A Baby for Maeby Ch. 01

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This is my entry for the Literotica Winter Holidays Contest, I hope it wins 😉

Great job on the tune-up by my crew chief no1Uno, but if the wheels come off, I’m blaming him! Driver’s prerogative!

If you’re a native of the great state of Wisconsin, please accept my apologies in advance. No offense is meant or implied, the opinion of one fictional, woman should not be taken seriously!

All characters having sex are over 18.


A Baby for Maeby


Sunday 17 November 2019

“Ok, so it’s definitely the weekend of the 13th?” Maeby Lewis asked her sister Jessica.

Checking her phone she said “Yes, we’ll fly in on … Friday morning, the 13th and come back home late Tuesday the 17th. It has to be that as that’s the only dates that work for me”. Jessica held her phone close, talking quietly.

She went on, “I’ll have to make sure Dennis knows well in advance, his last trip of the year is normally that week. I’ll put it on his calendar tonight and text him to ensure his assistant organises things properly.”

At that moment Jessica’s only child Richie sauntered into the kitchen, tall and muscular in just his swim shorts. She waved, mouthing ‘Aunt Maeby’ and put the phone on speaker.

“I’ll get everything ready; you just bring those hunky men of yours!” Maeby giggled. Richie flushed bright red and threw up his hands theatrically, heading for the fridge.

“That’s your nephew and brother in law you’re talking about, you can’t say that,” said Jessica, laughing too.

“I’m allowed to appreciate a fine specimen of red-blooded manhood as much as the next sex bomb. Anyway, haven’t you looked at Richie’s Instagram lately? Very much NSFW!”

“What? I didn’t even know he had an account. There’s not anything rude or illegal on it is there? Oh God, I wish I knew more about all that stuff, it’s so hard to be a mom these days!” Jessica sounded frantic, Maeby hadn’t meant to frighten her.

“No, no sis honestly. He just shares his basketball team photo feed. It’s just lots of big sweaty boys playing with their big, crinkly balls, you know that’s my thing!”

“There’s the perv we know and love! Surely you must have plenty of your own hunks up there to keep you warm at night?” Jess teased.

“Sure, if I wanted a man who smelled of shit and got up to go to work at 4:30 I’d be swimming in dick up to my tits! Plus, all they can talk about is the fucking Packers. You know I’m a b-ball girl,” Maeby quipped. Jess knew Maeby had always admired big, tall basketball players with their enormous… feet.

“My Richie just made the starting varsity line-up this semester. He’s grown another six inches this spring!”

“Is that six inches up… or down?” Maeby cackled.

“Maeby Fae Lewis, you just stop that right now! You’re on speaker and Richie’s right here! I’m going to have to turn the AC on, the poor boy’s face is so hot,” Jessica exclaimed.

“Oh, I know he’s smokin’ alright! How you doin’ there stud?” Maeby was ten years younger than her sister and had always played up the age gap. Jess’s mother had died young, just a few months after Maeby was born, so Jess had been like her mom and her sister growing up.

“Still savin’ myself for you Aunty M,” he laughed “and it was DOWN by the way!” He twisted away giggling wildly, just avoiding his mother’s attempted slap on his arm.

“Don’t you run off Richie MacFarlane, you’re just as bad as her. I’m surrounded by perverts!”

“Naw, that’s me up here in Wisconsin sis. Did Richie leave?”

“Yeah he’s gone for a swim, it’s still over 80 here tonight.” The Arizona heat reminded her of growing up in Texas.

“Well remember to pack for snow at Christmas. I really can’t wait to see you,” Maeby said.

“You really that lonely baby?” Jessica asked, slipping easily into mom mode.

“Well let’s see. I’m a vegan, from the deserts of south Texas, who hates football, and I’m stuck with nothing but shitty assed farmers in freezing ass Wis-fucking-consin!”

“Geez Mae, come on. Tell me what you really think! Can you look for a transfer?”

“I’ve applied for everything, I even put an application in for the toilet cleaner position in Ulaanbaatar!” Maeby whined. “It’s too soon. I need to do another eight months here before they’ll consider it. Pregnancy would really be the only way out that I can see. If only I didn’t hate the smell of cow shit!”

“Well, we’ll talk all about it at Christmas, I promise. I have to go honey. Richie just drank an entire carton of Tropicana and I need to spank his ass. I just can’t keep up with his appetite these days.”

“Ooh, sounds fun, I hope he likes cheese!” Maeby quipped.

“Seriously Mae, you’ll need to buy for six people at Christmas, he’s unbelievable!”

