What Are Friends For?

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I missed being in love. I missed holding hands, cuddling, and the soft kisses. But what I really missed was having a girl’s lips wrapped around my dick. Maybe it was just sexual frustration, but for some reason I found myself lusting after her. We hung out together and seemed to get along ok, but there was a problem: she was dating my best friend.

The three of us had planned this trip all summer, and I found myself fantasizing about being in a hotel room with her. Of course, I wasn’t expecting anything to happen. Bryan was my friend after all, and fooling around with his girlfriend would be tantamount to stabbing him in the back. Even if Heather actually wanted to fool around with me, we’d probably never get a chance to be alone anyway.

Our plane had touched down at around five-thirty, and we were now on our way to a hotel in Times Square. Heather was sitting in between us in the backseat of the cab, and every now and then I stole some glances down her shirt. She had fantastic cleavage. It was almost hypnotizing. Her breasts seemed to call out to me, begging to be touched. They looked to be about a handful; probably a C-cup. I imagined sucking on those perky little nipples that poked through her shirt, but what really turned me on was the thought of cumming all over her tits.

While she was standing at the desk in the hotel lobby, I couldn’t help but admire the way her kakis covered up her sweet ass. Of course, it wasn’t all about the booty. She also had a great, upbeat personality too. She reminded me of my ex-girlfriend. I swear there’s nothing more erotic than a sexy girl on the brink of womanhood, especially one that flaunts what she has without being too promiscuous.

The hotel room was fairly nice. It had two beds, and also had a couple of chairs and a table in front of a large window that ran from the ceiling to the floor. It was around 50 stories up, so we had a great view of the surrounding area.

As we were unpacking, Heather and I happened to be putting some things in the bathroom. Apparently she thought it was odd that I had both an electric shaver and a regular razor.

“What’s the razor for?” she asked with a weird look on her face. “Do you shave your legs?” she teased.

“No,” I laughed, “but you’re close.”

Then she looked kind of intrigued. “Oooooh, I get it,” she said as she went through her makeup. “I think that’s kind of sexy. Bryan shaves his balls too.”


“Yep, and it’s a definitely a good thing, if ya catch my drift,” she said with a wink.

“Oh, I know it is. That’s the main reason I do it,” I chuckled.

Once we were finished unpacking, we all decided to take a quick nap before exploring the city.

— — —

I woke up about an hour later to the sound of a hairdryer. Bryan was still sleeping and apparently Heather had taken a shower. I got up and knocked on the bathroom door.

“Hey, can I use the bathroom?”

The hairdryer shut off door and the door opened. “Well, I guess so. Is it ok if I stay in here?”

“Uh, if you promise not to look,” I stammered out as I noticed she was only wearing a towel.

It was a fairly small bathroom. Above the sink was a mirror that covered the entire wall. On the other side of the room was the shower and in the middle was the toilet. It didn’t take me long to realize my dick would be in plain view for her to see.

As she continued to blow dry her hair, I tried my hardest not to be turned on by that wonderful just-out-of-the-shower smell coming from her direction. Not to mention the fact that a towel was the only thing in between her and nakedness. Oh, and I love wet hair on girls. It just doesn’t get much sexier than that.

I looked over towards my profile in the mirror as I stood at the toilet. I don’t think I’ve ever seen myself pee before. It was kind of turn on. Then I noticed Heather’s gaze was directed towards my dick. Was she checking me out? Maybe she was curious about the fact that I shaved and she wanted to see for herself. My heart started beating faster as my dick grew in my hand.

She quickly looked up to meet my eyes in the mirror, and gave me a little smile. Slightly embarrassed, I turned my head back down and stared into the toilet as I tried to come up with something to say.

“So, uh, do you have any ideas for what we can do tonight?” I asked her in a slightly raised voice to make sure she could hear me over the blow dryer.

“I don’t know, what do you wanna do?”

