3 on 1

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The joint was jumping all night – packed to the bream with sexy, young people. It was opening night, and our new bar was the liveliest place in town. At different intervals throughout the night, I would just sit back and take stock of all of the energy.

My three angels behind the bar had served more drinks and worked themselves until the sweat drenched their white tank tops. As an act of solidarity for opening night, Candy had suggested they all dress in their white tank tops with army green pants and black boots. Everyone in the place, even the women, were turned on by our new bar and my stable of gorgeous bartenders.

Candy looked great with her porcelain skin, shapely body, and long dark hair. Then there was Kristin with her frazzled dirty blond hair and the sweat glistening from her face and limbs. And finally, Ashleigh. I had never thought of Ashleigh in a sexual way until this night. She had long blond hair that was almost white. Her body was fantastic, and she really looked sexy.

Around 1:30am, Kristin called for Last Call, and about 2:15pm the last guests had left for the night. As I sat in my office counting money, my bouncer entered with a large wrapped present.

“Candy said this is for you, boss.”

“All right, thanks… good job tonight.”

As he left for the night, I smiled as I opened the large present. Of all things, it was a sex swing.

“I thought you’d like that,” Candy said as she peeked in.

“Like it? I love it! I’ve always wanted one of these.”

“I know,” she said grinning.

“How could this night get any better? This is awesome, baby,” I exclaimed as I got up to kiss her.

We kissed passionately for a moment, and then Candy broke the embrace.

“Well, put it up, silly. Let’s get to some fucking.”

“Oh, well, uh… yes, mam.”

“That’s right. You’ve been sitting around all night watching all of us work, now it’s time you did something useful,” she said as her demeanor changed slightly.

I got the ladder nearby and began fastening the swing to the bolt in the ceiling when we heard a knock at the door. It was Kristin and Ashleigh.

“Oh, shit. Don’t let them in,” I said.

“Why not? Are you embarassed?”

“Uh, well, uh… I guess not.”

I fastened the swing, and moved the ladder back as Candy left the office. As I finished closing the books for the night, I heard some Nine Inch Nails crank up from the dance floor. It seemed as if someone wasn’t through partying. I headed out of the office to find Candy, and there she was, with Kristin and Ashleigh on the the dance floor. The girls hadn’t gotten to dance all night, and they huddled together dancing. I went up into the light booth and programmed the lights to scramble, with strobes and black lights thrown into the mix.

The girls had worked so hard, I got my best bottle of champagne, and brought some flutes out onto the floor and joined them in our celebration. They were glad to see me, and we danced and sipped our champagne in rejoice of our opening night.

I was getting very hot dancing with the girls.

“Take your shirt off, baby,” Candy said as she helped me out of my shirt.

Kristin proposed a toast in between songs, “Here’s to us. May we always be successful, and may the party last the rest of our life.”

We all drank. We couldn’t get the grins off of our face; we were having so much fun. As we danced, Ashleigh continued to pour drinks for everyone. As we all grooved to the beat, we danced closer and closer. The sexual energy was building and building. Candy was my wife, but I wanted to take all three of these girls at the same time but I was afraid to make a move.

“Jesus Christ, it’s hot in here,” Ashleigh said as she popped another bottle of champagne. She shook the bottle furiously then popped the cork. Champagne canlı bahis şirketleri spewed all over us as we danced. We laughed as the champagne evaporated on our skin. It was brief relief on the sweltering dance floor.

“Whew, god, I love this place,” Kristin exclaimed as she danced, “I feel so sexy.”

“You are sexy,” Candy replied.

“You sure are,” Ashleigh said as she pressed her lips to Kristin’s.

Candy took this erotic moment as her cue to intiate the evenings events. She dropped to her knees on the dance floor and unzipped my pants. She pulled out my cock and began to suck it softly. Kristin and Ashleigh broke their embrace.

“Oh my god,” Kristin said as she dropped to the floor and assisted Candy.

Ashleigh didn’t say a word. She broke in between Candy and Kristin and took her turn at my growing cock. I was so hard. I could see the backs of these three girls in the mirror on the wall. They were all camped around my cock serving me and, little did I know, preparing me to be their tool.

I felt so powerful as they kneeled to me. I pressed the back of their heads as they took turns taking my cock in their mouths. I was building and building to an explosive orgasm.

“I’m going to cum, girls” I warned. “I’m going to cum.

As Candy pulled the rest of my clothes off and Ashleigh swirled my cock around in her mouth, Kristin replied, “Well, isn’t that the point.”

“CUM, cum; I want to see it, Candy demanded.”

“Yeah, cum for us,” Kristin said.

