White slavery or is it Really part 5

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White Slavery or is it really Part 5

Sam was just pulling Trina to her feet after the homeless men were done with her when a large city refuge truck with four men aboard rounded the corner, they had been on a late afternoon special pick up and when the driver saw the girls especially Trina, big, beautiful, and naked, he had immediately jammed on his brakes bringing the big truck to a screeching halt!. The men in the cab climbed down as the two on the back jumped off and all four were now standing in front of the truck drooling over these beautiful women especially the white skin of Trina and her dark beautiful hair as she continued to shudder occasionally quite provocatively from her previous shocking experience.

Now with the head lights of the truck illuminating Trina’s body, one could easily see the welts from the switch, the blood stained red areas between the end of her nipples and breasts where tey had been horribly stretched, as well as the abused area around her cunt lips and clit. The dirty greasy hand prints that were all over her bare white skin buttocks breasts and thighs revealed a stark contrast that now in the lights of the truck was quite vivid. These men quickly realized that this woman was here for only one reason, and that was for sadistic sexual abuse!

Sam could not believe her luck, and found out later that these men had, just been released from prison and were now on probation. This, had required them to work in this most demeaning job release program and had somehow allowed them to all be assigned together until their probation was up. Further they had been serving time for brutal and sadistic sex crimes, the only reason they were now out, was because of prison overcrowding and the fact that they were minority. None had experienced any type of sexual gratification since there incarceration and were so fucking horny that they were ready more than ready to rape the fuck out of first helpless woman that crossed their path! Were ready to resume exactly where they had left off, and Trina was where they were going to start!

Three of these men were big black mean and rough looking, the forth was an overly dark Puerto Rican little man that stood a little over 4 ‘ tall, the fact that he was short only seemed to make the look in his eyes even more sinister and terrifying, the others who were calling him Napoleon did, without question whatever he told them!. He had what appeared to be a rather large beer belly gut and a number of rather sharp looking gold teeth. It was evident that the men were afraid of him. He had looked at Sam and thought that she might be easy, but thought better of it as she let out a few stinging lashes from her whip, reminding them that Trina was the object of attention and theirs to do with as they pleased!.

This, was all it took as Sam handed this short nasty little man the leash and stood back. She was so tall and he was so short! She was so white and he was so black! This made them look like a most unnatural couple! At first he just amused himself by leading her around rather roughly with her big tits and bare white ass jiggling quite provocatively, as he brutally pulled on her by the big chrome ring that had been pierced through her clit! The lights of the truck were now revealing the exquisite details of Trina’s naked body as he let these men, one at a time perform whatever sadistic and painful type of abuse that each could think of as they man handled her!. She yelped and squealed and was finally bent over and held in this position. Her very long beautiful legs in the 5″ heels made her the perfect height for this mean short little man to start sadistically biting her on the inside of her big round buttocks. Trina screamed quite loudly each time he did so, the third guy who had been standing there watching, walked around in front of her unzipping his pants and thrust the head of his very large penis into her mouth thus reducing the noise, and making her screams into gurgling muffled ones!.

Napoleon had been convicted of this very same dreadful and sadistic sex crime, by the bite marks he had left on his victims! The unusual shape of his jaw along with his gold teeth and brutality of this, had made it easy for the jury to convict him. While in prison he had managed to sharpen his gold teeth making them even more efficient and hurtful! These sharp teeth also gave the term eating pussy a whole new and sadistic meaning.

She had over a dozen very painful bite marks on the inside of her thighs and bottom and was, with the cock removed from her mouth able to scream whimper and gasp for breath when he had a very sadistic idea? Motioning for them to bring her over in front of the truck pick her up,and hold her level with the headlights? He then went to the hydraulic illegal bahis controls on the side of the truck, and lowered the forks so that they were several feet above her, then climbed up onto the bumper ,and using the safety chains and quick links proceeded to hook and snap the chains that were on the forks to the chrome rings that pierced her nipples and clit!….

The men were still holding her up, as he told them to undo her wrists that had been behind her back and hook the cuffs to the chains that were dangling from one the forks. When this was done he told the men to let her go!…. This turned out to be a bad idea, and not well thought out! Half of her weight was now suspended by the big chrome ring piercing her rather large meaty clitoris, that was now being painfully stretched to its very limit!…. She was again screaming in pain and pleading very loud as the men had to quickly grab and hold her dangling legs and bare bottom, this had been a near disaster as her clit would have been ripped open or completely off! They held her up level while several more chains were added underneath her knees and around her ankles. These last two items allowed her to be suspended more evenly taking just enough of the weight off her incredibly abused and well stretched blood red clit, making the pain at least tolerable for the moment!. This dark skinned little man, they were calling Napoleon, smiled at his sadistic handy work, and then took a child’s dirty red rubber ball from the trucks tool box and stuck it in Trina’s mouth. Followed by removing a strip of duct tape from a roll that had been hanging from the trucks front bumper. Followed by sticking it over the ball and her face forcing it tightly down on either side of her cheeks, thus muffling her vocal pleadings, to where they were just barely noticeable.

