Wife Becomes a Cuckquean

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I love my husband. Things have stayed pretty hot for us both for the last 10 years. However, like most married couples do we decided we wanted to try some new things. Due to my husband’s testosterone therapy and my lacking interest in physical sex, but not mental erotica due to age we were looking for new avenues to explore. We decided on the usual threesome. You know, find some young girl and bring her home, so on and so forth. I was somewhat hesitant about the idea but was willing to try new experiences. Little did I know I had a dark side that was about to expose itself.

We found a younger girl that we both found attractive through one of those internet sites you see ads for all the time. He is always up to some type of craziness, but I know I can trust him because he would never do anything behind my back. If anything, I feel as if though he sometimes is to worry about hurting me or upsetting me and won’t express his true wants and desires to me.

She was younger than us but not too much younger, 36 to be exact. I thought this was perfect because I am 43 and my husband is going on 50.

Her name was April and she was of African American descent with dark hair and eyes, average build, perky breasts, the whole package. I thought she was gorgeous and had a wit and intellect that I personally found attractive.

You see, I am a Sagittarius and we have a have a reputation as sexual adventurers and a Sagittarius is happy to take a risk. Jokes and laughter form an essential part of our sexual foreplay and we enjoy experimenting with sex toys and games. But there’s also a more serious side to Sagittarius. Post-coital topics of conversation frequently center around philosophy and the meaning of life.

Sagittarians’ famous straight talking means we tend to be open and honest about expressing our sexual needs and will appreciate it if you do likewise. Physically robust – and often great sexual athletes – most Sagittarians tend to be very relaxed and confident about sex. There’s no room for shyness or embarrassment here. Get set to swing from the chandeliers!

And hence my connection with April the Leo. In theory Leo and Sagittarius represent one of the best possible Star Sign pairings. Ruled by the same element of Fire, Leo and Sagittarius share a similarly spirited and outgoing approach to life. Each also has a genuine respect for the other’s strong points – Leo for Sagittarius’s optimism and integrity – Sagittarius for Leo’s confidence and leadership skills – and are able to interact creatively in a variety of ways. In general, there’s far too much congeniality and goodwill between these Star Signs for them to fall out in a major way. Leo and Sagittarius are natural born buddies, and the slight element of tension present between them merely fans the flames of the strong attraction which very often exists.

Nothing could be closer than the truth. Well I knew the stars were going to align when my Love/Sex horoscope read…

“We all have an idealized version in our heads of what we want our relationships to be like. However, if you hold everyone to such high standards, your bed will stay empty. Don’t lower your standards, but keep an open mind when Venus enters Taurus and Mercury retrogrades in Aquarius on March 4. Romance comes when you’re relaxed. Take care of your emotional health when Mercury goes direct on the ninth. You can’t get it on when you feel down. Stress gets the better of you when mercury enters Pisces on March 16. Allow yourself to be vulnerable with your date. They could offer you the emotional support you need. Romance gets hot in the bedroom when the sun enters Aries on the nineteenth. You’re really feeling each other-in every way. Work your body on the dance floor when the New Moon is in Aries on March 24. People can’t stop looking at you! Your sex appeal is off the charts and that could lead to a steamy night. Take the next step with your lover and suggest a trip when Mars enter unique Aquarius on the 30th. See if you can get a membership into the mile-high club.”

I am always amazed at how accurate these are. Well it so happens March 24th we had plans for April to come over that night. Of course, as soon as she came over the wine started flowing her amazing laughter filled the air and in no time we were all having a great time.

Then out of nowhere April pulls out a new deck of tarot cards I had not seen before. She showed them to me and mentioned they were a special beylikdüzü escort erotic deck. Without a moment’s pause she spread them out and started providing me a reading.

The first card – The Magician

A card of vibrant sexual agency, The Magician shows us moments where we take things into our own hands (wink wink) and pursue our passions. Seeking out what attracts us and taking the risk of approaching it is a valuable and confidence-building exercise. How else would The Magician have gained his experience? Look to this card for sexual invigoration and inspiration and the confidence to let things unfold naturally.

We both giggle and wonder what this means for the remainder of the night.

The second card – The Ace of Wands

This card is a) a phallic symbol sprouting leaves and b) a representation of an influx of sexual energy. It’s the electricity in the air when you’re around your crush, the general creative feeling you get at the beginning of a new project. This sexual feeling can be amorphous and channeled into many aspects of our lives. Sexually speaking, it’s an encouraging sign to get creative and involved with our sexual expression.

All I can say is I can’t recall the last time I was this wet. Not sure if it was the wine, how good April looked and smelled tonight or just the great laughter and chatter we were having. My mind was racing.

The third card – The Seven of Swords

This card is more than a little naughty. Jauntily sneaking off with more swords than you can carry reflects the thrill of having a secret – a hidden kink, new relationship, or even affair. Be sure to stop and consider if this secret is benign or whether it’s hurtful to others. Sometimes the temporary pleasure isn’t worth it.

