18yo Aussie Tom’s First Time

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As you guys may expect, I get a lot of emails from random people. Most of them are fantastic, like one I got last week from a Surf Life Saver who loves speedos (he sent a photo, I’ll see if he will let me post it). Some emails I receive are weird, some are vague and I still get some hate mail mostly from religious nut jobs.

I am propositioned for sex nearly daily from all over the world.

I wish I had the time to reply to these emails but unless you are a member, I’m usually not able to.

What I wanted to share with you guys today is a recent emailed I received. I’m not going to disclose this persons real name. I’m going to call him Tom, that is the name of the first guy I ever did anything naughty with. So Tom shoots me an email, he is 18yo, just started his last year of high school, he is gay (thinks he is), he has sucked cock and fooled around lightly with a guy but he wants to be fucked.

Tom attached a photo of his very very tastey looking butt, which has an amazing speedo tan. Turns out Tom is a swimmer, state representative level.

While Tom lives in Sydney, going to one of those all boys private schools, his folks have a house a beach or two south of where I live so Tom has spent some time up here and drives up a bunch to hang out.

Did I mention that Tom wants to be fucked?

Normally I don’t reply to these emails (unless it is a member – of which I have fooled around with a few), but Tom’s butt and speedo tan are amazing.

What do you guys think I should do?


I decided to email Tom yesterday and we spoke on the phone last night. Tom sounds really nice and he sent me some more photos of him in his speedos and he looks amazing. After school today (yes Tom is 18yo and in his last year of high school), he is going to drive up here for the weekend.

Traffic headed out of Sydney on a Friday is usually a bitch so not sure if I’ll see Tom tonight (Friday) or tomorrow.

I mentioned Tom to Alex (Alex reads this blog every day so there is no way I can hide it from him) and Alex raised the idea of him joining in. I brought it up with Tom and Tom said that would be amazing and if he got cold feet he would love to just watch Alex and I. If it works out, on Saturday I’ll have Alex and Tom come over to my place, it will look a little weird to me neighbors if two super hot guys rock up to my place and then I close all the curtains for 2 hours or so… wonder what they will be thinking?

Tom said that he has been following my blog canlı bahis şirketleri for a while now and can’t believe I got back to him. He said that he really enjoyed reading about Alex exploring his gay side for the first time.

It is a good looking day outside and I am sitting here in a pair of red Arena speedos with a raging hard on. I want to save it incase Tom does come around tonight but it is going to be ‘hard’.


Sunday afternoon here in Australia and I think I should sit down and share with you guys what Alex, Tom and I have gotten up to over the last couple of days.

I write this to you sitting here wearing my red Arena speedos which I just wore for a swim in the surf to clean them, and despite my cock getting lots of attention over the last 36 hours, I am fully erect as I sit here and my cock is straining against the lycra of these speedos. I can’t promise anything, but I will try my best to finish writing this before I have to unload yet again… the 8th time this weekend by my count.

As I expected, Tom was late in getting up here on Friday night so we decided to meet at his place at midday on Saturday, he had his parents house to himself. It is a 10 minute drive from my place and Alex was keen to join us. Doing this at Tom’s place would make him feel more comfortable and would avoid my neighbors or my mates interrupting us if we did it at my house.

Just before midday on Saturday, I picked up Alex and we drove to Tom’s. It was a really awesome house right on the beach.

I had brought supplies… condoms, lube and both Alex and I were wearing speedos under our shorts – Alex was wearing a classic pair of black AussieBum speedos, the same ones he was wearing when he lost his ‘gay virginity’. I was wearing the red Arena speedos that I am wearing right now as per Tom’s request.

I could tell Alex was a little nervous but I told him that I’m sure Tom was even more nervous. We knocked on the door… OK, I’ll admit I was a little nervous too, you never know when you are going to be catfished.

Tom opened the door.


Alex and I feasted our eyes on Tom’s perfect, smooth, 18yo body. All he was wearing was his high school swimming team competition speedos which seemed to be spray painted on his near fat free body. As my eyes soaked in his speedos I noticed that Tom was semi hard. If anything, Tom was even hotter in person that the photos had sent me. We all shook hands and we followed Tom into the house. His butt looked AMAZING canlı kaçak iddaa in the super tight speedos and we got a look at it as he turned around.

“Alex and I will leave our shoes and clothes at the door if that is OK Tom?”