Candy and Kristin had removed their clothes and were helping Asheligh out of hers. I looked into Ashleigh’s eyes as she ferociously sucked. Her eyes told me it was okay. I couldn’t hold back as much as I tried. I came with amazing force into Ashleigh’s mouth. She continued slurping my cum and swallowing it down as Candy and Kristin forced her face onto my volcanic cock.

I couldn’t believe my good fortune. Ashleigh stood up and smiled. Looking into Candy’s eyes, she began kissing her. Some of my remaining cum was shared as Candy pulled Kristin into the kiss tho share. I could see it glistening in the dance lights as my small suspension bridge of cum joined the girls together as they kissed.

As I stood in amazement and watched, the music died down. Then, NINE INCH NAILS rang out,

“Bow down before the one you serve. You’re going to get what you deserve. Bow down before the one you serve…”

The girls all smiled at each other then at me. They each pulled me close and navigated me onto the floor so that my face met their repsective heavenly of heavenlies. I looked up as they smiled down at me.

“…bow down before the one you serve…”

Ashleigh placed her toes in my mouth and Kristin poured the champaigne all over Ashleigh’s naked body. The champaigne flowed down her sweaty body and long legs into my mouth.

“Oooh, that is sexy,” Candy said as she grabbed me by the back of the head. She placed my face strategically into her lap. Kristin poured champaigne over Candy’s shoulder, and it trickled down her breasts toward my mouth.

“Lick it up… lick it all up.”

“…you’re going to get what you deserve…”

Ashleigh and Kristin gathered over each of Candy’s shoulders and gazed down at my excellent work. As Candy’s cunt filled my mouth, my sounds were composed of uncomprehensive moans.

“Damn, he’s good,” Ashleigh said, “when is it going to be my turn?

“You’ll get your turn,” Candy promised. “Suck it, bitch.”

“Oooh, that’s getting me hot,” Kristin said.

“Oh, yeah? You like dirty talk, you little whore?” Candy asked her.

Kristin snuck a light touch of her own pussy.

“Mmmm, you want to touch it, don’t you,” Candy said. “Go ahead, touch yourself.”

Kristin began on herself, and Ashleigh reached down to help her.

“Uhhh… canlı kaçak iddaa fuck.”

“Does it feel good, whore?”

“Uhh, huh… oh, yeah.”

Ashleigh built up speed as she gently rubbed Kristin’s clit.

“Look at her big clit, it’s getting so hot and wet.”

“Oh, yeah….fhhhh. I need some cock, now.”

I only knew of one place Kristin could get that, but I continued tasting my wife’s pussy until given the word to fill Kristin.

“When’s it going to be my turn?” Ashleigh asked Candy.

“Oh, you want my little slut husband to eat your cunt?”

“Yeah, bitch. I want to ride his tongue.”

“Aren’t I the lucky one? One girl wants my husband’s cock and the other one wants his tongue up her pussy. And all I can think about is taking his hot ass… Come on… I’ve got a surprise for all of you.”

We all followed Candy to the office. Ashleigh and Kristin became giddy at the site of the sex swing.

“Let’s all get what we want. How does that sound?”

Candy directed me to the sex swing. “Sit back, baby; you’re going to get the fuck of your lifetime.”

I sat back in the swing, and Candy masterfully placed my legs in the slings in an upright position. My cock towered into the air. I looked like one of those pigs at a luau roasting over a fire. I held onto the straps so that I didn’t fall backwards.

“Oooh, it looks like we’ve got him where we want him, now,” Candy said. “What are you whores waiting for.”

Kristin’s body was dripping wet with sweat and champagne. Her dirty blonde hair now stuck wet to her shoulders with her bangs nearly covering her face. She looked exhausted yet ready to be filled. She slowly positioned herself onto my cock. Ashleigh and Candy helped guide her onto my cock. She began to gently ride me as her legs dangled just above the floor. Up and down, she began to slowly ride me.

“Mmmmm, I love seeing sexy girls ride my hisband’s cock… You look so good, Kristin… How does he feel?”

“Oh, my god! He feels great. I love his cock inside of me.”

Ashleigh and Candy kissed and fondled one another while I looked intently into Kristin’s eyes. I could barely move while I held onto the swing. Kristin’s feet now reached the floor, as she had now impaled herself onto my cock as far as she could. I was filling every inch of her.

“Oh, fuck… You’re so deep inside me… No one has ever been this deep inside me… I just want to sit here for a minute and feel your cock inside me.”

Kristin looked into my eyes and lightly caressed her clit. Candy and Ashleigh walked towards my face.

“Are you enjoying this, honey?”

“Oh, god, yes!” I exclaimed.

“Well, take one last look at Kristin riding your cock because you’re not going to see anything else but Ashleigh’s asshole.”