“I sure hope so,” said Maeby quietly. “I’ll let you go spank him. You can tell me how it goes next week. I need to stock up on Tropicana! Love you sis.”

“Love you more,” illegal bahis Jess replied, the way they always had for nearly thirty years.

Jessica raised her phone and put dates for their trip into the family’s shared calendar:


Leave Phoenix 8:00am MT 12/20/19

Return Milwaukee 9:30pm CST 12/24/19

She double checked the dates with her own kitchen wall planner and confirmed the entry.

She texted Dennis in Seattle:

Just updated the family calendar for the trip to Maeby’s, make sure Greg works around it for your Florida trip. Can’t wait to see you this weekend. ??

Within a few minutes he had replied:

Sweet, he’s already on it. I told you a male assistant was a good idea! See you ASAP ??????????

Jessica laughed at the emojis; Dennis was cute with them. Then she soughed out a deep breath, the plan was underway, there was no going back now.


Wednesday 11 December 2019

“Maeby’s changed it?! The day before I leave for Florida!? I can’t change my plans honey. Greg has arranged nine meetings for me and no one else can go. Fuck! I was really looking forward to it. You know I love Maeby,” Dennis seemed genuinely unhappy that he couldn’t go with her and Richie.

“You love cheese you mean! She had a thing, you know lawyers. At least we’ll have a full week together back here before Christmas. We can really get into the spirit this year”. Jessica hoped her rehearsed answer didn’t sound suspicious to him. Dennis didn’t appear to notice. This was crucial to her plan, the last thing she wanted was to raise his suspicions or hurt him in any way. He just sulked and grabbed another beer.

“I haven’t even bought her gift yet,” Dennis realised, “I won’t have time; – shit!”

“Don’t worry baby, Richie and I will give her something special for you, I promise.” Jessica felt herself colour a touch at that remark.

“Ok, it’s a real pity, maybe next year then. I’ve gotta go get packed Jess, tell Richie good night for me.”

“Sure Dennis, I’ll text from Milwaukee on Friday when we land.”

“Same here from Miami tomorrow. Can you bring me one of those big cheese roll things, I loved that one last year?” Dennis had made it last through May, despite the desert heat.

“If we have room, sure. Now you go get packed and get to bed, you’ve an early start tomorrow. Sure I can’t drive you?” Jess asked.

“Naw, Greg organised a car, it’s all arranged. You coming to bed?”

“In a minute, I just want to update Richie on the change of plans.”

And that was it, the game was afoot!


Friday 13 December 2019

On Friday morning their American Airlines flight to Milwaukee left on time, just before dawn. Jessica and Richie were up front courtesy of Dennis’s millions of air miles.

Once they reached cruising altitude Jessica turned to her son and caught his attention by pulling out an air pod.

“Richie, honey I need to talk to you. This screwup with the changing dates was actually… planned. I know it sounds weird but I’ll explain, it’s nothing bad I promise. Maeby and I just had to make sure your dad didn’t come with us. You see, this isn’t just a normal visit to see your aunt. You’re going to give her a very special gift this year… you’re going to give her a baby!”

“WHAT?!” Richie screeched then lowered his voice as people were staring. “What the hell mom? That’s fucked up!”

“No baby it’s not, really it’s not. Your aunt Maeby is a beautiful young woman. Very successful in her career but not so much in her love life. She yearns for a child, she always has. I was like a mom to her as we grew up and she knows how amazing my life is because of you. She wants the same, more than anything. Her body clock is ticking, you know that happens with women’s fertility. The risks go up for her and her baby as we get older. She hasn’t found the right man to settle down with, but she has found the man she wants to be the father of her child… you.”

Richie’s mouth hung open, but he wasn’t objecting, yet, so Jessica carried on,

“She doesn’t expect anything from you in terms of being the baby’s father, you’ll just be the big gangly cousin. She has plenty of money and won’t need any support. Your baby will want for nothing and will have a loving family to grow up in, including you of course.”

“But what about donors, sperm banks and stuff?” Richie asked.

“There’s been so many scandals around them. Sleazy old doctors jerking off into the containers fathering hundreds of babies when the moms thought they were picking the perfect DNA. Poor Maeby is so afraid of that. She wants her baby to be born out of love and you know she loves the shit out of you!” Jessica nudged him in the ribs smiling.

“Yeah she’s great I know,” he paused. “So do we use the turkey baster? I suppose we’ll go to a clinic or something? How do we do it?” Richie smirked at his crude joke.

