, and we got our things together as we heard Steve and Lily going at it down the hall.

Julie and I spent the rest of the day at the park, but we headed for home as we saw storm clouds beginning to approach. We got home before Lily and Steve returned from their shopping trip, so we started to prepare dinner. Julie had changed into some cut-off jeans and a light purple tank top. I glanced over at her as I cut up some vegetables, and took a moment to appreciate just how sexy she could be in the simplest of clothes. She wrapped one of her bare feet around the lower calf of the other leg, and she rubbed her long, slender legs together mindlessly. As I checked out how cute her ass looked in those small, cut-off denim shorts, I started to get a little aroused. I reached down and readjusted my crotch through my jeans. Julie noticed this and smiled over at me.

Lily and Steve came home while we were cooking, and they had a couple bags from the mall. They greeted us and asked us about our day, but shortly went to stash the bags in Lily’s bedroom. When they came back out, they offered to help with dinner. We all chatted as we prepared the meal. Lily was looking pretty hot—she was wearing very short, terrycloth shorts that hugged her cute little bum. On her top, she wore a tiny T-shirt that showed her midriff. When I noticed this, it reminded me of the way she had unbuttoned her blouse last night to show Steve her tight tummy. Steve and I both wore comfortable jeans and T-shirts. I noticed that we both tried to wear T-shirts that fit tightly enough to show off our arms and chests. I think we were both really eating up the attention we got from the girls.

We all sat down for dinner and had a satisfying meal. Afterwards, we sat around in the living room, talking and laughing. A storm was beginning to rage outside, and the rain pounded on the window panes. I set myself up as resident bartender and made sure that the drinks kept coming. We were having a great time. As the evening wore on, the conversation dulled a bit, but we were all still lively and enjoying each other’s company. “Hey, let’s play a game or something,” I suggested. Everyone liked the idea, but we couldn’t decide on any of the games Julie and Lily had around the apartment.

“Well, you know…” said Lily looking over at Steve. She seemed to be consulting him about what she was about to suggest.

“You think?” asked Steve, apparently carrying on a silent conversation with Lily.

“Might as well—what good is waiting?” Lily replied. Then she turned to Julie, who was just as curious as bahçeşehir escort I was to know the secret. Lily said, “Well, Julie, I was going to wait to give it to you as a birthday present, but I got a game at the mall today that I think is just your style.” Lily grinned devilishly as she said this, a look I was accustomed to seeing on Julie’s face! Lily ran off to her room to get it.

“What is it?” Julie asked Steve. Steve simply smiled and let us wait for Lily to return. Thunder boomed outside the apartment as we waited with curiosity.

When Lily came back in, she was holding the gift behind her back—obviously, she hadn’t yet had a chance to wrap it. “Ready?” she asked Julie, grinning widely.

Julie smiled back and nodded, and Lily revealed the game. The cover of the box read, “Fourplay: A Game for Couples.” Around the title, there was all sorts of sexual imagery, and it was clear that this was one of those “adult” games.

Lily laughed hysterically as she saw Julie’s reaction, and she explained, “It was going to be a gag gift making fun of how, well, playful you are!” Julie laughed, and leapt up to attack Lily for making fun of her. She was taller than Lily, and she pulled her down to the floor, tickling her until she cried uncle. Lily continued her explanation, “But I figured, why not try it out? I’m not sure how the rules work—the description on the back was pretty vague—but it sounded like it could give us some laughs.” She paused, and then smiled at Julie, “Plus, we’re all friends here, right?” We all chuckled, and Lily started to tear the plastic wrapping off of the box.

