Wood City Ch. 02: Guy’s Night

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Owen held tight onto urinal pipe and looked over his shoulder at the guys in the room left to fuck him. All three guys were standing and stroking their cocks, looking eagerly at his hole that had just been pounded by Rod. Rod was standing beside him, arms crossed with a smirk on his face. He spoke first “Brad, why don’t you go next? You were really eager before.”

Brad stepped forward and spat on his cock to lube it up. His cock wasn’t as big as Rod’s but it was still impressive, easily seven inches with a slight curve. As he approached Owen turned his head back round and backed his ass out even more. He could feel the head of Brad’s wet cock rubbing against his hole. Geoff walked up and squeezed some lube onto Owen’s ass, causing the cool, viscous liquid to run onto his hole. Brad began to push his cock into Owen who moaned at the sensation. Brad began to eagerly and roughly pound Owen’s hole, grabbing onto his waist for support. Geoff began to rub his large hands all over Owen’s nubile body like he was examining his physique. The tight muscles he had gained through years of swimming with a slight cushioning from a lazy and drunken summer. His light layer of chest hair, the curve of his ass and the stiffness of his cock. Feeling left out Pete crawled on all fours to the front of Owen and sat in front of the urinal. Unphased by the smell of sweat and urine, he began sucking Owen’s cock. Owen looked over at Rod who just leaned against the wall, arms crossed with a smile. He shrugged his shoulders at Owen as if to say “Isn’t this what you signed up for slut? Following me into this bathroom, not even an hour ago.”

Geoff continued to roughly caress Owen’s body. He grabbed and roughly played with Owen’s nipples and spanked his ass. Brad pulled on his hair as he vigorously fucked him, occasionally roughly bayan arkadaş spanking his ass. Pete gagged on his cock and gently caressed his balls. Owen’s body quivered from the pleasure. “Fuck me! I’m a dirty whore sirs!” Owen shouted.

“Take my load you whore!” Brad shouted as he gave one last passionate thrust. Owen felt a thick and hot load fill up his ass. Pete scrambled underneath Owen so he was lying on his back underneath him, mouth open. Pete eagerly ate up the drops of Brad’s cum that fell out of Owen’s ass. “You like that Pete?”

Pete grunted a pleased yes. Owen turned round and saw Pete licking the cum that just fell out of him. Owen sat down on Pete’s cock, a thick piece of meat that wasn’t as long as the other men’s but he was by far the girthiest, stretching Owen out the furthest tonight. He grunted out as he bent down but powered through. He wanted it. He rubbed his hands through Pete’s thick, curly chest hair, tweaked his nipples and leant forward to kiss him. His large tongue coated in Brad’s salty seed. The two men kissed passionately, swapping saliva and Brad’s thick, white and creamy cum. Owen kept playing with Pete’s nipples as he sat back up and began riding this fresh, thick cock.

Geoff and Rod (who was still hard) both forced their cocks into Owen’s mouth. He wasn’t able to go as deep as he wanted with both of them but he was still giving it his best shot. Brad sat on Pete’s face again. He began moving his ass all over his friend’s mouth, using his broad shoulders as support. He also took over nipple duty from Owen who was distracted by Rod and Geoff taking turns to roughly grab his hair and force their long cocks down his throat. With his new free hands, Owen began to caress each of their assholes with each hand, and eventually bayan partner stuck a finger in each man who moaned. They seemed to enjoy it, they became even more forceful with their face fuckings. Not caring that poor Owen was choking and gagging on their man-meat.

Pete pushed Brad’s ass off his face to announce “Fuck man, I’m gonna cum!”

Another hot load filling his ass. Another step in Owen’s initiation. Man, this club is gonna be fun. Even the membership process is a life changing event.

It was Geoff’s turn. His cock was slightly bigger than Rod’s. As Pete stood up, Brad and Rod flanked Owen, each taking a leg and picking him up, Owen putting an arm around their shoulders. The group offered this (hardly virgin) hole to Geoff, the final man in the room. Pete stood, stroking his still hard cock. Geoff stood forward and aimed his cock into Owen’s still tight hole. As he shoved himself in, balls deep, Owen’s eyes rolled to the back of his head in pleasure. Fuck he moaned. Geoff began vigorously pounding Owen, with Brad and Rod helping to shove Owen’s body into his. Sweat began dripping down Geoff’s dark and muscular body, making his six pack glimmer in the fluorescent lighting of the bathroom. The thickness of his cock was stretching Owen’s hole to the limit, the only form of lube relieving him was the semen of Rod, Brad and Pete. His thick and meaty cock was pushing the limits of Owen’s prostate’s pleasure. Pete moved closer to Owen’s quivering and sweaty body and began to suck the boy’s cock, making a gagging sound as he swallowed his cock the balls. Brad and Rod began rubbing his nipples. His whole body was shivering. He leaned back to moan and Rod spat in his mouth.

“You loving this slut?” he pondered.

“Yes sir! I love all your cocks sir! I’m bdsm escort a dirty fucking slut!” Owen moaned back. He was struggling for breath. Pete’s throat was majestic. Rod’s hands were big and rough, rubbing all over his body. Brad was pulling back his hair and shoving his tongue down Owen’s throat. Geoff was thrusting like a wild animal.

“I’m coming!” Geoff shouted and the final load of the night shot into Owen’s ass. Owen moaned in ecstasy, feeling his hole fill up with Geoff’s copious load. At the same time he came down Pete’s throat. Rod and Brad placed Owen’s quivering and sweat covered body on the dirty bathroom floor.

“Fuck man! I’m hard again. Get over here and suck my dick!” commanded Brad.

“Me too slut!” shouted Rod.

Owen began by trying to shove both of the cocks in his mouth at the same time and then began taking turns to deepthroat each. The men were growing impatient and getting rough with him. Brad pulled his hair to get his dick sucked again when he felt the attention was on Rod too long. They both would slap him if they felt he wasn’t sucking them for too long. They would force his head down to make him gag, make sure he was going as deep as he could. Rod even spat on him and called him “a toilet whore” and “a faggot”. Owen loved it.

He looked over to see Pete having his ass eaten by Geoff while he stroked his cock. Brad came first, another thick load of cum sprayed over Owen’s mouth and left cheek. Then Rod wanked his own dick until he came all over Owen’s forehead and down the right side of his face. “Pete I want your cum too!” Pete moved over and Brad began licking Pete’s right nipple while Rod began fingering his hole. Pete moaned and shot a load right between Owen’s eyes.

“I would say that was a success” panted Geoff, standing with his hands on his hips. All the men glistened in sweat.

Owen sat naked in front of a urinal, legs spread. Four loads of cum dripped from all over his face to his chest. Four loads of cum leaked from his asshole, onto the floor.

“Guys? I think I’ve missed my bus” he piped up.

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