“Maeby has researched this extensively illegal bahis siteleri and the best way, the method with the highest success rate is what’s known as ‘the old-fashioned way’.” Jessica looked him straight in the eye.

Richie stared, eyes glassy, then mumbled “she wants me to… fuck her?”

“Well her exact words were ‘make love to’ but essentially yes. That’s what this trip is for. It’s her most fertile time and you have four days and nights to,” Jessica put her lips to his ear and whispered, “fill her to the brim with sperm!” She leaned back, cheeks flushed, eyes sparkling.

GULP! thought Richie.

He stared out the window at the desert below, his penis hardening in his jeans. Aunt Maeby, the hot, flirty sexpot of his wildest fantasies, ‘filled to the brim’ with his sperm. HIS BABY!

He turned to his mom, leaned in and kissed her cheek lightly saying “you always get me the best Christmas presents mom,” and winked!


The airport in Milwaukee was much busier than Phoenix, mostly with people leaving though, thought Richie. He and his mom only had carry-ons, which made a lot more sense now he realised, so they made their way quickly out to the arrivals area.

“Fucking hell,” said Jessica under her breath before bursting out laughing. Richie followed her gaze to see Maeby holding up a sign which read ‘DIG BICK and the TAT FITTY MOM’. He ran over and grabbed the sign, folding it over, mortified. Maeby and Jessica were doubled over laughing. “Lighten up kiddo,” Maeby wheezed. “You should have seen the ones I was afraid to bring!”

“Ohmigod it’s so good to see you sis,” Jess was saying hugging her sister tightly. Richie could tell she was whispering in Maeby’s ear.

His aunt looked at him, disengaged from his mom and flowed towards him, like a leopard stalking a deer. “So, your mom says you’re giving me a special present this year. I can hardly wait lover boy,” she said as she leaned in to kiss him… right on the ear, blowing a sloppy raspberry for good measure.

The two sisters clasped hands and headed for the exit leaving poor Richie, cock hard, face red and mind in a tumult of confusion. It was good to be alive!

Maeby drove them to her house via downtown. It was so cold here as Christmas should be. The snow stayed white and crisp, ploughed into great mounds along the sides of the roads. The storefront Santas and their decorations looked magical against the picture-perfect white background.

“Let’s stop here, they do the most amazing eggnog,” Maeby squealed.

They were well wrapped up so sat outside with their warm spicy drinks, watching kids across the street sled down a hill laughing and having the time of their lives.

“That’s what I need,” Maeby said wistfully, indicating the delighted children.

“I know what you mean sis,” echoed a slightly misty-eyed Jessica, remembering Richie at that age.

They finished off their drinks and headed off to Maeby’s home. It was set well back from the road in what she admitted was a rough, unfinished piece of ground. The thick layer of snow covered up any evidence of that and made it look like a Christmas card.

“You should sell the rights to Hallmark,” laughed Richie “you’d make a fortune!”

“It’s still a shit hole under the snow. I’m not staying long term so I haven’t bothered landscaping,” Maeby said.

“Where will you go?” Jessica asked.

“Somewhere fucking warm,” Maeby laughed. “I was thinking closer to you guys maybe? I could do with some help with the baby…”

There it was, the first indication from her that this was real, that she wanted him inside her, putting his baby inside her.

“Whoo, no pressure then,” Richie smirked, mock fanning his face.

“I know you’ve got it in you slugger. I just want you to get it in me!” Maeby’s dirty laugh filled the car as she pulled up to the door.

She gave them a quick tour. Kitchen, bathroom, three bedrooms upstairs. There was a game room with a pool table, a huge tv and the latest games consoles. Richie was probably the only teenager in America who would have been nonplussed. He had bigger fish to fry.

“Any dirty clothes, just throw them in here,” Maeby indicated a hamper, “I know you didn’t bring much so we’ll wash them as we go.”

“House Rule,” she said, “this is where I keep all the condoms and birth control pills in this house – no exceptions.” She was holding up the lid of the trash can!

The others laughed like crazy. Richie was amazed how relaxed they all were, especially his mom. It was really nice. She was always mom first at home, a bit uptight. But here she was more flirty, freer … like a friend first and mom second. He liked it. He felt it should always be like this. He hoped he could talk to her about it soon.

It was mid-afternoon, so Maeby built up the huge wood fire, showing Richie how to manage it and where the logs were outside.

His mom said “you know what Mae. There’s two things men are useful for, and this weekend Richie gets to do both of them!” As she said canlı bahis siteleri it she winked coquettishly right at him.