We all gathered around in a circle on the carpet as Lily removed the game pieces. There were some dice and several decks of cards. Then Lily read the rules aloud. “There are two game phases: ‘foreplay’ and ‘climax.’ Game play begins with a round of ‘foreplay’ in which players take turns rolling an x-sided die, where x is the number of players.” Lily picked out the four-sided die. “Each number corresponds to a different player—the player whose number you roll is your ‘partner’ for that turn. Then you flip a coin: if it is heads, you get to choose an article of your partner’s clothing and remove it for them; if it comes up tails, you have to draw a ‘foreplay’ card and perform the activity described on it.” We all began to blush a bit when we realized just how steamy this game sounded. I glanced around, hoping that the girls would be willing to play at least this round: after seeing Lily in her lingerie last night, I was dying to know what she looked like naked. Lily continued, “The foreplay round continues until everyone’s clothes are removed, and the actions on the ‘foreplay’ cards must be performed with however much clothing the players happen to be wearing.” My heart started pounding—I was expecting something more along the lines of ‘spin the bottle’ or ‘truth or dare,’ but clearly this game meant business! We all glanced around the room at each other to see if anyone was getting too uncomfortable with the rules. Even though we all seemed a little shocked, our curiosity took hold. We shrugged, letting Lily continue.

Lily smiled and took another sip of her cocktail. She continued to read, “Next, game play proceeds to the ‘climax’ round. In this round, couples pair off, taking turns rolling a six-sided die and drawing from the ‘climax’ deck. The couple must perform the activity described on the card. The number on the six-sided die determines the number of minutes for which the activity must be performed. Some cards require a ‘helper’ player from the other team.” We glanced around at each other when we heard this rule—what kind of help? However, we seemed to be letting the momentum of the game draw us onward at this point, so we let Lily continue. “Each card has a difficulty level listed on it, and points are determined by multiplying the difficulty by the number of minutes. ‘Helper’ players can refuse to help, but they can score half the points for their team (rounding up) by participating. If a player reaches climax during this round, they may skip activities that they cannot perform and draw another card.” Lily paused, realizing just how far this game was going to go. She took a breath and continued, “However, the other team may challenge any skipped card by volunteering a player from their own team to substitute for the incapacitated player. In this case, the challenging team can win half the points for the activity, and the challenged team earns none. The first team to get to 100 points wins.”

Lily looked up as she finished reading the directions. “Wow,” she said, nearly losing her voice. “I didn’t realize it was so…” We all nodded, knowing exactly how to finish the sentence.

“But I love a good challenge,” Julie interjected. “What the heck, I’m game!” Yet again, we were all intoxicated by her enthusiasm, and we all agreed.

Lily set up the minute-timer and laid out the cards, the dice, and the coin. Also in the box was a tube of scented lubricant and some scented sterilizing wipes. Lily chuckled a little as she set those out and remarked, “Good clean fun, I guess!” We all laughed, each one of us still trying to shake our disbelief that we were actually going through with this. My heart was pounding even harder than it was at the bar Friday night. Even though we had become increasingly intimate with bakırköy anal yapan escort Lily and Steve over the course of the weekend, this was the first time I had a chance to think about it before it happened. It was one thing to go along with the spontaneity of the moment, but quite another to commit ourselves to following the rules Lily had just read! Still, I was sure that everyone else in the room was just as aroused by the idea of the game as I was, and the liquor seemed to have ‘persuaded’ us to act on our curiosity. I was throbbing with anticipation. Lily and Julie looked incredible, each clad in tiny shorts and tops. Their bare legs and feet taunted me with the thought of seeing the rest of their clothes removed. Steve and I were both wearing jeans and T-shirts, and we were also barefoot. I realized that none of us would have many articles of clothing to remove in the ‘foreplay’ round.

Steve refilled everyone’s drinks, and Julie put on some music. Then I said, “Well I guess we should roll to see who goes first.”

“Wait,” said Lily. “We have to assign numbers to players so we know who to ‘partner’ with.”

“Oh, right,” I said. “Okay, well how about you’re 1,” gesturing at Lily, “Steve’s 2, Julie’s 3, and I’m 4?” Everyone agreed. “Okay, so whoever rolls the highest number goes first.”