With Trina hanging there helpless nude by only these chains, and her rings the sadistic little man again used the hydraulic controls lowering her to a height of about 4 ‘ off the ground. He then walked over and again started biting her, up and down the inside of her unprotected creamy white thighs, this was the followed by first biting one of her big stretched up full breasts followed by the other leaving some hideously deep and grotesque red bite marks, as they had been stretched up from each side of her chest. For his last gesture he had unhooked the quick link that was connected to clit ring, and taking a pair of bolt cutters from the tool box on the truck. Proceeded to cut the chrome ring in two places and removing it from her big, very sore and well stretched clit. She still had cum that was dripping out of her wide open cunt.

Taking a clean rag from his pocket, he wiped most of the cum out of her pussy and hungrily started biting and sucking her puffy cunt lips, followed by doing the same to her sadistically abused clitoris. After all the painful pulling and stretching of her clit this big meaty orb of flesh with the ring removed was starting to respond and enjoy the mouthing tongue sucking he was now giving her. It had been a long time since she had enjoyed a forceful oral orgasm and her first pent up release almost blew his lips off of her clit and washed his face with a wave of thick pussy juice as she squirted along with the orgasm!.

This sensation was very enjoyable for him and her, he quickly did it again, and again. He began to realize that if he wanted to continue this wonderful treatment of her he would have to do less biting and more sucking. This new found awareness was quickly rewarded as each time she climaxed it was followed by her moaning and trying to tell him,.. not to stop!. But with duct tape holding the ball in her mouth she could barely make her words of encouragement or understood what she was saying, he then removed the tape and ball, still not quite believing what she had actually said?.

With her legs still spread quite wide and hanging at the perfect height he told the other men to give her the fucking of her life. These animals now lined up to take there turn, they unzipped there pants one at a time. Each one as if they were a rehearsed sadistic team of perverts revealed a somewhat larger cock than the last. These were monsters 10 ” for the first one, and each one seemed to be slightly longer and bigger around than the last. Trina felt the first one stretch and penetrated her this was a feeling she had never experienced before. Most of her sexual intercourse experiences had been with males that had, for her left a lot to be desired especially when it came to size, and had been one of the reasons she had turned to lesbianism and the bisexual domination of women!

She for the first time really started to enjoy this, although she could not move and was unable to help much as she was fucked illegal bahis siteleri over and over again. Three big virile and very horny black men used her as only they could rough hard and from every angle leaving her mouth cunt and ass hole well used! These men had been in prison for committing some of the most brutal and sadistic sex crimes one could imagine and new exactly how to hurt and pleasure a woman at the same time. Most of the young women they had raped and abused could not take the gigantic size of their cocks, or their brutal fucking or the incredible stamina that they were able to inflect almost ripping their helpless young bodies apart or leaving their pussys large and horribly gaping !. But, Trina was a Big horny bitch of a woman with a cunt to match, and up until now, had never really been satisfied!. She was easily taking these enormous black cocks, and begging for more!. The fact that she had been hug up quite painfully at first had been replaced with one pleasurable sexual intercourse after another something she had never experienced before! This was one of the reasons she had become a lesbian as no man before, had ever come close to satisfying her!.

For these men it to was a new experience as they never had any of their previous victims beg them, to keep doing what in the past had been the most brutal and sadistic ravishing any group of oversexed men could do to a woman. Trina was forcefully pleading and begging them not to stop. Oh, Oh , Oh! OMG! pleaseeeee! OMFG!.. More, More, More!…..Please….don’t stop! Oh!… Sam had been standing there watching in disbelief, Watching this perverse, sadistic, and then to her amazement a pleasurable event unfold?

In the back ground Trina could hear Napoleon tell the men to quit fucking her and to hold her legs as wide apart as they could. At first she was disappointed and started to bitch at them to continue this glorious fucking something she had never experienced before. She felt the hydraulic forks of the truck lower her, to a height that was only about 2 ‘ above the ground. With her head now hanging and looking from upside down position, she could not believe her eyes, at what she saw?……

This mean grotesque dark little man who had orchestrated this whole sadistic affair thus far, had now removed his coveralls and revealed what she originally thought was a big beer belly gut? This, had amazingly turned into the biggest cock she had ever seen! From her upside down view it was not very clear, and somewhat distorted, but it looked to be about 18 ” long the head was over 4 ” across and curved up at a very grotesque angle!. But its intent and his use of it would be quite clear, and would be felt in in places a cock had never been before,.. in just moments!

Then she had this feeling of two men as they knelt down and grabbed her ankles that were still attached to the chains, and forcefully spreading them wider yet, so wide it was starting to hurt! The third man got down on his knees and stuck his cock in her mouth as her beautiful long black hair was almost touching the ground.. At this point she could no longer see what was going on? She was almost gagging on this mans big black cock along with the apprehension uncertainty and anticipation that were now all rolled into one!.