This creates pause. I am not sure how to interpret this? I know my husband loves me and I love him, and we would never sexual secrets or relationships. Could it be this is pertaining to the outside world? Will what I am thinking really hurt us? Will the pleasure be not worth it? I just can’t hold back.

I can hear my husband wrangling the kids into bed and we will shortly be free of their presence. I quickly tell April it is my turn to provide entertainment.

I quickly grab what is left of the wine and head upstairs to the master bath. I tell April that I would like to draw a bath for her. I find the right temperature and right bath salts. I like to mix 1/4 cup Romance Bath Salts with one drop each of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang. Jasmine essential oil has a long history of boosting libido and relieving the pressure that comes along with impotence, performance anxiety, or simply feeling undesirable. In fact, it’s been an aphrodisiac since ancient times!

Ylang Ylang essential oil also soothes anxieties and helps with impotence. It’s also a proven energy-booster, which comes in handy during love making! Plus, Ylang Ylang has an exotic scent that helps bring out our emotional and sensual natures.

To turn the romance and sexuality up even further, I added Romance Bath Salts which have Cardamom and Patchouli essential oils. Cardamom has a spicy scent that can warm even the coldest of hearts. It’s a great oil to use when you feel like the passion has been extinguished from your relationship. All of these spice opens up your senses and reinvigorates your love life! Patchouli, on the other hand, has a musky, suggestive scent that decreases your inhibitions. This essential oil will boost your libido by releasing a variety of emotions. As soon as the warm bath water mixed with these essential oils, I could feel our senses kick into overdrive.

I guess I was to focused on the bath because when I turned around I audibly gasped out loud. April was standing there with only her extra cute panties on. She was breath taking. Between the lighting, the aurora and the mood it was surreal. She very slowly with a provocative grin locked onto my gaze slowly with a very seductive nature removed the last of her clothing. She grabbed my hand as support and slowly slid into the bath and under the bubbles.

She reached over and poured two glasses of wine. I quickly reached over and did my part by clicking on the Tantra Spotify playlist. We both lost each other in the moment and conversation. Quite honestly, I don’t recall the details of what was said all I recall was the warmth that filled all of my senses. It was April that snapped me back to beylikdüzü eve gelen escort my senses by saying, “Are you just going to just sit there with all your clothes on or are you going to lose them and join me in the bath?”

I must have given her a look because she quickly shot back and said yes while I have bi-tendencies I am fully aware you do not. I promise this to be a girl/girl bath, not a girl on girl bath. I just loved how we connected on that level. Without further hesitation and within a split second I was sliding in the bath with my feet to her head and her feet to my head. It was a little cozy and I could feel her pushing up against me. It was close, but I felt comfortable enough.

We again drank more wine and connected mentally. Being respectful of my uneasiness she asked if it would be Ok if she washed herself. I said yes and with that she reached for the bottle of body wash. She poured a large amount into her hands and handed me the bottle. As I was taking the bottle, she proceeded to wash herself in a very erotic way. While I am not into girls I am turned on by the sexuality of the same sex and boy did she ever exert sexuality.

After taking somebody wash myself and starting to clean my body April did make one small request. With such large amazing breasts could you show those some attention for me. Who was I to say no? As I was doing this, I could tell April started rubbing herself down below the water line. It was quite obvious from the look of passion on her face she was really enjoying herself. Time and space blurred together. I am not sure I can describe exactly what happened next, but I am pretty sure April had an amazing orgasm just like myself. Things came back into focus and we both blushed a little bit and decided it was time to get out. Still a little shy from what just happened and some of our sexual energy freed we both quietly toweled off and moved to our king-size bed.

We both let out a bit of a giggle about what just happened. The wine had loosened us up enough that our inhibitions were slowly eroding. I grabbed some massage oil I had mixed just for an evening of this nature, poured some, handed the bottle to her and then started massage my body parts and she did the same.

As I was laying there something animal in me was raging to get out. As I was thinking this April moaned all of sudden and as I looked over she was touching herself when she met my gaze she turned her head away and on her side allowing me to see her naked back. She had curves.

I said don’t worry I am doing OK. Your sexual energy is amazing. Her response was a simple and cold I just need a man.

Again, that animal urge overtook, and I am not sure, but guessing it was a combination of everything that had come to pass that evening so far, but I said,

“Let’s me go get Thomas,” I whispered.

She froze and said, but, but, but. That is when we had one of the most carrying conversations I can remember. She understood where my libido or lack thereof has been. She understood how amazing my relationship and marriage was with Thomas. I knew she in no way shape or form wanted to hurt that, but only wanted to add and care for that relationship. And above all I knew what she was able to give was for both of us. She was able to fulfill me spiritually and I was about to find out if she could fulfill Thomas physically.