We each rolled the die. Both Julie and Lily got 4’s, so they rolled again to break to tie. Julie would go first. She took a sip of her drink, smiled at all of us with anticipation, and rolled the die. It was a 2, Steve. Julie winked at me, and flipped the coin to determine whether she would remove his clothes or pick a ‘foreplay’ card. Heads. Steve smirked, glancing over at Lily, who seemed comfortable enough with the idea of Julie removing an item of Steve’s clothing. He stood up so that Julie could take her pick. Julie stood and approached him, walking around him and inspecting him as if she were a drill sergeant. We all laughed at this, and finally she made her choice. Facing him, she grabbed the bottom of his T-shirt with both hands and lifted it slowly up his chest. Steve was clearly flexing his abs, and Julie smiled as they were revealed. I watched as Julie continued lifting his shirt, clearly getting a little turned on from stripping him—I got a kick out of seeing her gawk at his muscular body. Steve raised his arms as Julie lifted his shirt, and she had to stand on her toes to pull it over his head. Julie swung the shirt around playfully, letting it fly across the room. We all laughed, and Julie gave Steve a little pat on his bare chest before they both sat down again.

We went in clockwise order from there, and it was Lily’s turn. She rolled a 3, Julie. Steve and I glanced at each other, it suddenly dawning on us that the girls would have to partner with each other, too. I had never seriously imagined Julie with another woman, but I immediately realized how much the idea excited me. That feeling was briefly stunted, of course, when I realized that Steve and I would probably also have to ‘partner’ during the ‘foreplay’ round, but I decided to deal with that obstacle when and if the time came. Right now, I didn’t want to miss a second of Lily’s turn with Julie. Lily and Julie also hesitated as they realized that they had been partnered, but Lily pressed on. She flipped the coin. Tails. We always waited anxiously to see what kind of ‘activities’ were listed on the ‘foreplay’ cards. Lily drew from the deck, and smiled incredulously. She took a deep breath and read it aloud, “Grope your partner’s ass for one minute.” We all burst out laughing, knowing well enough that Lily had never groped another woman’s ass before. As the laughter died down, Julie shrugged and stood up for Lily, teasing her by sticking out her butt a little. Lily laughed, and took a big gulp from her cocktail. She stood up and approached Julie as I set the timer for one minute. “Okay, Lily,” I said, “Ready… and go!”

Lily reached out and placed her hands on Julie’s shorts, moving her hands over her ass lightly. “Uh uh,” admonished Steve, “the card said to grope!” Lily rolled her eyes, and began to grab Julie’s ass with more authority. Julie rotated so that Steve and I had a better view—I had known Julie would be into the true spirit of this game! Julie glanced over her shoulder, trying to get a view of Lily’s hands. She started to ham it up a little, teasing Lily, but encouraging her to get into it. Julie stuck out her ass provocatively, saying “oh” and “ah” as Lily groped it. Lily rolled her eyes, but started to ham it up along with Julie. She worked her hands up around Julie’s hips and rubbed them passionately down the surface of her butt. Julie jokingly moaned, “Oh, Lily, harder!” This really got me hard, and I noticed Steve shifting as well. I think Lily decided to really give Julie a shock because she worked her hands down to the top of Julie’s thighs and started to grope Julie up under her shorts. Julie didn’t seem to expect this from Lily, but she immediately played along, moaning as Lily caressed her bare ass. Steve and I watched as Lily’s hands kneaded Julie’s buttocks, her fingers even coming dangerously close to Julie’s pussy as they worked around her upper thighs. This was so hot that I wanted to whip out and start jacking off right there, but I restrained myself. Julie’s moans became increasingly convincing as Lily’s groping became more and more sensuous. Lily finally seemed to be getting a kick out of turning the tables on Julie. To my dismay, the timer finally rung, and Lily took her hands off Julie’s ass. She grinned smugly at Julie, giving her ass a little spank before sitting down. Julie gained her composure and nodded impressively at Lily as Steve as I laughed and cheered.

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