Tom thought that was a good idea and Alex and I stripped down to our speedos. We then followed Tom into the kitchen which looked out towards the ocean. Alex and I were both starting to get hard now and I had to adjust the front of my red speedos.

Tom offered us a beer (drinking age is 18 in Australia) and the three of us sat around the breakfast bar, which is about 10 times bigger than the breakfast bar at my house. I did check with Tom that nobody else was expected at the house. Can you imagine what someone would think walking into the kitchen seeing three guys sitting around, having a beer in nothing but speedos?

Tom was eager to hear about Alex’s experiences and it was pretty hot hearing Alex explain the loss of his ‘gay virginity’. Tom told us that he enjoyed jerking off while playing with his butt and while he was in the shower he would slip a finger in his own arse. Otherwise, Tom had never put anything else in his arse and was concerned that taking a cock in his arse would hurt too much. Alex said that he had been scared as well, and I said that I remember having lots of ‘oral’ experiences before I ever tried to take a cock in my arse.

After we had finished our first beer, Tom got up to grab another round from the fridge and he wasn’t hiding the fact that he was no longer ‘semi’ hard but rock solid hard, his tiny competition speedo was struggling to contain his cock.

Taking the first step is always awkward so I decided to start things moving.

The entire time while we had been talking and drinking, a handful on condoms and a bottle of lube had been sitting on the kitchen bench in front of us but we had all ignored it and nobody had said anything about the items.

Alex came over in front of Tom, Alex undid his super tight high school speedos drawstring. Then Alex pulled Tom’s speedos down below his balls – Tom’s cock was rock hard. Normally Alex and I fuck with our cock out the leg of our speedos but Tom’s speedo were just too tight.

It was pretty hot watching Alex work young Tom’s cock and Alex was shaking a little bit.

Then Alex unwrapped a condom and started to put it on Tom’s cock. He rolled the condom down Tom’s beautiful cut cock. Tom was really turned on and he moaned as Alex’s hand slid down his cock. canlı kaçak bahis With the condom on, Alex grabbed the bottle of lube and squirted a generous glob of it in the palm of his right hand. Alex stepped in front of Tom and grabbing his speedo clad butt with his left hand, Alex smothered the lube on his right hand down Tom’s shaft.

They didn’t kiss, if they had started kissing I’m pretty sure I would have unloaded in my speedo.

That thought was prove to be a little bit prophetic. Alex was rubbing Tom’s condom covered cock lubing it up and I think they were both enjoying it. All of a sudden Tom’s moans got really loud and his hips started spasming…

Tom was cumming…


I left you guys off a couple of days ago just as Tom came while Alex was lubing his cock up in anticipation of fucking me. I was excited at the thought of having this 18yo virgin fuck my arse and I was all ready when Tom unloaded in the condom that Alex had just put on him. Tom was a little embarrassed but to be honest I thought it was pretty hot that he came that quickly. He took off the condom and pulled up the front of his speedos.

Alex was rock hard though so I asked him if he’d fuck me.

Grabbing another condom off the kitchen counter, Alex pulled his cock out the leg of his speedos (we couldn’t do this for Tom because his competition school speedo was so tight).

At this stage I was still leaning over the breakfast bar in the kitchen. My red arena speedos were still on and up but I had undone the drawstring… I love pulling speedos down a guys butt and I thought Tom might have enjoyed it. Instead of Tom, Alex got to do it once he had the condom on and had lubed up his cock. Tom was now sitting on the other side of the kitchen bench.

With both of my hands on the kitchen bench, I spread my legs and bent over. Alex pulled down the bum of my red speedos but my cock was still in the front of the speedo. As Alex shuffled up behind me I felt him lead his cock to the opening of my arsehole… I moaned and begged Alex to fuck me.

Slowly Alex got the head of his cock inside me. I looked up and saw Tom sitting there watching all of this rubbing the front of his tiny speedos.

Once Alex was ‘balls deep’ he started to fuck me. With his hands on my hips Alex was fucking me hard!! I was trying not to cum, I wanted to fuck Alex in front of Tom. It wasn’t as quick as Tom but Alex didn’t last long – hahaha. Maybe I just have that effect on guys or maybe it was sitting around in speedos with boners for 20 minutes that got these guys so close.

Alex came and as he cooled down he leaned over me and I could feel his panting breath on the back of my neck.

Now it was my turn to fuck Alex…

To be continued.

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