I tried suppressing the image bayan arkadaş of me and her in a sixty-nine as I adjusted the grip on my dick. “Hmm.. Doesn’t matter to me. I guess we can find somewhere to eat and then walk around for awhile,” I said, and then stuffed my dick back into my pants and flushed the toilet.

“Yeah, that sounds good,” she grinned as we made eye contact on my way out of the bathroom.

—- —- —-

We returned to the hotel room later that night with sore feet and some souvenirs. It was a great experience to walk around Times Square, but now we needed to unwind. The hotel’s mini-bar was overpriced and didn’t have anything good, so we had planned ahead and brought back some alcohol.

Heather left to go fill up the ice bucket, and I kicked off my shoes and went to the bathroom. As soon as I was out, Bryan went in so he could take a shower. After I had turned on the TV, I grabbed a beer and got comfortable in one of the chairs.

A few minutes later, Heather came back with the ice and poured some wine into a cup, and then put the wine bottle in the ice bucket. When she sat down in the other chair and put her feet up on the ottoman, she “accidentally” bumped against my feet. “So what do you wanna talk about?” she grinned with a certain twinkle in her eyes.

“Whatever, it doesn’t matter to me.”

Then she blurted out, “Did you ever think you were gay?”

What the hell kind of question was that? I was taken aback, but answered a truthful, “No.” I was certain I would never fall in love with a guy. And I had no desire to kiss, cuddle with, or fuck one either. However… sometimes I did wonder what it’d be like to give a blowjob. But even then, I wasn’t really attracted to guys. I was only interested in their dicks, nothing else. So I was basically a curious straight guy with a cock fetish.

Trying to take the heat off me, I then asked her if she ever thought she was a lesbian.

She took a sip of wine and said, “Well, I used to think I was bisexual.”

Acting all nonchalantly, I coughed up, “Really?” as I nearly choked on some beer.

Then she went on to tell me how she was attracted to a friend of hers but nothing ever happened.

“Hmm.. well that’s cool that you’re open-minded like that,” I said.

“What about you?” she asked.

“What about me?”

She quickly got to the point, and out came, “Have you ever wanted to fool around with a guy?”

There was no way I’d admit to being curious. “Uh, not really.”

Just then, Bryan came out of the bathroom wearing only his boxers.

“So what’s going on?” he asked as he opened a beer.

“Oh, nothing much,” Heather grinned. “Hey, do you guys wanna smoke?” she asked excitedly as she jumped out of the chair and went to her purse.

“Hell yeah,” Bryan said as he took a swig of beer.

I didn’t really feel like smoking pot, so I said I’d just watch them instead.

“Yeah, I bet you will,” Heather said with a mischievous voice.

Trying to play it cool, I shrugged off the sexual innuendo, and went back to drinking my beer. I had to admit it’d be damn cool to watch them get it on though.

She packed up the one-hitter and lit it. Then she took a couple of big hits and promptly blew the smoke in my face.

“You bitch,” I said jokingly.

“Come on, you know you want some,” was her reply.

“Nah, I don’t wanna get too fucked up. I think I’ll just stick with drinking beer.”

“Fine, don’t smoke, it’ll leave more for us,” she said as she passed the pipe to Bryan.

— — —

We continued talking about random bullshit for the next hour or so, and eventually we ended up sitting on their bed watching TV. They were lounged back against the headboard, and I was lying on the side of the bed. Bryan and I were probably on our fourth or fifth beers, and Heather was just about done with her bottle of wine. All the lights were off except for the one between the beds, giving the room a nice atmosphere.

Heather suggested that we get one of those pay-per-view porn movies. We didn’t need much convincing, and fairly quickly we found a movie that seemed worth watching.

It was a typical porn, and we made comments about it being cheesy or how bad the acting was. Then a scene came on that seemed to kill the conversation. A girl was getting ready to perform oral sex on a guy. I’ve always thought blowjobs were the best part of porn. They truly were a performance. There’s nothing better than watching bayan partner a beautiful girl give head.