Napoleon had taken a jar of Vaseline from the tool box on the truck and smeared most of it on his gigantic erect cock, no… this was not a cock as Sam stood there watching with eyes wide in awe! This was a cock that would put a well endowed bull to shame OMG!. He then walked around in between her legs and stuck a handful of the Vaseline in her wet stretched open cunt. He had to forcefully hold his cock down as it was incredibly hard and sticking almost straight up! He insert the head into the opening, she was at the perfect height and angle as he rammed her hard at first it did not go in very far, or very easy. He kept ramming at her and each time it would go a little further. Had she not been brutalized earlier by a succession of larger and larger cocks, what he was now doing, would not have been possible!. About the same time this was happening the man with his cock in her mouth exploded! She had not realized just how hard, do to this new incredible experience she had been sucking him! The results had made him groan in a combination of pleasurable agony as she tried to suck his cock almost inside out!.

Trina after seeing this gigantic male tool, had herself wondered if even she would be able to take it?. Both of them were surprised as it finally came to a stop, with only a few inches left to spare! She had never been filled or penetrated with something so big or so deep!…OMFG!… She thought to herself! He, had never before penetrated a woman this deep without literally tearing her apart.

She of course had never experienced a cock of this size canlı bahis siteleri and had given up on ever finding one, thinking that all the stories she had heard about their existence was just that, stories! She had thought about trying to use a horse or a donkey as this seemed to be her only hope to feel a real organ of this size. Trina had never pursued this and had turned to her second love of dominating young women. She had them use large rubber Dildo’s on her a number of times in the past. The results were okay, but never all that satisfying as the real thing!. Napoleon with his big cock now deep inside her started to really ram and jam her wet and well stretched pussy. She was so tight and he was so deep. She had never before felt so stretched or had gotten off by any kind of male penetration, and for him he was unable because of his size, never being able to penetrate, masturbate well or even have a woman give him a blow job had left him frustrated. This had made him turn to a life of abducting young women and brutally ripping them apart!

For them, this was a wonderful meeting of two people that were physically and sexually matched for each other. They both came to this realization at the same time, incredibly climaxing again and again as they came! It was an experience neither had thought could or would ever happen and would not soon forget!.

Trina and Napoleon were both finally satisfied, she was telling him how wonderful he was and that he could bite her anytime, and could do what ever he wanted, further saying that they should get back together soon and for him kissed her rather sweetly. As she was unchained and let down her heart was really beating fast, as if she was a young school girl that had just been invited out by the most available boy an campus who had the reputation of giving his date an incredible sexual experience! She just laid there in the alley totally spent pondering these thoughts, unable to move!. He was grinning, now showing his sharp gold teeth and telling her,that they would soon meet again. Sam had been watching all of this as romance had just unfolded in the strangest of places, with great interest, and had been taking it all in for future use.

Several of the men were now helping Trina to her feet but they were using only the the big chrome nipple rings to lift her, she was still quite wobbly and could hardly stand. Sam snapped the leash onto her slave collar. She dutifully placed her wrists behind her back and one of the men locked the cuffs together. She cast Napoleon a longing and satisfied glance, telling him that she worked at the exotic clothing store on the corner.
He nodded to her and said that he would know where to find her.

Sam was now leading Trina by her slave collar as the truck drove off down the alley. The round faced little Chinaman on the other side of the alley along with his buddies had watched all that had gone on, and were gleefully cheering as Trina was pulled along by her collar. This manly dominating bitch of a woman had now been reduced to a well used and quite abused submissive female.

Sam lead her into the back of the store, and again around to each of the booths so that all the sales girls could see that Trina had been broken and reduced to only a shell of her former self. The welts the bruises and especially the redness around her well stretched breasts and pussy was in stark contrast to the beautiful white unblemished skin she had earlier left with, and now had a number of greasy hand prints as well. Each time they stopped she was made to stand and open her legs this resulted in cum dripping out of her cunt, and onto the floor.

But what they really noticed was the hideous deep and very red bite marks that were now all over her breasts bottom and pussy. These girls shuttered at the thought of having someone so sadistic, do this thing to them. For Trina tho this was now a proud badge of submissive honor.

Sam and Trina were back in the booth they had left only hours before, and was now removing the cuffs and collar. Trina Immediately dropped to her knees in front of Sam wrapping her arms around Sam’s waist and burying her face in Sam’s soft dark muff. She now had her hands tightly clasping Sam’s buttocks and with her big red lips was sucking on Sam’s clit in between thanking her for this most incredible experience, that she thought would never have happened with out Sam’s help.

Sam was quite flattered by this genuine offering of gratitude, but knew that it had only been a matter of luck, as the sequence of events that occurred had not been planned at all. She did however take note of what had happened and promised herself that from now on she would try to plan every detail of any future outing especially if Adanna, Trina and Napoleon were evolved.

One of the sales girls stuck her head in the booth and said that Adanna was almost finished and would they like to come watch?

To be continued in part 6

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