“Oh yea the fire and the dishes. Be a dear and finish off the ones in the sink Richie darling!” Maeby’s evil laugh echoed through the house and hit him right in the chest. God he was out of his depth with these two!

Maeby broke out a bottle of red wine and Richie was allowed a couple of glasses. He’d never be allowed this at home. He asked “where did this cool and sexy mom come from? It must be the heat in Arizona that twists her panties up so tight!”

The two sisters laughed long and loud, his mom pouting at him and sticking her tongue out. This was amazing, he’d never seen her like this. She truly was lovely. Maeby could be a model, her curly blonde ringlets falling to her shoulder. She was quite short. His mom had two inches on her at 5’8″. Mom’s hair was dark and thick, a little wavier and a little longer. They both had generous boobs, not stupidly big but at least C, maybe D’s.

In the trunk they both had a lot of junk. Under their warm clothes, both had worn tight yoga pants which they’d kept on, showing off their plush curves and toned legs. The more he looked the more impressed he was.

He focused more on Maeby for obvious reasons, realising he’d never seen anyone with such piercing green eyes. Suddenly he realised that they were both looking at him expectantly, he’d been caught staring and missed something.

“Earth to pervo, are you receiving?” asked Maeby.

“Sorry, I was just realising that I’ve never been this close to two such beautiful, curvy girls before and was trying to savour the moment. Burn it into the memory banks you know?” Richie felt it best to just be honest.

“Jessica, have you been sending this great lummox to charm school or something?” his aunt laughed.

His mom got up and gave him a tight, warm hug and said with a throaty laugh, “that’s my great lummox. I think you’ll find he was born this charming, just the way I like him.”

She kissed him on the lips giggling and said “now, what we were asking was who has the nicest perfume and shampoo? We need a judge; can you think of anyone?”

“I’d love to, is there a prize?”

“Getting to smell your two beautiful MILFs is the prize,” giggled Maeby.

“Fair enough, that’s a win-win in my book. Right mom, you’re first.”

He moved to her and pressed his face into the side of her neck, below her ear. Inhaling deeply through his nose, he let her light, fresh perfume swirl into his lungs.

“Wow, that’s amazing, like a summer glade. I can hear the bees buzzing round those flowers. Really good, that’s going to be tough to beat auntie.”

But beat it she did. Maeby’s scent was a heady concoction, thicker, warmer, spicier than his mom’s. “It’s like Christmas, cinnamon, mulled wine. They’re both wonderful but Maeby wins by being topical with the Christmas theme. Sorry mom,” he shrugged.

“Ok hair next,” she said undaunted, moving towards him again. Richie buried his face deep into her dark locks, again savouring the complex fruity aromas. Apple, cinnamon, a hint of jasmine? All he knew was that he found this experience to be extremely sexy, time to let go and move to Maeby!

Maeby’s shampoo was clearly much simpler, just a tropical, coconut smell. “Nice,” he said “but no contest. Mom you are not allowed to buy different shampoo ever again. That was astonishing!”

The girls laughed and the evening and night continued in that vein. Richie kept the fire stoked, Maeby kept the wine flowing and Jessica kept letting her hair down, showing more of her femininity to Richie, letting him see behind her mom-mask for the first time. They held hands for a long time, both feeling closer to the other than they ever had before.

Eventually though Jessica got up and said “what a wonderful evening. Thank you both, but I’m going to bed. I’ll leave you two to it. Night night. Love you.”

“Love you mom, sleep well.”

“Night sis, thank you for the perfect gift.”

Richie looked up, realising she was talking about him.

When Jess had moved upstairs Maeby came and sat beside him on the couch.

“So Richie. I planned tonight’s little party to relax you, make you feel a little more comfortable about what I’m asking you for. Did it work?”

“You’re asking me?”

“Of course. I could never force you or assume anything. I want a baby more than anything and you’re perfect. I want our baby to be born out of warmth and love and affection and those are emotions I feel very strongly with you. But it’s totally your choice.”

“I felt those things too, with you and mom tonight. I think though that they are the right emotions for us to channel into our love-making. It would be an honour and a privilege to try to help you have a baby.” He kissed her sweetly on the lips, a kiss she slowly returned… with interest.

“Ok then. One last thing. It’s a bit weird but I just ask your forbearance. I like to have sex in the dark and I don’t speak. I’ll make noise – plenty of noise I hope – but I don’t like to use words. I used to get very carried away and could accidentally say mean and hurtful things. There can be a time and place for that but tonight is not that time. Is that ok?”

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