As I caught my last glimpse of Kristin picking up her pace on my cock, Ashleigh faced Kristin and entrenched my face between her legs. She positioned her pussy right onto my waiting mouth. I immediately tasted the sweetness of her cunt – the sex, the sweat, the champagne. My nose was buried in her ass crack, and all I could see was her long, beautiful straw-blonde hair reaching to her lower back.

Her ass was perfect, and it rested just above my mouth. My mouth was filled with her. She began riding the tongue that I willingly offered. Back and forth, I was their human see-saw.

When Kristin would bounce up, my mouth would penetrate Ashleigh’s burning hot cunt more the deeper. I was lost in becoming their tool.

Ashleigh said to Kristin, “Oh, you look so hot.”

“You do to, Ashleigh… I love, oh fuck… I love seeing you ride his face like that, ooh, shit…”

They both continued to ride me. I hadn’t even thought about Candy when suddenly I felt a cool liquid and fingers penetrate my exposed ass.

I canlı kaçak bahis felt Candy’s fingers penetrate me, and I let out a yelp into Ashleigh’s pussy. Ashleigh laughed as my yell made her pussy vibrate.

“Oh, my god. He’s screaming into my pussy… Do it again.”

I felt Candy’s fingers plunge deeper inside me. I obliged with a loud yell which reverberated through the muff.

“Uhhh… Oh, that’s it… I love it when he sucks my clit… I love to smother his face… he’s licking me so good.”

Kristin could not see Candy behind her, but she felt Candy’s hands on her shoulder.

“What are you doing back there, Candy?”

“You girls are having all the fun, and I’m not having any. I told you I wanted some ass tonight, so, I’m going to get me some.

I couldn’t see Candy, only Ashleigh’s beautiful strides up and down on my face. Slowly, I felt Candy inching her strap-on into my ass. My body stiffened then relaxed. I bucked and screamed. All three girls were having their way with me. I was stimulating the sex in all of them.

“Yeah, baby, take my cock!” Candy exclaimed. “”Oh, yeaaaahhhhhhh!” Kristin cooed. “Yell into my pussy!” Ashleigh commanded.

Candy began to slam her girlcock into me hard.

I licked for all I was worth. I felt Ashleigh’s fingers slide into my mouth as she touched herself.

“Suck on my ass, slave!” she directed.

As Ashleigh began to pleasure herself with her fingers, I began licking her asshole. I wanted my tongue as deep inside as I could get it. Her beautiful cheeks surrounded my face.

“That’s it. Suck my ass, boy. Suck my ass while I ride your face and touch myself. Oooh, yeah, fuck that feels good.”

Candy had now built up a feverish pace on my ass. My body was in shock at the overstimulus. In and out she hammered me like a jack hammer. We were all aglow from the sweat and a champagne.

Candy pulled Kristin’s hair back and began kissing her as Kristin bounced up and down on my cock. As Candy moved her cock in and out of me, she caressed Kristin’s breast while deep kissing her. Ashleigh continued to work her ass onto my tongue.

I was helpless, but a willing tool for their sex.

Krsitin had now built a rapid pace onto my cock. She was writhing on top of me and slamming herself hard down upon me. She then began to grind her pussy all over me. I could feel her muscles pulling my cock into her.

Candy said, “Fuck him, girls. Fuck him, good! Let’s give him the fuck of his life.”

And it was. As I could only envision this scene, Kristin began first.

“Oh, my god! I’m going to cum.”

When I heard that, I felt the cum inside me start to boil.

Ashleigh exclaimed, “Oh, my god Kristin. You are getting me so hot. I’m going to cum, too.”

Candy said, “Yeah? Watching you ride my husband’s face and feeling you ride his cock is getting me so hot. You’re all going to make me cum.”

The pace picked up for everyone. Kristin erupted, and as she bounced up and down on me, she yelled. “Ohhhhh…. oh, shit! I’m cu… oh, fuck… yes!”

Ashleigh chimed in. “Oh fuck, Candy. I’m cumming with your husband’s tongue up my ass.”

Candy then came. “Oh… yeah! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Yeah!”

I couldn’t hold back any longer. While Candy pounded my ass and Ashleigh came on my face and Kristin came on my cock, my arms began to flail. Candy told Kristin to “get up, I want to see this.” As Kristin dismounted, Candy continued fucking my ass.

Candy told Kristin to lay her head on my belly. Candy grasped my cock and began stroking right towards Kristin’s mouth. I screamed so hard into Ashleigh’s waiting asshole when I felt Candy stroking “her” cock. Ashleigh dismounted so that I could see. Just as she did, my eyes met Candy and she pointed my cock into Kristin’s mouth.

“Cum, baby.”

I shot a huge fucking load into Kristin’s mouth and all over her face. We all laughed at the obscene amount of cum that covered her. The girls began kissing Kristin and licking her face while I dangled in the swing – thinking about the fuck of my life.

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