I’m sure the booze and pot made us even hornier as we watched the girl slobber on his dick. Finally, after about ten minutes, the guy pulled out of her mouth and sprayed his cum all over her face. I loved cumshots, and I knew Bryan felt the same way.

My briefs were getting way too restrictive, so I discreetly tried making some adjustments. Then I looked over to see Heather whispering something to Bryan as she rubbed his crotch. I couldn’t believe how uninhibited she was. I was thinking about how I’d be able to jack off later after they fell asleep, when I heard Heather say, “Hey, try to pretend we aren’t here, ok?”

What was that supposed to mean? And before I knew it, she had pulled Bryan’s dick out from the slit of his boxers. Holy shit, I’m supposed to ignore that?

“Hey man, it was her idea. We can go in the bathroom or something if it bothers you,” he said as Heather stroked his dick.

“pssft. Whatever. I don’t care,” I said in disbelief, as I tried to watch the movie. Just how far were they going to take things?

Every now and then I looked out the corner of my eye to watch them. They were making out as she pumped her hand up and down his cock. Fuck, screw the movie. If they’re gonna put on a show, then I was gonna watch.

Heather slowly kissed her way down his stomach and took his cock in her mouth. I could hear Bryan take a sharp intake of breath as I unconsciously did the same thing. I couldn’t believe what was happening. One of my fantasies was to watch her give him head, and now it was happening right in front of me!

She bobbed her head up and down and took more of him into her mouth. It was obvious by the dopey look on his face that he was enjoying the blowjob. She then took her mouth off his dick and starting to lick the underside of his shaft. After licking him up and down a few times, she stopped and started pulling down his boxers.

I was beginning to wonder if they forgot I was there. Then Heather threw his boxers on the floor and grinned at me.

“Enjoying the show?” she said with a mischievous grin.

I nodded and licked my lips.

“Maybe you can help out,” she said just before she dropped the bombshell. “I wanna see you guys sixty-nine.”

“No way,” Bryan said.

“Come on, honey. Please?” Heather begged.

“No, I’m not sucking his dick,” he said with a disgusted look.

I wasn’t really surprised, because I figured Bryan was totally straight and would never suck another guy’s dick. But that was ok with me, because I didn’t want a guy’s mouth on my dick anyway. In fact, I didn’t want a guy touching me in any kind of sexual way at all.

Then she put her hand on my thigh and tried persuading me as she moved it up towards my crotch. “Pleeeese, it’ll be fun,” she begged as she rubbed her fingers over my briefs. I definitely wanted her to keep doing that, and I knew I’d do whatever it took to get her to do more.

At that moment, I seriously contemplated sucking Bryan’s dick. After all, if I could get a blowjob or even a handjob from Heather, then it would be totally worth it.

Feeling my heart pound faster and faster, I started scooting over to get closer to Bryan’s crotch. “What the hell am I doing?” I thought to myself. Just then, I felt Heather squeeze my dick. Oh, yeah, now I remembered. I started to reach out for his dick, but then he stopped me by covering his dick with his hands.

“What are doing?” he asked, obviously not wanting me to touch him.

Heather noticed his resistance and moved up the bed to try comforting him. “Relax, honey. Do it for me,” she said as she started kissing his neck.

Within a few minutes, she got him to reluctantly let go of his dick. After he moved his hands away, I took that as a sign to proceed and got in position.

Noticing that he wasn’t trying to stop me, I took his cock in my hand and immediately felt the warmth of it as I gave it a little squeeze.

My eyes wandered down the trail of hair on his stomach and the trimmed hair around his dick. He had a great cock. I’m guessing it was about average, maybe six or seven inches. It was circumcised, and just like Heather had said, his balls were shaved and so was the base of his shaft.

I ran my hand up and down his cock a few times, and put my other hand around his balls. I was definitely enjoying this.

