60 into 18 doesn’t go … does it?

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60 into 18 doesn’t go … does it?
Part 1 of how sex can span the generations: I thought I saw her in the supermarket. She checked out just ahead of me and I caught up with her in the car park. ‘Beth’? She was loading her shopping in the boot of her car and turned towards me. It was then I knew for sure it was her. She didn’t seem to recognise me at first; not surprising as I’d switched from contact lenses to specs, grown a beard and managed to lose a few pounds. (I used to socialise with her parents and it was through them I first Beth. I hadn’t seen her since her mother’s 40th birthday bash when Beth was in her mid-teens). ‘Beth its Bill, your mum and dad’s old friend’. ‘Bill! …sorry I didn’t recognise you’. ‘How are you Beth’? ‘I’m good Bill, nice to see you again … it must be what, 3 years’? ‘Yes last time I saw you Beth you was at your mum’s party … how are your mum and dad by the way? I’ve not seen them for ages’. ‘They’re okay as far as I know, I don’t see that much of them these days’. She told me she would be starting a marketing course soon and was living in a village a few miles from town. ‘I’ve just bought my own place Bill and my own little car … my house is nothing grand just a small cottage but perfect for a single girl like me … my gran left me some serious money in her will and my mum and dad were driving me nuts at home … I had to get out’. ‘Sorry to hear about your gran Beth I know you were close’. ‘Thanks Bill we were and I really miss her … are you still in the same place Bill’? ‘Yeah still the same place’.

‘Bill it’s lovely to see you again but I’ve got güvenilir bahis to dash. You must come round to the house some time for a coffee and we can have a proper catch up. I don’t start my course for another 2 weeks if you’re free anytime’. ‘I recently quit my job to do private consultancy work so I’ve got lots of free time Beth’. ‘A friend is visiting me this morning but you’re welcome to pop round after lunch’. ‘What … say two o’clock’? ‘Two o’clock is good for me Bill’. She gave me her address, a big hug and we went our separate ways.

I knocked on the door of her cottage and was a little surprised when Beth answered. At the supermarket she was dressed quite plain. But she had changed her clothes and was now dressed in a loose green skirt which accentuated her wide sexy hips, a turquoise sleeveless top that was straining to contain her awesome boobs and she had let her hair down which was cascading over her shoulders … phwoarr! Beth was always a chubby girl and nothing had changed … well chubby was no longer how you’d describe her … voluptuous is the word that springs to mind! She had a sweet face, a naturally fresh complexion and lovely hazel eyes. The fuller figure and ample flesh may not be every guy’s ideal but to me she looked absolutely lovely … and drop dead sexy. ‘Come in Bill, come through to the kitchen and I’ll make us a coffee’.

‘I wasn’t sure if you’d make it’. ‘Why’s that Beth’? ‘Oh I don’t know Bill I just wondered if you felt obliged to say yes when I invited you round’. ‘Beth it’s not every day I get an invitation to visit an attractive tipobet young lady in her own home … you look amazing by the way’. ‘Well thank you kind sir I thought I’d make an effort for the visit of an old friend. So you do get invitations to visit young ladies Bill, just not every day’? ‘Ha ha, now don’t take me literally Beth’. ‘How would you like me to take you Bill’? (A game of verbal tennis with sexual undertones was clearly now underway … who would come out on top I wondered?).

‘Is that a double entendre Beth’? ‘I’m not that sort of girl Bill’.
‘Aside from being gorgeous what sort of girl are you then Beth’?
‘Flattery will get you everywhere Bill … what sort of a girl do you think I am’?
‘Intelligent’. ‘Go on’.
‘Funny’. ‘Carry on’.
‘Gorgeous’. ‘You’re repeating yourself Bill, that’s not in the rules’.
‘Sexy.’ ‘You old charmer’.
‘Less of the old please’.
‘How old are you Bill’?
‘I’m 60 going on 40’.
‘He he! … I like older men Bill, the older the better’
‘Does that include me Beth’?
‘I think you know it does Bill’.
‘Even if I’m a bit pervy’?
‘How pervy is a bit pervy’?
‘I’m taking the 5th amendment’.
The sexual tension in the air was palpable.
She came up close to me, put her hands on my waist and looked into my eyes.
‘If we’re finished with our word game, shall we play another game’?
‘What do have in mind’?
‘I’m horny Bill … I want you to fuck me’.
‘Yes right now’!

I wrapped my arms round her and we kissed full on the mouth with tongues, as I planted my hands on her big bum and had a good rummage. I turned her to face the worktop, put my tipobet giriş hand on her back and pressed her forward. I quickly dropped my trousers and pants and my cock sprung to attention. I hitched up her skirt, yanked her knickers down and they fell to her ankles … oh fuck what a gorgeous arse! She spread her legs and I dipped a finger in her crevice. ‘You’re wet Beth’. ‘I told you I was horny … fuck me Bill’. Her valley was at the perfect height and my cock slid straight in. ‘Oh yes Bill that’s it … your cock is lovely and hard … fuck me’. I fucked her hard and fast and reached under to fondle her big tits. ‘You like that don’t you Beth … you like my old cock inside you’. ‘Fuck yes Bill I love your old cock … fuck me! … fuck my young cunt’. The friction on my swollen glans was sending ripples of delicious pleasure through my whole body. We were both in a high state of sexual arousal and moaning and groaning, it only took a minute or two and Beth came on my stiff shaft. That was my trigger. ‘I’m cumming too Beth’! ‘Don’t stop … cum in me Bill … spunk my cunt’. My cock exploded and several jets of my warm, sticky seed splattered the walls of her chamber. ‘Oh fuck I can feel your spunk shooting inside me … uuh! … oh god I’m cumming again’. Drained, I collapsed across her back still gripping her tits. ‘Oh Bill that was off the chart … just what I needed’. ‘Wow Beth that was intense I’ve not cum like that in years, you’re amazing’. I lifted myself up and pulled my trousers and pants back on. Beth reached down and hauled her knickers up.

‘We can have that coffee now Bill … you don’t have to rush off afterwards do you’? ‘No I’m free all afternoon … why’? ‘Because I was a little disappointed when you said you’re a bit pervy … I was rather hoping you were going to say you’re a lot pervy Bill’!

To be continued

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