I said it again. “Let me go get Thomas,” I whispered.

“Yeah,” she sighed sexily.

As Thomas came up the stairs, we were both already naked on the bed. April was lying on her back and I was next to her. The shock on Thomas’s face was almost priceless. Thomas immediately took off his pants and shirt and joined us on the bed. He laid in between us and you could tell he was not sure what to do next.

Without even turning to look at April I grabbed his cock which was already hard, throbbing and ready to go. I tugged and stroked him slowly, but with a firm grip. I looked at Thomas and we made eye contact just long enough to have that mutual understanding.

With that I moved myself to futon we have on the other side of the room.

April was a take-charge kind of girl and I enjoyed watching her take the lead. It was the perfect change up to our normal sex life. She got up on all fours with her legs spread as wide as she could and started sucking my husband’s cock like it was something she had wanted beylikdüzü masöz escort all her life. I was dripping wet, and I wanted to taste him as well, but was finding this alternative few of seeing my husband receive pleasure was quite gratifying. My husband was moaning and grunting like a schoolboy getting his first blowjob as April sucked his cock and massaged his balls in her hand. April seemed to be enjoying every bit of it. Maybe a little too much, I thought.

It wasn’t long before April pushed Thomas onto his back. She climbed on top of his cock and faced away from him so she could lock looks with me. I could see her tits bounce while she rode my husband. She was rocking and bucking on his cock so hard I could barely keep up with her, so I just leaned back in my chair and started stroking my wetness. I continued to rub my clit and watched this woman fuck my husband. I don’t know if it was the wine or my own dark sexual fantasies kicking in, but at that moment I was more turned on than I had been in a long time. Watching some other woman try desperately to juice my husband for everything his cock could provide was so fucking erotic! I started making comments to her, trying to get her to realize she was fucking a married man.

“Come on, fuck him!” I said, “Fuck him like you know you want to!”

“Oh, fuck yes! I’m grinding the shit out of him!” she panted.

“You know you love fucking a married man while his wife watches, don’t you?”

“Yes, I want you to watch me drain his cock!” she grunted.

“Then come on, fuck him! Harder! Make me jealous!” I yelled. I was rubbing my clit furiously, but I needed more.

“Would it be OK if I took some photos?” I asked. Hearing no overt objections, I fired up the iphone.

She caught my gaze and smiled and whispered, “He has one hard cock, thank you!”

Then she got off of Thomas’s cock and bent over the bed in front of me, wiggling her ass and giggling. “This is what a tight ass looks like. Are you taking photos yet?” she cooed. She then gestured for my husband to come up behind her.

“Grab his cock, Diane. I want you to be the one who puts your husbands cock in my ass! I want your hand to be the one that guides him.”

I obediently grabbed his cock and of course could not resist putting it in my mouth just for a moment. I never realized it would taste so good to have her flavor mixed with the flavor of my husband’s dick.

As Thomas watched me, he sheepishly said, “I’m going to need lubrication.” I reached over and grabbed a couple pumps of lubricant from our night stand and smeared it over his shaft.

“Ok, now put him in me,” she said.

As I eased his cock into her ass she looked back over her shoulder and we made eye contact. “Fuck yeah,” she mouthed, then let out a loud “Ooooh.” I am not one that enjoys ass play, but I have to say watching my husband slam that tight hole and watch her ass giggle was amazing. Not to mention while he was working away, he made out with me and I took lots of photos. It was so hot to have his tongue in my mouth while he worked her ass.

I returned to my chair where I could really be the voyeur. This was just so dam hot. Here I was hotter and wetter than I think I have been and wonder how it could be possible. Yea I wanted his hot cock in me so badly, but I was truly enjoying watching this from angles I never knew possible and I fully knew he would be more than willing to pound me until my true fuck me face appeared.

She then turned around and sucked his cock and tickled his balls like a pro. It didn’t take long and he unloaded in her mouth. As she did that, I rubbed my clit faster, harder, and finally came hard in a violent shudder. It might have been the most intense and longest lasting orgasm of my life.

My husband came to me and we cuddled up on the futon together as April proceed to get dressed. I wondered if there should be any meaning to how she was on our bed and we were on the Futon.

All I could think about is how accurate the card reading was earlier and how I was still on fire.

I walked April out to her car while Thomas fell asleep on the bed. She thanked me and told me how much fun it had been.

As I walked back up to the bedroom, I thought what an amazing experience it had been. It had been a long time since I had felt so emotionally and physically alive and fulfilled. Not sure if I would ever feel comfortable doing it again, but so grateful for the memories that were created.

And one last note. I will tell you later when I made love to Thomas as he was pushing up inside me and while it felt good, I could not stop thinking about how different the view was from where I was now compared to earlier. Life is amazing like that. Pleasure can cum at you from so many different angles.

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