My heart pounded in my ears as I realized bdsm escort what I was about to do. Without looking up for his approval, I took the plunge and licked the drop of cum that had formed on the tip of his dick. After being satisfied with the taste (or lack of), I took the head of his dick between my lips. Then, instinctively, I started running my tongue underneath his cockhead. It was firm but not quite hard or even soft. It was definitely a unique feeling.

Encouraged by the way his hips moved up in the air, I opened my mouth wider and started taking more of it in. I had managed to get about halfway down his shaft when I felt his cock at the back of my throat.

I paused for a moment and marveled and the feeling of a hard cock in my mouth. It was easy to see why some people loved giving blowjobs. Then, as I rubbed his balls in my hand, I swirled my tongue around and started taking his cock out.

After reaching the top of his dick, I licked it some more and gave it a few pumps with my hand. Then I went down again until it filled my mouth. When it reached the back of my throat, I repeated the same process over and over. Up, down, up, down. And before long I was sucking cock like a pro.

I continued this bobbing again for a few minutes and kept rubbing his balls and pumping his shaft. Then I decided to try and get all of him in my mouth. After all, how hard could it be? I tried forcing his cockhead past the back of my throat, but I just wasn’t able to do it. Apparently, deepthroating was harder than I thought.

So, resigned to the fact that I could only get half of it in my mouth, I took out his cock and began licking the underside of his shaft. As I looked up, I could see Heather watching me with lust in her eyes as she sucked on Bryan’s nipples. I also noticed that her hand was in her panties and rubbing her pussy.

Watching her was such a turn on. I moved my head further down and licked his smooth balls a few times as I continued to pump his shaft. Then I licked my way back up his cock and took in my mouth again.

I wanted him to make him cum. So deciding to speed things up, I kept my tongue moving as I bobbed my head faster and pumped his shaft.

His hips where bouncing off the bed as he got closer and closer. Continuing to bob my head, I cupped his balls in my hand and gave them a gentle squeeze.

“Fuuuccckk!” he said under his breath as he thrust his hips one last time.

This was the moment I’d been waiting for. I made sure my lips were sealed around his shaft and kept my tongue moving firmly along the underside of his cock.

And then it happened.

His cock flexed, and a stream of cum squirted out on my tongue. He must have been holding back, because it took a full two seconds before he starting releasing the rest of his load. When his cock pulsed next, a shot of cum slammed into the back of my throat, nearly gagging me. Then in quick succession, I felt a wave of spasms through my lips as his cock pulsed and shot stream after stream of cum in my mouth. I was surprised at how warm it was, and the fact that I loved feeling his cock unload. His cum was quickly filling up my mouth so I pulled back so only his cockhead remained between my lips. Then the pulses slowly tapered off as I sucked and licked the tip of his dick.

When he started to soften, I suddenly became extremely self-conscious of what I just did. I was also aware that I now had a mouthful of cum that I had no intention of swallowing. So trying not to breathe through my nose, I got off the bed and avoided eye contact as I headed towards the bathroom.

Once I was bent over the sink, I turned on the water and let the cum drip from my open mouth. After most of it was out, I spit a few times to get rid of the rest. Then I made my hands into a cup and filled my mouth with water so I could try to get rid of the taste. Ugh. I could still taste it. Only after using some mouthwash was I able to get rid of it all.

I forced myself to look into the mirror. I couldn’t believe what I just did. Not only did I suck my best friend’s dick and let him cum in my mouth, but Heather watched me do it. How was I going to go out there and face them?

I decided to take a long shower and jack off while I was in there. About a half hour later, I emerged from the bathroom feeling uneasy. It was dark and they seemed to be sleeping. Perfect. I got into bed and fell asleep with thoughts of what had happened and would happen in the morning.

Looking back on it, I feel some regret. Even though it was an awesome experience, I’m not sure it’s something I’d want to do again. I supposed that’s the thing about fantasies – once you act them out, the thrill is gone and it’s one less thing to wonder about. Oh well, live and learn. Here’s to keeping life interesting.

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